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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Dec 31 2020 - The Rush Limbaugh Show

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Mark Steyn guest hosts for Rush on New Year’s Eve. Where we are right now is not where we thought we would be. Rush will be back in 2021. Garbage poll shows Democrats hold slight lead in Georgia runoff. China didn’t become more like us, we became like them. WaPo: China declares 2020 a triumph because of COVID. Lockdowns are like Communism. U.S. government has to pay back $27 trillion just to be broke. Republicans spewing Democrat rubbish. Ireland lowers carbon footprint by killing its economy.


Indian casinos don’t have to follow COVID restrictions, schedule New Year’s bashes. Election challenges and the need for reform. People of Georgia, you’re voting for your county. Talk of healing. Nurse ruins over 500 doses of Moderna COVID vaccine. Koch Brothers Republicanism. Democrats exercise power seriously. It’s easier to get new elites than for elites to get a new base. If you can recall vegetables, you can recall this election.


Nurse suspended for stripping PPE to have sex with COVID-positive patient. What’s the acceptable amount of fraud for an election? Reliance on judges is playing defense. What do we have to lose? We are in a post-Constitutional order. Don’t let Meghan Markle hear this: Hawaiian princess gets $142,000 from PPP. Resist the all-powerful state that microregulates. We are not all in this together. Talk of the Great Reset. Vicious squirrel terrorizes Queens. Rush’s message for 2021: Never give up on America! Remembering Walter Williams. Happy New Year!

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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Dec 31 2020 - The Rush Limbaugh Show