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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Jan 05 2021 - The Rush Limbaugh Show

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Mark Steyn guest hosts for Rush on Tuesday. Backup emergency ballots used already in GA runoff. Republicans in broken glass mode. Trump: We tell others how to run their elections but can’t run ours. Antifa scumbags threaten Josh Hawley. COVID vaccines bound to Gitmo. Sometimes society becomes too stupid to survive. Republicans need to win two-thirds of in-person voting. Trump supporters descend unto Washington. Alana Stewart: Georgia, vote red.


Georgia runoff results won’t be known for a few days. The Democrats are serious about never going back to the old system. Trump is right: We don’t know how to run an election. It’s annoying that a state runoff is so consequential. Caller: GA polling place like a “funeral.” Today is a day to refute the Democrats’ permanent COVID restrictions. No time for a silent protest. It’s repulsive to tolerate any level of fraud in an election. It’s to your advantage to go out and vote.


If the election system functioned, we would have the results in a few hours. There has to be a reckoning about the election corruption. Rush: The left brands conservatives as kooks. Contemporary liberalism and communism fight on all fronts. Caller: Atlanta mayor is an absolute nightmare. If you like what happened to Atlanta, it’s going to spread to the entire country. The license to the lawless and the restriction to the law abiding. Why is the New York COVID vaccine rollout such a disaster? A land where Cuomo is a hero is a land too stupid to survive. Georgia, get out and vote.

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