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February 3, 2020 33 mins

A naive chorus-girl (Sarah Beth Hester) is recruited by fast-talking Bax (Rachel Frawley) to participate in one of Corbeau’s (Kevin Godley) secret rituals. Rose (Minka Wiltz) deepens Pearl’s (Elizabeth Hunter) education through the help of an amusement-pier fortune-teller, Agnes (Lisa Paulsen). A pair of young lovers suffer a shock during a midnight drive.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The Seventh Daughter contains scenes of realistic violence and graphic sexuality.
It is intended for mature listeners. Have you come seeking knowledge?
Do you wish to know the truth? Allow me to

show you. Close your eyes and follow the sound of
my voice. Allow it to lead you further into the past.
When I remove my blindfold, you may look into my eyes.
Don't just look at them, look through them, and you

will see what they have seen, and all my secrets
will be revealed. The Seventh Daughter. You are, ladies decent

here at the knees. Girls that question, speak for yourself, Joan,
come on in, Backs, don't let me interrupt. Just stopped
by to say hello and introduced myself to the new girl.
That was quite a number. You dance tonight, Red You
really put it over. Thank you, Mrs Miss Baxter. But

everyone calls me backs for short. Joon't ever tell you
about me? Um No, she hasn't, Joan, I'm hurt. You see,
I'm a talent spotter, A talent spotter sort of like
an agent, only I don't take I'd like the sound
of that. Yeah, I thought you might cigarette No, thank

you gotta sing later. She sings too, and how so
what I do is discover promising talent and put them
in contact with agents, producers, songwriters, and other people who
appreciate fine talent when they see it. Seeing any fine
talent lately? Looking at some right now? Yes, indeed, well,

I need to go get dressed for our next number.
Don't mind me one of the girls you know? Of course,
get a load of her, one of the girls, She says,
what's your name, sweetie, Trudy? Glad to know you, Trudy.
So you interested in doing anything besides hoffing? I told

you I sing what else? I'm not going to be
in the line forever. I'll break the legs sooner or later.
Let's break that leg tonight, and maybe not the way
you're thinking. You see, I have an opportunity, And the
more I see of you, the more I realize you
could be the right girl for the job. What kind

of a job? A friend of mine is throwing a
little part tonight. Nobody's talking to you, Joan. I'm merely
extending an invitation. Nobody's twisting anybody's arm. Yet, what does
she mean by that? Don't mind her, Trudy, she's just jealous.
I got her an audition once only she didn't make

the grade. That's why the sour grace you had your chance, Blondie?
Is he the gentleman I'm representing as a yen for redheads.
You can tolerate blondes, except those deceptive blondes with dark roots.
All right, curtain in to two minutes. Let's get those

hands and gams out where they belong. Ladies, listen, Trudy.
I ain't going to tell you what to do. You're
a big girl. But if you go with Baxter here,
singing and anson will not be on the bill. The
truth is the gentleman is something of a spiritualist, and
he's looking for someone to provide him with inspiration. Oh,

like an artist model. Exactly will I get paid for coming? Absolutely, Trudy,
shake a leg. I gotta go. Should I stick around? Sure,
I'll have the car here at eleven, I'll be ready.

Is this real silk, the finest silk. He brought it
back from China himself. No woman has ever worn this robe, Trudy,
Yours are the only hips that has swaddled, the only
breasts it has caressed. Is this too much lip rouge?
It's what he wants here? Drape these around your neck?

Are these real rubies? I told you his moon is
rising in a new phase. Red is his color. Right
now here, slide this onto your arm, Beautiful? Is it
a snake? It is? And yes, it's a real gold.
Push it up a little higher, and for this arm

a bird. Now, slip these onto your wrists. He likes
to hear you when you move. I think I have enough.
You can never have enough to suit his tastes. He
will want you shimmering with gold, dripping with jewels like
so mm hmmm, how do I look like the scarlet

whore herself, the mother of prostitutes and abomination? What I'm
flattering you, Trudy? Take the compliment. So what is it
exactly that I'm supposed to do? It's all the working, working,
a working, like a ritual. You're not afraid of the

spirit world, are you, Trudy? The spirit world? I guess
not not a girl. Well, what we do here is
called sex magic. So what will happen? He's going to
take you into his room, admire you and undress you.
The air will be heavy with incense. I don't think
I should be doing this. You know who Clive Marks is,

don't you? The choreographer. Of course like to meet him.
I do anything to meet Clive Marks. Well, that's why
I chose you for this assignment, my sweetness, Clive is
a member of our little circle. When I laid eyes
on you, my thought, how can I get this beautiful

girl noticed by Clive Marks? And this is it? And
it's not just Clive, but a number of big Broadway
producers are in our group, moving picture people, casting directors.
It would be a shame if a girl with such
promise should let old fashioned prudery stand in the way
of her dancing career. Is it only dancing you want

to do, sweetness, or maybe acting? Yes? Both either. We
think of this as a sort of audition. Show him
you know how to take direction? And what will he
ask me to do? He won't ask, He will tell you,
and he will be expected to obey. I'm sorry, yes
I will. You will allow yourself to be touched. He

may wish to pose or manipulate your body like a massage,
and if he wants it, you will manipulate him. Do
you understand? I understand right, and now this is important.
During it all, he will instruct you to hold a

thought in your mind what kind thought that's up to you?
Think of something you desire, something big, something almost beyond
your imagination. Will you do that for me? Yes, sir,
good good, and I shall do the same. Tell me
when you have something, Yes, I do, Then we'll begin.

Aren't you going to remove your mask? Why does it
frighten you a little? Don't you think it suits me?
I am positively realist. I just I don't know how
you're looking at me. I can't see your eyes and
makes me uncomfortable. Reach up with your left hand and

stroke the feathers of my head. Perhaps it will relax you.

Am I hurting you? It's fine, I'm fine. Move your
right foot further out. That's it. How does this feel,
my dear? Mm hmmm mmm mm hmm. Give me your hand. Yes,
that's right, that's right. Just like that. Squeeze and relax.

She's now concentrate, My dear, hold the thought. Now reach
over and hand me the chalice, the chalice, the cop,
the gold cop. Sorry wait wait, wait wait wait, not
just just a moment. Now, you asked me what my
intention was. Aren't you curious? You're what my intention? The

thought I'm holding in my mind while we performed the working.
What is it you want more than anything? The virgin Mary.
I don't understand, No, I don't suppose you do. Please concentrate,

little song bird, hold the cop that' no, no, no,
I didn't know what I was supposed to do. You
were supposed to do what I commanded you to do.
What is so difficult about that? Baxter? Baxter, Yes, Lord,

this imbecile has split the elixir? All right? Send this
inbred halfway back to the barnyard where you found her.
Come on, you, little foible. You get an opportunity like
that any chorus girl's dream, and you completely tell me
about the cup. I didn't know. There's plenty you don't know.

For example, your dancing career is now officially over. I
don't say a word gets around about this. You're finished?
Please backs, please, Mr, Please Mr. Give me a chance.
I'll do anything you want. You do. Realize, my dear,
the interruption of a working is a very serious matter now,

and I'm sorry. A girl might even be whipped for
having done this. Would you agree, Baxter? She certainly has
a coming. Lord the cane, Baxter, bring me the cane.
I will be done. Yes, the interruption of a working
might warrant a severe thrashing? Would you agree? What's a

damn name, Trudy? Sir Trudy, do you deserve a severe thrashing? Trudy?
Don't look at her? Could me? I can't see your eyes. No,
and you shall not. I'll ask you again, do you
deserve a severe thrashing? Trudy? I? Yes, yes, she knows

she does well. I shall not give you one, sir. No,
I could never lift my hand in violence towards a woman.
It would be ungentlemanly, Thank you, sir lord. It wouldn't
be right for me to inflame the freckles sprinkled across

such delicate shoulders. So I will ask Baxter if she
would do the honors. Nothing would give me greater pleasure,
my Lord, I don't understand. Wonderful, wonderful, And I shall
just remain perched here on my arm chair and observe
to be sure the punishment is properly administered. Thank you,

Mamord for entrusting me with such responsibility. Shall we say
seven strokes? Oh? No, no, for interrupting of working? I
prescribe no less than ten. They will be done, can I? Yes?

May I still hold in my mind the thing I
wish for Ah. She is a clever one. After all,
Perhaps there may be a more permanent spot for you
in our little circle. Hold that thought, yes, yes, and
may your while a stream come true. I think there

is still hope for her redemption. Yes, I agree, carry
on back, start, allow truly's personal reformation to commence. Step

my dream, Come along, purl. It's this way. What is
this place? What does it look like? I don't know.
I've never seen anything like it. Paradise Park. You'll get
a better look from the inside. We're going in. Is

that a roller coaster? It's gorgeous. It's making me dizzy
just to look at it. Have you ever been on one?
Not on your life? What about that? I've everyvere like
gracious Rose, try to keep up. You have to drive
to come on the first horses on the hawks, step

right up, step right up, nickel and roll. When he
tries every when everyone put exhibited inside brother, when she
starts with only far veils, then there's a lot more

to see. Take it from me. The part to the
Egyptian prince dead princes have crossed the dead to behold
her from marxuous farm righting the blood, not that he
and boys he shaken electric, placed an electric chair, and

his body ignited with what the thousand bolts of Edison's
finest see. Prince Ella met the swordsman nail his assistant
to a cross with blades of steel. Here at the
paradise Palace of Mystery, high a rose. Just fine, Wally?

Is Aggie inside? Sure? Go on through, stay close to me.
You see the clairvoyance table, Go sit down, show her
your palm. Let's see what she can divine from the
land in your hand. Yes, ma'am, I'll stay back here

so she doesn't see me. Here it is solid iron.
Are you seeking guidance, my girl? Yes? Where shall we look? Ah,
your past, your present, or your future? Lately I've been
bothered by a sense of dread and I don't know

it's cause, and I hoped you might be able to
help me. Together. We will set things right if you
will make an offering in this box. I will read
what is written in the constellation of your pal That's fine.
Let me see nice soft hands. Someone who what is it? Madam?

Who sent you? What? Do you have any idea? What
would happen if someone found you here? Get out? I
only wanted pout, and if you know it's good for you,
you will never come back. Bravo, Agnes. Your vision is
keen as ever, Bendora, Will you kindly step outside for

a moment and allow us to negotiate? Yes, Man Rose,
Why in God's name have you brought her here professional consultation? No, No, Agnes,
You've got nothing to worry about. Once you talk to her.
You're in broad daylight. Who's watching, Aggie? You know who's

watching where? Nobody's Agnes. Nobody has heard of her. Nobody
remembers me. Yeah, with Some people have better memories than
you realize. Besides, I've heard of her. You have really
how the word gets around? Wipe that smile off your face?

Do you think this is a game? It is, And
with your help, we're going to checkmate a certain someone.
You're mad, Oh, I have good reason to be mad, don't.
You couldn't just leave her head. A girl has a
right to live, but you have no right to put
her in danger. I've trained her well. I can only

imagine that damage you've done to her. You can see
for yourself. She is well, but we have come to
the limit of my abilities. She needs advanced instruction. No
good can come of this Rose. The best thing you
can do for that girl is to send her far away,

where she can start a new life and never know
the things we know, and never know us. Pandora, come

out and meet your tutor, Agnes. This is Pandora, the
seventh Daughter. Look deeply into her eyes, Agnes. Where have
you seen eyes like those before? Agnes? It's not merely illusions,

Agnes will teach you, but skills for survival. In a
world of letchers, predators would be saviors. Men who feel
it is their privilege to put their hands on a woman.
Some and feel it is their privilege to search a
woman thoroughly before a performance to ensure that she is

not hiding anything. How thoroughly, they are limited only by
their modesty. I have yet to find a modest one
in the bunch. They will remove your hairpins and combs,
You will undress and wear robes which they provide. What
will they be searching me for tools of the trade?

If they search me that thoroughly, where could I possibly
hide something? A capsule identical to this one was owned
by your mother. I had the machine myself, so their
manufact you knew my mother. The outside is perfectly smooth,

and it locks tight. The grooves are on the inside.
You can learn to open it with one hand and
fill it with whatever you wish to hide, in this case, cotton, wool, horsehair,
rolled pieces of paper. They will not examine the contents

of your stomach until after a sitting, and if they did,
pump your stomach before a skilled practitioner could hold the
capsule in her cheek. I'm supposed to hold that in
my mouth. No, you swallow it. They examine your mouth
once inside the cabinet, you cough it up. There's no

way I can swallow that. No, but I will teach you.
You will learn in small steps. You will begin with
something the size of your small toe. I can't make
myself vomit, and if I did, there would be a
mason pearl, just like I did, just like your mother did.

They may seem like parla tricks, but master these skills,
learn to use them to your advantage, and you'll never
go hungry. It looks silly in the light of day,
a thick rope of cotton, all the scrap of netting.
The secret is in the way you present it, the

way you reveal it, tease it out before their eyes
in such a way that they cannot believe what they
are seeing in the dark, in the dim red lamp light,
choking them with the smell of incense, ethereal music playing
our voices, lulling them into a trance. And then they

see it, a cloud of thick, shapeless substance pushing its
way out of your nostrils. Then you lean forward, open up,
and another column of this other worldly teleplasm oozes out

and lowers itself into your lap. When they see it,
they will be too afraid to speak. If we do
it right, they will be completely awestruck. And you have
to keep them that way throughout the sales. Never give

them a moment to think, to wonder how you achieve
this illusion? Watch their faces, keep them in the state
of constant rapture. That's it. That's it. Think of it
like a puppet. Don't just move it, allow it to
come alive. Every spirit must have its own personality, so

you can react to it. Coo at it as if
it were a baby. Don't be frightened. Let the little
spirit be shy, or me be angry or or stricken
with grief. I'll protect you. I just want to look
at you, see how beautiful you are. You're not just
unstuffing a lot of teleplasm. You're bringing a fragile creature

to life, allowing it to breathe. And you are beautiful,
just waiting for someone to love you. God. God. No
matter how clever you are, how dexterous you become, there
are other tools of the trade with which you must

become acquainted. When it comes time to confront Corbot, you
will need weapons. This is a widow's dress address. You
may not be a widow when you put it on,
but by the time you take it off, Yes, we'll

have one fitted just for you. This button here, the
black one. See it is attached to a wire that
runs around the waistline of the bodice. You can't see
it because it's inside the scene, But if you pull
this button, the wire slides out. When someone could search

your clothing and never find it. What is the wire for?
It is a garage, a means of strangulation. Pull it
tightly and the victim won't be able to get their
fingers under it without cutting the neck to ribbons. This

is a whale bone corset. Above each of the stays
is a small opening, so you can push the whale
bones out. Only instead of bone, it is metal. It's
a knife, more of a dagger really for stabbing. The
knives are further around the side, only sharpened on one side, serrated.

Feel it, oh, I feel it. It can be used
as a saw, hardened enough to cut through most metals,
and then from the seam underneath, pull the pearl bead
right there. That's it happens, six off them. This is

also terrifying, I know, wonderful. I was going to say,
why would a woman have a dress like this? Who
is it designed for? It was more common than you
might imagine. I suppose one moda Harry or another might
have worn one, but it was usually just a woman

living without the protection of a man, a woman traveling
in an unfriendly country without a reliable guide. It isn't much,
no match for the revolvers that so many men carry
these days, But a widow's dress caney justice deadly all.
You will have our blades, wires, needles, but for someone

like you, you can become the very personification of death.

You'll be can't be know any faster. My perst practrew
the floor. Don't worry. We'll get there. But if you
don't get there before man helps make up, they'll be
l to bang. They to throw you out. Worried too much?
Conc you don't worry up. Come out to the boat house.
All the game will be there. We'll have you home
by midnight. We'll be lucky if we get there before sunrise. Hey,

are you okay? Baby? What was that? Look? I could
ghost or something. Did we hit her? No? I don't
think so. I mean no, I'm sure we didn't. We
gotta go make sure she's okay. What you have to
I have to fine, I'll go. We don't even know
if she was real. No, wait, i'll go, I'll go.

Just give me a second. I don't see anything. That's
because it's dark. Come on, I'm going. I'm going. Okay,
I'm going. I'm sure it was nothing. Casus, just a

little further, there's no one else. We both saw her,
duke you know it? Hello? Hello, I hear something. H
it's coming from over there in the ravine. Anybody there?

Are you hurt? It sounds like a like a hurt
animal or something. Can you hear us? He destroyed me.
I took my gifted. Okay, it's okay. We see thought
you were a ghost. Come on, we'll take you back
to town. And allowed myself to be corrupted. I am

going to Zore. Where is that? I have been to Sawdom,
I have seen the more, and I have a lot
myself to be corrupted by the sin and the sacrilege
upon which they feast. It's okay, lady, just take Lord
shall reign upon and upon Gomorrah, brimstone and fire from
the Lord out of heaven, and I shall not be

there to witness. He shall and all the inhabitants of
the cities, and that which grows upon three weeks app
of the Lord of me. I'm believing in the and
the Maybe she got away from the kidnappers, and I'm
looking for her now right there shall be the second

And where are you taking? We're going back to Steel City.
No no, no, no no, I won't go there. The
wrath of God is going to descend upon that place,
and I am the one who brought it. It's all
my fault. I was the Holy One, the earthly delegate
of our Lord and Savior, and I betrayed him. No, no, no, no,

come on, get up. From there, you'll be trained all
of them. We need to take her to adopt doctor.
Come on to help her. Share my confession, and forgive
my train compression and allow me to die. Nobody's gonna die.
We're just gonna take you to the hospital or something.
Oh God, forgive me. I listened, Duke. Go back up

the car and we'll load her in the back. Sure,
whatever you say, not from the celestial bodies, but the
glowing embers of hell, a constellation of filth and sacrilege.
And I accepted my place. I wouldn't have done it.
I wouldn't have done it. They gave me something to drink.
I was drugged. I'm sure of it, because I never

would have done all. Right, here's the car. Not for
all the money, not for all the power. You feel better,
I promise, No, No, get your hands off. I haven't
finished my confession. Okay, okay, you can confess in the car.
Better yet, we'll take you to the police if that's
what you want. No police, No police, remember other arm,
will you Connie? I can't. I can't go with you.

I can never go back. Get out of the street.
Does a truck coming Stop squirming and get in the car.
Halry jokey doesn't see us. No, No, I'm trying. I'm trying,
but she won't come. Fine, everything hear, everything's fine, okay, good, alright, good, alright, fine,
you're just worried. There for a second hand, I cann

my spirits us, I didn't she just run out of
the street. I must now replace my blind fold. As

my vision begins to fade, your own senses will gradually return,
Return to the warmth in the light of your own reality.
The Seventh Daughter is a production of I Heart Radio,
written and directed by Brett Wood, recorded and mixed by

Rob Galo, featuring Minco Wilts as Rose, Elizabeth Hunter as Pearl,
and Kevin Godly as Corbo. There, you may now open
your eyes.
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