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April 6, 2024 45 mins

In this engaging episode of the WrestleChat Podcast, hosts The AntMan and Michael Glavin, deliver an exciting rundown of predictions and insights for the eagerly anticipated #wrestlemania 40 weekend in Philadelphia. The guys share their experiences and observations from various WWE events, including the Hall of Fame ceremony and SmackDown, emphasizing the new entrance setup and the electric atmosphere in the packed Wells Fargo Arena. The duo dives deep into detailed predictions for the #wrestlemania 40 matches, providing insights into the wrestlers' current dynamics and potential story arcs. They cover a wide array of matches, including the six-woman tag team match featuring Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill, and Naomi vs. Damage Control, the father-son dynamics in the Rey Mysterio and Andrade vs. Santos Escobar & Dominick Mysterio match, and the intensifying rivalry between AJ Styles and LA Knight. The AntMan and MG also discuss the implications of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match, debating whether Roman Reigns will retain his title or if Cody Rhodes will emerge victorious. Follow the show on INSTAGRAM to see moments throughout the weekend!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
When it comes to professional wrestling. If you were talking
about it, we are talking about it. Welcome to the
wrestle Chat podcast with the Yeah Man, and welcome to Philly.
WrestleMania forty weekend is here. Hi, I'm the ant Man.
He's Michael Glavin, the glav of Lanche. Has anybody told
you that since we've been here so far.

Speaker 2 (00:18):
Since I've been here, No, but that's a no. But
I'm gonna get some T shirts, gay and habit.

Speaker 1 (00:23):
We definitely have to get flat of Lanche T shirt.

Speaker 2 (00:25):
It'll spread.

Speaker 1 (00:26):
Wrestle Media forty one Yep, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
WrestleMania forty starts tonight. Before that, we have NXT stand
and delivered. Thank you guys for hanging out with us.
Thanks for watching this morning. It's early for us, and
it's early back home. Well, this is home time for you,
This is not home time for me. Yes.

Speaker 2 (00:44):
You, you jumped into the future and you lost a
part of your life that you will only get back
when you return to your native country of Texas.

Speaker 1 (00:54):
Texas. Yes, indeed, may we're excited about the weekend already
has been just just chalked full. We've been here for
the ww Hall of Fame. Last night SmackDown absolutely packed.
You guys saw that the entrance was different than normal,
which looks like that's how it's gonna be for NXT

Stand and the Liver as well as Monday Night Raw
on Monday. I'll be honest, I liked the setup that way,
with having fans back in the back versus having just
a big, giant screen. There was something. There was a
different energy about that.

Speaker 2 (01:28):
Yeah. Absolutely, We've seen versions of that before where it
was still like tarped off behind it or something like that.
But seeing just that sea of fans directly behind that
walkway was so so cool. You know, I'm a production
guy by nature, and so I love when things are big,
but it was very refreshing to see that with a

sold out Wells Fargo Arena. And if any of you
guys follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I posted
a video during the La Nights segment and that place
was lit. It's a Philly crowd. Philly is a wrestling
town and that was just the warm up to what
Shirley will be a great wrestling weekend. So man, one

of the best weekends of the year, just oh so amazing.

Speaker 1 (02:19):
It's called wrestle Chat for a reason. With you guys
to chime in as we run down the predictions of
wrestling Mania forty. Also make sure you follow us on
Instagram at wrestle Chat Podcast because we're gonna be at
NXT stand in the liver. We'll be at WrestleMania both nights.
Leave them before raw. We got an eclipse. We have
to Yeah, go check out as well. Can't miss it,

but excited about this weekend. Make sure you chime in
and leave a comment wherever you are. I'd love to
say hi to you. Let us know where you're watching
or listening from Jack's film. Zo three joined us on Instagram.
Thanks for being here till next recharge.

Speaker 2 (02:56):
That's that's my wife.

Speaker 1 (02:57):
Let's say hi.

Speaker 2 (02:58):
That's my wife, high wife.

Speaker 1 (02:59):
We say hi to your wife.

Speaker 2 (03:00):
Ha ha wif should we leave you alone for give
me the room for a me.

Speaker 1 (03:05):
Let's jump into this. We've got we got two big
nights of WrestleMania, so let's start off with Saturday. The
first match, six woman tag team match Bianca Bella, Air,
Jade Cargill and Naomi versus Damage Control. We had media
day yesterday and I've never been that close with Jade
Cargill before. She is stunning.

Speaker 2 (03:25):
Yeah, I mean she is. She is more shredded than
shredded chicken. It is all protein, all shred and I
was both in awe and scared simultaneously. She is an
absolutely stunning individual.

Speaker 1 (03:46):
We were afraid he was going to use the shredded
chicken line on her, which is why Michael doesn't get
to interview people.

Speaker 2 (03:50):
Yes, I was at the camp. I had to stay
across the room. It was. It was the only time
I've had a fifty foot restraining order without any paperwork.

Speaker 1 (03:59):
I'm looking forward to this match though, because we've got
Hurt teaming up Jade as he went up with Bianca
and Naomi. Uh, there has I mean, there wasn't a
lot of story here in recent times. It was more
of things that have happened in the past, because you know,
two of the three in the match against Damn Damage
Control either just made it back or just made it

to the WWE.

Speaker 2 (04:22):
Yeah, and and really uh you know calling it what
it is. A lot of this match is about Jade
Cargill and kind of her debut physically speaking, and what
a great group of people to do with because, as
you pointed out, there's not a lot of story here
that gets you kind of amped up for it. But

if you watch SmackDown last night, there is an aura
around Bianca, Jade and Naomi that there's just a lot
of power in that group right now, and so it's
gonna be really fun. And I don't want to get
off track, but I would argue that that Jade Car
Gill has the second best entrance in all of professional

wrestling right now. I'm pretty high on the Rocks entrance
right now. That one stands alone, but the entrance that
that WWE has crafted for Jade Car Gil just amplifies
how awesome she is. And so, man, there's just such
an aura around this match, and it's going to be
fun to see.

Speaker 1 (05:21):
The Rock doesn't have fakes, No, that's all that's right
if you if you missed any of our interviews, we
had a couple from yesterday's media rounds. I had a
chance to sit down with Carmelo Hayes, had a chance
to sit down with Tiffany Stratton, a chance to sit
down with Compress. Thank you, And why am I getting that?
It's right over your head? I'm approved, it's the first eclipse.

Speaker 2 (05:44):
I don't know. I wonder if that came through the
other side or not.

Speaker 1 (05:46):
I don't know if we could see it on here.

Speaker 2 (05:48):
There was a big thumbs up that came over my face.
It was really interesting. I don't know how that happens.

Speaker 1 (05:52):
But if you missed those we had, we had a
fun time there. And you never know when you're going
to end up right in the middle of the action,
including a fight between l A Night and a J Styles.
We'll get to that coming up here in just a
little bit. Let's get to uh this match right here,
and it's going to be a father against son again,
just this time in a tag team match. We've got
Raymas Stereo teaming up here, raym Stereo and and uh

Androdde Androde turning on. That's how do you say the name,
uh Santos Esca No, no, not his not his name,
I know his name, uh el fantasma whatever, the name
of the griy Yes, El Gato del fantasmo or something.
And you got another somebody's either you're doing that or
it's mistaking these for it looks like it's coming through

the other side. So tell us if you can actually
see the thumbs up that pop up randomly. It's because
I'm using a mac and so it's all the FaceTime features. Uh.
But the last night they we had a turn from
from Androtti and uh and Santo's uh turning on Santos Escobar. Uh.
So you got dirty Dom not teaming with anyone from

Judgment Day, but moving over to the foes of the
LWO and against his father as well.

Speaker 2 (07:08):
And our little boy is all grown up and branching out.

Speaker 1 (07:10):
He's leaving, which is going to be an interesting storyline
as we move forward. You know, you mentioned that there
was last night to me that there's planning seeds of
doubt inside that group. There's been seats of doubt from
well from the beginning, I mean the turn on Edge,
the adding of Finn Baler, and it feels like it's
been nothing but conspiracies since then. But this should be

a very interesting match. And I wonder I want to
know if Ray's going to get the belt out and
do some whip it again.

Speaker 2 (07:38):
I would think so. And you know, in terms of
the seeds of mistrust, if you will, like you pointed out,
this has been going on from the beginning, but this
group has done what it's supposed to do and help
these guys get even more over than they already are.
And if you look at the landscape of what's happening
in Judgment Day right now, Damien is probably going to

successfully cash in. Rhea Ripley is already the most dominant
woman on the roster. Dirty Dom is the biggest heel
in professional wrestling right now. Sorry, Iraqi got some work.

Speaker 1 (08:10):
To do, gets booed at his own wedding.

Speaker 2 (08:13):
And uh, and you know, Finn is just Finn Balor.
He's doing great work.

Speaker 1 (08:20):

Speaker 2 (08:20):
McDonough is a great up and comer. There's just a
lot going on in this group. And so at some
point we're we're probably sunsetting the Judgment Day, you know,
while it's still hot, which is the best way to
do it. But in terms of this match, there's a
lot to unpack here because as we were watching SmackDown
last night, you know, uh, Dragonly gets hurt. This seems

a little sketchy. Who's doing this? You know, there's there's
some clues there that who could it be? Could it
be Carlito in a turn that we've been pondering for
some time now. Maybe Carlito's still a good guy. I
don't know, but either way, there's some mystery that surrounds this.
But the big turn from Andrade, fantastic moment in his

reunion with Zelena Vega going back years ago to when
they were a pair in Andrade's last run in WWE.
A really cool, feel good moment that kind of came
full circle in long term storytelling. So, man, what a
great moment.

Speaker 1 (09:21):
Absolutely undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship going to be put
on the line. Speaking of the Judgment day, they are
taking on the Awesome Truth versus the New Day, versus
DIY versus New Catch, Republic versus a town down as
it stands for now, there were a lot of rumors
that they were going to be removed from this tag match,
and a lot of rumors that was going to happen

last night at SmackDown. Nothing happened with that match last
night at SmackDown. If anything, it I mean, it really
left it neutral and untouched. After the show was over with,
it was like, well, nothing really happened there. Well, reports
are coming out that, oh, they're definitely changing something here.

Speaker 2 (10:00):
You know, there's been such a change in the landscape
over the last six months where for the longest period
of time, you know, the dirt sheets would come out
with some predictions, and most of the time they were true.
And in recent memory, even some of the most predominant
wrestling predictions from the most predominant people in the dirt

sheet sector. I'm not going to name any names, but
they've been very, very wrong, and so it's going to
be a very interesting situation to see if this match
stays intact. But man, how cool is it to get
a big ladder match like this at WrestleMania. You know,
I don't like pay per views that are overly gimmicked,
but when you have one good, outside of normal match

like this, it's just something to look forward to and
going to be super exciting. As always, I hope everybody
works as safe as they can in a match like this.
We don't want to go into a new wrestling cycle,
if you will, with anybody in your so guys, take
care of yourselves, give us a great match, and man,
we're gonna be gonna be awesome.

Speaker 1 (11:06):
Lots of stipulations, but this is the only gimmick match
on Night number one here tonight at wrestle Mania forty
you got thoughts on any of these matches. Comment, leave
us a leave us a note. Also, let us know
where you're watching or listening from right now. We'd love
to love to hear from you. We're here in Philly
ready for both nights of wrestle Mania forty. Also NXT
Stand and Deliver. If you're not following us on Instagram yet,

look for us there at wrestle Chat podcast. Same for
YouTube at wrestle Chat Podcast. Some of those interviews that
we had last night or yesterday afternoon with some of
the stars at media Day are posted up there. Tiffany Stratton,
Roxanne Perez, Carmelo Hayes. It was a fun time and
even a fight between aj Styles and and La Night

And yeah, we'll get to that when we get to
that match coming up here a little bit later on
and kind of give you our first hand perspective of that.
But let's jump over to brother versus brother, Jay versus
Jimmy Usto. We've had some brother matches in the past
at WrestleMania with hearts. Yeah, those are pretty legendary. I
have no doubt that tonight Jay versus Jimmy will be

epic as well.

Speaker 2 (12:12):
Yeah, I do. Before I talk about that match, I
do want to shout out. I said this to Aunt
last night at SmackDown. You know, we we tend to
overlook solo socoa, you know, in this family situation. But man,
how cool is it for another brother versus brother to
have main evented SmackDown last night? So I want to

say congratulations to those guys. Got to be such a
cool thing to do with family. But in terms of
the headline brother versus brother match, so much built into
this story that's been going on for what a year
and a half, probably a long time brong birth birth,

it's been going on since birth, but just such an
epic match. And I want to call back to when
they were doing press or a video something, you know,
Jay said to Jimmy, man, one of us is gonna win,
and then maybe after that we can just go back
to being the USOS. And what a powerful, powerful line,

you know, speaking that sometimes family have things they need
to settle, but after that, in some form, family will
always be family. And so there's gonna be a lot
of emotion and a lot of heart built into this match.
Regardless of the outcome. There's there's intangible stakes with brother
versus brothers. I'm excited to see how that turns out.

Speaker 1 (13:39):
We got a couple more matches for Night number one.
We'll jump into those coming up here And just a
second here, I'm the rest of Chat podcasting on. We're
picking night's number one. You know what we didn't do
is we didn't give who was going to actually win
these matches. Uh, let's let's just hit the brother and
brother versus brother though, since it's the last match we

just talked about Jimmy and Jay. Who do you think
it's coming out on top of this match?

Speaker 2 (14:03):
You know, I think everybody with how over Jay is
is probably gonna say Jay. I think Jimmy's gonna play
a little dirty, and I think Jimmy's gonna take it.

Speaker 1 (14:10):
You think Jimmy will too.

Speaker 2 (14:11):
I think Jimmy will take it.

Speaker 1 (14:12):
I think for the then say unification, but the reconciliation.
I believe that it'll be Jay. Jay will win this
and pull his brother back into his fold to the
USO's not the bloodline. It could be the the.

Speaker 2 (14:30):
First way from the dark side.

Speaker 1 (14:31):
It could be the first block of the of the
bloodline starting to take a tumble over the next couple
of days, we'll find out. Let's at the Intercontinental Championship match.
We've talked about this a couple of times over the
last few weeks because we have Sammy Zain versus the
longest training Intercontinental champion of all time, Gunther or Gunther

I said it correctly, But I'm from Texas, so he's
gone through extra syllable. I'm from Sorry, I should rephrase
on from Oklahoma about to live in Texas. So how
about that? It's still the same. Uh, But we've got
got those two going if we're if we're picking right now,
I'm saying that I don't want Gunther to lose, but
I love the integrity and I love the fire in

Sammy's soul to win this match, and they what feels
like a must win for Sammy Zane, What do you think?

Speaker 2 (15:22):
Yeah? And Sammy's ain for an Oscar? Can we can?
We can? We can?

Speaker 1 (15:28):
We go to that Emmys. It's on TV.

Speaker 2 (15:30):
Oh it's Sammy's my bad, my bad, but uh, but
he should get an Emmy because I mean, if Rocky
was made today, that's what it would have been. Yeah,
great video segments, the perfect amount of velveta in them.
Uh but still but still good, you know, too much,
not too much velvida. It's regular vilvida, not the two

percent whole milk vilvida. You know, I don't want to
agree with you too much.

Speaker 1 (15:55):
You know.

Speaker 2 (15:55):
I'm sure we're gonna split off on some other predictions here,
but uh, but I think Gunther needs to hold onto this,
I really do. I think he's still fresh as a champion.
I love Sammy, but as we've talked about in the
weeks leading up to WrestleMania, he's not been booked in
such a way that him going over Gunther at this

point really makes a lot of sense. You know, if
we go all the way back to the beginning, I
don't think this was the match we were supposed to get,
you know, with this combination with Gunther, But this is
where we are, and I think gun Thher needs to
hold onto the title a little bit longer.

Speaker 1 (16:33):
Yeah, yeah, I think so too. Women's World Championship match.
Rhea Ripley versus Becky Lynch. Interesting story here as well,
because there's some history between Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley. However,
if you're talking about who has momentum at the moment,
it undoubtedly has to go to Rhea Ripley. The fire
that we've seen from the fiery Redhead, but I feel

like some of her her fires turned into embers and
is not as hot as it used to be. How
are you feeling about that?

Speaker 2 (16:59):
You know, I love me some Rea Ripley, But at
the same time, you know, they say that, they say
that sometimes you just need a jumpstart to really get
back on top. And there's part of me that wonders
if this is Becky Lynch's moment to capture the strap
and start a new run as the man, re establishing

herself as as the person to beat in the WWE.
And what better way to do that than to unseat
the current, you know, longest reigning Women's World Heavyweight champion,
rear Ripley. So right now, I'm going to take a
shot in the dark, and I think Becky's gonna take
it off for Rhea.

Speaker 1 (17:38):
Could be it could be an upset here for the
Women's world title match. I want you guys to chime
in as well as we talk through these, let us
know who you are thinking. No matter where you're watching Facebook, Instagram,
on YouTube as well even on x if you're watching there,
you can chime in and they'll show up here. We'll
share them with everybody else as well. All right, the
big one for Night number one. The outcome of this

match dictates how the main event of Night number two
goes for Cody Rhodes specifically, I mean it's gonna it could.
The worst it can be for the Bloodline is a
fair fight. The worst it can be for Cody Rhodes
is Bloodline rules, and that would not be pretty. As
we've seen in the past couple of weeks from the

final Boss Dwayne the Rock Johnson, and funny that everybody
in that family has been involved except for Roman Reigns
in those attacks. There was one there was there was
a little spanking a little bit from Roman, but other
than that, Rock has done the work in this thing.
So Cody Roads seth freakin Rawlins taken on Dwayne the

Rock Johnson or Dewey if you feel like it, uh,
and Roman freaking Reigns, that's not his name at all,
but Roman Reigns, Uh, the undisputed Universal Champion. How do
you first, how do you see this match coming out
when it's all said done at the.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
End, they're there, ifwards, if if if anyone you know,
watching on TV or on the ground here in Philly
has has a prediction that they are set on for
this match. They're lying to you, there are so many
outcomes and variables, you know, I feel like it's Doctor Strange,

you know, in Infinity War or whatever going how what
how many you know, fourteen million, eight hundred and seventy
one chances of uh, you know, ways this could go,
you know, and uh, I'm trying to tie all this
up in a bow here. But all that to say,
there are so many possibilities in this match, and it really,

like you said, it really does dictate what happens tomorrow night.
And and the thing that I want to point out
as we talk about this storyline as it continues through
the weekend, a lot of times we see, you know,
in history, these greasy heel characters, these greasy bad guys
that need their crew to win or to keep a title.

I want to be very clear that Roman Reigns is
not that character. He even though he has had help
in many matches from his people, he has proven over
the last what three years or whatever, that he's more
than capable of doing this on his own. Yes, has
Cody been built to be his most intense foe, of course,

But I don't think that just because, like hypothetically, if
Dwayne and Roman lose tonight, that that automatically means that
Cody is winning, you know, on Sunday night. So I
want to temper expectations to say, tonight is only one
part of this story, and this one part of the

story does not dictate the ending of the story or
the beginning of a new one. And so this match
is so unpredictable. I would encourage everybody to sit back
and enjoy it because to predict it is just not possible.

Speaker 1 (21:01):
It doesn't predict it, but it definitely shapes it, and
we're going to see how that comes out. And I
say to Roman that if you can win without the
help of your family, do it. Do it because you
always have help. There's always somebody in your corner. You
never walk out alone, you never finish a match alone.
So let's see. I personally think that it is going

to be the bloodline. It's going to be it's going
to be Rock and Roman that win this, because you
don't tease the stipulation of a match if you're not
going to fulfill the stipulation. Of a match. Something as
crazy as that. You don't dangle that carrot and then
pull that back. There's that for me. Gave it all away.

Speaker 2 (21:42):
Yeah, I disagree. I think that heel's got to be heels,
and uh, you know, when is a heel ever lived
up to anything they've ever said? And so I don't
think the outcome of the match matters. I think that
the bloodline will be involved somehow.

Speaker 1 (21:58):
Sunday Night, heels live up to what they say all
the time. Yeah, live cheat Steele, That's what they say,
and they do. We cheat. All That was night number one.
We've still got another night of Russell Meania. We're gonna
get to here into a second plus last night's Paul
of Fame. We'll talk about it all here next on
the wrestle Chat podcast. Last night's w WE Hall of Fame,

the headliner was Paul Hayman, and I liked that they
started it off with Paul, mainly for our day. We
were we were out all day long and we weren't
gonna miss Paul Hayman and they were like, we're starting
with Paul. Were like, excellent. I love everybody else. I
can catch it on Peacock to see it live. It
was cool to be there to see Paul live. We
couldn't hear where we were sitting, and even I think

if you, even if you set lower, it wasn't easy
to hear Roman Reigns give his speech that probably sounded
great on TV. Haven't gone back. I haven't gone back
to watch it yet. However, for we could hear Paul
very very well.

Speaker 2 (23:02):
Yep yep, and what a what a night that that
man yet again solidified himself. You know, he credits his
father as being even a better orator than himself. But boy,
I you know, all credit and respect to to the
senior Paul Hayman, but boy, that's that's something pretty sizable.

Paul Hayman, without any notes, without anything, went out and
delivered an amazing, amazing speech starting out with just Paul Hayman,
as he would say, the jew boy from New York,
and uh just really put himself and wore his heart
on his sleeve and really gave flowers. You know, I

don't like using that statement a lot, but really gave
flowers to a lot of people and took that moment.

Speaker 1 (23:55):
Yeah, and there's so much unpack there.

Speaker 2 (23:57):
We don't even have time for that today. But the
way he honored everyone that he worked with speaks to
who he is as a person. And boy, I'm just
I was in awe of listening to him last night,
and again I could rant and ray forever. I'm gonna
cut myself short on this one. It was very special

for me as someone who invested time into learning about him,
because I was so captivated by the way he spoke
and his little mannerisms and his knowledge of the business.
As someone who really followed him, it was a really
special moment for me that and then to be there
in person just took that over the top. So That's

gonna be a moment that I'm not gonna forget.

Speaker 1 (24:42):
Great moments from him, great moments from all of the
other inductees into this year's class of twenty four WWE
Hall of Fame. If you haven't watched it yet, that's
upon Peacock and watching kind of one at a time
as we go through go through the day and has
some downtime watching some of those inductions. Really really good.
Thank you guys for hanging out with us. We are
live here in Philly right now on the Wrestle Chat podcast.

The Chat part of it is you. We'd love to
chat with you, so leave a comment, let us know
where you're watching or listening from right now, and let
us know what you think on any of the predictions
of these matches for night number one or two of
wrestle Mania forty. Excited about NXT Stand and Deliver as well,
that's coming up this afternoon that starts at twelve eastern
one o'clock Central on Peacock as well. So, man, if

you like wrestling, today is your day because the day
is chucked full. You got the podcast, you got NXT,
and then you've got wrestle Mania forty. Let's get into
Night number two, the six man tag team, Philadelphia Street Fight,
Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits versus Final Testament. I'll
be honest, I liked the Street Profits when they weren't

teamed with Bobby Lashley, and I like Bobby Lashley when
he wasn't teamed with the Street Profits. There's some story
not clicking here for me, hopefully, and listen, I'm not
saying this to abandon that story. I'm saying that I
hope to see more developed in in that in that
unity of those three because the Street Profits were on

fire for a while and I still have some momentum.
Bobby Lashley is a beast and always to be reckoned with.
You team those up and it looks like you can
just throw them together and something just works. I think
you still have to have a story for them. You
still have to have some opposition, and boy are they
getting it with a Final Testament.

Speaker 2 (26:26):

Speaker 1 (26:27):
These these guys are are are beasts as well. How
do you think this match is going to come out
when it's all said and downe looking like it's kicking
off night number two, I would have to.

Speaker 2 (26:35):
Say that, speaking to your point, I think the Final
Testament really needs this when I think they're a newer group,
you know, even though that we've seen the Street Profits
and Bobby Lashley, they're kind of just people that are
rolling together. They're not necessarily a new group per se.
The Final Testament is brand new. You've got some great

guys in the returning Authors of Pain, coming back from
being let go in recent years and then being brought back.
Love those guys, love their look, love what they do.
Then you've got Carrie and Cross, who's who's had some
misfires only in WWE, he was a monster character and

outside of WWE and previous regimes, you know, through some
old school farook Roman garb on him and tried to
call it good and no, and let me be clear,
this is not Carrieon's fault. But now we've got a
great character in what's happening with Carry and Cross in

the Final Testament. Now, yeah, and man, I would love
to see them pick up the wind to continue to
gain momentum, especially paired with Paul ellering there's something cool
happening there. I still think they're landing on what exactly
it is, and that's that's totally okay, You're on target.
It's just not a bullseye quite yet. It takes a

little bit of time to develop that. But I'm really
excited to see them continue to catch momentum.

Speaker 1 (28:05):
I'm with you on this one. I think Final Testament
walks away with a victory to kick off the show
Night number two a couple of weeks ago, we well,
let's go back to elimination Chamber. For what seemed to
be no reason whatsoever. Aj Styles flew twenty seven hours
to Australia to take a steel chair to the back

of La Night and then get back on the plane
and take back off. And then we saw a couple
of weeks later, La to pay a little visit to
AJ styles house, a little fight. Even someone that noticed
that there was still a Christmas wreath hanging on the door,
and my wife goes, no, no, that's a spring wreath.
What what Wow? That's what I thought after I heard that.

So but they got in a fight and La Night
got arrested. I thought someone could possibly get detained at
least yesterday in the media rounds. If you haven't seen
the video yet, make sure you hit our instagram or
our YouTube and you can see the fight between La
Knight and AJ Styles. When La Knight walked into the
media rounds, I want you to picture this. You have
four backdrops on one side, four backdrop draft, four backdrops

on the other looks similar to this. Just a little
fancier had snickers and some other stuff and it was
all cloth. Well, there there are those and that's where
the wrestlers, the stars would would come sit and then
we as as media people would would walk up and
do interviews with them. And we're standing in line for
AJ Styles. When they bring in La Night, I was like, well,
that's kind of odd. That they set those two next

to each other. Why are you sitting these guys next
to each other? And soon we found out that that
was a giant mistake. I don't know if I don't
know if it's AJ or. I think it was AJ
that kicked his guest chair over into La Knight, and
La Knight just stood up and started waylaying on AJ
styles tumbled to the ground, I say tumbled, thrown to

the tumbled and thrown and then bashed into the wall
and then thrown on the ground again with a giant
thought a double leg take down from AJ on La
Night and so all of it. And what's ironic is
that we're in Philadelphia, literally just across the river from
New Jersey where a four point three earthquake happened. And
I'm I'm pretty sure that the earthquake happened during the

scuffle because we felt nothing from the earthquake. We just
felt these guys banging into walls. If you haven't watched
it yet, hit like I said, either our YouTube at
wrestle Chat podcast or on Instagram, and you can watch
our footage of that.

Speaker 2 (30:35):
And to be clear, to promo this video, as far
as I'm aware, right now, we are the only outlet
that has the full skirmish from different angle, three cameras,
three cameras, and so if you want to see the
full skirmish from start to finish, you're definitely gonna want
to check out the Russell Chat YouTube channel. We worked

really hard to bring you that whole thing, like share
comment the whole thing. Yeah, but man, these guys are
gassed up and ready to go.

Speaker 1 (31:04):
Aj popped up with a bloody nose and even someone
commented on our Instagram how to get a bloody nose
and they're just wrestling around. Well, I don't know. Why
don't you wrestle around on the ground putting somebody in
a headlock? Someone could walk away with the bloody nose.
You have somebody's face and your armpitter on your chest
and you're punching them and holding their head into Uh,
what is going on with the effects today? I assume

that you guys are seeing this because I should look
at yours too to see if it was happening, because
on ires were yep, yep, it is thumbs up fireworks.

Speaker 2 (31:35):
We're just on fire.

Speaker 1 (31:36):
No idea why things are happening, but it's happening.

Speaker 2 (31:39):
Back to the point though, there was there was much
discussion in the media room that was genuinely curious if
La Knight was injured because of the way that aj hard.
It was. It was hard, and when you look at
it on the video that we just talked about, you know,
you're in a convention center on a concrete floor and
the only thing separating you is a little bit of carpet,

and and you know, if you've ever been around somebody
that injures themselves, there's a very very deep thud sound
that happens when somebody cracks their head. I can tell
you with all assurance as somebody that was in the room,
it was that sound. And so you know, they pull
the guys out. And what's funny is when they were announcing,
you know, the dirt sheets were saying changes to the

potential changes of the WrestleMania card, I looked at An
and I said, I swear, if it's La.

Speaker 1 (32:28):
Nine, I'm gonna mess so mad he got hurt.

Speaker 2 (32:31):
Anyway, Wow, what a match.

Speaker 1 (32:33):
That's the next match on night number two, the second
match here, and I think at this point I'm feeling
that La Knight walks away with a win at WrestleMania.
I think AG is definitely on fire. It's interesting AJ
has had his run already in in w W. He's
accomplished so much already.

Speaker 2 (32:54):

Speaker 1 (32:54):
While they are very very close in AGE is just
getting the rocket strapped to him. I think I think
that La Knight walks away with a big v on
in this match right here.

Speaker 2 (33:05):
No, no, there is an intensity coming from AJ Styles
that cannot be denied. And you know, I'm a big
I'm a big AJ Styles guy. And to your exact point,
his accomplishments and his track record is what is going
to set him apart from La Knight. I'm also an

La Knight fan, but you don't put a guy that's
a little more green up against a guy like AJ
Styles and don't think that experience dictates the situation.

Speaker 1 (33:35):
Yeah, I don't think that. I would say that La
Knight is green. If you're anywhere close to him, I'll
just say that.

Speaker 2 (33:40):
Well, I'm I'm safe in the far away, I'm safe
in the hotel room right now. I'm fine to speak
my opinion.

Speaker 1 (33:47):
That's great. Yeah, since I don't see him in the probably,
I mean, I'm going to be in the press box
for the match.

Speaker 2 (33:53):
So if he ends up making it to the two
or three hundred level, I'll deal with it.

Speaker 1 (33:57):
Then understand that that's going to be a fun match
for sure to watch, and no doubt that's going to
be hard hitting. It's been hard hitting from the beginning.
I mean it started off. I was gonna say it
started off with a steel chair. That's really where things
picked up with the steel chair. So talk about it
being hard hitting. I think the match is going to
be that all the way through. And maybe we should

have switched the Philadelphia street fright from the six man
tag to these two.

Speaker 2 (34:22):
Maybe, And I mean, if nothing else, you know, La
is probably gonna choke on his gum and j Styles
will will take the win.

Speaker 1 (34:31):
But he played it off well, but dad gum, he
could have had a himlick on from that, just on
the top rope right. Next match, United States Championship Triple
Threat Logan Paul, Randy Orton, Kevin Owens. So far, Randy
Orton and Kevin Owens have gotten they've gotten along well,

maybe a little too well for this match where it
could leave Logan Paul walking out of there still the
US champ. How are you feeling.

Speaker 2 (35:01):
I think it's tough to say. Logan has had a
fantastic runs as the US champ. This one's hard to tell.
You got three guys that are very good at what
they do. I don't know that I can give a
solid prediction for this match. In fact, I'm gonna refuse to.
This is gonna be one of the few matches that
I'm gonna sit back, try not to overthink it and

take in because you've got three guys that work so
incredibly well and have done a fantastic job and a
relatively short amount of time to build interest into this match.
Even what we saw last night on SmackDown, the combination
of entertainment factor with real life I'm gonna beat you

up is very very well done. So I'm gonna sit back, relax,
and enjoy and see who comes out the other side
on top.

Speaker 1 (35:52):
Well. With a six team ladder match the night before
here on Night number one, anxious to see if if
Austin Theory and Grace and Waller get involved in this match.
They've been involved with the feud from the beginning w
w E Women's Championship match the champ Eo sky taken

on Bailey probably the match with the least fire out
of the entire card of both nights. However, I mean
there is some there There is some real life what
feels like real life tension between Bailey and Eosky with
Bailey forming the group together of Damage Control and uh

EO and her friends turning on Bailey and and kicking
her out. So is this Bailey's moment at Russell MANI
at a walk off of that title.

Speaker 2 (36:44):
I don't know. It's a tall order. You know, for
a minute, we were getting some involvement from people like
Naomi or or other or Bianca, other people that were
coming to the against you know, now Damage Control saans Bailey.
But we've seen a lot of Bailey's reinforcements kind of

turn their attention to other things, their own matches, their
own matches, and so I'm you know, I love a
good underdog story and I would love to, you know,
see Bailey do some great things. But if I'm being
truthful with myself, I think Io is gonna retain.

Speaker 1 (37:24):
World Heavyweight Championship match seth Freaking rawlins taken on Drew
McIntyre was on the plane from Nashville to Philly on
a Southwest flight with a giant of a man, Drew McIntyre,
and just to get in the good graces of Drew,
I just walked up to him and I said, hope
you kill Seth. Do I think that's gonna happen? I

don't know. I will say that I am interested in
this story though. This is the best performance that I've
seen from Drew McIntyre in years. Yes, and all the
way around storytelling to how he's kept the feud with
he and see him punk a live through all of
this with Seth freaking rawllins because a lot of Seth's
attention is overall the bloodline helping out Cody Rhodes and

where this goes no one knows and we won't know
till night number two. But how are you feeling about
that title? Who's waste will that be around?

Speaker 2 (38:15):
You know? I'm not as much of a Drew fan,
if I'm being honest. He is doing great work right now,
I will say that, But the times that I've seen
him as a champion, it's not hit for me. Now.
I'll give him an asterisk for pandemic period because that's
obviously a little bit of a separate situation. But we've

seen him elsewhere too. We've seen him do some things
and he just doesn't hit for me. However, with that said,
I'm gonna ride the fence here to not upset either guy.
I think Seth has also had his run, and I
think that it's time to mix things up a little bit.
In terms of how that lands, I'm not entirely sure,
but I would if you had to kind of me

down on it, I would say fifty one forty nine
Drew goes.

Speaker 1 (39:04):
Over undisputed WWE Universal Championship match. What kind of match
this is, Well, depends on tonight and we'll find we
can chime in a little bit more. You can too
after tonight's match, because that will really shape how Night
number two goes. And the main event is Cody finishing
the story is Roman Reign's going to continue with his Well,

it's funny there was some you mentioned this he's taken
report that he's taken some time off after WrestleMania. Well,
what were you doing before? Were you taking some time off?
Now we know in his and we're just talking storyline wise,
in his personal life, we'll hear that. Yeah, he I mean,
he's still taking medicine still battling with You know, it
doesn't just go away when you have leukemia. It doesn't.
The side effects and everything that you do to combat

that don't just leave one day. So he has been
dealing with some of that too and dealing with it
extremely extremely well. But just story line wise, when it
comes to Rowan Rains and Cody Rhodes, there's man, it's
kind of like Night number one, Which way will it go?
To be honest, they have us right in the palm
of their hand, which is where they want us is

to tune in and be interested and talk about it
on podcasts and get people's opinions and chime in on
social media and chat about it. Who is going to
leave the undisputed Universal Champion in Night number two? Yes,
Night number one will help dictate some of that. Is
it going to be a bloodline rules match? I personally

think so, Michael does not. I think that if we
do have that, do we get friends family involved in
this match? I certainly hope not for Cody's sake when
it comes to actually deciding who wins the match. But
I'll be honest, if there was a way to have
dustin here and in his corner and just watching his

back man, it would be added.

Speaker 2 (40:55):
Yeah, this is, like you pointed out, it's impossible to
predict this match. But I'll be honest with you. Well, actually,
first I'm gonna call you to the carpet and say,
if somebody were to pin you down right now, ignoring
what's happening Night one, who do you think is going
to come out on top in this match? Night too,
Cody Roads. That's interesting because as I get closer and

closer and closer to Sunday night, I have this overwhelming
feeling that Roman Reigns is going to retain. Alex Brie said,
Hey from Australia. Alex, thank you for joining the Russell
Chat podcast today. We appreciate you watching. Definitely, don't forget

to if you're not already subscribe. Russell Chat's giving away
a championship title of your choosing, so don't forget to
subscribe if you're not quick plug there. But back to
the point at hand, you know, the closer I get,
I feel like Roman Rains is going to retain. I've
got this feeling that it's just not over for him yet.

That scares me because we'd be pretty much guaranteeing an
entire wrestling summer without Dwayne Johnson, without Roman Reigns, and
Cody Rhodes without a title around his waiste. But if
you ask me in this moment, I think Roman Reigns
retains on night too.

Speaker 1 (42:23):
I think we already know we're not getting Dewey for
the rest of the summer. He's shooting a movie so
that parts out. That doesn't dictate who wins this match though,
So I'm not being Not having the undisputed Universal Champion
would not be anything new when it comes to the
world of WWE. So chime in. Let us know who

you're thinking as well. You know where we're sighting. Where
are you sighting? Let us know and pop on our
Instagram and follow us there at wrestle Chat podcast. Like
Michael mentioned, we are giving away either a World or
Universal title once we hit ten thousand subs on on
our YouTube, So, uh, I know, can you pop them?
After you do the boat? Hey, let's see now it's

not going to do it because I am doing this now.

Speaker 2 (43:10):
You just look like a door.

Speaker 1 (43:11):
Why is he does he hitchhiking? What's going on? There?
You go? Now? Can you pop it? We thank you?
For hanging out with us today, and we want to
hear from you. We want to know. Hang on, we
got a we got a couple more comments here. Let's
see who Alex is a hope that Cody wins. He
deserves it as Alex on Ant's side, anybody on Michael's side,

Who's is Cody gonna take it? Is it going to
be Roman Reigns. We'll find out night number two. Excited
to watch with you guys. Like I mentioned our our Instagram,
but also what in the world I'd stop talking with
my hands for a second so people can not eclipse
Michael the If you're not following me on on Twitter,
the conversations continue there. I didn't do anything, not a thing,

didn't even talk with my hands that day.

Speaker 2 (43:58):
It's the fans they like me.

Speaker 1 (44:00):
Actually, I think that it's Apple agreeing with you that
Roman Reigns is going to win.

Speaker 2 (44:05):
Apple Apple usually gets it right.

Speaker 1 (44:07):
I'm just saying hilarious, thank you guys for hanging out
with us. We are here live in Philly. Follow me
on Twitter if you want to continue the conversation during WrestleMania,
I'll be on there all night long. It's at the
ant Man all right, anything else we need to touch
on before we take off?

Speaker 2 (44:23):
Does mine nose look like a thumb?

Speaker 1 (44:25):
Yes, No one's told you that it's weird. Thank you,
guys for hanging out with us live from Philly. We'll
talk to you on well just before Monday Night Raw,
the Raw after Mania. We'll see you on three and fifteen.
Thank you guys for hanging out on the wrestle Chat
podcast Today. I'm the ant man for Michael Glavin. We'll
see you FaceTime.

Speaker 2 (45:00):
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