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May 14, 2024 3 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Well, Steve, it's graduation season. Whether you're graduating from high
school or college, it's a huge milestone in your life.
This is a time when students reflect on their time
at school look ahead to their future. So what advice
would you give a graduate? And part two of that
question is what advice can you give the soon to
be empty nester parents whose kids are going off to college.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Well, first of all, that empty nests ain't gonna stay empty, loan,
get that out your mind. They always and they come
back the old people, more people, old people. Yeah they
have kids. Yeah, they come back with mold people. So
get that out your head. My simple advice to everybody
graduating and follow your dream. Follow your dream because your

dreams may have nothing to do with your diploma. And
to get a diploma is a great accomplishment. It's a
it's magnificent. I applaud people who get their education. I
think it's it's notable. I think it's I think it's
really outstanding that you get at vacation. Education is important
in so many areas of your life. I never ever

knock education. But after you get this degree, it will
hang on your wall and that's it. Nothing will matter
after that except what you do. And a lot of
people have degrees because you declared for a degree when
you were younger, three years ago, two years ago, four

years ago, you declared. Now, as a full grown adult
entering into the work world, you now must be faced
with the reality of this is my life for real now,
and what you decided on when you were younger four
years ago may not be the route for you. And
it's okay, it's perfectly okay. But the fact that you
got a degree proves that you can accomplish a task.

And now once you know how to accomplish a task,
you can apply that to your life and get on
with it. So congratulations to everybody that's gotten an education,
everybody that's got those college degrees, high school diplomas. Now
it's down to business, because I will tell you right now,
as hard as it's been, it's nothing compared to what's

going to go down. Nothing, It ain't even close. It
ain't even close. But on the empty nesters, two different people.
Now after all them years gone by with the kids,
there are the empty nestors, two different people. When all
the kids are gone. Well, your life has changed, and
now there's an adjustment that's going to be made because
sometimes the kids were a welcome distraction, but now that

they are gone, you will find out. I know a
guy that's struggling right now in his marriage because they're
an empty nestor. And now his wife has no identity.
She don't know what to do because because that was
her life, and now she's clinging and he and he
trying to help her find a hobby and and it

ain't working and they're struggling right now.

Speaker 1 (02:57):
Wow, that it's real. Is a sitcom?

Speaker 2 (03:01):
The Empty nest right here?

Speaker 1 (03:03):
Yeah, it's a pitchure. That sitcom right there all right?
Coming up at thirty four minutes after the hour, we
will check your voicemail Steve eight seven seven twenty nine, Steve,
right after this, you're listening Steve Harvey Morning Show.
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