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April 18, 2024 1 min

It goes down May 4 and we get the lineup, favorites along with the purse.  Who's ready?  

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
The Kentucky Derby is just a few weeks away on
May fourth. It's at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, and
they're about twenty horses in the lineup. Here's some of
their names. Fierceness for every young, resilience track, Fantom domestic product,
catching freedom endlessly, just to touch society man and no
more time. The favorites to win our Sierra Leone or Fierceness.

And this year's purse for the Derby will be five
million dollars. Steve, you've been to the Derby before.

Speaker 2 (00:32):
Hey, which always wanted to do though, always wanted to
be the dude that called the race, you know, just
be all up in there and had them names up
in there, and there a black Magic has taking an
early lead.

Speaker 3 (00:43):
We've got black.

Speaker 2 (00:44):
Magic round and round and we're gonna come out coming up,
and we got ding along, ding along is coming up
and around the corner all of us. Here comes stump Funk.
Scump Funk takes an early lead around ground.

Speaker 3 (00:55):
Down on the backstretch, all up in you.

Speaker 2 (00:58):
It has taken the lead. We all were going right
here coming it comes all up and oh here comes
and look at here, look at here. Here's in the
race right here. Have heard all of a sudden it
not coming right here, And here comes flash of sugar
honey ice tea outside. They're rolling down the they're.

Speaker 3 (01:14):
Down the stretch, and they're down the stretch. See my
ass has taken up flight. All the men's coming up
on there, all hair nose coming down the back streak.
Were looking at anywhelming and looking him. It's stump, focus,
splash and sugar honey ice teeth and look at it
his black magic. And see my ass. See my ass
has taken a lead all of a sudden, all opinion

trying to get up in there. Just see my ass.

Speaker 1 (01:39):
You've been thirty three minutes after we'll play around it.
Would you rather right after this? You're listening Steve Harvey
Morning Show.
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