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June 19, 2024 6 mins

Today in Closing Remarks, we get a friendly reminder from Big Dog.  Get rid of the clutter in your life and see what happens.

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All right, Steve, here we are last break of the day,
and of course it is time for you to leave us.
With some closing remarks, I want to give you some
encouragement on your road to success. I've often said a
million times that the road to success is always under construction,
that you can expect the pitfalls, to set backs, the detours,

the working men at work, so forth, and so on.
But what I want to remind you of is that
you can win if you can fight through the clutter.
And one of the best ways that I can give
you to fight through the clutter you have to have

a relationship with God. I mean, it's just really the
best way to fight through the clutter because you really
don't know how exactly to become successful. You really don't
know exactly how, I mean. And the reason I know
you don't know exactly how is it because you've probably

aimed for something that in order to achieve it you
really do need God's help. So is nothing wrong when
you don't know exactly how you're going to make it,
because what that means is you've aspired to something so
great that in order for it to happen, you absolutely

have to have God's help. That's where you want to be.
You want to be on a mission that keeps you
awake at night. You want to be on a mission
man that makes you wake up early. You want to
be on a mission that requires you to pray constantly.
You want to be on a mission man, where you
seek the advice and help of other people. That's in

a higher position. You want to be on a mission
where not achieving it becomes absolutely unacceptable. But to get there,
you got to fight the clutter. And the biggest form
of clutter in your mind is the actual figuring it out.

Can you remember back on how many times you've tried
to figure something out your life, your next move, who
to call, who to talk to, whether to try to
sell them, how to sell them, what to buy, how
to buy? If you go back over all your life
of you figuring out my next move? Should I go
to school? Should I not go to school? Should I
get a degree in this? Should I not get a

degree in this? Should I apply for that job but
this job? Should I go over here because they pay
a little bit more, but this as better stability? I
don't know, but you've constantly been trying to work that out.
That's exhausting, and it keeps your mind cluttered. I was
reading in my daily meditation, how when you clutter your
mind up with the how to you remove God's presence

in your life? Because He's always hovering and standing close
by to come in and comfort you and be beside
you and help you make these decisions. But if you
never invite him in, if you never invite him to
make the decisions, if you never allow his presence to
come and calm you down. Man, sometimes you just need calming.

You know, you could deal with a lot of this
stuff that you're going through a lot better if you
will have just a calming effect. Of the calming effect,
that's the piece you get when you form a relationship
with God. God calms you down because you know he
got your back, you know he's in control. He know
he got your best interest at heart, you know that

he's behind the scenes working on your behalf. When you
have that type of relationship, it cools you out. You
can chill. You can't do anything about tomorrow, so worrying
about it doesn't affect it. Now, I'm not saying and
sitting here that you're not supposed to plan, that you're
not supposed to have dreams and aspirations because you do.

But in all my dreams of aspirations, all the things
I want, I want. I've had to learn to be
flexible because what I want and what God has for
me is oftentimes two different things. But can I share
something with you? The thing that God has for you
is way better than anything anything you could possibly plan.

You can't figure it the way he does. His thoughts
is way up there, man, His ways is way up there.
You can't outfigure God. God can take a very very
dismal situation, folks, and turn it into pure gold for you.
When they are lining themselves against you, If God is

with you, who can be against you? So let them
line up. If you know you've got a relationship with God,
and you know you're not over there by yourself, why
would you be afraid of someone lining up against you?
Let them lined up. You're talking to somebody who knows
it's all too well. They have lined up against me
in numbers. But guess what, they can't do nothing to me.

God don't allow. And even if you do do it,
it doesn't mean it has the effect of the desired
effect on me that you wanted to and so that's
the same thing with you. Because of this relationship with God,
you don't have to be in and react to every
time somebody don't like a picture, or make a bad
comment or put a false a falsehood out there about you.

You don't have to react to all of that because
you have peace in the relationship with God. You got
to form this relationship, y'all. You have to. It's imperative
to who you are. And the thing about forming relationship,
you don't have to clear with nobody. But you ain't
got to even tell nobody you doing it. You can
show them a difference you. You don't have to make

an admission. I'm talking to God every day trying to
become a better person. You ain't got to tell nobody that.
Just do it. Just do it. That's all you've got
to do, all right. Those are my closing remark drop it,
thank you, sir. Yeah needed that. For all Steve Harvey contests,

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US residents at least eighteen years old, unless otherwise stated.
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