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April 17, 2024 10 mins

The closer you get to your goal, it gets a little bit more difficult.  The key is to keep pushing forward.  Do not quit!!!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Today show is pre recorded. Y'all know what's y'all don't
know y'all.

Speaker 2 (00:09):
At all at all, So don't given them black the milk.

Speaker 1 (00:16):
Bus bus boy, Yeah, listening to.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
Show to Joy? Yeah, Joy. You don't turn turn.

Speaker 1 (01:31):
I can't.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
I got to turn the mouth turned. Probably got to
turn the mouth turn a wad of the mony UPO me, come.

Speaker 1 (01:58):
Come out you're uh huh, I sure will. Good morning everybody.
You all listen to the voice, Come on dig me now.
One and only. Steve Harvey got a radio show. Uh huh,
Steve Harvey got a radio show. Yeah. Man, ooh boy
boy boy man. God has been good to me. I

can't even I can't even put it into words, man,
but I try, though, I try, I try, I try.
God does things for me just right on time. He said,
he's so cool with it. And I happened to run
across Joel Oldstein on television like I often do all

the time, and I was sitting there and he had
such a timely message for me. A part of it
was something that I've said oftentimes about if you really
really want to be successful, if you really really want
to change, if you really really want to prosper If

you really really want to achieve greatness, if you really
really want to have something in life that's worth having,
if you really really want to accomplish your goals, you
got to push through all of it. He said that
when you get closer to it, the more difficult it becomes.

Did you hear me? He said, the closer you get
to what it is you want or you need, or
you have to have, or you would love to be,
it gets a little bit more difficult when you get closer.
He told this story that's in the Bible that I'd

never heard before. This is what he said. He said,
there was a man who was paralyzed, and he had
heard that Jesus was speaking at a house, and so
he wanted to get there. So he convinced four of
his friends to put him on a stretcher and carry

him for hours to get to this house where Jesus
was speaking. He said that along the way, these friends
said that they went along because he had so much
faith that if he could just get to him, it

could be better that he could if he could just
get over there and he could see him, that he
might have a shot at getting here. And so he
said they took out along the way and they walked
and they walked and they walked for hours. And then
when they got there, the house was completely filled with people.
That was absolutely it was packed wall to wall. There

was absolutely no way for the men to get him
on that stretcher in to see Jesus. This is a
story that uh Joe Osteen said is in the Bible.
And he was telling it now. I'm just repeating the
parts of it I gathered. And so he said. They
sat there and they went, wow, man, we walked all
this weight and it's full, and and and and and

and and we can't get there, he said. And then
the guy with the affliction told the four men, if
you get up on the roof and cut a hole
in it and lower me down, I bet I could
see him then, and I bet it to be all
right now. He then said, you must imagined how these

four men must have felt when you carry somebody for
hours on on on on on on on the way.
They had to carry some cloth connected by a couple
of sticks, said the me and shoulders had to be bruised,
had to have deep gouges, and them not cuts, but
just indentations where they had carried the weight of this
grown man for so many hours, and they looked at

him in disbelief, like, man, what are you talking about?
We done walked all this far. He said, yeah, but
if you get up on that roof and you cut
a hole in it and lower me down, I can
see him and when he see me, it'll be all right.
After sitting there and imploring the men, they went up
and did just that, And then the story that Joe

Los Deane said, the man was healed. But the point
he was making was he was saying that the closer
you get to what it is you really want, the
more difficult it's going to become. But you've got to
push through. See, if you don't push through, you never know. See,
you can't get right to the answer. And because it

gets really difficult, started creating those little saying that we
got as people. Well, I guess it wasn't meant to be.
I guess it wasn't Lord's will. Now, man, I guess
you should not give up right now. I guess you
should keep pressing. I guess you should do more, because see,
in all of us, in all of us, when you've

had enough, I want you to know something you do
have a little bit more in all of us. You
can do one more. You know. That's one of my
favorite things that I heard Joel Oldstein said, and it
kind of made me feel good. He said, I always
feel like I can do one more anything, and I
tell my friends all the time, I can do one

more man. I could do one more day. I can
do one more anything. Now Here was the jewel that
I never really knew that Joel Oldstein and God sent
to me I needed to hear. He said that no
matter what you're going through, no matter how long the

challenge is you've been facing, God has an end date
for it all. Did you hear me? No matter what
you're going through, No matter what challenge you're facing, no
matter what situation you've gotten yourself into, God has an
ending date. All you got to do is keep pressing forward.

All you got to do is hang in there. All
you got to do is don't give up. All you
have to do is don't turn back. There is an
end date for all of it, even when you think
you've had enough. And boy, have I had this conversation

with God on several things that I've been going through,
And I've even told him, Look, I got it, man,
He said, just keep hanging on. There is an ind
date to whatever it is you're going through. There's an
end date to your illness, your sickness, your tired of
being tired. There's an in date to this relationship that

you can't seem to get through. Beyond over that's that's
like a cancer to you. There's an end date. But
you've got to hang in there. You've got to keep
pushing forward. You cannot turn around. You must not go back,

because when God gets you through this and you break
through to the other side, the reward and the benefit
is far greater than the struggle. I oftentimes look at
some of the things that God has brought me through
in my worst times, and when He brought me through,

I went, wow, man, now that I understand that, Now
that I'm on the other side and I have the
benefit of the reward for it, would you do it
all again to get that? Yes, I would. Morning Show
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