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June 21, 2024 10 mins

Insurance companies have a grace period. So does God! Even if you fail, keep going His grace and mercy covers you.


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Today show is pre recorded. Y'all know what time.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
Y'all don't know y'all at all, So don't given them
black a.

Speaker 3 (00:15):
Million bu bu boozy.

Speaker 2 (00:24):
Listening to to.

Speaker 4 (00:38):
I don't Joy, Yeah, Joy.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
You don't you love?

Speaker 3 (01:06):
You gotta turn.

Speaker 4 (01:41):
To turn the mouth the turn you probably got to
turn mouth mount to turn a wad of the money up.

Speaker 3 (01:49):
Look me, come.

Speaker 1 (01:58):
Come on, You'll think.

Speaker 5 (02:01):
Huh, I sure will come on and everybody you are
listening to the voice, come on, dig me now one
it only Steve Harvey got a radio show?

Speaker 2 (02:12):

Speaker 6 (02:14):
I love it when I run up into people and
they say that to me. They say, hey, Steve Harvey
got a radio show. Then they wink at me. I
know they listening. You know, I got a lot off
my chest yesterday. I wanted to clean some things up.
And I appreciate y'all giving me a minute, because sometimes,
you know, you just got to say some things out loud.
Not complaining, but hey, just verbalizing, but realizing that I

got to keep going anyway. And that's my words this
morning to you, that I want you to keep pushing
no matter what happens. I want to share something with
you that's important, that's very very important.

Speaker 1 (02:54):
See, you have to give God something too blessed.

Speaker 6 (02:59):
You know, if your prayer is asking for God's blessings,
you got to give him something to work with. Now,
you know, you gotta show the spirit of appreciation or gratitude.
You gotta let him know that you're in it for
the long haul. No matter what happens. Don't turn around.

You will never ever see what the end could be.
If you turn around and go back, You'll never know
what the end could have been had you stuck it out.

Speaker 1 (03:39):
You'll never know.

Speaker 6 (03:41):
How good it could have gotten had you not just
weathered the storm. That's the thing that gets most people.
They it get tough for him, It get hard for him,
and then they let doubts set in, and then those
doubts become facts and the next thing you know, they

give up. Had you not given up, or had you
given your best, what the results or outcome could have been.
I look back on my life on so many occasions
where in college I wasn't giving my best. Now flunked out. Now,
it's easy to look at my life now and go, yeah,

but look at you now. But back then, man, it
cost me for so many years that failing to finish
that not giving my all. It cost me a number
of years. I wish I could say that it didn't
mean nothing, that it was just a blimp on the

radar Skins screen, But at the time it was major.
And so you have a lot of decisions in your
life that are happening now. You may be in your twenties,
your late teens, you could be in your early thirties,
and it's happening. But guess what you'll eventually get through
it provided one thing you never give up.

Speaker 1 (05:08):
You never turn around and go back.

Speaker 6 (05:11):
Had I written myself off because of one failure, see,
and this is where so many people go wrong at too.
You write yourself off after you failed at something, the
one thing you thought you wanted to accomplish, and you
failed at it. Now you write yourself off as a failure.
Now you go settle on into life and just see

what hand you get. Had when I flunked out of college,
had I written myself off as a failure, I wouldn't
be here today. When I lost my carpet cleaner company,
I would have written myself of as a failure. And
I wouldn't be here today when I didn't become a
diamond distributed in Amway, or a direct distributor in Amway,

even I would have written myself as a failure and
I wouldn't be here today. When I bought a distribution
kit to become a distributor of the Bohemian Diet and
I didn't make it, I would have written myself as
a failure. When I became an Al Williams distributor and

I didn't make it, I would have written myself as
a failure, and I wouldn't be here today.

Speaker 1 (06:19):
Oh, I got a list for you.

Speaker 6 (06:22):
When I got laid off at for a motor company,
had I written myself as a failure, I wouldn't have
made it.

Speaker 1 (06:30):
Do you need some more? Because I have a story
filled with mishaps. I have a story filled with failures.

Speaker 6 (06:42):
Couple of things now, the grace of God and his
mercy which is available to us all.

Speaker 1 (06:48):
See that's the key, y'all, Because of his mercy, because of.

Speaker 6 (06:53):
His willingness to forgive and to even understand why we
do the things we do. In all of my shortcomings,
failed marriages I'm talking about, man got it all wrong.
Can't blame nobody else, It's just me. Steve ain't have

it together at that point in life. I've could have
ridden myself as a failure the first time I could have.
I just could have gave up on it after the
second one. And please know that this is an admission.
This ain't bragging. So before you start in with me,
understand what I'm saying. I'm pointing out in my life

a series of missteps and failures. But how I still
get here today. Couple of things. God's grace and mercy
is first. But that's the key that's for everybody see
if it's God's willingness to forgive you and God's understanding

of why we do what we do because he said
we wasn't gonna be perfect. So in all of your imperfections,
your creator told you you would not be perfect. He's
said to you, it's out there. I don't care which.

Speaker 1 (08:15):
One of the books you read it tells you that.
So guess what.

Speaker 6 (08:21):
With that in mind, he has a grace that he has.
It's like a grace period. It's like when you don't
pay your insurance premium on the day that is due.
The next day, they don't just cancel your insurance premium.
They have a grace period because they ain't trying to
stop this money from coming in. But when it comes

to God, there's no money required. He just gives you
the grace freely. It don't cost you nothing. See, you
gotta tap into that, y'all. You gotta get in touch
with that, because that's an important part to making it
understanding that His grace is available.

Speaker 1 (08:58):
So when you make a mistake, So when.

Speaker 6 (09:01):
You fail at it, he has a loophole in the
contract with him that allows you to make mistakes, that
allows you to get it wrong, that allows you to
fail time and time and time again. But if you
never give up, if you keep getting up, if you
keep trying, if you keep striving, if you keep making

the effort to go forward and not go back, God
has a blessing for you, and He has it in
abundance for you. And God will give it to you
at the right time. But you got to be ready. Oh,
I want it to be successful. But if He had
given it to me back then I wouldn't have handled

it correctly because I would have made some more mistakes.

Speaker 1 (09:47):
Along the way. So you make the mistakes to learn
the lessons. Lord, ain't God been good to me? I
ain't gonna lie to you. Cool listening

Speaker 2 (10:00):
Warning Show
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