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Gemini Season, Full Moon Magic & Energetic Currency - Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green

Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green

Welcome to Gemini Season! As the energetic and communicative vibes of Gemini kick off, it’s time to embrace self-expression and connect with others. There are big shifts in consciousness and the energetic field happening right now: the energy is speeding up and the veil is thin, so strap in for an exciting (but potentially overwhelming) time. 

Important dates:

  • May 21-June 20th Gemini Season
  • May 25th Jupiter enters Gemini
  • May 26th Full Moon in Sagittarius 


Gemini Energy: Gemini, ruled by Mercury, encourages curiosity, socialization, and sharing information. Tap into your wisdom and integrity during this season, considering what you say, who you say it to, and your motives behind it.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Full Moons are about illuminating things in a way that we didn’t see before. Use the Sagittarius Full Moon to illuminate the darker, hidden truths within yourself. Tell yourself the truth even if it’s painful. What ugly truth about yourself, your attitude, or your shadow self are you ready to face? Take the deficit and turn it into an asset. Crystalize your self-knowledge into wisdom. 

Jupiter in Gemini: Jupiter enters Gemini for the first time in 11 years, emphasizing expansion, opportunity and reaching new horizons. Take advantage of this energy to turn limiting beliefs into assets. Cultivate internal self-worth and richness to manifest external abundance. Get clear on the belief systems you hold that may be contradictory to what you want to manifest in your life. 

Energetic Currency: Take notice of the energy you encounter throughout your day. What people, situations, or environments create discomfort? Take your own energetic temperature to see what energy you are projecting into the world. Energy leaves a signature, so try to leave places better than you found them by adjusting your own energy and beam love and light to others who may be bringing the vibe down. 


Synchronize your brain & heart, and the left & right hemispheres of your brain with this trick to manage anxiety, stress, and find clarity & stillness during Gemini Season! 

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Learn more about your own natal chart with a free Cafe Astrology report to find out where Jupiter is your chart. 

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Gemini Season, Full Moon Magic & Energetic Currency - Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green