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How To Connect With Your Higher Self - Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green

Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green

Join Amanda as she explores the profound connection to your higher self—the constant companion that guides you along life’s path. Your higher self, an infinite and conscious part of you, serves as a direct link to the universe. It expands your perspective, illuminates your soul’s path, and invites you to pay attention.

In this episode, Amanda answers key questions: 

  • What is the higher self?
  • How to connect with your higher self
  • Examples of where you higher soul shows you you’re in the right place 
  • The easiest way to activate your highest self
  • Optimal times to connect with your higher self 


Consider these approaches as a guide for conversing with your higher self:

  • Hey soul, hey higher self - while I’m sleeping this evening, can you bring me peace, and show me the way forward?
  • Hey soul, guide and direct me today - I trust that the greatest good will unfold 
  • Hey soul, connect me with these people for this meeting for the highest outcome. May it be in the highest good of everyone involved. 
  • Hey higher soul, orchestrate this as if it’s already happened for the most optimal direction forward for everybody
  • Connect my higher self with this other person’s higher self for the highest greatest good 
  • Hey higher soul, connect me with ideal people, places, experiences for the highest evolutionary aim, in the highest good of humanity
  • Help me wake up peaceful, rested, and revitalized
  • Help me understand this better
  • Hey soul, today I’m available for peace, being a vessel of service, being in the right place at the right time
  • Today I am available for the highest and greatest good for all 
  • Hey soul, I need you take the reins today 
  • Thank you for providing clarity, acceptance and knowing 


Just start practicing! Your higher self is directing you to learn the lessons that are going to give you the growth - what you came down here to learn in this lifetime.  Activate your higher consciousness, trust the process, and experience true insights. Embrace the journey of connecting with your higher self for a more aligned and purposeful life! 


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How To Connect With Your Higher Self - Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green