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January 10, 2024 51 mins

EP #17: On the latest Off the Edge with Cam Jordan podcast, Eagles cornerback Darius “Big Play” Slay joins Cam to both console Cam for the Saints not making the playoffs, and to share his excitement for the Eagles getting set for the postseason. He also defends the Eagles over claims they're "frauds” for their 1-5 regular season finish. Darius talks of what it’s like to play for the raucous Eagles fan base, and why he hates playing in the Cowboys home stadium. Darius then shares how he and Eagles defensive play caller Matt Patricia mended fences from their falling out in Detroit. And, he gets personal with the inside story of his Kobe Bryant fandom, which is displayed on his jersey, and fanboying the one time he met his idol. Also, Cam takes takes us inside the controversy over the Jameis Winston’s TD call at the end of the Saints-Falcons Week 18 game, and defends Jameis. 

0:00 – start of show

0:10 – Cam teases what’s to come on the episode

0:52 – Cam on answering questions about his playing future

1:17 – Cam details the injuries he played through this season

3:22 – Cam on the Jameis Winston touchdown play call drama

6:44 – Cam takes us inside the tense postgame interaction between Arthur Smith and Dennis Allen

7:39 – Cam on criticism Jameis received for the Jamaal Williams touchdown play call

13:28 – start of Darius Slay interview

15:52 – Darius on the Eagles entering the playoffs after 1-5 finish to the regular season

17:49 – Darius on whether he would do what Jameis Winston did in a blowout game

19:25 – Darius on the Eagles being labeled as “frauds” for their struggles at the end of the season

21:38 – Darius on adjusting to Matt Patricia taking over calling the defense

23:26 – Darius on the Eagles players only meeting this season

25:20 – Darius on Nick Sirianni taking responsibility for players’ mistakes

27:10 – Darius on repairing his relationship with Matt Patricia

29:10 – Cam and Darius on the need for cohesion between coaches and players

32:04 – Darius on where his nickname “Big Play Slay” came from

33:35 – Darius on starting his podcast “The Big Play Slay” podcast

37:11 – Darius on players who got snubbed for the Pro Bowl

39:45 – Cam and Darius on raucous Saints and Eagles fans bases

44:17 – Darius on being hurt losing a Super Bowl

45:43 – Darius gives Cam his flowers for being a complete defensive end

49:34 – Darius on why he changed numbers from #24 to #2, and meeting Kobe Bryant

52:46 – end of Darius slay interview

52:52 – Cam closes the show

53:56 – end of show

**Note: time codes are approximate

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