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April 28, 2024 88 mins

In a room full of heroes - Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, and Marc Sessler recap the final days of the draft. Our heroes start begin going over their winners and losers with the Washington Commandeers (2:30), they then take a look at some of the losers (12:10). We do a Winners speed round (56:01). And we find out who owes who lunch (1:10:00).

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The Around the NFL podcast is Sorry you didn't get
that quarterback you wanted.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
Welcome to another edition of Around the NFL, a very
special edition of Around the NFL, the post draft edition of.

Speaker 1 (00:18):
Around the NFL.

Speaker 2 (00:19):
Seven rounds in the books and now we're gonna talk
about it. Dan Hands is here, Greg Rosenthal, Mark Sessler.
It really does feel finally, finally mark the end of
the yellow brick road. As we we're gonna have a
great episode today. We're gonna dig in on winners and losers.

We're gonna go check in on our sandwich props. We're
just gonna really kind of put this draft to bed
and then we are on some level set free until
training camp.

Speaker 3 (00:50):
Yeah, it's interesting because I think day three of the
draft is it's a it's a long haul. But I
was thinking today as we were creeping from the six
round into the seventh, that back in the days in
old Culver, in the old newsroom, when the four of
us would be, you know, together in the in our
cube farm, waiting for it to end, that the minute

the show would end, you know, West would lead the
way out of the out of the newsroom to a
local tavern somewhere in Culver City, downtown Culver and.

Speaker 1 (01:20):
We would typical it would be Rocos Iracos.

Speaker 3 (01:22):
It was often and like we would sell or the cozy,
but we would celebrate what you're just mentioning that this
is a pivot point, a turning point in what is
an off season that barely exists until now.

Speaker 4 (01:34):
I don't know, Dan, you know, we got we got
around the AFC and NFC coming up this week, we
got projected starter series is coming back.

Speaker 1 (01:40):
You know exactly what I mean. And I love it.

Speaker 4 (01:43):
I do love the feeling and I could feel it
on day two once like you start seeing these rosters,
because after day two it's it's guys, you're not expecting
to play much kind of get filled in and you
have enough of your answers and it's like, okay, now
now we've kind of got the talking points, we've got
the teams that we're gonna be talking and I'm ready
to go.

Speaker 2 (02:01):
And yeah, of course the show will continue throughout the
rest of the spring and into the summer, and we're
going to have a lot of fun. But in terms
of like what's coming up, what lies ahead, the draft
was kind of the end of the beginning of the end.
That sounds right, and now we're going to talk about it.
And we kind of have a tradition on this Saturday show.

We do it winners and losers style. So why don't
we get it going? And Greg, why don't you get
us started?

Speaker 4 (02:28):
Okay, I'm going to start with the Washington Commanders, who
I don't know if we gave full, like throated enthusiasm
because we knew Jaden Daniels was going to be the
pick there at two and it is a really exciting
time for their franchise to totally restart with a quarterback
that that's that exciting. And then you look at what
they did on Day two of the draft, and you

had so many picks, and you know, I was going
to make the first winner the team that finally stopped
the slide of my boy Johnny Newton, who, yeah, maybe
he felt because of that foots are, but I think
they got a great, great value. He's going to be
ready apparently for the offseason. At thirty six, they get
another player who I think can play right away in
the slot, cornerback from Michigan, Mike Sanders. Still, and again

it's a reminder they loaded up on draft picks. I'm
not gonna pretend I have like a ton of hot
takes for their other third and fourth round picks. They
get a blocking tight end in the second round, but
a bunch of Day two picks, and you remember, oh yeah,
they gave up Chase Young, they gave up Montes Sweat.
Their owner Josh Harris, kind of stepped in with the
idea of like this this season with Ron Vera is unimportant.
Everything is about the future. They have a ton of

Day one and two picks. Jayden Daniels is going to
be exciting. I love these second round picks and it's
just like a lot of young guys.

Speaker 1 (03:42):
It's a nice start.

Speaker 4 (03:43):
And I think the idea that they had of trading
Sweat and Young it made sense for that team ultimately,
and they're going to bear the fruits of it after
this draft.

Speaker 1 (03:52):
I love that you went here first. I'm totally with you.

Speaker 3 (03:55):
And you know, Mike Sandras still the nickelback like they
Nick Saban called him, pound for pound, the best football
player in the entire draft. I mean, and that's not
someone that's going to heap false praise on someone they
got Newton. It definitely comes down to how Jayden Daniels
winds up. But I thought it was a big victory
for Adam Peters the GM two because you know, this

is a team that's been in chaos and in the
abyss for a long time. And he did a number
of interviews he was willing to go on with like
with Bill Belichicken friends on ESPN, and you know others
beyond that, and I thought he he laid out to plan. Well,
you get a sense because I think when you're a fan,
we're in a savvier time where like you want to
know that your GM is not a head case, and
like he came across as someone with a clear direction

and that's something this team has been missing for a
long time. They feel like a completely different team. I
think when you come out of the off season process,
whether it's free agency and the draft, and you feel like,
wait a minute, this is a completely different experience. That's
a victory at least emotionally for now.

Speaker 1 (04:52):
Took a third.

Speaker 4 (04:52):
Round guard, by the way, but the offensive line still
needs some work. So it's a shaky offensive line in
Cliff Kingsbury's euroc That's the only concerns.

Speaker 1 (04:59):
But other wise it's exciting. Those are pretty big concerns.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
I think it's good that you added that part of it,
but I agree with it. You said, in fact, the
Commanders what are going to be my first choice as well?
And I was going to then mention Adam Peters because
he does also benefit from you know, we all get
sometimes lucky or unlucky in life with timing. He is
absolutely a benefactor of some fortuitous timing. And when he

gets to the Washington football team post Dan Snyder, post
that messy transition rivera year, and now they can really
start this thing up, and it does feel like such
a fresh start for the organization. Daniels, the way it
all worked out, you know, they feel very excited about him.
Maybe he's a little sloppy that week leading up to
the draft, but it already feels like an ancient story

now about the way they handled the visits near the end.
Now he's their quarterback, Newton is a highly regarded guy.
As a second round pick. They are a team that
they're gonna be worth watching.

Speaker 1 (06:02):

Speaker 2 (06:03):
There's been a few teams in the league that have
been very hard to watch for many years in a row,
and this draft you come out of it and the
Commanders are one of those teams where like, Okay, this
is gonna be fun. Now, well, there's a reason when
we do our draft on Thursday for games each Sunday,
why you're not gonna avoid the Commanders. And credit to
Peters and the organization and Josh Harris, who I don't

think is gonna walk into any restaurant and take someone
else's hat off and tell them what for. I mean,
that guy seems to have his act together as well.
So good job by the Commanders, good job fans. This
could be an exciting era for the team about to commence.

Speaker 3 (06:40):
Yeah, I mean, I think the other team that you'd mentioned,
Dan and you talk about like Snoozefest for years in
a row, that you just so much simply avoid unless
they were playing like a sexy operation. On the other side,
the Bears. I mean, they've been a they've been a
problematic watch for so long, and like I think I
was thinking about, like when you go to Pro Football
Reference and you look at like a draft from four

or five years ago, and it's like either the name
is highlighted and bold because they're still active, or it's
not because they're not playing football anymore. And I really
don't care what happened. They didn't have a lot of
picks in this draft. But if if you get to
a point a couple years from now that Caleb Williams
and Romadunze are still operating for Chicago and doing what
you hope they're doing, this is a completely different team

and they have tranled just as much as Washington, but
over the course of two offseasons are completely transformed. And
I think Caleb Williams is a big winner because there
were these floating questions about the millennial nature of him
and all this stuff that I think is garbage that
he put to bed. I think with his own personality,
he did a great job. Right when he was drafted.

He seems so proud to be a quarterback for the
Chicago Bears' that's been a long time coming. And you
found the wide receiver at number nine that was like,
this is ideal, And so I think the combination of them,
but the rest of the roster.

Speaker 1 (08:00):
Addie Refluss was a largely anonymous coach.

Speaker 3 (08:02):
To two offseasons ago, you're starting to realize, like this
GM and coach together, the whole Chicago Bears situation looks
so much more promising that I put them right there
with Washington as a team that you feel completely different
about it. It's like, I'll be annoyed if Greg is
drafting the Bears, you know, early on in Week one
or week two next year, because I want to watch
them now and I've not felt that way about the

former Mitch Trubisky led Bears in a billion years.

Speaker 1 (08:27):
So that's new territory for me.

Speaker 4 (08:29):
It's like, fine, if you're got to put them in
primetime five or six times like they seem to do
with the Bears every year. Now we get Caleb Williams
and Rome of Dunese, I'm with you. I also liked
that they have this third round tackle that, like a
lot of times players say there, I was a fan
with the team growing up, you know, I was always
a fan. It's like now in the age of Twitter,
you can go and see it. His name is Kieran

I'm a god Jay, a tackle from Yale, and they
found his tweets just railing the play calling from like
four years ago, saying I love watching both our tackles
get beat at the same time as like Nick Foles
got rocked. Our leading rusher is a linebacker, for eleven yards.
Make the pain stop?

Speaker 1 (09:07):

Speaker 4 (09:07):
How come no one can call plays on this team?
I just love like seeing like a now a player
on the team can can see if he wants.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
To complain about the play calling, but I like their
play caller.

Speaker 2 (09:18):
So Winners Commanders, Mark yours was the Bears right?

Speaker 1 (09:25):
And that?

Speaker 2 (09:26):
And you guys are killing me because that you've now
hit the both the ones I was going to talk about.

Speaker 1 (09:29):
The Bears was almost too obvious, but you got to
lead with those two. I think the Bears the Bears like,
how could you do better than they did? So what
are you saying that? You're saying that? Mark? And it
brought it up and no, it was my too.

Speaker 4 (09:39):
I just mean, like you get anyone is getting too
cute mentioning teams before the Bears, maybe I was too cute.
Even It's like, how can you win it more than
Caleb Williams and third.

Speaker 2 (09:49):
Winner in this selection process, I would say I'm definitely
a loser in the winners section in terms of the timing,
but I'll find a way to get even. I'll say
that it's so it's it's so striking. The difference a
difference one year makes what happened with Bryce Young and
Carolina as the number one overall pick, and the way

I hope teams learn from that and putting a kid
into the starting lineup with nothing around him is a
recipe for disaster. And that was kind of a that
was a perfect storm of poop for the Panthers because
to get to that number one pick, you had to
trade your number one wide receiver when you didn't have

much behind him at all. So you took away this
you know, gifted young player in Dj Moore, and then
you get the number one guy you want.

Speaker 1 (10:41):
Forget about the CJ.

Speaker 2 (10:42):
Stroud component, but just the idea of not having any
help around and I just I'm blown away by the
difference for Caleb Williams, who has Shane Waldron coaching him,
he has DJ Moore, as they said, on the outside,
you have this fantastically exciting rookie prospect and Roma Dunez.
And we know that wide receivers can hit the ground

running as big time producers, so that's a possibility here
that DJ Moore, who I think was a fifteen hundred
yard receiver with a ton of touchdowns, now has a
potential superstar joining him. And oh by the way, Keenan
Allen is on this team, and Keenan Allen, before he
went got injured last year, was on pace for like
one hundred and thirty catches.

Speaker 1 (11:25):
So that's how you do it.

Speaker 2 (11:26):
I mean, And they'll have to block for him obviously
in the running game will have to do its work.
But he is so set up well and I should
mention DeAndre Swift also is added to this team, and
that's a guy can make plays out of the backfield
as a pass receiver too. So you know, I think
from number one overall pick like confidence in a player
hitting the ground running where when you combined his pedigree

and what we think that this player is Caleb Williams.
Now with what he's joining, the Bears can instantly be
a threat in the NFC. And that's an exciting thought
I know for Bears fans, maybe the.

Speaker 4 (12:01):
Best division of football now and I went up, Now
we're gonna that the Packers Bears game. I mean, that
could be like Sunday Night Week one. I feel like,
let's flip it.

Speaker 2 (12:09):
Over to losers and I'll start with the Dallas Cowboys.
It's been a tough offseason for the Dallas Cowboys. And
I thought there was a chance here that they would
hit on the draft in a way that was exciting.
And it doesn't really matter if it's buzzy. Ultimately, the
guys that they pick have to play like Tyler get

in their offensive tackle out to Oklahoma. They take an
edge rusher Marshawn Neeland out of Western Michigan with their
second round pick. They take another line in Cooper Bebee
with their third round pick. But there is a significant
lack of sizzle here around the Dallas Cowboys and a
team that needed to find a way to get better
this offseason. I just don't see it, and then you

have these I don't know. I think I think it's
fair to say, if you're a Cowboys fan that you're
a little bit nerve us about Jerry Jones as we
enter these next years going ahead. He's an aging owner
and they are. Obviously he has a huge voice in
that room the press conference heading into Round two for

a team that was desperate for running back help. Let's
listen to Jerry Jones here when he talks about a
running back prospect and does not do it after they
take the prospect.

Speaker 1 (13:28):
They do it before.

Speaker 5 (13:29):
That's true that you could give some kind of assessment
about Jonathan Brooks as an NFL prospect.

Speaker 3 (13:35):
And how his recovery is coming from Mashields versus.

Speaker 5 (13:38):
In my thirty years, I thought it was the best
interview that I've ever interviewed. What's a player? He's outstanding
and he's just outstanding, and he's a great football player.
We got him.

Speaker 1 (13:57):
And he's a good showing the board, well, I got.

Speaker 6 (14:03):
It out here.

Speaker 1 (14:07):
I'm sorry.

Speaker 4 (14:07):
Who's on the far right on that day is I
had the same question. That's well play They're they're personnel director. Okay, great,
so that's important.

Speaker 2 (14:15):
If you play the rest of that clip, I'll just
tell you Stephen Jones is next to him, Jerry's son,
who literally elbows him and says, hey, show them the
whole board. While you're at it, you have Mike mccarthur
just sitting there essentially like a corpse, like I cannot
believe this is what's happening. And then you have the
personnel director who ends the interaction with media with and
there's a lot of other guys we like too, So

you get basically give away how desperate you are for
Jonathan Brooks, who then of course goes to another team,
and I don't know if it's direct, if it's there's
a correlation, but they take Jonathan Brooks forty six in
the twenty twenty four draft, So the Panthers jump up
and get Brooks, and I just thought it was that
was like a snapshot into the world of the Cowboys
right now. And the reporting that's coming out today that

the Cowboys are now interested in a reunion with Ezekiel
Elliott tells me everything about an organization that needs to
find a way to get over the hump. But if anything,
I feel like they've backed alid a little bit this offseason.

Speaker 3 (15:09):
I'm with you, and like the I think the Ezekiel
Elliott part of it is uncreative. It is embarrassing because
you here's the thing. I think Jerry Jones over the
last five six plus years and his team kind of
kind of quieted some of the criticism about it being
a bit of a Wild West operation because they drafted

really well and they made good decisions. And I know,
you know in the past he always like over extended
his own players and paid them too much, but they
were good. A team that drafted well like this in
this offseason has been a complete disaster.

Speaker 1 (15:43):
And and there's you know it was too monchy, so
you could complete disaster. That feels a little I don't
want to. I don't think it's I don't think it is.

Speaker 3 (15:49):
Here's the thing, because this is a team, this is
one of the five or six teams that went into
the offseason viewing themselves as a super Bowl team and
verbalized because here's what annoys me, because you don't have
to say anything. You don't have to say what you
just said in that press conference. You don't have to
say what you said months ago where Jerry Jones is
telling the world and everyone's gonna listen and talk about it.

We're all in, we're gonna do everything. And I'm tired
of talking about the subject at this point too. But
it's like, you're gonna say that and then you do nothing.

Speaker 4 (16:15):
Look, I think they ended up with a guy and
Tyler Geitton that might not be ready to play right away,
and yet they need him to play right away. And
after trading down five, but to give them some credit,
they picked up an extra third round pick because like
they might need another starter to start this year, and
that's Cooper Beebe.

Speaker 1 (16:30):
So it's like Okay, you traded down.

Speaker 4 (16:32):
You maybe did get an extra potential starter at guard
in the third round.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
We'll see if that works out or not. But the
Brooks thing is crazy to me.

Speaker 4 (16:40):
Not only did that lose me a sandwich by Jonathan
Brooks Cowboys, that direct hit which I thought was gonna happen,
that was before the draft. I made that pick. And
then he said that the Panthers. The Panthers traded up.
Of course they're aware of that, and they're probably aware
that the Cowboys are heat seeking and running back anyways,
and Jonathan Brooks, if he wasn't coming off of torn

acl I mean his tape as a receiver and just
how he can move his feet as a big guy
is pretty great. Like he could have been a potential
first round running back now for the injury, and yeah,
you gave away the game and you don't end up
with your guy in the second round.

Speaker 2 (17:16):
Jarro turns eighty two later this year, and I just
if you haven't seen it, and you can check it
out on YouTube if you'd like, where the show also lives.
Just seeing the way Steven Jones especially was reacting and
Mike McCarthy I think was in a catatonic shock at
that point how they reacted to the Cowboys credit and
this is to Jarro's credit, to Stephen Jones, to Mike McCarthy.

The last three seasons twelve and five, twelve and five,
twelve and five, and a lot of that has been
going back to strong drafting and they've been able to
become a top team in the NFC. It's just I
can't shake that feeling and this now I don't want
to step on the around the NFC in forty eight minutes.
But my overall thought is like they already had the window,

was the window, and now they missed it with Dak
and CD and Michael when they were young, when they
were younger, before second contracts, and now they're stuck in
this kind of I don't know, purgatory and they and
they're not there. They can't really improve the team because
they if they want to keep the core together, they're
gonna have to pay all those guys. So you're kind
of stuck in between. And then you have to and

you're picking late in the draft because you keep on
having a great regular season record, So they're kind of
caught in this twilight zone. It will be interesting to
see what Cowboys team we get in September.

Speaker 4 (18:29):
Yeah, the biggest concern for me is the change of
tone in the Dak Prescott talks that the Cowboys are
kind of putting it all off, and Dak when asked
about it at these charity events and stuff, has a
very different tone too, and that that's an awkward situation.
He has a no trade I mean a no tag
clause in his contract, which is massive as he hits
free agency. And yeah, they could they could decide to

just like rip the bandit off. And you're right, they've
drafted well, but they didn't last year when I thought
they kind of reached for need. And I kind of
think if you look at this drafty, they kind of
reach for need too.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
Let me just final point when you look at their
depth chart, because I really thought they needed to add
a playmaker to their offense. They don't get the running
back they wanted. You still obviously have CD there, although
you have contract drama around him. You still have Brandon Cooks,
who's a very solid guy who found his footing right now.
You have Jalen Tolbert as a starter. You have a

sixth round pick, Ryan Floornoy taken. You have a seventh
round pick last year, Jalen Brooks on the roster. Cavante
Turpin is there as an option. It's just it's not hot.
It ain't hot on that depth chart. Once you get
past the super duperstar and Brooks, so.

Speaker 1 (19:44):
Cooks, I should say.

Speaker 2 (19:45):
All right, how about another winner or a loser, anything
you want.

Speaker 4 (19:49):
Greg Well, just because you mentioned it with Jonathan Brooks,
just a quick winner on Bryce Young, I thought the
first round pick, you know, moving up to take Xavier Leget,
it's a little risky. He's a risky prospect. He kind
of reminds me of Jonathan Mingo, the guy they took
at fortieth overall last years. Like he's not really a
guy that gets opened, but when you see him running
in the open field, he is just like a sight

to behold. I would like guys that could get open.
I know that they're hoping the offense, you know, help
helps you out a little bit more. But then in
the second round, you get the best running back in
the class with Jonathan Brooks. You get a tight end
in Jatavian Sanders. You spent all that money in the
off season on the offensive line, just like an exorbitant
amount of money. It's like, Okay, we're trying here. Like
they went into this draft trying to help Bryce hung

out as much as they could. Jatavian Sanders is a
pretty explosive tight end. Maybe it takes them a year
to get ready, but like, okay, three more offensive pieces.
We spent much on the line. It's like, at least
they're trying go Bryce Young, don't give up.

Speaker 1 (20:46):
I'm with you.

Speaker 3 (20:47):
I thought they they had a good draft, and I
mean they I think it makes sense because we saw
the Bills do this with Josh Allen in a hurry
and this was a Kyle Shanahan thing. Wherever he went
was like a mass weapons and get your kind of
offense together quickly. And I like what they've done for
Bryce Young this this offseason. There are, yes, there's some
question marks about parts of it, but it is wholly

better than where it was a year ago. And it's like,
you're gonna get a better read because I I don't
give him a total mulligan for last season, but it's
just kind of hard to assess who the player is
going forward based on that. You know, a total mess
of a campaign where the coach is getting fired. You're
already on your second. I like, I like the idea
of you're bringing a quarterback in Canalis, the guy that's
saved two quarterbacks in a row.

Speaker 1 (21:30):
That's a good fit.

Speaker 3 (21:30):
And then they're putting him in a position where we
can assess what Bryce Young is and then you've got
to make a hard decision if he's not improved. All right,
give us another one mark, So I'll give you a
winner with a loser folded inside of it. I thought
the Bengals had a good draft, and it's it. Maybe
maybe you don't love all of it because I know,

you know, we're communicating and we're hearing from like you know,
the Westling brothers, and they seem kind of hot and
cold with certain stuff.

Speaker 1 (21:58):
But like, if you get the right version, we weren't.

Speaker 4 (22:00):
Big on a Marius Mems, which I thought was a
shot worth taking at the spot.

Speaker 1 (22:04):
I'm with you, and that's the thing. I think.

Speaker 3 (22:05):
If you get like the upside, and I think they
trust that they can do that, then that's a good pick.

Speaker 2 (22:10):
All right, Let's take a break and we'll do some
more winners and losers.

Speaker 1 (22:15):
Just getting warmed up here. We'll be right back. Welcome back.
We're gonna do some winters and losers coming up in
these seconds. What love is that?

Speaker 2 (22:32):
Why you're talking so fast while you're rotating in the
chair too.

Speaker 1 (22:36):
You were giving a little audio fantasia there for us.
I like that. I don't know what fantasia means, but
I love it.

Speaker 2 (22:46):
Welcome back, everybody, We are going to get back into
winters and losers, and we are. Let's talk about a
guy that's you know, he's been in our life for
a while now, and he's always struck me as a
unique individual. And it's hard to it's hard to really

put your finger on it. What it is that makes
him such a unique individual. What like what makes Chris
Ballard tick? Indianapolis Cults general manager since twenty seventeen. And
I guess I will say that it's good to have

a Chris Ballard in the league because he is going
to come at you and he's going to surprise you sometimes.
Sometimes will be by the way he looks like he's
growing his hair out, like twenty eleven era Tom Cruise
right now, like Tom Cruise Scientology video leaks era hair.

Speaker 3 (23:47):
Or twenty eleven Tom Brady. I feel like he's bad.

Speaker 2 (23:50):
Which is by far my least favorite Tom Brady hair era.
I did that one, Just that one threw me for
a loop. But anyway, with Ballard, it's like, Okay, you're
always going to keep us on our toes. And with
that said, he kept the entire media on their toes
when he sat down after the Friday drafting of a

wide receiver A done Mitchell, who is a very talented
player who I guess fell down or fell off some
draft boards because of reports.

Speaker 1 (24:23):
Is important, reports of.

Speaker 2 (24:25):
Character concerns, okay, and a lot of these reports were
not necessarily strongly sourced, but it's stuck to Mitchell, whether
he deserved to or not.

Speaker 1 (24:35):
I can't.

Speaker 2 (24:36):
I don't have the data or the research to tell
you whether this man should have been getting dinged with
character concerned reports. But what Chris Ballard doesn't like are
people throwing it out there and not putting their names
behind it.

Speaker 1 (24:48):
So hit it, Chris, I don't.

Speaker 7 (24:52):
I don't know. I mean I read some of the
bulls that was set on Tea. I mean just a
typical excuse my language, our typical league, unnamed sources, you know,
bad interview. That's such bullshit. I mean it is. It's bullshit,
like put your name, like, put your name on it.

I'm tired of we tear these young men down. These
are twenty one, twenty two young men. And if you can,
if people out there can tell me, they don't they're
perfect in their lives. It's crap, it's crap. This is
a good kid, and you know, for for that, for
those reports to come out, like you know, I said
it last year, it's it's bullshit. I'm sorry. I apologize

for the language. I don't but I do.

Speaker 2 (25:42):
So he obviously that's that's mad. He's big mad there
about it. And I did like uh. And we'll learn
more about Mitchell and his NFL journey here now. But
he was asked, Mitchell the receiver was asked to describe
his game later that same day, and this is good.
His respects the best. That's like a Liam Gallagher type response.

Speaker 4 (26:07):
That is a wild journey there, And look, I think
it worked out for Ballard. He ends up taking Lati
Latu in the first round, the top defensive player on
his board, clearly because he was the first one off
the board, and knowing this is a deep receiver class
and to have a guy like Adie Mitchell, who everyone
expected to go in the first round and had some
real number one receiver type traits fall to him. It

worked out well, and Ballard's mad, and I mean that's
a close it's a friend of Lanceserline, who's a friend
of the show. So that's a strong character connection there.
I think the issue with Mitchell though, and I'll put
my name on it, and I don't know. If I
don't know about the character stuff, there probably was stuff
out there I didn't see. But my issue was when
you watched him, it just like looked like he was

going half speed like a lot of the time, Like
he just didn't go all out every route.

Speaker 1 (26:55):
And so that's not a character issue.

Speaker 4 (26:56):
And there could be conversations about why that happened and
why that didn't, but that's gonna take him off some
people's boards of like a guy that you didn't feel
was giving one hundred percent every single snap in college,
and there might be reasons for that, and clearly the
Colts don't mind. And he's probably gonna play right away
over Alec Pierce. He's a better version of Alec Pierce
Ballard definitely. I mean, we've got a lot of you know,
track record with him. He certainly likes traits and players.

He wants big, strong, lanky, tall guys and like the
Colts are built around him and like in other organizations,
like I'm not sure he would have survived because they
misfired on the quarterback situation post Andrew Luck so many times.
But I will say this about Ballard Dan like he
looks about twelve years younger to me right now. The hair,
the skin, I don't know what's going on.

Speaker 3 (27:41):
It's like there's a bit of a glow up happening
there and like it's yet we like, I I know
you've had like Ballard personality, I don't know what it
is or just like the overall vibe of him. You know,
the favorite type of frog thing too, that's just that's
that's out there. But like he to me looks about
as good as he's ever looked. He's had an incredible
the frog thing.

Speaker 1 (28:01):
What's your favorite type of frog? What's your favorite type
of frog? We know it was just gaslight mark and say,
we have no idea what you're talking about.

Speaker 3 (28:11):
Two if you were on that hill together because of
a combine experience, I understand that, but like.

Speaker 1 (28:14):
Would you famously ask that.

Speaker 3 (28:16):
Would you say that he do you not agree that
he looks younger in fresher And this is one of
the biggest takeaway I have from one of the biggest
takeaways I have from the draft.

Speaker 2 (28:27):
Sure, yeah, I think he looks good for his age.
And I think, uh, I think going back to that
standing in Indianapolis, Greg, you and I next each other,
and and and watching him address the media for the
first time all those years ago, like this, what happened
today is kind of hammering home that, like what that

initial observation, like, this guy just feels a little different.
He's he's got a little he's got a little something
to him, a little piss and vinegar, a little bit
of an unpredictable nature to him. Maybe he's a perfect
GM for ownership with Jim Irs.

Speaker 4 (28:59):
You know something you can't quite put a finger on.
But Eric Eric Hebron did that. This story got passed
around so long that Eric Ebron responded to it and said,
this is the same dude that trashed my name throughout
the league, said he said I quit after I played,
knowing I needed surgery. This is cap So he's saying

that Ballard is just grand standing about a g Adie
Mitchell and I think he's the worst GM ever.

Speaker 1 (29:25):
So that's yes, that's Eric Brown. Okay.

Speaker 4 (29:30):
I was like, okay, I didn't know this was a thing,
but I guess it was a thing, all right. I
have one connected to that good Colts team because I
thought they were connected. That the Colts and Chargers were
winners for the same reason, just that that they passed
on wide receivers at spots that they absolutely could have.
And if the Chargers had Malik Neighbors or the Colts
to Brian Thomas Junior, like I would have liked those picks.

But if you look at the combination of what they got,
the Colts got Lots and Mitchell, and then the Chargers
got Joe all like a really great tackle prospect, and
you get lo Lad mcconckiy in the second round. You
make those decisions not in a vacuum, knowing that receiver
is deeper this year, that the two pack you're getting
with your two premium picks is going to be better

perhaps if you pass on the wide receiver early. And
I just think the Chargers headed at a nice week.
They also got Junior Colson. It's probably gonna.

Speaker 1 (30:23):
Start right away.

Speaker 4 (30:24):
Just a David Harris clone is kind of his his
mo O, and he played for Jim Harbaugh, and it's
just like, it's just so nice to have Harbor. I
mentioned the quote the other day, Randy behind the Virtual Glass.
Let's let's play the the other Jim Harbaugh quote talking
about his brother texting him.

Speaker 1 (30:40):
During the drift.

Speaker 6 (30:42):
My brother texted me getting after the pick and he said,
that's that's who I would have taken if if he
was at that picks.

Speaker 1 (31:00):
In the phone.

Speaker 6 (31:02):
Let's see.

Speaker 1 (31:05):
Taking the phone.

Speaker 6 (31:06):
Oh, I haven't texted him back there. We'd be an
appropriate response there.

Speaker 1 (31:14):
Thumbs up and I'll.

Speaker 6 (31:19):
I'll give him a.

Speaker 1 (31:22):
Oh wow, that's that's cool. Like my dad, Keith Hansas.

Speaker 5 (31:26):

Speaker 2 (31:27):
I feel like in the last eighteen months or so
started rocking with emojis for the first time, and it's
it's a jarring moment. And I think Jim Harbaugh using
emojis is not something I could ever admit. And I
think he was playing along there. He had no idea
what they were talking about. In terms of putting a
thumbs up. He probably wrote thumbs up, that would be
a move that feels like a Jim Harbaugh move. I
I'm glad you brought up the Chargers there too, because

I agree. I think the only thing I was nervous
with the Harball hire was that he's he's such a
huge personality and character at this point that he's almost
too big for a team like the Chargers, and it
could lead to some chaos with him being unchecked power
wise and some strange stuff going on, like, for instance,

you know, answering the phone when the Patriots called about
a trade of Justin Herbert, and I just feel like
it's been a sensible I know it was a little
dicey there in free agency when they essentially dump their
top two wide receivers, but that's also there's a logic
behind that those are thirty something receivers with injury histories,
and to take the best offensive lineman prospect in a

couple of years number one McConkey feels like a very
Jim Harbaugh guy. And as much as we all can
argue about Justin Herbert about at what level and how
special truly is Herbert entering year five, Like, give him
weapons and give him stability, and give him a good
offensive line, and you're gonna get some real hard answers.

So I think the Chargers are set up well here.

Speaker 3 (32:56):
Yeah, it's kind of like we talked about the Commanders
and the Bears being different to us, and the Chargers
to me, you know, year after year, like no matter
who was in charge, seemed to be snake bit by
the same football god, ill luck and misfortunes it did.
They just seem the same to me always, And it's
like they feel very different to me now. And I think,

like like Lad McConkie, and we've talked about him a
little bit before on the show. I mean, justin Herbert's
gonna love him, and I think that Alt is an
absolute home run pick.

Speaker 1 (33:25):
So it's like the Chargers to me, there's some different energy.

Speaker 3 (33:27):
And I think the Harball thing is not just you know,
a bunch of headlines and a bunch of personality, Like
there's a real plan here.

Speaker 4 (33:34):
And I identified him with as like an aging man
who very often like sees a text I enjoy kind
of look at it, laugh, but I'm in the middle
of something and then I completely forget to ever respond,
and then you're just I just figure, well, I guess
don't ever respond.

Speaker 1 (33:48):
It's fine.

Speaker 4 (33:49):
You know, people, they're gonna have to understand it. It's
a totally different vibe with the Chargers, though, Jim Harborten,
we got to get to this at some point in
the off season. Is living in an RV park next
to Greg Roman. I mean, that is just it's amazing content.
And then the Chargers have built out some content.

Speaker 1 (34:05):
I think, dis.

Speaker 3 (34:07):
Yeah, we bring that up, but that doesn't mean that
we can't dig deeper into that, into that top. I
have a winner that I'm like a little hesitant or
flat out kind of scared to bring up on this show.
I don't so I'm I don't know if I should
or not.

Speaker 1 (34:20):
But it's up to you guys, please, I mean, now
you have to.

Speaker 3 (34:24):
I mean, I know, I know it's a little on
the nose, but if you're the Eagles and you get
Quenyon Mitchell falls to you.

Speaker 1 (34:34):
But we already did this.

Speaker 2 (34:35):
I already remember that reumptively named them winners on Wednesday.

Speaker 1 (34:39):
Okay, but there's more to it, I would say.

Speaker 3 (34:41):
I I think that, like, for instance, some of their
other picks like will Shipley is a very interesting running back,
like Cooper Dejean, who I think is a loser in
terms of money because I had him going like at
twenty and a lot of people had him going in
the twenties.

Speaker 1 (34:54):
But he falls to the second round.

Speaker 3 (34:56):
He goes at forty, but it's a great landing spot,
so he's kind of a winner. It's kind of if
you ever, like were younger, and you took a job
that felt better to you, that had a little bit
less money attached to it, and you made a good
decision on top of that, Like they resigned a j.

Speaker 1 (35:09):

Speaker 3 (35:09):
We talked about that, but Jeremiah Trotter is we've we've
mentioned that we'll get the best.

Speaker 1 (35:15):
But it's like they did.

Speaker 3 (35:16):
They did, they did, they had, They didn't over they
didn't trade up to get stuff that they that they
had to overspend for quality failed to them.

Speaker 1 (35:24):
So there's some luck there.

Speaker 3 (35:24):
It's not all Howie Roseman is a demi god from
a different part of the solar system. But it's like
luck but smart decision making. They got better. Like their
secondary quietly needed a lot of work, I thought, and
like they addressed it, and so it was just a
very solid draft for the Eagles. Where you're walking away
thinking like this was a chaotic end of the last season,

but we've kind of reset the board to some degree.

Speaker 2 (35:47):
At this point, there's two there's two conversations, and they're
separate conversations. So that's that's important. Like my take that
I've shared that I feel like NFL media in general
is filled with a lot of copycats and people that
just prib the notes off people who are seen as

tastemakers in terms of opinion.

Speaker 1 (36:09):
I think that's I think that is an.

Speaker 2 (36:12):
Epidemic that that as somebody who listen, you may think
Dan gets a lot things right, a lot of things wrong.
But I tell you, every opinion I have is my opinion,
and sometimes I think, and it's something that actually comes
from how I feel and I share it.

Speaker 1 (36:28):
There's too much.

Speaker 2 (36:28):
There's too much out there, people aligning themselves with people
whose opinions are respected on a higher level. Greg's part
of the problem with this, and and I think, what, No,
you're not a part of the problem. But Greg, you
are one of the taste makers, by the way, and
that's a credit I'll give to you.

Speaker 1 (36:42):
I know.

Speaker 2 (36:42):
That's why it makes you a little uncomfortable bringing up
because Greg has has.

Speaker 4 (36:47):
Influence just like like the same sort of team building
that like how he is into we've been too Eagles
since twenty seventeen, but they Greg, Greg Dan is.

Speaker 3 (36:56):
Right, but there is a how we hero worship element
that like, yeah, I'm not even on Twitter, I don't
and you do check it out once in a while.

Speaker 1 (37:04):
And I think Dan's got a point there.

Speaker 2 (37:05):
And you have that, you have a platform Greg within
the football Gagna Zancty, and you're not alone and there
are other people that think Howie and his team are
really sharp and and so that's that's part one of this.
Now Part two is the theory I have and I
think why this keeps happening every year. I believe the

Eagles are very online. This is a theory I have
and the Eagles. So when all of these boards come
out about these draft boards, about who's a good value
who these mocks, isn't it funny that the guys that
are widely mocked in the first round then fall to
the later rounds, it's always the Eagles that are the
ones that get those guys. So I think the Eagles

are the decisions they make are very similar to the
mock draft community, the top mock draft community people. And
then when they take that guy that, oh wait, he
was supposed to go twenty three, but he's going thirty eight,
and everybody's like, oh my god, the Eagles done it again.
Maybe the Eagles aren't doing any work at all, and
they are just like basically studying, like Daniel Jeremiah is

top fifty or mel Kiper's big board, and they're taking
whoever's the highest left pick. It's like the guy in
your fantasy league who doesn't know anything but just takes
best available player and then you're like, whoa, how did
that person last into the third round? I think that's
a little thing's Eagles. So I got multiple theories out there.

Speaker 1 (38:26):

Speaker 2 (38:27):
I respect your football knowledge you are. I'm not saying
you're part of the problem, but it's people that then
follow the people that are deemed the intellectual taste makers
of football universe that are on my radar. Good job, Eagles.
It looks like you got better and you better get better.

Speaker 4 (38:46):
I love this theory because it just shows what a
boondoggle it is for the roughly thirty seven men and women,
mostly men. Let's be real, in suits in a white
shirt with no tie. There's like an Eagle uniform that
is the most crowded draft room I've ever seen. There's
thirty dudes with suits on, but all they're doing is

printing out the Consensus big board. And you know what,
there's actually a real answer, so that you might be
onto something here in reality, because the Ravens and the
Bengals are like this too. There are a lot of
analytical thinking that like if you go by the consensus
big board, if you go way off, for instance, a
consensus big board, like over time, it's been proven production wise,

like the Consensus big board actually does outperform basically anything
else that you could do, you really could draft off.
And the consensus big board Aurifasann who's been on our
show he puts it together, is from like one hundred
big boards, And you're kind of right that if you
do go off that over time it's been proven like
that's pretty effective to maybe not be like the Jaguars

who are always taking guys like fifty spots before they
were supposed to go.

Speaker 3 (39:53):
I think you make a compelling point, Dan with your
with your theory, and there is probably an element of
truth to everything you're saying. But the other way you
can go in the draft is be a team like,
you know, like we talked about this a bunch the
other night, but like the Falcons, that takes Michael Pennix
when no one thought you would take them there, and
then they took a defensive tackle. You know, next that,

like people are saying, wait a minute, that guy's meant
to go in like the fourth or fifth round, and
it's like suddenly things start to look nonsensical, slightly dark,
slightly crazy, and it's like that fan base that front
office is thinking differently and not thinking the way the
public things.

Speaker 1 (40:28):
But do we like that? You know?

Speaker 2 (40:30):
I think I've made my point on the Falcons clear,
but like I think the Eagles are very well run
and not overthinking things I think helps you a lot.

Speaker 1 (40:38):
I also think there's the NFL.

Speaker 2 (40:41):
Now forget about the COGNITCENTI, the NFL is also a
copycat league in thinking a lot and when a player
starts dropping down the board, I think there's a lot
of teams that go like, oh, if so and so
doesn't like them, why should we like them? And to
the Eagles credit, I don't think they think the same way.
I think if they they like a player, they go
and get them. So there, I guess that the overarching

theory here is that the reason why they keep on
being the bell of the ball is their their draft style,
like and their draft methods and mythology methodology connects with
what everyone's obsessing about for four months and with their
mocks and all the things that they're obsessed with. So

when the Eagles make the pick that everyone's been spending
weeks and weeks about these certain players, it's.

Speaker 1 (41:29):
Like, yes, the Eagles, they did it. You're right, they
legitimized not just their roster but me. You're right.

Speaker 3 (41:37):
But Greg, I'd asked you a question, like, why do
you think that Cooper dejen fell? I think that was
a genuine surprise that he felt that even that far
into the second round.

Speaker 1 (41:46):
I think he can do a lot.

Speaker 3 (41:47):
He's a good return man, which matters a lot this
at least this season, as a you know, in today's NFL,
it's like he seemed like almost any team could use him,
and it's like a lot of teams did not agree
with the value.

Speaker 4 (41:58):
Yeah, I think that maybe people viewed him as a
tweeter and they didn't quite know where to put him.
And like, honestly, being a white cornerback, I honestly think
that's that's an issue, like Bomani Jones talks about it
a lot, like joking it's like white coaches let your
athletes stay at cornerback, they always end up moving him
to safety. They never end up getting a chance to
stay and play at safety, like this is a crazy athlete.

But he did show versatility and maybe just people didn't
quite like he didn't fit the profile in they saw
him as a safety and a guy you move inside
who goes later. By the way, you share your opinion
Dan with Bill Barnwell who said he responded to something
I said about how he that like you, you know,
how he's done it again was trending on Twitter, and
he was like, as Mike Curse with Alice, he could

and I think he's basically saying the same thing as
you in a different way that I think he's consistently
a B plus GM And when he's down, people don't
like him because he's sort of defending him. But mostly
when he's good, people are mad at him because, like
he points out, you know, the bad picks like the
Andre Dillard pick and the Jordan Davis pick, which he
got a lot of credit for. The keiey Ringo pick
last year Allequate, It's like he has plenty of missus too.

Speaker 1 (43:02):
He was not there. You mentioned it last week. He
was hot for Zach Wilson.

Speaker 4 (43:05):
I mean, right right, you know who's got to becoming
the Eagles and just a quick winner is the Lions.
Like the Lions secondary and the Lions confidence like their
hootspa right now that you trade up for Arnold, that
was a great pick Terry and Arnold. And then you
you stick and you take another corner who was by
far the highest guy on the board for Daniel Jeremiah's

big board enis Rakestraw Junior, and you just kind of
take the value in between those two guys in Carlton Davis.
You've really remade your your cornerback group.

Speaker 1 (43:35):
And that's great.

Speaker 4 (43:36):
But the thing that makes me realize like they're they're
a little getting high on their own supply in a
good way. They've been confident to take bold picks is
they traded a third round pick next year to draft
Giovanni Manu, a player that was not invited to the
Scouting Combine, with pick one six. So they paid a
third next year for pick one twenty six a three

hundred and sixty pound tackle from the universe of British Columbia.
And they they think it's like they're Jordan Mailatta and
that he wasn't gonna necessarily fall that much further.

Speaker 1 (44:06):
And that's great.

Speaker 4 (44:06):
They have conviction about it and they believe like they
are the team to turnhim into gold. But that that's
a that's a gutsy pick to trade a third for
a guy.

Speaker 1 (44:15):
That you know it was playing in Canada.

Speaker 3 (44:19):
Mark, you got one I do, and it's it's a
player who's already in the league. And I think it's
Brock Party because we were in this forty eight hour
window where like I think at the right, you know,
situation have been presented. Either Deebo Samuel or Brandon Ayuk
are not on the team anymore. Instead they're both on
the team. They're not going to get traded, and you
add Ricky Parasol. So it's like you actually just added

a weapon during a weekend when you know, cap money,
whatever situations relationships could have taken. Brock Purty in a
very critical third year with a Super Bowl window open,
had taken one of his biggest weapons away. So you know,
some of this stuff that we had talked about for
forty days, like Ayuk and Samuel came up more recently.
But it's like in the end, like what the move

that doesn't happen could end up being the biggest move
for one of the best teams in the league.

Speaker 2 (45:06):
Did you see Ayuk texted the Niners maybe it was
Lynch or Shanahan after the pearce All pick. He's like
that pick was fire and not gonna lie. And then
I saw somebody on Twitter pointed out, like that's like
the that's a text scent from a guy that feels confident.

Speaker 1 (45:22):
He's not the guy that's going to be traded if
a trade gets made. Exactly.

Speaker 4 (45:25):
He sent like an ig story too, like dancing around
this week and I think he is gonna get paid.
But Deebo spoke to Diana Ricini and said the team.
He didn't say it that the team told him about
possibly trading him or not, but she asked about the
reports and he just said, I know what's going on.
It is what it is. I'm good with staying with them.
I'm chilling. And the way the forty nine ers talked

about it after is I think they were probably open
with him that like, hey, we did have these conversations,
and the way they spoke publicly, it sounded like that
door has closed now and that they're all going to
be there.

Speaker 1 (45:56):
And so you're right, perty's a big winner. This one's
kind of tough to classify.

Speaker 2 (46:02):
Uh, Tony Khan, who's the right man, the right hand
man of Shod Khan Jaguars owner. First of all, I
believe he's still wearing the neck brace. Uh, and that
doesn't surprise me. Let's start here today he was today. Yeah,

because when you suffer a neck injury and on a
on a pile driver still paddling this one, it's not
the idea that you're going to get better in a day.

Speaker 1 (46:34):
It might be months, it could be years.

Speaker 2 (46:36):
So I hope, I hope Tony's okay, because, uh, you know,
despite Greg following, you know, tens of thousands of people
that are wrestling fanatics, you seem to not understand that
the the the bumps are very real.

Speaker 4 (46:51):
Well, here here's another one that's on the Pat McAfee show.
He was getting on Tony Kahan. He said, if you're
gonna wear the neck brace and sell it, stop moving
your neck around and walking around as if you're not
injured at all, Like while he's wearing the neck brace,
Tony khn is just looking around and having a normal thing.
So Pat McAfee of Wrestling, you know, enthusiast employee, was saying,

you got to sell the neck brace better.

Speaker 2 (47:16):
See this is when and I was just throwing you flowers,
Greg for saying that you are part of the illuminati
of the NFL media sphere. But now I'm gonna have
to give it to you a little bit the other way.
You're you're coming off a little uninformed because Tony Khan
is with I believe the ae W, which is a upstart.
I know that, but it doesn't change the point. And

let me throw it to our own network. This was
wild Mike Aarrafolo and Steve Wish with Tony Khan, uh
talking about all matters of not really Jaguars, just kind
of Tony Khan, which is part of my greater point.

Speaker 1 (47:51):
Let's listen in.

Speaker 8 (47:52):
And we're up against a really evil juggernaut. WWE is
is our competitor, that's who we're facing. AW like the
Pepsi of pro wrestling. Ww's like the Harvey Weinstein of
pro wrestling.

Speaker 1 (48:04):
And I'm really proud of what we do down here.

Speaker 2 (48:07):
I think, all right, toy, we're gonna figure hold on
real quick, real quick.

Speaker 1 (48:12):
What's the prognosis. What are the doctors telling you?

Speaker 8 (48:15):
Well, uh, you know, to be honest, I think you're
gonna have to tune in to AW to find out
what they have to say.

Speaker 4 (48:25):
Yeah, it was Mike Garriffalo and Steve Weiss are friends
with him.

Speaker 2 (48:29):
Steve Weiss so uncomfortable in that moment anytime Harvey want
I don't think Harvey Wantstein's name has ever been uttered
on NFL network in any capacity. So you see the
on live television, Steve the bells going off there. So yeah,
that Pat McAfee is paid by Finzerickman. So I'm just saying, like,
obviously he's gonna be critical of Tony Kahan and not

try to legitimize his injury, which seems very.

Speaker 1 (48:53):
Possible that I think it was when I watched Thank
you sir.

Speaker 2 (48:59):
And and one last thing, Mark, I want to throw
to you on this. Now, let's say for a second
that it is all a work right, and there's no
neck injury and it's just a promotional tool.

Speaker 1 (49:14):
How does this make the Jaguars. Look, I don't I'm
not the like, I'm not the I like fun stuff.

Speaker 2 (49:21):
I love when people in football don't take themselves too seriously.

Speaker 1 (49:25):
There are on some levels limits.

Speaker 2 (49:27):
And when he's in the war room with the neck
brace and then he's giving interviews and dropping Weinstein on
NFL network and like it almost starts to feel like
are we I don't know, man?

Speaker 1 (49:38):
Like, where were your thoughts? Mark?

Speaker 3 (49:40):
Yeah, because I thought some of the more notable images
from the weekend were when he's sitting there and I'm
with Greg that there's a lot of neck movement underneath
that neck brace, but you know he's turning to better Yeah,
he's turning to his right, but to his right is
Doug Peterson, former NFL quarterback and head coach, A large
man who's you know, serious, is a very serious pivot

point in.

Speaker 1 (50:01):
The organization careers on the industry.

Speaker 3 (50:03):
Yeah, and you got Trent Balki, who's you know, trying
to mend fences after you know what happened to him
in a press conference a couple of days ago. And
it's like the looks on their faces were my favorite
part of the draft on one level, because it's like
wait a minute, what's going on with this? Like the
son of the owner in a neck bracett and we've
had him on the show and he's entertaining, and like,
I think it's all for sport on some level, I'm

not sure of the accuracy of the injuries injury based
on the industry that he's trying to apply to us.
I'd tend to write side with Greg that it's not
accurate for his vanity project, which is this wrestling federation.
It's gold obviously, right, but it almost kind of overshadowed
everything the Jaguars were doing.

Speaker 1 (50:42):
It just that felt tonally.

Speaker 2 (50:44):
I would think maybe a little off amongst Jaguars fans,
at the very least Jags fans.

Speaker 3 (50:48):
Let us know, I would point out that, you know,
we're only a couple of years removed from Mike Rabel's
teenage or twenty something year old son during the Corona
Draft dressing in a full body one onesie.

Speaker 1 (51:02):

Speaker 3 (51:02):
That was quite revealing and strange. And that happened on
national television too, So mhmm. Was that during COVID, Yes,
it was like going in COVID. Yeah, right, Maybe Maybeck's.

Speaker 1 (51:13):
Dog was taking picks, you know, he drafted Taekwon Thornton.

Speaker 2 (51:16):
I believe I have one less loser, and then I'm
gonna throw to you guys for your last ones, and
then we're we got to get to our sandwich props.
And this this one's quite serious. We're just having a
little bit of fun. But this is serious. I feel
weird even saying it, because I've been, you know, a
phociferous defender of this individual, which a lot of people

have found ironic. But uh so it's gonna be misleading.
It first or seemed that way Bill Belichick was a loser,
And I don't like I don't like it. I don't
like anything about it, Like because I think that you
guys did this to him. And I point to everyone.
You put him on a television set this weekend with

a fake mel Kiper. You have him asking Adam Peters
questions about his day two draft plans, like ask Bill
Belichick at so what do you think.

Speaker 1 (52:08):
You're gonna do tomorrow? You want to tell us?

Speaker 2 (52:10):
You know, the exact type of inane in Sepid Burris
that Belichick would dismiss in his heyday. I believe this
is crass, This is beneath him. This is tragic. Theater
is what it is. Is this what you meant when
you said the greatest coach of all time needs to
take a year off to better understand the modern game?

Speaker 1 (52:34):
Does this tap dancing entertain you?

Speaker 2 (52:38):
Because I see a legendary figure in our game debasing
himself at the altar of lazy group. Think stay in
the picture, they say, show a different side of yourself,
smile or else. Imagine putting Vince Lombardi through these same paces.
Imagine asking Bear Bryant to sing for his supper game
on you.

Speaker 1 (52:57):
Shame on all of you.

Speaker 3 (53:02):
I mean, I love what you said there, but for
on Saturday morning, like, I went back and watched about
two and a half three hours of of that Belichick performance,
and you are right that it was. It was a
bit of there were a lot of antics on that set,
and at times he seemed a little disembodied from it.

But I thought in a in a different way, it
helped Bill Belichick because he was awesome in his analysis.
And I thought he looked up to Pat McAfee and
gave McAfee his correct spot on that show doing it
for the first time.

Speaker 1 (53:39):
So I I see where you're coming from.

Speaker 3 (53:41):
But like, I thought Belichick kind of shot he he
shone bright. I thought he did a wonderful job in
a tough setting though, because it's not it was weird
to have Belichick sit there and have to like, it's
not unlike, you know, a young boy in a neck.

Speaker 1 (53:54):
Brace with the coach two feet away.

Speaker 3 (53:57):
It was like he's having to deal with the like
these set and best mel Kuiper parador out there on
the scene so real.

Speaker 1 (54:05):
But are you referring to Frank Caliendo is number one? Well,
I think Joey.

Speaker 3 (54:10):
Joey does the best mel Kuiper for my money, Like,
I love Joey Mullinaro.

Speaker 1 (54:14):
I think his last name is but he's Oh he
called his first name alone. That was pretty good.

Speaker 3 (54:19):
Well, he's he does all sorts of stuff, but he's
he's a in a way, mel Kuiper's a winner. You're
on your own network and people are like, you know,
trying to do impressions of you on your own network.
I thought that was kind of like mel Kiper fanboy session.

Speaker 1 (54:33):
Go ahead.

Speaker 4 (54:33):
You know, we're a show that that appreciates the lighter
side of the game. We can get a little wacky.
The fact that Belichick could do that. I think it's great.
And look, those breakdowns were serious. Not no other broadcast
is gonna let Bill Belichick just go for three and
a half minutes on every prospect like I've been trained
to watch these broadcasts and just TV in general. That Like,

once he got through about forty five seconds to a
minute of it, I was like, oh wow, this is
going on.

Speaker 1 (55:00):
In a while.

Speaker 4 (55:00):
It was going on and going on, but it was cool.
It's cool to hear a Belichick like he if you
were dorky enough to just want to hear him dive
deep on all these players, like they gave him the
runway to do it. I'm sure they gave him a
massive bag of cash. So I don't feel bad for him.
He seemed to be having fun and there was some
bad you know, let's call it for what it is.
Not every editorial decision we've ever made his work, Not

every bit we've ever made is great, Like the fake
belt Kiper was a disastrous idea, just.

Speaker 1 (55:27):
Like not good, not funny.

Speaker 2 (55:30):
There's a song by the Who called behind blue Eyes,
and I guess while everybody saw Bill tap dancing, there
was I was looking behind those blue eyes and I
saw a guy in his own prison that could not
believe he wasn't in a war room trying to find
a way to win yet another Lombardi Trophy. And I'll
stand on that having fun. I'll stand on it all right, guys,

what do you got before we move on?

Speaker 1 (55:57):
I have so much I'm gonna go. I'll stand on it.

Speaker 4 (56:00):
I'm gonna go speed round winners, speed round, and I'm
gonna do a loser speed Round two after Mark I.

Speaker 1 (56:05):
Don't care singing for his supper. Cardinals hope.

Speaker 4 (56:09):
At seven picks in the top ninety, they're the first
team since the nineteen ninety one Cowboys to have that
many picks. They quietly had a really solid I would
say B plus a minus considering where the picks were
last year in terms of their rookie class four like
real contributors. Seven picks, I don't know if they're all
going to work or not, Like I'm not going to
break down, like if Darius Robinson is Day one great player,

but Marvin Harrison Junior adds juice and like just a
lot of guys in the top three, so there's a
lot of hope. I like the Packers always take guys
that like don't have a lot of poppets, meat and potatoes,
but they end up playing right away. Jordan Morgan's gonna
play right away. Their offensive lineman, their linebacker, Edern Cooper
second round probably plays right well. They had another second
round pick at safety, Javon Builder, probably going to play

right away.

Speaker 1 (56:53):
Marshall Lloyd. I liked him.

Speaker 4 (56:54):
He was DJ's top running back. He's a little buried
at that position, but he'll play eventually. And then they
make the pick of the draft. I don't know how
Michael Pratt from two Lane fell this far. He changed
the entire program. Maybe the greatest player in the history
of the program and a legit quarterback. I will put
sandwiches on it that he will outlast at least one

of these first round quarterbacks in the NFL. That he's
going to have like a ten year plus career. I
get why he doesn't have a big arm, like maybe
there was medical stuff. I'm shocked he fell to the
seventh round, but at least a team that knows quarterbacks
will picked him up, so that all around, I think
a nice meat and potatoes draft by the Packers.

Speaker 2 (57:33):
I thought that's that's what they needed right Like, this
is a team that's really loading up now and they're
they're ready to make a real attack.

Speaker 1 (57:39):
In the NFC.

Speaker 2 (57:40):
You don't need to take big swings, just continue to
build the roster in a sensible way.

Speaker 3 (57:45):
Yeah, I think there running back Like their running back
stable looks really interesting.

Speaker 1 (57:48):
Right now.

Speaker 3 (57:48):
I'm going to give you a TBD because there are
open questions about this team. But you you mentioned the Cardinals,
and I'm with you. They were there's a whole different
feeling around them. They had eight picks at one point
when the Browns had made only two. And the one
thing that did pass with the ending of the seventh
round is that from a draft pick angle, not a

money angle, we get that, but from a draft pick angle,
the Browns are free of the Deshaun Watson trade. And
I give I think Andrew Berry is a winner outside
of the Deshaun Watson situation, that through these seasons where
they've been hamstrung without first round picks, that they've had
good drafts.

Speaker 1 (58:30):
And I think that they took.

Speaker 3 (58:32):
A defensive tackle Michael Hall out of Ohio State, who's
got a lot of upside. They took a guard out
of Zach Zinter out of Michigan, who looks like a
badass to me. But then they had no fourth round pick,
and then they're picking a bunch in the sixth and
seventh round, and it's like the cost comes home at
some point, not only for Deshaun Watson's contract, but the
fact that you're one of the You're you're one of
the few teams in the league that, for seasons in

a row, cannot build through the draft correctly. And I
think Barry's done a good job navigating that and agency
and through the draft itself. But I still wonder if
this is one of the biggest mistakes an organization that
has a lot of mistakes.

Speaker 1 (59:08):
On its resume has ever made.

Speaker 3 (59:10):
And a lot has to happen this season with that
quarterback for people to feel differently about them. There's some
weird stuff going on with with with the whole experience,
But from a draft angle, it was it was it
was it's not fun to follow a team that has
nothing going on in the draft, and the reason for
it isn't because of something that you can really get behind.

Speaker 4 (59:28):
Well, especially on a weekend where you're watching like the Steelers,
I think they've added a lot of good draft picks
over the like they sneak you out a great draft
last year. They added two offensive linemen early too, that
I happen to like higher than others. They take Peyton Wilson,
this linebacker in Roman Wilson like another good mid round,
and it's like you're watching the other guys in your
division add quality players. Whether the Browns have been sitting

it out for a couple of years.

Speaker 2 (59:51):
Correctly, it's over. Though, here's the good news. The at
least from this portion in the NFL calendar, it's over.
The draft compensation is all rolled through with the Texans
and Browns. Now you just have the quite messy issue
of Deshaun Watson himself, who is entering year three now.
And the idea was we could We're gonna able to

stomach these couple of drafts of just being wiped out
because we got this guy that was going to be
warts and all a franchise star at quarterback, and he
hasn't been. He's been an injury riddled mess, and he's
been inconsistent when he's been on the field. So yeah,
I think where things stand right now, if things don't change,
I think it becomes the worst trade of all time,

and he's off to a huge head start.

Speaker 1 (01:00:36):
The Browns are in that race.

Speaker 4 (01:00:40):
All right, One more speed round here, yes, winner Drake
may next five picks after him were all offense. They
didn't mess around, including two receivers.

Speaker 1 (01:00:50):
Jase. I love when teams do that.

Speaker 2 (01:00:51):
One of my favorite draft tropes, team that needs needs
doesn't actually do the best player available. They just say,
we are only drafting one side of the ball. It's
a little dunderheaded, but also I love it. It makes
sense as well.

Speaker 4 (01:01:03):
Yeah, Drod Mayo was like, we feel pretty good about
our defense. So they added receivers and they added offensive line.
The Rams are just like a tougher team. They add
your guy Blake Korum in terms of in the running game,
and then they pair their first round pick with another
Florida State kind of run stopper. So it's just like
better on the run on both sides of the ball.
Brian Flora's sneaky winner. They've really added a lot on
their defense all offseason, Like he was kind of playing

without really a full deck last year.

Speaker 1 (01:01:28):
Aidan O'Connell winner.

Speaker 4 (01:01:30):
Somehow they didn't draft a quarterback, and I do not
believe in any world where Gardner Minshew starts seventeen games,
So Aidan O'Connell will be back in our lives, wouldn't
surprise Maybe plays quite about loser Saints fans who have
to be worried about Marsha and Lattimore getting traded again
because they drafted a cornerback high although you know it's
a good pick, Coolian McKinstry. And then I thought the bear,

you know bear, I mean the Bills taking Keyon Coleman
with the first pick of the second round. They just
have a bunch of guys who all win over the
middle of the field, Like he looks like a slot receiver,
and can is that, and Shakier's that, and Samuel's that,
and that would be a good spot for obj Darren
Waller's chances of returning. That's a loser. They drafted a
tight end. It really seems like he is going to retire.

And then people who drafted Devin h Chan in way
too early fantasy leagues loser because they drafted yet another
speed demon at running back, Jalen Wright in Miami.

Speaker 1 (01:02:23):
Drafting fantasy teams in like late April. What's this? They're crazy?
These best ball leagues. I don't know. People are talking
about like average draft positions. I don't know.

Speaker 4 (01:02:31):
They just can't stop doing it. I don't know what
it is best ball leagues.

Speaker 1 (01:02:34):
I believe.

Speaker 2 (01:02:35):
I hope everything's okay with Darren Waller because not only
has he, you know, having this moment where it looks
like he's ending his NFL career, I saw a report
out there that he like suddenly ended his marriage or
it seems to be a lot going on with Darren Waller,
guy who's had issues in his past in terms of
his personal life. So it looks like the Giants are
ready to move on and that was not a good

trade either. All right, let's take one more break. We
come back and we're gonna do some Go get my
lunch recaps. Stay right there. All right, we are back.
Let's close this thing up. Let's let's empty out. We
had a the mods and ends. Just from the draft.
There was a a fan, a super fan. I feel

like there's a good chance he listens to the show.
Mark if we could get his name, because our international
listenership is strong. He got to announce a Panthers pick
in the draft from Detroit. Let's let's listen to how
we ended that.

Speaker 1 (01:03:36):
God and Talk Detroit from Germany were so one not at.

Speaker 9 (01:03:40):
First pick in a twenty twenty four NFL draft, see
Carolina Panther select Chatavian sand Us tight in Texas.

Speaker 1 (01:03:48):
Keep poning. I mean, I just love that guy, love
everything about him. Yeah, love him too.

Speaker 2 (01:03:55):
And I love that as a nice supplemental key pounding
drop for the show going forward. I also have Brandon Graham.
I love I love teams hating each other. I love
like division rivals, just like talking ish because they don't
they have an opportunity to and they and they don't
care if it's going to be offensive. Here's Brandon Graham

announcing a pick in Detroit.

Speaker 10 (01:04:20):
Hey, hey, hey gee, oh hey, yes he goes And
y'all already know all day Dallas sucks all day.

Speaker 1 (01:04:32):
Let's go, let's go. I like it. I always enjoy it.
And Greg, you have one as well. I do.

Speaker 5 (01:04:42):
C J.

Speaker 4 (01:04:42):
Stroud uh is a revelation, incredible analysis on a like
live first round reaction show for Bleacher Report was hosted
by Adam Lefko, who I got a chance to meet once.
Like great guy like CJ. Stroud seems like an incredible
football analyst. He was breaking down like the Ricky Pierson pick,
wishing why he had it and just explain all this stuff.
But I especially liked when he was not afraid to

confront another analyst on the desk there, which was Micah Parsons,
talking about the best division in the league.

Speaker 9 (01:05:13):
Everyone's a playoff team, ANFC North was the best division
in football. Washington was argued that Washington wasn't nothing, But
what are you talking about? That meant the Giants Giants either,
what are you talking about They lost to the Eagles.

Speaker 1 (01:05:25):
That's two years ago.

Speaker 9 (01:05:26):
Yeah, but I'm saying going into it, Sam, you don't
know what you're talking about. Going into last year, no
one up planning except for Michael Parsons thought the NFC
East was better than the ANFC North. You can't argue that.

Speaker 1 (01:05:37):
I can bro oh, I love it.

Speaker 4 (01:05:41):
And that was just like a snippet that went on
for about a minute forty five and he just filayed him.
And in Parsons defense, he was talking about like going
into last season, but he was he was off base
and that was on point.

Speaker 1 (01:05:53):
With all this stuff.

Speaker 4 (01:05:54):
You can tell how much that that guy knows ball
and loves ball.

Speaker 3 (01:05:57):
Well, also thing also what I love about him is
he Michael Parsons is an incredible player, but there was
like absolutely zero willingness to play ball with his comments.
And it's like Stroud reminds me of like my son
Calton is like a huge soccer fan and a soccer player.
And if you if you bring the wrong take or
mention the wrong players, just like no dismissed. You're wrong,
You're completely wrong, and it's just like I love it.

So I totally think he was on point and like
big loser the C two tests that a year ago,
we're telling us that, you know, CJ. Stroud didn't have
the acumen or the wherewith all to lead an NFL team.

Speaker 1 (01:06:29):
It's like seculator test. Well you it should be.

Speaker 2 (01:06:33):
Note I haven't heard much at all about that in
this draft process so.

Speaker 4 (01:06:36):
Much a change to the C two test. It was
the S two test. I believe, well S two I
can't even remember, but you're right.

Speaker 1 (01:06:42):
I would come up one time this year. It's dead.
It's dead. They took a dirt.

Speaker 2 (01:06:46):
Nap while we're on sun Corner here before we started recording.
Today we have the Royals, the Double A Royals that
my son plays on. I'm one of the coaches on
the team and we were a little shorthanded getting warmed up,
so I jogged over there. It's only a block away
from the house, and thank you guys for bearing with

me during that. So I got the team ready for
the game, and then my son Harrison was starting on
the mound, so I was like, all right, I gotta watch.
I gotta watch the first half inning. And I don't know,
I don't know where he gets it. I can't imagine
where he gets like this maniacal competitive streak in him.
But he struck out the side for starters, So good

job by you, Harry in a big spot. But also
the other team that we were playing, the Expos, who
somehow the Expos are in this league, They're.

Speaker 1 (01:07:40):
Not the Nationals. The team was chanting.

Speaker 2 (01:07:43):
They were doing a chant from the imposing dugout that
went Pitcher, Pitcher, look at me, I'm a monkey in
a tree. And I kept on seeing Harrison kind of
his eyes darting over. He didn't like that they were
making doing that chant. And after he struck out the
third batter, this is a memory that will stay with
me forever. He walks off the mound, just staring at

the dugout as the opposing team to the point where
he starts just backpedaling back towards our dugout, staring at
them at the striking out the side, no smile, dead
eyed like like Max Scherzer like. It was an incredible
moment that showed that he might be as nuts as

his dad, and I love him for it. Shout out
to Harry, my co coach, Jeff Grundel, and the rest
of the staff. We are We've been fighting through it
this year, but that was a nice moment. You shut
that other team up. That's what I like.

Speaker 3 (01:08:36):
Maybe it's like a young Albert Bell in the making.
That would be wonderful.

Speaker 1 (01:08:40):
I'm a big Bell. I'm a big celebrations guy. You know.

Speaker 4 (01:08:44):
I'm always loving the celebrations and it is fun. And
I feel like Walker played his basketball game today. And
there is a fine line of like when do you
get too old to be Because if they hit like
a couple of shots early, like some of the players
you know in the eight ten ages, like oh, they're
going to show the other team up. They're gonna do

a little they're gonna do some celebration. They're gonna do
some dancing. At some point that the other team is going.
You know that other team might come come charge Jack,
who knows at some point like you have to maybe
die right back. But it's fun to watch little kids
do that.

Speaker 2 (01:09:17):
I would not I would not pick against Jack, even
if nine kids ran at him. If if he is
fired up, he's got a he's got a wonderful temper
on him. It's the one thing a difference between when
we were eight, nine, ten and kids now they all
know how to dance, right because they all like play
Fortnite and stuff, and they have like they're all like
Fred Astaire.

Speaker 1 (01:09:37):
Now, it's absurd.

Speaker 2 (01:09:38):
So I can imagine, especially in basketball, if you hit
it an eighteen footer and you're ten, you're going to
be doing something you completely elaborate. All right, doll, we
turn our attention to the annual game of Chance Skill.

Speaker 1 (01:09:57):
Go get my lunch.

Speaker 2 (01:09:59):
Nothing, pitcher, Pitcher, Look at me, I'm a monkey in
a tree.

Speaker 1 (01:10:06):
Unbelievable. All right.

Speaker 2 (01:10:09):
This year we had some success, but as usual, not
a not a ton overall. Let's start with Mark Sessler. Mark,
you did not hit on a prop this year. Let's
go through them. Eagles select Jeremiah Trotter Junior. And this

is I feel like Mark, we tried to warn you
on this, like they don't have to make it two parts.
We can't give you credit for having half. This is
not horseshoes, this is not hand grenades. Because you also
added and the chargers select Blake Korum, who did go
to Sofi Stadium but to the Rams.

Speaker 1 (01:10:49):
Well I did.

Speaker 3 (01:10:49):
I did, Like you know, I went in knowing this
is hyper specific and that I would pay the price.
I still felt I'm not saying it from a sandwich angle,
but when Trotter went to the Eagle, I felt good
about that because it was it came from instinct and
also a little bit of, you know, listening to some whispers.

Speaker 1 (01:11:07):
So there you go. You deserve to be happy with yourself.
That's good.

Speaker 2 (01:11:12):
You've done it two years in a row, Porter, last
year Trotter. It's a thing, especially in like day three
when teams are if they're kind of stuck between son
of Franchise Legend and Joe Blow, they're probably gonna take
the Legends, just smart thinking you just went too hard,
you went too specific, But you know, maybe next year.

Speaker 4 (01:11:30):
You didn't know Sean McVay was gonna sweep in and
annoyed Jim Harbor and annoy Kirien Williams's fantasy owners.

Speaker 2 (01:11:37):
Next year, the Cowboys select a quarterback within the first
two rounds.

Speaker 1 (01:11:41):
This was saucy. We took you on it.

Speaker 2 (01:11:43):
They ended up taking what I believe a tackle and
a defensive lineman.

Speaker 1 (01:11:48):
Was it. Yeah? Did they take a quarterback period? I
don't think so. I don't believe so.

Speaker 4 (01:11:53):
I was kind of hoping they would be a spot
for my guy Pratt in the later rounds.

Speaker 1 (01:11:58):
It didn't happen. You know, they got Trail their quarterback
of the future. Oh my goodness. Let's see.

Speaker 2 (01:12:02):
They took Geiton the tackle out of Oklahoma, kneel in
the edge, Cooper bbe guard.

Speaker 1 (01:12:09):
They did not take a quarterback. They didn't take a quarterback.
All right, up next White a third one.

Speaker 10 (01:12:19):

Speaker 2 (01:12:19):
I believe a major non sports related news story takes
quote wholesale precedence close quote over the draft. There is
a lot of There are a lot of important issues
going on in the world right now, a lot of
troubling stories out there. I believe the Republican presidential nominee

is currently on trial, for instance, there's just stuff going on.
But no, nothing seemed to pop up over the last
three days.

Speaker 3 (01:12:50):
No, I think I might retire that personal flavor of
like major news story overtakes what we're attempting to do
with our work, because it doesn't seem to ever occur.

Speaker 4 (01:13:01):
It's gonna have one of these one of these years,
and then you'll be you'll be sad you didn't.

Speaker 1 (01:13:07):
All right, Greg, So you went over three Greg four
nine overall, according to go get my Lunch dot org. Yeah,
with all the takes and non takes.

Speaker 2 (01:13:16):
Uh, you'd say Patriots select Drake May was this did
you do this on Monday?

Speaker 1 (01:13:21):
Or is this an older one? We did it on Monday?

Speaker 2 (01:13:25):
Right, yeah, No, but I mean this one I don't
remember this. Oh yeah, that's you said you're gonna go
straightforward with it. That was very chalky. In fact, only
Mark took you on it. I did not take you.
So you make one saying.

Speaker 4 (01:13:36):
Throughout the process he was plus money, like less than
fifty to fifty to go. Third, people just thought, I
don't know what they thought like that exactly to the Patriots,
even as late as Monday. It's funny that that by
the time we got to Wednesday. Then it was totally expected.

Speaker 3 (01:13:50):
Why did I take you on that one in my
own mock draft, which I, you know, in theory, believed
and had him going to the Patriots.

Speaker 1 (01:13:57):
Absurd. Yeah, that was a tough one. That's a bad beat.

Speaker 2 (01:14:00):
Also a bad beat the owner of the Cowboys letting
every team in the league know, you better go get
Jonathan Brooks because we're in love with him and we're
going to take him in the second round to the draft.
So the Cowboys select Jonathan Brooks with pick number fifty six.
He went about ten picks before when the Panthers traded up.
Your thinking was very sound to Greg. In fact, Jera's

speech monologue, while misguided, makes you look good because it
tells you that that's exactly what they're thinking. However, it
costs you sangwiches and a big spot two sandwiches down.

Speaker 1 (01:14:36):
I think only.

Speaker 4 (01:14:37):
Two running backs got taken in the first three rounds,
like that was Brooks mid two, Trey Benson went early three,
and that was it to the Cardinals.

Speaker 2 (01:14:47):
And this one, Mark, We're gonna have to kind of
just dissect this one a little bit because there's elements
of it that are straightforward and we're all having fun.

Speaker 1 (01:14:55):
It's just a game.

Speaker 2 (01:14:55):
And then there's some more troubling aspects to this jers
on Johnny Newton is selected within the first thirty one picks.
That was a sandwich prop that Greg put out there.
He really loved this defender, and Dan and Mark took
him on it, and we were kind of caught off

guard by.

Speaker 1 (01:15:18):
The Newton prediction.

Speaker 2 (01:15:20):
And here was an explanation from Ian Rappaport on Friday,
why Newton fell out of the first round. Let's start here,
which cost Greg the sandwiches.

Speaker 7 (01:15:31):
Johnny Newton considered by many to be a first round talent.

Speaker 1 (01:15:35):
So that does a guy like that follow the second round?

Speaker 7 (01:15:37):
Still dealing with the effects of a Joneses fracture at
surgery in January.

Speaker 2 (01:15:42):
He's got any medical red flags? Got any off the
field issues?

Speaker 1 (01:15:45):

Speaker 3 (01:15:46):
No, no, Well wait a minute, though we talked, you
mentioned the Jones fracture. You and I dug in on
our laptops after we didn't remember we wanted to go
do our own homework. I was after after that, and uh,
what is the suggestion that we take this off the board?

Speaker 1 (01:16:06):
Maybe a plane fast and loose.

Speaker 2 (01:16:10):
What I'm trying to say is, first of all, it
was a rain maker too, So you're costing people money
and you're you're costing Susie braces. But you also threw
out that prop and when we asked you if there
were any medical red flags, you told us no. So
you've fed us erroneous information. But I just want to say, like,

that's that's a little bit dirty pool on top of
everything else.

Speaker 1 (01:16:37):
I agree, but I fed you erroneous information that hurt me.

Speaker 4 (01:16:43):
I made it more likely that you wouldn't take it
what I clearly was operating from a position of ignorance
about his foot injury, or else I wouldn't have done
the thing in the first place. I mean, you're you're
correct to point out I was an idiot, but I
was not being a devious idiot. I made I put
myself in You think I would have gotten I think
I would have gone that pick. I just watched the

tape and I was like, this guy's a top ten pick.

Speaker 2 (01:17:06):
When Mark and I are trying to decide whether to
take you on the idea of him going top thirty one, yeah,
if he does have a red flag medically, yeah, that's
gonna make Mark and I more confident that will take
you on the wager. Yeah, so it did take him
on it you almost only after Mark and I did

some research on the fly. But if we would have
as I typically do with what you say, Greg, by
your word, we would have been caught sandwiches and we
would have been misled. And I think there's something else
going on here, potentially.

Speaker 3 (01:17:44):
The worst aspect to it is then you have to
start to you know, dial back through time this in fact,
this very episode, and wonder what Greg has said about anything.
It's like, do we have to go do our own
research on when he picks a winner or a loser?
We have to, we should, but to go, you know,
check those facts too, Greg.

Speaker 2 (01:18:02):
So it's a troubling this is Heiser SoSE stuff going
on here.

Speaker 1 (01:18:07):
I mean, I own up to my mistakes. This was
a space.

Speaker 4 (01:18:12):
I think I knew that at some point and somehow
it was totally gone. I would not have put h
you know, little Ali in uh Worcestershire, in England's Christmas
gift on the line if I had known about that necessarily.
But I still can't believe it. And in history's gonna
prove me right. All the NFL teams are wrong. Johnny

Newton's gonna have.

Speaker 1 (01:18:35):
A great career. How did you let this guy go?

Speaker 2 (01:18:38):
You finished six and six winnu factor in all the
sanguages with one right. Finally, I almost had one of
the all time sandwich weekends. Let's start with almost first
round selection under I said, I thought it would be
QBQBQB wide receiver, wide receiver, wide receiver tackle. It ended
up being QBQBQB wide receiver tackle, wide receiver tackle. So

was Jim Harbaugh.

Speaker 1 (01:19:02):
And then Chargers.

Speaker 2 (01:19:03):
Yeah, one off not trading out of the pick, and
then a team or not picking a wide receiver, or
team trade again and taking a wide receiver.

Speaker 1 (01:19:11):
That ultimately cost me.

Speaker 2 (01:19:11):
So I got six out of seven, but I had
to get them all, so I cost me two sangwiches.

Speaker 1 (01:19:17):
I had the Chiefs trade up for a wide receiver.

Speaker 2 (01:19:19):
They did, They indeed did do that and took an
Xavier Worthy and that trade. In my mind I kind
of saw I saw them moving up to you know,
the middle of the first round, or even getting really
bold and moving up into the top ten. But they
only moved up a few spots. But it was within
the realm of the wager and they went and they

got their man. So I got two Sangwiches there. A
Pro Bowl player Slash All Pro Slash All PFF team
player is traded prior to midnight Friday, April twenty sixth,
twenty twenty four. You know that the San Francisco forty
nine ers stuff was very interesting, but I also I

should have kept it open for the entire draft process.
It wouldn't have mattered anyway, but nothing was done by
the end of Night one, so I lost two Sangwiches.
And then at the end of our Thursday podcast when
we recapped Night one, I actually or excuse me, I
had one extra one Detroit Drafts a player present at
the draft. I said, there's no way, given the amount

of people that were going to be there, the celebration
that the Lions were going to, you know, throw it
to someone's living room in Central Arkansas. And I was
proven absolutely correct because they made who they picking that Arrian, Arnold,
Terry and Arnold and he walked and the Lions fans
went mad and we had a great moment for everyone there,

and I got two Sanguiges there.

Speaker 3 (01:20:47):
That is an example of you know, people can pick
apart what we get right or wrong here there, But
that is an example of you having a hand on
the pulse of not only the league, but how show
business works and how you So this was the biggest
crowd ever, live live crowd ever. Detroit can can own that,
and there's no way you disappoint the biggest crowd ever.

And you were absolutely correct about that in a well
done that was.

Speaker 1 (01:21:12):
That was pretty savvy.

Speaker 4 (01:21:13):
And they needed a little luck for Arnold to drop down.
I guess they could have taken Darius Robinson. My guess
is by the time they and they traded up for
that pick, I think there were only two players left
him and Darius Robinson. But maybe maybe they just would
have just for showman's sake, taken Robinson. No matter what,
that that is an impressive two pack of ones you

got right there, Dan, you are I went nine and four.

Speaker 1 (01:21:36):
You are the winner. I went the winner.

Speaker 4 (01:21:39):
You could have helped you out. There was one trade.
Trades kind of were the loser. We talked so much about, yeah,
trades leading up to the draft, and nothing happened. But
your your Jets traded Jonathan Franklin Myers to the Broncos, Right,
future six. So that was the only veteran trade I
can think of.

Speaker 2 (01:21:54):
And Nick fourtier does awesome work on go get my
Lunch dot org, which is a living document of the
his three of this podcast in many ways has changed
some of the layout to the all time standings and
clarified it a bit. And I don't know if this
standings are updated the all time standings, Greg, but I
am now five games clear of you on the win column. Uh,

two thirty five and two oh five all time fifty
three point four one percent, your second fifty two point
fifty five to one percent two thirty and two oh
eight wes. Uh, And we miss Wes always, especially uh
weekends like this.

Speaker 1 (01:22:31):

Speaker 2 (01:22:31):
He finished one sixty three and one fifty five, so
he finished fifty one point twenty six percent. And Mark,
you are at one ninety six and two twenty five.
You're sitting at forty six point five six percent.

Speaker 3 (01:22:42):
I mean, okay, but I I think if we were
to track why that's happening to me on some level,
I always have to parse this, but I never took
anyone on sandwiches early on in this and that's what
that's bad strategy. That's on me and then some of
mine are just, uh, you know you're shooting for the moon.

Speaker 1 (01:22:59):
Well, in this particular addition, you came in last.

Speaker 3 (01:23:06):
I think I've almost regularly come in last. And I
think you'd have to question my overall team building and strategy.
I'm not above that, and I'll just do this will
be a nice roll call as we wrap up another
season in a lot of ways of around the NFL
that here are the guest pickers through the years. There
by the way, Eric Roberts, who's correct, he's three and

oh and etp and he doesn't want to pick because
he doesn't want to mess with his perfect record.

Speaker 2 (01:23:31):
But he's not the only perfect record. Lakeisha Westling, the wonderful,
beautiful Lakeisha, wife of Chris five.

Speaker 1 (01:23:40):
And oh all time? Did anybody know five in a lifetime?

Speaker 2 (01:23:43):
Here are the other names who have made sandwich props
through the years, and people that go back all the
way to twenty thirteen with us know all these names,
Lakeisha Robins, Cynthia Freeland, Patra the Irishman, Connie Fox and
even twenty five and twenty five all time the sandwich
props Connor or Handsome Hank Kyle Brandt.

Speaker 1 (01:24:02):
Is three and three in the Sandwich Props.

Speaker 2 (01:24:05):
Claybahn td our original producer, Erica Tamposi, The gold Standard,
Ali Purry's Own one Lifetime, Kevin Danger Hans This my Brother,
Owen one lifetime, Spice, rack Zi Drizzle, Zach Dressler, I
love Zach, the if you Know you Know, Brave Digger
went Owen seven and Sidney Carlson the great iconic lassid

oh and nine lifetime. We might have to get her
out of Utah just to get one right, to get
her out off the schne.

Speaker 4 (01:24:35):
I mean, oh and seven is in nine is somehow
better than one in thirteen from the gold standard. One
in thirteen is just a preposterous record. I had lunch
with the gold Standard recently. Good guy, good buddy.

Speaker 1 (01:24:49):
Love that dude too.

Speaker 2 (01:24:50):
We've been very lucky to work with great people, Speaking
of which you might have heard or read that Andrew
Siciliano is no longer with NFL Media, which is a
major loss for the company and whatever comes next for
Andrew that company gets better. While our company didn't shout

out to Andrew and hope to see him and Hermosa
Beach in the near future. James Palmer also who's been
on the show, and we he'll no longer be with
the company, and bigger and brighter things ahead for him
as well.

Speaker 1 (01:25:28):
It's been a long year.

Speaker 2 (01:25:29):
It's been at times a difficult year for NFL media,
but those are two names we wanted to mention on
the show because they were obviously huge contributors to what
we did.

Speaker 3 (01:25:39):
I think also, like you're any fan out there has
logged hours watching both of those gentlemen and Andrew on
you know, every type of football show there is, all
season long, and a lot of times you're wondering, like,
who are these media people?

Speaker 1 (01:25:57):
Are they good people behind the scenes?

Speaker 3 (01:25:59):
So are they quality people or is it just all
you know, the way the negative stories you hear, It's like, no,
these Andrew Siciliano is one of the kindest, nicest people
that's ever walked through our newsroom and literally knows everyone's name,
talk to everyone, like, treats everyone equal. And James Palmer,
who was often not in our newsroom, but whenever you'd
see him at events, like the same goes for him,

and it's like you're losing not just incredible professionals, but
high quality people and they're not You can't just replace
these people, you don't replace them, they're just they're not there.

Speaker 1 (01:26:30):
Yeah, I've watched a lot of NFL Network over the years.

Speaker 4 (01:26:32):
Rich Eisen obviously had the massive lead of just like
hours logged on NFL Network for a decade. I bet
Andrew passed them at some point. That Andrew Sicilliano has
literally been on our air more than any person, I
would guess. Ever, part of it is because of the
name of our show. Remember we change from Around the

League to Around the NFL to synchronize with the show
that that Andrew is hosting Around the NFL, which which
lasts a year or two, and then they kind of
change the name to NFL Now. As it happens, we
got our name. And he was so welcoming on that,
and I told him this, and it's true, Like there's
no one I respected more at the entire company in
terms of the way he does his job and what
a good job he does. And you heard that echoed

from so many people. It's just an awesome host, just
an awesome guy.

Speaker 2 (01:27:20):
All Right, Okay, so we'll be back Tuesday and Thursday.
It's our Around the AFC and Around the NFC specials,
and we'll hit obviously on every team, and where they
look and how they stand as they come out of
free agencies, and now they've come out of the draft,
and they head into the off season and the programs.

Speaker 1 (01:27:42):
Then the wheel earns and turns and turns. Thank you
everybody for listening. He's the call.
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