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May 21, 2024 96 mins

A room filled with some heroes - Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler , Gregg Rosenthal and Colleen Wolfe get you ready for the NFL offseason with their 2024 NFL Offseason Glossary (3:30). Find out what a Holly Hobbie doll is at 'H' (24:13) , what a Super Rookie trope is at 'I' (29:04). Why Marc listens to white noise at 'P' (59:30) or listen to the latest episode of Walken with Giants at 'Q'(1:05:54).

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Around the NFL podcast it's fresh out of Sunny Drops.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
No from the Chris Westling podcast studio. It is around
the NFL. I am Dan Hansis I have heroes here
because there is no off season for around the NFL.

Speaker 1 (00:21):
We're so, We've been told Mark.

Speaker 2 (00:24):
Sessler, Greg Rosenthal, and yes, because God damn it, we
need it right now.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
One more person. Chnie Shannie's the queen queen.

Speaker 2 (00:39):
She is the queen of NFL media.

Speaker 3 (00:45):
Thank you so much. Great to be here.

Speaker 2 (00:47):
A lot of competition for queen of NFL media, but
well maybe not, but you are absolutely the queen of
around the NFL and and really all areas where you roam.

Speaker 3 (00:59):
Wow, thank you so much. That's great.

Speaker 4 (01:01):
I love being, you know, a regal member of society,
and this is great.

Speaker 5 (01:07):
We've asked Patrick Claibon, who has a host of songs too,
like if he and we've encouraged him because he doesn't
do this, like to blast these like anthems suggesting how
great he is, how some how statuesque like inside his
house so that his significant other understands the weight of what.

Speaker 1 (01:23):
She's been given in what she's scored.

Speaker 5 (01:26):
Yeah, yeah, and like so Gonzo at this point, it's
about eleven forty four am, probably in a bathroom, wandering
around at your compaly does he need to be reminded?
And would you willingly do that?

Speaker 4 (01:35):
Or I just have it as my ringtone, so I
just walk around everywhere unless people know efficient.

Speaker 1 (01:40):
Yeah, Greg, how are you, Bud? I'm great? Good, good show,
big show coming up.

Speaker 2 (01:48):
It is the return of the around the NFL Glossary
of terms because this off season just because right now,
well OTAs kicked off, so in a lot of ways, football's.

Speaker 1 (02:02):
Football is back back.

Speaker 6 (02:05):
In some ways Monday they started throwing the pigskin around yep,
in some ways, Mark, in some ways, I will go
that far.

Speaker 2 (02:13):
So to celebrate the return of football, why not open
up the glossary and give the people you know a
real above the tree tops view of what the current
landscape of the NFL.

Speaker 1 (02:25):
That's what today is all about.

Speaker 2 (02:27):
And I feel like Colleen, that's a public service that
we can offer that I believe will connect with the audience.

Speaker 3 (02:33):
I think so too.

Speaker 4 (02:34):
This is one of my favorite episodes that we do.
I love all the off season episodes and I'm happy
to help provide the service.

Speaker 1 (02:40):
Unbelievable. Yeah, all right, you want to get into it,
Let's do it. We're going to try to get through it.
We did it in two parts last year. We're going
to do it.

Speaker 3 (02:48):
And I I'm just sorry over under on time for this.

Speaker 5 (02:51):
I will say, we flippantly, flippantly, with very little discussion
cited just to pack it back into one episode.

Speaker 1 (02:56):
Yeah, we'll see last year.

Speaker 4 (02:59):
Last year Mark said we were on like letter D
and we were forty minutes.

Speaker 5 (03:02):
That was two years ago, and then last year we
decided to cut it into two.

Speaker 1 (03:06):
But it's back into one big cake. But here it is.
Here it is, here's your face, Here's where it goes. Greg.

Speaker 2 (03:10):
Ultimately, the conversation will dictate, like unless we want to
do a two hour show, which we don't typically want
to do. Mark, and I know you don't want to
do so, but the conversation will dictate.

Speaker 5 (03:23):
Whatever it takes. But are control and yet we have
no control.

Speaker 2 (03:27):
You can say that again, brother, all right, let's get
into it. Let's start. I'll get it going. We all
got tagged with a certain amount of letters and I
got a so A in the glossary of the terms
announcing retirement, announcing retirement, and who was announcing their retirement.

David Johnson, All Pro running back with the Cardinals, he
has announced his retirement after eight seasons in the NFL.
He wrote Sunday in an Instagram post that he is
quote looking forward to the next career path in life.
He doesn't know what it will be, but he hopes
it brings him the same passion, excitement, and love.

Speaker 1 (04:09):
As football debt.

Speaker 2 (04:11):
Drafted by the Cardinals in the third round of the
twenty fifteen draft, he is in the And then this
will get to my second point, the around the NFL era.
One of my favorite players when he was at his peak,
and his peak wasn't very long. He was a true
do it all guy. He got first team All Pro honors.
When he is at his peak in twenty sixteen, led

the league reggie three hundred and seventy three touches, twenty
one hundred yards from scrimmage, twenty touchdowns and also, like
from everything we hear an a plus dude, great teammate,
and an underdog who turned into a superstar.

Speaker 1 (04:45):
So part one of this is David Johnson retired.

Speaker 6 (04:48):
An absolutely ridiculous dominant season, like up there with the
best seasons we've seen at running back or almost any
position since we started doing the show. I remember how
much Wes loved David Johnson as a rookie where he
was a big part of that twenty fifteen team that
we kind of fell in love with with the Cardinals,
and then he was even better the year after that.

There really haven't like there hasn't been a season since
then of a player that put that many yards from
scrimmage in that many touchdowns together in the same season
since Like, that's how good he was then. And unfortunately
he's like everyone thinks like injuries don't matter anymore. You
just assume thirty nine year olds off torn achilles are
going to be fine, Like sometimes injuries do matter.

Speaker 1 (05:25):
He was never really the same.

Speaker 5 (05:27):
Yeah, it kind of reminds me a little bit of
like the career arc of Terrell Davis, who, you know,
minus injuries, could have done eight to nine years of
what he did, but he was so dominant in twenty sixteen.
You mentioned the numbers, and I do recall West just
like like West could see running backs before other people, like,
especially in the preseason.

Speaker 1 (05:44):
Be the one thing that he watched the preseason.

Speaker 3 (05:45):
It's like one of his superpowers.

Speaker 5 (05:46):
It really was, and it was like it was based
on health. It's based on a lot of things. It's
like I can't think of too many like ap like
level all pro type players that were taken away by
injury the way he was, because he never was the same.

Speaker 4 (05:58):
I just remember what a big deal it was when
he was traded to Houston for DeAndre Hopkins in Arizona.
That was, like, I feel like I can remember where
I was when that trade happened for some reason, and.

Speaker 2 (06:08):
I remember being at the All or Nothing documentary premiere downtown.
Jay Zumwalt was with me, you know, a diehard Cardinals fan,
and I'll always.

Speaker 1 (06:18):
Remember that moment.

Speaker 2 (06:19):
He's in the theater with us amongst all the other
luminaries of that Cardinals twenty fifteen Cardinals team that was
documented on that series. And there's a scene where their
running backs coach Stump Mitchell tells Johnson that he should
be a Hall of Famer once his playing careers were over,
so people who knew saw the talent that he had.
He fell short of that. Obviously his body didn't quite cooperate.
But my other point I was going to make I

think of fun off season activity and I've mentioned a
few times, but I think this is the year we
do it. We either make an ATN all time team
like twenty thirteen to president, who's the greatest?

Speaker 1 (06:53):
The roster of the ATN all timers'd be fun.

Speaker 2 (06:57):
Another idea, because I thought it'd be fun, we could
like reference and sit during the season if we made
an at and one hundred or eight and fifty top
players in the game right now where they rank on
our list, either or something that kind of celebrates that.
Second idea is more like the current landscape. But I
do like looking back and would David Johnson be in
that conversation?

Speaker 1 (07:16):
Maybe maybe not. It's not a career thing.

Speaker 5 (07:18):
It's like we let our group fell in love with
a collection of players.

Speaker 1 (07:23):

Speaker 4 (07:23):
I like that, just workshop and some some things for
the future.

Speaker 3 (07:27):
That's fun.

Speaker 1 (07:28):
We do like the team. I like the ATN all.

Speaker 2 (07:31):
Right, ATN All Time team coming up later this summer.

Speaker 1 (07:34):
Mark, I like that are your research? I will now
all right, all right, I'm up here we go.

Speaker 3 (07:40):
B B.

Speaker 4 (07:41):
Colleen b is for blurred, as in the relationship status
between a player and their team. So T Higgins who
requested a trade, who hasn't signed his tag yet who
skipped voluntary workouts but said that he'll play for the
Bengals this year. You have Trey Hendrickson who returned to
the team after requesting that trade because he wanted the

long term deal. There's plenty of examples of this. Justin
Jefferson another one.

Speaker 3 (08:08):
I talked to t J.

Speaker 4 (08:09):
Howkinson last week on the schedule release show and he
was saying, because you know the JJ McCarthy is there, now,
there's multiple JJ's on the team, So Justin Jefferson will
now be known as just Jets, which could be confusing for.

Speaker 2 (08:24):
Some Dan that feels like doesn't solve the problem, it
just creates a new one.

Speaker 4 (08:30):
Yeah, but hey, I mean, I guess there can only
be one JJ perteam. But the whole situation with the Cowboys,
how murky that is right now with Ceedee Lamb not
knowing where his contract is because he's waiting for the
DAK contract to go down, and obviously Michael Parsons needs
to be paid. There's plenty more, but a lot is blurred.

Speaker 6 (08:48):
Blaird lines a classic that really hasn't held up either
as the singer. Has any trade request ever been summarily
like ignored and disregarded as much as Trey Hendrickson's great question.
They did not care about it. And he was back immediately,
and he just was like, well, I love this team.
I gotta admit I'm not going anywhere.

Speaker 1 (09:08):
It was just like it was.

Speaker 2 (09:08):
A I see your Trey Henderson. I raised you Austin
Eckler last summer.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
It was like a story. It was like a story.
And he stayed away. We gave some attention.

Speaker 6 (09:18):
Hendrickson was just like, hey, I tried, and then showed
up like five days later and everything.

Speaker 3 (09:22):
He gave up a little too soon.

Speaker 1 (09:24):
We camped in.

Speaker 5 (09:26):
But yeah, even Burrow was like, that's fine. If he
wants to get traded.

Speaker 1 (09:29):
He's a player. He deserves to him.

Speaker 6 (09:31):
If he wants to. But then nothing comes of it. Jefferson,
is it under the radar here? Something to keep an
eye on, Jefferson.

Speaker 3 (09:38):
Hayward too, you're on it?

Speaker 6 (09:41):
Yeah, all right, See we're moving fast here.

Speaker 1 (09:44):
See so you just jinxed it, all right? My word
is cod piece one of the grossest things medieval.

Speaker 6 (09:54):
It was a piece of me.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
Were you wearing a cod piece of the Renaissance? Didn't
I just it does feel like it would be of
a piece. I don't know if you can just go
purchase one at a it was. I did some research.

Speaker 6 (10:06):
It is a piece of material worn by men in
the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to c.

Speaker 1 (10:14):
It's mentioned in Shakespeare like sixter. I mean, think about
it too, like the cod piece.

Speaker 2 (10:18):
It you know it it makes you look enormous, you know,
and I feel like that's a good thing.

Speaker 6 (10:23):
To Okay, So back then, I think it was before.

Speaker 1 (10:25):
There was like the miracle bra, there was the cod piece.
It was just fabric.

Speaker 6 (10:29):
In modern times, for our purposes, the athletic Cup sort
of functions as the cod piece. And I just wanted
to point out the off season is a no cod
piece necessary environment. Oh, TA phase three starts today, as
you mentioned, so many teams, uh, and there will be takes.
Is I brought this around to having some sort of
an alza. There will be takes based on whatever happens

in the next ten practices of OTA Phase three, but
there shouldn't be. No live contact is allowed, no tackling.
There was a point even since we were covering the game,
that there was life contact, that there was way more
there used to be seventeen or eighteen o d's there
used to be too, Minnie camps, two of them. They
could have six days of like hitting and stuff in

the off season that was in the oughts. But I
remember none of that is allowed, and that's fine. I
think it should be a teaching period. But it also
means no evaluation necessary. It's just teaching, and you know learning.

Speaker 2 (11:26):
Caleb Williams could throw a meatspirer now no take Well,
we've got to ignore those things.

Speaker 1 (11:30):
And I think if a codpiece necessary?

Speaker 5 (11:31):
Right, People that have listened to this show for a
long time, yes have are they're up on this. I
think they realized there are portions of the off season
that you just glanced beyond and get to the next.

Speaker 6 (11:42):
It's a perfect pay just to make that public service announced.

Speaker 1 (11:44):
I think we have to this.

Speaker 3 (11:45):
I'm in a cod piece rabbit hole.

Speaker 2 (11:49):
Well, they're on the company laptop. We'll check back with
you later. Let's move to the letter D with Mark Sessler.
All Right, I did these my way, so it's gonna
just be what it is.

Speaker 3 (11:58):
Oh, I love this.

Speaker 1 (11:59):
All right, D is for Doma. You don't have to
give us that we know. Can I get three sentences
in a row. That's why I am the g I'm
just letting you know. You don't need to know it.

Speaker 5 (12:12):
His favorite part of that he is for Dom De
Sandro Yes Okay, Senior Advisor to the GM and Chief
Security Officer for the Philadelphia Eagles East Coast Jesus. Big
Dom is more like Buddha, though anyone close to him
with a sense of the beyond sees that clear as day.
Sit in place, in peace and cast off anger from
the jealous. Sit in silence and feel the world burn

into your beautiful body. Big Dom has hired a local painter,
Jose Wiggins, to paint full portraits of Dom as he
sits in his small Philly based garden around him or
sunflowers and wind of the willows. In each portrait, Jose
Wiggins has been instructed to include the image of Howie
Roseman's standing beside Big Dom in the garden, Howie Roseman
in deep prayer.

Speaker 1 (12:54):
They are one with the gods.

Speaker 5 (12:56):
When seven large pizzas arrive along with five kegs of
domestic beer, Dom treats Jose Wiggins as a treasured guest.
Jose Wiggins gets the first pick of meat Lover's pizza.
He is allowed to rest in the garden of sunflowers.
Then Big Dom paints Jose Wiggins in acrylic on a
canvas that sits in the shade by KEG number two
large glasses of chilled beer or drank all afternoon as

Dom and Jose Wiggins celebrate what is to come, fourteen
regular season wins for a team whose religious centerpiece will
be crucified no more Big Dom.

Speaker 3 (13:28):
I mean that was gorgeous. That was amazing.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
I think it's huge of these back.

Speaker 5 (13:35):
I think it matters more than people realize. Inside the building,
it's massive. I ate the security guy on the.

Speaker 2 (13:41):
Sideline, I'm trying to get wins.

Speaker 1 (13:43):
Here we come.

Speaker 6 (13:44):
He's more than that. He's the senior advisor to the
general manager slash chief security officer entering its twenty fifth
He got a big the lifeblood of that team, Dan.
So it was funny at the Sixers.

Speaker 4 (13:57):
Game waiting for a response from him, Babe about East
Coast Jesus.

Speaker 1 (14:04):
He was out of the Sixers.

Speaker 6 (14:05):
They introduced Dom, and they introduced the recent draft picks.
They were both watching a Sixers playoff game. Dom got
bigger Pops.

Speaker 3 (14:12):
That's the most is he forever has been fits the town.

Speaker 1 (14:20):
There's nothing else to say, what else is there saying?
I don't think there's a whole lot more to great
job Mark. Everything just funnels into the same place.

Speaker 3 (14:29):
I would like to.

Speaker 4 (14:29):
See some of Wiggans work too. Like portfolio is our portfolio.

Speaker 2 (14:33):
This is kind of an extension of your first one.
He is for extension drama, the Jared Goff contract, extension
of Detroit. It's going to reverberate across the NFL landscape,
but perhaps the tremors will be felt most in South Beach.

It's to a situation, is interesting situation, it's a certified situation.
This is Diana Rassini's reporting. Dolphin's QB two Tunga Bai
Looa is in the building for the start of Dolphins
OTAs per source, the QB is slated to become the
next quarterback to receive a big payday, but the sides

are in negotiations. Tuas said he was planning on attending
the workout, so that's good. You don't want to have
that thing where the quarterback is out in the media
fighting battles. He is one of the five quarterbacks selected
in the first two rounds of the twenty twenty NFL Draft,
along with Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, Jalen Hurtz.
He's the only one that has not signed a second deal.

And then you look at the money and you see
that Burrow and Herbert signed deals worth two seventy five
and two sixty two million, respectively.

Speaker 1 (15:45):
Hurts two fifty five million.

Speaker 2 (15:47):
Love is kind of in a different bucket obviously, but
he signed that one year deal worth thirteen and a
half and guaranteed. But that was only one season as
a starter so far, but total guarantees are big. It's
around two hundred million, give or take twenty million for
all the guys, and they have to make a decision
obviously around two whether he is worth that type of investment.

I think it's a total flash point around the history
of the Dolphins. I think it's the if they buy
in on Tua as their long term guy and he
has a big, big run here and becomes a true
franchise quarterback, which they're already calling him one, but I
don't see it yet. He's going to prove a lot

of people wrong. But if you invest heavily in the sky,
that can only get you to a certain place and
give you some stats and he ends up being an
albatross on you. It could set the franchise back quite
a way. So big decision for Miami. I want to
do it, but I think they're going to I.

Speaker 6 (16:48):
Think they've made their decision. I think they're probably far
enough in negotiations whatever their offer has been, that he's there,
that it sounds like they're making some progress. I do
think him and Goff are in a quite similar situation
where you can reasonably say the situation around them, the
system elevates them. For Goff to get all that money,

and Gof's you know, done a great job as agents
have done a great job getting a lot of money.
Maybe it sets a little bit of a groundwork here
for Tua, and I think they'll end up doing it.
Goff's deal was really like a three to four year deal,
depending on how you look at it. The fully fully
guaranteed money was like one fifteen. It was a little
less than some of those big time quarterbacks. But you're right,

like that's a lot of money for a guy that
most people, including myself, would not have in like the
top eight.

Speaker 5 (17:37):
I'm with you, though, like I just can you be
convinced if you're running Miami's front office that if Tyreek
Hill went down for eleven weeks and you lost Jalen
Waddle or whoever that too, is just still the same
guy that's gonna make it work with whoever's around it,
because like the top quarterback money should go to the
realistically five or six guys that you know can do that,
and there's a lack of there are some tiers. You

know you've got the contract, but it's like there should
be more tiered contract quarterback scenarios and to it, to
me needs to be tiered because I don't care about
the numbers so much, Like I don't know what it is.
It's just the football fan of me, like I'm a
little suspicious of who he is minus the system and the.

Speaker 6 (18:14):
Effect Daniel believes in him, which it really feels like
he does. Then that's gonna be the key part of it.

Speaker 4 (18:20):
But then like the domino effect too from if he
if he doesn't get the long term deal, like how
do some of the other quarterbacks in the league proceed
with their own situations with their teams, Like whether it's
Dak Prescott, whether it's your love.

Speaker 6 (18:34):
Right, I'm curious because Love did get a second contract,
but it was this weird sort of in between contract.
I think he's going to get paid this offseason too,
and that that's going to be interesting.

Speaker 2 (18:41):
And even though Goff and Tua are kind of bedfellows
and that I think everyone agrees they're not superstars, but
they're you know, really kind of locked in and loaded
in trench starters. Goff has had pretty incredible durability. Has
he missed games in his career? I don't even know,
and that that factors into No.

Speaker 1 (19:00):

Speaker 2 (19:00):
Had got through his first season healthy, but the rest
of his career also has been check mark with serious issues, including.

Speaker 1 (19:07):
Not to be fair. No, that's what I said.

Speaker 2 (19:09):
I mean he got through this year, but that doesn't
mean now that's not an issue anymore. I mean that
means he got he was healthy for one year.

Speaker 1 (19:15):

Speaker 2 (19:15):
That's part of the reason why it has a tough
decision up next Glad, I'm not making it up next
the letter F with colin Es.

Speaker 3 (19:25):
Fastidious is the word.

Speaker 4 (19:27):
It's so fun to say, but as in the detailed
approach that certain players will take to their off season preparation.
Players like Kirk Cousins, who has weekly notes from every
game he's played in as a starter, and he catalogs
them and folders and tiny little bins, and his whole
situation has been very detailed. He's learning some new things

under offensive coordinatornator Zach Robinson, who was the passing game
coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the past two years, with
Sean McVay, who obviously has the ties in Washington where
Kirk was before. So I wonder how many of the
concepts are going to be that new to him. But
also he's recovering from the Achilles so he won't be

active during OTAs anyway, And there's the Michael Pennix junior
of it all.

Speaker 3 (20:13):
It's not like he's going to immediately.

Speaker 4 (20:15):
Take that job, but if he does pop during these workouts,
he'll add some flare an additional f word for you
to the off season.

Speaker 6 (20:25):
I love that good word, and I do think when
you think the word fastidious, I just imagine Kirk in
his office in his lab getting and already yeah, being
oh absolutely, And although to be fair to him, he's
done a good job adapting. He's always landed with these
coaches that kind of coach that sort of system, but
he has had a lot of different coaches, and he

adapted fairly quickly to Minnesota when he got there.

Speaker 5 (20:48):
Guys think it's like a huge benefit to roll into
a system that at least like you have some understanding
of and can be shaped around you versus being thrown
into something, because I think that delays you a year
depending on who you are.

Speaker 2 (21:00):
All Right, Letter F was done just now Letter G
with h G. That's right, triple G.

Speaker 1 (21:08):
So that makes four g's. That's a quadruple G. Very rare.

Speaker 6 (21:12):
And I'm adding one G to the mix here, and
that is Genghis Khan, who at one point, and this
is you know, exposing a bit of maybe a flaw
in our setup here that we had this topic before,
but this will be a different spin on it. At
one point, Genghis Khan was the perfect player comp for
David Johnson, who we mentioned announced his retirement. So for this,

I'm gonna throw to an audio clip from October of
twenty sixteen, a week six T and F recap of
Cardinals forty nine ers, which Wes and I traditionally tacked
to the top, or at least that year, tacked to
the top of our preview episode. Back then, one bit
of context before you listen to it. Randy and started
Wes and Mark had spent that night watching the game

together at an unknown location.

Speaker 7 (21:58):
Let's hear it, which brings us back to all or
Nothing when Honey Bidger's on the sideline saying, that's a
bigger version of Marshall fulk And what Mark Sessler would
like everyone to know tonight is David Johnson is like
Genghis Khan running with the horse and the wind is
blowing the main and he is taking the Mongolian steps
while the forty nine ers linebackers are little prairie soldiers

hiding behind trees hoping David Johnson doesn't trample them.

Speaker 1 (22:25):
And with that over to you, that was they wrapping up.
So wow, there you go.

Speaker 5 (22:32):
What I wish I could remember what preceded that speech.
I do know the Genghis Khan has populated half of
one percent of the entire earth, which is not from
David Johnson, but would be if David Johnson were healthier.

Speaker 6 (22:45):
Perhaps now that night, I believe David Johnson had about
one hundred and ninety yards from Scrimmage. There was a
stack because I ended up you know, listening uh to
this recap here that him and Fitzgerald had combined for
ninety two percent of their offense. Yeah, I think he
had one hundred and ninety four yards. He was doing
that on the regular. But I do remember that night

West came in laughing and he had written it on
his phone in the notes, and it showed it to me.
So that's why I even was That's why I was
even laughing before he said it, because I knew. I
knew what was coming up, Genghis.

Speaker 3 (23:16):
Khan, Prairie Soldiers.

Speaker 2 (23:18):
That was incredible that I could by the the inflection
in his voice. I'm gonna guess. Was that recorded at
Culver City Culver City.

Speaker 6 (23:26):
Studient, Yes, and usually we would watch the game there,
but that day he had gone off with Mark I think,
and watched it and then come back.

Speaker 5 (23:32):
I would imagine there is a place in Culver City,
which I believe still exists, called the Garage, which we've
all been to.

Speaker 1 (23:38):
I would have that was a TNF hangout. Yes, I was, Yeah,
I had.

Speaker 2 (23:42):
I had narrowed it down to the cozy Joxers Daily
or the Garage. Those all were options where televisions were plentiful, excellent,
great to hear Wes also David Johnson getting Amazing Pop
set Love.

Speaker 3 (23:57):
It was the David Johnson episode.

Speaker 2 (23:59):
All Right, let's take a break and then we will
continue on with the glossary of terms. All Right, we
are back. We are off and rolling here. Let's move
to h with Mark Sasla.

Speaker 1 (24:13):
All Right.

Speaker 5 (24:14):
H is for Holly Hobby, an innocent children's doll discovered
during a modern day pirates raid at the Gulf of
Guinea in March of twenty twenty four.

Speaker 1 (24:21):
Her child owner thrown overboard days ago. She gone poor.

Speaker 5 (24:25):
Holly Hobby is taken from port to port by unhitched pirates.
Our little doll friend dreams of escape. She knows in
her belly that some pirates are kind pirates, more aimed
at human entertainment than modern day raids on ships filled
with offshoot heroin and stolen crates of fungions. She believes
the Las Vegas raiders are kind pirates. Here for our
enjoyment are Sunday thrills. She dreams of Gardner Minshew saving

her and saying, as he carries her little cloth body
away from a twenty two person raid vessel, you are
protected now. Minshew then tells her this we are a
sneaky nine win team that will be made fun of today,
but the giggles will cease when Autumn becomes a crucible
of the damned.

Speaker 3 (25:05):
Oom Holly Hobby.

Speaker 1 (25:08):
There she is, Yeah, that's her. If you're watching, if
you've ever she's been through.

Speaker 6 (25:14):
Should we subscribe to the YouTube channel or not? This
is the biggest Give her some fingers, Give her.

Speaker 1 (25:20):
Some fingers in a big spot. That's what I would say.

Speaker 6 (25:22):
Do you feel like Mark is very fascinated with the
dolls and child equipment or toys from his you know, childhood.

Speaker 5 (25:31):
If I recall them, I I guess that it pop
when it pops up during the day job.

Speaker 1 (25:35):
You'd have to question that. Greg.

Speaker 6 (25:36):
You're also sneaky supportive of the Raiders in the off season,
which is very anti where you were a year ago.

Speaker 5 (25:42):
At this year ago, I listed like the four to
thirteen AFC teams that were better than them and lacerated online.

Speaker 1 (25:49):
I don't believe that.

Speaker 5 (25:50):
I think that they're a little bit of a sneaky
under the radar operation.

Speaker 2 (25:54):
That what let me ask you a question, what do
you what is it about them that gives you that
sense that they're.

Speaker 5 (26:01):
I am more statistically looking at the league in general
and thinking that every year there's a team that, like
somehow in their regression candidate the minute the season ends,
sneaks out nine wins, but they aren't nine win worthy
and so it doesn't make a lot of logical sense,
but they keep coming. I was kind of meditating on
a which team is going to do something we don't
expect because this happens, And I just kept coming back

to the Raiders, and it could be as nonsensical a
take as I have in the entire offseason, but I've just.

Speaker 2 (26:27):
That feels like you are locked and loaded. When we,
hopefully with Bill Barnwell again, when we do over unders, Yeah,
well I went under Greg. I think it's six and
a half. I went over four trying to be logical
a year ago. So I'm going to go in a
different You know what, you were logical.

Speaker 6 (26:42):
You weren't off too much about that they weren't better
than many teams in the FC. Even though they won
eight games, only three teams four teams had a worse
record than them, which is strange marks all eight and nine.

Speaker 3 (26:53):
And Abovemo Ballerina, No, but.

Speaker 1 (26:56):
I was talking to someone about Dolly Pops.

Speaker 3 (26:58):
If you recalled dollypops. No, my Prima Ballerina was like
the ultimate. I wanted one so bad.

Speaker 4 (27:05):
I got it for Christmas, and then all of a sudden,
my Prima Ballerina disappeared and my parents said that they
put it down the basement. So I spent I don't know,
as a child, maybe a year and a half searching
the basement for my Prima Ballerina.

Speaker 1 (27:21):
Why was it put away?

Speaker 3 (27:23):
They took it back to the store, they.

Speaker 4 (27:24):
Returned it, and they just said that it was down
in the basement.

Speaker 3 (27:28):
So maybe one day I'll find it.

Speaker 4 (27:31):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (27:32):
Holly be kind of brought back some come up with
the the Suzanne.

Speaker 1 (27:37):
I haven't.

Speaker 3 (27:38):
Well, I've moved on from Suzanne. Now I'm with Andrea.

Speaker 1 (27:44):
You let you let Suzanne.

Speaker 6 (27:45):
You're a psychiatrist go yeah, my therapist therapist.

Speaker 5 (27:50):
Yeah, it seems like emotional to do that.

Speaker 3 (27:54):
Yeah, well I did in a text I need I
needed to move on.

Speaker 1 (27:58):
I was Andrea doing.

Speaker 4 (28:00):
He is great, love Andrea, honestly, lovely, wonderful.

Speaker 1 (28:04):
I'm writing the Stamach.

Speaker 4 (28:05):
She has a vespa that she showed up on before
our appointment the other day, and I was like, well,
this is it.

Speaker 1 (28:10):
This is party she does how she comes to your boot?

Speaker 3 (28:13):
No, yeah, I was early. Yeah, so good times.

Speaker 2 (28:17):
All right, well, Andrea, welcome to the Around the NFL team.
Let's move to uh I.

Speaker 1 (28:24):
Key nambler. I is for indictment prior regimes.

Speaker 2 (28:31):
This is a and you know, shout out to Nick
Shook who wrote this article on NFL dot com, and
Gordon and everybody else on the desk that's just hammering
out this content in the off season.

Speaker 1 (28:42):
We've been there.

Speaker 2 (28:42):
It's sometimes it's it feels like you're comb in the desert.

Speaker 1 (28:46):
Here is a Nick Schuk story. Here's the headline.

Speaker 2 (28:49):
Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts tabs himself quote super rookie
as he learns new offense hit the the trope alert
big funk. Because I hope this becomes one this idea
that you can just wave your entire career and say
I'm starting over and then say I'm a super rookie.

Speaker 1 (29:12):
I love it.

Speaker 2 (29:13):
It is an indictment, obviously, of everything that the Falcons
have done. Here's the exact quote. I would say I'm
a super rookie. I'm not a rookie rookie, but we're
all in this new offense, new regime, new schedule. We're
all in this fresh which sure, okay is true. Glad
he read that. He also said that, you know, we

talked about was he healthy? Has he been healthy? He
said that that knee injury that ended his twenty twenty
two season prematurely lingered throughout twenty twenty three and what
was a really rough season for him statistically. I'll add
that I don't see anywhere in this story in this
may write up any did he have an additional procedure?

Speaker 1 (29:56):
Did he do anything to make the knee better? Now
do I?

Speaker 2 (29:58):
How do I believe on face value that the knee
is now fine even though it wasn't fine more than
a year after the injury that you said you couldn't
get over throughout last season. So keep an eye on
the health of Kyle Pitts and whether his knee is
gonna let him be the athlete he was coming out
of college. But anyway, the Falcons three the last three
years never happened.

Speaker 1 (30:17):
It's super rookie season.

Speaker 5 (30:19):
The only thing about it is that I can't think
of a team that you know, you were part of this, Dan,
and so were others like more frustrated with how that
offense was run two years running, but especially last year,
Like there's a lot of potential stars they're not used correctly.
Like could you make the argument that Pitts and the
rest of them feel like we're let out of jail
at this point?

Speaker 6 (30:37):
Right, he got a thousand yards his rookie year, and
he had moments his rookie year where he did look
like that dude. He has been a big reason why
he hasn't lived up to his billion though the last
couple of years.

Speaker 1 (30:49):
It's not just about the people, like you can even
with like.

Speaker 3 (30:51):
A run heavy scheme and Desmond Ritter like he.

Speaker 6 (30:54):
Just isn't moving the same way. He just said it
to Dan mentioned it like he just wasn't moving the
same way. He wasn't as explosive, he didn't win as
many like you jump ball type of situations, fifty to
fifty balls like Drake London is the perfect reason why
I think it's fair to criticize Kyle Pits. You look
at Drake London and you say that is a dude,
Like that guy might already be one of the ten

or twelve best wide receivers in the league. That was
a I think like a home run pick or a
triple pick, like he is that guy and you can
see that despite the surroundings and Kyle pits I don't
think you can.

Speaker 3 (31:25):
I wonder if they'll a maze.

Speaker 6 (31:26):
He's not that old though, he's like Sam Laporte's age.
He's Yeah, he came out so young that.

Speaker 3 (31:30):
I think he's only I mean twenty three.

Speaker 6 (31:32):
He's twenty three right now. Yeah, you're in twenty four
in October.

Speaker 4 (31:35):
So that's I wonder if they'll make him more of
a focal point, because he felt like he was just
always sort of in Drake London's shadow, which is impossible
because he's such a big dude, like physically, but it
just feels like all of the because I had this
later Dan, So now I have discribed situation, but the
amount of puff pieces that will be written about the

Falcons offense and where they can go from here. It
could be a ran new offense with a new head
coach and just like a complete renaissance for everyone there,
but especially Kyle Pitts.

Speaker 1 (32:08):
You could keep it.

Speaker 6 (32:08):
You don't have to pivot. I stuck with mine. I
had a sound drop, you know.

Speaker 2 (32:11):
I think it's a good challenge it. It will probably
happen to all of us.

Speaker 5 (32:15):
We can find new ways to discuss the topic if
we if we wish, and maybe we don't wish.

Speaker 2 (32:19):
So just and just to revisit in general, Atlanta's draft
strategy at the top of these drafts.

Speaker 1 (32:25):
They took Kyle Pits fourth overall in twenty.

Speaker 5 (32:27):
Twenty one, so yeah, but no one was No one
was killing him for that at the time.

Speaker 2 (32:32):
At four overall. I feel like that was seen as
earlier than it expected.

Speaker 3 (32:37):
That was like generational talent. He's like a he was here.

Speaker 1 (32:41):
It wasn't like he went fourth overall in twenty one.

Speaker 6 (32:44):
A lot of people, I think sort of thought he was.
Is he the best player in this draft other than
you know, Trevor Lawrence.

Speaker 1 (32:48):
I guess Jamar Chase is in that draft too.

Speaker 2 (32:50):
But yeah, you took Drake London eighth overall in twenty two,
you took Bijon eighth overall in twenty three, and you
took Pennix eighth overall in twenty four, So you took
in the top eight. You took a tight end, a
running back, and a backup quarterback. In the last four
years three or the last four years. It's just it's
an interesting way to build your out your future quarterback.

You kind of need you kind of need one of
these guys to really hit and become what you thought
they were. Maybe both all right, up next Jay with
Colleen h Okay.

Speaker 3 (33:23):
So Jay, I'm already trying to work on my new
V word.

Speaker 2 (33:29):
Here we go as in anxiety creeping in calling Andrea speed.

Speaker 4 (33:34):
Dial jaunt, as in Dave Canalis's appointment in Carolina. Will
it be long term or will it be just the
latest in a recent line?

Speaker 3 (33:48):
So under Tepper be talking.

Speaker 4 (33:50):
The coaches have been Ron Rivera, there was the interim
Perry Fuel, Matt Ruhle, Steve Wilkes had a moment interim le.
We had Frank Reich and then his table took over
last year for a bit. And so now it's Dave
Canalis's turn. And what does that mean for Bryce Young?
Because Canalis was credited with all of the help that

he got that Gino Smith got in Seattle and Baker
Mayfield and Tampa Bay.

Speaker 3 (34:17):
They brought in Deontay Johnson.

Speaker 4 (34:19):
They drafted Xavier Laguette at the wide receiver position, so
they jouj the offensive line as well, so what does
that mean for Bryce Young and Dave Canalis because now
they will be linked forever in this season ahead.

Speaker 6 (34:33):
I think Dave Canal I love that we're talking about
because I think he's under the radar, is going to
be like a big figure, yeah coming up, because he
has an interesting vibe, a ton of energy. It totally
makes sense to me that he's extremely close with Pete
Carroll and he looks at Pete Carroll as like his
greatest life mentor and coaching mentor, because he feels to

me like kind of a younger version of the vibe.
Pete Carroll gives off incredible positive ventage I think brings
people with him and it's just like a lot, and
I think he's done a good job, Like he's done
a good job maximizing his guy. So if Bryce Young
is gonna get to like average this year, which I
think would be a good outcome, if he's just like
a solid enough quarterback, then I think Canais is the

guy to do it.

Speaker 5 (35:15):
It was like no better resume builder than like two
years in a row reviving quarterbacks. Everyone falls for that.
This is a team because some teams get backed in
this situation. You can't make any personnel moves for years.
You got to just let these guys do it. You
can't recycle again. What the guys need attempting. I'm gonna

you're just like are you're arguing together?

Speaker 1 (35:37):

Speaker 6 (35:37):
How hot is Dave Canalis? That that's how it started.
But ironically looking guy, it.

Speaker 2 (35:42):
Is his hotness that has been his undoing in his past.
Breaking news, bunk, breaking ass news from the New York Post.

Speaker 1 (35:56):
How many years ago. It's late January, but for us
it's breaking news.

Speaker 2 (36:01):
New Panthers coach Dave Canal has had a quote secret
life of porn addiction and binge drinking.

Speaker 1 (36:08):
We wrote a book on it. Yeah, Oh, how was
the book, mister know it all? Oh, he wrote a
book on it. Like he talked about this at ISA
and found out seconds ago he wrote a book.

Speaker 6 (36:20):
He talked about it as opening press conference. He literally
has a book that I think it was.

Speaker 1 (36:25):
I wrote a book on it. His faith.

Speaker 6 (36:28):
His faith helped him work through his problems with infidelity, and.

Speaker 3 (36:32):
That was part of the right.

Speaker 1 (36:35):
It was third on the list.

Speaker 2 (36:36):
The book has got to start meeting every Wednesday night.

Speaker 6 (36:39):
The book is called This Marriage Question Mark, the question
that changed everything?

Speaker 1 (36:46):
All right, Well that's interesting.

Speaker 6 (36:48):

Speaker 3 (36:48):
What letter were you again?

Speaker 1 (36:50):
That is wild?

Speaker 6 (36:52):
I did?

Speaker 1 (36:52):
I was this up? This? Wait, it's this marriage?

Speaker 2 (36:56):
Yeah, question mark, big time question mark and a big
this marriage the question that changed everything.

Speaker 1 (37:04):
He said he wrote the book to help other couples.

Speaker 5 (37:06):
Struggling with marriage, a question the author was asking himself
and then answers with the with the book and what
happened since.

Speaker 3 (37:11):
How about he also used to be a cowboy boot salesman.

Speaker 1 (37:14):
Well that's cool. Wait?

Speaker 2 (37:16):
Or is it this marriage or is it this marriage
that really matters? Like like this marriage?

Speaker 1 (37:24):
Well, I think it's the reader. The reader can decide.
How do you think he intended? I guess is what
I'm s I.

Speaker 5 (37:29):
Don't remember you've given what were the example number two
of sound pretty similar?

Speaker 1 (37:33):
Like great art.

Speaker 6 (37:34):
I think you want to leave some room open for interpretation.

Speaker 1 (37:37):
With your book title, though, I don't know. I'd stress this.
It's not any marriage, it's this marriage. Stress this best marriage.

Speaker 6 (37:44):
This marriage. Yeah, like that kind of like ours. Yeah,
while we're talking keep pounding. I don't know if you
guys knew. Last week was actually keep Pounding Day in
North Carolina and a number of events in communities, you know,
giving back to the community keeps did that?

Speaker 5 (38:03):
I like that panthers oriented element comes up later in
the show. I just we just gloss right by it.
We don't okay, we don't discuss it after.

Speaker 2 (38:12):
They have so the Todd Downing offensive coordinator of the Titans.

Speaker 1 (38:18):
What book did he write?

Speaker 2 (38:19):
Well, he has the they use his poll quote right
on top of the cover and he ends it with Lizzie. Uh,
you know, but that is exactly what Lizzie and Dave
have provided with this marriage.

Speaker 1 (38:29):
But then it's not a question mark there. It's tough.
And that's a tough one.

Speaker 2 (38:33):
Because technically it should it should end with a question
mark there too.

Speaker 1 (38:37):
Well, that's on the editors.

Speaker 4 (38:38):
But unless he doesn't have a question about it anymore,
that's your guy, now, Todd down and.

Speaker 1 (38:43):
Then we got him locked them in. All right, who's next?

Speaker 6 (38:48):
I believe?

Speaker 1 (38:49):
Are we at kakay with Greg Rose? Okay?

Speaker 3 (38:55):
That was I have regrets all of a sudden.

Speaker 6 (38:58):
K is for or catalog gphobia K A T A
G E l ophobia, catalgophobia, which is the fear of
being ridiculed or laughed at. And you know, sometimes this
sort of phobia, this sort of fear.

Speaker 1 (39:14):
It starts in childhood.

Speaker 6 (39:16):
Just people that are exposed to criticism, maybe tough, and
they have a right and offended psyche. Whereas if you
have like a better foundation, maybe you're not a victim
of this. If some teams I think experience catalegophobia, they're
more sensitive, you know what I mean, You can probably

guess who they are. Like it often goes along with
like a history of little success. But I thought I'd
flip this around and name my three figures or teams
that would be least likely to have this who are
just so secure in their own secin Number one would
be or number three rather would be the Cowboys. Just
as an organization, you can say a lot about the Cowboys.
They will invite criticism if anything they like almost seem

like sometimes they seek it out in a way. I
remember when we were at training camp and there was
like a crazy story about a contract hold out, and
they make their players available to all the media so
that it can become a big story, even though they're
getting criticized in those stories. So I think in the
end they're kind of fine with whatever said about it.

Speaker 2 (40:16):
I think they are very very confident to your point
in the cowboyness of it all and that that will
see them through the darkest of right.

Speaker 1 (40:24):
So they're confident.

Speaker 6 (40:25):
And since I three to one, yeah, Number two would
be Mike Tomlin. I don't know if we have that
old sounddrop's a good entry where he just was like,
I do not care, we do not care.

Speaker 1 (40:39):
Now there it is good child funk and.

Speaker 6 (40:43):
I believe it, Like I just believe when when coaches
say like, we don't care about what they're saying on
the outside. When Mike Thomas says that, I do believe it.
Whatever he believes, he believes, I don't think he's getting bothered.
And then number one, I would guess it would just
be Jim Harbaugh. I mean I just feel like he's
he's rolling with whoever Jim Harby is could be on
this list too, But Jim, like he is who he is.

Speaker 1 (41:03):
He's not going to make any day it's two day.

Speaker 6 (41:08):
He's very he's very confident in who he is. I'm
scared of, not worried about the criticism.

Speaker 1 (41:13):
I agree.

Speaker 2 (41:14):
I think also the teams that have when you win,
that makes you feel your above outside. Like I'm sure
Andy Reid feels pretty confident in himself. A lack of
cattle phobia like a phobia, had like a phobia, what was.

Speaker 4 (41:30):
The other phobia that we always talk about.

Speaker 2 (41:35):
That's a tough one to People with cattle like a
phobia may experience symptoms such as burning cheeks, desire to
look away, awkward half smile, feeling like everyone is staring
at you, and goosebumps.

Speaker 3 (41:46):
That sounds terrible, it's I feel.

Speaker 1 (41:49):
Have we not all experienced that?

Speaker 6 (41:50):
It's It's some It's a very human yeah, feeling some
some level, I think, but like maybe to the phobia level.
All right, mark Elle, okay, Ell is for Lauri Meda
catillog phobia at the door.

Speaker 1 (42:07):
Here we go. Ell is for Laurie Metcalf. Do you
have anything else to say? You want to? I said,
check your ca. Elle is for Lauri Metcalf. Do you
remember her?

Speaker 5 (42:14):
The hardworking Hollywood actress who played Jackie Harris, the issues
laiden sister to Roseanne on Roseanne, a nineteen nineties runaway hit.
Metcalf also starred as Kevin Costner's loyal aid female assistant
Da Susie Cox and Oliver Stone's nineteen ninety one film JFK.
Before appearing as a landlady in Leaving Las Vegas, a
Nick Cage Meg Ryan hit, released on October twenty seventh,

nineteen ninety five, Right during the Cowboys bye week, Dallas
was six and one.

Speaker 1 (42:42):
There was a zero question on our earth.

Speaker 5 (42:44):
To Greg's point about their power, we didn't need hollow
speeches or self loving statements to help us understand their
vice grip over the week, over the strong, over everything
in sports.

Speaker 1 (42:55):
Now we're in the dumb days? Or are we?

Speaker 5 (42:58):
Has Jerry Jones finally found the special sauce the Dream Tonic,
a team with a handful of stars and a coach
playing for their contracts and NFL lives? How about Lori
Metcalf playing behind the scenes heroin Charlotte Jones in the
twenty twenty six Hulu funded drama How about Them Cowboys
colon Daddy's Home?

Speaker 1 (43:20):
That would be great.

Speaker 6 (43:21):
I'd watch it following up the documentary, but i'd watch for.

Speaker 1 (43:26):
A team like the Cowboys. You can't get up.

Speaker 6 (43:28):
I mean, the Lakers have had docs and they've had
series and they just keep cranking them out.

Speaker 1 (43:33):
I don't love the title too.

Speaker 2 (43:34):
I don't get the feeling that the Cowboys are gonna
be a buzzy pick right now.

Speaker 1 (43:39):
Isn't that good for once? Maybe?

Speaker 2 (43:41):
But I don't think is gonna be a reason for
it because I think we almost saw the best of
this Cowboys nucleus already and it wasn't good enough.

Speaker 5 (43:49):
And what I was wondering because I was like, I went,
I wrote, is like going on the road and just
killing them. I was like, no, no, no, what if
it's flipped where it's like he's got them or they've
got them into a situation where it's like it's not
that the vice grip is on because that never feels
the way to some degree, but it's like all of
you could be like I could completely blow up this
team and start it over an off season from now
if I wanted to, if I wanted just to completely
nuke this thing, because everyone's kind of at the end.

So it's like, does that do these players on this
team respond or to that we don't care about critique
or anything? Are they just floating along? As they float
along all the time, We'll see.

Speaker 6 (44:20):
Great job by Laurie Metcalf and Ladybird. That scene I
love Ladybird when driving her to the airport, That like
rated apparent and almost impossibly.

Speaker 1 (44:31):
I believe she still plays.

Speaker 2 (44:32):
Jackie Metcalf on a television show that airs on ABH.

Speaker 1 (44:36):
Yes there's a spin off. Yes, I noticed that. I do.

Speaker 2 (44:39):
I do a pretty good Roseanne laugh impression.

Speaker 1 (44:42):
Do you want to hear it? Oh? No, you don't
want to hear it. I won't know. I'm not going
to say it.

Speaker 3 (44:46):
I would like to hear it.

Speaker 1 (44:47):
You want to hear it?

Speaker 4 (44:48):

Speaker 3 (44:48):
No, I Shan does that a lot.

Speaker 1 (44:54):
That's also like every evil clown from North America.

Speaker 2 (44:57):
But if those who know the opening credits of Roseanne,
I think that was good.

Speaker 1 (45:01):
And then I also have a kind of.

Speaker 2 (45:02):
A running joke with my wife when uh, you know,
we're you know, it's the middle of the week and
you know, we got two kids and I got a
busy house, like and hey, what's the dinner plan for tonight?
And then sometimes it will just like slip through, like
we don't have a plan, and at six point thirty
and then I'll do a joke where if Emily's like,
I don't know, I'll be like, I go into my

Roseanne impression.

Speaker 1 (45:24):
Like I'll go get them some hamburger, helper and junk.
She loves it. She loves it. Yeah, that seems like
a healthy way to approach that.

Speaker 3 (45:34):
What a window into your week.

Speaker 2 (45:36):
Now we're talking about the sauciage gets mad, I don't
know and junk. All right, that is my Roseanne Up
next is this is kind of hard the way it's
it's graft out. So you just went right.

Speaker 1 (45:50):
Mark I went, Oh no, no, Mark went and that
was Flory Metcalf.

Speaker 2 (45:55):
There we go, all right, So let's move to M
and it will be four. Mister Raider M jim Otto
a Pro Football Hall of Fame center. Those who know
know he wore double zeros and he was in the
pivot of some of the great Raiders offensive lines and teams. Ever,

he died at the age of eighty six over the weekend.
He was known as the original Raider, the dominant center
of his era.

Speaker 1 (46:34):
He had a singular goal. Now here's a quote.

Speaker 2 (46:36):
This was this mantra that he repeated over and over
again and John, never will they kick my butt?

Speaker 3 (46:48):
That's the quote.

Speaker 1 (46:49):
That's the quote. Never.

Speaker 2 (46:51):
And he did a lot of butt kicking, starting in
the AFL through the merger and seventy.

Speaker 1 (46:58):
Retired after seventy four. He starred as a center.

Speaker 2 (47:01):
We want to talk about whatever happened to Gary Cooper
when men were men?

Speaker 1 (47:05):
Otto started two hundred and.

Speaker 2 (47:06):
Ten straight regular season games two twenty.

Speaker 1 (47:08):
Three including the playoffs.

Speaker 2 (47:10):
Twelve time Pro Bowler, there was talk that he should
be the face of the Raider on the logo with
the iPad eyepatch, he said, but with a broken nose.

Speaker 1 (47:23):
Whatever happened to Gary Cooper? He played center for the opener.
Started his career.

Speaker 6 (47:35):
With eleven straight All Pro teams and only one of
those was a second team.

Speaker 1 (47:41):
Started out.

Speaker 6 (47:42):
I can't imagine there are many players in the history
of the NFL that started their career with six straight
first team All pros. Wow, as a rookie. Then he
had a second team for one year. I don't know
who beat him out in sixty six, and then he
he racks up another four. That's that's on the short
list of like all time, all time greats.

Speaker 5 (48:00):
When you go to like Pro Football Reference and you
can see like, oh, you know, Kyle Pitts, like he
started nine games and fin like when you go to
Auto's page, like you said, it's just fourteens head to toe.

Speaker 1 (48:10):
He never missed.

Speaker 5 (48:11):
It's a different era, but also to say that he
was the face of the Raiders, because I'll never forget.
When I covered that final Raiders game, I did a
separate piece talking to like eight or nine like dudes
from that era, and a lot of them mentioned him,
And there was a lot of competition to be the
face of that Raiders team, from the coaching world, to
the players, to some of the legends like and he
was that dude, and so yeah, there's not a lot

like him.

Speaker 4 (48:32):
I like that he talked about the hardest hit that
he ever received it a game was from Ray Nichkei
and that he broke his face mask and that's what
broke his nose and said it the way that it
was mm hmm.

Speaker 2 (48:43):
Broke my cheekbone, my zygomatic archbone.

Speaker 1 (48:47):
That's good.

Speaker 2 (48:48):
It attached my retina and my left eye. I was
blind for six months and my left eye it was
really bad. It all swelled up and I couldn't see,
but I kept playing.

Speaker 4 (48:58):
I never went out of the game with a detached retina.

Speaker 2 (49:02):
But Kyle Pitts's knee is sore, guys, Oh, that is unbelievable. Anyway,
a true warrior of the game passes away. Jim Otto
at the age of eighty six. Let's take a break
and we will continue onward. All right, we are back.
We are moving on, Colleen. You are in the pivot now.

Speaker 3 (49:25):

Speaker 4 (49:25):
The letter n N is for nascent, as in Detroit's
reconstructed secondary and it's nascent phase. Woo. They needed a rebirth,
hon me, after only Washington allowed more yards passing yards
per game last season. They used their first two draft
picks on corners, traded up for terry On Arnold, got
Ennis Rakestrawl at sixty one, and then they traded their

third rounder to the Bucks for Carlson Davis. So all
three of those draft picks are potential Week one starters
in their secondary.

Speaker 6 (49:56):
They addressed They looked at what their biggest issue was
last year, and they couldn't have like addressed it any faster,
any more aggressively.

Speaker 1 (50:04):
They tried to do it a year ago.

Speaker 6 (50:05):
To be fair, there was actually a little bit of like, hey,
they've improved their secondary year ago at this time and
those guys are no longer on the team. But having
Brian Branch to begin with, like hitting on that draft
pick and then adding you would think Arnold feels like
a pro ready type of guy in Carlton Davis has
already shown he's a good start.

Speaker 5 (50:24):
I mean, I think a team like the Lions too,
where it's like, don't have any lips on the radar
and you you kind of don't have too many weaknesses.
They've done that, They've done a lot in two or
three off seasons. But you keep Aaron Glenn the defensive coordinator,
you keep Ben Johnson the offensive coordinator.

Speaker 1 (50:40):
It's like, it is there.

Speaker 5 (50:41):
You could have rolled the dice that one of those two,
if not both, could have been somewhere else right now,
and you're kind of starting over with new phraseology and
new coaches knew everything. That's like this team is so
much about their coaching staff, and I love that they've
kind of kept it all together and it's like, what's
the weakness here? I know you could pick, you could
nitpick a little, but not They've.

Speaker 2 (50:58):
They thrived under higher expectation last year, as we know,
starting right in week one when they knock off Kansas
City in the opener, they what are they finished with
twelve wins last year where they land last year and
five twelve and five and you know, make it all
the way to the NFC title game.

Speaker 1 (51:12):
Damn near win that game against the Niners.

Speaker 2 (51:16):
So I can't sit here and then say, well, how
will they handle expectations this year?

Speaker 1 (51:21):
I think they'll be fine.

Speaker 2 (51:22):
However, now it's a it's a bird of a different color,
like you have to get over the hump. You have
to Anything short of getting out of the NFC now
is maybe not failure but a disappointment. So it's the
Detroit lines as we knew them are totally transformed. But
it's very hard to get over the hump. And there's
still a lot of big time competition in the conference.

So we'll see what they can do. This is gonna
be it's gonna be a battle, and we'll see if
they can get over the hump.

Speaker 3 (51:48):
They're set up so well.

Speaker 4 (51:49):
And I also love the Terry On Arnold and Brian
Branch played together at Alabama already, so that's kind of
nice that they already have that probably energy.

Speaker 6 (51:56):
Then all right, Greg the letter, Oh all right, I'm
gonna go with a great word obedient, complying with or
submissive to authority. I like when a word just sounds
like it should obey me. Obedience I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (52:11):
They call uncomfortable, but we're gonna keep moving.

Speaker 5 (52:13):
Greg was saying this exactly at this time Yesterday is
Sunday in his house.

Speaker 1 (52:20):
Go ahead.

Speaker 6 (52:21):
I don't think if the Raiders and the Saints come
out to Southern California for training camp and they are
that they're fan, that they should be obedient to this
NFL rule that because of marketing rights in the Southern
California area that they don't necessarily have the rights to

have fans at their training camp. Now, the Raiders have
been more out in front saying we're having conversations with
both teams about the logistics of it. Talks are still ongoing,
so it sounds like they're pushing for it. The Saints
aren't really answering questions. And I just feel like going
to a training camp is such a outstanding way to

grow the support of your team and have young fans
go there for you know nothing and just be around
football that having training camps without fans like doesn't feel
like training camp at all. And yes, I know it's
the Saints in Southern California, how many people are really
going to be showing up there every day? I'm sure
people would be showing up and so I hope they
they pushed to make that happen. I hope it's not

something where like I don't know that either the Rams
and Chargers don't allow or that the teams really don't
even want it. I don't I don't know, Like to me,
that's that's not training camp. Don't be obedient in this way.
And if and if they do try to keep fans out,
like fans should let them know, Like you're trying to
grow your your brand. The Raiders have done a great
job over that Saints, Like you're trying to grow fans,

don't don't keep them out.

Speaker 5 (53:43):
It feels like a weird NFL thing in general that
like some of these stipulations kind of get like maybe
why they were cooked up, but like what they went to?
What was it Greenbrier for like years of it's right
like secret compounds. I don't know what it is, but like, uh,
like why would you have any fan base?

Speaker 1 (53:58):
Not I would just promote it everywhere, So I'm with you, Like.

Speaker 2 (54:01):
It just sort of feels like this is just California here,
Well it did.

Speaker 6 (54:06):
The rule would apply I guess everywhere, but it only
matters because everyone's trying to come to southern California. Yeah,
because they're technically in the Raiders. I mean they're the Raiders,
and the Saints are coming into the Chargers and Rams
area and they either need to get some permission, but
there's questions like about whether they even want the permission
and how they're going to do it. The Raiders do
say that they're they're trying to figure it out.

Speaker 2 (54:28):
Saint Steam president Dennis Lauschia explained that on site logistics,
not NFL marketing rules, are.

Speaker 1 (54:33):
A bigger hurdle for the team.

Speaker 2 (54:35):
He believes that finding room for fans that you see
Irvin's campus is going.

Speaker 6 (54:39):
But the okay, I read that too, But I went
to multiple great training cramps with the Rams, Like my
kids had a blast the day they went, and that
was the same facility.

Speaker 3 (54:50):
So just saying and they had like food trucks and stuff.

Speaker 1 (54:53):
Right, it was all happened. You said cramps and just
trying to.

Speaker 6 (54:57):
Move past that, I'm out there are a lot of cramps.

Speaker 2 (55:01):
Then good one, good one, all right, Well, hopefully that
all works out.

Speaker 1 (55:04):
Gregy up to Mark Sasser, the letter.

Speaker 5 (55:07):
P all right, here is where some crossover occurs, and
I don't give an f p is for Pennix Comma
Michael Kama Junior in our news from I listen to
dense white noise on earphones, hail and rain and chaos
in the woods while banging out alphabet narratives. As an
adult male pressing question, how will humans react when Michael
Pennix Junior takes over as QB one for Atlanta? As

early as week six, the two and three Falcons crumbling
inexcusably twenty three to ten to the Carolina Panthers. A
sense of dread hovers beloved Kirk Cousins hasn't been himself
all season. Five touchdowns, ten picks, including a pick six
just before the half. Raheem Morris recalls a tweet from
Michael Pennix Senior issued on June twenty seventh, twenty twenty.

You see my boy, He's coming into his zone. I
can feel it and tweet. Morris decides be his own man,
throw chatterbox media types into the circular file, and bring
Pennix Junior into the fire. Four touchdowns later, the Falcons
thirty eight to twenty three victors over Carolina are reborn
as a new creation of the elegant South.

Speaker 1 (56:14):
Wow that is quite a scenario.

Speaker 6 (56:17):
It's giving up on Kirk quite quickly, although he's struggling.
It's two and three. It's a tricky situation. It's early enough.
Could you trade him, Probably not with all the cap
hit that you would get, but maybe the next offseason.
People like myself that say, okay, they're locked in the
Kirk for two years. I mean there is a crazy
scenario where if this happened, for instance, that they could

trade Kirk next offseason with that guaranteed.

Speaker 5 (56:42):
Haven't they set up a sort of a dangerous situation
where if Kirk, let's say it did struggle.

Speaker 1 (56:45):
I'm not saying this happens. This is a bit four fetch.

Speaker 8 (56:47):
But we've created a dangerous Yeah, like your fan base,
if he lights it, Pennix is like whipping the ball
like they say he will, like during training camp, Like
your fans, it just's lodged in their minds, like, wait
a minute.

Speaker 1 (56:58):
This just misses a game.

Speaker 6 (57:00):
Happens to the quarterbacks, especially on Achilles.

Speaker 1 (57:03):
Not him until last year. But yeah, yeah, but pre
season too.

Speaker 4 (57:06):
We've seen it so many times where like the rookies
come in, they light it up.

Speaker 3 (57:09):
It's preseason.

Speaker 4 (57:10):
They're not playing like great competition, and that's when everything starts.

Speaker 1 (57:14):
And that's why I think of Lamar like everything if
you that's certainly Michael Penas could be a star.

Speaker 2 (57:21):
You don't know that, but it's like, but then everything
keeps for me going back to the same question, but then,
why did you sign Kirk Cousins. Why did you put
this roadblock in front of him and the kid and
create this hyper awkward situation that could undermine the entire operation.

Speaker 4 (57:41):
It reminds me of the courl Never that Howie Roseman
talked about when they drafted Jalen Hurts and they had
Carson Wentz in place, and he was like, the Eagles
are trying to be a quarterback factory.

Speaker 2 (57:51):
Okay, but they I'm not. There was a different situation
than this is. This is a totally unique situation. We
haven't really seen before. And we'll say I would imagine
Cousins plays one year and they trade him, right.

Speaker 6 (58:04):
I think, I think if he plays well, he plays
two years. Kirk had his first press conference in front
of the Atlanta media. Handled it all well, I thought,
really embraced pen X. But the one key moment where
I was like, oh, that was kind of the real
answer was you know when they when they asked about
the like, well, if you had known they were going
to draft pen X, and he was just like, well,

I don't deal in hypotheticals. It's like because he was
trying to be feel at least a little real in
that moment.

Speaker 2 (58:30):
Yet it was an all time rug pull on a
player too to to give him that contract, promise him
in the world this is your team now, and then
without any notice, draft the replacement before he ever played
a game. It's it's unreal. It's it's it's crazy. We're
going to see how it all plays out. Tell me
more about this white noise, Mark.

Speaker 5 (58:49):
I don't need to use it anymore. But back when
our newsroom I did this morning just because there was
a there were people shouting like something or other. So,
but like when our newsroom was crazy, it's like, oh,
like everyone's just chat and like, you know, eating sandwiches
and throwing food arounds, like, oh, but breaking news just happened,
and you have to write three graphs in four minutes.
Like I was like, f the surrounding noise because it
does bother me more than something so I would I

found because I also had a babies, like a baby
or two babies at the time, Like a lot of
white noise happening in the house, Like this sounds helpful
to a baby to sleep, Like I can write with
this where I can hear nothing but intense like nature
sounds that were consistent.

Speaker 4 (59:23):
It's the only way that I can concentrate on anything.
But yeah, I think it's but I use brown noise.
That's like a different frequency and it's much better.

Speaker 3 (59:32):
I use it for sleeping.

Speaker 4 (59:33):
Music is a nice music, I'm too distracted by the
lyrics and everything else, Like I just need nothing.

Speaker 3 (59:37):
Almost it got.

Speaker 1 (59:39):
You to a place of nothing, nothingness.

Speaker 2 (59:41):
So the old newsroom there was not only food being eaten,
but being thrown around.

Speaker 1 (59:45):
I don't know, everyone's like everyone know, but you know,
you know how it was.

Speaker 5 (59:47):
It was like a cartoon, but you were like the
one person writing the story, and it seemed like everyone
everyone else is just giggling and dancing and running around
and like ses.

Speaker 1 (59:55):
Acually in the damashek era right.

Speaker 6 (59:57):
And then that you had that Tuesday sandwich tosses. You
had that happened Thursday sandwich toss and it's the Friday
pizza toss.

Speaker 4 (01:00:04):
I will cover my ears like sometimes because I could
not concentrate.

Speaker 3 (01:00:07):
We are the same, Mark, I.

Speaker 1 (01:00:08):
Mean, I cranked out the story though I got to you.
Sure did? You got it done? What's the other alternative?
Take a walk? It is? It's Mark's mind.

Speaker 3 (01:00:18):
It's great if.

Speaker 1 (01:00:19):
You really turn it up like in your ear, like,
it removes all.

Speaker 2 (01:00:22):
I could actually I could picture you writing a Rex
Grossman three hundred order right now.

Speaker 3 (01:00:29):
It's really nice.

Speaker 1 (01:00:30):
It's peaceful.

Speaker 6 (01:00:31):
But if you just like turn the dial like seven percent,
it's like the start of a horror movie.

Speaker 1 (01:00:36):

Speaker 2 (01:00:37):
Or you here, you see Mark focusing and then you
look down and you see the headphones aren't actually plugged
into anything?

Speaker 1 (01:00:46):
All right? Que que right? Is that right? Que me? Q?

Speaker 2 (01:00:51):
Is for question? Colon nailed it? Will you watch the
latest version of Hard Knocks?

Speaker 3 (01:00:57):
I will, yep, company woman, absolutely.

Speaker 6 (01:01:00):
I haven't watched all the NFL offerings with Hard Knocks,
and I didn't even watch the first in season one
for long, but I'll give you this one a shot
because of when it's coming out in the calendar. I
actually think it's a perfect time. It is when you're
it's I think early July when it's why they drop
the Netflix show. Then you're you're hankering for a little
football and just that it's different and it's off season

and it's draft stuff, like I'm curious how deep they
go into the front office stuff. I'll check check it
out once, you know, I'll check it out this season
or a few episodes, and if it's good, you stick
with it.

Speaker 5 (01:01:31):
And I don't think we talked about it on our
schedule release show. It's the New York Giants covering what
from the end of the off season until essentially when
it comes to.

Speaker 2 (01:01:39):
Hard Knocks colon off season with the New York Giants.

Speaker 1 (01:01:42):
I'm fine with it.

Speaker 6 (01:01:42):
I would imagine a lot of it is the draft.

Speaker 1 (01:01:44):
How could it not.

Speaker 3 (01:01:45):
I want to see the Saquon fallout, right, I.

Speaker 5 (01:01:47):
Guess like you, but like I also, my one thing
is because I think the one thing about Hard Knocks,
even though Hard Knocks is like what happened in the
past week, like the training camp one, you're tied to
those storylines and you find out new stuff. I want to,
like if it's going to be an hour about why
the Giants signed Brian Burns, like, okay, I want to
really learn about how front offices work.

Speaker 1 (01:02:06):
That's all.

Speaker 5 (01:02:07):
I like, the news itself is from four to five
months ago, and we've been talking about the Giants at
that point for four to five months, so like you
got the challenges make that fresh, and I mean they
must think they can do that.

Speaker 2 (01:02:16):
And there's a reason why those that know the Hard
Knocks history and Connie, we've done the podcast the last
exactly if you know the history, and the history is
rich Rich. The Giants have never done the show. And
the Giants are one of those Tiffany franchises that distance
themselves from things that are quote distractions. This is something

they can control, so it's like this is an in
house operation where they could work on the edit of it.
Part of what makes the original and still greatest iteration
of it the Training Camp version for sure, And why
I wish they would just honestly focus on The Hard
Knocks and less about being a brand and just like
that show, because I think that show is special as
you can't as a team totally control it because happening

in real time week to week, you have control of
the edit, of course, and they can and you've seen it.
I feel like more in recent years than try to
filter out things that maybe they don't want focused on
when it comes to hard knocks, but still, the way
a training camp moves along, you're kind of flying, you're
a little bit vulnerable, and teams like the Giants don't

like that. So this to me feels like an in
house NFL Films operation that the Giants signed off signed
off on. It's safe, and Giants fans will like it.
If I was a Giants fan, i'd watch it, And
if you're not a Giants fan, maybe you will, or
maybe you'll.

Speaker 1 (01:03:35):
Wait for the original version. That's all I can say.

Speaker 4 (01:03:41):
I mean, as soon as I hear the music, I
want to watch though, So I'm like, there's drawn to it.

Speaker 5 (01:03:47):
It's gonna be a different count of characters, though, it's
not gonna be funny players talking about the REATA stores.

Speaker 1 (01:03:51):
It's a bunch of front office people, right, It'll be different.

Speaker 6 (01:03:53):
The reason why I have some I have more optimism,
I think, is that these team and ultimately look NFL
Films were all one big company NFL. It is always
an in house operation when it's NFL Films. These team
videos that they make of behind the scenes for the draft,
which is even more explicitly like they're not going to
put anything that puts the team in a bad light.

Have been pretty informative and a lot of times like
does have stuff I'm interested in and those are created
by the team. Now those are quicker, you know, and
this is a longer format, certainly, but I think that
that's why and I am interested. And then when they
show when they have good team inside ones that are
made by the team, often it's pretty good. I like
Hard Knocks a little dangerous. Yeah, it's like when we're

at the.

Speaker 2 (01:04:36):
Brown's Hard Knocks and you see the head coach and
offensive coordinador battling for the control of the team in
front of the coup to the Browns credit, like they're like,
you know what, we agreed to do this, this is
what's happening.

Speaker 1 (01:04:47):
This is going out there.

Speaker 2 (01:04:48):
Like I just the more you take away from that world,
I just I like the idea of like, oh, I
want to see what happens here? How are they going
to handle this? Like are they going to spin it
or not it? And just show us the unvarnished truth
of the situation. You know what, I don't know if
I'm watching that, but you know what, I am always
checking out the latest edition of Walking with Giants.

Speaker 1 (01:05:09):
I don't know if you guys.

Speaker 2 (01:05:10):
This is, of course the great Christopher Walking, Oscar Award
winning actor, I believe, native New Yorker and obviously a
huge fan of the New York Giants.

Speaker 1 (01:05:19):
So he started his own podcast.

Speaker 2 (01:05:21):
And one thing we haven't really touched on is Tommy DeVito,
quarterback of the Giants, became a cult hero at the
end of last season.

Speaker 1 (01:05:29):
Tommy cutlets and all that.

Speaker 2 (01:05:31):
All of a sudden, it's like, we don't really hear
about Tommy so much anymore, even though they didn't draft
the quarterback, so hopefully he is a He was just
at the.

Speaker 3 (01:05:37):
Draft with me. We did a pizza contest.

Speaker 1 (01:05:40):
There we go.

Speaker 2 (01:05:40):
So he's still in the mix and Italian American ways.

Speaker 1 (01:05:45):
But what's his NFL future? He said.

Speaker 2 (01:05:47):
Apparently there's an article he had as a chip on
his shoulder, and I had to hear what Chris Walkin
had to say about it.

Speaker 1 (01:05:51):
Here's Oh, here's an excerpt from that.

Speaker 9 (01:05:55):
It's time once again for Walking with Giants with me
your host, Chris Walkin. Change has come to my beloved
football team, the New York Giants, Big Blue, the g Men.
We all go through it change. My neighbor is now

a woman, or in the polance of the times, she
was always a woman. She's now just living her truth.
Hold for a fact, now that you've done a plotting,
let's talk about someone going through change.

Speaker 1 (01:06:36):
On the Giants.

Speaker 9 (01:06:38):
Homegrown talent Jersey Boy done good.

Speaker 10 (01:06:43):
The entire nation got behind his Italian mannerisms and Guido
good looks. Tommy DeVito, he feels slighted, cast aside. He
feels as if he's yesterday's news and he has something
to say.

Speaker 9 (01:07:02):
He's not going away the same way we all do
one day.

Speaker 1 (01:07:09):
Enough for the rhyming.

Speaker 9 (01:07:13):
Well, I got news for you, Tommy.

Speaker 1 (01:07:16):
It's going to be hard.

Speaker 9 (01:07:18):
It's going to be had.

Speaker 1 (01:07:20):
The best quarterback who's ever lived, man.

Speaker 11 (01:07:26):
Myth, the legend, Eli Manning, Mike drop walking off.

Speaker 1 (01:07:37):
He is a huge eife and we've heard that man.

Speaker 5 (01:07:39):
Yeah, that's like that was the full episode and like
the you know, the ability to take the football analysis
and link it to our own lives.

Speaker 2 (01:07:48):
I mean, thank you for Chris, who is from a
story at Queens by the Way, so a New York
native to the book.

Speaker 6 (01:07:56):
Hopefully he can fall in love with Drew Locke. That's
what I hope for Christopher Walker.

Speaker 1 (01:08:01):
Good call, good call the letter R with Colleen.

Speaker 4 (01:08:04):
Wolf okay R for recop Wow, recuperation. We're recouping, and
so is Anthony Richardson. Thegotten rookie had four starts last
year and now we're all just sort of waiting for
him to come back with that throwing shoulder. He's playing

for the right coach and Shane Steichen, but everything we
heard was that and saw was he's an athletic freak.
And it was so exciting when he came out and
he was able to back it up. And then we
only got a month of football from him. So now
he has ad Ni Mitchell there that they added in
the draft, obviously Michael Pittman Junior who the Colts locked
in as well, and they drafted two offensive linemen early

that also.

Speaker 3 (01:08:48):
Help with him up front.

Speaker 4 (01:08:49):
So I feel like the fact that he looks like
he's all the way back from surgery right now, he's
going to be a huge storyline. The Colts are going
to be a huge storyline. And is it going to
happen to me again? Am I going to be like
front and center on the Colts?

Speaker 1 (01:09:01):
You? I know?

Speaker 4 (01:09:03):
But this is kind of like we're watching all of
the recuperations for guys like Joe Burrow as well, but
Anthony Richardson and Joe Burrow at the top of the list.

Speaker 2 (01:09:12):
I like the division they play in, Connie, I think
it sets up well for them to make a run
here potentially, and so much of it as Ken Richardson
stay healthy and grow as a player. But I think
they're a fun team to get behind. Again, I don't
think you're in the wrong here. I think it's funny.

Speaker 6 (01:09:28):
So I was quite high on the I did the
projected Starters series for the AFC last week, and I
looked at that roster as like, Chris Ballard's done it again.

Speaker 1 (01:09:36):
I like him.

Speaker 6 (01:09:37):
I kind of liked them as a sneaky division winner,
and I went, we watched this college tape and stuff
during the draft season. It's like, whenever I'm watching that,
I know I'm not a real draft knick, because all
I'm thinking is like, wouldn't it be nice to just
watch them professional football where they're better? Oh dang, So
I watched some Anthony. I went to some Anthony Richardson
because he really only played two games that he'd survived.

It was so short and it's electric. It's also a
little more inconsistent. I think then people realize, like his
accuracy issues definitely showed up. But I think he made
good decisions and it's just the good throws and the
good runs that he made were just so good that
you want to see more.

Speaker 1 (01:10:11):
And the year that you jumped on.

Speaker 5 (01:10:12):
They're not bandwagon, but just generally their operation, like running
back goes down, the offensive lineup like just crumbled, everything
fell every I mean, it was like an apocalypse. But
where they are now two years later, there's a lot
to believe in, and I think a lot of it
is like Anthony Richardson's at the center of it, but
the Ballard's defense and what he's built up and what
he believes in. It's like it's been a slow process.

But like I believe in their defense. I did last year,
and I think, like, you're gonna need to be able
to get to the quarterback in this division and there aren't.
The Cults to me also have a really interesting coaching staff.
I think it begins right there.

Speaker 4 (01:10:45):
Yeah, I was just two years early on it, so
I'm I never left frame it that way.

Speaker 2 (01:10:50):
I think what they lacked last year was like a
big time difference maker.

Speaker 1 (01:10:54):
Yeah, in their offense. Now they potentially have it.

Speaker 2 (01:10:57):
They don't want to put too much on the shoulders
of the kid, but hey, they brought him in to
be the franchise and let's see if he is.

Speaker 1 (01:11:03):
He might leave the league.

Speaker 6 (01:11:03):
Maybe Kayleb Williams will in the the OTA videos that
are just oh, that's awesome, like the Cold Showed one
where he throws at eighty five yards or something.

Speaker 1 (01:11:11):
Bonkers. I thought I was he's great for that.

Speaker 2 (01:11:13):
I thought I was stealing my Fantasy league last year
when I took Richardson high. Not high, but it was like,
this is gonna be my QB two. That shocks the word.
But I would do it again this year. I think
we're rolling the dice on all right. Next it's me
with we got one more break to take. Actually, it's
take one more break and then we'll close this out. Alright,

We're back, Greggie, Take us, baby, take us where we
need to go.

Speaker 6 (01:11:39):
The letter S is for super Chargers, which will make
more sense when we play the following clip from the
twenty fifteen season.

Speaker 12 (01:11:51):
Hmm, Sandiego super Chargers, San Diego Super.

Speaker 1 (01:12:06):
I gotta remember that.

Speaker 5 (01:12:12):
That just felt it was important, I mean sorry, attached
to an earphone with that is a rugged way.

Speaker 1 (01:12:17):
To go out?

Speaker 6 (01:12:18):
What attribute by you?

Speaker 1 (01:12:21):
Yeah, Wes and this show twice, Greggie, good work.

Speaker 6 (01:12:24):
Jag may or may not have just heard that well
looking up for the other clip and thought that would
be fun to just play on the show.

Speaker 1 (01:12:30):
Oh the San Diego.

Speaker 2 (01:12:31):
Charge Look, I just did that with myself for you Mark, Now.

Speaker 3 (01:12:39):
For you Mark.

Speaker 6 (01:12:39):
The context for that was we thought it was the
Chargers last game in San Diego. It actually wasn't remember that.
We thought it was they were gone and then they
ended up putting, so that was one more year.

Speaker 1 (01:12:49):
But that that was why you sang the safety laying
on the field after the game? Was it that game? Yes,
that was twenty fifteen. That's right. Let's see if the
falsetto still holds all these years later.

Speaker 5 (01:13:00):
Super charm juice, you've got it, super chim.

Speaker 2 (01:13:09):
Well, I was younger, it was only thirty five then, Yeah,
you can't hold the notes forever.

Speaker 6 (01:13:13):
Great job by Big Funk just having that, like ready
that the cut up version.

Speaker 2 (01:13:19):
Hey, let's give it up for Big Funk. Who's listen,
let's hear you. Let's hear your music.

Speaker 1 (01:13:23):

Speaker 2 (01:13:24):
Yeah, it's quiet around here right now, and there's not
a lot of staff to say the least.

Speaker 3 (01:13:30):
And uh, this is my favorite theme song is big
Funks and.

Speaker 1 (01:13:34):
Yet one man could do it all big funk on
the walls and two having that baby maybe funk wheel
two you got an so right now funk.

Speaker 13 (01:13:58):
Yeah, I've been dating for seven whoa yeah, crazy right seven?

Speaker 1 (01:14:04):
Legally married. I believe partner. We all domestic partners. I
think they just took away that law the grandfathered in though. Yeah,
clock sticking, she's expacting.

Speaker 13 (01:14:18):
It doesn't help that Eric's my neighbor too. I was
gonna say a double date. Yeah, we had a few times.

Speaker 2 (01:14:23):
Because Eric got engaged, married and now child.

Speaker 13 (01:14:29):
Yeah, it's crazy it all happened at once because funk
feeling I hate.

Speaker 1 (01:14:36):
Well, we can't assume that his significant other wants a baby.
We can a lot, Yeah, kind of.

Speaker 13 (01:14:41):
We're kind of the same mind where it's like we
want to be able to afford one before we have
one or open that discussion. But it doesn't help that
Eric's wife will be walking around and like lately the
conversation has been like, oh sheoks so pretty she's so beautiful.

Speaker 1 (01:14:54):
You know that's a sign.

Speaker 13 (01:14:55):
And I'm like, you know, I'm watching TV. I'm like, oh,
that's crazy.

Speaker 2 (01:15:00):
Seven years is two thousand, five hundred and fifty five days.

Speaker 3 (01:15:07):
Give Lee just Google.

Speaker 1 (01:15:12):
All right, good job though, funk behind the glass. Thanks,
thank you.

Speaker 2 (01:15:19):
That was his girlfriend pulling him out of the studio
to go down to the city courthouse.

Speaker 1 (01:15:23):
All right, let's see where else? What do we got left?
Where are we?

Speaker 6 (01:15:26):
Mark t T tea.

Speaker 5 (01:15:29):
Is for too many, too many long reads by matter.
Here's a quick one. I know, well, we we learned
the lesson, but we unlearned it.

Speaker 3 (01:15:36):
It's streamlined this.

Speaker 1 (01:15:36):
I think we've done a good job. It is moving.

Speaker 5 (01:15:39):
I do have a quick one for you, though. I
have four playoff teams not returning. In my little world
of worlds. I looked at the standings from last year, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Miami,
and the Rams. If I'm wrong, replace one of the
teams with someone else, because my sports lock of the
week is that four new playoff teams will emerge, as
they have every year since Hillary Clinton first discovered the

magic of a pants suit. Go okay, Pittsburgh Miami, Who Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Miami.
The Rams, Okay, I think the Rams stay in so well,
first of all, it's funny.

Speaker 1 (01:16:15):
Gets behind Rams news at eleven's's.

Speaker 6 (01:16:17):
Funny that you're taking the Browns out when you've been
unhappy that they're not getting enough pop this offseason.

Speaker 5 (01:16:22):
As a I was, I was suggesting that they aren't
not unhappy, but they aren't. And I think there's a
regression elements there. But I'll take out the Bucks just
for the Rams.

Speaker 1 (01:16:32):
Therey Bucks. Well, that's sensible. Rams. I felt was a
little edgy, but like, I think you got it right. Yeah, really, Job,
you're right? Are we just moving this segment along? Well, I.

Speaker 5 (01:16:46):
Don't think Pittsburgh is crazy, Altho, I think they've got better.
Cleveland's not crazy.

Speaker 1 (01:16:49):

Speaker 6 (01:16:50):
Okay, I got another one. I'm taking out the Cowboys
and putting in the Packers. Whoa the Packers were in
the playoffs?

Speaker 2 (01:16:56):
All right, you want to go, I'll see are crazy
and razy. I'm taking out the Texans and putting in
the Cults.

Speaker 6 (01:17:02):
Im the idiot that was I'll take out I'll put
in someone else. I don't know who I'm putting in,
but I'm taking other Cowboys.

Speaker 1 (01:17:08):
Well, you gotta put it you're gonna put in the Raiders,
they're gonna I might, I haven't gone.

Speaker 6 (01:17:12):
I haven't done that part making these predictions because we're
just gonna foo.

Speaker 1 (01:17:17):
Sorry Mark, Ye, it's been deemed too early, but put
the Packers into the playoffs.

Speaker 6 (01:17:22):
But yeah, because like where they could have won the
super Bowl last year?

Speaker 1 (01:17:25):
That was all right, good one, Mark, good luck to you.

Speaker 2 (01:17:29):
Well no, because I know you don't want to be
right on that, but maybe you will be.

Speaker 1 (01:17:32):
We shall see you unfair. That's what it stands for.

Speaker 2 (01:17:37):
Hey, this new schedule, you know, we have moved, We've
not so quietly started to shift away from a traditional
Sunday schedule, uh to more.

Speaker 1 (01:17:48):
This is like the NFL's primetime era. And and the.

Speaker 2 (01:17:51):
More streamers that have that are involved, the more mouths
there are to feed, the more days of the week
that are being used. That it's it's creating schedule havoc
that we've never seen before because the schedule makers. And
maybe that helps us to explain why the schedule, based
on what we heard with some reports, ended up being
delayed a week because they're like, how do we make

this all work anyway? Warren't sharp of short football Puts
had this little data point since nineteen ninety four total
a total nineteen ninety four.

Speaker 1 (01:18:21):
How long ago was that thirty years ago?

Speaker 2 (01:18:23):
A total of three teams over thirty one years played
at least seven games where their opponent had over one
week to prepare three and thirty one years. This year alone,
there are two teams who play seven games versus opponents
who have over one week to prepare. Two teams with
seven plus games. The Patriots are on the other side,
greg they play zero. The Chargers. Here we go six

games versus teams with extra rest and prep for them,
zero games versus teams with short prep. The Patriots zero
games versus teams with extra rest and prep for them.
Three games versus teams with short prep. So my point being,
I get it. Listen, the NFL is here, They're making money,
and everyone loves the primetime games, but it feels like

it's adding in in terms of look at my Jets
for it, and they have six primetime games in eleven
weeks to start the season, and they're flying all over
the place to do this. It is a major challenge
for the schedule makers and your boy Mike North to
try to figure out how to make this fair because
it's quite simply not as simple as it used to

be the way the schedule is laid out.

Speaker 5 (01:19:30):
I like I think number one, there's they're already were
costs to all this because like it's just a it
just inched up by derivations, more so this season. But
like players, I listen to what the players say about it,
and it's it's their the health. It's like the rest
is not just like someone's going to get there and
like strategize their way to a win. It's like the
players of an extra two or three days to rest.

I think that matters so much towards the end of
the season. And yet it's like asking like a seven
thirty seven to suddenly stop in mid air and turn
around and go the other way.

Speaker 1 (01:19:59):
Like it's not changing.

Speaker 5 (01:20:00):
It's just not going to change because at least not
anytime soon, because it's the money. It's like, oh, no matter,
we can put a schedule release out on the same
day as the NBA playoffs and blow them.

Speaker 1 (01:20:11):
Out of the water.

Speaker 5 (01:20:12):
So it's like why stop, And like I don't think
there is a lack of care for certain like people involved,
namely the players and coaches.

Speaker 1 (01:20:19):
In their lives.

Speaker 4 (01:20:20):
But there's also no way that they're going to be
able to make this completely fair for every single team
with all of the different iterations, like they try.

Speaker 2 (01:20:28):
They have to give up something to get something right. Yeah,
but to give up some of this the competitive balance.
Quite frankly, you're getting millions upon millions of dollars in
primetime victories.

Speaker 6 (01:20:39):
It kind of it reminded me as you were discussing it.
It's a good point to raise of the NBA because
in the NBA, there's so many what they call schedule
losses where one team's on the fourth on a back
to back, on the road, third night in four games,
and the other one's been resting for like three days
and just waiting for it. And like, being an NBA fan,

you almost have to have this context of like where
your schedule is and where the other one is, and like, oh,
that's a fine lot. Like some losses aren't real losses
because it's just like you were in such a tough
spot you can't overcome it. You know, you hope that
that all evens out over the course of an NBA season.
In this case, there's so few games. I don't know
if it evens out. We need a little more research
on like how much does this affect these teams and

on the records versus the rest.

Speaker 2 (01:21:25):
Yeah, the NBA also they and it's an issue because
fans paid top dollars to go to the games and
then Lebron's.

Speaker 1 (01:21:30):
Not playing it's a rest day.

Speaker 2 (01:21:32):
And it's like you could do that because it's a
you know, eighty two game season or whatever in the NFL,
like every game, even now that we're at seventeen, it's
so precious these games.

Speaker 1 (01:21:42):
So it is it's something, all right, v Connie, Okay,
football is completely different than basketball.

Speaker 2 (01:21:48):
Good that's a nice final point to put on it, Mark,
good work, Colleen.

Speaker 4 (01:21:52):
All Right, so you grabbed my Kyle Pitts one earlier,
so I had to pivot off of volu and we're
going with vicissitudes instead, and the many vicissitudes.

Speaker 3 (01:22:07):
That former Jets quarterbacks have made.

Speaker 4 (01:22:09):
And in this exercise, it will be watching two in particular,
so a competition in Minnesota between Sam Darnold and JJ
McCarthy and then the competition between Jared's Didham and Zach
Wilson and Bo Nix in Denver. Now that one isn't
exactly a heated one. But still, these quarterbacks have been

through a lot on their journey, not always the best situations,
but they've dealt with some adversity, and now we'll see
if they're able to weather the storm and come out
on top.

Speaker 2 (01:22:40):
The cistitude a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one
that is unwelcome or you.

Speaker 1 (01:22:46):
Just rewrote that during the show.

Speaker 6 (01:22:47):
Yeah, I mean in the very impressive the changing topic
sort of has you know a good example of a
vicissitude of my topic here, I believe because it's sort
of related.

Speaker 1 (01:23:01):
I I do have a vital for w Yeah for w.

Speaker 6 (01:23:05):
Yeah, my w is wanton, which is a It's a
versatile word. It can mean a lot of things. I'm
not talking about the soup, right, you know, the dumpling.
It can mean like with wanton disregard like you're just
totally wanton. Yeah, like like it deliberate. It's say it
either way. You were saying vicissitude is all crazy too.

Speaker 1 (01:23:28):
We were just we're blowing it. We're blowing it.

Speaker 6 (01:23:33):
I thought you saidudes, I think just vicissitudes.

Speaker 1 (01:23:36):
Yeah, there's no tea in the middle.

Speaker 5 (01:23:37):
There is there is a t wanton.

Speaker 6 (01:23:41):
Yeah, but one of the one of the definitions though
on Yeah, that was ahead. One of the definitions is
kind of is lustful that you know, you have that
wanton like desire, libidd inness, wanton desire, lavicious. You know,
there's a lot of words like that. And that's how
the Vikings fan base is going to be about JJ
McCarthy by the time we get to meet week one,

much less by the time he plays I found.

Speaker 5 (01:24:04):
A sentenced Greg to help you. Her peeks burned as
she recalled how forward she had been.

Speaker 1 (01:24:08):
How wanton. Yeah, do you understand the context now, Dan? Oh? Absolutely,
Well I know the word okay, And.

Speaker 6 (01:24:17):
So when you're ordering like a medium wanton.

Speaker 1 (01:24:22):
That was a bad job.

Speaker 2 (01:24:23):
You have a medium wanton soup. That's what I do. See,
I have it wrung the other way.

Speaker 3 (01:24:28):
I was thinking about a fortune cookie this whole time.
I was just totally different too.

Speaker 1 (01:24:32):
I blew it.

Speaker 6 (01:24:33):
These Vikings fans they're gonna they're just gonna be hot
for this kid.

Speaker 13 (01:24:36):

Speaker 6 (01:24:37):
If you think about quarterback history with the Vikings, haven't
had a ton of homegrown guys. They had cull Pepper
for a minute, it was hot. They had Teddy. They
were very excited about Teddy. But other than that, since
like nineteen seventy seven, Tommy Kramer was the only first
round pick I could find it, he was like a
late pick that had to wait two years. They've all
be always been cycling through these older guys like Culpepper

wasn't old, but like for rat at one point in
his career of Farv Post Packers, Cousins, Post Washington, Keenum, Bradford,
it's like, now we got our own guy.

Speaker 1 (01:25:09):
They're gonna be They're just gonna be feeling. I agree.
That's why I was. I was bummed out. They're gonna
be ordered some.

Speaker 2 (01:25:15):
One JJ playing. I think he's gonna play Week one
most likely.

Speaker 1 (01:25:20):
I would think, well, yeah, I mean it just makes it.
It's really more on Sam Darnold to completely if he could.

Speaker 2 (01:25:26):
Do anything unless JJ really like bottoms out in training camp.

Speaker 1 (01:25:31):
It's a great situation though.

Speaker 6 (01:25:32):
Yeah, that could help Bradford to that way that maybe
he looks so good in camped up they're like, all right,
let's let's see if his ceiling right now because he
has the experience, feels a little higher.

Speaker 1 (01:25:40):
Maybe we'll start out with him, but we'll see.

Speaker 2 (01:25:42):
All right, very good We are coming near the end
of the line.

Speaker 1 (01:25:47):
Right now, up next, Mark toughy x X is for
your ex lover from eleventh grade. Well, that's ex, I know,
but it's the X in ex. Got it? And Randy,
you're gonna to figure that out. A little bit of
a cheat.

Speaker 5 (01:26:02):
We're just going to move forward, and I am willing
to acknowledge I did well. Little did she or he,
depending your choice, Little did this person know that you
adored the National Football League? You quietly huddled away on
a desktop computer in your room, creating statistical reports long
before a pack of nerdlings cooked up EPA and various
dense nonsense to describe beauty. Of course, this was a

bad move. You should have hitched like to the fields
beyond the community center where said love interest was drinking
out of a solo cup with Matt Troy and fill
in the blank while you watch Clash of the Titans
on VHS. As you become more concrete in your desire
to track the prowess of Warren Moon, she becomes more
unhinged and lost to the wind. You call her up
and her dad answers, and it's like you're on the
phone with Mause tongue do you think today she or

he depending on who you are understands And we're cycling
back that Bryce Young will unanimously when comeback player of
the Year, while Dave Canalis nabs Coach of the Year
for a Panthers team that carves out nine wins.

Speaker 1 (01:27:02):
Tepper be tingling.

Speaker 3 (01:27:06):
Great end and.

Speaker 5 (01:27:06):
We've already discussed the topic, so we don't necessarily need to.

Speaker 6 (01:27:10):
One topic that we that Dan and I especially like
to hit on repeatedly is Mark's strategy with these crazy predictions.
This is even for him, is in this show where
it's not really about predictions, for him to sort of
drop in five predictions that no one will ever remember
in less one of them hits, and then he'll bring

it up.

Speaker 5 (01:27:32):
So that's like what you've done thousand times. You've gained that.

Speaker 1 (01:27:36):
I respect it.

Speaker 2 (01:27:38):
Well, good luck to you on that one. Yeah, that
you're spamming like.

Speaker 6 (01:27:42):
I am, because by by August these will not be
your predictions.

Speaker 1 (01:27:47):
No, he'll go the other way. Well, life changes.

Speaker 2 (01:27:49):
But if Bryce were kidnapped, but if they're seven and
four in November, there's.

Speaker 1 (01:27:54):
A lot of narrative.

Speaker 5 (01:27:55):
There's a lot of narratives behind that if, but but
if in that case, and to be clear, you're talking
about the nineteen eighty one version of Class of the Titans,
not the twenty ten no VHS, neither.

Speaker 1 (01:28:06):
Of which old school.

Speaker 5 (01:28:07):
It's like the first thing that I saw on VHS
back in the day when.

Speaker 1 (01:28:11):
I was in middle school. I lost to a girl
in wrestling. Ew.

Speaker 4 (01:28:15):
I was just trying to think the whole time who
my boyfriend was in eleventh grade?

Speaker 3 (01:28:18):
Can anyone remember boyfriend?

Speaker 6 (01:28:21):
Of course you remember who I did eleventh year, June
your year, you can't remember.

Speaker 3 (01:28:30):
I don't really remember my childhood.

Speaker 1 (01:28:31):
Wow, toughy. You got have to talk to Andrea about
it that.

Speaker 3 (01:28:34):
I feel like I'm really high.

Speaker 1 (01:28:36):
On live All right, let's go to letter Why uh.

Speaker 4 (01:28:45):
That you?

Speaker 1 (01:28:47):
It is? It is? Oh? Why for?

Speaker 2 (01:28:50):
This is from the movie John Wick or maybe the
sequel Why is For? You leave me no choice but
to declare you ex communicado. Yeah, yeah, we can't have
Harrison Bucker in the Kicker Club anywhere we got. He's
gotta go, he's gotta go. We're gonna We're gonna slide

him out of the club.

Speaker 1 (01:29:16):
That's all. He's excommunicado.

Speaker 3 (01:29:18):
I don't think anyone's fighting you on that.

Speaker 2 (01:29:20):
Well, you'd be surprised. But we're gonna move him out.
He's gonna have to do a penance. He's on the
outside of the velvet ropes moving forward.

Speaker 6 (01:29:29):
It's a great honor and it's a privilege, and it's
up to you.

Speaker 1 (01:29:34):
More than anyone who gets in and row.

Speaker 2 (01:29:36):
You're the bouncer, right, And it brings me a note
because he's in a tremendous kicker, but get him out.
It makes me think of the old Peyton Manning SoundBite
from the Pro Bowl those years.

Speaker 6 (01:29:47):
Ago about Mike vander Jack. The old Mike vander Jack
line reminds me of that one key going.

Speaker 1 (01:29:56):
Which takes us to letter.

Speaker 4 (01:30:01):
Z z z is it out Connie z is for
zeal As In how Brock Party is approaching this off season.
He finally has a full off season as the starter.
His rookie season, it was Trey Lance that was there.
He was just learning the playbook when OTAs began in

year two, he was still recovering from the UCL And
now here they are fresh off of a Super Bowl
loss but Super Bowl appearance, and now he gets the
full off season healthy to get everything in line.

Speaker 5 (01:30:37):
For this year, and they did not trade Brandon Ayute,
they did not move on from Deebo Samuel Like he
also brock Party has bulked up. I think it's like
for a lot of these quarterbacks, like you need a
couple off seasons to figure out exactly. And he already
was kind of thick like in general, but like he
is bulked up. And like I like any quarterback three
years running in Shanahan's offense.

Speaker 6 (01:30:57):
And I do like if he's gonna be my avatar,
you know, as an NFL quarterback, that he's bulking up.
That were not just these little little children.

Speaker 3 (01:31:06):
Bulking season.

Speaker 2 (01:31:09):
Is not a trope that quarterback x beefs up for
biggest year ever.

Speaker 3 (01:31:15):
I mean, unless you unless're Lamar Jackson.

Speaker 6 (01:31:17):
I mean yeah, Like I think the losing it was
a trope for him though two years ago it just
didn't worry out. Yeah, he just decided to bring it back.
He's also coming off you know, probably his worst three
game stretch of the season happened to be the playoffs.
I think he played well enough in the Conference championship
and title game, but he I mean in the Conference

championship in the Super Bowl. But I think he wants
to play at a higher level than he did.

Speaker 2 (01:31:42):
And if this is, if this is who he is,
which is good, that wouldn't be surprising either. I mean
he is he was a you know, mister irrelevant for
a reason. It's not like we should expect him to
now keep developing into.

Speaker 1 (01:31:55):
The next Tom Brady.

Speaker 2 (01:31:57):
Like maybe this just is Rock Party who's a good
quoest quarterback, and especially when he's in the system, but
he's not going to be the guy that's special. And
is that enough for these Niners to finally get over
the hump?

Speaker 6 (01:32:09):
I have some optimism that he can continue to improve
because I think if he was drafted in the second
round or the first round and like Tuahead put up
the two seasons that he just put up, like we
would look at a guy entering his third year who
improved a lot from year one to year two, which
is easy to forget, like he was a lot better
last year overall, and that he can continues keeping it
going and he's in the best situation maybe in the

entire NFL.

Speaker 5 (01:32:29):
I was like, if he hit the ground like running
the way he did, like I think it can improve
because like to do that that quickly like tells me that, like,
we don't know what else he can do, right. I
think it's only because of the draft stock in a
situation that we're kind of like punching holes, are looking
for something that might be fool's gold, and it's like
we are in fairness.

Speaker 2 (01:32:49):
It's also play which there have been you know, it
hasn't always been incredible. There have been moments where it's like, Okay,
is this the guy? Is this truly the guy they
hope he can be. I don't think he's been flawless.
I don't think he was flawless wawless.

Speaker 5 (01:33:05):
But it's also like I could point to like ten
first round picks that have had streets.

Speaker 1 (01:33:10):
No, he's already a hit. I mean he's a huge
hit for them regardless. I don't know.

Speaker 2 (01:33:14):
I'm not even arguing anything other than this idea that
he has to continue to get better and better, that
maybe he is like Jared Goff level good, and if
he is is not enough, It's.

Speaker 6 (01:33:24):
Funny how different we would look at him if, like
they the protection was better on that third and four
play where Chris Jones just got in fresh And the
more I've watched that, it's like that's really not on
pretty in any way. It just was a tough spot
that like if he hits that throw, then he just
and granted it was the drive is mostly about McCaffrey anyway,
so it's it's always tough to pull out. But either

way he would have come up with a touchdown, you know,
winning drive.

Speaker 4 (01:33:51):

Speaker 2 (01:33:51):
He I think you were pointing out that he had
a terrible game on Christmas against the Ravens, you know,
lit up a terrible Washington team at the end of
the regular seat and then in the playoffs the three
games that were you know, three games of sub ninety
passer rating.

Speaker 6 (01:34:05):
Cockers game was bad, Like they should have lost that game,
and then that would have been a different narrative that
people would have been blaming him.

Speaker 2 (01:34:11):
Right, So he didn't light it up in January and
into February. But listen, huge hit for them that this
guy kind of saved their butts in so many ways
when they whiffed so badly on Trey Lance.

Speaker 1 (01:34:20):
And and let's see if you can build on it.
We did it his life.

Speaker 6 (01:34:26):
You know what, we're only doing two shows a week.
We're gonna give him a nice meaty sandwich that you
can throw around the office.

Speaker 1 (01:34:34):
They'll be tossing it around all right.

Speaker 2 (01:34:36):
Any final thought, Colleen, you've said a visualization unnecessary.

Speaker 3 (01:34:40):
The food fights in the.

Speaker 6 (01:34:42):
The meaty sandwich. Most people hear that and they like
get hungry.

Speaker 3 (01:34:46):
Yeah, I'm starving.

Speaker 1 (01:34:47):
It's the way I am say it right, unrewarded.

Speaker 5 (01:34:51):
You didn't like the actual the inflection of it. Yeah, okay,
I didn't dislike it. I just think it takes you
to a certain place.

Speaker 1 (01:34:57):
I asked Colleen if she had anything else to ask.
She said yes. So now the floor goes to Colleen Wolf.

Speaker 3 (01:35:03):
Do you guys want to get a sandwich after this?

Speaker 1 (01:35:06):
Yeah? Absolutely, Okay, I would love to. Mark.

Speaker 3 (01:35:09):
Mark has something he has to do.

Speaker 1 (01:35:11):
We'll see.

Speaker 3 (01:35:12):
I already know Mark's answer.

Speaker 1 (01:35:15):
This sounds like if Colleen has never asked this in show. Hey,
do you want to get a sandwich afterwards?

Speaker 3 (01:35:19):
I'm starving? Yeah, I'm so hungry.

Speaker 1 (01:35:21):
Dame, think about Colleen. This could be an important conversation.

Speaker 5 (01:35:25):
It's not a'm a I'm considering it right now.

Speaker 1 (01:35:30):
Fuck hit it. That seems like it's going in the
right direction. We're up to you.

Speaker 3 (01:35:36):
I'm considering how do I say it vicissitudes.

Speaker 4 (01:35:39):
Is that not Rightsitude wanitudesitudes he the call
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