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May 10, 2024 60 mins

In a room full of heroes - Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler and Wolfe play America’s favorite guessing game Who Am I! But, before all the fun, our heroes discuss some news from around the league. The heroes start the show by sharing some details about the upcoming schedule release (5:20) , then Dan takes us on a journey as we revisit a historic NFL record and take a look at some newly discovered information that may bring its legitimacy into question (7:29). Next, we play everyone's favorite game, Who Am I (27:57). And finally, we go over some very important soccer news (54:32).

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
They around the NFL podcast. There's a quiet storm brewing
from the Chris Westling podcast studio. It's around the NFL.
I am Dan Hansis. I have heroes along for the ride,
Greg Rosehal and me are Sessler, but we are we

are not alone.

Speaker 2 (00:25):
I cannot stand what you've done already.

Speaker 3 (00:28):
What we opened the show previously and you did not
lace in that insulting intro of me, and then the
second time around we do it.

Speaker 2 (00:36):
You announce my name that way. Whoa incorrect?

Speaker 1 (00:41):
I love the way whoa cessdog coming in hot and
I love it to my right legend. Hey, everybody, it's
Colleen Woolf.

Speaker 2 (00:53):
Yes, got.

Speaker 1 (01:06):
Welcome back, Golleen, Thank you.

Speaker 4 (01:09):
This is kind of fun. Reminds me of high school
catchy little three eleven vibe.

Speaker 1 (01:12):
Yeah you had you had a lot of different phases
musically in your life.

Speaker 5 (01:17):
I have an eclectic mix of music that I really like.
And yeah, I was actually just I went to the
Beach Life Festival and her Mosa and they had the
Dirty Heads there, which remind me a lot of three eleven.
So I actually have been listening to a lot of
three eleven lately randomly.

Speaker 6 (01:33):
So this kind of like fits right in.

Speaker 4 (01:34):
I'm surprised that in ages well enough for getting repeat
listenings in the year twenty twenty four.

Speaker 5 (01:39):
It's more of like a beach vibe, like a three
eleven radio that brings in some other like reggae tones
and stuff too.

Speaker 1 (01:46):
Am I the only one person that doesn't hear three
eleven at all in that song? Really really hear it?
I hear like a a pop punk type vibe, almost
like a little maybe a little sky sneaking in there. Yeah, anyway,
good to see it.

Speaker 5 (02:03):
Well, Hey, god, I know Dan is sick, uh, and
it's already unnerving me a bit that he's sitting next
to me. Did not tell me that he had a
fever yesterday.

Speaker 3 (02:13):
I'd say, yes, he may be sick, but he's brave,
because it's brave to you know, you know, to you.
I know you were cuddled up under a quilt at
home with a fault tough Wednesday. Yeah, and but here
you are, and so it's like that says a lot
about you. But also you have exposed us to potential illness.

Speaker 5 (02:30):
So there's a good rebound though, Like, I'm surprised that
you were as.

Speaker 1 (02:34):
Sick as you say it isn't it is a good rebound.
I agree, I rebound. You say you were I I
My wife was giving My wife was giving me a
hard time this morning that I was perhaps taking the
symptoms too seriously, which was a total trap because I
know what she's trying to do. She's trying to I mean, listen,

she the old insinuation that men handhandle getting a cold.

Speaker 2 (03:02):
Is how she put it, the little c how I put.

Speaker 1 (03:04):
It, and then like she she wants me to then
say yeah, but women also complained about other things.

Speaker 2 (03:11):
Didn't do it, didn't take the cheese, didn't.

Speaker 3 (03:13):
Take that to your weekend maybe intellectual state, you know,
physically and intellectually.

Speaker 2 (03:18):
She's trying to trap you, and you and you didn't
go on that road.

Speaker 1 (03:20):
I didn't. I literally I didn't have the strength to
do it, but I want.

Speaker 4 (03:23):
It was in like a phantom thread situation where she
truly only loves you when.

Speaker 6 (03:27):
You're sickond exactly what she was doing.

Speaker 1 (03:30):
She does not love me when I'm sick, all right,
today's show. Also the only thing I did do too
to enrage her when she was getting for work is
I put on I Am the Warrior by Patti I
just put it on loop until she came in and said,
I get it.

Speaker 6 (03:47):
God bless Emily, honestly, Jesus Saint.

Speaker 1 (03:50):
All right, today's show. Here we go. It is May ninth.
That's an interesting time in the calendar. Interesting in the
fact that it's not a very interesting time on the calendar.
But we're gonna have fun because we're gonna do a
little bit of a news in a bit. We're gonna
have a fun seg I feel like a high level
a potential breakdown here in communication, Like, well, Connie, get

why is.

Speaker 6 (04:12):
It on me?

Speaker 1 (04:12):
Why is it?

Speaker 6 (04:13):
I don't like this pattern of me being a problem.

Speaker 2 (04:19):
I'm sorry. I'm just saying, maybe.

Speaker 6 (04:21):
Greg gets it wrong, maybe Mark gets it wrong. Maybe
you have a different than all of us.

Speaker 4 (04:25):
Dan to go first, to set them back, and then
I'm going to follow it. And I want to just
see how Mark's simmering nature to start the show, how
that continue?

Speaker 2 (04:35):
That was you came in real hot. I don't like
I don't like that the way that you which.

Speaker 1 (04:39):
One was it?

Speaker 4 (04:39):
I mean, I know why, it's because we we were
on It builds slowly. It's like a boiler boiling pot
of water. As we get further and further away from
the original estimated time to start the show.

Speaker 5 (04:53):
A til hour before we actually start the program, so
we do like a little mingling from that was.

Speaker 1 (05:00):
Our computers, like the show needs the simmer a little
bit before the MIC's turn on, and you guys are
all going to be the beneficiaries of a tremendous show.
The schedule release, by the way, and I am so
annoyed about hearing about when the schedule's coming out, as
if it's the be all end all, but we still

don't know the exact day, although we kind of do
know the exact day, but it has been officially announced,
so it's coming out next week as we understand it.
So originally there was an idea that it might be
around Now it's going to be next week and then
we'll talk about it then. So there's your update on
the release. All right, Let's get to the news. First,
Humbling pads, stop.

Speaker 7 (05:40):
Sucking sackch lot kind of film history.

Speaker 1 (05:48):
Lot has tied Michael Strahan's single season record twenty two
and a half sacks. Let me just start. Let me
just start by saying thank you to the listeners of
our show who are always so supportive of my bottomless

well of pitybull. I have to say, you people make
sure I see the things that need to be seen,
and I appreciate you for that. With that said, what
you heard right there was t J wat taking down
not Lamar Jackson. That was Ty Huntley for sack number
twenty two and a half in the twenty twenty one season.
That tied, as you heard, what was that the bird? No,
that was iron eagle.

Speaker 2 (06:30):
Yeah, I mean a type of bird. But yeah, what
was the old when.

Speaker 1 (06:33):
It was Fouts and iron Eagle? What were they?

Speaker 2 (06:35):
The bird and the bird and the beard, bird and
the beard.

Speaker 1 (06:38):
Anyway, that tied Michael Straighthand's NFL record that had been
set twenty years earlier, a record mark. As you know,
I've been very vocal and consistent in denigrating because Brett Favre,
for those that don't know, slid at straight hands feet
and a pre orchestrated flop job to give him the
record that was previously held for nothing by Jet's great

Mark Gesino. Anyway, get out the red string, because this
story goes even deeper. Let's head to it. Let me
see it. From Jaguar gait or nine on Twitter. Okay,
while researching for this video, I may have uncovered something
absolutely insane. I don't think Michael Strahan's sack record from
two thousand and one is legitimate. He didn't have twenty
two and a half sacks. It was a stat error.

And no, I'm not talking about Brett farv sak in
week seventeen. Next tweet, and he goes on to show
this play from Week eight against the Cowboys counted as
a sack for Straighthan clinch Storner snaps the ball with
the forty four yard line, he makes it to the
forty three and a half yard line, He gains half
a yard. You can even see it on the official,

the official on the near side ahead of where the
original line of scrimmage was. And yet despite the quarterback
gaining yardage, they credited straighthand with the sack. Well that's
a wait, And what week was that sack? That was?
Week eight?

Speaker 2 (07:56):
Okay against the Cowboy. Can they go back and change that?

Speaker 1 (07:59):
No, but we can.

Speaker 2 (08:00):
We can just no longer recognize that.

Speaker 4 (08:03):
And I think, as you know an NFL podcast, at
the league, we have some influence and we can be
the change that we want to see in the world.

Speaker 6 (08:13):
Fare reality is completely shattered.

Speaker 2 (08:15):
Prince Yeah, Prince would said that. Yeah, So what are
your thoughts on that one?

Speaker 3 (08:19):
Well, I think number one, let's talk about the fact
that it's an incredible piece of you know, eleventh hour journalism,
not even the eleventh hour the next day.

Speaker 2 (08:28):
I mean, this happened a long time ago.

Speaker 1 (08:30):
Apparently this is an unrelated project project that Jaguar Gator
nine was working on, and you just stumbled upon a
historic malfunction in the in the stat keeping of the
National football.

Speaker 3 (08:41):
I'm impressed, and I think it's another example of not
just your bravery Dan to be here today, but this
is a case you've been on personally for a long time.
And while you also not unlike others, pointed to the
farv sac, you could sense that something else was a
miss all along, and Jaguar Gator nine has helped you
in that effort.

Speaker 6 (09:00):
That was your intuition talking to you, Dan, He's helped us,
He's helped us all.

Speaker 2 (09:04):
Thank you your intuition or this guy men.

Speaker 1 (09:08):
Taking any credit for it. I'm saying Jaguar gate or
nine deserves all of the credit. And you know who
deserves none of the credit. Michael Strahan because I really
I'm down to take two sacks away. If we are
the we're the tastemakers here, let's knock them down to
twenty and a half.

Speaker 5 (09:23):
Maybe we should investigate all of these records, honestly, Well, do.

Speaker 4 (09:26):
You take anything about every rushing play that's basically ever
happened in the NFL? You know there's some it was
that it's when it's three and a half yards? Do
you give him four? Do you give him three?

Speaker 2 (09:37):
It's like, who's how how on top of things are
we really on all this stuff? Do you get to
Do you get credit for a sec if you get
back to the line of scrimmage?

Speaker 1 (09:47):
No, I don't.

Speaker 4 (09:48):
I don't think so, right, No, once it's at the
line of scrimmage, you don't get it. And that sounds
like this case is one where.

Speaker 2 (09:53):
He's closer to gaining a full yard than half yard?

Speaker 3 (09:55):
Wouldn't it be on Michael Strahan who's still alive and
with us, and you know is the thinking individual to
say accountability?

Speaker 1 (10:02):
I can't.

Speaker 2 (10:02):
I can't claim this record. Yes, that's the next step,
and I'm sure someone will reach out.

Speaker 6 (10:07):
To well, how you guys reached out? Maybe that's the
not yet.

Speaker 1 (10:11):
Well it is, it is. We were talking about this,
what was the story How the NFL when it's slow,
the news that does come up starts to snowball fast
because there's nothing else to talk about. Someone's going to
reach out to Strayhand very quickly on this and we'll
see if he could be mad enough to acknowledge the truth.

Speaker 4 (10:27):
There also was remember back in the day, and this
was a big storyline on this podcast, that Al Baker
was actually the unofficial holder.

Speaker 1 (10:36):
We yeah, spent I think we had a Baker, we had.
We spent a solid week on this.

Speaker 4 (10:42):
Al Baker in nineteen seventy eight had the unofficial record
before they kept track of Sax and we wanted to
recognize him.

Speaker 1 (10:48):
So this really is a passion project for you, Dane.
No limits to the pettiness. All right, let's get to
the rest of the news. Greg, explain to me how
this works. So the Patriots are continuing to interview for
executive vice president of player personnel. They have not had

this team an official general manager since nineteen ninety that's silly.
Bill Belichick was the de facto GM while he was
there forever. Same with barcels Elliott Wolfe this off season
was the de facto enough with the de facto. Yeah,
by the way, can't down a little bit with de
facto anyway. So this team is not looking for a GM,

but they are looking for the EVP of player personnel.
I don't know why that guy's not in place before
the draft exactly, but who's it going to be and
why is it happening in the middle of men.

Speaker 4 (11:44):
I think other people in the NFL that were asked
to interview for this job believe it's going to be
Elliott wolf and so they refuse the interview. Pro Football
Tek's been writing all the different people that have Oh yes,
this is our lead news I think, right, but it
is ridiculous. It's just sort of a note that like
they're probably going through a charad to then land on

well and if not, then they just let Elliott wolf
run the draft and made these important decisions. And it
does does make you wonder exactly like what's going on here?
Who's making these decisions? Like, let's be definitive, is this
because of the Rooney rule?

Speaker 1 (12:20):
That could be that could be part of it that
they have to why he's Connie Way to sniff it out,
But I.

Speaker 5 (12:27):
Would think that the Rooney rule would have a rule
within the rule that it would have to be done
before the draft.

Speaker 7 (12:33):

Speaker 4 (12:33):
Well, I guess this is the time of year that
scouting departments and general managers do often change or whatever.
But it does seem a little outrageous. And there's there's
been talk of like, who's who's making all the decisions here?
Just when I when I give a GM job too,
Even when Peter Carroll was there, they didn't.

Speaker 1 (12:50):
I mean, you have a lead executive. Who was it
with Pete Carroll?

Speaker 4 (12:54):
Gosh, I forget his name, Greer I believe is Bobby
Greer was his name so like, and there was clashes
between him and the coach and Pete Carrow, And so
you gotta look, you gotta look.

Speaker 2 (13:05):
And wonder who's making the decisions.

Speaker 1 (13:07):
It's Farred asked that question Greg. In other news, after
playing the Chiefs in two straight AFC title games, Joe
Burrow had to sit out last year for most of
it anyway, including the most important games of the year,
because he suffered that terrible risk and I want to mess.
Twenty twenty three was one injury after another at the

game's most important positions, many of them right on island games.
Who could forget Burrow bending over, doubling over in pain
after trying to do a warm up throw on the sideline.
Imagine as a Bengals fan the way you felt at
that moment. Anyway, that Thursday night game it was. And
now he's back, he's ready to return. He's ready to

kind of get back to where he was, which is
Patrick Mahomes's number one nemesis. Here's what he said at
a Tuesday press conference when asked about the defending back
to back champion Chiefs. They were great.

Speaker 8 (14:00):
Their defense was one of the best in the league.
They have great players on that side of the ball.
And then obviously they got Patrick and Travis in their
ow line and those playmakers, so you know, they're they're
the gold standard. Right now, everybody's chasing them. Obviously they're
back to back world champs. Somebody's got to knock them off.

Speaker 1 (14:16):
I'm hoping it's us. At the risk of repeating myself,
I've said multiple times on the show, what a bummer
it was when Burrow and the Bengals exited from the
conversation last year, because they are such a great foil
and challenger to the Chiefs, and you get the feeling
that Burrow, who, by the way we're hearing, is really
gone next level and training and as.

Speaker 5 (14:37):
He looks to oh, yeah, he's not skipping any meals,
that's what no meals being skipped.

Speaker 1 (14:41):
This is called back. He's up, a little bit bulked up.
All those old tropes are in play. But with Burrow,
I kind of buy in because I think he's that
type of killer.

Speaker 3 (14:49):
They are the team that they knocked off the Chiefs
in the AFC title game. They've beaten them in each
of them. They beat them in the regular season two
years ago and three years ago. We're more than the
b so I see them as the better challenger. But
I'll say this last year like, you're in a division
where you came in fourth, so there's three other teams
you need to take care of first. And one of

those teams went through about six quarterbacks and made the playoffs.
The others was the Steelers who decided their starter shouldn't
be the starter about eight minutes after the season ended.

Speaker 2 (15:18):
So I get it, but come on, says it, Well,
it's a team this.

Speaker 3 (15:22):
Point to win in the Willows, and just a win
gus to talk about someone's got to take over the Chiefs, Like,
we get that, that's not news.

Speaker 5 (15:28):
It is interesting that within that same division you have
Joe Burrow who's bulking up and he's saying that he's
seen results and he's not. He's got his meal schedule
on and everything else. And then Lamar Jackson, who is
slimming down and doing the opposite.

Speaker 4 (15:42):
He leaning he said he's down at two o five,
he like twenty pounds, like fifteen pounds. Yeah, that's a
lot surprising.

Speaker 2 (15:48):
Uh was Burrow not on a diet plan before this offseason.

Speaker 4 (15:52):
I think he just maybe the rehabs adding some weight.
That Bengals team last year wasn't going anywhere because the
defense stunk.

Speaker 1 (15:59):
A's fir.

Speaker 4 (15:59):
I mean, that's the It's not the only reason they
made the super Bowl, but it's the main reason they
made the super Bowl. They carried Joe Burrow in some ways,
who had maybe his worst, you know, three game stretch
of the year in the playoffs before the Super Bowl.
I also noticed he was getting creative. And I don't
think Mark or any of us would like this, because
I'll put myself into that. He suggested talking about the
potential eighteen game schedule if that happens. He also wants

like a second bye week in there at some point,
So we're really pushing this, pushing.

Speaker 6 (16:26):
This schedule releases. I do.

Speaker 4 (16:28):
I like the second I like the second bye week
better than the eighteenth game. Just add a second by
for everyone. If you want to add a week, don't
add a game. And that that does make the week,
the season longer, and then you finish and you have
a national holla.

Speaker 3 (16:41):
Well, we know that, we know that's happening, and I
think it's where the season is going to stretch nearly
into March at this point.

Speaker 1 (16:47):
That just that's life. That's how it's gonna work.

Speaker 6 (16:49):
And that would pick the one work out for the
international games, though too, well.

Speaker 3 (16:53):
There will be nine of those. So I mean it's
like I think, let's just let's start like push against it.

Speaker 1 (16:57):
It's just happening. Yeah, exactly. It's a slow creep. By
the way, because I have a tradition with my bosom
buddy Bob and our families we go to Big Bear
that President's Day weekend, and.

Speaker 2 (17:08):
Five years ago it was two weeks clear of the
Super Bowl.

Speaker 1 (17:11):
In the last couple of years, It's been now one
week clear of the Super Bowl, and now whenever the
next labor agreement or whatever it is, comes in, it
will be that week and there will be no more
trips Mark to Big Bear, no more memories.

Speaker 3 (17:23):
It will be see at the game. You will have
different memories. They'll be very different.

Speaker 5 (17:27):
It really gives me extra anxiety with tax season two.
Like the more the NFL season spans, the more like
the deadline gets closer and time to figure things out.

Speaker 4 (17:39):
The season ends and it's just sax talk life stuff, transactions.
Tyler Boyd is off the market. The wide receiver goes
to the Titans. Okay, it's a nice little signing for Tennessee.
On May night, Alan Robinson signs with the Giants. Who
cares Andrew's pete the offensivelignment of the Raiders. By the way,

while we're here, big Funk, how are you, Bud?

Speaker 1 (18:06):
What's up? How's it going? So let's hear it? Sorry, well,
you know, funk is if the listeners have noted, I
don't know if we've brought it up, but ATPs him
and his wife are getting very close to the arrival
of the baby. So now you have let's hear it, dude. Yeah,

now you have Funk help us out every Thursday behind
the glass very capably.

Speaker 6 (18:33):
I love this.

Speaker 1 (18:34):
He's doing great.

Speaker 2 (18:39):
Listen to that so Funk, I kind of forgot what
I was gonna say.

Speaker 1 (18:42):
Oh yeah, that's what I from brain Funk.

Speaker 2 (18:47):
I do like when you just clear your throat every
five minutes or so?

Speaker 1 (18:50):
Can you? Can you pull up the Raybeards roster. Let's
see who's lily had?

Speaker 6 (18:56):
Like a partition I could put up between me and Dan.

Speaker 2 (18:58):
You could be like, cut it up all you.

Speaker 1 (19:04):
Here's his own little boot. What are rapping at?

Speaker 2 (19:07):
Gary Cooper?

Speaker 1 (19:08):
The Graveyards roster which we put together as a group
about a month ago. Now I want to say who's left.
Let's see Bryan Tannehill and Blaine Gabbert at quarterback. Tyler
Zeke is now signed by the Cowboys. Jack McKinnon still
around wide receivers. Odell he is off the market, Boyd
and he's now off the market. Michael Thomas still.

Speaker 2 (19:27):
Out there, one on one on the top, one on one.

Speaker 1 (19:29):
MVS available, tight ends, Logan Thomas, m Marcedes Lewis available.
Skills like a quizz, big bone, Randy a kicker, eternally available.

Speaker 2 (19:40):
Sean Let's said, we did sixty seven.

Speaker 4 (19:45):
Andrews Pete's taking out, but yeah, most of them are
are still stuff Gilmore still there a lot of cornerbacks.
Zavian Howard's another one we mentioned the other day. Tyler
Boyd is actually a meaningful signing. I feel like for
this late in the mix, I think that's a good
move because they're thin. DeAndre Hopkins okay, number one at
this point of his year, I mean his career, but

a got a good starter. Calvin Ridley's solid starter, a
little inconsistent but made a lot of money for a reason,
but it was a pretty big fall. I think the
Treylon Burks is now probably number four.

Speaker 2 (20:16):
Yeah, I think Burks has taking a seat to some degree.

Speaker 4 (20:19):
Yeah, I think it's where he should be. Is maybe
not a seat, but like you've thrown thirty snaps a game, you.

Speaker 2 (20:24):
Get him in the mix.

Speaker 6 (20:25):
I love that offensive coordinator.

Speaker 1 (20:27):
We talked about the floutest Signetti, Frank Signetti. We talked
about the flouted.

Speaker 3 (20:31):
Yeah, medieval times, this is how floutess actually sound.

Speaker 2 (20:36):
That can we not sleep on the sacks Man? You couldn't.

Speaker 1 (20:39):
You couldn't.

Speaker 2 (20:40):
They really work well together.

Speaker 4 (20:42):
Little you're making me wonder because Walker is in the
decision making process. They have to choose an instrument for
orchestra next year, oh, or do chorus, but he doesn't
want to do that.

Speaker 2 (20:53):
Don't go, so don't go flute now, Sachs.

Speaker 4 (20:57):
I think flute. Though you guys are talking up the
flute the food it's light. I'm thinking more what's the
heaviest to carry to school?

Speaker 5 (21:04):
I always wanted to play the saxophone, and you can
like jam out to the saxophone saxophone at a wedding.

Speaker 4 (21:09):
Have you ever actually played the saxophone as someone who
played some ORNs back, I mean kind of it sucks.

Speaker 6 (21:14):
You were honking?

Speaker 2 (21:15):
Yeah, what do you mean?

Speaker 1 (21:17):
You played some porns?

Speaker 4 (21:18):
Remember, like our school was similar that everyone had to
play an instrument, right, And I tried the trumpet and
the saxophone. Oh this was now this and I was like,
this is terrible, and I switched. It's like hurts your lips,
you know, it's hard.

Speaker 1 (21:31):

Speaker 7 (21:32):
I did trumpet and trumpe.

Speaker 1 (21:33):
Yeah, it's not fun.

Speaker 5 (21:34):

Speaker 1 (21:34):
Yeah. I played tuba. I did tuba.

Speaker 7 (21:36):
I played tuba the novelty of it, and then then
it became me lugging a giant tube.

Speaker 2 (21:42):
This is what I'm talking.

Speaker 7 (21:43):
I was like, what a miss I don't even remember.
I was like in middle school, I had this big thing.
Our instruments were old.

Speaker 1 (21:48):
Oh my gosh, that's that we walked both the.

Speaker 3 (21:53):
So that's it's a big considering if you don't want
to be lugging around the immense instrument that you were
eventually leave in someone's car.

Speaker 1 (21:58):
And it's gone across like.

Speaker 4 (21:59):
A five year decision too, if you go do it
all through middle school, maybe to high school.

Speaker 1 (22:03):
If you were born in and about nineteen eighty, the
sacks by the late eighties was a very cool instrument
because it was all over music on the radio and
things of that nature. I'm still inter and I remember
I remember everyone when it was like who could sign
up for? Like Greg's talking about the band or whatever
music classes. Everyone wanted to get on the sacks And

I signed up too late, couldn't get sax lessons. But
then it turned out to be more like a criminal
punishment for all the kids that were able to sign
up because it was so hard.

Speaker 2 (22:33):
Apparently I quit so fast that it was like torture.

Speaker 1 (22:36):
And meanwhile, I'm just like an extended recess while they're
like in their own private hell, learn how to play
an impossible instrument. Awful.

Speaker 3 (22:43):
I went to school at a more realistic time where
they realized, like eighty seven percent of these people probably
have no music abilities. So I had the option to
take music history with a teacher named Mama hod Fu. Yeah,
Mama Hods would just play records and you sit in
the back row and don't do what. You don't know
what lickabusiness?

Speaker 2 (22:58):
What is your what is your theory? A more realistic time, well,
it's like the entire class learns how to play an instrument,
Like the vast.

Speaker 1 (23:05):
Majority of it all takes is one one kid that
really has a natural gift for it, and there's only
one way to find out. Mark you've got to give.
I didn't though access to music because music programs are
so important, h to.

Speaker 2 (23:18):
That's the education system.

Speaker 3 (23:20):
I'm not disagreeing with you. I don't have to believe
in every child in terms of every skill or ability.

Speaker 2 (23:24):
Wow, realism.

Speaker 6 (23:27):
I played the piano and I'm glad you're not educated.

Speaker 1 (23:29):
I'll put it that way.

Speaker 2 (23:31):
With that attitude, music history is valuable to I learned
a lot.

Speaker 4 (23:35):
I can't blame that, but I do like the idea
that everyone gets a shot if they want.

Speaker 2 (23:40):
Well, I can I in this conversation, Can I.

Speaker 1 (23:43):
Try a horn that now? You can?

Speaker 2 (23:45):
Don't be You got to be realistic, son, if they
want to. But you've got a bunch of people sitting
in like I do, do chorse, it's likely right.

Speaker 1 (23:51):
I am people.

Speaker 4 (23:53):
One thing I would say a life lesson from the
saxophone trumpet time was I think I quit that stuff
so fast, like never let your parents. You can't quit
things if you feel it in your gut.

Speaker 1 (24:03):
I was.

Speaker 4 (24:03):
I was to chorus weeks later, and I'm not a
good singer, and but it was a lot more fun.
You can hide to chorus.

Speaker 1 (24:10):

Speaker 5 (24:10):
Imagine if you had a drum set that was just
like put in front of you, how much would you have.

Speaker 6 (24:14):
Loved that as a kid.

Speaker 2 (24:15):
We've got some.

Speaker 4 (24:16):
Breaking news a trade on May nine? What and it's
a it's a trade worthy of May nine. The Rams
are sendering Super Bowl champion wide receiver on the field
during the game winning drive to win.

Speaker 2 (24:32):
The Super Bowl, Ben's Qronik to the Texans.

Speaker 1 (24:35):
Oh to trade.

Speaker 6 (24:37):
Wow, I'm speechless.

Speaker 2 (24:40):
Pull them in the desert over here. So they they
cut them, and then they didn't cut them.

Speaker 4 (24:44):
But they announced there was a report that they were
cutting him, and the Texans apparently then called him and said,
like we'll give you. Wow, what I've been guessing is
like a seventh round conditional type of pick.

Speaker 1 (24:54):
But Ben Skornick, when when Odell got hurt in the
Super Bowl, he was he was like thrust into a
major role at the end of that game. That what
I was saying, that was well, he was there, but
he was being targeted. I think he made one big
catch but also had a couple drops in the game.

Speaker 3 (25:10):
He vantished last year because a puka, but he was
an interesting like seventh round player.

Speaker 1 (25:15):
Therefore he played some seasons fall back.

Speaker 6 (25:16):
I believe last year was Yeah, Honnie good ug good
on special teams.

Speaker 1 (25:23):
All right, let's take a break and then we'll play
a little guess who. All right, we are back. It
is time now to have a little have a little fun.
Isn't that great? Colleen? He so important?

Speaker 6 (25:36):
That's great?

Speaker 1 (25:37):
How is what's going on with the summer of Connie?
I know, speaking of fun, what do you have planned
this summer?

Speaker 6 (25:42):
You know what we are, We're in the early stages
of things.

Speaker 5 (25:46):
The summer of Kanyie needs to unfold on its own,
like it's a more of an organic in the moment
type thing. So you kind of go wherever the world
pulls you at any given time. So sometimes having no plan,
but no tickets to grease this year, no tickets degrees.

Speaker 2 (26:01):
Yet this year not the play of the country.

Speaker 5 (26:04):
Yeah, exactly, So staying stateside for right now?

Speaker 1 (26:09):
All right, Well, we all we kind of lived through you,
so there's a little almost a little bit of pressure
for you to give give us that experience.

Speaker 3 (26:16):
She if I recall she talked about hosting a party
at her compound like like the hours after the draft ended.

Speaker 6 (26:23):
So that's that is true.

Speaker 5 (26:25):
And then also I feel like usually the kickoff happens
around the time that we do a remote for the show.

Speaker 1 (26:32):
Right hold your breath on the on that day, all right,
So the NFL schedule for that maybe not falling into
place this year, all right, but well we will have
a remote show. Cool, all right, let's get into it.
Let's it's a it's a game called Guess Who. We're
going to talk about some people in the NFL world

who you know. These are people that matter, put it
that way and veryone. Grab your whiteboard and a marker.
The key to this game is we take turns laying
out descriptions of this figure without trying to give it
away immediately. Wait until the end of the setup to

make your guests write it down on the board, and
then we'll see if you guys are able to guess
it correctly. I will get us going.

Speaker 6 (27:25):
Mark and I are making eyes at each other like, well,
I'm hoping.

Speaker 2 (27:29):
I did I did it, I did it the exercise.

Speaker 4 (27:31):
How are you feeling now that I've I thought we
would be guessing after each one, but now I'm going
to adjust.

Speaker 1 (27:37):
Okay, clue, we have multiple clues.

Speaker 2 (27:41):
Oh no, it's a it's it's a building.

Speaker 1 (27:44):
Tiered teers.

Speaker 4 (27:45):
We're all, we're all great improv actors. Like now it's
time to maybe kill the one that was too obvious
at the very end that I had ready.

Speaker 1 (27:53):
All right, hit it, funk, let's get into it. I
am an important figure in the landscape of pro football.

Speaker 2 (28:04):
Okay, it's literally anyone.

Speaker 1 (28:06):
The look the look.

Speaker 3 (28:08):
Greg just gonna take my white board out of You
should have seen the withering look that Mark just gave you.

Speaker 1 (28:12):
Greg when you started talking at.

Speaker 2 (28:14):
When when a share buddy?

Speaker 1 (28:15):
Because we all have one?

Speaker 2 (28:16):
Why would we found one under the table?

Speaker 6 (28:21):
I need I need a marker, but I don't want
you to touch it.

Speaker 1 (28:25):
All right, I, in case you missed it, am an
important figure in the landscape of pro football. Okay, I'm hot,
or maybe I'm not. Hm, it's actually hard to say.
Don't let people see your answer. My NFL career to

this point has not been a disappointment, but you know,
it's rarely been thrilling. I am I'm not the bust
or a direct hit. The heighs have been memorable, but
not iconic. The low's mostly forgettable or explained away. I'm
laying in the weeds right now, mostly forgotten. As other

players in my position group have assumed the mantle of
the next big thing, I still could be the next
big thing. Society moves so fast, and we tend to
make snap judgments on things that require more time to
effectively understand. You know what's up with that. I'm not
the type to run my mouth in the media or

write a dopey personal letter on Derek Jeeter's website. This
is me direct to the people. I'm filtered by anyone
booth enough, I'm actually largely formless in terms of personality,
which has some ways ascribed to kind of mystery to me. Still,
I remain a figure of legitimate intrigue and immense promise.

Who am I? All right, we're gonna go around. Feel
very confident?

Speaker 2 (29:56):
All right, well let me go to you third then, Okay,
let's start with Colleie.

Speaker 6 (30:01):
I almost want to hear the clues again, but I
know that's not part.

Speaker 1 (30:03):
Of the listening experience, and those at home could play along. Obviously,
the game has layers.

Speaker 5 (30:10):
Okay, I'm going to say that it is a quarterback,
and that's correct. The first quarterback I wrote, give us
a ding, Sam Howell.

Speaker 1 (30:18):
But leading a segment with Sam Howe would be to
go Zach Wilson. All right, we're gonna go now to Greg.

Speaker 4 (30:25):
I'm not going to say no because he said this
this person was not a bust uh So no, Zach Wilson.
I wrote it down very early, and then as you
got towards the end, I got I grew less confident.

Speaker 2 (30:38):
Okay, I'm going with Kyler Murray.

Speaker 1 (30:42):
Interesting. Okay, Mark Sessler, what's going on with your Why
did you show your board by the oh maybe not.

Speaker 3 (30:50):
I got a little less confident as you crept along
there too. I wrote this about two sentences in, but
I went Trevor Lawrence.

Speaker 1 (30:57):
That is correct that Trevor Lawrence.

Speaker 2 (31:01):
I got stuck on Kyler and great job, Mark. Can
you I know you'd get it well.

Speaker 3 (31:04):
I also, you know, I listened to what you say
on the show, and Trevor Lawrence has been a figure
that you brought up in the terms that you described
it there multiple times.

Speaker 1 (31:13):
Unbelievable the way you see it all pays off. It does,
having that level of the job.

Speaker 4 (31:17):
But isn't it interesting that Kyler also a number one
overall draftic until you got to the part where like
you had no idea about his personality, which that I
was like, people kind of do have an idea about Kyler.

Speaker 2 (31:29):
He's been sort of has written posts. Let's start with that.
I mean, is what Trevor Lawrence was like. He's like statuesque,
but it's hard to tell if he's like classes.

Speaker 1 (31:41):
He's kind of like a Disney prince. But like when
you take that and you take it out of animation
and make it a real person, it's like, is that
he looks a little almost too like angular and cartoonish.

Speaker 2 (31:55):
This is the main reason.

Speaker 1 (31:56):
How about you, Colleen, what do you think is Trevor
Lawrence in an attractive man? I mean he's fine, no
takes okay.

Speaker 2 (32:03):
I mean he's like six six I in person, he
struck by him.

Speaker 6 (32:07):
He's a good looking kid. I look at him like
he's a kid though, so.

Speaker 2 (32:11):
Well he is a full blown adult.

Speaker 1 (32:12):
But I get it though, and and uh and now
you know, just to kind of go over and I
do think he is laying in the weeds because he
does have in that division where everyone now has counted
out the Jacks, he could be the difference maker there
if if and I know you've made a point of it, Greg,
like if you go back and rewatch, that was an

absurd Jaguar season. Last year was a disappointing one. Obviously,
coming off.

Speaker 4 (32:38):
The Eagles kind of let them off the hook of
like unbelievable collapses because they're at they had they like
reverse outshined them.

Speaker 1 (32:46):
And Lawrence obviously the end of the season injured and
was banged up. But there were so many different moments
where Trevor Lawrence almost had a huge play, a huge touchdown,
the balls bobbled or was one foot down in the
back of the end zone like that was a hallmark
of their season. Incredibly frustrating. So you kind of you

wipe the board and he's obviously you would think, comes
back one hundred percent healthy. They do not. I think
Doug Peterson said, we're now We're no longer like the hunted,
where the hunters and all that.

Speaker 2 (33:17):
I think if you believe in Doug Peterson, Connie.

Speaker 1 (33:20):
And I know that you have reason to believe in
Peterson's Super Bowl champion, there are some pretty good bolletin
board material and ways to get that team that does
have talent, a lot of talent actually to buy into
the idea that nobody believes it us and that matters
in sports.

Speaker 4 (33:38):
It was a disappointing year for him, highest sack percentage
he's ever had, struggled to like connect down the field,
and then they suddenly had Gabe Davis and Brian Thomas Junior,
who you know, there wasn't the plan. They wanted to
keep Ridley and they got out bid. And those two
guys are very similar to me, just like total burners.
So it's sort of the opposite of last year where

they weren't throwing the ball down the field. He felt
a little too conservative, had a lot of interception. He
wasn't bad, but this is a guy I kind of
forgot this. But he hit a seventh in MVP voting
in twenty twenty two. He actually got a few like
third place votes there in MVP and else was the two.

Speaker 1 (34:15):
Quarterback of one of the great comebacks in playoff history
in round one. He was fine, though, But you're right
that the world moves on.

Speaker 4 (34:22):
That was the part where I thought you were talking
about Kyler, because I was like, Kyler is sneaky, only
one year older than Michael Pennox, like, and he's still
a very talented player, and the world's really moved on
from him.

Speaker 2 (34:31):
But Lawrence made more sense.

Speaker 1 (34:32):
I mean they were.

Speaker 3 (34:33):
I thought there were like trade whispers around Kyler Murray,
like Trevor Lawrence is years away of unproductive play to
be called a bust. I think, if anything, he's Oh
he's good, big bounce back candidate.

Speaker 6 (34:43):
I need to write down the clues. Yeah, oh, I
can reference them.

Speaker 4 (34:48):
As they bill all right, Now, this is like quarterback
ranking season, and I've seen some pop up and I
still see him creeping into the top ten, which surprised me.

Speaker 2 (34:56):
I would not. Did you roll that other market off
the table?

Speaker 1 (35:00):
I did.

Speaker 2 (35:01):
It was unintentional, but it rolled off the glass table.

Speaker 1 (35:04):
Who wants to go? Who wants to go next? Colleen?

Speaker 6 (35:08):
Okay, here we go.

Speaker 5 (35:11):
I'm an NFL bad boy from Mississippi, Greg Rosevein that
just enjoyed my first Pro Bowl season. I set franchise
records my rookie year and melted hearts across this beautiful country.
I have hair like a god, and my grandfather wanted

me to be named Beowulf, after an old English poem
about a hero from Sweden who travels to Denmark and
kills man eating monsters and later in life, confronts and
kills a fire breathing dragon, but dies in the effort.

Speaker 1 (35:44):
I remember that one from ninth grade.

Speaker 5 (35:46):
My current team was always my one seed, and unlike
less Sneed, I certainly know how to change a tire.
Oh after spending an off season on an old prison bus.
I often find myself in a competition, but I'm still
number one in your wife's heart. I like rock and roll,

throwing dimes, catching up on my Hunter Thompson collection.

Speaker 6 (36:13):
Jockstraps and lava lamps.

Speaker 5 (36:15):
Keep me going strong into my sixth NFL season on
my fourth team.

Speaker 6 (36:23):
I can go one more little bit here.

Speaker 2 (36:26):
But I like that none of us will get it
at this point. But okay, maybe I'm wrong.

Speaker 1 (36:31):
Sixth the NFL season, four teams. M hm, the ladies
love him? Okay, is from Mississippi. I'm happy.

Speaker 2 (36:44):
Number one wife's heart.

Speaker 1 (36:46):
That one is?

Speaker 2 (36:46):
Yeah, that's do you want to give us the last
n sure?

Speaker 1 (36:50):

Speaker 2 (36:51):
What I gonna write mine now?

Speaker 5 (36:52):
And just see I like denim and patches, aviators and bandanas.

Speaker 1 (37:00):
Oh, I'm totally lost. I actually still don't really know.
But I have a guest. Do you want to wait?

Speaker 2 (37:10):
I uh, how many teams did you say for?

Speaker 1 (37:14):
Oh? I think I know it is. That's still the
number one in your wife's heart is a weird one
to me.

Speaker 6 (37:20):
But all right, let's see who am I?

Speaker 1 (37:23):
We all are thrown up. I got Gardner Minshew Greg
has Gardner Minshew Schler.

Speaker 3 (37:27):
Oh I thought it was a defensive player. You had
me stumped intil I thought it was for some reason?

Speaker 6 (37:33):
Is that I am good jockstrap king? I am uncle Rea?
I am Gardner Minshew, I don't do.

Speaker 2 (37:41):
Do you think that the typical wife longs for Gardner Minshoe?

Speaker 5 (37:46):
I think only because it's probably because I have a
text chain with some people that you probably you all
know who.

Speaker 1 (37:57):
On the ground reporting that's really that's what we Yeah,
I mean, I guess he's conventionally attracted.

Speaker 2 (38:03):
I never I never put that together.

Speaker 6 (38:05):
Oh yeah, she's sometimes personality though, you know, yeah.

Speaker 1 (38:10):
I need to find out who's saying this. And also
the way he carries himself with a lot of confidence,
like I can understand.

Speaker 2 (38:16):
That personality, and the overall minsh resk and the great.

Speaker 1 (38:21):
Relationship with his dad like that kind of stuff is like,
oh he's sweet too. Yeah, that was good. That was good.
That was great. Kelly, you're on fire.

Speaker 6 (38:27):

Speaker 2 (38:28):
All right, Greg, you are up next.

Speaker 1 (38:30):

Speaker 2 (38:32):
Played the music I wish I got money.

Speaker 1 (38:35):
I don't need your bed mark. It was music.

Speaker 4 (38:42):
I was featured on the Netflix series qb QB one
Beyond the Lights.

Speaker 1 (38:48):
UB one Yellow Lights.

Speaker 4 (38:52):
I changed my nickname in college because it was problematic.
Oh no, Dixie, the owner of the team that drafted me,
once called me a superhero.

Speaker 2 (39:15):
I've started seventeen games at my position since high school.

Speaker 4 (39:27):
In my first three starts, I had four rushing touchdowns,
setting an NFL record.

Speaker 2 (39:41):
I don't want to give you the next one. I'll
give it away.

Speaker 1 (39:43):
Well, I'm stuffed. I don't know who you guys are. Okay,
how you doing? Mark?

Speaker 2 (39:47):
The seventeen starts threw me way up.

Speaker 6 (39:48):
Course since high school?

Speaker 4 (39:50):
Okay, I'll give you one more then, which is I
was a top five pick in the NFL draft.

Speaker 1 (39:56):
Oh, top five picks, seventeen high school.

Speaker 2 (39:59):
Starts, seventhin games at his position, since.

Speaker 1 (40:03):
I seventeen games at his position.

Speaker 2 (40:07):
Interly, maybe I made it too hard.

Speaker 1 (40:15):
I like it. You weren't going to give us the
last one.

Speaker 2 (40:20):
He's only played so he's not a quarterback, but he
was on the quarterback He was on the Netflix series
show I don't know. I missed that one. QB one
beyond the Lights is like a deep Greg cut. He
changed his nickname in college. This is because it was
problematic for me.

Speaker 1 (40:38):
That was can you give us the nickname?

Speaker 2 (40:40):
Maybe that was as a h Maybe I shouldn't even
answered yet.

Speaker 3 (40:47):
Looking back, seventeen total starts or seventeen starts at the position,
he was seventeen games at his position?

Speaker 7 (40:57):
Okay, and.

Speaker 6 (41:00):
Did he play different positions? What is this Ale's questions question?

Speaker 1 (41:05):
Yeah? Truth or dare I said what I said? That's
not truth? All right?

Speaker 4 (41:11):
Go ahead, all right, let's look around the room. Marcus
crost Out, Marcus Mariota.

Speaker 3 (41:16):
I thought, no, it's not Edelin, but I thought it
was maybe Mariota until the seventeen starts off the wasn't
he on the other quarterback?

Speaker 1 (41:23):
I'm totally as you was. You got me?

Speaker 6 (41:25):
Were they successful in the NFL?

Speaker 4 (41:27):
I wish at his position seems to really have thrown you.
He didn't actually change positions?

Speaker 7 (41:32):

Speaker 2 (41:33):
Did you write anything?

Speaker 7 (41:34):

Speaker 6 (41:34):
I just wrote down the hints thinking it would help.

Speaker 2 (41:37):
All Right, I will get Should I give you the nickname?

Speaker 1 (41:39):

Speaker 4 (41:40):
At least, but the nickname was ar fifteen? Oh, I
mean it is Alan Robinson, it is Anthony Richard.

Speaker 1 (41:51):
Oh oh, we talked about.

Speaker 4 (41:56):
Spencer Radler was on that show too, and it hurt
his I was like, also on that show. Get darted
for that, Anthony Richards?

Speaker 1 (42:05):
Hey, yeah, fifty uh seventeen. That's all there. Greg, that's
a good one. Let's do a job by you, Greg. Yeah,
I should have had that. The superhero thing, that's what
ers said there right, Ers said that damn it. All right,
let's take a break and we'll go around one more
stumped us. All right, we're back. Mark, you're up. Okay,

have your bored?

Speaker 2 (42:31):
Yes, here is my hero of my count good hold
on here bored and Penn you're Mark?

Speaker 1 (42:36):

Speaker 6 (42:37):
Drums please drums.

Speaker 1 (42:40):
It's petsif on the head that the signs the movie.

Speaker 3 (42:43):
I'm a controversial figure lodged in the American Football Conference.
I'm so controversial that some like to act as if
I'm not even part of the league to make themselves
feel better about their worldview, which says more about them
than me.

Speaker 1 (42:59):

Speaker 3 (43:00):
When I'm not on the football field, I am involved
with my music, and when I enjoy lunch, I like
to have a glass of milk with freshly baked bread.

Speaker 1 (43:10):
Who the wouldn't bread is operating.

Speaker 3 (43:15):
I have an unusual name that small minded types make
fun of because it's somewhat androgynous, and in fact used
liberally by groups of young girls. I have a family
line that dates back to the early sixteenth century. When
I was a child, a relative gave me this write
up about my lineage, which reads, we are typically hairy

chested and live in houses and farms with people. We
undertake a range of domestic and agricultural chores on the
understanding that we get free board and lodging. Some people
complain that I dominate the football field in a way
that makes it tough to focus on the actual game.

There's one more clue I can use it. Miles Garrett
steps all over me, but he believes in me.

Speaker 2 (44:10):
What controversial figure? Oh okay, I guess you kind of
gave it.

Speaker 1 (44:29):
I would bet that Greg hasn't.

Speaker 6 (44:33):
A name that girls use.

Speaker 2 (44:38):
Now thinking back to all the clues, it's amazing.

Speaker 1 (44:45):
I don't know, you know, I'll guess first of the weeks,
I really don't know. First I thought it was like
DeShawn but no, and then Mason Rudolph, But he was
batting the helmet with a helmet by Miles Garrett.

Speaker 2 (45:00):
Right, Taylor, Heineke, No, I mean you had it, Dan,
It is Mason Rude I believe.

Speaker 1 (45:07):
No, not no, I don't.

Speaker 6 (45:10):
I don't have I wrote Watson.

Speaker 2 (45:13):
It is never never discount utter confidence in you had
it here it is it's Brownie the Elf.

Speaker 1 (45:23):
Oh damn, that's all right.

Speaker 2 (45:25):
That was the Brownies girls controversial figures. I like that mark.

Speaker 6 (45:31):
It was like a trendy thing on TikTok, like girls
were calling guys.

Speaker 1 (45:34):
I mean, would any of us ever guess that?

Speaker 3 (45:37):
Because there is if you think about it, like a
lot one of the people they had, they done poles
for people. A lot of brown skins don't like that
Midfield giant elf and it does on television depending on
how the Browns are dressed.

Speaker 2 (45:49):
They get a little lost in the weeds visually.

Speaker 1 (45:52):
But he believes in me.

Speaker 4 (45:53):
No, I wish I I think he led us in
a beautiful direction. The lineage was hilarious that that was
good for some reason. Then I was like, all right,
it must be Mason, rude, bread and milk.

Speaker 2 (46:06):
That's the true thing about them, according to what's a.

Speaker 1 (46:11):
All right, who's up here?

Speaker 4 (46:12):

Speaker 2 (46:12):
I can't tap that?

Speaker 6 (46:14):
Okay, big funk, Here we go. I'm both the what
oh god, jeez, you're so needy. Okay, here we go again.
I'm going to kill you.

Speaker 5 (46:29):
I'm going to slap you, all right, go ahead, you're good, Okay.
I'm both the villain and the hero, the sinner and same.
I will dictate your future, whether you like it or not.
I'm tied to not one but all. I'm everywhere and nowhere,

and once I have bestow the fruits of my labor,
they will be etched in stone for the rest of time.

Speaker 6 (46:59):
Whoa, Now it's it's my turn, my time. I'm the darling.
I call the shots, I do the interviews, I get
the shine.

Speaker 1 (47:09):
It's about me, okay.

Speaker 6 (47:13):
I operate in the shadows with a deep network of intelligence.

Speaker 5 (47:17):
I have the answers. You only have questions. But soon
my information will be revealed. I will again retreat to
my bunker of silence. A seemingly endless array of combinations
is my wheelhouse only. Cynthia Freelan likes algorithms more than me.
And if you tell my secrets before I'm ready to share,
the wrath of the almighty.

Speaker 6 (47:38):
Will take you swiftly and the rapture will begin. Who
am I?

Speaker 8 (47:42):

Speaker 1 (47:45):
That was well written. Thank you. I'm gonna go with
Howie Roseman.

Speaker 2 (47:51):
No, No, I went NFL schedule makers.

Speaker 6 (47:58):
Okay, is that that's close enough? Who did you have?

Speaker 1 (48:04):
I went with the Raiser.

Speaker 6 (48:09):
I am Mike north Pp of Broadcast plan.

Speaker 4 (48:16):
How I'm gonna file uh an official complaint and.

Speaker 2 (48:24):
Tell me that none of it, like any of.

Speaker 1 (48:26):
That was everything that out now that I'm listening now
going through my head. Yes, everything does connect technically except me.

Speaker 3 (48:33):
Hell, Racer doesn't disappear into the shadows, so I feel
he's constantly with us times.

Speaker 1 (48:38):
Uh, that's fun. That's a fun one. That was Mike Norris.

Speaker 6 (48:41):
I love Mike nor so much.

Speaker 1 (48:45):
Going to get a text like, yeah.

Speaker 4 (48:50):
What I believe, but yeah, people in that office listen
to this show, Well shut up. I imagined many times
that they were basically right around the corner when I
had a desk at the NFL offices in business development,
and then saw them over the years, and I believe
they are fans of around the NFL.

Speaker 1 (49:09):
All right, we have one more, okay, and it will
be from Greg Okay, all right.

Speaker 2 (49:19):
My career.

Speaker 4 (49:22):
Started, much like Mark Sessler, by writing a letter to
a famous NFL figure.

Speaker 2 (49:31):
This NFL figure was Ron Wolfe.

Speaker 1 (49:34):
Letter all right.

Speaker 4 (49:38):
A recent video counted the number of times I said
the word buddy during the NFL draft. I said it
twenty two times.

Speaker 6 (49:49):

Speaker 2 (49:52):
I currently have a.

Speaker 4 (49:53):
Lot of dip on my chip, including the making of
a social video right before the draft, arguably mocking our
team's fans that were up in arms over a silly story.

Speaker 2 (50:13):
A lot of dip, A lot of it's as.

Speaker 1 (50:19):
I helped to acquire.

Speaker 4 (50:22):
Every member of my franchise's only title except for four.
One of those four players was Brandon Mebane. Should I

leave it there? I have a yes, Okay, I think
you've got it. The last one is probably gonna.

Speaker 1 (50:47):
Give it away. That actually is not what gave it away.
But I don't even know if I'm right.

Speaker 2 (50:51):
Okay, my last two just for the hell of it.
Mark does have it right?

Speaker 4 (50:55):
Is that I'm famous for a shirtless picture, Yes, and
that I oh quietly pushed out the man this offseason
most associated with my success.

Speaker 1 (51:06):
Okay, So I had it wrong.

Speaker 2 (51:07):
Actually, I thought.

Speaker 3 (51:10):
Maybe that Elliott Wolfe wrote Ron Wolfe a letter at first,
but I crossed that out. I thought Chris Ballard was
spicy during the draft. Trent Balki had that thing happened
to him.

Speaker 2 (51:17):
That John Schneider, Yeah.

Speaker 6 (51:19):
Night, Oh that's good, that's real good.

Speaker 1 (51:22):
A lot of dip on the chip, I've noticed.

Speaker 4 (51:24):
I thought it was the silly Seahawks story though, so
everyone was upset that the new coach took down pictures
in the hallway. This is like a this is an
off season trope, by the way, that new coaches do this,
and then the fans get upset. Supposedly they had taken
down a lot of the pictures in certain parts of
the hallways of the Seahawks. So then Schneider and Mike

McDonald taped multiple social clips, like in front of various
pictures saying how they were excited for the draft.

Speaker 2 (51:52):
That was a fun move.

Speaker 1 (51:54):
I liked it.

Speaker 6 (51:54):
Dip on my chip is real great.

Speaker 4 (51:58):
I'm just I'm just noticing, like we're noticing with Chris
Ballard certain things, there's a there's a difference this Schneider.
It's kind of like he's been almost like a vibe
like he's been in this middle management position. Not that
he has been, but as if the boss that he's
always been waiting to leave is gone and now he's
running the show a lot.

Speaker 1 (52:19):
I know that.

Speaker 2 (52:20):
Uh, that's happening in our newsroom at times.

Speaker 1 (52:22):
Sure, I'm pretty I don't want to say I'm pretty sure,
but who knows. But I think less Need is a
dip guy, by the way, So that's where.

Speaker 4 (52:29):
I was I was thinking, Yeah, I was thinking more
like the phrase, you know, got a dip on your chip.

Speaker 1 (52:39):
You're like Dick Clark over here, world teenager, you have
too much dip on your chip means that being lost
and something can affect other parts of your life.

Speaker 6 (52:49):
I've never heard this phrase before.

Speaker 2 (52:50):
Phrase uses hurt to encourage you, but not to rule you.
What the I think it's I think of it also
sometimes to TikTok.

Speaker 4 (52:58):
For instance, like Baker may Field would strike me as
a person that's sometimes even on the field, that a
little too much dip for his chip. He almost trying
to trying to be a little too much extra. And
maybe it's yeah, it's gonna come back to might see.

Speaker 6 (53:12):
I'm a heavy dipper, so I don't know, like it's tough.

Speaker 1 (53:15):
I feel like there's a lot of there's an old
Texan saying that I know from my family now that
too much sugar for a dime? Huh. I like that.
I don't know I did what it means, but too
much sugar for a dime is like it's not worth it,
It's not worth the trouble.

Speaker 3 (53:29):
The other one, the other phrase can only be post
chips and salt. And I was trying to think, how
long have chips and salts have been around, does anyone know?

Speaker 1 (53:36):
I don't know. Fifty four years show should have ended
about five minutes time. Chips and Dip nineteen ninety two,
that's when it started.

Speaker 4 (53:47):
And yeah, he came up through that Ron Wolf Packers
front office back in the day, John Schneider.

Speaker 1 (53:54):
Very nice, very nice.

Speaker 6 (53:55):
All right, that is it Elliott Wolf writing Ron Wolf le.

Speaker 2 (54:00):
I thought I might have been how that relationship again.

Speaker 1 (54:02):
But it's just well, I think if you gain much earlier.
All right, let's take a break and we'll close up.

Speaker 2 (54:14):
Welcome back to the show.

Speaker 1 (54:16):
Very nice, very nice, Colleen. We are wrapping things up.
By the way, Big soccer weekend coming up. Oh boy,
Slynn Patel, my buddy owner impossibly of West Brom Big
big home and home with South Hampton, actually reached out
to joining Gonzales. You're familiar with work, yes to kind

of explain to me what's at stake this weekend for
West Brom, the team, the footy team of around the NFL. Anyway,
West Brom plays South Hampton at a home and home.
Winner of that on aggregate advances to play winner of
Norwich City and Leeds. Winner of that is promoted to
the Premium League Premiere excuse Jesus Christ, that is the

Premium League. It's not totally wrong.

Speaker 6 (55:07):
And it's Premier League Premier Yeah.

Speaker 1 (55:11):
The Premier the Premium Premier League.

Speaker 4 (55:14):
And John never too late for a rebrand for them. Yeah,
South Southampton and Leeds got relegated from Premier last season,
so this is huge.

Speaker 1 (55:24):
In fact, Shelyn had told me if they do jump
up to the Premier League, there might be a private
jet involved and a trip to celebrate for you, no,
like for the group.

Speaker 5 (55:39):
Does that happen during the summer of Connie. Yeah, this
is why I keep my schedule open.

Speaker 1 (55:45):
I'd have to go back and check the wording to
see if it like involves Mark for instance. But I
think it was like a collective. He was just like, yeah, Greg,
you know Colleen, all the guys. You please clarify. Yeah,
and I do. Now, speaking of Big Funk, Big Funk
is actually kind of our source. He really knows you know,

you're a big fan of that. The European the Premium League.
I love.

Speaker 7 (56:10):
I love Premier League, so below so believe below the
Premier League, it's called the EFL Championship English Football leagu Championship.
Below that you have Leagues two and one, and then
below that is like the national side. It's a pyramid
pretty much the way it constructs. That's why sometimes online
you'll see you know, ninth tier side whatever played against
League two side whoever, such and such. So it's a

big it's a big deal because when you get that
mona should.

Speaker 1 (56:35):
Be so much better with your theme song underneath it,
by everything. All right, I feel all right, start over, okay, sure,
So it's an inverted pyramid, yeah, pretty much.

Speaker 6 (56:49):
So the top of the top is the Premier League,
regular pyramid pyramids in big.

Speaker 1 (56:59):
It's a year.

Speaker 2 (57:02):
All the leagues, okay, go ahead, Oh all right.

Speaker 7 (57:08):
So the way it works is you want to get
promoted up because if you get promoted up, you get
TV money, you know, you get sponsorship money. That's why
private jets, you get private jets. And the opposite happens
when you get relegated. So if you get bumped down,
bumped down a league, you lose players, you lose out
on lots of revenue, and sometimes that can leave teams
in financial ruin. So it's a really big deal with
these guys get promoted because just because you make it

one year doesn't guarantee you'll make it the next year. Right,
last year Coventry made it with Luton, Luton got promoted.
Coventry ended up eighth this year, and so you can
you can like you can make it really close and
then be stuck in that league for a decade, for decades.

Speaker 1 (57:43):
So it's the last time that West Brom has been
in the Premier League.

Speaker 7 (57:46):
I think it's been a little under ten years. I
don't remember exactly. For instance, second place side if which
which finished below Lester they're automatically promoted. Is the first
time in twenty years they've been promoted. So and I
think they're called the boys for the tractors, but they're
getting promoted up.

Speaker 1 (58:02):
So it's a big deal. So all right, that's a
great Rundown, Thank you very much. You bet you. I
think it's a yeah, West bromp up West Brom. There
about that?

Speaker 2 (58:11):
And I mean, your friend is.

Speaker 4 (58:14):
Coming over your house at six fifteen in the morning
or something to watch this.

Speaker 1 (58:17):
I'm down if anybody wanted to come over to watch it,
I would not turn the door.

Speaker 3 (58:22):
Your friend is about those doors very very sounds wealthy
to begin with, the whole contingent.

Speaker 6 (58:27):
I mean, or even with you, you're basically Dan. How
does it feel I'm.

Speaker 1 (58:32):
The friend of a rich person that doesn't really help you? Actually,
what does.

Speaker 2 (58:35):
If he sends his jet?

Speaker 1 (58:38):
That's true? What if you were in need?

Speaker 6 (58:40):
Nice experience, nice little PJ action.

Speaker 1 (58:43):
What do you mean like come to him with my
hand out? That's not my style? Well it's not. I
don't come in my hand out. If you were in
your need, would he could help help you? But you would?

Speaker 6 (58:53):
You would fly on the private jet?

Speaker 2 (58:54):
Oh yeah, a little bit, you would do absolutely. Yes.
What if they gave me a list of you know,
seven people can go on the jet?

Speaker 6 (59:03):
Oh my god, that would be Dan's dream to pick
this up.

Speaker 2 (59:06):
I'd definitely hold interviews.

Speaker 6 (59:09):
It would become a full reality.

Speaker 1 (59:11):
Show, right, it would be.

Speaker 2 (59:13):
It would take care of a lot of summer programming
for the podcast.

Speaker 1 (59:16):
Be good, All right, thank you everybody for listening. Go baggies,
let's do this thing, and we'll be back on Monday
with more football goodness. And yes, I believe we'll talk
about the schedule at some point as well, whenever they
deign to let us know officially.

Speaker 2 (59:35):
Take your time.

Speaker 1 (59:36):
Mike North we'll be here northy until then, Heed the
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