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May 6, 2024 72 mins

In a room full of heroes - Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, and Marc Sessler take a look around the NFL and tell you what unfinished business is left to take care of. To start the show, the heroes react to Tom Brady's roast (03:26), Odell Beckham Jr. signing with the Dolphins (16:50), and the possibility of JJ Watt coming out of retirement (30:25). The heroes then look around the league and tell what teams still have to address headed toward the new season (34:13). 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
They around the NFL podcast once to get a haircut
with Tom Brady from the Chris Westling podcast studio. It's
around the NFL.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
I am Mystic Damn Hansis and I'm joined by heroes
Greg Rosenthal, Mark Sessler. Right before we started, Mark was
making a joke instead of Cabo. He said Cabo, and
everyone freaked behind the glass and in front of it.

Speaker 3 (00:31):
Sorry, I'm not you know, you know, three times a
month traveling outside of the country for some flighty vacation.

Speaker 2 (00:37):
We were there is this some type of internal gathering
here where I think they're going to Cambo, but we
weren't even invited.

Speaker 1 (00:44):
We've got that week.

Speaker 2 (00:45):
We have now aged out, slashed a slash, kind of
been out of the mix up within this building that
no one's even checking and kicking the tires on the
old heroes whether they.

Speaker 1 (00:55):
Want to be involved.

Speaker 3 (00:56):
I don't like what I don't I don't have any
problem with not being invited, becaus it makes a lot
of sense, but it never is that we wouldn't be
any fun, and I don't find that assumption correct. If
you put us down and you know, you can fill
in the foot on the blank island or locale.

Speaker 1 (01:10):
I think we could bring fun.

Speaker 4 (01:11):
Mark trying to rebuild his reputation once the rebound from
the tough start of the show.

Speaker 3 (01:17):
Yeah, I say some words differentely have a constantly critique for.

Speaker 2 (01:21):
It feels like a lot's gone on since we last
did a show.

Speaker 1 (01:27):
It's one of those type things.

Speaker 2 (01:30):
Jordan Rodrigue was a huge hit done around the NFC.
We kept telling her, Jill, you're doing great, Listeners are
going to love you, and sure enough, like a huge
outpouring out there in the Internet that Jordan is.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
As a killer in studio guest.

Speaker 2 (01:46):
And we should have her again a groundswell soon, and
I believe we will in time. Let's see what else happened.
Mark went to the Tom Brady roast. We're going to
get to that in a little bit.

Speaker 1 (02:00):

Speaker 2 (02:00):
I know you like Wrap Drake and Kendrick Lamar. They've
been feuding for days. We missed that. We missed that window.
We could add so much discourse.

Speaker 4 (02:10):
For weeks, but we didn't miss it. It sort of
was still going as of last night.

Speaker 2 (02:13):
So this would be well to how he subtly corrected
me to let the rap heads know that he gets it.

Speaker 1 (02:18):
I just say it like it. I actually it did
feel like last night was maybe the end of it.
So now you know, it's a sight.

Speaker 2 (02:25):
I feel like we missed, but maybe it's been for weeks.
But I feel like right after the show ended, Drake
and Kendrick.

Speaker 1 (02:31):
Yes Thursday night, it was let's yeah, let's turn this.

Speaker 2 (02:33):
Into a wildfire and put the guys in a tough
spot as happens with the news sometimes.

Speaker 1 (02:37):
That was their main motivation. That was it.

Speaker 4 (02:39):
I was like, where are you going with this? Because
not much football news happened in between. But yes, you know, now.

Speaker 2 (02:43):
The free agency is in the rear view, the draft
is in the rear view, rookie camps underway, OTA's and
all that other stuff.

Speaker 1 (02:52):
It's coming up.

Speaker 2 (02:54):
What what's left like with these teams when you look
at these rosters, they now have their opportunity, these teams,
they have their opportunity to.

Speaker 1 (03:04):
Plug all the holes. But have they That's the question.

Speaker 2 (03:09):
And we're going to get into teams where there's still
stuff hanging out there. There's still question marks around these rosters.
So we'll get into that. But but first, but first,
anything Greg here, I got you in the corner of
my eye. Do you want to lookover.

Speaker 1 (03:23):
No, I'm good. Let's do some news, Ronk.

Speaker 3 (03:27):
I've been watching on Fox NFL Sunday and I'm begging
you please stop doing your job.

Speaker 1 (03:40):
Bill Belichick at the Tom Brady Roast. That's courtesy of Netflix. Mark.
What was the vibe there at the Fabulous Forum? It's
pretty wild.

Speaker 3 (03:49):
I was telling Greg beforehand that it reminded me of
even when we've gone to whether it's like Thursday night
football here and at SOFI or the Super Bowl, We're
like when you watch it the Televisi copylater, like the
halftime show looks completely different, Like parts of the game
look completely different, things that you just wouldn't see being
there as a human. Like I had that feeling with
this because it was a wild rackus setting. I was

up in the not the cheap seats, but close so
you couldn't really see.

Speaker 1 (04:14):
You got these as a gift right to take?

Speaker 2 (04:16):
Yeah, what are your thoughts and maybe whoever got them
for you? Not going that extra mile getting a little
closer to the stage. Let's stop down just to talk
about that a little bit.

Speaker 1 (04:26):
That's that wasn't my main takeaway.

Speaker 3 (04:27):
Like I kind of liked, you know, I think the
price increased drastically as you try to get closer to that.
All right, I'm sorry, age, but yeah, like okay, I'll
think about that.

Speaker 4 (04:36):
I'm definitely pulled some favors here and gotten probably up.

Speaker 3 (04:41):
I was actually asked verse why that didn't happen so
and it was not a critique. It was more just
and ample questions, like I don't know anyone at this
company anymore.

Speaker 1 (04:50):
Let's start there. I know, like six mark this company bigger, bigger.

Speaker 3 (04:53):
I also, you know, I don't if you get a surprise,
you don't want to then try to rate it.

Speaker 1 (04:57):
And it wasn't a electric atmosphere.

Speaker 3 (05:00):
And I think the one thing that I noticed besides
like what is this going to be a bunch of
like transplanted Patriots fans And we were sitting near like
a flock of like drunken, angry Giants fans who were
like rasing Tom Brady from the bleachers and the states.
So it was kind of a wild crowd up where
we were, and I think about richer and more wealthy
as you got closer to the stage. Right fun time,

there wasn't like it was three hours long, Like there
wasn't a down moment. I thought that those things are
typically good, but they nailed it like over and over,
and I thought the one thing, I thought like it
was good for the Patriots too, because like suddenly you're
in this moment where it's like Bill Belichick and Brady
were coaxed up to do a shot together Robert Kraft,
who took a number of strays early in the show.

Speaker 2 (05:42):
Including one that led Tom Brady to actually threaten the
roastmaster General Jeff Ross.

Speaker 3 (05:49):
Yeah, yeah, I mean, I assume that's like the kind
of thing we didn't catch sitting where we're seeming to
be on TV. I released, it caused a big stir,
but they it's like all these patriots were there and
after like the documentary that came out and stuff, it
seemed to do a lot more to honor the Patriots
in a weird, roundabout way than that documentary. Like they
all seemed much happier to do this, even though at
the times, like the look on Tom Brady's face seemed like,

maybe stop mentioning Giselle for the four hundredth time, and
what's been taken from either of our fortunes.

Speaker 2 (06:16):
I think that's, yeah, part of the reason why I
wasn't interested in watching it live because I think Claybehn
made the point and I did too. I've avoided a
lot of this post Patriots after glow the productions because
I just don't need more Patriots like there's if you're
a Patriots fan, you're all over it.

Speaker 1 (06:32):
If you don't have any type of complicated.

Speaker 2 (06:34):
Relationship with the Patriots, maybe if you just love it
because it's football content. I was perfectly fine with, you know,
seeing what came out in Twitter, and there was some
you know, good stuff out there, some funny lines, and
I thought Belichick, you know, he he had a good
one or one written for him where he talked about,
you know that he was at this roast and he

mentioned that the that aforementioned Patriots ten part documentary was
also like the Bill Belichick rot, which any the crowd
kind of got into. Uh. I have some insider reporting.
I want to get out there at a T a.

Speaker 1 (07:11):
T media insiders insider damn can go to the zoos
in the morning, except no substitutes.

Speaker 2 (07:20):
All right, So being an insider comes with responsibility. It
comes with important and necessary.

Speaker 1 (07:32):

Speaker 2 (07:32):
Yeah, knowing what to report, knowing what to Holster. The
best of us have a whole notepad filled of scoops
that we never share. Yeah, it's a dance, I would imagine.
And that's for relationships and so much more. I say

this because I want to report something that uh kind
of touches on this. I have multiple connected to this
event that said when Greg reported Bill Belichick would be
on the roast, which is, by the way, information I
also had that had holstered. The producers were so upset

because Bill Belichick contemplated dropping out of the event because
he wanted it to be a surprise. And thank god
he was talked into appearing on the show, the program
because it was one of the hits of the night
having him there.

Speaker 1 (08:35):
Yeah, and I just want to put it out there.

Speaker 2 (08:39):
He was there, but it went from him doing it
to him we might be losing Bill because of Gregy,
his reporting, putting it out there and making it no
longer a surprise, which Bill desperately according to my sources,
multiple sources very close to the event had said that
Bill did not want this to get out beforehand. So

on one level, Greg, yes, you have the scoopage. Yeah,
and that's great. You want the truth, You go to
the Rosenthal on the other hand, doesn't ring his uh poetic.
It came very close to hashtag Greg your ruins everything. Well,
maybe so we got to talk about what what what
matters ultimately in the world.

Speaker 4 (09:17):
Ultimately, Hey, I did the truth matters. I believe getting
it out there matters. But also you're getting it from
a source. Maybe also inside the production that multiple source
hunted it out there. So right, the one that wanted
the information out there that maybe it'd be good for
Buzz that would be happy with it being out there.
So maybe they calculated what could happen based on that,

and they realized in the end Bill Belichick was out there.

Speaker 1 (09:43):
So you know, I'm not protecting the fat cats.

Speaker 4 (09:46):
Up there in the in the high falutant offices making
all the money.

Speaker 1 (09:49):
I go to the truth. And then he got he
got out there. He was up there.

Speaker 2 (09:53):
I mean this the other way around, Right, you were
protecting the fat cats and doing their work for them,
you were carrying their water in promoting the event. I
just thought to where Bill himself was the one that
was I didn't want that out there, and then the audience,
us average Joe's we almost missed having Bill there and
all the fun from the event.

Speaker 1 (10:12):
I thought, listen, I'm not this isn't me throwing daggers
at you. Greg. I know we're kind of now competitors.

Speaker 2 (10:18):
I see you in some ways as like a hungry
young apprentice in this game. So I I don't want
to come down on you hard. I'm just letting you
know this was this was what was happening around the story.

Speaker 3 (10:28):
It's like me that that Belichick if he even contemplated
in the eleventh hour not attending this, that if he's
that sensitive, right, I don't such a such.

Speaker 1 (10:38):
I don't believe that I could believe that that he
would be unhappy. I don't think. I also don't believe
it really.

Speaker 3 (10:42):
Was about to Also, by the way it would have
had the people the whole thing's written in, it's on teleprompter,
it would have had to cause everyone to wipe out.
That happens now, that's it. I don't need to be
taught that. I understand that it would have been an annoyance.
I thank you television man, but like it's like, that's
not it's just that it would have been hyper annoying,

like he was the centerpiece of the show.

Speaker 1 (11:06):
My point exactly. We almost lost them over here.

Speaker 3 (11:12):
I mean, you're you're trying to seek truth. I get it, Greg,
but you know, but.

Speaker 4 (11:16):
Also there's different and maybe they calculate. I don't think
Bill Belichick would have been so sensitive. And as for
the surprise aspect, I have to guess for ninety five
percent of the people watching that they did not know
Belichick was gonna be on that anyways, not everyone is
like living on.

Speaker 1 (11:31):
But then when he's on it, it also wasn't a surprise.
What do you mean.

Speaker 3 (11:35):
I didn't find it surprising that I thought that either
like Britt Belichick or Gazelle, one of the two would
somehow getow.

Speaker 4 (11:42):
I would not have Gizelle would have been shocking to me.
And I'm with you that.

Speaker 1 (11:45):
That toology doing like a ton of media, right.

Speaker 4 (11:48):
Tom Brady looked. You know, those were hard because it's
it's his family. It's painful. He's getting all these karate jokes,
you know.

Speaker 1 (11:56):
And I didn't.

Speaker 4 (11:58):
I haven't seen the whole thing, but I watched beginning
like that in Belichick and enough so far just because
it was out and that that's got to be painful,
and it reminded me of the timing to this because
we it's like, why is tom Brady doing this? Like
I saw some people say like, oh, who would you
want to roast next?

Speaker 1 (12:13):
Out of athletes?

Speaker 4 (12:14):
And I just can't imagine a there's enough people that
are important enough that would that it would be this compelling,
and then of the people important enough, like why would
you even really want to do that? And it got
me thinking of that the gestation project of this because
because we know through our original reporting this was supposed
to be a couple of years ago before he ever

got divorced, that we thought he might be retiring, in
part because this was like cautiously on an upcoming docket
of what he was planning to do in his post life,
and at that point it was too late to back out.

Speaker 1 (12:48):
Although he's Tom Brady, he could have backed out.

Speaker 4 (12:50):
And he came off great in it, and he took
the jokes and he did fine when when he had some.

Speaker 1 (12:54):
Of the craft that was getting up on a dais
and thrown out a threat.

Speaker 4 (12:58):
That made me wonder, and I I no information, but
knowing how these things work, there are things that are
off limits. Absolutely wonder Not much was often, but in
terms of how tom Brady was treated.

Speaker 1 (13:09):
That made me wonder if that was off out and
delving into it.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
I would imagine that was one of the agreements for
the owner to come on this show do not involve
certain conversations, and they did. Brady was very steadfast about that.
Probably he was probably furious about it. Yeah, Actually he
was fearing us, furious enough to get up and.

Speaker 1 (13:29):
Whisper in the ear.

Speaker 4 (13:30):
I do love that Belichick spent like, weirdly like a
minute doing three Matt Lighte jokes, which was like, what
that was one takeaway on a night that was great.
I think for Patriots fans it did feel like a
little bit of closure. Seeing Belichick and Brady go back
and forth was awesome. Mad Patrios, I'm mad.

Speaker 2 (13:44):
I love even Yeah, and I totally could see that
being the case, Like I could see why even as
you know the way things ended. It's never fun when
things end. But Bill and Tom ultimately being cool makes
sense to me. They they went through so much together,
They're linked forever in history.

Speaker 1 (13:59):
They love you love each other.

Speaker 2 (14:01):
I'm sure the owner and the coach situation, well that's recent. Yeah,
And the way if I were Bill, the way that documentary,
the Apple documentary played out, it wouldn't it wouldn't.

Speaker 1 (14:13):
Go down so easy.

Speaker 2 (14:14):
So he wasn't down to play ball in that respect,
and uh, let's get to the news.

Speaker 1 (14:18):
Great job by the writers, by the way.

Speaker 3 (14:20):
They they nailed it, like the one like Tony Hinchcliff,
who has his own show, like he these guys that
probably Tom Brady's never heard of. For the most partly,
he came up and thanked Gronk Forinchcliff.

Speaker 1 (14:30):
He's pretty big he is in that world and not
like in the roast world.

Speaker 3 (14:33):
But he thanked Gronk for taking a break from writing
letters to Santa to join them, like Gronk took about
eight hundred like Rid he was had a.

Speaker 2 (14:42):
Great line making fun of Tom losing thirty million in
crypto and he's like, even Gronk knows that you don't
mess up no no real money, Grok no do is
like yes, good joke.

Speaker 4 (14:53):
And uh yeah, friend of the show, our former core
Chris Brockman, you know his his partner Sarah Tiana was
one of the writers, and Gaily does a show with
Dave Damasik was one of the writers.

Speaker 2 (15:02):
I'll connected my throwback podcast partner and Bosom Buddy Bob
Cash and worked on the project as well. Fun uh
so good stuff all fun. Let us now, and I
think it was a big success too, good job seem
get Also, never underestimate dropping something at the right time.
The greatest example always be the last dance with Michael
Jordan in the middle of COVID. But if you drop

something like this on Sunday night, may fifth like it's
gonna do well.

Speaker 3 (15:28):
The one mistake I made this was a grave mistake
I reallysed about eighty two seconds into the affair was
that I texted, like Luke and Colton, my children who
are still young, It's like Dad's gonna be watching this
Tom Brady event at the forum, like check it out
and like it. You know, within about a minute into it,
like everybody part had been mentioned, every swear that you
could come up.

Speaker 1 (15:47):
Daddy, who's Aaron Hernandez. That would have been the least
my waring.

Speaker 2 (15:52):
I'm sure you got a sharply worded tweet, no response
from other parties involved. I meant, all right, let's get
in to it. Odell Beckham, I'm.

Speaker 1 (16:02):
Pretty sure I mentioned this is definitely where he's gonna
end up.

Speaker 2 (16:07):
He was always gonna end up in Miami playing for
the Dolphins at some point in his life, and now
it is upon US rap sheet reported that Miami's expected
to sign veteran wide out Odell Beckham.

Speaker 1 (16:18):
One year deal up to eight point twenty five million,
So that's myam. The base salary is three million here.

Speaker 2 (16:26):
Now, this was a guy who I think he made
fifteen guaranteed with Baltimore. That was one of the worst
free agency signings of last year. So this is now
more in line with where Odell Beckham is now. I mean,
I would assume he's finally in his thirties, probably about
thirty one now. Feels like he's been around forever obviously,
but yeah, he's not an old wide receiver, but he's

had some major, serious injuries. It should be pointed out
that in addition to the injuries, Gregie Baltimore kind of
phased him out of the offense down the stretch and
did not show interest in bringing him back. But if
you want to spend positive, if you want to talk
yourself into Odell Beckham yet again in the offseason going

there as the third banana in the offense, maybe he
gives them something at South Beach.

Speaker 1 (17:12):
I think he's a role player.

Speaker 4 (17:14):
Right now, he's getting paid as a low level wide receiver,
low role player.

Speaker 1 (17:19):
Like maybe we're going to mention the DJ Shark signing.
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (17:22):
He went to go ahead the Chargers and it's like Tim,
those guys are making similar money.

Speaker 1 (17:28):
I think Shark is actually making more.

Speaker 4 (17:29):
So that's sort of the level I'm talking about, which
is a third, fourth receiver. And when he was on
the field last year, he was a potentially useful player
just in that role and being on an offense with
Waddle and with Tyreek Hill, like he's gonna be in
really ideal circumstances and he could be helpful in that
role because I going through their you know, lineup, they

have a big drop off after those two. They have
Braxton Barrios as their three. They don't really have a three.
So he could contribute, but he just can't stay on
the field. That was his biggest issue in Baltimore is
like he couldn't stay healthy for more than three games
in a row.

Speaker 1 (18:04):
Since maybe his fourth year. Because he can't stay healthy.

Speaker 4 (18:07):
Right there is a couple crossing patterns with Baltimore where
he actually got the ball in the open fields, Like
he still was pretty explosive, but he just couldn't stay
healthier consistent.

Speaker 3 (18:15):
They drafted in the league Washington Do I think what
I like about it is that the ceiling there aren't
that there is only a handful of teams with an
absolutely locked and loaded one and two at wide receiver.

Speaker 1 (18:25):
So clearly, yes, he's the third guy there.

Speaker 3 (18:27):
But I trust, like Mike McDaniel to get the most
out of almost any player on that side of the
ball more than I do Todd Monkin in the first
year with a Ravens team that was trying to amp
up and become more balanced. But it's like Odell did
get better down down the stretch, but then the limited
his role. So it's like, I kind of think this
is a perfect landing spot. It always made sense Devil's advocate.

Speaker 2 (18:48):
I mean, the thing that the Dolphins need to get
better at is being a late season football team, like
being a kind of a badass team when the elements
turn against you. And Odell Beckham wearing seventeen layers of closing,
his entire face covered up except for his eyes in
January something I could picture and don't imagine. He's that
guy that's that rough and tumble guy to take you
to the problem.

Speaker 3 (19:08):
That's also one of about eight players on offense that
I don't trust to farewell in negative twenty three degree
temperatures no matter what.

Speaker 4 (19:14):
Right, they need to get some home games finally, but yeah,
he was frustrated and we were at that game in London.
It was kind of a disaster. There were a couple
of games where Lamar Jackson just didn't feel like he
could trust that Odell would be in the right spot
at the right time.

Speaker 1 (19:26):
And that's why I think total a major After that
game the Titans.

Speaker 2 (19:30):
He was very bad the first half of the season,
seemed to find his footing in the back half of
the regular season, but then.

Speaker 1 (19:35):
Kind of lost his role in the offense down the stretch.

Speaker 2 (19:37):
Not the same type of player, but another high profile
veteran receiver that hung on for a while, Toshaun Jackson.
Remember at the end of his career, he would pop
up everyone's while and still be making big plays, but
was no longer a consistent player in an offense.

Speaker 1 (19:52):
I could see Odell being that for Miami.

Speaker 2 (19:54):
We shall see, all right, let's take a break and
then we'll continue the news, all right, and other news
let's it is light out there by the way, as
you would think, so not a ton of news. So
let's do some fifth year rookie deal options. The roundup
a Nase Harris Steelers running back declined. The Cowboys not

a surprise year. They declined Trey Lance's fifty year option.
Of course, he was drafted number three overall a few
years back. The Broncos do the same with the number
two overall pick in that draft, Zach Wilson.

Speaker 1 (20:26):
Not a surprise there.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
Greg Newsom, Oda Oa, and Kitty pay among the options
picked up for the fifth year.

Speaker 1 (20:36):
I thought that the Naji Harris was not surprising.

Speaker 3 (20:39):
I think Jalen Warren's gonna have a much bigger role,
and I think they want to get faster. Greg Newsom
was dangled in like trade talks going back like last
offseason and throughout you know, round the trade deadline last
year a little bit, so that I like that. I
think Greg Newsom is like quietly an extremely solid cornerback.
And if I'm the Browns and Jim Schwartz like, don't

take anything away, just keep it going for as long
as you can.

Speaker 1 (21:04):

Speaker 4 (21:05):
I was actually a little surprised by the Naja Harris
declining because because it's running back, it's only six point
eight million dollars, they didn't want to lock into a
one year, six point eight million dollar contract. That's he's
not going to be thrilled about that. Right behind him,
for instance, Travis Etn making a slightly less money because
he's one pick later. You know, they picked up his option.

I I think you look at some of the players
that they like. Oh way was a little surprising to me,
like thirteen point three million. He's been like slowly getting better.
There were some nos out there, try on Chayanka, gotta know,
Peyton Turner, who's you know, Eric Stokes. Those guys just
haven't been on the field enough. Remember Alex Leatherwood not
eligible in this draft, no longer in the NFL A

Zaleen Collins, David Collins got to know. But Justin Fields
was another one just checking a box like of course
they're not picking it up. I guess it's one year,
twenty five point seven million. But it just shows what
a weird situation that bears. What I mean, that Steelers
team and one like.

Speaker 3 (22:02):
Little note with Fields because remember we were talking about
this thing that's been floated out that they could use
fields as a return man, like that's possible, and I don't.

Speaker 1 (22:09):
I don't.

Speaker 3 (22:09):
I kind of think it's an interesting concept, But they
know they have Cordero Patterson too, and they got them specifically,
Like soon after that whole kickoff thing changed.

Speaker 4 (22:17):
To only one of those quarterbacks. That's that's hitting me
now of the five taken got their.

Speaker 2 (22:22):
Tops in twenty twenty one draft MESSI not not for nothing,
was the first draft after COVID shut down the entire
world and most of college football.

Speaker 4 (22:31):
Darius Tony was a big note to not a not
a surprise again, but just checking boxes here.

Speaker 1 (22:36):
You mentioned Alex Leatherwood.

Speaker 2 (22:38):
I was thinking when the Michael Pennox pick went down
with Atlanta, and I was like, when's the last time
there was a pick that was so head scratching or
was immediately panned at such a high level. It was
the Raiders taking Alex Weatherwe Alex Leatherwood, I think around
twenty or so twenty one in that realm, and immediately
I remember all the guys on the day as for
NFL Network and everywhere else were like them through their notes.

Speaker 1 (23:00):
It's like I had him as maybe like a third
round guy.

Speaker 2 (23:03):
He might be the ultimate example, and of course he
flamed out immediately with the Raiders. He might be the
ultimate example of why you don't just draft for a
position or a need, you have to go best available player.

Speaker 1 (23:13):
In the Raiders, I think with Mike Mayock made that mistake.

Speaker 3 (23:16):
Well, there's a study out there that kind of over
the last ten year shows where teams drafted and what
like how much value according to like consensus big boards,
where how it you know, even out and the best
teams get the best value where they draft. And the
Raiders were dead last over the last ten years and
they made a lot of like zigging zagging picks that
didn't work.

Speaker 4 (23:35):
The other one I thought of actually wasn't quite as
big as Pennix, But in terms of a top pick
shocking everyone was Cleveland Faroll, which was also mayok is
actually his first pick, yep, and it was the number
four overall pick, and everyone's like, wait, really, like he's
a solid player, but no one thought he was a
top fifteen player.

Speaker 3 (23:52):
They had multiple number ones in that draft and none
of them were with the team anymore.

Speaker 2 (23:55):
And we talked about, you know, Jordan did that great
deep dive of the Rams draft. The teams like the Raiders,
for instance, that keep churning and starting over, not just
at head coach. Sometimes you think, oh, oh, they fired
a GM, they hired a new GM. In a lot
of cases, you're bringing an entire new length football language
and before you could even install a new one, and
even tho, if it works, that guy's out and you're

starting again. And I guess the examples of teams and
one's the less time the Raiders win the.

Speaker 1 (24:21):
Super Bowl twenty five years ago, twenty three years ago.
Not a lot of success when a playoff game.

Speaker 2 (24:25):
First, Yeah, all right, let's talk about the Saints.

Speaker 1 (24:29):
Mickey Loomis the GM.

Speaker 2 (24:32):
They made a move at the draft, drafting kool Aid McKinstry,
who is a very toolsy cornerback. A lot of people
believe kool Aid has a chance to be, you know,
a star at corner. And then there's the situation with
veteran Marshawn Latimore, once upon a time a big time
draft pick by the Saints back in twenty seventeen. Now

the idea is, are they looking to move Latimore with
mcinsrey in the house. Here's what Loomis had to say
on Mad Dog Sports Radio.

Speaker 5 (25:00):
Yeah, it doesn't mean anything. Marshan's have been a really
good player for us for a good period of time.
He's one of the leaders of our team. And and
look like it's just like I said, you know, we
can use as many corners as we can get, and
we've got we've got a good group, a really good group,
and they're gonna help each other and they're gonna help
our team win.

Speaker 1 (25:19):
Greg they have a very uh talented cornerback room.

Speaker 2 (25:23):
What is the the idea why they would move Latimore
is that their their perpetual issues with cap space and
trying to finally gain some level of financial freedom.

Speaker 4 (25:33):
There was some reporting just last year that he wasn't
happy and it was personal maybe between him and the
coaching staff, and that's popped up. I think when it
comes to trades though, and I've seen a lot of
people like just throw it out, like, oh, what could
be some trades that could come up this It's like
trades aren't happening at this point. What is the point
of getting a draft pick in a trade in the

middle of the summer that you could just get after
the season now if injuries happen and you're in training camp.
That's where it's possible where a guy like a CD deuce,
you know, shook loose from the Saints, And I could
see Latimore being a guy like maybe in training camp
once you get to like the middle till later, once
you get like closer to cut days, but like from

now until then, like those big name and receivers, like
they're not going anywhere.

Speaker 1 (26:20):
The window passed.

Speaker 3 (26:21):
I might also say that if you lose Lattimore because
of Dennis Allas, Dennis Allen's second very notable like internal
tip with the player, that's how you lost Garner Johnson,
like that, these are both from your secondary. You trade
them post June one or go or cut them. You
still are dealing with a lot of dead cap money.
So it's like it would only save them about four

million this year, cost them ten plus and dead cap
money ten plus and dead cap money the year after
seven plus the year after that, and then still the
year after that. So it's it's not that financially, it's
not financial wizardry necessary.

Speaker 4 (26:54):
I believe he might have been an ex Saint if
they got like a nice offer, but people are just
just about waiting for these picks. For veterans, which is
crazy because then they get in the draft and they're
throwing like future picks around willy nilly to move up
ten spots.

Speaker 2 (27:09):
But then the Viking game, but they gave up Yeah,
like and again the veteran trade Tex You're right Latimore.
It's like, oh, man, I would love to have Latimore
on my team, but it would cost me like a
second round pick.

Speaker 1 (27:21):
Maybe No, I don't get the fourth, right, go get them.

Speaker 2 (27:25):
If your team needs a corner we're gonna talk about
needs in a little bit.

Speaker 3 (27:28):
You're also hoping like it's nice to say kool aid
McKinstry is like fills and needs like, okay, not a
lot of cornerbacks don't work.

Speaker 2 (27:35):
So and I just want to say about two minutes ago,
I want to apologize to the listeners to you guys
as well, but I'm working with an alternate laptop today.

Speaker 1 (27:45):
Couldn't locate my work laptop.

Speaker 4 (27:48):
And the concerning the biggest concerning development with one of
our laptopsince I spilled coffee on mine twice in six months.

Speaker 2 (27:55):
I mean, I know you know me, but like those
who know me on a truly personal, like at home level,
I lose stuff all the time, okay, and it usually
turns like a laptop. Yeah, like stuff that you would
never think, how could that be lost?

Speaker 3 (28:08):
You wouldn't just have left it out like a coffee
bean or something possible.

Speaker 1 (28:12):
I went to the car wash after the show.

Speaker 2 (28:14):
I was a true workingman on Thursday, and took the
bag out of the car when I was vacuuming, put
the bag back in.

Speaker 1 (28:21):
How would the laptop get out?

Speaker 2 (28:22):
It doesn't matter, So the point being, I'm using the laptop, yeah,
and I had the volume up, and then I got
a text from a friend and it can't be scrubbed
out by atap because I was talking at the time
of the ding. So now, now, about three minutes ago,
there's tens of thousands of listeners who are gonna hear

that ding, and they're gonna go check their phones and
then they're gonna look at it and it's not going
There's not gonna be a text, And it's because of
me and my failure to hit the mute button on
a rogue laptop.

Speaker 3 (28:58):
I know, I'm so apology will go a long way
to the tens of thousands that will, obviously, but I like,
I'm glad you mentioned it because that's the same a
similar sound effect we use when someone says something that's
very factual or astute or right.

Speaker 1 (29:10):
Next level or really anything at all.

Speaker 3 (29:12):
Well, yeah, but you were you were rolling through a
setup point and then got a ding, and I'm like,
why did Eric rear? Why did you get that sound effect?
You said nothing out of the ordinary, so makes me
feel better.

Speaker 1 (29:22):
That would really.

Speaker 2 (29:23):
Mess with the listeners if Eric replaces his ding with
the traditional Apple texting, don't do.

Speaker 1 (29:30):
It is off the charts here, I love, thank you,
thank you.

Speaker 2 (29:34):
What else is in the news? Quote unquote news JJ
Watt he retired. I think I lost the sangwich because
I thought Watt would come back last year. I kind
of thought he'd end up playing with his brother TJ
and Pittsburgh, but he stayed out of football last year,
did some TV work. But JJ Watt says if his
original football team, the Houston Texans, and they're head coach,

pick up the phone, he'd answer, let's listen to this.

Speaker 6 (30:00):
Twelve great years in this league, and I'm very thankful
to have walked away healthy and playing great. I mean,
I told Demiko last year, I said, don't call unless
you absolutely need it. But if you ever do call,
I'll be there. He knows, not the call unless he
absolutely needs it.

Speaker 4 (30:17):
This is the last year.

Speaker 6 (30:17):
I'll tell him that because I'm not going to keep
training the way I've been training. But he knows that
if he ever truly does need it, I'll be.

Speaker 1 (30:24):
There for him.

Speaker 2 (30:25):
Notable Brandon K. Scott with the credit there on Twitter.
Before he made that last comment, I was going to say,
for a guy who's been out of football now for
over a year, he looks exactly like JJ Watt many
many times, and you could figure out why. It's natural
when they step away from the game, they stop training
at the same level and their physique gets slimmer or whatever.
He looks he looks like he's still what was he

six six to sixty or whatever.

Speaker 3 (30:49):
We saw him at the Super Bowl and he's not
like a normal human.

Speaker 2 (30:51):
And he's saying he's training too, he's football ready right now. Still,
that is notable to me and something to keep.

Speaker 3 (30:57):
And I saw a thing where he went through and
I kind of love finding out about this stuff, Like
he went through what his diet is to maintain like
the like the watch shape, and it's like seven thousand
plus calories a day, but a year old still yeah, well,
I mean that's that's what he was doing when he
was a player, and so if he looks exactly the same,

it's got to be in the realm of that if
he wants to.

Speaker 1 (31:20):
This is the power of CJ.

Speaker 3 (31:21):
Strouds me because he left the Texans with you know,
some issues with ownership and all that stuff.

Speaker 1 (31:26):
But it's like, suddenly this team looks like a.

Speaker 2 (31:27):
Super Bowlso say the power of Dimiko Ryans, who is
sure JJ Watt's former teammate with Houston. They were once
the stalwarts of a defense together and now he is
the head coach and he's got obviously the respect of JJ.

Speaker 4 (31:38):
So the off season, the off season news moves slow
in some ways, but whenever you just get a little bite,
suddenly it moves fast. And they actually someone tracked down
Tamiko Ryans, who is at a Texans event today. He says,
I need him now anytime JJ is ready to go,
I'm ready to go.

Speaker 1 (31:55):
In as a situational tess be incredible.

Speaker 2 (31:57):
But yeah, we're not going to get sucked into the
May six rumor mill.

Speaker 1 (32:01):
But it's good to relay s do.

Speaker 4 (32:03):
It and part of the reason I think what was
interesting to talk about is let's need throughout this on
the Rich Eisen Show last week too, just that that
Aaron Donald, like, hey, I had mentioned to Aaron when
he retired. You know, we had a guy in Eric
Weddle who just kind of jumped off the couch to
join the playoffs. So maybe if if you'd want to
do that, that'd be option, you know, it'd be an
option for you. He says he doubts Aaron Donald would

actually do.

Speaker 1 (32:26):
That, but I don't know. The RAMS might see that happening.

Speaker 4 (32:28):
The RAMS might ask, and they actually structured his contract
and retirement in a way that that would be very
doable if Aaron Donald would want to. But he says
that he might try to. They might try to tempt him,
but that they don't know if they.

Speaker 3 (32:40):
Should do more of these, like veterans with special powers
are brought onto the scene, like Joe Flacco, like in
November and December. Don't make them go through all this
nonsense leading up to it. If the team's in position,
you bring Aaron Donald back in for sixty days and
he dominates and then gets a Super Bowl ring.

Speaker 1 (32:57):
Do it love to see it. There's just a category
of players like that.

Speaker 2 (33:05):
Justin James Watt turned thirty five years old in March.
All right, that's what's happening in the news. Let's take
a break and talk about some outstanding team needs. I
don't mean outstanding like, oh, it's outstanding. I mean outstanding
like a debt, like a tax bill.

Speaker 1 (33:23):
Okay, we'll be right back. We are back, We're back. Continue.

Speaker 3 (33:38):
I mean. The only upside here is that I didn't like,
somehow verbalize a third version of that over the double
version that already exists.

Speaker 2 (33:45):
Could happen though like that, it could happen, it wouldn't
be like that wasn't on purpose either, and if it
did happen again, it would have the.

Speaker 3 (33:53):
Triple only happened that time because your directions were fuzzy
compared to the direction you gave like a Jordan on
our last show, or Colleen, like the ones given to
me were fuzzy, and I faltered. And I don't blame myself.

Speaker 1 (34:09):
I don't know. I love it so much.

Speaker 2 (34:12):
Unfinished business, that's see, that was the one I was
trying to get that out at the top of the
show segment. Unfinished business. Teams are now pretty much, and
there are still GREGI, there are still roster moves to
be made. There's not a lot of options out there,
but there are options. There are players out there, and
there will be cuts and all that stuff, and maybe

jj WA coomes out of retirement.

Speaker 1 (34:34):
You never know.

Speaker 2 (34:35):
But as things stand out, Greg, there's gonna be teams
that enter the season with with void.

Speaker 1 (34:41):
So let's get into them. Let's talk about them.

Speaker 2 (34:43):
Maybe they're not, maybe they only seem like a roster issue,
and we'll have a conversation and it won't be that way.
And I'll get this one going, and I will start
with a team that I think everyone agrees is a
bit of a intellectual curiosity right now.

Speaker 1 (35:00):
It is ATP's favorite team. It is the Buffalo Bills.

Speaker 2 (35:03):
And you could go in maybe a couple of different
directions for this team that's been so close to getting
over the hump, but they haven't yet. I was gonna say,
did they make it to the AFC title Game yet?
With Josh Allen once Yeah, yeah. On one trip to.

Speaker 1 (35:17):
The game is Stefan Diggs staring at the confetti No
no rough rough.

Speaker 2 (35:23):
And now they're trying to go out at a different
angle with some turnover on the roster. I'll talk about
the wide receivers because I'm curious in general here this
is not just this offseason, but when you look at
their depth chart, where's the investment been at this position
during the Stephan Diggs and now the post Diggs era.
We know the Bills traded back twice out of the

first round. They took Keon Coleman last month in the
second round. We'll see how he turns out. But I
always think that that with wide receivers, in most cases
there are special cases, and there could be a couple
of special cases at the top of this draft with
Marvin Harrison and and neighbors and a doonsay, but banking
on a first year wide receiver to fill your void

if you have a big one at wide receiver is
risky business. And that they're kind of asking that if
Kean Coleman right now, however, Coleman, he looks like a
lottery pick as a second rounder compared to the rest
of the depth chart. Gabe Davis was a fourth round
pick in twenty twenty. He's in Jacksonville now. Khalil Shakir
was a fifth rounder in twenty two just In Shorter,

a fifth rounder in twenty three, and then you look
at who else they have their free agent acquisitions, Curtis Samuel,
kJ Hamler, Chase Claypool. Those guys are all second round picks,
but on other teams, and they're two varying degrees, in
my opinion, depreciated assets. Former fourth round pick Mac Hollins
is also on this team. Now cool a lot of guys,

yeah names and listen. I love Josh Allen. Actually Josh
and I are spirit Canines, as Jordan pointed out last week,
But I don't want to watch number seventeen throwing to
a bunch of second rate playmakers like Patrick Mahomes was
a year ago.

Speaker 1 (37:07):
And I'll end with a movie quote here, Marky.

Speaker 2 (37:11):
Like Basher don Chieadle's character and Ocean's eleven said it
will be nice working with proper villain. Actually said it
in a terrible English accent. Yeah, and I have a
terrible English accent, so I'll do it. It'll be nice
working with proper villains again. Alan will have to wait
at least another year for the dawn of that reality,
because right now these are not proper villains in my opinion.

Speaker 1 (37:32):
At the wide receiver.

Speaker 3 (37:33):
Yeah, they did such a good job early in Allen's
career building up around him quickly, and they're in a
they're having to move through a different phase of all that.
Dalton Kincaid is a big factor, though. I kind of think,
you know what, You've got a real weapon in him
at tight end. But you're right, it's a bunch of
dudes that are like names alone, like Andy Isabella. You've
got like a key on Coleman. You're hoping right away contributes.

They've already said like he has to, and Josh Allen
knows he has to.

Speaker 1 (37:59):
I don't love that for any.

Speaker 3 (38:01):
First year wide receiver, especially early on, because it's like
going from college to pros and different playbooks, different schemes,
Like there is an adjustment there. But I also don't
just like wide out rooms where if you get one
injury here to a key figure, you are staring at
bottom of the barrel talent around Josh Allen.

Speaker 4 (38:18):
I like this group more than you guys do, just
because I like Curtis Samuel like I can't get I
did too.

Speaker 1 (38:23):
I would say I didn't.

Speaker 2 (38:24):
I felt even when I was doing that set up
that I don't He's not much of a depreciated asset,
but he has bounced around the league a little.

Speaker 4 (38:29):
Bit, and he's a role player. Your guys are right
that there's a bunch of role players. Coleman was a
divisive draft prospect. Some people had him as like a
third or fourth round guy, other's Bucky Brooks, and plenty
of other people had him as like a top five
receiver in this class, like a physical guy who I
thought would make more sense in the slot. My problem is,
like I like Shakir, he's shown he's an NFL player,

he's a.

Speaker 3 (38:52):
As a like a as I got next to a
one and someone, yeah, exactly, as like a three, as
like an inside player who's gonna get open.

Speaker 4 (38:59):
Samuel's profiles a little similar to me to Shakir. And
then you have Coleman, who I thought would do his
best work on the inside, and you have Kincaid, who
to me is part of this, and Dawson Knox is
part of this. And that's what you're hoping for, is
that an offensive line and the tight ends and the
running backs essentially make up for these receivers. But yeah,
you mentioned, I didn't even realize how many like oh,

he's on this team. Claypool maccollins. Mc collins can play.
He's like a fourth receiver who was a special teamer.
Andy Isabella is probably not making this team, but he
is on this team. kJ Hammler like I loved for
a few minutes and then he's had devastating injuries unfortunately.

Speaker 2 (39:34):
Like, there's just a lot of names, a lot of guys.
I don't want to put you on the spot, Eric
unless you know, but I'm gonna check. When's the last
time they used a first round pick on a wide receiver?
Digs they traded for They traded a first round pick
to get Digs.

Speaker 1 (39:48):
I mean, off top of my head, are we going
back to Stevie Watkins, Sammy Watkins? You're right, they traded up.

Speaker 2 (39:55):
They traded a bundle to get and maybe that's a
reason why the organizationally because Watkins never really came through,
but they traded up to get Watkins in twenty fourteen,
which was the Dark ages of the Buffalo Bills. But
that's the last time that they've gone in that direction,
all right.

Speaker 1 (40:10):
Mark, you want to go next? Yeah? For me?

Speaker 3 (40:13):
Looking around, I like this exercise because you're like looking
at our lads and kind of seeing where things just
do not work it.

Speaker 1 (40:18):
Can we hit the Big Funk means a second couple
of waters be brought to Dan. Everyone.

Speaker 4 (40:22):
Really, you gotta subscribe on YouTube check us out to
see Big.

Speaker 1 (40:27):
Funk step up. They Big Funk does it all for water.

Speaker 2 (40:29):
Big Funk is not only a gifted producer and social man.

Speaker 1 (40:34):
When Mystic Dan forgets to get the Mystic Dan, that's
pretty good. Actually, I like that Big Funk does it
all gets the water. He does it all? Sorry, Mark, what.

Speaker 3 (41:00):
Are the odds that I'd get eight words into uh
my segment point here? And not only are is like
you know, fluids being brought into the room, but we're
breaking into song and dance.

Speaker 2 (41:11):
I was parched, and I thought it was affecting my performance.

Speaker 3 (41:15):
I was a psychic connection that allowed that Bark has
a point here.

Speaker 4 (41:20):
It's obviously not going to be you that's getting interrupted
by that by Ranel.

Speaker 1 (41:24):
I interrupt myself all the time, right coming in though
I mean and doing this song.

Speaker 4 (41:27):
But for some reason, if it was me or Mark
who's gonna it just by chance, who's gonna get interrupted?
I would put my life savings that it's.

Speaker 3 (41:35):
Marked the timing well the timing is the timing is
a lever pole.

Speaker 2 (41:41):
Understand that, but but to see it as a lever pole,
at least on the surface is incorrect. But if you're saying,
if I'm subconsciously pull on the lever, it's not that
deep and it's certainly within the realm of reason.

Speaker 3 (41:53):
Yes, I don't think it's miles into the subcons can
turn this up a little bit.

Speaker 1 (41:57):
That is nice.

Speaker 2 (41:57):
Fuck, you need to use this in your personal life,
if you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (42:07):
I'd love to discover that.

Speaker 3 (42:10):
You know, when you when we pass off the earth
and you can see all different periods of human times.
Yeah that whenever you think of like the medieval ages
and you have like a floutest who's like, you know
that it's very boring music. But what if it was
just this and we don't think we created this, but
this was what was happening, like the Soulful.

Speaker 2 (42:25):
The soulful Floutest is an underrated musician, all right, without
further ado, Mars.

Speaker 3 (42:32):
This feels like it's also now following it up with
some sort of mundane football common is absurd. I like,
what like a lot of these like running back rooms
have a bunch of guys. I don't know what why
the New York Giants who have issues, they already have issues,
think that Devin Singletary is going to be a capable
post to Kwon Barkley lead horse. I think he's a

fine guy to have as part of your running back room.
They drafted Tyrone Tracy's a fifth rounder. They've got Dion Jackson,
Eric Gray. One of these guys is going to go
down with it some sort of an injury or malady.
And it's like, suddenly you're taking a quarterback you don't
trust who's injury prone, and Daniel Jones or fill in
the blank there and say, we're not sure even if

they stay healthy, you've got a capable running game. I'll
add to that that we don't know what's happening with
Darren Waller at tight end.

Speaker 1 (43:20):
So you've got Daniel Bellinger exactly. This sounds like no
other real breaking news, but.

Speaker 3 (43:26):
Right, but how many other players are like It's like
we're into month three of whispers that Darren Waller doesn't
maybe want to play football again.

Speaker 1 (43:32):
There's a lot of other stuff going on there.

Speaker 2 (43:34):
We're never seeing that man out of football field ever again.

Speaker 1 (43:37):
Last year when he was public about it, he said,
I he's on records.

Speaker 3 (43:42):
This also just isn't the same version they were. I
think we were last what version of Darren Waller're gonna get? Like,
we're one year later into not being condensurate. It's that
guy they drafted, Theo Johnson at tight end, who some
people were talking up. But you know, you just are
taking your running back position, your tight end position you've
got you had. You have very little wide receiver before
Elik Neighbors. It's like this offense, it's the this is

the crew that build up around Josh Allen like they
I mean, these these were connected to that growth period
and we saw what the coaching staff could do with that.
And it's not happening around whatever quarterback they actually want
to play, because there's questions about that too.

Speaker 2 (44:17):
Yeah, wait a second, Can I just say they took
one of the big three wide receivers though?

Speaker 1 (44:22):
I like that, but I didn't list wide receiver.

Speaker 3 (44:23):
I'm just saying that if the wide receiver was a
burning need, and so they did address that. You can't
address everything, but if you're gonna lose Saquon Barkley, who frankly,
when they go to the playoffs two seasons ago, and
that was smoking mirrors to some degree. But Sequon had
one of those seasons.

Speaker 2 (44:36):
Can I say, I don't think that was a terrible
move to pay a better than running back with injury.

Speaker 1 (44:41):
No, but get you.

Speaker 3 (44:41):
But but you're now telling us that if Devin Singletary
is your lead guy and question marks behind him.

Speaker 1 (44:48):
That's riskly.

Speaker 2 (44:49):
I guess my counter would be Devin Singletary, while not
flashy and certainly not have the name brand value of
Saquon Barkley, he might actually be a better investment for
what he gives you and what he costs compared to
what the Eagles just paid.

Speaker 1 (45:00):
I don't think right.

Speaker 3 (45:02):
I don't think the argument is I think you should
have turned around and overpaid for a running back that
has durability.

Speaker 1 (45:08):
Is but you would have had to to keep them
in the bills. So you don't see that.

Speaker 3 (45:10):
But you go there's there was months and months and
chances to go to get other teams, like the wide
receiver room in Buffalo. You're throwing a lot of darts.
We'll see what works. There's not a lot of relikable darts.

Speaker 4 (45:20):
They got caught flat footed. Yes, at running back because
they gave Devin Singletary nine and a half million guaranteed.

Speaker 2 (45:26):
It's like, that's that's a lot, and and that's a
fair point when you factor and how much you paid.
I had no idea he was getting that much guaranteed.
But my only point is, at least how I looked
at the exercise. If I see the team actually actively
kind of going trying to address it, I'm gonna give
them a little bit of a pass. Like the Bills,
I feel like they didn't. They weren't aggressive enough with
their wide receivers. The Giants are trying to do it,

but they're not. It's not gonna happen in one day.
I don't know what they're trying to do it.

Speaker 3 (45:51):
At running back, they signed like I mean, a little
bit every I mean everyone in these position groups.

Speaker 1 (45:55):
They've added someone somewhere. I got a lot of work
to do.

Speaker 4 (45:59):
I agree with you don't see any and that's a
position you can usually find some free agents late in
the game. But again they went quite quickly. I'm not
sure who that would be. Maybe a Kareem Hunt, maybe
a Latavious Murray. But you're not gonna get excited.

Speaker 2 (46:11):
Let's see haven't Singletary got nine and a half guaranteed,
dem I missing.

Speaker 4 (46:18):
There had some nice metrics last year in terms of
like make Tony Pollard miss and Tony Pollard got similar
maybe a little more, all right.

Speaker 2 (46:33):
If Neighbors is a stud though, they're gonna be a
lot better on offense if the quarterback can get it
to them.

Speaker 4 (46:38):
Hollard got ten point four million guaranteed, so pretty similar.

Speaker 2 (46:42):
Yeah, all right, so maybe we should stop crying poverty
for the running backs.

Speaker 1 (46:46):
It's all turning around.

Speaker 4 (46:47):
Now, Okay. I might have misunderstood this exercise. No, I
don't think so. It's unfinished business. It's unfinished business, and
so I didn't look at it from a team perspective
out at more like league wide.

Speaker 1 (46:59):
I'm into the I'm into the contract.

Speaker 4 (47:01):
So I just let's start with I could divide this
up into wide receiver deals and quarterback deals, but let's
go wide receiver first.

Speaker 1 (47:08):
I made little categories. I like it all right.

Speaker 4 (47:09):
Here are some wide receiver deals I expect justin Jefferson.
We might have to wait around till like August for this,
but I think it's it's gonna happen the way they've
way public.

Speaker 2 (47:20):
This is quite literally unphysical finished business business.

Speaker 4 (47:24):
Yeah, I think justin Jefferson, Brandon Ayuk, Nico Collins, those
would be three wide receivers I think are going to
get good contracts this offseason. One I want to put
in this category, but I don't rule out the Cowboys
for messing it up, is CD Lamb, who's also a
free agent next year, Like, you got to do this right,

Like I think they will do it, but now at
this point, I don't know. I don't I don't know
what's going on in Dallas. And then another category is
my don't wait around for it to get too late,
And that would be kind of be next year's crew,
which is Jalen Wattle, Jamar Chase, and Drake London. The
teams that are getting done early. We've talked about it
save a little money. So that's just like the unfinished

wide receiver business. And there's been a lot a lot
of chatter, especially with JJ and Iyuk, but in the end,
I think those deals get done.

Speaker 1 (48:14):
That's my unfinished bass.

Speaker 2 (48:15):
That's a little like housekeeping, if you will. I like that,
who's out there and what's the one that the least
likely of that group? You think to get a deal.

Speaker 1 (48:24):

Speaker 4 (48:25):
I think because I don't know, because they've they've waited
too long. You got you should try to get it
in before Jefferson does it.

Speaker 2 (48:35):
I think they're keeping CD before Dak at this point. Yeah,
I kind of like some of the breadcrumbs going on around.

Speaker 4 (48:41):
Here Eco Collins, maybe just because he's not quite at
that level. But I think they know what they have
and they have a ton of cap space, so he
would make a lot of sense. Let's do the quarterback too.
While I'm on the contract beat, and these might be
more interesting. I've seen people push back that is GoF
actually got to get this deal.

Speaker 1 (48:58):
I still expect golf. Did you hear those Lions fans
in Detroit? Right? You can't let that guy.

Speaker 4 (49:03):
It is a tricky contract perhaps of how many years
of guaranteed money you're gonna give. But he'll get a
nice raise goff to And I think Jordan Love gets
paid this year because I think Green Bay is smart.
I think the contract they gave him last year was
a sneaky great contract, a two year deal.

Speaker 1 (49:20):
Give him a little cushion.

Speaker 4 (49:22):
They didn't give him his fifth year option, but I
think they get contracts Dak it looks like it is
a big fat no, which is crazy. And then just
kind of like keep an eye out on Trevor.

Speaker 1 (49:32):
Maybe they just wait for him to get to his
fifthyear option, which is fine, He's not a free agent
next year.

Speaker 4 (49:37):
Trevor and Purty my unfortunate. What did you call it, Avatar?
I mean, I am now brock Purty black party might
be the most underpaid player in the league. Whether you're
a huge brock pretty guy or a middle brock purty guy.
He's getting paid like a seventh round pick for starting
quarterback on one of the best teams in the NFL.

Speaker 1 (49:57):
So those are two to watch.

Speaker 3 (49:58):
I think the one in there that like a couple
of things happening, because let's there is a world where
Dak Prescott doesn't stay with the Cowboys after this upcoming season.
And then you're the Dolphins and you're trying to figure out,
if you're Mike McDaniel, like what how much you really
want to invest in Tua? Like contract for Tua when
maybe a quarterback becomes available in the off season, like

are like I'm still confounded by what to do with Tua.

Speaker 1 (50:22):
I know that like the from certain metrics.

Speaker 3 (50:24):
He looks pristine, but like watching too, it's like, am
I gonna give this guy a giant contract?

Speaker 4 (50:28):
They just seem like they are very positive about it,
and he's positive about it. It just says to me
they've made progress and they're they're both kind of think
it's gonna happen.

Speaker 2 (50:37):
All right, So you rock my world about that singletary thing.
So I look, I love I did some digging here.
So the running back market.

Speaker 1 (50:44):
You're just not interested in. What's a party gotta be?

Speaker 4 (50:48):
That's a tricky contract, Dan.

Speaker 1 (50:51):
I also think that.

Speaker 4 (50:52):
Is it he worth more than he would never get
more money than Trevor. By the way, I.

Speaker 2 (50:56):
Don't want to say anything about Brock because I don't
want to get Mark upset that I'm still not totally
sold on Rock and maybe the Niners aren't.

Speaker 1 (51:02):
You well, you should be. You should be worried about
getting me upset.

Speaker 2 (51:04):
You know, kept me up. That wasn't my compar comparison.
I loved that it was uh because it got you
fired up. But that was Jordan saying that you were
Brock Birdie. That really stuck with Greg.

Speaker 3 (51:15):
We were as we were leaving the studio, you were
still parsing that in your mind and verbally with us.

Speaker 1 (51:20):
Just give me Philip Rivers someone that's fun.

Speaker 2 (51:21):
At least, you know, well, I think it was all
active qbs though.

Speaker 1 (51:28):
Anyway, so you're you're right, You're absolutely right.

Speaker 2 (51:30):
He got Devin got nine and a half fully guaranteed,
which is more than what Derreck Henry got fully guaranteed.
And uh, I'll just throw one more out there that
to the point though, nine and a half is nine
and a half. But Saquon got twenty twenty five and
a half.

Speaker 1 (51:48):
He got it, he got the contract five and a half.
Not to like, not to hash it.

Speaker 3 (51:53):
You're you're looking at it through the lens of like,
should they have re signed Saquon Barkley.

Speaker 2 (51:57):
No, we've moved on from that conversation, and at least
I have. I'm more just like looking at how that
market shook out in hindsight. Now let's move on, Let's
go through another round. Let's do it here. Wait, go
where do I want to go? Where do I want
to go? Where do I want to go? All right,
let's steck at wide receiver and let's talk about the Ravens.

So you know they addressed cornerback offensive guard in the
first and second rounds. I trust the process and Baltimore
always will, but I don't like how it all ended
up for Lamar here because there's a lot. There's a
lot being put on Rashad Bateman finally becoming that dude

first round pick back in twenty twenty one.

Speaker 1 (52:42):
Do I trust Zay Flowers? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (52:43):
Do I think Zay Flowers can progress and even become
a star.

Speaker 1 (52:47):

Speaker 2 (52:47):
But then after Zay and after of course Mark Andrews,
you have again Bateman, you have Nelson Aguilar, you have
a fourth round pick, devontees Walker, you know Darthrow, Deontay Hardy,
Tylan Wallace.

Speaker 1 (53:06):
You have a bunch of guys, just a bunch of
dudes kind of back where you were. And here's the issue.

Speaker 2 (53:12):
I'm not going to go crazy in the sense that
if you have what Lamar brings to the table, and
you have Mark Andrews, who is one of the best
playmaking tight ends in the sport, and Zay who could
become like a all pro type player if things go
the right way, but this team, to me, is still
one injury away to either of those guys to being

right back to where they always seem to be where
they are shorthanded and struggling, perhaps in January, to find
a way to make the offense go.

Speaker 1 (53:40):
So why why are we not learning?

Speaker 2 (53:43):
Like to me, the Miami Dolphins is another example from
what happened in their last game moving forward, I just
don't get it.

Speaker 1 (53:49):
I'm with you. I do wonder if.

Speaker 4 (53:53):
They felt like there was a receiver drop off before
they ended up taking Nate Wiggins with the thirty pick.
He was a cornerback and like they were pretty interesting
receivers on the board Ken Coleman and we saw Lagett
and who went in the second round. But I would
have thought they would have liked to get out of
that that pick with the receiver, because that's it's not
a great group and you're going into the season with

major questions there and on the offensive line where the
guard positions and right tackle or shaky they they weirdly
have more questions to me than a lot of the AFC,
like good teams, And yet I see that they're like
they're over under and it's not showing up in Vegas yet,
like they're being seen as this, Like we're coming off
a one seed and we're the favorite in the AFC

North in our over unders eleven and a half, and
I'm not so sure they have a lot of questions.

Speaker 3 (54:40):
They're always a team that it's gonna find like two
or three guys between now and the start of the
season that plugs some holes. But I think it's like
with offensive line, like where are some of these guys
gonna go? They drafted Roger Rosengarden, Andrew Vorheis, who was
a pick last year, was injured, is coming back and
like getting fairly well praised by the coaching staff. But
it's like there are are a lot of departures here.

There were like fourteen key figures that left, and suddenly
the Ravens are back. I think there's back where you
were at wide receiver. We're like you kind of appeased
Lamar a year ago, and I'm with you on Rashad Bateman.
It's like there's moments where you see it, but like
there's no evidence that this guy's going to suddenly make
a major leap here.

Speaker 2 (55:17):
He's I want to, you know, I want to call
him a sunken cost, but at a certain point you
have to start seeing him, stop seeing him as the
guy that you wanted him to be I'm just looking
at his three years in the league. He he finally
played you know, close to a full season last year,
sixteen games and did not produce at a very high
level at all.

Speaker 1 (55:35):
Thirty two or three sixty seven and one.

Speaker 2 (55:38):
The season before was you know, injuries wiped out most
of the year. You know, he only started four games
as a rookie in twenty one. So it's you're really
banking on his development in this offense. If not, it's
a problem, Greg, Who's that mark your next?

Speaker 3 (55:53):
You know, a team that like I always feel I'm
picking on these guys and I'm not trying to, but
it's just like it's hard to see what's happening here
with the Raiders because like, fine, even if you like
Gardner Minshew, like there's a quarter this is one of
the weirder quarterback situations in the in the league where
it's like you have an interim coach that became the
full time coach and you're going into this new campaign
and there was all this kind of like I like
Antonio appears more than you, Dan, but I think that

the Raiders players like them.

Speaker 1 (56:16):
But you're going into a core.

Speaker 3 (56:17):
Into a tough AFC West campaign with at best like
a C plus situation at quarterback, if not a lot worse,
especially if there's any sort of injury there. They're one,
they're running back room Alexander Madison, not in love with
Alexander Madison's You're mere white, a mere Abduela right now
is listed as their starter by PFF. I know that's
just I'm not wort of laughing at that. That that's
funny that that's how that roster looks at sure, and

I mean, it's fine, but I don't I'm not in
love with that. But then they're at cornerback. They didn't
have a chance because they you going pad your tight
end room. Now, I don't rock Bauers make sense, but
beyond Jack Jones, they are very inexperienced at corner. And
you're in a you're in a division with Justin Herbert.
I understand it might be Justin Herbert handing the ball
off ten times more times a game, but you can't
get out of the without a loaded secondary. And it's

guys like Nate Hobbs and Jacorey and Bennett. They took
a fifth round flyer Onto Kamari and Richardson there, but
it's like that was a need they didn't address it
correctly because they have so many other needs. And the
Raiders to me, don't look a lot any better than
they did at the end of last season.

Speaker 1 (57:17):
They didn't want to pay Josh Jacobs. I get that.
I think actually, no problem with the wise move. No
problem with that.

Speaker 2 (57:22):
They got Gardner Minshew, who played pretty well for the
Colts last year, and there's a pretty decent chance. It
sounds like if Michael Pennix or one of those other
quarterbacks is still on the board when the Raiders picked,
they would have went in that direction. But at least
they have a guy in Minshew that could hold the fort.
So I'm not even going really crazy there, even if
it's not exciting. But you mentioned if you have a

huge weakness on your team and you have an entire
offseason to address it, in the back end of their defense,
it seems like they are very vulnerable.

Speaker 4 (57:52):
I'm always wary of the defense, Like you close really strong,
you finish on a streak, and you just think like
that's our defense now. It usually doesn't carry over, like
because on paper, you're right Mark talented up front, but
the back end is not a very talented group. The
Bears are kind of the other team that stick with
me a little bit about that. They're just assuming that

their defense totally cares over but carries over. But they've
at least invested more in terms of picks than the
Raiders have.

Speaker 1 (58:18):
All Right, the Bears, Greggy, all Right.

Speaker 4 (58:22):
I'm gonna dip into the free agency zone again and
ask where do the cornerbacks go?

Speaker 1 (58:29):
Maybe where do the tackles go?

Speaker 4 (58:30):
Because I think these are the only positions where there's
actually some players available that are worth caring about. Stefan
Gilmour can still play. I mentioned the Packers as a
possibility in every Packers fan that apparently has a Twitter
count is like, we roasted him, No thanks, I.

Speaker 1 (58:48):
Get you know.

Speaker 4 (58:48):
He had a bad pre like postseason game against the Packers.
I think it was Dantavian Wicks kind of cooked him up.
Gilmore was a little banged up by the end of
the year, and that's a risk for an older player.
But he was a good player last year. He was
a plus starter, so he'll help some teams somewhere. Adri
Jackson is available. He can still play. I think when
he's healthy. Steven Nelson is just the guy who fills

out like a thousand snaps every year and can play
a little bit. A Kela Weatherspoon was a late signing
from the Rams last year and played quite well. So
those are four guys who to me can play some
ball and are still out there. And then almost any
team could use cornerbacks, but some of the most interesting
ones to me would be Packers, Colts, Texans, Jags, Chargers,

I would throw in their Falcons, forty nine Ers, Cardinals, Panthers.
I mean, there's so many teams that could use cornerbacks,
but those guys could go in and actually help you,
I think sooner than later, actually step in and help.

Speaker 3 (59:40):
Some of those guys are like waiting till whether there's
they can up their contract big time if there's injuries,
or it's like the right team suddenly needs them at
the closet.

Speaker 4 (59:49):
Right Gilmore and especially Gilmore there I think actually will
get decent money. By decent, I mean like eight million
or something like that.

Speaker 2 (59:55):
Yeah, I'll handcuff that with the last one I had,
since it it's right in this category. The jag Wars
in their secondary I reached out to our original boss,
Mark Sessler justin Hathaway now working up there in the
Bay Area for NBC, and despite well, he is a
Florida on the Jaguars City Jaguars fan, right, he's from Florida,

justin I feel like every city you ever.

Speaker 1 (01:00:19):
Mentioned, he knows.

Speaker 2 (01:00:20):
Yeah, he's been there at some point anyway, justin huge
Jags fan. And I asked him, like, what were your
thoughts about their team and what the holes were, and
he was not thrilled that they traded back in the
first round when they had a chance to grab both
of those top cornerbacks, and then when they trade back
to twenty three, the Eagles took one of the big

cornerbacks right in front of him. But then you still
had well Quiny and Mitchell's and the Eagles you had
Terry and Arnold still there. They went with the wide receiver,
and we've talked about that that it felt like the
Jags had got boxed in a little bit after what
happened with Calvin Ridley, So you can't kill him for that.
But then they waited until the third round to take
a corner and then you look at their depth chart
and you look at the team that's coming off very disappointing.

Speaker 1 (01:01:05):
Ending, especially on defense. Ronald Darby.

Speaker 2 (01:01:08):
They brought in who's, you know, a veteran guy, but
they're asking him to kind of anchor things back there.

Speaker 1 (01:01:12):
He's been a journey. He's a definition of a journey
right right now.

Speaker 2 (01:01:15):
Where he did a one and done where in Baltimore
last year. So we'll see what happens with the Jags.
But that felt like a place they maybe should have
been more aggressive and now they are perhaps vulnerable.

Speaker 3 (01:01:26):
Took another one of those teams where like so many
mocks had this type of position cornerback going to Jacksonville
and it doesn't happen right, and it's like, well, that
was a burnie knee.

Speaker 1 (01:01:35):
That's why they were. People were saying that.

Speaker 4 (01:01:37):
There's only so many of these guys out there too.
I do feel like it was a thing this year
that free agency went faster. Guys, there's less guys maybe
that are still out there. But I look at these
three or four guys and think they could help them.
They yeah, they are maybe the number one team there.

Speaker 2 (01:01:50):
And then maybe on the old a little more connective
tissue here. You could also at the Jags and their defense.
Obviously they have Josh Allen and he's awesome, but I
don't know if there's some with Trayvon Walker, some Rashad
Bateman DNA there where they're not willing to admit that
he's not going to be the other guy on the
side across from Allen. So they're rolling with him and

hoping he's going to develop, which makes sense he's entering
what his third year. But they might not have enough
pass rush either, And these are problems in a division
where you know, it could be tough to defend with
some of the exciting players in really all everywhere in
that division.

Speaker 1 (01:02:27):
Now, with CJ.

Speaker 2 (01:02:29):
Strouds, Rise Richardson coming back, of course, we shall see.

Speaker 4 (01:02:33):
They also have a new defensive coordinator, Ryan Nielsen. They
fired Mike Caldwell and Nielsen strong mustache game. If you
check out his profile on the Jaguars website. Was one
of those guys that, like everyone who's a tape head
was like, Wow, I love what Ryan Nielsen did with
the Falcons last year, really creative, Like really Max dw
like did a good job. And then and I don't

really doubt it, but they were bad defense, So I
don't know what to make of it.

Speaker 1 (01:02:57):
That is of them.

Speaker 3 (01:02:58):
I'm looking at this mustache up here, Greg. It is'srue
and trude here, but that's nice.

Speaker 4 (01:03:03):
It's really something speaking of it's from seem Valley, which
is known it's like the home of cops in southern California.

Speaker 1 (01:03:10):
And he kind of looks like a cop.

Speaker 4 (01:03:12):
What the home of like the lot, No, a lot
of cops like live in seem Me Valley.

Speaker 2 (01:03:17):
Oh, it's like a cop haven. Oh yeah, he looks
like and he looks like a twelve year veteran.

Speaker 3 (01:03:21):
A lot of cops in else Goundo too, Uh do we?
I guess well, that little.

Speaker 1 (01:03:26):
That that Eric gave me a good point as a
real so cow guy. There you go. Yeah, that's good.

Speaker 2 (01:03:33):
My little hometown of Pearl River, New York, a lot
of cops at firefighters took the Metro North into the city.
You got to be within a certain you gott to
be within a certain demo, like in terms of mileage
from the city, and my town was just within that
limit and had mass transportation.

Speaker 1 (01:03:52):
That's all part of a tu mark.

Speaker 3 (01:03:54):
I've ridden Metro North probably six hundred times, and I
miss it.

Speaker 1 (01:03:57):
It's wonderful. It's a wonderful way to get around town.

Speaker 2 (01:04:00):
Shout out to the NYPD and New York Fire Department
absolutely for what they do.

Speaker 1 (01:04:04):
Shout out to what they've done North workers too. Oh,
that's one thing we all have in common.

Speaker 4 (01:04:10):
I was taking the Metro North on an almost daily
basis when I was working up at Ronal World.

Speaker 1 (01:04:16):
That hell. Shout out to New Jersey and NBAC.

Speaker 2 (01:04:18):
They've also dealt with a lot of drunk people over
the years. An angry businessman going home to a house
that no longer feels like a home.

Speaker 4 (01:04:28):
Everyone would always talk about the bar car because the
bar car was still there when I was there, Like,
shout out to the bark. The actual bar car was there,
but there was no more bar. You were allowed to
drink there, but people would talk about the good old day.

Speaker 3 (01:04:40):
Well, yeah you could, Like you could you sit there
with a beer with a napkin around it, a canned
beer and just stare out as the you know, the
towns float by you.

Speaker 1 (01:04:47):
It's a nice with your friends, wonderful thing. Anybody get
a PBA card from a friend of a friend. Yeah, years,
I had it throughout my New York stay. You got
an old guy? What does it stand for? Pro Bowlers Association?
I think it's policeman's benevolent.

Speaker 3 (01:05:05):
Oh yeah, well here's the move back then, Like I
remember my dad did this and it was savvy because
you get one of those you do you do donate
to the police, so you've done it, but you get
the sticker that you put on your on your windshield
or on the side, and then they when they when
you get pulled over invariably for speeding, Like the first
thing the cops see is that you donate to the
police and they and you're on your way.

Speaker 2 (01:05:26):
Well, the other one, even if you're a guy, you're
it's a little bit of a tricky move for people
I don't know who we're talking about.

Speaker 1 (01:05:30):
A PBA card.

Speaker 2 (01:05:32):
If you know someone that's a cop or is connected
to a cop, you get one of these cards. And
then the idea is if you ever get pulled over
when they ask for license and registration, you can hand
that over, but also hand this card or flash the
card and if if a cop is cool with it,
he'll be like, all right, it's the same as the stakes,
like they you you want.

Speaker 3 (01:05:50):
This is even the stickers even more subtle. But then
you then you have to make sure well you also
can't have it on a window that rolls down. If
the cops pliny offs. Gotta be some world yeah blast,
they know where to look. Put it on the windshield.
But he's coming from the side. All right, let's let's
focus up. I was gonna mention we mentioned the Texans.
I know, Greg, you've been following this. You are connected
to Mother Japan in always uh.

Speaker 1 (01:06:13):
C J.

Speaker 2 (01:06:14):
Stroud and MICHAEH. Parsons doing their world tour and uh.
The new video that's out there now is Micah Parsons
sumo wrestling.

Speaker 1 (01:06:23):

Speaker 2 (01:06:23):
And the first round the sumo wrestler, do you guys
see this? Yeah, sumer wrestler thrashes him and then does
like a rock in the baby thing to Micah. C J.

Speaker 3 (01:06:32):
Stroud almost like encourages the sumo wrestler to do that too.

Speaker 4 (01:06:35):
Parsons and then he definitely seemed like frenemies Micah and yeah.

Speaker 2 (01:06:39):
And then Micah and then Micah you know, hulks up
and you know with the sumo wrestler doesn't realize that MIKEA.
Parsons is one of the greatest athletes uh known to man,
doesn't need direct and then even with no experience, he
takes out the sumo wrestler in the second round. I
don't know how that how that ended, but I saw
I saw Micah get even. All right, let's take a

break and we'll close things up. All right, we are back.
We are closing up shop. We got one more show
coming up on a Thursday, so make sure you tune
in for that.

Speaker 1 (01:07:14):
One more thing I wanted to throw up here. We
have our old friend.

Speaker 2 (01:07:17):
Remember we had a spirited conversation about Bob Kleinman when
we were in Austin for the iHeart Awards. Yeah, there
were a few drinks that we had that evening. As
I recall, and I came out in casual conversation is
very pro Dob Kleinman.

Speaker 3 (01:07:33):
Well, because everyone was everywhere was piling on. So I
think you trying to Okay, that's what I want, Shepherd.

Speaker 4 (01:07:39):
Remember your contrarian spirit which comes out and Dan sometimes.

Speaker 1 (01:07:43):
Sitting next to you for thirteen years. We'll do that.
Let's throw up a tweet from Dob Kleinman. This is great.
The Eagles are looking scary emoji of someone putting their
hands over their face. Super Bowl incoming, and then it's
just a bunch of the Eagles working out in the Yeah,
no one has thought to lift weights yet.

Speaker 4 (01:08:05):
And the funny thing is that these aren't overly advanced workouts.

Speaker 1 (01:08:09):
They look like what you achieve, you know, young men
and women doing in the gym.

Speaker 4 (01:08:13):
I think the I mean, certainly they're stronger, the different
than any other NFL team.

Speaker 1 (01:08:17):
I think it's done the video evidence.

Speaker 2 (01:08:19):
I think Bob on some ways his Twitter feed and
he Bob was really pumped up about the Tom Brady roast.

Speaker 1 (01:08:26):
By the way.

Speaker 2 (01:08:27):
Also, he's all over my fetus him he can chill
out like you're spamming me on this. But Dob with
this tweet again, I have to give credit to to
what the Eagles have been able to pull off. The
brainwashing is complete of public It's to the point now

where someone could send that tweet out and it's not
even thought to be strange that they had maybe the
worst collapse.

Speaker 4 (01:08:52):
Well, he's getting history gotten for this tweet that Like,
why are you saying, yeah.

Speaker 2 (01:08:57):
It's been so forgotten that Bob could send that out
without even thinking that something bad happened at the end
of the previous season that would maybe cause one to
think that they wouldn't be obvious Super Bowl favorites.

Speaker 1 (01:09:09):
Well in a way, you had to love this. Thank
you to literally.

Speaker 2 (01:09:12):
Everyone who sent that to me, which is everyone on Twitter.
I felt like sent me that Dove tweet.

Speaker 3 (01:09:17):
You have to adore this because it backs up your
general offseason theory.

Speaker 1 (01:09:20):
And it's started that whole operation.

Speaker 2 (01:09:22):
It's so it's so like the theory has become so
hardened now that it's it's bulletproof, like nothing can get
through it.

Speaker 4 (01:09:31):
I did love first of all, the how Hee comments
that look when they signed Saquon Barkley, we were zigging
when the rest of the zagging.

Speaker 1 (01:09:40):
I like that, But I'm.

Speaker 2 (01:09:41):
Giving a thirty year old running back with no I
need twenty five million guaranteed.

Speaker 1 (01:09:46):
What is zig First of all, brilliant?

Speaker 4 (01:09:49):
First of all, saquad Barkley is twenty seven years old.
Let's not let's not get crazy. There is a running
back tax plus three video put together that's part of
the Eagles kind of like behind the scenes draft room
of like it's almost like Howie porn essentially, and which.

Speaker 2 (01:10:08):
Is seriously the last porn one would ever want to watch.

Speaker 4 (01:10:11):
I would agree, And it's behind the scenes and people
just were loving it. And our friend Evan Silva quote
retweet it. You could check it out on his Twitter.
Watch how he cook few smartest gm in the NFL.
And it's just it's just even got that behind the
scenes and am looking Cooper Dizine.

Speaker 1 (01:10:27):
They even got Evan Silva. Silva, that's where talked him
up a number.

Speaker 3 (01:10:31):
But this is not the first year that he's been
fascinated with the Eagle.

Speaker 2 (01:10:35):
The only thing, the only thing I need now is
for Joel EMBII to guarantee the Eagles go to the
Super Bowl and that it is complete, the circle has
been completed.

Speaker 1 (01:10:45):
Well, you don't have to worry about you are flushed
with personal vendettas. You got it you had. I've been
sitting next to you for thirteen years. I just see
how I think, we see how you how you operate,
you do Yeah, and you love it me for it.
I almost wondered.

Speaker 3 (01:11:02):
They've they've asked if Shakespeare was quietly like twelve incredible authors,
not one.

Speaker 1 (01:11:07):
I don't buy into that at all. I think that's nonsense.

Speaker 3 (01:11:09):
But like maybe dove climbing is like sort of a
a group of people.

Speaker 1 (01:11:12):
Because there's the tweeting is happening in twenty four to seven.

Speaker 2 (01:11:15):
Yeah, and he's a shadowy figure I think based in Israel.

Speaker 1 (01:11:18):
We've been talking right across the sea. All right, let's
book him on the show immediately. Eric, let's get to
work on that. We can. All right, why are you
uncomfortable with Dob talk?

Speaker 4 (01:11:28):
You know, if you if you followed, if you're if
you haven't mwed or blocked him, that's on you.

Speaker 1 (01:11:33):
You can't, I mean, you enjoy him.

Speaker 2 (01:11:35):
Dob's out there, you know, he's out there doing the
Lord's work, aggregating away. Yep, you came from Pro Football Talk, Greg,
that's an aggregator yourself.

Speaker 4 (01:11:43):
I came from Rohta World, the original, the originators of aggregation.
All right, that's it, let's wrap it up. We had
a code, final thought for you, Greg, We had a code.

Speaker 1 (01:11:54):
We had a code. That's it.

Speaker 2 (01:11:58):
Important, man has a code. It's important. Insiders have a coat.
Pie it all together.

Speaker 1 (01:12:04):
I have no regrets. All right till Thursday. See the
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