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January 10, 2024 49 mins

On today’s episode of The NFL Report, Steve Wyche and James Palmer discuss what’s the bigger news: The Bills rallying from 6-6 to win the AFC East or the Texans winning the AFC South? The Dolphins injuries and failures in big games or the Eagles continued breakdowns on both sides of the ball? And what’s the bigger revenge game: Matthew Stafford back in Detroit or Mike McCarthy vs the Packers? Patriots Insider for NBC Sports Boston Phil Perry joins us to talk about Bill Belichick’s future in New England and if Mike Vrabel being out in Tennessee has any impact on the decision. NFL Network Insider Mike Garafolo is with us to talk about whether Jim Harbaugh is headed back to the NFL, Antonio Pierce’s options if doesn’t get the full-time job in Las Vegas, and if Bryce Young makes the Panthers head coaching job more or less appealing. NFL VP of Broadcast Planning Mike North is here to talk about the Super Wild Card weekend schedule. Jeff Chadiha is back with us talking about his First Read article going into Super Wild Card Weekend including which version of Josh Allen will show up Sunday against the Steelers, if Tua Tagovailoa & Trevor Lawrence deserve big paydays & if the Browns should bring Joe Flacco back next season.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Tory folks from the Saint Louis Rams Greatest show in
term one, Now with the NFL Report.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
Welcome to the NFL Reports first Edition, Steve Playoff Edition,
James Palmer, Steve Witch with you on a Tuesday evening.
If you're watching this program, we have tremendous guests. Our
insider Mike Garafalo is gonna give us everything about the
coaching carousel that is happening right now. Is Bryce Young
helping or hurting the Panthers in their search? And Jeff

Shedea will join us. Is Tuta or Trevor Lawrence Steve
Worth a big contract? We'll find out. Also Phil Perry
from NVC Sports Boston, friend of the show, What's Happening
in New England? Does Mike Rabeles departure from Tennessee now
play a part in What's Happening in New England? Steve,
I'm very excited. It's Wildcar weekend. I'm gonna be at Arrowhead.

I'm not excited for that part because it's Dolphins Chiefs
and it's gonna be about six degree for me while
I'm standing there on the sidelines.

Speaker 3 (01:03):
Well, Jap, look, you're you're gonna get a front row seat,
so to speak. But a lot of other folks are
gonna have to tune in to the Peacock Streaming app exclusively.
And coming up also on the show, we're gonna have
Mike North, the NFL's VP of Broadcast Planning, explaining why
this huge game between the Dolphins and the Chiefs is

available only on a Peacock streaming app.

Speaker 4 (01:32):
Allan in the shotgun, here's the snap fires over on
the right side and into the end zone for the
touchdown is Dawson Knox and the Bills have the lead
back to pass fires out to the left sideline and
it's an excepted by Taylor Rap the Buffalo Bill steal
the division title from the Miami Dolphins.

Speaker 3 (01:55):
Well, look, everything we talked about so far as big news,
but in his Bigger News Tuesday, usually a segment we
assigned for Mondays, but we were kind of bumped back
because Monday was a little busy yesterday, So JP bigger
news those Buffalo Bills rallying from six and six to
win the AFC East or the Houston Texans winning the

AFC South.

Speaker 2 (02:17):
I'm going to Houston Texans, Steve. I know this is
a great story in Buffalo, but they've had success. Success
is a word that has not been used in Houston
for some time. Demiko Ryans the fourth head coach they've
had in the last four seasons. Remember the three seasons
prior to this one, nobody lost more games than the
Houston Texans and went eleven thirty eight and one. And

now they've won the AFC South. Now what this really
looks like to me, Steve spending time in Houston covering
that beat, is that there were fans and I know
this talking to people in Houston that were very weary
of getting back in with their fandom. They were burned
by the Deshaun Watson situation. And now I believe this
has solidified that you have a quarterback in CJ. Stroud,

you have a head coach in Damiko Ryans that is
building something not just this year, but years moving forward.
And I mentioned CJ. Stroud. He doesn't deserve enough credit
even though he's gonna win Rookie of the Year. Three
players in the history of the NFL Steve had led
the led the league in yards per game and touchdown
to interception ratio, Tom Brady, Joe Montana and now CJ.

Stroud and I don't think either one of those guys
did it in their rookie season. So where this team
stands right now winning the division. Give me a number.
How many quarterbacks would you take if you were building
a franchise over CJ. Stroud?

Speaker 5 (03:39):
Wow? You know, five? Maybe six?

Speaker 2 (03:42):

Speaker 3 (03:43):
And I'm talking about guys you know, like Lamar Jackson,
like Joey Burrow.

Speaker 5 (03:49):
There's just there's a couple other dudes.

Speaker 6 (03:51):
You know.

Speaker 3 (03:51):
You know, my guy Rock Party, I've got a soft spot,
But I am taking c J.

Speaker 5 (03:54):
Stroud over Rock Partio.

Speaker 6 (03:57):

Speaker 3 (03:58):
I probably would take Dak Patrick mahone was of course,
but he is right in the mix. But to be
the bigger story, it is the Buffalo Bills because think
about this, I mean we talked about when they were
sixty six, people were talking about their head coach Sean
McDermott being out of there, like he let's let's.

Speaker 5 (04:15):
Get him out of here. Point, what's going on with
Josh Allen von Miller? What what? What? What's to deal
with him?

Speaker 3 (04:20):
There was just so much chaos and controversy around this team.
And then that's when you planted your stake in the
ground and said this team is going to be the
most dangerous team should they get into the playoffs. And
that is exactly what's going on because they're playing a
physical brand of football. What we saw them do against

the Miami Dolphins when Josh Allen was tried to give
give that game away in the first half with all
of those interceptions, and the defense, which was battered and injured,
showed up and they started running the football, gave Davis
the wide receiver in front of the show goes out
with an injury.

Speaker 5 (04:58):
Josh Allen says, I'll take it and run it.

Speaker 3 (05:00):
Sneak big runs. Their style of football, and what they've
done is going to get them through the playoffs. Look,
they play host now to the Jage to the TJ.
Wattless Pittsburgh Steelers. We think Buffalo is moving on to
the next round. JP, you called the most dangerous team
and someone is about to find out.

Speaker 5 (05:17):
All right, number two, JP, Let's get this.

Speaker 3 (05:19):
As we're talking about teams that were surging, let's talk
about the team where the parachute hasn't open when they
pull the ripcord. Bigger news the Miami Dolphins injuries and
failures down the stretch when they should have clinched the
AFC East weeks ago, or the Philadelphia Eagles, who just
seem in full blown freefall.

Speaker 2 (05:40):
I gotta go with my hometown squad, Steve. I think
it's the Philadelphia Eagles when you say free fall. They're
the first team in the history of the NFL to
start ten to one and not win twelve games. I mean,
this is a collapse at the end of the season
that really has me shaking my head because if you
ask anybody in Philadelphia, if you listen to what's being
said out of the locker room, you know what it appears, Steve.

They don't have any answers on how to fix this,
and I think that's the scariest part about what's going
on right now. The Dolphins, even though they have all
those injuries on the defensive side of the ball, they
still have Vic Fangio running that group. The Eagles wish
they had Vic Fangio. If they wanted Vic fanilch A.
Maybe he'll be back there next year. Because they've tried
two defensive coordinators and neither one of them has worked out.

It's a defense that has gotten old very quickly. Up front,
they're not getting the pressure they did a year ago.
They need more out of their youngsters upfront and an
offense that we know has a ton of talent. But man,
there's a couple of injuries there that are holding them back.
There's just a lot of questions with not a lot
of answers. Steve, what about the Dolphins side of things,
because I know there's something you saw in week eighteen

that makes you think this is bigger news.

Speaker 3 (06:46):
Yeah, I mean the Dolphins to hear the bigger news.
Their body language was just really bad once they base
ad versity, and it's not the first time we've seen it. Right,
once they get into a tough game, it's kind of like,
oh man, what do we do? You know, the defense
has been as bad as they are, their defense has
been holding up.

Speaker 5 (07:02):
I mean you talked about Vic Fangio.

Speaker 3 (07:04):
They're down so many edge rushers that they just signed
Bruce Irvin and Justin Houston for this playoff game.

Speaker 5 (07:12):
I actually love those signings, you know.

Speaker 3 (07:14):
Again, and we talked to We talked about Melvin Ingram
in covers and I joked he looked like the comedian
Robin Harris chasing after Bay based.

Speaker 5 (07:21):
Kids back that the day.

Speaker 3 (07:24):
That's exactly what he did, but I mean just just
the way their offense isn't functioning. And yes, they could
get Raheem Mostert and Jalen waddleback and that is gonna
be huge, But then they draw the match up of
playing a great defense with corners who can cover Lugarious
Need should be all pro.

Speaker 5 (07:39):
He's someone who's.

Speaker 3 (07:40):
Gonna be a problem with Tyreek goes back to Kansas
City where they lost earlier this year, where that Chief
defense by virtue of Trent McDuffie getting that fumble recovery
won that game for the Kansas City Chiefs. For as
much as we talk about the chief struggles, what's going
on in Miami right now just doesn't feel right. Not
saying they can't win this game, but it's gonna take
some special mojo early on in two degree weather for

them to get it going. Yeah, last week JPGA front
you know, you can watch them on Peacock if you uh,
you know, if you don't want to have that front row.

Speaker 2 (08:11):
Seat in the No, I'm brave the elements they'll be.

Speaker 5 (08:14):
They'll be streaming it in the press box.

Speaker 3 (08:16):
Last one, this is this is this story here though
it takes two hands to handle this Burger right here.

Speaker 2 (08:22):
Bigger news.

Speaker 3 (08:23):
Matthew Stafford and the Rams going back to Detroit where
Stafford is just a.

Speaker 5 (08:28):
Legend where he really made his mark in the league, or.

Speaker 3 (08:31):
Mike McCarthy going to hosting the Green Bay Packers where
he won a Super Bowl as Dallas with that number
two seed tries to advance to an NFC Championship game.

Speaker 2 (08:43):
Man, I think about Matthew Stafford going back to Detroit.
I think about the ratings during that Rams Super Bowl
in Detroit, how everybody was watching and rooting for Matthew
Stafford to win a Super Bowl. But I'm going with
Mike McCarthy against his own and the Packers. You know why, Steve,
Because I don't think there is a coach in this
postseason that probably has more eyeballs and more pressure on

them than Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy. Think about this.
They are eight and zero at home this season. You
can't lose your first home game of the season in
the postseason to your former team, Steve, What would Jerry
Jones do if that actually happened. We know the attention
dan Quinn is getting their defensive coordinator around the league

in these head coaching cycles right now, we know the
way Jerry Jones feels about Bill Belichick, Yes we do.
They change possibly happen in Dallas if Mike McCarthy doesn't
win this game against his former team, against a quarterback
and an offense that is playing extremely well. Jordan Love
is playing out of his mind right now, or playing

exactly the way they planned it right who knows. But
what he's doing is he has explosive plays. At times,
he's been down receivers, it's been fine, and to games
they've been able to sustain drives to not let the
other team offense back on the field. Steve right now,
Jordan Love. This season he did something that Aaron Rodgers
and Brett Favre did not do in their first year
as a shorter in Green Bay. He took his team

to the postseason. He's thrown for more yards, he's thrown
for more touchdowns, he's thrown for fewer interceptions. That's the
player Mike McCarthy has to beat with everybody watching him
in Dallas.

Speaker 3 (10:22):
Well, you know, his quarterback Ak Prescott's playing pretty good
football right now. But outside outside of Lamar Jackson, who's
gonna be the MVP. There might not be two hotter
quarterbacks right now than Jordan Love and Matthew Stafford.

Speaker 5 (10:35):
This has been this has been the most overlooked story.

Speaker 3 (10:38):
In the NFL this year, how well Matthew Stafford is playing. Yes,
we're talking about Pooka Nakua and Cooper Cup, but Matthew
Stafford is the reason why.

Speaker 5 (10:46):
Remember last year he had the show, the neck injury,
he had the elbow injury.

Speaker 3 (10:50):
He just didn't look right. They thought maybe he was done.
And he has come back and played revitalized football. He's
been just incredible and the run game with Kyron Williams
helps him. But the reason why this is so juicy,
besides him just returning again to where he became a
hero in Detroit, is the ties between this game. Lions
GM Brad Holmes and his assistant GM Ray Agnew came

from the Rams staff. You have Puka Nakua going as
family member, and ny Sewell, we have so many cousin ties.
There are cousins, We have so many ties between these teams.
Jared Goff getting a chance to get some get back
against Sean McVay and the team that sent him to Detroit.
He should be grateful for that instead of being angry

for it because his career has really blossomed under Ben Johnson.

Speaker 5 (11:35):
And that's the final part.

Speaker 3 (11:37):
Two potential head coaches on this field with Raheem Morris,
the DC for the Rams and Ben Johnson, the OCI
for the Lions, faced facing off.

Speaker 5 (11:49):
That's right, Aaron Glen gets and looks also, well.

Speaker 3 (11:52):
JP, you know, the biggest conversation we're probably not gonna
we're gonna be talking about it for a while is
Bill Belichick, the Patriots coach, who is the greatest to
ever do it at me if you think otherwise. But
coming up, a friend of the show, Phil Perry from
New England, is going to give us more on the
latest at the NFL Report, which by the way, also

is a podcast.

Speaker 2 (12:24):
Welcome back to the NFL Report, James Palmer, Steve Whitch
once again with you with an old friend of the show.
I got to see him in person recently and it
was tremendous. Phil Perry. He sits top row of the
two story press box in New England. I'm not entirely
sure because the angle's not great up there. Phil. I
don't know why you like his We always are bending
down all the time to see everything. You don't see
the big new screen from up there. Why do you

like sitting so high?

Speaker 7 (12:46):
It's really a lack of self confidence, James. When I
get to sit up high and I'm above everyone, and
I'm physically taller than everyone in that moment, it just
makes me feel like a stronger, better person. So I
think that's the reason.

Speaker 3 (12:58):
Well, Phil, speaking of having like that that authoritative, that
authoritative posture, we know Bill Belichick has had that authoritative
pastor in New England for you know, a couple decades.
The situation there now, I mean, we know it's undecided
whether he's coming back or not.

Speaker 5 (13:12):
But just since you're there, if you could tell do
folks want him back? Is there a feeling that he's
wanted back?

Speaker 7 (13:18):
Well, I would say, if you're talking about the team,
you're talking about ownership. My understanding is that they have
been leaning in one direction for some time now, and
they are leaning hard towards parting ways with Bill Belichick.
When it comes to the fans, Steve, I would say,
somewhat surprisingly, although I understand their reasoning too, it is
relatively split. We ran a poll recently in one of

our postgame shows on NBC Sports Boston, where it was
actually just slightly above fifty percent of our hold contributors
who wanted Bill Belichick to come back, despite the record
this year, despite how it looked last year, despite the
way things have been trending here in Foxborough. But those
within the team, you know, the assumption is, and has
been really for weeks, is that the Crafts will ultimately

part ways with Bill Belichick. I think the reason it
hasn't happened yet is because it is complicated. Are they
trying to get some compensation from whatever team Bill Belichick
is coaching next. There are a lot of moving parts here,
so I wouldn't anticipate we're hearing anything on Bill Belichick for.

Speaker 5 (14:18):
A little while.

Speaker 7 (14:19):
I don't think it's gonna be weeks. But my guess
is nothing today.

Speaker 2 (14:22):
Okay, we'll get back to Bill. Phil Perry from NBC
Sports Boston joining us our good buddy. I just want
to ask you this, Phil, you did those polls. There's
probably not enough time right now because this just happened
to put a poll out there on what the pulse
is in New England. With Mike Rabel now becoming available
with him parting ways, in Tennessee. But overall, right now,

when that news dropped, what's the buzz? What's your thought
in New England as Hey possibly landing as a candidate
for the head coaching position if they do part ways
with Bill Belichick.

Speaker 7 (14:55):
People here in terms of the fan base, love Mike Rabel.
He was just inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame.
Obviously three time champion here, defensive end, outside linebacker, inside linebacker,
at times, a touchdown machine as a substitute tight end
goal line. So you know, people love, love love Vrabel
here and I thought it was interesting when he was here.
This was in October and he was addressing the crowd

at halftime. He said, we've got a game to go win.
It really felt like he was part of the organization
in that moment while he's still head coach of the
Tennessee Titans. He also pleaded with fans to appreciate what
you have here because it's not like here everywhere else,
and we all know things weren't perfect in Tennessee. I
wonder if Mike Vrabel is the kind of fit that

the Crafts would like to have in that head coaching role,
because they are if they and if they are parting
ways with Bill Belichick, do they want someone who wants
a lot of control, because even though Mike Rabel wasn't
the general manager in Tennessee, it does seem as though
he's clashed with a couple of general managers there now,
and if he were to come to New England, you know,

New England's been a place over the last couple of
years where ownership clearly has wanted a more collaborative process
between the front office and the coaching staff. And Bill
Belichick obviously is GM and ed coach in one body here,
but they've wanted more input from people around Bill Belichick
over the years. Would they be getting somebody who is

going to meet them on some of those requests, some
of those demands I'm sure that they'll have of whoever's
coaching the Patriots next in terms of being willing to
collaborate and providing the kind of transparency that I think
they would like after Bill Belichick is gone. That to
me is a significant question because I think Mike Vrabel again,
I think he wants to be heard, he wants to
have his say, and he is, even though he's a

younger guy, in a very different personality from Bill Belichick.
He's a little bit old school now, you know. I
don't think we're talking about a quote unquote players coach,
you know, so some tough love continuing here in New England.
If he were the next guy.

Speaker 2 (16:56):
See if I just wanted to jump in real quick
and ask you this, Phil, because I found it interesting.
You brought up him getting inducted into the Patriots Hall
of Fame, and I remember that game. It was a
bye week for the Titans. He sat with Robert Kraft
in the box in Crafts box, a very rare occurrence
for a current head coach to be sitting with another
team's owner in a box. And I'm just kind of

curious when I look at that, and it's because of
his connections too, obviously New England. Do the Patriots if
they move on from Bill Belichick, do they want somebody
outside of the quote unquote family or they are still
looking towards just what they're used to, because those are
the names that we really only hear keep coming up.

Speaker 7 (17:37):
It's a fair question, James, especially the way things have
gone here of late, there is a section of the
fan base that would say, please Craft family, just clean house,
just get everybody out and start fresh. Unfortunately for them,
based on conversations that I've had with people who know
the Crafts and understand their thinking and how they might

go about this if and when they're replacing Bill Belichie,
Unfortunately for that section of the fan base, I think
they're going to be disappointed because I think wherever the
Crafts go next, both at head coach and general manager,
it's going to be with someone with whom they have
a relationship. They are, in my opinion, not going to
be meeting someone or finally getting to know someone for

the first time during an interview process and then all
of a sudden give that person the keys to the castle,
whether it's as head coach or general manager. So whether
it's Mike Vrabel grod Mayo, to me is still the
odds on favorite to succeed Bill Belichick if the Crafts
end up moving on or in the front office. Elliott
Wolf is very well liked, very well respected. He's the

director of scouting here right now. Or Dave Ziggler, who
is now available former general manager we know of the
Vegas Raiders, he still has a good relationship with the
Craft family. Those are the kinds of names that I
would anticipate they're looking at whenever Bill Belichick moves on.

Speaker 3 (18:54):
It's so interesting you say that, Phil, because if they're
going to keep things the same, why get rid of them?
Unless it's just kind of an individual clash. Now I
won't I won't even say class like like a difference,
because if they're gonna stay in that lane, then why
get rid of Bill?

Speaker 7 (19:10):
So that's a fair point, Steve. What I would say
is you are going to get something different if those
two names that I just brought up that I think
are pretty good bets to be elevated. Again, we'll wait
and see what the Crafts ultimately decide. But gird Mayo,
if you know, gid Mao, couldn't be any more different
than Bill Belichick personality wise. Now, he obviously played under

Bill Belichick, he has now coached under Bill Belichick for
some time. But I think it would be a mistake
to assume that he's going to handle relationships in the
building the same way that he's going to try to
shape the culture in the same way that Bill Belichick
has tried to shape it over the course of the
last two plus decades. So you're going to get a
very very different person, a different coaching style, and I

would say even a different approach to modern football with
Girard Mayo if he ends up being elevated. And the
interesting thing with Elliot Wall, although he has been here
the last several years and a couple of different capacities
in New England, he's really not a Belichick guy, quote unquote.
You cut his teeth in Green Bay and worked his
way up the ladder there, spent some time in Cleveland,
so he has a little different background than some others

who really been raised at the foot of Bill Belichick
and really, as professional coaches, only know one way, and
that's the Bill Belichick way. So those two guys, in particular,
I think would give the Patriots something much different.

Speaker 2 (20:25):
Phil, I don't know if we're past this. I don't
know where they are in terms of meetings between the
Crafts and Bill Belichick. But when they do meet, or
if they have met, I don't know how many they've had.
How much of the quarterback position do you think plays
a part? Or is this above that like saying, does
Bill need to present a plan if he were to

stay on what he would like to do with the position,
or is this just even above the quarterback issue that's
been there in New England.

Speaker 7 (20:55):
I think it goes above and beyond that. James, although
I think it's a key piece to Bill Belichick, will
eventually be moving on in my opinion. I mean, you
just look at the draft in general, whether it's the
quarterback or anywhere else. Over the course of the last decade,
the hits in the first round are few and far between.
It looks like they got one. It looks like they
got one this past spring. And Christian Gonzales he played

in four games. But again go back over the years,
Malcolm Brown, Dominique Easley, Isaiah Winn and Sony Michelle. I mean,
it has been, you know, not even mentioning Akuil Harry,
it's been a rough go for Bill Belichick over the
last ten years in the draft. So that's an issue.
And would he be willing to give up any sort
of personnel power if he were to stay in New England.

He was asked that question the other day in his
season ending press conference, and he made it sound as
though the tone, you know, that he used and his
answer made it sound as though he might be willing
to budge there. But he really didn't say he would
be willing to budge, and He'll tell you, I am
willing to listen to anybody who's around me, and I've
got a lot of people who around me who are
helping me. I can't possibly scout all these college over

the course of the year. And he's right, but these
decisions are ultimately his decisions, and so I think that's
going to be a big piece to why the Crafts
end up deciding whatever it is they decide at the
quarterback spot in particular. You know, going back to that
draft twenty twenty one, I was told was Bill was
Bill Belichick excuse me, completely sold on taking Mac Jones

at fifteen overall that year in the first round. The
answer would be null, but it was still his decision.
You know, there's been a narrative that's sort of caught
on locally here that, well, maybe Robert Kraft forced Bill
Belichick to take Mac Jones because they really didn't have
a quarterback. They're just coming off a tough year with
Cam Newton as their starter. Not the case, is my understanding,
at least having spoken to people who are in the

room that night, they all decided, is he maybe Andy
Dalton and is that not necessarily superstar quality. Yes, that's
essentially how they thought of him. But they also knew
if we don't take a shot on a quarterback, we'll
never hit. We're in quarterback purgatory. That's the word that
was used in recent conversations that I have had with these people.

They thought they were in quarterback purgatory and they needed
to take a shot at a quarterback. And Bill Belichick
was included in that decision, and he was the guy
who who ultimately pulled the trigger there, so drafting him,
not developing him properly, surrounding him with the right pieces.
I think all of this stuff will factor into the
Craft's decision, but it goes well beyond the quarterback spot.

Speaker 2 (23:20):
Fascinating, Phil, fascinating, appreciate it.

Speaker 6 (23:22):
Jumping on.

Speaker 2 (23:23):
I feel like Steve were Phil on pretty much every
show moving forward until decisions made so clear your calendar, Phil,
appreciate it, buddy.

Speaker 5 (23:30):
Thanks Phil.

Speaker 7 (23:30):
I'm always here for you guys. Thanks for having me.

Speaker 2 (23:34):
Thanks mat Hey. Coming up on the NFL report, there's
a hardball. Are there going to be two of them
in the NFL? The NFL reports NFL insider Mike Garritfolo
joins the show. Next.

Speaker 3 (23:53):
You're listening to the NFL Report podcast, but you can
watch me, Steve Weich and my co host James Palmer
on the NFL at seven fifteen Eastern Time on Mondays
and Thursdays on the NFL app and free streaming platforms
on the NFL channel on Roku, two b Peacock, Pluto
TV and other free streaming apps.

Speaker 2 (24:13):
Welcome back into the NFL Report, James Palmer, Steve whitch
with you, and here are your head coaching vacancies right now,
the one at the bottom. Mike Rabel just happened on
Tuesday as he departs the Tennessee Titans, and Mike Garafolo,
the NFL Reports NFL Insider joins us now, and Mike
has been all over every aspect of these coaching searches.

And there's one name that had just won a big
game in the college football world. Mike will get right
to it. In Jim Harbaugh, I just have to ask you,
because I've been watching you crush it on NFL Network.
Nice little, you know, compliment from your boy here, and
what you have to say about Harbor and the situations
that he's walking into in the situations these teams are
walking into by wanting to look at him and have

him be a potential candidate. I'm just curious. They know
who he is, they know he wins games. Do you
just let him be who he is? Or do any
of these teams try to, I don't know, change him,
do something. How does the search go when you know
so much about a guy that's so complicated.

Speaker 8 (25:18):
Well, a lot of teams don't know that much about it, right,
I mean they've they've heard things from Afar and that's
part of the process, is having those conversations with those
who have worked with him before and the organizations that
he's been with. Organization, certainly in this case with the
forty nine ers that he's worked with. We know how
things ended there with the forty nine Ers that last year.
I remember it was week one the reports were coming

out that this was going to be Jim Harball's last
season with the forty nine ers, Like, how do you
exist as an organization for that entire year?

Speaker 6 (25:46):
So the feedback they're getting is not it's not.

Speaker 8 (25:49):
All negative, right, I mean, yeah, Jim Harball won a
lot of games.

Speaker 6 (25:54):
He went to the Super Bowl, he almost won the
Super Bowl.

Speaker 8 (25:57):
So and the year before was against the Giants in
an NFC championship game that they could have easily won
if not for a few mistakes in the rain that day.
So you're gonna get feedback if you're going to asking
people who have worked with Hardball before that. If you
want to win ball games, Yeah, that's great, But don't
expect that you're hiring this guy to be your coach
for the next I don't know, what's it been fifteen

years John Harball has been with the Baltimore Ravens. That
Harball's a little different than this Harball. He's gonna wear
out as welcome eventually, but in the meantime, you're gonna
win games. So I keep saying, of all these openings
right now, the one that to me makes the most
sense for him is the LA Chargers because they've got
the makeup of a team that can compete right away,
particularly at the quarterback position. I wouldn't if you're looking

to hire Jim Harball and you are a team that
is looking the draft a guy and maybe rebuild in
a lot of the ways, like let's say they're doing
in Washington, that doesn't seem to be a good fit
to me, So we'll see where it goes. But if
I'm Jim Harball too, I kind of look at it
and say, hey, Chargers already made the win right now
as well, So to me, that would be the one
that makes the most sense.

Speaker 2 (27:02):
It's nice.

Speaker 3 (27:02):
Yeah, I'd be interesting because they've got the quarter You know,
we know Harbaugh's a builder and rebuilder of programs. They
got the quarterback with their record says that program needs
to be built back up. Here's an interesting one because
of course he's been tied to the Raiders as well.
You know, he hired Don Yee as his agent. Donie
was Tom Brady's agent. Brady's got the relationship with the Raiders.
But regardless if Antonio Pierce the interim coach, if he

doesn't get the job there, and we know he's in
the running, how come we're not hearing any request for
interviews for Antonio Pierce because he seems like someone who
this year has.

Speaker 5 (27:33):
Got his locker room behind him and he won some
ball games.

Speaker 8 (27:37):
Yeah, well, he's a little bit outside the box because
he came from linebackers coach right through being a coordinator.

Speaker 6 (27:44):
Mark Davis said he was intrigued by the idea.

Speaker 8 (27:46):
He also came in and said, I'm going to do
the whole Raiders thing, right, that's me, That's.

Speaker 6 (27:50):
Who I am. He's genuine about it.

Speaker 5 (27:53):
Great point.

Speaker 8 (27:53):
So it's gonna rough people the wrong way. Look, Steve, am,
I gonna have to speak in code on this one.

Speaker 2 (27:58):
I just might have to.

Speaker 6 (28:00):
That's gonna rub some people the wrong way.

Speaker 8 (28:02):
Or he's not going to be many people's idea of
what a head coach should act like. Right, But you
know what, sometimes out of the box thinking and out
of the box hires.

Speaker 6 (28:16):
I mean, Mike McDaniel that higher down in my enemy.

Speaker 8 (28:19):
That's not the idea of what a head coach looks
like or acts like, or anything to that end. And
he's done a phenomenal job so far, so sometimes he
gotta think, like, hey, maybe we don't have to keep
looking for that cookie cutter idea of a head coach
that we've had for a number of years.

Speaker 6 (28:35):
But it's also the right fit.

Speaker 8 (28:36):
So to answer your question, why are we not hearing
those interviews elsewhere?

Speaker 6 (28:40):
And what happens if he doesn't get the Raiders job.

Speaker 8 (28:42):
Obviously he wouldn't remain on the staff because the new
coach wouldn't want that looking over his shoulder. I get
that he's still a great football mind. It's not to
say that he's just this personality. I mean when he
was a player, we talked about him as a coach
on the field. He's got a great grasp of the
ex's and os. I think I'll make a terrific assistant
coach and maybe even a core at some point that
maybe rebuild the resume for another chance down the line.

But it just everything right now is geared toward him
getting that job right now with the Vegas Raiders.

Speaker 2 (29:09):
Let's jump over to Carolina. Mike, I'm curious because we're
looking at all all the guys are looking at in
terms of a GM vacancy, and then they're going to
fill a head coaching spot as well. When everybody's looking
at this and you're making calls, is Bryce Young helping
this in terms of people being interested or is he
hurting this in terms of being interested with the way

this first season went with him.

Speaker 5 (29:33):

Speaker 8 (29:34):
Well, here's what I think is hurting it more than
anything is the lack of firepower at the top of
the draft that they gave up to get Bryce Young. Like,
if you had him and you still had a first
round pick, it would be a much different story. So
I think that's hurting more than anything. He also, in
a lot of ways, was a lot of people's thought
as the top quarterback in the draft last year, not

just the Carolina Panthers.

Speaker 6 (29:57):
I guess. I mean, I don't know if I would
call it consense. I don't remember the exact numbers.

Speaker 8 (30:01):
It was closer to fifty to fifty certainly than it
was to one hundred zero the other way between him
and C. J.

Speaker 2 (30:07):

Speaker 8 (30:09):
So there are those who are out there and say, hey,
once I get a hold of Bryce Young and we
improve the talent around him. That was something even before
Frank Wright got hired that Frank Reich exactly. Listen, you
want to know what a coach thinks to himself, ask
him about, Hey, how's this guy doing.

Speaker 6 (30:25):
I'm not as good as if I had him. You'll
get that a lot short.

Speaker 8 (30:29):
But even before Frank Wrhich got fired last year, the
notion amongst the staff there and the personnel people there
was we'll just wait till we surround him with talent.
So that'll be the belief for whoever winds up taking
this job.

Speaker 6 (30:42):
There is interest in it.

Speaker 8 (30:44):
I thought coming into the hiring cycle that this was
going to be one of those I'm not touching that
with a ten foot pole because of what you're asking
me about with Bryce Young and also David Tepper, because
a lot of people may be seeing some stuff from
Afar and not know exactly what he's like to work
with him. But there is reciprocal interest in this job,
maybe a little bit more so than I thought there
was going to be.

Speaker 3 (31:03):
Well, Mike, you know, there's always someone gonna take you
one to the thirty two, and there's always usually about
five or six million dollars a year. That also is
nice incentive for these guys to do it.

Speaker 5 (31:14):
And Mike every day.

Speaker 3 (31:15):
We'll let people know that we can catch you on
the inside aslong with your buddies Ian Rappaport and Tom
Pellisero and Judy Bautista.

Speaker 5 (31:23):
We also love having you.

Speaker 3 (31:24):
Here as the NFL Reports insider.

Speaker 5 (31:28):
Great stuff. I love the stuff on Antonio Pierce brother.
That was really really good stuff.

Speaker 6 (31:33):

Speaker 3 (31:33):
That's right coming up next, we got the cheat that's right,
We've got the dolphins, but you better have peacock if
you want to.

Speaker 5 (31:40):
Watch them up.

Speaker 3 (31:41):
Next, we're gonna find out why this game is only
on a streaming app on the NFL Report. All right,
welcome back to the NFL Report, and those of you
watching you can see the Super wild Card weekend schedule.

We got Brown text on Saturday Saturday Night, Dolphins Chiefs
eight pm on Peacock, the seeming app that is exclusive
on Peacock of course, Dealers, Bills, Packers, Cowboys, Rams, Allions, Eagles,
and Buccaneers. And here to explain more on how the
schedule was put together and some of the other machinations,
we have the NFL's VP of Broadcast Planning, Mike North. Mike,

thanks for joining us. And first off, Mike, you know,
I thought there was gonna be some wizardry board behind you.
But all we're seeing in some articles on a Michael
sam Jersey. Now, we thought there was some crazy like
metric computer behind you that made this happen.

Speaker 1 (32:39):
Uh, there's another room with our scheduling board. Although the
truth is the scheduling board you know, it's a relic
of a by gone eric. You guys both remember Valt
Pinspeck who used to literally build the NFL schedule One
game at a time, one tag at a time, So
much more of it is done now, you know, with
the software trying to take into account factors that we
never could have considered back in the day, and you know,

we're doing our best. I'm not sure it's perfect, but
seems to be hitting most of the right buttons. If
you think about this season, you know, most of our
network partners viewership numbers are pretty good, had some real
kind of high water marks with like that Chiefs Eagles
Monday Night game, or Thanksgiving or Christmas. Again, there's been
some real good stuff and excited to see it start
to pay off now in the postseason.

Speaker 2 (33:21):
Mike, I'm curious Sunday. Everybody is just waiting to see
who plays when, on what network, what happens. How does
Sunday kind of unfold? Especially when you had going into Sunday,
what was it, twenty teams with a possibility of going
into the postseason. How did Sunday kind of break down?
And how does it go to being finally given to

us Sunday night.

Speaker 1 (33:43):
Yeah, well, remember it's not even just Sunday, right, it
starts on Saturday. We had two pretty compelling games on
Saturday afternoon kind of use Saturday, as those call them,
an appetizer, a little amuse booche if you will, a
little win and get some help, or play to stay alive,
something like that. So Pittsburgh's a great example. They were
the perfect Saturday game. They had to win, they knew that,

and then they needed help and they needed either Jacksonville
or Buffalo to get beat on Sunday for them to
know that they were playing Houston, Indy a little different.
They knew the winner was in, but they were both
still eyeing the title. So interestingly, when Jacksonville lost, you
know that benefited both of the winners some Saturday and
Buffalo on Sunday night, even though obviously they played their hardest. Look,

we're trying to sequence all of the final weekend of
the season to be you know, cascading games with playoff
implications over and over and over again all throughout the weekend.
Saturday play to stay alive, Sunday play and get some
help clinch a couple divisions early come into the late window,
Dallas playing for a division title, green Bay playing for
a playoff spot, and then culminating with that last game

of the season, hopefully a winning in and rendered bulletproof
from any of the previous results of the weekend. So
you know, no matter what, when you get to kick
off a Sunday night, somebody's winning in and we're just
kind of watching the whole day playout, just like the
rest of the fans are, and like, oh okay, now
this means they've clinched, and this means they're the two,
and this means they're gonna end up playing those guys,
and oh man, we might end up with that Rams

Detroit Stafford returns game on Wildcard weekend. And if we do,
what's the best use of that asset? Is it Sunday afternoon?
Is it Sunday night? Saturday? Is it Peacock?

Speaker 6 (35:20):
Is it Monday night?

Speaker 1 (35:21):
And so the way the wild Card weekend comes together
is we sort of work backwards. We work backwards from Monday.
We've been doing the Monday night Wildcard game. This will
be the third season, and that creates obviously some extra uncertainty.
You win on Sunday of wild Card weekend, you don't
know yet maybe who you play on divisional weekend. That's
new for us. Having the Monday game be a four

seed versus a five minimizes the uncertainty. Everybody else knows
what they're doing, and somebody's gonna play the winner of
the four or five game on Monday. So we like
a four or five game on Monday night. Someday we'll
play a three to six or a two seven, but
this year we had a pretty good one in Philly Tampa. Now,
the winner of that Monday plays the following Sunday, and
you're either playing San Francisco the one seed, or maybe

Dallas or Detroit, depending on if the seeds hold. You know,
you're always building wild card weekend with an eye towards
divisional weekend, backing up from Monday to Sunday. Dallas Cowboys,
Green Bay Packers. That sure sounds like Sunday afternoon four
point thirty, kind of right where it belongs. And then
you look at the rest of the games and they
were all pretty interesting. I mean, Cleveland Houston is got

a ton of storylines, not to mention Deshaun Watson, who's
not even playing. And then you get to Miami Kansas City,
a little rematch from the game that was over in Germany.
You've got Pittsburgh Buffalo they played in the playoffs a
few times, never in Buffalo, though I don't think, and
then obviously Stafford returns to Detroit. Any one of those
would have made great sense for Sunday one o'clock Sunday
eight o'clock Saturday afternoon. We were almost kind of lucky

enough to have a Kansas City Chiefs game that we
felt like we could afford quote unquote to put on Peacock.
You know, Peacock's important strategic benefit of having that as
a viable home for our games. They did a regular
season game this year, they'll do a regular season game
next year, and want this wildcard game to be successful.
One way to help ensure that, hopefully, is to put

a Patrick Mahomes game there.

Speaker 3 (37:13):
I was about to say, let's stay right here on
this game because it is exclusive. You've seen some of
the talk about eleven Pro Bowlers in this game, not
just Patrick Mahomes. I mean, this is a star start
of a game as we have this weekend. But the
decision to put it on the exclusive streaming app has
created controversy. We can't see it on cable, we can't
see it on network. What about this route because we've

seen it before? I mean, is this a gamble of
any sorts of alienating fans. Or is it just, hey,
this is where things are going in the world, let's
get ahead of it. Or is it let's force people
to the streaming app.

Speaker 1 (37:48):
Yeah, force is a tough word, but I think your
first two points are right. Is it a bit of
a gamble. I don't know if i'd call it a
gamble as much as an experiment. And is this where
television and sports viewership is going?

Speaker 2 (38:01):
I think so.

Speaker 1 (38:02):
I mean, I think you're you're hinting at it, you're
alluding to it. Think of what we've done over the
last few years. Right, A couple of years ago, when
we put the Thursday Night package exclusively on Amazon, there
were the naysayers out there, I'm not going to get
that streaming service, so I'm not going to watch Thursday
night football. The NFL is making a terrible mistake. The
Thursday Night Package on Amazon this year performed really well
comparable to broadcast network. They average thirteen million people watching

every week. That sounds like a network television broadcast home
for NFL games. So I think we can put Amazon
in the success category. You know, it wasn't that long
ago that when we moved a Wildcard Game to ESPN,
and everybody said, this is a horrible mistake. You're taking
it off of free television onto paid services. And ESPN's

obviously here to stay, and in fact, they're moving to
the divisional round. So now ESPN simulcast on ABC to
be fair, but ESPN's got a Wildcard game and a
divisional game for the first time ever. And if you
go back even further, I mean, some of us are
old enough to remember when we first put you know,
gas on cable, when we first put that Sunday night
package on TNT and ESPN. This is the late eighties,

and everybody thought that was going to be a terrible mistake,
and it sort of seemed like those broadcast outlets were
going to be viable in the future. Is it a
bit of a risk, yeah, Is it a bit of
an experiment, definitely, But it sure seems like this is
where things are going. Who knows what the you know,
terrestrial linear television world looks like three years from now,
five years from now, eight years, ten years from now,

when we renegotiate our media deals, find that some of
these streaming services not only are viable, but even really preferable.
So I think this is more just about, you know,
kind of seating the marketplace. Certainly, we've got some work
to do to inform the fans and make sure they
understand this is truly streaming only. It's it's not going
to be on over the air television unless you're in
Miami and Kansas City. As you guys well know that

games are always on free over the air television in
the markets of the competing teams. But yeah, look, is
it going to do twenty five thirty million people? Maybe not,
But is it going to be the most streamed sporting
event in history?

Speaker 2 (40:01):
We think so.

Speaker 1 (40:01):
We just accomplished that goal with the Amazon game with
the Seahawks Cowboys just a few weeks ago. I think
we're going to find that this Miami Kansas City playoff
game on Peacock is going to be the most streamed event,
most streamed sports event in history, and that'll be another
bar for us to try to climb over in the future.

Speaker 3 (40:18):
And by one thing we find out about NFL fans,
if they want to see a game, they're going to
see a game.

Speaker 5 (40:22):
If they want to get to a stage game, they'll
find a way. So Mike, we.

Speaker 3 (40:26):
Appreciate you breaking down so much of this, and especially
the streaming aspect of it, because we here at the
NFL Report are a streaming show as well, and we
like the fact that we're exploring this frontier.

Speaker 5 (40:36):
So thank you so much.

Speaker 1 (40:37):
The fans are finding you. It might take a little
social media engagement, it might take a little word of mouth,
and some of us may need help from our kids
to download the right app, but this is where the content.

Speaker 2 (40:47):
Lives in some capacity. That'd be great.

Speaker 3 (40:51):
Yeah, happy, all right, I appreciate you, Mike, thank you
having good block a weekend man. All right, going up,
Josh Allen and those Buffalo Bills. They're an exciting team
to watch. But what Josh Allen are we going to
see in the postseason? The one who gives up the
rock or the one who makes us want to watch.

Speaker 5 (41:10):
We'll have more for that on the NFL Report.

Speaker 3 (41:12):
And also listen to the podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

Speaker 2 (41:22):
Hey, it's James Palmer and you're listening to the NFL
Report podcast along with myself and Steve Weisch. But remember,
if you want to see our beautiful faces, this is
a show at seven point fifteen Monday and Thursday at
seven fifteen pm Eastern, and we are on the NFL
app as well as fast streaming platforms. That's two B,
that's Roku, that's Pluto, that's Peacock, all of those platforms

as well as the NFL dot Com slash NFL channel.
Find us all of those spots.

Speaker 3 (41:52):
All right, back with the final block here at the
NFL Report, I'm Steve White and James Palmer and Jeff
Shedia once again is back for his weekly appearance in
his University of Michigan glory.

Speaker 2 (42:04):
You wash the shirt, Jeff.

Speaker 9 (42:07):
No need only busted out for the big wins Ohio
State national championship.

Speaker 5 (42:12):
There you go, there you go real quick. This is
Jeffs first second.

Speaker 3 (42:16):
Make sure to kept Jeff's column on NFL dot com
first read. Also, since we're talking about multimedia platforms, the
NFL Report is also a podcast. But Jeff, we're coming
to this weekend and we see the Buffalo Bills.

Speaker 5 (42:28):
They are absolutely rolling.

Speaker 3 (42:30):
They get to play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who
we know are wounded, especially on defense.

Speaker 5 (42:36):
But Josh Allen Man, he giveth and he take it away.

Speaker 3 (42:41):
What do you think we're gonna see or we're gonna
see anything different out of him.

Speaker 9 (42:45):
You know what, Steve, You look at his track record
in the playoffs, and no matter how crazy he gets
in the regular season, he typically bearged down and gets
a lot steadier at that time of the year. And
he's played some of his best football in January. So
that's what I'm expecting. And I know what happened in
Miami was bizarre to watch. It was the full Josh
Allen experience, the returnover that could have killed this team,

and then it comes back and makes a multitude of
greet plays to get them the win into fourunder yard
to total offense. And the stuff he can do is
just things that end up playing well in the postseason.
And I totally agree with Somebody told me this earlier
this week and that if you want to win playoff
games against Baltimore or Kansas City or whoever else San Francisco,

your quarterback has to do special things.

Speaker 7 (43:30):
Josh Allen can do those things.

Speaker 5 (43:32):
Well said.

Speaker 2 (43:32):
Yep, as well, that is well said. And listen, everybody
I've talked to you up in Buffalo, Jeff says the
same thing. If Joe Brady and He's been able to
do it, get Josh Allen in a rhythm. That's when
you just see him kind of find that groove, like
almost like a shooter right in basketball, Like he kind
of finds that rhythm and he'll pull up from anywhere.
Let's talk about two other quarterbacks. I witnessed one first

hand that was a part of a massive collapse. That
was Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I was in
Nashville to see that one firsthand. Him and Tua Tounguea
Baia Looa are on really the precipice of their first
big contracts. Are they worthy of them? In your mind?
Big quarterback deals.

Speaker 9 (44:16):
At this point, I'm not sure about either one. And
I'm going beyond the numbers here. When I look at
Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, those quarterbacks
justin Herbert's in that category. Now you see them doing
things that really elevate their teams at certain points, and
I just have not seen.

Speaker 7 (44:37):
That consistently from Trevor Lawrence or Tua.

Speaker 9 (44:40):
And I like them both. Trevor Lawrence, especially when he
was coming out of college. I always felt like he
was a quarterback who played well when he had a
lot of great players around him, and now you're seeing
him go through some of that diversity and he's.

Speaker 2 (44:52):
Just not I was right there. Yeah, yeah, I'll say this.
It's been hurt, banged up.

Speaker 9 (45:00):
You know that got a half for the season, so
you want to give him pass and too face the
same kind of thing with his health. But I think
the worst thing that could happen to both these guys
is a guy named cj. Stroud Because now when you're
talking about giving out big money, if you're an owner,
you're looking at, well, these they're not Kim. It's not
like you're talking about Joe Burrow or Lamorrow or Patrick anymore.
It's like not even C Joe Stroud level. So I

do have some concerns about how they perform if they
deserve those kind of numbers.

Speaker 5 (45:24):
So let's follow that up. Then what do you do
without them?

Speaker 3 (45:27):
That's what I'm saying, Like, do they get the big
the Joe Burrow contract? I don't know, but it's like, Okay,
if we were to kick them out of the door,
we could be in the same situation. Not a lot
of these other teams are who are just hoping to
find it. So is that Is that more of the
conundrum for a general manager approaching a decision like this

than anything else.

Speaker 9 (45:49):
Well, look, I think we've got recent history to see
how it can go. And I'll give you names like
Jared Goff and Carson Wentz and Colin Kaepernick quarterbacks who
I think are in that same level that both these
guys are at where they you see some positives, you've
seen some improvement, you're seeing the way the team can
play around them. They're both obviously well liked within the franchises.

They're good people, but then you start paying them those
kinds of numbers, and if they don't perform, it can
have a huge negative effect on your franchise. You know,
say what you will about Josh Allen, and he's probably
the best example you can give him. A guy who
can frustrate you and make you exhilarate you at the
same time. But he's done it in the playoffs and
he's got that look in his eye when when when

the ice get big, and I just don't I haven't
seen that again from Tool or Trevor Lawrence, and those
limitations are should be a big factor in those negotiations.

Speaker 2 (46:40):
Yeah, Jeff, I look at Jacksonville, and this was supposed
to be a massive leap for Trevor Lawrence this season.
That's why I'm looking at that as well. It's year
two and Doug Peterson's system. We were all giving him
just a mulligan for the year that he had with
Urban Meyer, but they thought there was gonna be a
big jump this year, and that just it's almost the
same year that he had a year prior when he
was the first year in the system. So I think

that's why people are sitting there going, well, what what's next?
And you see the moves that really are happening in
Jacksonville because that is the number one thing that they
need to focus on. Let's stick to the position. I'll
get to Harbor a minute. Maybe I'm putting them off
for a reason, but let's stick with the quarterback spot
and look at Joe Flacco. This was Steve's idea, and
I think it's brilliant. If Joe Flacco makes a run

for Cleveland in this postseason, does Kevin Stefanski Steve's pick
for a Coach of the Year and a lot of people's,
does he have the stones to say, Hey, Joe Flacco,
you're coming back into this locker room, even though we
have Deshaun Watson and we're gonna have you both in
that quarterback room.

Speaker 9 (47:37):
Ah, that's a tough one and.

Speaker 6 (47:44):
Go through.

Speaker 9 (47:44):
I was like Steve to ask Jeff this scenario. I
personally would not do it. I know what you're getting at.
But Joe Flacco being almost forty years old, you just
don't know when the it's all going to fall apart
for him, and it's been a fun It's me it's
been the best store of the second half of the season.
I imagine that he would have want to be looking
for an opportunity to play as a full time starter somewhere.

So it's not just about the Browns, banking and brackets
about what he would want for himself. But I just
think you've invested in DeShawn Watson in some ways. You've
probably given to Sean Watson another reason to go out
and get better and come back and perform at a
higher level. But yeah, I just tell him, at forty
years old, Uless, you're talking about Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady,
I would not make that kind of investment.

Speaker 5 (48:25):
Yeah, you think he has.

Speaker 2 (48:26):
A market elsewhere, Jeff, right now? Yeah, you're talking about
Teven Nee Cordy.

Speaker 9 (48:30):
I think if you go start for some place next year,
he's on lead based on what he's done.

Speaker 5 (48:34):
Well, at least you bring him in as reliable backup.

Speaker 3 (48:36):
But I tell you what, he is won of the
hearts of the folks in Cleveland and that game against
the Houston Texans. The storylines are awesome and he is
leading that case. Jeff Todia, thanks so much. We're not
gonna get to Jim Harball. We'll talk about him later,
So JP, you are spared. Yeah, I'm going to promo
our show because we are back at the NFL Report.
Remember that it is also a podcast you can get

wherever you get your pods. But also if you're watching
on television, you can find us on Peacock, Roku too,
be Pluto and other free streaming apps. Again, wherever you
get your podcast. The show comes off fantastic as a podcast.
But on Thursday, we are loaded. We are gonna have Deebo, Samyard,
we are gonna have Andre Reed, the Hall of Fame

Wide Desceiver.

Speaker 5 (49:19):
We have so much coming up. We have some more guests.

Speaker 3 (49:22):
We're not gonna tell you all of them, but JP,
we'll see you Thursday. We're back here at the end
that report.

Speaker 2 (49:30):
Wild Card Week
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Stuff You Should Know

If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Every week comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

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