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January 5, 2024 49 mins

On today’s episode of The NFL Report, Steve Wyche & James Palmer discuss the Cowboys chances of making it to the Super Bowl and the multiple teams that get to the postseason with a win week 18. Cameron Wolfe joins us to preview the battle for the AFC East title between the Bills and Dolphins, and Judy Battista is with us to talk about Bill Belichick’s future in New England and if Antonio Pierce has done enough to get the interim tag removed and get the full-time head coaching job with the Raiders. Cleveland linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is here to talk about his & the and the Browns success this season and the career resurgence of Joe Flacco. Brian Baldinger is back with his favorite films on why the Dolphins can still be the most dangerous team in the AFC playoffs & the impressive play of the Texans defensive castaways. Plus, James & Steve look ahead to some of the lost headlines of week 18.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
I'm Jason Kelsey and you're watching the NFL Report.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
Welcome into another edition of the NFL Report. James Palmer,
Steve White with you. Jason Kelcey, a Pro bowler that's
been on this show. There's been quite a few. How
about who's gonna be on the show today, Steve? How
about Jeremiah Awosu Cora mooa am I really being from
the Cleveland Browns, the star linebacker for Jim Schwartz's group,
is going to join us in one of the best

dressed guys in the NFL. We'll also have Cameron Wolf
who knows the Dolphins better than anybody else. He'll be
at that Dolphins Bills game this weekend, the game of
the week. Judy Batista also joins us, bringing down some
coaching sides of the NFL.

Speaker 3 (00:43):
As we know, Monday is right around the corner.

Speaker 2 (00:45):
Steve, We're gonna talk Bill Belichick and also Baldy's favorite films.

Speaker 3 (00:48):
Ryan Baldinger is with us.

Speaker 2 (00:50):
He's going to talk about the Texans defense Steve, that
nobody should be sleeping on.

Speaker 3 (00:53):
We'll see if they get into the postseason.

Speaker 4 (00:55):
But Jp you mentioned the Pro Bowlers. We know there's
no more real Pro Bowl they played and things like that.
But let's just take a list of the Pro Bowls
who showed up on our little show, the NFL Report.
We've had Alan Ingols, Jason Kelsey, Justin Simmons, Jesse Bates Third,
and Joel Buttonio. Six Pro bowlers have been on this show.

We are not playing around. Remember we are also a podcast,
so you can listen to us at JP. I want
to talk some Pro Bowls and just my little bit
here is like I've seen a lot of Pro Bowl
respect here. Remember the majority of the emphasis and who
gets to the Pro Bowl it's a peer issue. And
the fact that Jalen Ramsey of the Miami Dolphins has

played in only nine games but has turned around.

Speaker 5 (01:43):
Their defense and makes the Pro Bowl.

Speaker 4 (01:45):
That's game recognizing game. We're scenes of tape of him
right here playing outside. He plays inside, but his peers
understand how much he has meant to that team. Also,
the Jaguars pass rusher Josh Allen, who's an eight contract
year by the way, monster year, Monster year. He finally
shows up when one and win, the switch is going

to go off for him. He makes the Pro Bowl.
And lastly, Aaron Donald if you paid attention to him. Yeah,
the sack numbers aren't there, but he continues to be
one of the most disruptive defenders in the NFL.

Speaker 5 (02:18):
He hasn't had some of the veteran support around him.

Speaker 4 (02:20):
But those young guys like Byron Young making the play
right here staring him into Aaron Donald have showed up.
So salute to game, recognizing game, and these three very
worthy men going into the Pro Bowl.

Speaker 2 (02:35):
I'll go with a guy I remember covering his Pro
Day and he did his interview with me down in
Miami topless, And if I had Philip Dave Najoku, I
would have done a topless as well. And his emergence
the back end of this season has been remarkable. Since
Joe Flacco has been the quarterback since Week fourteen, I
think he's second in the NFL in receiving arts.

Speaker 3 (02:54):
That's everyone.

Speaker 2 (02:55):
I think that's a very worthy nomination considering he wanted out,
wanted to get traded now, was a fan favorite chug
of beers with guys in the stands there in Cleveland.
It's been a remarkable story for David Ajoku this season.
But I'm gonna go with two snubs. You talked about
game getting recoganized. I don't think Lugerius Sneed's game has.

Speaker 5 (03:12):
Not been recognized at all in the NFL this year.

Speaker 2 (03:15):
He is one of the few top corners, Steve, you
are right that travels with number ones. It's the way
Steve Spagnola does it. And he has shut down Number
one receivers week in and week out, and the other one.
Antoine Winfield Junior, he should have been our seventh Pro
bowler that we had on this show. He had one
of the best safety seasons in the NFL this year.
I would say it's him and Kyle Hamilton really the

two best safety performances this year. He led all safeties
with five sacks, five forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries top
three and tackles pass defense. He was everywhere on the
field and when I talked to guys that play in
the secondary Steve in locker rooms across the league the
last few weeks, they've been telling me Antoine Winfield Junior
has been remarkable this year. That's the biggest snub. I

tweeted about it. Dave Canalis, their offensive cord interactually responded
to my tweet and sympony follows you emoji of one
of these right here. I like that he followed me too,
but he hadn't had these emojis put me up on
the screen. Here, Steve the one that looked at the
thinking like the I don't know what's going on here.

Speaker 3 (04:12):
Kind of emojis. To Antoine Winfield Junior getting snubbed.

Speaker 4 (04:15):
Well, you're absolutely right Jp that he he should have
been in and both those guys should have been in.

Speaker 5 (04:19):
I mean, lugerryus sneak that dude. He's about to get paid.

Speaker 4 (04:22):
It might not be by the Chiefs, but he's one
of the best corners in the NFL. Well, talking about
Pro Bowlers, Ceedee Lamb is a Pro bowler and they got.

Speaker 5 (04:31):
A big game coming up this week.

Speaker 6 (04:34):
Back to throwing, let's him from the safety spot at
Prescott of State stand lunch too is.

Speaker 5 (04:39):
Life thrills on the round in the middle of the
Lamb fifty.

Speaker 6 (04:43):
You have been anywhere near Lamb if you wanted to
CD Lamb lighty yours t get bressed out from the
Dallas touchdown, And.

Speaker 4 (04:57):
Of course I have to play off from last week's
touchdown the Ceedee Lamb had when Dak Prescott's escaped out
of the end zone by a whift Blitz pick up there.
But that's one thing, you know, James, we look we
look at the Cowboys like it's crazy. How the conversation
normally we're always talking about the Cowboys. We really have
kind of bypassed them when all they have to do
is win at Washington to clinch the NFC East this week,

they will be the number two seed if that is
the case. At James, I think this is one of
the more dangerous teams should they get into the postseason.

Speaker 5 (05:27):
And here's why.

Speaker 4 (05:29):
We just saw the combination of Dak Prescott the Ceedee Lamb.
Lamb had two hundred and twenty eight yards right there
with him playing in the slide, at his size and
at his spain, teams are just finding it absolutely impossible
to cover him and that combination.

Speaker 5 (05:49):
When they get into the postseason, they can.

Speaker 4 (05:50):
Find a lot of favorable matchups and that's opening up
the run game a little bit. Using him in the
slot again, do you double him and leave Brandon Cook's open,
Because now all of a sudden, Brandon Cooks is getting
into the end zone. He's not putting up one hundred
yard games, but he is scoring points, and what Ceedee
Lamb and Dak Prescott have going on JP is why
I think the Dallas Cowboys have a great shot of

beating Washington this week. They better not sleep but getting
that number two seed and hosting at least one playoff
game in Dallas.

Speaker 2 (06:20):
Steve, what I'm going to piggyback on is the highlights
that you're seeing if you're watching this show, if you're
listening to the show, I'll describe them to you. You
saw Ceedee Lamb run his original route and then Dak
Prescott broke free. Ceedee Lamb puts his arm in the
air and they throw the ball deep. What the two
of them have on what a lot of defensive players
called the second play I think is the difference in

this offense this year. It's the difference in maybe why
we see the Cowboys have a different run in the postseason.
It was a big thing that Mike McCarthy was working
on with Dak Prescott back to training camp. Everybody's curious
about the interceptions and how Dak was playing well. A
lot of what they were trying to do is have
him play off schedule. When the play breaks down, scramble
play outside of the pocket. When I talk to people

in Dallas this year when I was preparing to cover
a couple of their games, it was this he finally
trusts playing outside of the pocket, Steve and what happens
in the postseason defensive coordinators they dial everything up, yeah,
and really very few times everything goes right for what
you want to do offensively. So when things break down
and you can make plays scrambling, and that's one thing

that Ceedee Lamb's great with with Dak Prescott, that you
can extend the play, you're more dangerous in the postseason.
Look at the quarterbacks that have had tremendous success of late,
and they're all good at it, and Patrick Mahomes and
Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson.

Speaker 3 (07:39):
I can you know, the list could go on.

Speaker 2 (07:41):
The guys that can improvise and create Josh Allen that
is needed in the postseason. And I think that aspect
of Dak's game improving and showing its face this year
makes them a little bit more dangerous.

Speaker 4 (07:51):
Here's the interesting going in a Week eighteen, though, if
they are the number two seed, they can face a
team like the Packers or the Rams in the first round,
but if they fall to the Wildcards heat at number five,
they'll play the winner on the NFC South. That might
be a more of an open door for them, except
they have to go on the road where they're really

not very good this season. Well, Ja, we also have
a couple of teams that are in some win and
in scenarios. Okay, we've got the Jags, We've got the Colts.
We have the Texans who play the Colts, the Buccaneers
and the Packers. Of those teams, which one do you think,
if at the beginning they get in, could actually win

a playoff game or two.

Speaker 3 (08:38):
I'm gonna go with the Houston Texans. And these are
the reasons why.

Speaker 2 (08:41):
Because they have I believe, a very talented coaching staff
that has prepared them extremely well throughout the season, and
that is needed, as I mentioned earlier in the postseason,
to have brilliant game plan specifically on defense for these
offenses too. They're an explosive offense and we just haven't
seen explosive offenses throughout this NFL season.

Speaker 3 (08:59):
And they could put point on the board very quickly.

Speaker 2 (09:01):
And it's because of their quarterback, who Baldy was on
this show last week Steve remember just saying c J.
Stroud just isn't rattled. It just makes it look like
a can of cornback there to quote Faldy, and I
don't think the playoffs are going to be a big
stage for him at all. He's played on massive stages
and he's great late in games. That's the other aspect too.
They've had heroic finishes in this regular season. Why would

they not be able to do it in the postseason.
Why would teams not fear it in the postseason. What
bums me out a little bit is some of the
injuries that they're dealing with at this point in the
season in terms of getting after the quarterback. They're a
little bit banged up up front, they're a little bit
banged up, but getting CJ.

Speaker 3 (09:35):
Stroud back, I think they're still dangerous.

Speaker 2 (09:37):
They may not even get into the postseason they play
on Saturday, but if they get in, I think of
these teams in the win and get in situation, I
think they're the ones the most dangerous to win a
playoff game.

Speaker 4 (09:47):
But we know the Bills are also and then winning
a situation. We've been talking for weeks like if they
get in, they could make a Super Bowl run, so
we kind of excluded them on purpose just because these
are more of the fringe teams that are fighting, yeah, oh,
fighting big time to get in. Jabie, I'm going with
the Green Bay Packers. Now they play the rival the Bears,
who are playing very well in Week eighteen.

Speaker 5 (10:08):
But here's why I like the Packers.

Speaker 4 (10:10):
Now that they've got Aaron Jones back, their running game
is working, they are playing complimentary football. Jordan Love, as
we have seen, has gotten better and better. They've had
some inconsistencies through the season, but they have also beaten
some playoff caliber teams, such as they have beaten the
Detroit Lions, They've beaten the Saints, They've beaten the Rams,

and they've beaten the Chiefs. You cannot say that about
some of the teams that we just talked about, again,
not saying that they couldn't in these situations, but the
fact that the Packers have been here and they've won
some games with some big performances on a pretty big stage.
I like them.

Speaker 5 (10:49):
Should they get in.

Speaker 4 (10:51):
That should also be very pleasing to one of our producers,
Jeff Kollett, who is a big Packers fan.

Speaker 2 (10:59):
I love that what I find interesting, real quick, Steve,
is that neither one of us mentioned the Jacksonville Jaguars,
who I believe all of us had extremely high expectations
heading into the season, massive expectations for Trevor Lawrence in
year two with Doug Peterson.

Speaker 3 (11:13):
We'll see things can come together. Christian Kirk looks like
he's coming.

Speaker 2 (11:16):
Backs defensively, so that could be a big, big thing
for them.

Speaker 3 (11:20):
But very very interesting that neither one of us picked them.

Speaker 2 (11:22):
Coming up, we mentioned the Bills, Steve, so we will
get to them and Cameron wolf joining the show next
Josh Allen, or as Vic Fangio calls him.

Speaker 3 (11:32):
John Elway on steroids. Can he do it again down
in Miami?

Speaker 2 (11:37):
We'll find out for Cameron wolf Next on the inside
Scoop on this massive game in week team on the
NFL Requarter.

Speaker 4 (11:54):
We are back at the NFL Report and JP We're
now joined by our man, Cameron Wolfe.

Speaker 5 (11:58):
I'm real quick, Cam. We mind people, this is.

Speaker 4 (12:00):
Also a podcast, so listen to the podcast so they
can hear great discussions like we're about to have about
the Bills and the Dolphins. This is the game of
the weekend and the Buffalo Bills are pretty much owned
for lack of a better verbiage.

Speaker 5 (12:17):
Here the Miami Dolphins. Josh Allen ten and two against
the Dolphins.

Speaker 4 (12:21):
Now he's facing a Dolphins defense without Jalen Phillips, without
Bradley Chubb or two edge guys Avian Howard. We don't
know his injury status. How does Vic Fangio get this
defense schemed up to stop an offense that is rolling
in the run and pass games.

Speaker 7 (12:37):
Well, Steve Man, this is quite a challenge.

Speaker 3 (12:39):
You know, I love the wire. This is like the
king stays the king. You come at the king, you
bet it's not missed.

Speaker 8 (12:44):

Speaker 9 (12:45):
The Bills have been the king of the AFC East
and the and the Dolphins had them. They had three
game lead with five left. It looked like this game
might not have mattered for the division, but the Bills
hawked him down and now it's the winner take off
And the reality is with Bradley Chubb's in, they're gonna
have to figure out some pass rush with Emanuel Ogba.
He's going to get a big uptick and snatch with him.

But the bigger news you just mentioned it, Xavin Howard
is expected to miss this game with a foot injury.
Why that's huge because the last time they played, Stefon
Diggs and Josh Allen went off, and they went off
because Jalen Ramsey was out that game and so they
only had one top corner. And if you know anything
about Vic Vangeo's defense this year, he has a little

bit of a reluctance to shadow corners. And so it's
going to be interesting schematically what they do this week
because Eli Apple is going to start on the other
side of Jalen Ramsey. Stephan Dicks has not had the
numbers over the last few weeks as you would expect,
but he's still Stefan Diggs and that's still josh Allen
who's towards this Dolphins team. And so I talked to

Vic Vangiel earlier today. He said that, look, the reason
why we don't shadow is usually because we have two
top corners, but I have shown an ability to do
it in my past. So he hinted that it's a
possibility that they could go the show route with Jalen
Ramsey like they did against the Jets with Gary Wilson.

Speaker 3 (14:04):
I think they definitely need to figure out something or
this could be a.

Speaker 2 (14:06):
Long day for that defense, and it's so interesting cam
with Vic Fangio. I'm just thinking how he's looking at
all this film and trying to dissect it. You talked
about Week four, that's when Stefan Diggs goes for one
hundred and twenty and three touchdowns. Now the last three weeks,
as Fangio is breaking down the film, it's not like
diggs production has just dipped. His usage on the field

has dipped forty five percent of the snaps, sixty percent
of the snaps, and sixty five percent of the snaps
the last three weeks his three lowest totals of the season. Now,
what I'm fascinating about Steve is kind of how Vic
looks at and goes, what's kind of happening here with Diggs?
Do I have to shadow him with what's happening with
the Bills? And the Bills are saying that you know,
they're running the football more frequently, that's why he's not

getting the run. You know, he demands a double team,
that's why his production's down. I'm like, well, if you're
constantly doubled, you probably shouldn't leave the field if you're
getting that amount of attention. But it's been really fascinating.
See what happens with Stefan Diggs now Cam, I'm fascinated
also when Diggs and Josh Allen, or as Vic Fangio
calls him, John Elway on steroids come down to Miami.

What type of advantage is that? And that's a brilliant quote.
By the way, what type of a Spanish does Miami
feel like they have that this important game is played
down in Florida?

Speaker 9 (15:19):
Yeah, John Elway on steroids is a heck of a quote.
And Vic Vangiel made sure to say believe. I don't
believe he's on steroids. I'm just trying to make the
alarm and everything I'm trying to.

Speaker 3 (15:30):
Josh all dream tested. I'm just trying to say, make
the comet. Josh probably is not gonna love that.

Speaker 9 (15:41):
But the reality is the Dolphins have been a completely
different team at home versus away. They're seven and one
at home this season. Their only loss was that collapse
late against Tennessee. And I talked to offensive lineman left
tackle Toronto Armstead this week and he explained it to
me this way. You know all the motion they do
preating that, he said, we have to go to silent
count on the road, and a lot of times the

cadence is off, and if you're off by just a hitch,
you know, Leam Mikingberd or New Center, it could affect
our speed off the line.

Speaker 3 (16:10):
It could affect how they get the ball back to
Tua and get that.

Speaker 1 (16:13):
Motion off to Tyreek.

Speaker 9 (16:14):
And he said a lot of times we've just been
out of sink on the road, but at home, we
feel like it's our domain. And he said, that's why
it's so important for us to win on Sunday and
get this two seed so we can play at home
in the playoffs. And so this is a team here
in Miami that has played Buffalo. Their last three games
in Buffalo, three losses.

Speaker 3 (16:34):
The last time they played in Miami was that Sun game.

Speaker 9 (16:37):
September twenty twenty two where it was one hundred degrees
on the field.

Speaker 3 (16:40):
But Miami won.

Speaker 9 (16:41):
And so we talked about all the injuries that they're
debilitated on the defensive side of the ball. The Bills
are walking into this game as favorites, but what could
be the equalizer. Maybe the Dolphins home field advantage. If
it helps their offense out with communication, maybe that helps
them offset some of those injuries on the defensive side.

Speaker 4 (16:58):
Can That's a great point the homefield communication, because there's
been some talk about the same thing that happens at
the Dallas Cowboys when they go on the road, that
here we go and all that type of cadence is
very different.

Speaker 10 (17:10):
What it is.

Speaker 5 (17:11):
But I mean, it's just just what it is at
home and all the road. All right, Cam, We'll appreciate
you so much.

Speaker 4 (17:16):
How fun this game is the big game of the week,
and we're going to have you back on next week
to talk about what's happening as we go into the postseason.

Speaker 3 (17:24):
I can't wait, fellas appreciate you.

Speaker 11 (17:28):
Whatever success I have had, I've tried to go about
my job the same way every week, win, lose, you know,
good years, bad years, whatever they are. You know, just
each week, get ready to go for that week, do
the best you can to help your team win, and
after that game, move on to the next one and
at the end of the season, that's the end of

the season. But on a week to week basis, I mean,
I don't want to spend time or get caught up
in you know, what happened five years ago or what's
going to happen two years from now or you know,
I mean bunch of other random stuff. So just working
on the Jets. Yeah, I'm committed to the team that
I'm coaching right now. The players that are here, they
deserve my best every day and that's what I'm going

to give them. You know, if I was going to
do anything, i'd put it out there on you know,
Twitter and my face there if he can see if.

Speaker 3 (18:17):
You're saving it for this, I'll do that. Then I'll
just keep it private.

Speaker 2 (18:20):
Well that was Bill Belichick on WEEI in Boston. I'm
surprised he said MySpace. Judy Batista usually says face space.
That's usually how he combines Facebook in MySpace. I'm not
sure if your MySpace profile still active, but Judy Batista
now joins.

Speaker 3 (18:33):
The NFL Report with Steve White and I and Judy.

Speaker 2 (18:36):
It's the most talked about topic I've been in New
England the last couple of weeks.

Speaker 3 (18:39):
You and I sat next to each other during.

Speaker 2 (18:41):
A game in New England over the last couple of weeks,
and it's all anybody can talk about in that region,
and we're all curious across the country. What is the
timeline you think where a decision could come down after
a conversation with Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick.

Speaker 12 (18:56):
I'd be really surprised if it happens immediately.

Speaker 13 (18:59):
You know how usually on the final Sunday we start
getting dribs and rabs of job openings Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening.
I'd be surprised if that were the case here. There's
an awful lot of history here. Whatever they decide to do,
whichever direction it is, I suspect that there's going to
be a long conversation. I don't think that this has

been an easy decision for Robert Craft and Jonathan Kraft.
I mean, you know, they've been with Bill Belichick for
twenty five years and obviously enjoyed just staggering success, and
so even in the last few years have literally been disappointing,
and this year especially has just been a mess.

Speaker 12 (19:36):
You know, it's hard.

Speaker 13 (19:37):
I mean, this is not the same as making a decision,
you know about a coach who's been with your organization
for two years. This is Bill Belichick, and I think,
you know, probably playing into it also is the fact
that they let Tom Brady become a free agent and
then watch Tom Brady go win a Super Bowl for
another team, and you know, all of New England is
wondering if you get rid of Bill Belichick now, or
you're going to watch Bill Belichick go win it all

somewhere else.

Speaker 4 (20:00):
Tell that fatalistic mentality that they have up there in
the Boston region that it's all not going to work.

Speaker 5 (20:04):
But Judy, tell me that's because of that timeline.

Speaker 4 (20:06):
If they do wait in any way, does that put
them behind an eight ball for team to go ahead
and have already made the decision or are planning on
making decisions sooner.

Speaker 13 (20:16):
You know, let's just play out the hypothetical, because there's
been a lot of conversation about with the Patriots try
to get something in compensation? Right, would they try to
trade Bill Belichick or somebody wants them? Well, we all
know this, right, because of the Rooney Rule, the NFL
has purposely slowed down the hiring process to get owners
to interview a wider array of candidates, and so that

slows the process down for everybody. And so I'm not
even sure how the mechanics of a trade would work
with that in place, because a team that maybe wants
to hire Bill Belichick could negotiate a trade with the
Patriots for him, but they would still have to interview
other candidates to comply with the Runey rules, So again
that slows the process down. Chick has one more year

left on his Patriots contract, and you know, the Patriots,
as you probably remember back in the day after he
resigned as HC of the NYJ, the Patriots gave up
a first round draft pick to get him, and so
obviously they would want some kind of return. I'm not
sure they're going to get it. And again that really
sort of MUCKs up the timeline here.

Speaker 2 (21:21):
It's fascinating, and you know, we're always curious, Judy, which
teams are going to take a big swing thinking that
they can make a strike for Bill Belichick, even if
they wanted to potentially trade for him. I'm thinking of
a team that might want to make a big swing.
His initials of the owner rhyme with Mark Davis. And
he does have an interim head coach right now in

place in Antonio Pierce. He's in the same position he
was before with rich Bassacia. Does he look to make
a big swing, because some people around the league think
that's still in his you know pocket, or does he
have the next head coach of.

Speaker 3 (21:56):
The Raiders already in that position right now.

Speaker 13 (22:00):
Well, I think Antonio Pierce has done a great job
doing exactly what you would want an interim head coach
to do, and that is he has brought positive energy. Obviously,
they've won some game, they look revived, and he kept
them in the playoff mix until week seventeen.

Speaker 3 (22:16):

Speaker 12 (22:17):
The offense is a mess, that's not Antonio Pierce's fault. Right.

Speaker 13 (22:20):
The quarterback situation kind of a mess. Right, There's all
kinds of big decisions coming for that team. But when
you put an interim head coach, when you fire a
coach in the middle of the season and put an
interm in place, that is exactly what you want an
interim to do. Bring the team together, give them some
positive energy, improve the feeling in the building, all things

that Antonio Pierce has done.

Speaker 12 (22:43):
And I agree with you.

Speaker 13 (22:43):
I wonder how the Rich Pasacia experience place in Mark
Davis's head as he's making this decision. Having said that
Mark Davis likes big names, his dad likes big names.
I mean, you know, there is certainly the feeling that
the Raiders are Raiders and they need a big name
at coach in Las.

Speaker 12 (23:02):
Vegas, and they are going to be big name coaches available.
You know, maybe it's going to be Bill Belichick.

Speaker 3 (23:10):
Sorry, God bless me.

Speaker 13 (23:12):
I mean, we'll know more after next Monday, after the
National Championship Game. But is is Jim pro serious this
time about jumping back into the NFL? And if he does, right,
and certainly hiring an agent like Don Yee suggests that
maybe this is a little bit more than just a
flirtation this year. But if he jumps, there's obviously going
to be a lot of suitors for him as well

or Donnee.

Speaker 4 (23:34):
He represents Sean Payton, Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolos, some other
big people yep. And also the GM champ. Kelly's done
a very good job. He's someone's interviewed for GM jobs
of four, so that might be a keeper as well.
I want to go to Pittsburgh and Mike Tom was
not going anywhere, right, But their OC situation.

Speaker 5 (23:53):
Has already gotten rid of one.

Speaker 4 (23:55):
They've got an interim and their quarterback situation. I mean,
are they in OC away from from flipping they still
not get into the playoffs? Are they a quarterback away
or are they both away? From turning the corner.

Speaker 13 (24:08):
Listen, they may turn the corner right now under this
very strange condition, right, you get rid of your OC
in the middle, and then your offense is still struggling,
and then you're with the backup quarterback and then they
really take off and everybody's happy, and you may go
to the playoffs anyway. I mean, obviously there's going to
be an OC decision after this year. Although the situation
they have now with Mike Sullivan has worked out really well,

and certainly they're going to have to figure out the
quarterback situation because even when Kenny Pickett was healthy, the
offense was sputtering.

Speaker 12 (24:40):
They were not going downfield.

Speaker 13 (24:41):
George Pickens was unhappy, a lot of offensive players were unhappy.
That I think has also been a key difference since
they went to Mason Rudolph, who.

Speaker 12 (24:49):
I don't think anybody really views as the long term answer.
But the thing he's brought to them is because he.

Speaker 13 (24:56):
Has gotten so many members of the offense involving, especially
playmakers like George Pickens right like they believe in him
and they're playing for him.

Speaker 12 (25:05):
Last week, they also got the running game going finally, right.

Speaker 13 (25:07):
Naji Harris finally looked like the Naji Harris we thought
they were drafting. So everything is starting to click for
the offense now, but they've got big picture decisions to
make in this offseason. Again, I'm not sure anybody really
views Mason Rudolph as the long term answer.

Speaker 12 (25:22):
He's done a terrific job here.

Speaker 13 (25:23):
And he may get them into the playoffs, but they'll
they'll have to, you know, figure out the offensive coordinator situation.
Perhaps they stay with what they've got right now, which
seems to be working, and certainly they're going to have
to figure out the starting quarterback.

Speaker 2 (25:37):
I was going to say that, you know, the way
Mike Tomlin thinks about his coaching staff and members of it,
when he looks at this little run that Mike Sullivan's
on running this offense, does he go maybe the spot
has already been filled by what has happened the last
couple of weeks. Judy, thank you for joining us. We're
sitting next to you in a press box during the postseason.

Speaker 13 (25:56):
I very much look forward to seeing both of you guys,
and I would just add Mike Tomlin you said it's
really loyal to his coaches.

Speaker 3 (26:06):
Great point, great point. Thank you Judy. Coming up next
on the NFL Report is a sharp dressed man. It's
j Okay, Steve.

Speaker 2 (26:14):
I'm gonna try to say his name, Jeremiah Owosu Coromoa,
Is that right?

Speaker 5 (26:18):
Corimo joins us next.

Speaker 3 (26:19):
J Okay from the Cleveland Browns on the NFL Report.

Speaker 4 (26:30):
You're listening to the NFL Report podcast, But you can
watch me, Steve Weich and my co host James Palmer
on the NFL Report at seven fifteen Eastern time on
Mondays and Thursdays on the NFL App and free streaming
platforms on the NFL Channel on Roku, to b Peacock,
Pluto TV and other.

Speaker 3 (26:48):
Free streaming apps. Hey how about that?

Speaker 14 (26:56):
Hey, the journey continues and we're just getting it start.
What you did tonight was you earned that second season.
That's what you earned, okay. And what I saw tonight was, guys,
you know what I saw? It was I got your back.
It was I got your back. And we had teammates

on our sideline that weren't with us, okay, but they
are with us, and they got our back and with
this team of show time and time again, is that
I will.

Speaker 1 (27:24):
Fight my off for my teammates.

Speaker 4 (27:27):
Oh, JP, I am so excited for our next guest.
We've been trying to get him on for a minute.
We're now joined by Brown's linebacker Jeremiah a Wusu cor
A moa j Okay, thank you so much for joining
us here on the NFL Report.

Speaker 7 (27:40):
Man's pleasure to be here. Thank you guys for having me.

Speaker 4 (27:43):
Hey, before we get started talking football. Okay, as you
show up for work every Sunday, you are the cleanest
dressed guy in the NFL. Let's take a look at
some of the gear you rock before you put on
the pads, and I want you to walk us through
so of this year.

Speaker 10 (28:01):
Yeah, well I've been from whether it's gone from Senegal, Niger,
Maley really a lot of the US African street, a
lot of West African garments put together just to represent
the country and the mother lange and so on.

Speaker 4 (28:20):
Well, look, you are representing big time. I mean showing
showing all kinds of different styles and and and the
fashion game. We absolutely respect them.

Speaker 5 (28:29):
And look at that. Come on, JP, I know you
have some of that.

Speaker 3 (28:34):
No, I don't own anything like that. I try to
look good on Sundays on the sideline.

Speaker 9 (28:38):

Speaker 2 (28:38):
Okay, but I'm not matching that by any stretch. And listen,
we've heard the locker room speech. There you guys earned
this second season. You're locked into the five seed. You
got eleven wins, So I'm gonna say the regular season, even.

Speaker 3 (28:51):
Though you got one more, is kind of in the
rearview mirror.

Speaker 2 (28:53):
With everything you guys have been through this season, four
quarterbacks to get the eleven wins.

Speaker 3 (29:00):
How do you describe this regular season? Is it insane? Bomkers?
What's the word that comes to mind when you look
at what you guys were able to do this year.

Speaker 10 (29:10):
I wouldn't necessarily give it a specific word, but I
would go back to that video thats just showed and
they're in the bottom right corner.

Speaker 7 (29:17):
You saw the special Teams coach. You had a humbino.
This is the special State coach.

Speaker 10 (29:23):
And that is just a part of the coach and
just being able to, you know, see guys express themselves.
Coaches really clinging off to the players, holding the standard,
holding that ideaologies that you said ever since the offseason
and maintained that day in and day out.

Speaker 4 (29:38):
Well, we also heard, you know, your coach, Kevin Sefanski
say that win was an eye got your back, But
it seems like this season has been an I got
your back? What about the character you're in your third
season there? What about the character you guys have built
to get you to this point as to where you're
now the fifth seed in the playoffs.

Speaker 1 (29:57):

Speaker 10 (29:57):
Well, you know, coach Swartz has a lot of time,
so you know, we come in and you know, he
says to us, Hey, look, you know, I know we've
been to a lot of challenges, but you know, it's
the teams that have been through those challenges that pill
you know, uh as to be simple, you know, it's
the teams that have been through you know, maybe a
quarterback in two or a D lineman and two or
some lineback. You know, I think it's those teams that

have seen these different situations that.

Speaker 7 (30:21):
Really have that age.

Speaker 10 (30:22):
But again, those teams can't do that unless they build
a culture of disciplined perseverance and resistance. Really, I mean,
I think that that really, you know, compiles exactly what
you see here the cleveand Browns organization.

Speaker 7 (30:35):
As continue on to ourselves.

Speaker 2 (30:38):
And you could say, Jeremiah, that's your defense what you
just said, and what's your culture that Jim Schwartz has
created with your group on that defensive side of the ball.
You could ask Steve since the beginning of the year,
before the year started, I've been saying Jim Schwartz was
the biggest offseason acquisition in the NFL.

Speaker 3 (30:54):
What has he done with you?

Speaker 2 (30:55):
Specifically the way that you have played this year and
they that you have excelled, but also the way this.

Speaker 3 (31:02):
Defense has maybe grown from the beginning of the year.

Speaker 2 (31:04):
What Jim's doing with you guys, So maybe now heading
into the postseason, how many different looks you can give
out of this and it's specifically what you've been able
to do thriving in this defense.

Speaker 1 (31:14):

Speaker 10 (31:15):
I always say, you know, just taking the audit and
taking the evaluation of you know what great leaders are.
Great leaders are people that have the best you know,
you know, so called scheme or a so called plan.
But I think that the best leaders of those who
understand the players, understand the Warriors and understanding the personalities
that they have around them and being able to put
them in the right places something special.

Speaker 7 (31:36):
I think that coach Swarts does a.

Speaker 10 (31:37):
Great job in putting us on specifically needs, specifically those
players that have been that force warts, which is really everyone.
You know, he does a great job allowing us to
express our sales in our strengths, and I really I
think that that's the tim.

Speaker 5 (31:53):
Yeah, I mean it's really shown over with you too.

Speaker 4 (31:55):
I mean more than one hundred tackles for the first
time in your career. You've got your first two picks
this season, and so he's allowed you to really show
how dynamic of a player that you can be. We've
got to talk about also the big story with the Browns,
and that's Joe Flacco. When he came into building and
you're like, we're getting Joe Flacco, Like what was the

what was the original response of the guys in the
locker room? And now that he has done what he's done,
becomes such a darling in that city. How have you
guys embraced him? And how has he embraced you?

Speaker 7 (32:28):
You know, Joel beat match.

Speaker 5 (32:30):
Yeah that's true, but.

Speaker 7 (32:34):
Uh that was the last minute.

Speaker 10 (32:36):
Uh it's been a great man, great asset was allowing
us to really do what we playing in the off season.

Speaker 7 (32:42):
It's tough to come in right away and do what
he's just done.

Speaker 10 (32:45):
U for a team, not just the team with an
organization not just an organization before a city man. These
fans have been waiting to uh see the city propel
hisself football wise, and you know we are making those
steps towards them.

Speaker 7 (32:58):
Joe was a big part of that.

Speaker 10 (32:59):
He he has a great experience and is able to
put everybody in the right positions and discontrol of being
the English most Jeremy, I.

Speaker 2 (33:07):
Think I think Joe's gonna be able to throw football
like he does right now until he's about seventy five
years old.

Speaker 3 (33:11):
That's just the way he throws it. It's incredible. He's
got an unreal arm and it's nuts right, it's crazy.

Speaker 2 (33:17):
I want to talk about the guy that your head coach,
Kevin Stefanski, has been really in his press conferences. He's
been saying it to the media that Miles Garrett deserves
to be the defensive player of the Year, and he's
been going out there saying it public. Because of the
attention he gets, maybe some of the stats aren't where
they should be. I'm curious how you and other players
and Jim Schwartz with this scheme use the attention that

Miles gets to your advantage.

Speaker 3 (33:40):
How do you guys do that?

Speaker 10 (33:42):
I mean he's already he's already an advantage. I think
that teams getting interesting and rightfull, you do. I mean,
you can take a look at these clips right here
and just watch him dominate, whether it's one, whether it's two,
whether it's street players, and sometimes they may slide, oh,
you know, depending know what the plan is to stop him.

Speaker 7 (34:03):
But he's a very versatile player. He sets the tone.

Speaker 10 (34:05):
I think every team needs that tone center, every team
needs that, you know, one that set the tone also
to finish out.

Speaker 7 (34:12):
So he speaks of that totality and needed for us.

Speaker 10 (34:14):
And you know, I'm looking forward to seeing him progressing
it as much as possible as to get into the pails.

Speaker 5 (34:20):
Well, Jeremiah, hey, I can't thank you enough. Man. We've
been wanting to get you on the show for a minute.

Speaker 4 (34:25):
Congratulations on such a great season individually and collective, and
we're looking forward.

Speaker 5 (34:30):
To seeing you guys in the playoffs as well.

Speaker 7 (34:33):
Yeah, Testure Man, thank you guys for having me.

Speaker 3 (34:36):
No Browns, Browns fans are gonna be not Jeremiah in
the postseason. You know that, we know that coming up.

Speaker 2 (34:42):
Brian Baldinger Baldi's favorite films, My favorite segment, what about
the AFC South.

Speaker 3 (34:48):
Whatever team comes out of there, are they gonna be
dangerous in the postseason. Baldy's gonna break it down next.

Speaker 2 (35:04):
Welcome back to the NFL Report, James Palmer, Steve Whitch
with you. I got my popcorn. So it's my favorite
segment every week. It's Baldy's favorite films here in the
NFL Report. Baldy, I know Steve loves the shirt right there.

Speaker 3 (35:14):
I donation football.

Speaker 12 (35:15):
I like that.

Speaker 8 (35:19):
We we spent our time over the Islands doing a
number of different events for the Polynesian community, so it's
it's close to.

Speaker 1 (35:26):
Our heart man.

Speaker 2 (35:27):
Yes, Oh, perfect spot for that patch to be. And
listen to anybody who's listening or watching. We got this
segment started late because these two were going at it
about Polynesian coaches, everybody.

Speaker 5 (35:36):
In the NFL going on and on.

Speaker 3 (35:39):
It was great. But listen, let's start this segment off,
Baldy with you.

Speaker 2 (35:43):
Still believe the Miami Dolphins are the most dangerous team
in the AFC right now, even after that game against
the Ravens.

Speaker 5 (35:51):

Speaker 3 (35:52):
I want to know why?

Speaker 8 (35:54):
Because speed speed, James, Because if they put their four
by one meter relay together, healthy like really healthy with Tyrate,
Jalen Raheem and Devon Chan.

Speaker 1 (36:05):
If you put those four guys on the field, they
changed the game.

Speaker 8 (36:09):
And all of a sudden, they go from a team
that can struggle, you know, like a lot of other teams,
to a team that can explode on you.

Speaker 1 (36:17):
And they can turn it into a track meet.

Speaker 8 (36:19):
And you know, even you know Devon was healthy last week,
like Babo had a hard time tackling him.

Speaker 1 (36:25):
He got explosive plays for both the past the game.

Speaker 8 (36:28):
I just think if you put that all together, along
with Toront Armstead and two of plays the way he's
capable of playing, they can put up thirty on anybody.
And you know how teams played in the postseason James
sometimes they play it pretty close to the best. Nothing
about Miami will play it close to the best. Fourth downs,
you know, fourth and one, we're taking a shot down

the field. We've seen plenty of examples over the last
two years with Mike mcdangil that they can play this.

Speaker 1 (36:54):
Thing on a track field, like literally on it as
a track meet.

Speaker 8 (36:58):
And that might give some teams problems, including Baltimore, if
they play it like that.

Speaker 4 (37:03):
Well, the thing is the track needs to be at
hard Rock Stadium down in South Florida, Baldy because they
need to win this game against Buffalo, so they're not
making this track run all the.

Speaker 5 (37:15):
Way, you know, on the road. But I want to
get something too, because we talked about.

Speaker 4 (37:19):
Playing week team. We have to finish this out, and
you have so many teams who are all all of
a sudden like, all right, we're taking the powder, We're
sitting our guys. We know the competitive edge versus safety
getting into the playoffs. What about those decisions and what
might be some teams that are taking the safe routes
that can actually impact their playoffs seating.

Speaker 1 (37:40):
Well, take the Rams for example.

Speaker 8 (37:41):
I mean, Stafford's not playing, so Carson Wentz is going
to start, and who knows who else Aaron Donald, I
don't know, but we know we know Stafford's out, Wentz
is in. They could change their seating, they can improve
their seating, But I don't think it matters to Sean McVay,
like he wants to make sure wherever he has to
go a wild card weekend, we're going with the healthiest
group we can get. We know that Stafford, you know,

has been nicked up at various times we know that,
you know, the elbow has bothered them at times, you
give him the golden right arm and a healthy corps
Cooper Nicoua, DeMarcus Robinson, whatever.

Speaker 1 (38:16):
Like they could go play anybody and beat anybody. I
think health is sometimes it's just more important than seedings
or who you play or where you play.

Speaker 8 (38:28):
Because really, to the Rams, use them as example, but
it could be other teams as well. Like to me,
the Rams, they don't care who they play or where
they play. They feel like they could beat anybody. The
way the offensive line Tyrone, Stafford Nkoua, the way those
young kids on defense, you know, Kobe and Byron, those
guys have stepped up.

Speaker 1 (38:47):
They feel like they could take their game anywhere and
beat anybody.

Speaker 4 (38:50):
And to your point, Baldy, if they finished sixth, with
the sixth seed where they are right now, they're going
to Detroit. But if they lose, they're the evan to seed,
which means they're going either to Philly or to Dallas.

Speaker 5 (39:06):
And frankly, again that's Sean Vacion. We could care less.
We don't care.

Speaker 4 (39:10):
We're going on the road regardless if it's cold. Our
team is better healthier than any team we could face.

Speaker 8 (39:18):
And you know, look, look, you know five weeks ago
they went to Baltimore. You know they went across the
country against a couple of defense and put up thirty one.
It looked good. So you know they got to go
to Dallas, They got to go to Philly. I don't
think Sean McVay, Kimbs I think this. I think those
Eagle fans would be scared to death if the Rams
are coming to town.

Speaker 2 (39:37):
You have to love that mentality going into the postseason,
right your head coach just doesn't care where you play
a game, the confidence that he has in your group
with the way you're playing right now. And we know
a head coach has a lot of confidence in his
group and he's focused on that side of the ball.
And that's Jamiko Ryans and his group on the on
the defensive side of the ball. With the Houston Texans.
What have you seen from that group of as you

sent us castaways. There's guys like you know, Kareem Jackson
that's back in Houston down there playing the safety spot.
They've had some injuries on that side of the ball
to some key guys getting after the past. Brother Jonathan
Grenard goes down. Will Anderson's in battling an injury. What
do you even see from that group?

Speaker 8 (40:14):
So the castaways include but not you know, exempt from
Denzel Perrimant, Jerry Hughes, Sheldon Rankins, right, Steve Nelson, like
you can just go through Blake Cashman, like you just
go They just picked up Tighter Tart who got released
by Tennessee. Oh by the way, you know, I mean
he's he's a good football player now and Demiko takes

all these guys. Now, look they Jalb Petrie and Eric
Stingley and you know, and Will Anderson Like yes, they've
all drafted those guys and they're really good young players.
But man, has Demiko molded this group. It was interesting
because last week I went from watching the Eagles on defense,
which was dreadful, and I was throwing things at my
screen about getting off block. Watch Amiko's group last week

play defense, and I'm like, just like that changed, and
I was like watching Dimiko's group and I'm like, wait
a second, this is how Philadelphia needs to play.

Speaker 1 (41:11):
They're not playing like this.

Speaker 8 (41:12):
But it was full metal jacket and it was impressive,
Like they got to Tannehill, they knocked Will Levis out.

Speaker 1 (41:19):
I mean they made life difficult.

Speaker 8 (41:20):
They've been at the top of the charts the last
four weeks against the run, Derek Henry kny Yarn, against
that defense. It has really been impressive to watch them play.
Oh oh, by the way, you know, Dez King is
one of those castaways. Been on a number of teams,
Like all these guys can play, and they'd been given
a chance. He's been released on one to go start

an im back game.

Speaker 4 (41:43):
Boy, Baldi, the full metal Jack of Reference now has
me thinking about Pile, has me thinking about Joker, has
me just think about all the characters in that fantastic
classic of a movie. But Bald, Okay, we've seen the
Steelers offense the past couple of weeks improve now. Mason
Rudolph has been good, but there's a other components that
have helped him function well as well.

Speaker 8 (42:03):
Right their number one priority in the off season, Steve
was to fix the offensive line, so they went to
sign Isaac Caamalo. The Eagles wish they still had him.
I think he's played every snap this year. He solidified
the left guard position. He's made Dan Connor better. They
drafted Roder Jones I'm sure the Jets would love just
to have drafted him. They jumped in front of the Jets.

And it's interesting because brod Jones didn't start right away.
He played a little left tackle, found a spot at
right tackle, didn't play some of these young guys right away.
But they have fixed their offense line. Darnelle Washington in
the blocking part of the game right now, the big
tight end out of Georgia, like they fix their offense line.
When you watch Nogi Now and Jalen Warren, it's a

legit one two punch that they're gonna take to Baltimore
this weekend.

Speaker 1 (42:51):
And it has showed up now pretty much every week
for six straight weeks.

Speaker 8 (42:55):
And then look the reason why Mason has had time
to get the ball down the field to George Pickens
and the Deontay is they've given.

Speaker 1 (43:02):
Him a little extra time up front. Yeah, protected him.
We know Mason's not gonn run away from a lot
of people.

Speaker 8 (43:08):
He's got to be able to stand there five yards
behind the center and be able to make these throws.

Speaker 1 (43:13):
And he's gotten the time to do that right now.

Speaker 2 (43:16):
I go back to watching them in Camp Baldy and
watching Broderick Jones just standing there a few feet from it,
and Mike Tomin just putting TJ. Watt against him, putting
Alex high Smith against him, just rep after rep after rep,
trying to get him ready as quickly as possible to
play a role. And now you're seeing it down the stretch,
we're seeing growth from the Chicago Bears, Baldy, not just
on this defensive side of the ball, which on this

show you've broken down a couple of times how well
they're playing as a defensive unit, but almost all around
they seem like a bit a different team. And now
going into week eighteen, this is not going to be
a layup by any stretch of the imagination for the
Packers wins this season.

Speaker 8 (43:54):
It won't surprise me to see the Bears go to
Green Bay and not come out of the playoffs. I mean,
this is the playoff exactly, This is exactly. I mean,
you know, I remember eber Pulis maybe week six, week seven,
saying it's not showing.

Speaker 1 (44:06):
Up in the wins, but we're getting better. I'm like,
you know, it's got to show up in the wins.
You got it.

Speaker 8 (44:10):
You can't let Detroit come back from twelve downs six
minutes ago and lose and say you're getting better. Montes
sweats made a difference. Jalen Johnston is a Pro Bowl player.
Eddie Jackson right now, Jakwan Brisker are good safety tangent.
The decision to go after TJ Edwards and Tremaine Edmonds
looks good. The development of Dexter and some of these

young guys up front. But the biggest thing to me,
and I think they have fixed the offensive line finally,
they're really under their way. But to me, the biggest
difference is they can win in a variety of ways,
Like they can light up and I formation and knock
you off the ball, and they don't need the toush push.
Khalil Herbert could go get you two yards in a

touchdown like you did last week. They can spread you
out and let justin fields read. They can they can
move justin and do Halffield stuff with Polka meat and
DJ Moore and some of that stuff. They could They
could strike deep down the field like you did right
here to DJ. They could play in the snow like
they did last week. I've seen the team right now

that has evolved into Okay, what do we gotta do?

Speaker 1 (45:16):
To win today.

Speaker 8 (45:17):
Oh, we have that ability to do that. You need
a four minute draw at the end of the game
to win it. I think they have that now and
and and along the way. This kid, Justin Fields, just
keeps getting better and better. And whatever they decide to
do with Justin Fields, his stock if he goes to
Green Bay and wins, like those first round picks and
then some that will be tacked onto you want Justin Fields.

His his his stock is only rising. And it's I
don't want to hear anybody tell me he can't read
the defense.

Speaker 1 (45:48):
He can't.

Speaker 8 (45:49):
That guy has improved. He's a legitimate big time thrower
right now. And it's it's been fun to watch because
it's it's sort of been up against him. But I
think this whole thing has come together.

Speaker 7 (46:01):
It might be my It's.

Speaker 1 (46:03):
Easy one of my two or three favorite games the
whole week to watch, you know when we get to film.

Speaker 5 (46:08):
Yeah, yeah, well I love a Baldi I mean the Bears.

Speaker 4 (46:13):
Again, this is one of those things if you're an owner,
you have to say to yourself, I like where this
is headed.

Speaker 5 (46:19):
But again, they've got some decisions to make.

Speaker 4 (46:21):
Hey, baldy decision Mahallo we love you be a part
of the NFL Report. O'hannas okay Field, o'hanna. All right, James,
that means family. We're all family right here. This is
our I'll do that.

Speaker 5 (46:40):
So there we go. So we are physit, Balding, We
appreciate it. See you next week, Baldy. Have a good
week coming up.

Speaker 4 (46:46):
The Rams are nine and playing week eighteen and it's
the Life Comes at You fast segment for a couple
of quarterbacks. Were back next on the NFL Report, which
is also a podcast.

Speaker 5 (46:58):
To make sure listen.

Speaker 2 (47:04):
Hey, it's James Palmer and you're listening to the NFL
Report podcast along with myself and Steve Weish.

Speaker 3 (47:10):
But remember if you want to see our beautiful faces,
this is a show at seven.

Speaker 2 (47:13):
Fifteen Monday and Thursday at seven fifteen pm Eastern, and
we are on the NFL.

Speaker 3 (47:21):
App as well as fast streaming platforms.

Speaker 2 (47:23):
That's two B, that's Roku, that's Pluto, that's Peacock, all
of those platforms, as well as the NFL dot Com
slash NFL channel find.

Speaker 3 (47:31):
Us all of those spots.

Speaker 5 (47:34):
Welcome back to the NFL Report.

Speaker 4 (47:36):
For the final segment, little housekeeping, JP want to let
everybody know we will not be on next Monday as usual,
but we will air on Tuesday at ten thirty pm
Easter Time. That's right, We're going late night just because
of scheduling issues right here, but we will be on
Thursday as usual on Roku, Tobpacock, Pluto, wherever you find

us on your fast channels.

Speaker 5 (47:58):
But we are also a podcast.

Speaker 4 (48:00):
This show is a fantastic listen as a podcast, and
you can also catch us on the NFL's YouTube channel,
so we're everywhere Jam James worldwide, you know, and real
quick as you go in to week eighteen, I want
to hit you. I know we call thisse lost headlines,
but this is the life comes at You fast segment
because this weekend the forty nine ers and the Rams

they finish things out playing their backups, but this will
feature the former number three overall pick Sam Darnold versus
the number two overall pick Carson Wentz, and a battle
of quarterbacks who didn't quite live up to their potential
but could prove valuable should there be an injury in
the postseason.

Speaker 2 (48:39):
JP fascinating how quickly things move, Steve, as well as
I don't know anyone around the country is talking about
a repeat with the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs,
and I find that fascinating. That's how quickly things have
changed in Kansas City with the way the offense is operating.
But this is still one of the best defenses in

all of football. Could they find a way in the postseason.
If anybody could do it, I would say it would
be Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes to flip a switch
come the postseason and turn things around offensively.

Speaker 3 (49:12):
Just fascinating.

Speaker 2 (49:12):
But at the same time, Steve, we are going to
see Patrick Mahomes play on the road for the first
time in the postseason. Most likely he has never done that.
It is a new season here for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Speaker 3 (49:25):
Fascinating for both of us. I'll see you guys late night.
Steve and I on Tuesday's edition of the NFL R
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