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January 12, 2024 50 mins

On today’s episode of The NFL Report, Steve Wyche & James Palmer discuss what’s next for Bill Belichick & Pete Carroll following announcements they will not return as head coaches and who will be primed to succeed them.  49ers Wide Receiver joined the NFL Report to discuss their number one seed in NFC as well as his unique ability and the efficiency of the Kyle Shanahan’s offense.  Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator Dave Canales talked with James & Steve about the success of Baker Mayfield and the offense heading into the wild card weekend. Coach Canales also discussed how his success as an offensive coordinator is leading to Head Coaching Interviews.  Former Bills Wide Receiver and Hall of Famer Andre Reed stopped by to talk about why the Bills are such dangerous playoff team, his career as slot receiver and his push to get Wide Receivers Torry Holt, Andre Johson & Reggie Wayne voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2024.  Plus, Steve & James tell you why the Chiefs have a chance to run it back in Super Bowl LVIII.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
The family.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
My name is Jeremiah whos and Pollymore linebacker which Steves
and Browns and this the NFL Report.

Speaker 3 (00:13):
Welcome into a playoff edition of the NFL Report. J
Okays in the postseason, Steve White, James Palmer. But for
some reason, Steve, we're not talking about these games a
whole lot, because there's a boatload of news in the
NFL with all of these coaches that we've seen in
their spots forever no longer coaching the respective teams. We'll

get to Bill Belichick, We'll get to Pete Carroll. We'll
also have three monster guests on this show. Dave Canals,
the offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is brilliant
on this show. He is a head coaching candidate already
after one year being an offensive coordinator. We also have
Deebo Samuel, who's gonna be on the couch this week
just like all of us watching Super wild Card weekend

because he has a buye in the first round. And
then we also have Andre Read, the Hall of Fame
wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, one of the best
to ever do it. What does he think about Josh
Allen in the postseason. This show is loaded, Steve.

Speaker 4 (01:11):
Jap We are so so stacked with the show, and
like you said, we'd love to talk a lot of
wildcard football. But the big news, the big news is
the goat in New England. Bill Belichick and the Patriots
have officially parted ways.

Speaker 5 (01:26):
Robert and I after you know, a series of discussions,
have usually agreed to part ways. And for me, this
is a day of you know, gratitude and celebration. Start
with Robert and his family. It's great, so much. Thanks
for the opportunity to be that coach here for twenty
four years. It's an amazing opportunity received from out of support.

We had a vision of you know, Billy and winner
billing championship football team here and that's exceeded, exceeded my
wildest dream and expectations, the amount of success that we
were able to achieve together. Always to be a Patriot,
I look forward to coming back here, but at this time, uh,
you know, we're gonna we're gonna move on, and I

look forward excited for the future.

Speaker 4 (02:17):
It with former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick at the
news conference announcing that he is no longer with the
Patriots and JP. As we found out later from owner
Robert Kraft, he is not asking for any type of
trade compensation from any team that wants to hire Bill Belichick.
He is a free agent, just like Tom Brady was.
Go ahead, go about your way. Thanks for all of

the great things that you've done. And first off, you
know this was handled with dignity and just the perfect
tone as we expected, and Robert Craft made everyone know
that this was an amicable decision, that there's no hostility there.
So j B, let's let's push things forward. First off,
with Bill Belichick. I mean, you think, with all of
his accomplishments, he'd be at the front of the line

for every team, but we know that's not necessarily the case.
Ben Jonson, the OC for the Lions, you talk to people,
is the number one hot coaching candidate. But some of
the teams JAP that we're hearing that may pursue Bill Belichick.
The Carolina Panthers may take a swing. The Dallas Cowboys
are out there, the Chargers, But the one team universally

when you talk to people is the Atlanta Falcons.

Speaker 3 (03:23):
James, Yeah, I'm not sure how many people you've heard
it from Steve. I've probably heard it from I don't
know a half a dozen around the league that this
is one that the Falcons have been doing their work
for a few weeks on Bill Belichick.

Speaker 6 (03:38):
Now, what we're all curious about Steve is what.

Speaker 3 (03:41):
Type of group wherever he goes is Bill Belichick going
to bring with him? Now, I will say this, at
seventy two years old, recently had a production meeting with
him and Rich Eyes and Kurt Warner and I were
calling the game on Christmas Eve between the Patriots and
the Broncos. I'll tell you this, this is a guy
that still has an unbelievable passion for coaching. Kurt Warner
asked him in the production meeting, Steve, what do you

still love about coaching? He said, everything from the day
to day film work, from the scheming, from every aspect
of it. He is still dialed in like you wouldn't believe.
And you saw that from the players the way they
played for him in New England. So where does he
take that? Who does he take it with? When you
look at Atlanta, that's probably the spot right now if
you looked at it. He needs what to get the

all time record fifteen wins if you include the postseason,
that's probably the spot where he can get those fifteen wins.
The soonest with the roster that's in place, a defense
that was very good this past season. There's an offense
that's almost kind of put together in the y Bill
Belichick was trying to put together an offense in New
England the last couple years, Steve. They're physical, they run
the ball, they have a decent offensive line. They just

don't have a quarterback. Now they have the eighth pick,
they have cap space. What's your thought on who comes
with him? That's the conversation that I think we need
to be having. Is it Josh McDaniels, Is it you
know Matt Patricia, who that he's used to being around.
Does he have to talk to Arthur Blank and say
I'm coming, but I'm also coming with these guys as well?

Speaker 6 (05:04):
Is that a potential issue?

Speaker 4 (05:06):
Look, if Arthur Blank is gonna take the swing for
Bill Belichick, he's gonna let him bring whoever he wants. Now,
who wants to stay in New England? Okay, you know
we know that, Mike Vrabel, Could you know the Tennessee
Titans coach who's let go could be you know, could
go to New England, Gerd Mayo, who's there. Maybe he
keeps some people, but Josh McDaniels very much is in
play here to be you know, the offensive coordinator or

some type of assistant. I have heard that from several people.
Matt Patricia, we'll see. You would expect that he would
bring his sons, including Stephen who was a defensive coordinator
of sorts up in New England, but then also bring
in some other people. And let's not forget Terry Fonto,
the falcony general manager is still employed. But somebody who
could be pushed out of the door if Belichick does

come in, or put in some other type of role
in the front office where his power is marginalized. But
again you mentioned it, James, the roster is built just
like how Bill Belichick wants it. And which interesting today
is the Falcons on their social media website also showed
the construction of their already fantastic facility of a brand
new weight room, brand new cafeteria and all these other

amenities that they're adding again to one of the best
facilities in the NFL. Well, j P. Bill Belichick, He's
going to continue coaching but another one of the great
coaches in the NFL he's done, and that is Pete
Carolyn Seattle, and he is going upstairs. Let's hear from Pete.

Speaker 7 (06:29):
This isn't about me being the head coach. It's about
this organization being successful and being on course for the
long haul of it as well. And I realized that,
I mean, I'm not as well as you can get
in this business. And there's coming a time they got
to make some decisions, and so moving towards the future,
if there's some way that I can add something to

them down road, we'll see what happens.

Speaker 3 (06:53):
You know, this is a really interesting one, Steve, because
we've seen some people move upstairs before. We saw it
happened with Bruce Arians in Tampa, and you saw who
take over somebody that is connected to bea in Todd Bowle,
somebody that he was stumping for to get that head
coaching position. Now, Pete Carroll says he's going to let
general manager John Schneider make this decision. He is not

going to be involved in making this accept making this decision.
But what I'm looking at is do you go or
are you forced to look at somebody that maybe has
a similar philosophy. Because Pete's still in the building, that
looks at dan Quinn, who's coach under him before you
have Dave Canalis. We mentioned him at the top of
the show Tampa Bay just now and he's going to
be joining the show, and we should say, you want

to hear about his offensive philosophy coming up in the show,
But we did speak to him prior to the news
with Pete Carroll, so we didn't get a chance to ask.

Speaker 6 (07:43):
Him about it.

Speaker 3 (07:43):
Or do you go completely to the other side, Steve,
where you find a complete different philosophy that Pete Carroll
has been preaching the opposite of it in a sense,
I want to see what kind of net they're putting
out there. In terms of their candidates. Dan Quinn looks
like one that should definitely be at the top of
the list. He's at the top of a lot of
people's list that they want to talk to him. But
his ties to Seattle that seems like one that we're

all going to be looking at very quickly.

Speaker 4 (08:07):
Everything you hear from people is dan Quinn. It's his
job to lose. Now they're good, they have to cast
a widening. Remember that every team has to adhere to
the Rooney Rule, which says you must speak to two
minority candidates from outside of your organization.

Speaker 6 (08:20):
So they're gonna speak to a lot of people.

Speaker 4 (08:21):
But I think the two folks who are at the
top of the list right now are Dan Quinn, the
Cowboys defensive coordinator, who has strong ties to that building,
and Dave Canalis, who again we've mentioned we continue to
mention he was the OC there last year. He worked
as the quarterback coach with Russell Wilson and Gino Smith
were there, and he's been with Pete Carroll since Pete
was at USC. And if Pete Carroll is in the building,

whether it's an advisory role like we saw Bruce arians
do in Tampa Bay, or in a more kind of
czar role like we saw Tom Coughlin do after he
left the Giants and oh yeah, back to the Jaguars,
they're probably going to stay in line in that kind
of Seattle connected family. With all I'm thinking other coaches
like Gus Bradley who's now the DC and Indy those

are people who are there. But it's again, this is
another team that's got to go get a quarterback. They've
they've got to evolve that way, and they've got to
fix things on defense. So it's going to be very
intriguing to see because I think both of these organizations,
the Patriots as well, everything is pointing to them kind
of staying within the family as well. And it's just
intriguing to me. How you know, you want to break

from the grandpa or their old dad from the family
in both cases and then bring up junior to inherit
or to take over and run the business, but the
same touches with his own style. JP.

Speaker 6 (09:40):
Yeah, that's the fascinating part of this.

Speaker 3 (09:42):
And if you want to know more about the potential
top guys in New England, Girod Mayo and Mike Rabel
in the family. As Steve just said, listen to our
last episode or watch our last episode on YouTube. Phil
Perry from NBC Sports Boston breaks it down brilliantly about
how those guys are in the family, but they'd also
do it entirely their own way and it would be different.

The part that I want to break down, Steve is
they were just on the precipice of making the postseason
in Seattle. If they would have made the postseason, I
don't know if that would have changed their things in
this process at all. So what's your thought real quick
on is this just because it was time with Pete
or in this hiring cycle, perhaps they have their eye

on a candidate or two that are available now and
that's why they wanted to make sure they pulled the trigger.

Speaker 4 (10:30):
A great question, and I think it's a combination of both,
because we know Dan Quinn is arguably, other than Ben Jonson,
the hottest candidate. Other teams are coming after him, but
this is one that I personally know he would love
to be a He loves that organization, so they might
say this might be our chance to get him and
to continue with that energy that Pete's built, but build
up to the next level. Here's a real quick one too.

I want to go back to Bill Belichick. One of
the teams we did not talk about with him is
the LA Chargers, and it wouldn't it be interesting JP,
And I'm throwing this out there before we go to break.
If he were to come to the Chargers and you
have a division with Andy Reid, Bill Belichick, Sean Payton,
and either Antonio Pierce or Jim Harball. Now that would

be something spectacular not gonna.

Speaker 3 (11:17):
Have that is a division. And the one name we
haven't broken down a whole bunch is Mike Rabel Steve.
He's one of the top candidates out there, not just
in New England, in other places. Remember he's one of
the top coaches, still in his forties, though still a
younger guy after parting ways with the Tennessee Titans. And
speaking of younger guys, Deebo Stanley who still got a
lot of juice left in those legs Steve, and he

gets a week to kind of rest him before the
forty nine ers get into the playoff mix with the
number one seed in the NFC, Deebo Samuel joins the
show next.

Speaker 8 (11:57):
Did see Mitchell now way, but it's an and your
Toadebo Samuel coming right, turns the corner and.

Speaker 4 (12:03):
Goes into the NDS up touchdom.

Speaker 8 (12:09):
Sad Francisco Pardy blocks lap now middle trolls Cott broke
a tackle by Deebo Samuel. Watch my first top thirty
twenty fifty ten FI touchdown.

Speaker 4 (12:24):
Sad Francisco r JP. We are continuing this huge show
today as we are joined by Deebo Samuel, the wide
receiver mister do everything for the forty nine ers. Deebo,
It's up man.

Speaker 9 (12:37):
How you doing man? How you doing good?

Speaker 4 (12:39):
Hey, we're we are excited about this. Look, we know
you guys have to have the buy this week, but
you've been here before, all right. What about this team
and the way you finished the season makes you feel
that you are ready to make that special run this postseason?

Speaker 10 (12:56):
Man, I can write a blue about his answer, but uh,
you know, I mean, it's just it's just the the
It's just the mentality of the team and how much
love everybody have for each other. And you know a
lot of people have been here since I've been here,
and you know, we always been at the end of
the tunnel. But now at the end of the tunnel

that makes sense for us, you know, making it to
the Super Bowl, losing the Super Bowl, and making it to.

Speaker 9 (13:21):
The NFC Championship and losing the NFC Championship.

Speaker 10 (13:23):
So I feel like there's a there's a bigger picture now,
and there's a different mentality for us, you know, going
into this playoffs and knowing what it takes to get there,
and you know, we got all the people that we
need here and we get a lot of guys back,
and I think, you know, here's a big opportunity for
us to go and do it.

Speaker 6 (13:44):

Speaker 3 (13:44):
We had telling no One who funk on this show
at the beginning of the season, and we were talking
to him exactly what you were just kind of saying there.
At the beginning of the year, you guys had a
look that maybe nobody else in the NFL kind of
had in the way you were beating teams. Then you
had that three game losing stream you didn't play, Trent
was out, and then the way you guys finished the season,
it seems like you almost got that same look or
feel that you guys had at the beginning of the

year back at the end of the year.

Speaker 6 (14:07):
And I'm curious how much.

Speaker 1 (14:09):
Of that is.

Speaker 3 (14:10):
What when you're on the field and with when Trent's
on the field changes the way the vibe of everything
really is.

Speaker 9 (14:17):
I don't know. I wouldn't say it too much. I
wouldn't say it changed too much of the vibe.

Speaker 10 (14:21):
I just feel like once you got everybody that's a
part of the team and everybody together as one, I
feel like your team is just overall better. I feel
like if you're missing a guy here you're missing a
guy on defense or special teams, it's gonna kind of
look a little different, you know, but everything still go
the same. But it is good to help all hands
on Dick at all times. And you see how good

we is what we have.

Speaker 6 (14:42):
Everybody speaking of Trent Williams.

Speaker 4 (14:44):
Okay, we know you and him come out with the
box and you guys kind of lead things this way.
But we know all the superstars you guys have on
your team. We know Trent's considered one of the most dominant,
if not the most dominant offensive tackle. But is there
anything that's happened in a game or in a film
set where you all sit there where you're like, Trent
is like like next level special, like next level good.

Speaker 6 (15:08):
I seen it.

Speaker 9 (15:09):
Uh, It's crazy because I go back to kobd year
with this answer, like.

Speaker 10 (15:15):
We had to move out of out of San Jose
or whatever and move to Arizona, and me and Trent
had an airbnb down there at the time, and I
was just, you know, just be chilling walking around the
house playing the game or whatever, and I see Trent
and there, like watching film twenty first seven. So I
came in there one day and I'm just like, bro,
let me just see what you're watching. You know what
I'm saying, And he's literally watching himself and the things

that he do and how he attacked people. And know
literally every move that a person is going to do
is just crazy to me. And it just transfer over
to the field. You can see the way you know,
he practiced on Thursdays and it's just carry over to
the game on Sunday.

Speaker 6 (15:52):
He's unique, Debo, You're unique as well.

Speaker 3 (15:55):
You told I was listening to you told our good
friend k Adams said that Kyle helps you out get
them those couple of rushing yards you needed in Week
eight teams to become just the second player in NFL
history to have four thousand receiving yards one thousand rushing
yards in your first five years. I know stats are
one thing, championships are another. But your unique ability, how
much do you kind of take pride in your ability

to hurt defenses in a variety of ways.

Speaker 10 (16:21):
I take pride and still being able to play this game,
but I love to play for one. But I mean
it's just my mentality is no, I'm a selfless player
and I'm gonna do whatever it takes for this team
to get where they want to be and whatever it
takes that cow asks me to do, whether it's you know,
go kick return or be a running back here and
get in a line over right beside trend and kind

of pinning the defense in and it's just.

Speaker 9 (16:45):
Whatever it is, And it's just the mentality of this team.
And it's not just me.

Speaker 10 (16:48):
It goes from you know, Brox to quarterbacks, so he's
not doing no blocking, but it kind of go on
down from Christian McCaffrey to all the wine out the
tight ends to the old line. It's just like the
way that we go out here and go about it
have been, Like you can just tell it's just one
big group that love the game played football.

Speaker 4 (17:03):
Brock's not doing any blocking, but he's making it happen. Hey, deeb,
But when I look at this, you guys throw the
ball less than any team in the NFL, yet you
have four players, including yourself, with sixty or more catches.
What is it that makes it work so efficiently? Like
when you do throw it, guys get their hands on

the ball and make something happen. And I don't want
to hear the stuff that it's just all Deak and
dunk passes because you guys do stretch the ball down
the field as well.

Speaker 10 (17:30):
Yeah, we chucked it down the field now, I mean
it's just crazy. I didn't know that until you said it,
but I mean you just go down the line and
like it's just crazy.

Speaker 6 (17:43):
Like we have.

Speaker 9 (17:43):
I think we built the culture well, Kylin, John and Jed, the.

Speaker 10 (17:47):
Guys up top built the culture here of guys that
you know that's really good with the ball in their hands.
And you know, it's just amazing to have four guys
on offense with a thousand plus scrimmage yards and it
just shows, you know, the capability and like, this guy's
the limit for this team right now.

Speaker 6 (18:01):

Speaker 4 (18:02):
So we have we have some breaking news. We're recording
this on a Wednesday, but Pete Carroll is out as
the head coach in Seattle. I am not joking. This
is a real right Before I go, yeah, I mean,
what are your thoughts on that? Because that's some dude
in his team that you competed against for quite some time.

Speaker 10 (18:22):
Man, I tell you, since I've been in this league,
that man has done an out standing job over there
in Seattle. For sure, everybody probably will we will probably
remember him as the coach that you've.

Speaker 9 (18:32):
Gone all the time.

Speaker 10 (18:32):
But overall, like, man, the man done the house standing
job over there in Seattle since I've been.

Speaker 4 (18:37):
In the league.

Speaker 10 (18:37):
And you know, we love to play him, and you know,
I think he's a great coach. Don't know him too
much because you know, I'm not over there and whatnot.
But you know, man, I think he's done a great
job since he's been there.

Speaker 6 (18:48):
Yeah, he really has.

Speaker 3 (18:49):
He's I hope I'm that youthful debo when I'm Pete's age.
I mean, the guy still got the gloves on catching passes,
pre game, running around the field. It's been a broke
joy to watch him coach in Seattle. What I'd ask
you is this week, what what do you and teammates
do with a buye what what what do you want
to accomplish essentially with this week you have before you

get back playing again.

Speaker 10 (19:11):
We don't consider this is a bye week, man, This
is a week of preparation without a game.

Speaker 9 (19:16):
And so like today, we was in as a whole.

Speaker 10 (19:18):
You know, we got to work out in and tomorrow
we got practice, and Friday we got practiced, and yesterday
we came in and watched the film from the Rams game,
so we don't look at this as like too much
of a bye week. But you know, it is about
week because we've earned it. But at the end of
the day, we're still preparing as a team, even though
we don't know who we're preparing for. We just got
to be ready for anything, and this is what we've

been doing all week long.

Speaker 4 (19:40):
Well, deep, I know all you guys're getting your bodies
right too. And one of the things you're doing to
help get your body right, Chure Bundy, like the great
supplemental drink that you're helping endors.

Speaker 6 (19:51):
What can you tell us about your a Bundy.

Speaker 9 (19:53):
Man, it's amazing with recovery and sleep. And you know,
one of the main things in this league as far
as recovery is.

Speaker 10 (20:00):
You know, sleep and then play a main role and
a main part and the way you play and the
way you prepare also is a great recovery drink whenever
you you know, it's good for the information and all
those types of things.

Speaker 9 (20:10):
So it's just something I do weekend and week out
to make sure I'm on top of my game.

Speaker 4 (20:15):
All right, Well, Deebo, Hey, we appreciate you. We know
you guys are prepping to make this big wrong. We
cannot wait to watch you play. Just thanks so much
for taking some time for joining James and out here
on the NFL Report.

Speaker 6 (20:25):
Thank you for having me.

Speaker 11 (20:26):

Speaker 3 (20:27):
How phenomenal is that Pebo Samuel? But coming up, we
got more on the NFL Report. One of the brightest
young minds in the NFL is already getting a head
coaching interviews after just one year as an offensive coordinator.

Speaker 6 (20:38):
Let's buffso see. Dave Canalis joins the show next.

Speaker 11 (20:42):
You can't miss this.

Speaker 4 (20:48):
You're listening to the NFL Report podcast, But you can
watch me, Steve Weich and my co host James Palmer
on the NFL Report at seven fifteen Eastern Time on
Mondays and Thursdays on the NFL app and free streaming
platforms on the NFL Channel on Roku, twov Peacock, Pluto TV,
and other free streaming apps. To the left, is there

just dropping back Litow Maybe throws up far.

Speaker 8 (21:12):
Str topball bike Ovine touchdown Tampa Bay far the Cannons
fucks take.

Speaker 4 (21:17):
A nine to another league first down from the twenty
two Mayfield throws to the.

Speaker 11 (21:20):
Endzone, cupball, Myke Ovine touchdown.

Speaker 3 (21:23):
Tampa Bay Heavens has two today, Derry Christmas, Michael, Welcome
back to the NFL Report, Steve which James Palmer with
you and Steve. We are joined by the offensive coordinator
of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dave Canalis, who is in
the postseason. Dave, I have to start off with this,
thank you for joining us. I know you don't need
any added energy, you already bring enough. But what's the

juice like that? We're preparing for postseason football right now?

Speaker 11 (21:50):
Man, A lot of excitement around here, you know. Fortunately,
I come from a place who has seen the postseason
quite a bit walk into another place four straight seasons
going to the postseason, three straight NFC South championships, So
there's a buzz around the building. This feels very familiar
to a lot of guys. So for us, you know,
it's just about having that one to no mentality. And

as you know, we've been playing playoff football for over
a month now, trying to keep our postseason live.

Speaker 4 (22:19):
So Dan, as you mentioned, you come from a place
that would be Seattle for those who don't know, we
spent a long time. But I want to take it
to the Buccaneers, because you know, you're in a situation
where you know, you came in and you got this
offense going, and people didn't think it was going to
be able to get rolling like this. You've got this
run game going. But your quarterback, Baker Mayfield. He is

the only other quarterback besides Tom Brady to throw for
more than four thousand yards, to have twenty five plus
touchdowns and fewer than ten interceptions. What can you say
about his resurgence and honestly his toughness because what he
played through in Week eighteen was it was amazing watching
him grit through that game.

Speaker 11 (23:01):
I can't say enough about Baker. Just the opportunity, you know,
to be able to work with the guy with so
much experience, you know, thrown into the fire right away,
first overall pick. But for him to just continue to
believe in himself, to believe in his teammates, build relationships,
grow with this offense as we're putting in a new
system with new words for everybody involved. But to watch

him really, you know, tough it out a bunch of
games throughout the season and especially last week, you know,
to be there for us to make critical plays when
we needed him at the end of the game. I
can't say enough about his just mental toughness to overcome,
you know, the challenges that he faced physically to be
able to be available for us.

Speaker 6 (23:41):
Yeah, dealing with a rib injury, dealing with an ankle injury.

Speaker 3 (23:44):
And you describe the way Baker's done it, But Dave,
I'm curious how you've done it because we look at
the year prior to this and what you guys didn't
seeattle with Gino Smith, and then you look at Baker
here and these let's just be honest, some people around
the league say these are essentially cast offs. What is
the process that you when you look at a quarterback
you're going to be working with and you go about
making sure you put them in a position to succeed.

What's your process in that when you examine their game.

Speaker 11 (24:09):
I think the biggest thing is, even especially when you're
introducing a new offense, is is that we do need
a starting point and we do need a place to
teach words, to teach route stems, depths, different things like that.
But as we go, I think it's just really important.
It was for Gino, you know, it was for us
before that, and now with Bakers, that we become the

version of our offense that puts them in the most
comfortable and confident place where they can play fast and decisive.
And so we've become something that has a Baker Mayfield
twist to it, you know. And I think that's the
beauty of our system is that we haven't we have
enough conference, you know, over the years to kind of
evolve into who our people are. You know, it's the media,

you factor, it's learning how to throw to Mike, learning
how to throw to Chris Godwin, Kate out and how
do we use Rashad White out of the backfield, you know,
and a bunch of other guys that I hate that
I'm not mentioning, but I think it's being able to
just kind of swallow your pride and say, hey, I'm
not going to live and die on this concept. What
is he throwing? And you can always tell by that
confidence on that back foot when it goes into the

ground firmly and the ball comes out and he rips it.
You know, he loves to play. How can we build
this play a few more ways for him to be
able to execute it?

Speaker 4 (25:21):
Well? I love hearing that because I mean some of
the technicalities and see some of the small nuances as
you say this, this is what's gonna work. And you know,
with that point you mentioned Rashad White.

Speaker 6 (25:32):
The running game.

Speaker 4 (25:33):
This is something that has been a struggle for the
Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the past two seasons. And now
you have established the run game that sets up that
run action that really opens up your offense. What about
the way you've got this offensive line playing again, establishing
someone like Rashad White to operate that functionality of the
offense that you were just talking about.

Speaker 11 (25:54):
This is where I get to really pump my staff.
Harold Goodwin so everybody knows him as goodie, and Joe Gilbert,
He's great. Nobody had nobody had a bigger impact on
this season than those two guys. You take Tristan Wurf's
put him on another side. You take Luke Gottacky and
you move him from guard to tackle. You introduce Cody
Mak a rookie to the mix. Robert Hainsey starts his

full season. You know, we started out with Filer at
the left guard. Stinny comes in after that, Aaron Stinny
and those guys just being able to really work with them,
improve their technique, get them confident in their ability passing
off stunts in the past, protection combling in the run game,
and then really becoming a run game that suits us,

that suits our body types, our abilities. Not worry about
what we can't do, but let's focus on what we
can do. You know what does Reshod run so well?

Speaker 3 (26:45):
You know?

Speaker 11 (26:45):
And and that was like a full season effort. You know,
we really saw it in the second half of the season.
You know, we saw our rush per game average go
up twenty yards, you know, and in that stretch, you know,
we had a bunch of victories. We took some knees
and we just battle man and we knew that we
were going to have to run the ball, giving the
guy's confidence, putting him in formations where we could be

aggressive and play fast. And so I really got to
give a lot of love. I mean, I got to
talk about John Dan Damer tight ends coach as well,
because those guys are such versatile tight ends to be
able to allow us to do a lot of the
stuff that we did.

Speaker 3 (27:18):
And Dave, that offensive line does a brilliant job. You're
describing it in the run game. But obviously everybody loves
to throw the football, right, let's have a little fun
with it. And Mike Evans, everybody knows the name. I
still don't think he gets enough credit for what he
does for your offense and offenses he's been in prior.

Speaker 6 (27:35):
I'm just curious from a play caller and.

Speaker 3 (27:36):
Play designer standpoint, when you have that skill set on
the outside that Mike has, what does that do for you?

Speaker 6 (27:43):
What advantage does that give you as a play caller.

Speaker 11 (27:46):
Yeah, it gives you a starting point. And I think
that you know, whatever sport it is, whatever you know,
position it is, there's something that you got to have
a starting point, a focal point of your offense that
kind of allows you to try to anticipate what defenses
are going to do. You know, whether it's this amazingly
powerful run game is a start point. Here come the

hard actions. It's Mike Evans, and you know they're going
to try to put one or two, sometimes three players
to his side. How can we take advantage of the
rest of the field, you know, And of course the
greatest challenge for us is, like we still got to
find a way to get him involved while they're doing this,
while they're while they're making efforts way, how can we

make the rest of it come to life? The screen game,
the run game, the passes to the other side, putting
him in different spots in formation. But for me, you know,
it allows me to kind of set my mind on
here's the starting point. Now can we build from here?

Speaker 6 (28:43):

Speaker 4 (28:43):
You know the thing we're talking about you've done with
this aspense and the and the way so many guys
have developed. But it's also happened when you were in
Seattle with Russell Wilson, with Gino Smith, and as a
result you you've been requested to be, you know, a
head coaching candidate. I mean, your name is out there.
How are you approaching that part of it knowing that

you've done some good things and people are recognizing it
just where you might be the next guy who gets
a head coaching job.

Speaker 11 (29:11):
I mean, it's surreal for me. And you know, the
first thing I think about is just a lot of
the guys that contributed to this, you know, and the
rest of the staff members in Seattle that were a
part of just kind of developing a system over the
years and evolving with the different players that come in
and come out. You know, get here to Tampa and
just you know, like really trusting our staff to take

their rooms, to teach the mentality to be positive, to
be about development, you know, and really searching to push
our guys. And so I think about all my guys
and it just like overwhelms me with gratitude. I'm so
appreciative that, you know, I get to have these opportunities
come and this recognition. But you know, I'd be remiss
if I didn't talk about Brad. It's it, you know,

the great job you did with third down and Thad
Lewis with the red zone. I talked about Goodie and Joe,
but skip Pete and the running back room teaching them
what we're looking for. You know, John Van Damas has
done a great job with our first and second down
run the past marriage, all the guys all up and
down our staff. You know, every every person on our
staff has a role that I'm counting on them to

bring to every week so that we have this versatile
attack where it's not all just coming from me alone.
So I couldn't have done it without those guys. And
of course great players, you know, and Baker coming in
and playing fantastically and really being a threat on third downs,
the finish, the mentality, and above all, just the guys
really loving to come to work and coach together and

practice together. It's been really special and I'm excited to
finish this season the right way. And as the things
come and those opportunities come, I got an idea about
how I want to go about that too.

Speaker 3 (30:47):
All Right, Dave, I don't know if this modesty is
going to work in a head coaching position. I mean,
you know, you're just putting the lot off else but yourself,
the staff, the players, everybody nothing about you, but you're
You're You're a brilliant offensive mind, and you're one of
the few Latino coordinators in the NFL. I'm curious what

that means to you and your success with the spotlight
we're talking about getting shined on you, how that could
possibly or potentially open up the doors for others after you.

Speaker 9 (31:19):

Speaker 11 (31:20):
Yeah, For me, it's about belief and opportunity and and
obviously i've I've I was with coach Carol for fourteen years,
started off coaching in Carson Kelton in LA, where my
brothers and I are from. But so I take a
lot of pride in it. You know, there's a whole
other story about you know, my grandpa, and you know

the fight and struggle that my grandparents had, you know,
my dad being first generation, just going to college and
all that. But just the belief to dream big, to
go aspirations, the work ethic that comes along with it,
which is a really prideful thing for me being a
Mexican American, is just to be able to take every
job that you have, whether big or small, and to

attack it with pride and have a sense of purpose
and identity in it. So it means a lot, and
hopefully it encourages somebody out there to just like, hey man,
this is sky's a limit. We live in a great country.
Football is one of the greatest sports products that there is,
you know in terms of you know, viewership and opportunities,
but just to believe, you know, believe and continue to

just show up and do whatever's asked and being willing.

Speaker 6 (32:27):
To do that.

Speaker 4 (32:28):
Dave fantastic. I love I love hearing that. I love
what you've done, I love what you represent. Best of
luck to you this weekend our Monday night, I should say,
and best luck moving forward. Thank you so much for
joining James and I on the NFL Report.

Speaker 11 (32:43):
Appreciate you guys, Go Bucks.

Speaker 4 (32:46):
Thank you. Now it's taking the page out of his
former quarterback Russell Wilson with that, Go Bucks. But coming
up next, one of the greatest slot receivers ever, Bill's
Hall of Famer Andre Reid is going to join us
to talk about his current Bills team. We had the
Hall of Fame finalist and the wide receiver log jam.
That's next on the NFL Report. All right, welcome back

to the NFL Report, and James, I can't wait for this.
It's one of my favorite people in the NFL, which
you want to whatever you want to call it, Andre Reid,
the Pro Football Hall of Famer for the Buffalo Bills. Andre,
thanks for joining us here at the NFL Report.

Speaker 1 (33:29):
Appreciated guys. Thanks for having me Steve.

Speaker 2 (33:31):
You know, like I said, man, anytime you call, if
I'm available, I'm gonna be there.

Speaker 1 (33:35):
So I appreciate you guys having me on.

Speaker 4 (33:37):
Well, we appreciate you making yourself available on dre You
know you have a full schedule. But before we get going,
we're gonna hit on a lot of different things. We
got to talk about your Buffalo Bills, right This is
a dangerous football team that really showed unbelievable mental toughness
last week to win the AFC East Drey. They were
six and six. They were talking about firing Sean McDermott, right, well,

the people on the outside were, And now they go
on this run. What do you see with this team
that makes him seem so dangerous going into the playoffs.

Speaker 2 (34:09):
We can spend an hour on what this team has
done the past five weeks. I mean left for dead
at six and six after twelve weeks. Basically they had
to win out to a certain point and get some
help and you and you hit the nail on the head.
Sean McDermot and that coaching staff and that organization has
really done a great job with those guys of having

them believe that it's all in your hands if you
just go out win regardless of what happens.

Speaker 1 (34:38):
You can't say that you guys didn't go out there
and kind of lay an egg.

Speaker 2 (34:43):
And they have responded, you know, going to Kansas City,
that was a tough game. The only two games in
that five game streak that I was worried about was
the LA Chargers and the Patriots, two teams that could
spoil your your your your run to get to the playoffs,
and they squeak by there. It wins the wins, especially

at this time of year. They played Kansas City straight up.
They made some plays at the end to win that game.
Miami last week was another another one. You just never
knew what was gonna happen. They played, Uh, they played
excellent dare down the stretch. You got an interception tailor
rap at the end to seal that.

Speaker 1 (35:22):
And then the Cowboys, you know, the Cowboys were one
of the hottest teams coming into Buffalo.

Speaker 2 (35:26):
I was actually act that game. Anything could have happened there,
even though they were home. They beat the They beat
the Cowboys pretty good.

Speaker 6 (35:33):

Speaker 1 (35:34):
Uh so I think they believe that.

Speaker 2 (35:37):
And now they take on a Pittsburgh Steeler team that's
that believes they can win, obviously.

Speaker 1 (35:42):
But coming into Orchard Park, they don't want to repeat
it what happened last year.

Speaker 2 (35:46):
You guys remember the Cincinnati Bengals came in there last
year and and it seemed like the Bills didn't even
show up.

Speaker 1 (35:54):
And everybody can talk about.

Speaker 2 (35:55):
Well, you know, the Deamar Hamlin thing, the weather, all
that kind of stuff could have been a factor, but
they still had to show up, and they didn't show up.
And I don't see that happening coming up Sunday against
the Steelers at home. They're not gonna have a repeat
of that. And they're just a team that's very dangerous.
You guys said that earlier. They're a dangerous football.

Speaker 6 (36:15):
Team right now, and they did it.

Speaker 1 (36:17):
They're doing this. We're not a lot of their starters.
You know, Trey White goes out early in the season,
Matt Mulano goes out, kind.

Speaker 2 (36:26):
Of like the quarterback of the defense. The two corners
that played that played well these last five six games,
matter of fact, all year, Benford and Dane Jackson. Taylor
rap coming in, like I said before, making that interception
in Miami this.

Speaker 1 (36:42):
Past weekend to seal that deal.

Speaker 2 (36:43):
So everybody has stepped up to the plate and everybody's contributed.

Speaker 1 (36:48):
That's why they're in the position they are today.

Speaker 2 (36:52):
And probably the biggest thing that they've done this year,
more than any year in the past five years, six years,
is they let James Cook.

Speaker 1 (37:00):
How about that?

Speaker 6 (37:01):
There you go, It's right, let James James. Let James Cook.

Speaker 3 (37:05):
I andre I was with this team a couple of times,
right when they made that change early on at offensive
coordinator and Joe Brady takes over. I did that game
in Philadelphia where they came up short, but there was
no denying that Josh Allen was the best player.

Speaker 6 (37:18):
On the field in that game.

Speaker 3 (37:20):
I did the game in Kansas City where they ended
up starting to turn this whole thing kind of around,
and I look at what Joe's doing with Josh and
getting him in a rhythm, getting him comfortable is the
biggest part of seeing a lot of the success he's having.
But obviously the turnovers still kind of happen as well.
But the magical plays do they outweigh a couple of
the mistakes that can happen here or there? What How

do you sum him up as a player because the
brilliance is so off the charts at times? Do you
just say, we know, maybe a missdup here there will happen.

Speaker 2 (37:52):
I just hope now that they're, you know, in the
playoffs and this game is really important at home, you
just gotta let Josh. I mean, people got to realize
Josh has to be Josh. He's one of the top
five quarterbacks in the league. When he's at his best.
He is the best quarterback in the league. To me,
that's because I played there. I just think he has

all the intilligibles that you want in a quarterback, leadership
and arm strength, and the guy can run. He can
run people over. He can do everything that some of
the quarterbacks can't do in this league. But he's gonna
make those mistakes. Is how you come back from him.
And Josh has done that, and that team believes in him.
I mean, you can see Stefan Diggs in his face.

Everybody's in his face about things. And every time something
like this happens, when he throws a pick that shouldn't
be you know, he shouldn't have threw it, they pan
on him and you can see not only the frustration
in him, but all the other players coming up to
him and say, hey man, you're our guy.

Speaker 11 (38:52):
We believe in you.

Speaker 1 (38:54):
And that's really what Josh is about.

Speaker 2 (38:56):
And Joe Brady, like you said, he's done a fabulous
job him of letting him be Josh Allen.

Speaker 1 (39:02):
Just be Josh Allen.

Speaker 6 (39:04):
Make the runs.

Speaker 1 (39:04):
If you don't see anything, run run run run run.

Speaker 4 (39:07):
Run, Hey Andre, you know, let's let's change gears a
little bit. Because you know, we we love talking about
on the show slot slot defensive backs and slot receivers.
And you're one of the greatest slot receivers, one of
the greatest slot receivers ever. That's why you're forever enshrined
in Canton. But it's funny, and you know this, when
you played, the value on slot receivers isn't what it
is today. How is that position evolved and why do

you think it is such an important part of the
game now.

Speaker 2 (39:34):
Well, I think when I played, you know, during during
the time I played, it was the no huddle, and
if you looked at Houston Houston Owlers, the old school
Houston Olers, they had a way of spreading people out
with all their receivers, with Jefferies and and Ernest Gibbons
and Drew Hill and all those guys.

Speaker 1 (39:53):
I think right now the game.

Speaker 2 (39:56):
They spread people out, but they bring that they bring
that James Cook kind of guy that can catch out
of the backfield, catch the ball out at the backfield,
and they bring the receivers in too. So they want
to spread people out and try to get confusion like
we did back in the day. I think the slot
receiver is still a very important integral part of an

offensive game plan because that guy is going to be
the guy a lot of times that either he's gonna
get doubled or he's not gonna get double. He's gonna
be one on one. And the middle of the field
is really important. A lot of times the middle of
field is left wide open and you've got to have
that slot guy in there that can beat two guys.
You got to beat the guy on you, and you
got to be able to beat that deep safety wherever

he is. So I don't think it has diminished at all.
They really rely on that slot guy like a Keenan
Allen keen Awa had one hundred and eight catches this
year because they relied on him.

Speaker 1 (40:48):
They knew that he can make those plays in that slot,
and you know a lot of these guys can do that.

Speaker 3 (40:56):
I gotta ask you really quick, and we're gonna make
time for the Hall of Fame receivers that you want
to talk about, but very quickly. Deebo Samuel's on this show,
Andre he plays out of the spot. What's your thought
on Deebo's game? Real quick Debo's debo. He's like he's
like the movie Friday Debo. I mean I've talked I

had a chance to really talk to him a couple
of years.

Speaker 2 (41:19):
I think last year, two years ago, up to Super
Bowl and actually we were doing a hang and they
had just played the Cowboys the week before, and Treyvon
Diggs was sitting with us, and to hear those two
go at it, it was pretty pretty entertaining. But you know,
obviously Debo is not only a tough guy to cover,
but he creates a lot of mismatches. You never see

a linebacker on him. And every time he catches the ball,
he's you can run you over. You know, he's one
of a kind. So he's Yeah, Debo's Debo. Bottom line, love.

Speaker 4 (41:53):
That respect for one of the greatest yack receivers to
ever do it in you talking about probably the best
yack receiver in the game today. Lastly, Andre, and you
know this man, you had to wait a long time
to get into the hall because of the wide receiver
log jam. Well here we are again of the fifteenth
finalists left, Reggie, Wayne Tory, Holt, Andre Johnson. Another logjam

of wide receivers. Do you think any of them, if
maybe not, multiple of them get in or as we've
seen before. They tend to cancel each other out when
these voters select because there's so many of them.

Speaker 2 (42:28):
Yeah, and I've talked to all three of them the
past five, six, seven years, and it's not like they
look at me and say, hey, what's going on. I
mean back in the day, you guys know it's me
Chris and Tim Brown.

Speaker 6 (42:42):

Speaker 1 (42:42):
And years later it's the same thing with Andre Johnson, Reggie.

Speaker 11 (42:48):
Wayne and Toy.

Speaker 2 (42:50):
And I hope this year is a year they kind
of not kind of, but I hope this year is
the year the voters get it right and put one
or two of those guys And to those guys would
be awesome. Whether that happens or not, it's never happened,
I don't think, but I think it's time that that happens.

Speaker 1 (43:07):
These guys all are deserving.

Speaker 2 (43:10):
Their their numbers are all up there, they're impacting, the
game is tremendous. They all deserve it. And I just
hope one of this year that one of those guys
or two of those guys get in matter of fact,
put all three of them in.

Speaker 6 (43:26):
Yeah, put all three in.

Speaker 3 (43:28):
I don't want to say any I don't want to
say Andre anything pushes anybody over the edge. But two
of the three have been on the show recently with
Steve and I and Andre Johnson and Tory Holt and
Reggie Wade's a good buddy of our. Steve, we got
to get him on the show. I think the NFL
from We're going to push us everybody into the hall. Andre,
so much for joining us. Enjoy the postseason as long

as it goes in Buffalo there.

Speaker 1 (43:52):
Yes, I definitely will. And I got people coming at
me left and right.

Speaker 11 (43:55):
You're coming up to the game.

Speaker 6 (43:56):
You come up to the game.

Speaker 2 (43:57):
As soon as I look at that weather report, I go,
I don't know. I don't know if I'm gonna.

Speaker 4 (44:02):
Do that further California sounds real nice, that's right.

Speaker 1 (44:06):
Hey, here's what I'm hoping guys, before we leave.

Speaker 2 (44:10):
I'm hoping they win and beat Pittsburgh and then Kansas
City wins, and we got Kansas City and Buffalo.

Speaker 1 (44:17):
I definitely will go that.

Speaker 4 (44:18):
Okay, here we go. That's what I'm talking about. Hey,
Andre is always great, my man. We'll see you a
little bit, bro awesome.

Speaker 1 (44:25):
Nice nice talking to you guys. Appreciate you guys having
me on.

Speaker 3 (44:28):
Let's talk to Super wild Card weekend, and it starts
on Saturday, and it was playing Saturday Steve the defending
Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Everybody's talking about why
they can't return to the Super Bowl.

Speaker 6 (44:39):
We're gonna tell you why they can next in the
NFL Report.

Speaker 3 (44:49):
Hey, it's James Palmer and you're listening to the NFL
Report podcast along with myself and Steve Weish.

Speaker 6 (44:55):
But remember, if you want to see our beautiful.

Speaker 3 (44:56):
Faces, this is a show at seven point fifteen Monday
and Thursday at seven to fifteen pm Eastern, and we
are on the NFL app as well as fast streaming platforms.
That's two B, that's Roku, that's Pluto, that's Peacock, all
of those platforms as well as the NFL dot Com, Slash,
NFL channel.

Speaker 6 (45:16):
Find us all of those spots.

Speaker 4 (45:19):
We're back at the NFL Report JP. It's the last
block where we're going to talk to Super Wildcard weekend.
As you see, things kick off with the Browns of
Texans Saturday, the Dolphins a Chief Saturday night. That is
the Peacock exclusive. That Steelers at Bills Sunday morning. Get
us going, Hey, Cowboys, Rams and Lions, the Eagles and
Buccaneers Monday night.

Speaker 6 (45:40):
That wraps up wild Card weekend.

Speaker 4 (45:42):
Then we move on to the divisional round wars cr
Guy Deebo Samuel. But let's look at that Peacock exclusive
game Miami at Kansas City. You're gonna be there. I
hope you got your thermals and all your nuclear parka
and all over.

Speaker 6 (45:54):
I got them JP.

Speaker 4 (45:56):
We've all across this media landscape talked about for weeks
what the flaws are for the Kansas City Chiefs. Well,
let's talk about maybe how and why they can run
it back. There are some elements there as to why
they can get back to the Super Bowl games.

Speaker 6 (46:11):
Oh there are. This is one of the best defenses
in the postseason.

Speaker 3 (46:14):
This is an offensive mind in Andy Reid that is
unmatched really, you would say in the postseason right now,
and you have the base of the NFL and the
best player in football and Patrick Mahomes. It hasn't been
great on that side of the ball, Steve, But what
I want to see and maybe we will because this
is what Patrick Mahomes was talking about this week.

Speaker 6 (46:32):
You're not going to win fourteen games every season, which
is what he's used to this year, he has not.

Speaker 3 (46:36):
He said, how do you find a different way once
you're in to go through the process and still find
ways to win games?

Speaker 6 (46:42):
Is this when he channels his inner Tom Brady?

Speaker 3 (46:44):
Every season for Brady, the Tea years that they won
the Super Bowl, Steve were not perfect, but when they
got to the postseason, he found a way to win
football games. And this is something that Patrick Mahomes has
been keeping his eye on forever. He's always asked Brady
questions for advice. He's always been studying Bray. He wanted
Blaine Gabbert to come in as his backup this year
because of his time with Tom Brady. So I'm fascinating

to see what Patrick Mahomes does to win games in
a different fashion this postseason than what they've done in
years past, because let's just face the facts, the team
is different than it's been in years past, and how
do they adapt.

Speaker 6 (47:19):
I think they had the ability to do it. We'll
see if it's possible.

Speaker 4 (47:22):
I love that, James, because we haven't talked about that enough,
you know, in the past years because they were just automatic,
you know, they were the team that could flip the
switch on, but they didn't need to because they usually
were rolling into the playoffs. Remember this is the first
time where they could possibly go on the road if
they win this Saturday night against the Miami Dolphins. And
Patrick Mahomes and I love you you did the comp

to Tom Brady because think about how many times they
got it going. Okay, we got back in practice this week.
It is a new season, you know, Isaiah Pacheco. We
may get some wide receivers back, Nicole Hardman, maybe he's
up to speed. The offensive line we got time to
get into a groove. And Travis Kelcey, remember he sat
out Week eighteen. Maybe he's feeling need it better and

get things going because he just hasn't looked like the
same player. But you mentioned that defense, and that's gonna
be huge against the Miami Dolphins. Lagerius Sneed We've been
bigging him up all season. He's gonna have Tyreek Hill
an awful lot. That's gonna be an opportunity to try
to slow him down just a little bit. And if
they get past this game, James, this is a.

Speaker 6 (48:23):
Team want to play.

Speaker 4 (48:25):
I think I think this is the real test for
them because once they get by this, this might show
everybody else that this could be the dangerous team real quick.
What's a sleeper game or sleeper scenario for you wild
Card weekend? Could it be Philadelphia where quarterback Jalen Hurts
has not even thrown the ball as of Thursday because
of a finger injury.

Speaker 6 (48:44):
Yeah, that's massive.

Speaker 3 (48:45):
I covered that game with Jacksonville was essentially a postseason
game for them trying to get in against the Tennessee Titans,
and there was some things that Trevor Lawrence hadn't thrown
a ball for two weeks that you saw affecting that offense. Now,
this is a week this is a finger, but it's
it's just something we're gonna have to keep an eye on.
And I'm also looking at that top game right there.

Speaker 6 (49:03):
What if CJ. Stroud comes out.

Speaker 3 (49:05):
In balls against that dominant defense, Oh boy, maybe the
best defense in the postseason the Cleveland Browns have. That
would just be an unbelievable showcase down there at NRG Stadium.

Speaker 4 (49:18):
Steve, I want to pick up wheur guy. Andre Reed
was talking about the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Speaker 6 (49:23):
And some of the things that come with josh Aallenge. Yeah,
some of the giveaways.

Speaker 4 (49:26):
Look during this five game win streak that they've had, James,
four of those games have been one possession games and
they have turned the ball over eight times. The Steelers
are not a team that you want to turn the
ball over against at this time of year because they're
hitting two or three explosive plays a game. That's where
Mason Rudolph you can do it.

Speaker 6 (49:43):
JP. Why don't you tell the folks where to find us?

Speaker 4 (49:46):
Every week?

Speaker 3 (49:47):
Oh? Find us every week Mondays, Thursdays. Look at these
two sharp dressed men right here, seven to fifteen Eastern.
You can find us on peacocks Steve Pluto two be
any of your fast streaming services were Also it's replayed
on the NFL's YouTube tube channel every time. Also a podcast.
We're everywhere Steve, catch us however you would like.

Speaker 6 (50:05):
Next week. We had great guests.

Speaker 3 (50:06):
Today, We're gonna have great guests heading into the divisional round.

Speaker 6 (50:09):
There's a little tease for you, Steve. Enjoy the weekend.
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