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January 25, 2024 49 mins

On today’s episode of The NFL Report: James Palmer and Rhett Lewis discuss Former Buccaneers OC and friend of the show, Dave Canales being named the Panthers New Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh’s return to the NFL as Chargers New Head Coach while his brother John has his Ravens team in the AFC Championship Game against the Chiefs. Speaking of the Chiefs, former Chiefs WR Dante Hall, AKA "The Human Joystick," joins the NFL Report to talk about Kansas City’s recent playoff & Super Bowl success, and what it would be like to play for Andy Reid. Stacey Dales & Omar Ruiz weigh Brock Purdy's bounce back, and why the Lions defense doesn’t want to talk about him. Plus, Brian Baldinger with his favorite films of the week & Rhett Lewis reveals his Top 5 East-West Shrine Bowlers to watch ahead of the game on Thursday, February 1st at 8pm ET on NFL Network.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
This is Dave Canalis OC for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,
and this is the NFL Report.

Speaker 2 (00:11):
Welcome to the NFL Report. James Palmer. Rhett lewis with you.
We're gonna have to have Dave Canalis do another one
of those because the title is incorrect rhet. Rhett is
filling in for Steve Witch. We have a boatload of
faces rhet that we are gonna get to, including Dante Hall,
the human joy Stay, one of the most entertaining players
to watch Chiefs Legend. We also have Oma Owez Stacy

Dale's covering us for the NFC side of things. Baldi
will be with us as well for Baldi's favorite films.
I'm so glad you joined us on a show where
there's so little to talk about.

Speaker 3 (00:44):
Yeah, I mean, that's why you had to bring me in,
right as the content specialist, as the conversationalist here. This
is That's why I'm here. Yeah, man, It's it's exciting,
and this is this is like my favorite time of
the year because we get to merge you know, my
favorite worlds, right which are you know? You get the
NFL post season, which is impossible to beat, but it's
also the beginning of draft season, right, So we're gonna
have all star games coming up next week. I'm getting

ready to head to Frisco, Texas for the ninety ninth
annual East West Shrine Bowls. Senior Bowl kicks off next week,
and I'm gonna have a little bit, a little bit
of a little bit of something for you on some
names to watch from those games later in the show.

Speaker 2 (01:19):
I like it. I like it. I like it. Let's
get to these head coaching changes. I said it, Rhett.
Dave Canalis is no longer the offensive coordinator for the
Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is the new head coach of
the Carolina Panthers. When this hire happened just a little
bit before we started this show, what was the first
thing that went through your mind? Right? Wow?

Speaker 3 (01:41):
I mean it really was, because it feels like a
dramatic star rise and a star turn for Dave Canalis
jp one year as the offensive coordinator play caller in
Tampa and now is getting his shot as a head coach.
And the one thing that I that I know is
for certain. I mean, the Panthers have gone through this process, right,
they brought in a ton of different guys. We know

this is a demanding ownership group, right with David Tepper
just hired their new GM under Statemle Ran. Yep, Yep,
probably a little bit. I really like Dan Morgan as
a GM. He's been there as the assistant. He knows
what good programs are like and how to build them,
and he knows what it means to be.

Speaker 4 (02:20):
In lockstep with a head coach.

Speaker 3 (02:22):
He saw it with Brandon Bean and Sean McDermott up
in Buffalo when he was up with that crew, and
so now coming here to Carolina, I feel like that's
what you're gonna get with Morgan, with Canalis and this
brain trust moving forward, trying to get Bryce Young and
this Carolina Panthers team.

Speaker 2 (02:38):
Movement, and that's the ticket right there. What is your
plan for Bryce Young? You know, it was asked to
every single guy who interviewed there with David Tepper, and
I think what we've seen Dave Knalison, he's been on
this show, He's talked to us at length about his
offensive philosophies. I think that's gonna be what a lot
of us are watching and what he does with Bryce Young.
He has Baker Mayfield coming in and the one year.

There together, he's up for Comeback Player of the Year,
not only also before that Gino Smith and before that
Russell Wilson. What he's conveyed to us r at that
I think is so impressive is he said, really, everything
we do is molded to our quarterback. His ability to
change his offense for the skill set of his quarterback,
I think is one of his best traits. That he
continues to find concepts that work and then builds the

offense off those concepts and things that just don't work
for that quarterback are thrown out, as well as changing
other aspects around the quarterback. Look the shuffling he did
on that offensive line in Tampa. I want you here.
You used to play here, now you're over here, and
he changed it all to fit their skill sets, their
body types, and they ran the football better. He was

also able to build that entire offense off of a
wide receiver like Mike Evans and then figure out how
to play what defenses do play off of that. I
think it's an impressive offensive mind that has shown us
over the last couple of years that he has the
ability to adapt and change like nobody's business. All right,
let's move on to another head coach, Ratt that is

not getting his start. He is an old hat at
this game, coming off of a national championship. And is
Jim Harbaugh going to the Chargers. He is back in
the NFL, going to the place where you know, he
just couldn't get in the Lombardi Trophy in college. It
was always the thing that was driving him. He lands
with the Chargers. What will we see differently in Los Angeles?

Speaker 5 (04:23):

Speaker 2 (04:24):
Yeah, Well, I.

Speaker 3 (04:25):
Think you're gonna see offense and team philosophy operated operated
in a much different way.

Speaker 4 (04:30):
I think this is going to be a gritty, er,
tougher team.

Speaker 3 (04:32):
I mean, that's that has been the hallmark of Jim
Harbaugh coach teams wherever he's been. I mean kind of
famously when he was at Stanford, got like all the
parents of all the players like locked into that, Hey,
bring your lunch, Paale, the work mentality.

Speaker 4 (04:46):
You know, we've got blue collars.

Speaker 3 (04:47):
We might wear red jerseys, but we're making sure the
blue stays with the way.

Speaker 2 (04:50):
That we play.

Speaker 3 (04:52):
And the interesting thing here is what's he gonna do?
What does this look like for Justin Herbert. Obviously, Jim
Harbaugh has coached in sane mainly talented quarterbacks before. See
Andrew Luck at Stafford now at Stanford. Now, while they
didn't put up like ridiculous video game type numbers through
the air, everyone knew that Andrew Luck was an immense talent, right,

and Jim Harbost.

Speaker 4 (05:15):
Brought that out in him.

Speaker 3 (05:16):
So how he tailors this offense and his offensive staff
to accentuate Justin Herbert's skill set is going to be
really intriguing. I think there's gonna be an emphasis put
on building that offensive line even more than it already
has been. With their two first round picks the last
couple of years and Rashaan Slater and Zion Johnson, I
wouldn't be surprised if there's another high draft resource spent

on that front to get that roll in. And then
I think that this is this at number five overall
in this year's draft where the Chargers are picking. I
think this squarely puts brock Bowers the top tight end
in this class. In the conversation, right, that's high for
a tight end.

Speaker 2 (05:53):
That's rich, I get it.

Speaker 3 (05:55):
But this is a tough, gritty dude. Even though he's
from Napa, California. He's a tough, gritty dude. He can
get dirty in the run game. He's an insane athlete.
He's great after the catch, phenomenal hands. Look at what
Jim Harbaugh did jp with the tight ends at Michigan
Colson Loveland. AJ Barner is going to be playing in
the Senior Bowl. They were dominant Luke Schoonmaker last year.
Drafted in the second round by the Cowboys. They're big

pieces of the offense. That's why I think that that
could be an opportunity to see brock Bauers come off
the board when we get to Detroit.

Speaker 4 (06:23):
As you get your.

Speaker 2 (06:24):
Hands dirty going after grapes in the soil up there,
and now it's fine, you get gritty and listen, tight
ends have flourished, especially rookies this past season. We've always
seen the run game, even though it was Andrew Luck
by the way, He's always had an emphasis on the
run game no matter where he has been, and you're right,
tight end's always a big part of what he does.
Real quickly, I'll say, I think it's an identity, right.
I think that has been lacking since this team moved

from San Diego to Los Angeles. They haven't even had
an identity in their own building, especially in their own city.
Now they bring in a head coach who was essentially,
look at us, make sure you pay attention to us.
And they get somebody that is going to make sure
that they win football games and to make sure that
people notice that they're winning football games. And I think, honestly,
that's something that's been lacking with the Chargers. Let's go

to his brother real quickly before we get out of here,
and look at the Ravens because this is a big
weekend for the Harbas. What do you see from the
Baltimore Ravens One part going into that AFC Championship game
that sticks out to you.

Speaker 4 (07:20):
Yeah, one thing that really sticks out to me is
the way they've utilized the.

Speaker 3 (07:23):
Tight ends this year and obviously Mark and when he
got an All Pro type in Mark Andrews. That's easy
to do and easy to say, like, yeah, we want
to get Mark Andrews in the football. Well, he's been
out right for a couple months now with the injury,
although it sounds like he is on his way back
again fully participatingly like it just this week there, James,
but Isaiah likely has been tremendous as a target for
Lamar Jackson, especially in Mark Andrews's absence, and it's stuff

you talk to people around the Ravens and I saw
it this summer, spending some time with them like they
always knew that this is who Isaiah likely was. We
saw it in flashes his rookie year too. He's now
just getting those opportunities right with Mark Andrew's gone, So
I imagine even if Mark comes back, they're going to
find ways to accentuate what Isaiah likely can bring to
this team. So I'm getting to the end zone, you know,
a week ago, and basically, you know, I think he's

been really well developed, both having a stud like Mark
Andrews there, his tight ends coach George Gatzi is kind
of underrated in NFL circles.

Speaker 4 (08:19):
Think he does a great job getting those guys together.
And I'm just hoping that they can get.

Speaker 3 (08:23):
A dance club scene going in that locker room afterwards,
so we can see an encore from George Gatzi.

Speaker 4 (08:30):
We need more of it, right, where's Georgie?

Speaker 2 (08:33):
Let's fight there?

Speaker 3 (08:34):
A moment build right there.

Speaker 2 (08:37):
Gatzi just slow playing it just now and there he
goes and anywhere's it? Love it from George and they
don't run two tight end sets very often rhet so
it's going to be interesting to see what they change
offensively philosophy wise, if they want to get both these
guys on the field at the same time. I'm going
to go on the defensive side of the ball and

go with me. Maybe the only player in this game
that is a member of MENSA that is all Pro
safety Kyle Hamilton with one hundred and thirty two IQ.
This is a game full of versatile players that have
high football IQs. He might be at the top of
all those guys that are playing in this game. He's
gonna have the assignment a lot in this game. They're
gonna throw different things at Travis Kelcey, but he's gonna

have the assignment quite a bit. And what he does
against the future Hall of Famer is going to be
just one of the things that he does to impact
this game. He can rush the quarterback like an hedge rusher.
He can play the safety spot, he can cover deep,
he can tackle like a linebacker. He can play about
five different positions for this defense. One of the most
versatile talented players in the NFL, and he missed two
games this year. I know it's a small sample size,

rat this defense arguably the best in all of football.
The two games he missed, statistically, those were two of
the worst performances we saw from a defense this season.
And that's just without one player. And that's the MENSA
member in Kyle Hamilton. Well, we got another versat guy
coming up. Rap, that's Dante Hall. How about that the

human Joycenick. I wonder if that's his favorite nickname. I'm
gonna ask him that next on the NFL.

Speaker 5 (10:16):
He's gonna be the MVP for a reason. I mean,
he goes out there, he leads his team, he scores,
he runs, he throws, he does whatever it takes to win.
And that's what the great greats do. And uh, like
I said, it'd be great challenge for our defense, but
also a great challenge for offense going against their defense.
So it's gonna take a full team effort if we
want to find a way to get a win.

Speaker 6 (10:34):
He's a great quarterback, definitely, hall of famer is not
even it's a new brain. He's definitely a Hall of Famer.
But it's just I believe it's just to to two
greats up and coming Greats just going to the two
you know, like a heavyweight fight, heavyweight matchup.

Speaker 7 (10:50):
That's that's just what I see.

Speaker 2 (10:52):
Welcome back to the NFL Report. James Palmer, Rhett Lewis
with you, And if you're gonna have a heavyweight fight,
I need more trash talk. Maybe Don day Haul the
Chiefs great can bring some of that trash talk into this. Listen.
Too many compliments on there. I'm not gonna lie too
many compliments between those two great players as we're heading
into this AFC Championship game. I appreciate you joining us,

and I have to get this out of the way
first before we continue. What is your favorite nickname for you,
because you have a lot of them.

Speaker 8 (11:21):
My favorite is the Humane and the gotta be.

Speaker 7 (11:27):
It's just a great name, right.

Speaker 8 (11:28):
And before I picked up the golf, I was an
avid gamer.

Speaker 7 (11:34):
So at the time that Mitch Holtess.

Speaker 8 (11:36):
Gave me that monitor, I was like n D playing
video games nine I was a day and it also
physical playing style, so it works perfectly.

Speaker 9 (11:49):
I agree.

Speaker 4 (11:50):
I think I think that's I mean it was.

Speaker 3 (11:52):
It was terrific because it was organic too, and uh,
you know, Mitch is one of the best in the
business obviously in the in the radio play by playworld
here in the NFL, and so hearing him call some
of your touchdowns was a childhood memory of mine. You know,
I love it, and you know you had the opportunity
to not only do it on some great, you know,
regular season teams with the Chiefs, but you guys got

into the postseason two where we're sitting here now, you know,
on the verge of the Super Bowl now for the Chiefs,
a familiar spot for him. But like, I go back
to that O four game, you know, and I don't
I know, you don't want to get into the results
of that game against the Colts, but you went off.

Speaker 7 (12:27):
They called that the no punt game.

Speaker 3 (12:30):
That's right, see, and I kind of believe that that
we could see something like that this week with Patrick
Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

Speaker 4 (12:38):
The way these two defense I disagree.

Speaker 7 (12:40):
I disagree.

Speaker 8 (12:41):
I think you got what the number one defense and
the Ravens, you got the number three miss and and uh.

Speaker 7 (12:46):
Jeeves, I don't think you're going to see a no
punt game.

Speaker 8 (12:49):
And this particular, I understand why you're going that because
of the dynamics of each quarterback with these defenses when
we when we played in that Old four game, I
think our defense was ranked like thirty and you.

Speaker 4 (13:02):
Had to post it.

Speaker 7 (13:03):
Some work close by said no, I don't think we're
going to see that this Sunday.

Speaker 3 (13:08):
So but but I wanted to ask you that too
because of the you know, like your performance in that
game was incredible. Obviously you had the kick return touchdown,
you had the receiving touchdowns, So you know what it
feels like to make those big plays in those big moments,
and just hearing these two quarterbacks talk about the plays
that they want to make and you know the respect
they have for each other. What was that feeling like
to know the impact you had on a game.

Speaker 9 (13:31):
At that stage.

Speaker 8 (13:33):
I'm gonna be honest with you, I was, even though
I had a great individual performance, I truly felt that
year we had a team that can make it all
the way to the super Bowl.

Speaker 7 (13:44):
We just had to win two games. That era hit.

Speaker 8 (13:46):
We started a season ten to zero, so it was
very disappointing to not only lose the game, but lose
the game and the fashion that we lost it. Peyton
Manning comes in and scores thirty eight points in errorhead
like that just cannot happen. Even though I had a
great game, I did not feel any type of happiness

whatsoever after that loss.

Speaker 2 (14:10):
Dottie, we know you're still a Chiefs fan. We saw
you were thrown on a Chief's hat, you know before
we got started. Is there any part of you that
sits here and looks at the mind that Andy Reid
has and you didn't have him as a head coach
and the playmaking ability Patrick Mahomes has at the quarterback spot,
and if you went if I would have just played
a little later, if I could have been with these two,

how could they have used the talents that I bring
to a football field? Did that ever cross your vibe?

Speaker 7 (14:40):
Every single Sunday? That crosses mind?

Speaker 8 (14:45):
And I'll never forget the first time I went on
the road to watch this Andy Reid Chief's offense was
in Jacksonville's home opener in Jacksonville, I'm sorry, the season opener.
And I remember from this watching them play develop like
it's different when you're watching on TV. I'm at the
game and I'm saying a guy running over and then up.

I had never seen that concept before, and at that moment,
all to myself, Wow, I wish I was Tyreek Hill
right now.

Speaker 3 (15:16):
Yeah, yeah, and Dante, you know, in the post Tyreek
Hill era for the Chiefs, I think we've seen some
evolution with this offense, right and the way they want
to attack defenses, and the way Andy Reid has schemed
things up in the evolution of the run game too
with Isaiah Pacheco, Like, what has impressed you most about

the way that they're trying to find ways in different
ways to find success attacking defenses and winning games, just
hit it on the head.

Speaker 8 (15:45):
I've been impressed by them basically suppressing their ego, realizing
the cars that they have in their hands, and playing
those cars perfectly. Last week you saw a lot more
two three tight end sets, a lot more emphasis on
the run game.

Speaker 7 (16:00):
I just it just showed me that these guys.

Speaker 8 (16:03):
Understand how to win, know how to win, and it
doesn't matter if it's DNC and dunks or if his
bombs over bag that it does not matter. Like they're
going to find a way to win in They're gonna
use the pieces that they have. And I think that's
a testament to a great coordinating and also great head coaching.

Speaker 2 (16:20):
And the staff in terms of developing players dot you
mentioned dink and dunk. The teams have taken away a
lot of the deep stuff and you see these underneath
crossing routes where you see a guy like Rashi Rice,
a rookie kind of be able to kind of work
his way across the field, find some of those voids
and defenses and then make plays with the ball once
it gets in his hands after he makes Because what

have you seen from the rookie receiver that kind of
has just really just grown and grown himself and as
a role in this offense.

Speaker 8 (16:50):
Yeah, I remember early on, as far as back as
the preseason, he had a case of the drops. So
the fact that he was able to get over the
drop seas I think I've seen maybe one or two
drops in this latter part of the season. So he's
continued to get better and grow, and that's all you
can ask from a young guy, right, just don't continue
making the same mistakes.

Speaker 7 (17:11):
He's eliminated that drop passes.

Speaker 8 (17:13):
And it seems like to me that he has an
understanding and more of the offense because they are incorporating
him more in the offense. I think early on he
wasn't able to get this much playing time because he
didn't have a grass on the playbook, have the trust
in Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. But that all seems
to have gotten better and developed nicely at the right time.

Speaker 3 (17:36):
Yeah, and Dante, I think you know, in terms of
your personal story, we obviously came to know you for
your skills in the return game, but I feel like
you the further along you got your career, we started
to see the nuances of your game as a total
package wide receiver, you know as well on the offensive
side of the ball. And looking at that to follow
up on Rashid Rice, like what were some of the

nuances of the posiition that you picked up along the
way that allowed you to become a more focal a
bigger focal point for the offense, not just in the
return game. Whereas we're kind of seeing some of that
same stuff within this season in terms of Rashid Rice's
arc as a wide receiver from start to where we're
at now. So, like, what are some of the things
that facilitate that improvement from a wide receiver.

Speaker 8 (18:22):
So it's like when you first come into the league,
right your brain is already moving one hundred miles Fowers.

Speaker 7 (18:27):
So your body intends to do with your brain going
once you.

Speaker 8 (18:30):
Learn concepts where to be, when to be there, landmarks,
things like that. So one of the biggest nuances that
coach Charlie Jhner, a Hall of Famer. I was very
fortunate to have him. He will always tell me be fast,
but don't hurry. And it took me two years to
figure out what the hell ad meant.

Speaker 9 (18:49):
But don't worry.

Speaker 7 (18:51):
That basically meant, you know, be fast, but be under control.

Speaker 8 (18:54):
You may not want to come out of that rout
as fast as you can, maybe speed out of it
at a you know, third gear type rate. So little
nuances like that, how not to show and tip your hat,
whether you're running a short route, deep route, crossing routes, right,
they were just you know, teach me when you line
up like this, put your inside foot up versus back,

don't look where you're going. And then one of the
other nuances was obviously just learning how to route run.
And I had one of the greatest guys on my
team at that time, Johnny Morton from usc GO with
his route and Detroit and with them, so a combination
of all of these guys kind of helped me within
the nuances of using my speed and my quickness.

Speaker 2 (19:38):
I'm looking at different players in this game, Dante, and
I'm looking at guys that are just so hard to tackle.
Zay Flowers is that type of player, just he's just
hard to get your hands on. Lamar is that type
of player. But Patrick's that type of player too, where
just the way he moves on a field, it is
hard to tackle him. You were impossible to tackle. So

what makes a player hard to tackle in your mind?
Because we have a couple of them to do it
different ways in this game.

Speaker 8 (20:10):
Well, for guys like myself, Zay Flowers, you know, we
just are giving a god ability ability, ability to get
in and out of breaks. Just bigger guys can't do,
like we can't do. Some of the things big guys
can do, they can't do what we can do.

Speaker 9 (20:25):
Well, you take it.

Speaker 7 (20:25):
You talk about a guy like Lamar.

Speaker 8 (20:27):
Who's six two sixty three, able to move like a
little guy, and then you take Patrick Mahomes who's a
little more girthier, not as fast, but he's very savvy
with his no looks, all fakes, little things like that.

Speaker 7 (20:41):
Right, I look at him like a steph Curry.

Speaker 8 (20:43):
Steph Curry is not Alan Orison Quick, but he's very
savvy with his mechanics as far as movement, movement and
things like that.

Speaker 7 (20:50):
So it's more ways to skin a cat, you.

Speaker 2 (20:53):
Know what I mean?

Speaker 3 (20:54):
Right, That's right, and uh man, nobody's done it as
as good as you've done it. I mean like one
of the best, very best in the business in terms
of the return game and the impact you can have
on a game making big plays. And certainly hope we
see some of those in this gave it to me
the Chiefs and Ravens on Sunday, Dante, it has been
a blast, man. Thanks so much for being a part
of the support today.

Speaker 2 (21:15):
Man, Really it should have been the whole show. Rep.
That's it.

Speaker 4 (21:17):
We could have just been done.

Speaker 9 (21:18):
That's great.

Speaker 8 (21:19):
I love talking what you guys do, so I'll come
back on anytime appreciating that.

Speaker 9 (21:23):

Speaker 3 (21:23):
Love hold me that with us here on the NFL Report.
Still to come on this episode of the NFL Report.
You love what the messaging that Dan Campbell brings to
the Lions. But what's the tangible effect of it?

Speaker 4 (21:36):
Stacy Dalees is.

Speaker 3 (21:36):
Going to tell us, and how do the forty nine
ers deal with that's omaruiz part.

Speaker 8 (21:40):
When we come back.

Speaker 1 (21:45):
You're listening to the NFL Report podcast. But you can
watch me, Steve Weich and my co host James Palmer
on the NFL Report at seven fifteen Eastern time on
Mondays and Thursdays on the NFL app and free streaming
platforms on the NFL channel on Roku too, be Peacock,
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Speaker 10 (22:08):
Just the Bay area and the faithful in general, we
want this game bad, you know, and they've obviously been hoping,
you know, you know, to have another championship come in
this organization. Last couple of times we've been in the
Super Bowl, we've fallen short. So now we get a
shot at it again. So to play at home an
NFC championship, it's gonna be It's gonna be sweet.

Speaker 4 (22:28):
Yeah, what a difference to your makes right.

Speaker 3 (22:30):
Brock perty back in the NFC Championship game as he
gets set to have his forty nine ers host the
Detroit Lions. Welcoming you back to NFL Report here. Brett
lewis at for Steve, which today of course James Palmer
with us as well, and we get to say hello
to our friend Stacy Dale's and Omar Ruiz here. Stacy's
been covering the Lions for US this week, and Omar

is in Santa Clara right now, which is where we
will play this championship game in the NFC on Sunday.
Stacy hearing for brock perty is a good because it
sure does sound like that the good folks in the
Detroit Lions defense slash secondary not real interested in hearing
from him or talking about him this week?

Speaker 4 (23:10):
Is that accurate?

Speaker 11 (23:15):
Rett? If they're talking anything about him, it's a whole
lot of smack. I mean, I was in the locker
room for Championship Wednesday and tried to go up and
get a little juice out of CJ. Gardner Johnson and
I just we couldn't. He didn't want anything to do
with rock party talk or really anything to do with
US media members.

Speaker 12 (23:36):
That's how salty this secondary is.

Speaker 11 (23:37):
I think it's emblematic of kind of the tone and
tenor of that defense as they've gotten better and better better.
Like Dan Campbell told me on Wednesday, our confidence is
going up. It has improved. There's an uptick, especially over
these last six weeks. And when I asked Kirby Joseph,
a safety for this group, this secondary. What's the most

improved thing about your defense? He said to me, fear
And I said, well, what does that mean? And he said,
the fear we're putting basically in opposing offenses, given how
hard we play and how physical we play, and that's
what they're going to take to see rock Perty Sunday.

Speaker 13 (24:11):
Oh, you know, they're bringing that physical brand of football.
We all remember Chauncey Gardner Johnson and Deebo Samuel having
that social media back and forth. Speaking of Deebo Samuel
limited in practice today, certainly trending in the right direction.
When we were out there yesterday in the limited role
that he had officially listed as a non participant, but

while they were stretching, he was running up and down
the practice field carrying the football in his hand, and
it almost seemed like he was really exaggerating his arm
pumps to really test the mobility of that shoulder, and
it didn't look like he had any discomfort. So when
you go from DMP Wednesday to limited Thursday, and it
looks like he can run and carry the football full speed,

if nothing else, he looks like he could be a
decoy on Sunday and be able to play. Obviously, time
will tell the rest of the week. The forty nine
have a more physical practice on Thursday, a little more intensity,
and then of course there's Friday to watch, so you know,
we'll continue to monitor the debo situation. But what an
impact he has when he is in the lineup, yl Mar.

Speaker 2 (25:12):
We know how different of a squad this is when
Deebo's not there, the physicality go on. I love how
they use a variety of guys though, right to go
and fill in for him after he went down in
that divisional round. Just kind of maybe three different players
really playing different spots that Deebo does different things on
the field. Let's go with a guy that's throwing the
football to him, Omar And we heard from him at
the start of this segment. And Brock Purdy. What's the

vibe right now with Brock Purty and kind of I
don't know if the term is getting back on track.
I don't know if there is confidence that is high.
Where is the vibe with Brock Purdy because he did
lead him down the field to win that game last week.

Speaker 13 (25:50):
Well, they say they're confident in Brock purity, and I
believe that to be the case. There's so much confidence
heading into the postseason behind Brock and his MVP caliber
type of regular season and just looking to build on that.
And you can give a variety of reasons why he
might have been off against the Green Bay Packers on Saturday.
You can blame the wet balls and the rainy conditions

that happen. You can credit the Packers defense for putting
together a game plan that made him uncomfortable. And he
said they were taking away a lot of the deep
shots early and maybe he was trying to force some
of them. We saw the Darnell Savage missed interception, he said,
affect him in a way that prevented him from, you know,

being maybe as aggressive and being more tentative in that
game as it unfolded. But then they all credit Brought
Purdy for getting back on track himself and adjusting mid
game and being able to lead that game winning touchdown
drive with six completions seven attempts. And then I asked
Shanahan today, was that an encouraging sign that he was
able to self correct or do you have to continue

on that coaching point to take the checkdowns when they're
in there. He says, there's no exact science to it.
You just have to play the position. Just have to
play football. It's not just Okay, they're covering deep, now
you have to check down, or they're covering short, now you.

Speaker 2 (27:06):
Have to go deep.

Speaker 9 (27:07):
You just have to make those decisions.

Speaker 13 (27:08):
And he said brock Purty has been the best quarterback
that he's been around in making those decisions and executing
that part of the offense. So they look to get
that version of brock Pritty again.

Speaker 11 (27:18):
On Sunday, you know, Omar I mentioned that the secondary
doesn't really want to talk about brock Purty, but there
are a couple guys that did give me some stuff
on him. And I was having a conversation at the
Lion's facility and we were talking about this whole mister
irrelevant term, Like the only word they're using to describe
brock Purdy in Detroit as they prepare for him is

mister relevant. That's how much respect. So they're not buying
into all these narratives. When I talked to Alex Anzeloni,
who's just such a superstar linebacker, and I heard Baldy
break down this defense and he did it as.

Speaker 12 (27:51):
He always does so well. But that guy's everywhere.

Speaker 11 (27:53):
And he said, you know, basically, to me, we're not
buying into the narrative that this guy can't make big throws.
He gets the ball in space. We know what he
does well. He gets the ball in space. He's extremely efficient,
and those receivers are so good, perhaps best in the NFL,
with those yaks, those yards after catch and when I
had Kittle as we watch him here a few weeks

ago against the Eagles, like he said, our bread and
butter is yaks. I mean, that's where we make we bank,
we make a fortune on those. And so tackling in
open space, Angeloni said, is obviously going to be critical.
But they have so much respect for brock Party and
think that you know, all this conversation that's happening out there,
that he can make the big throws, and look what

happened against Green Bay.

Speaker 12 (28:37):
They A'm buying into it.

Speaker 11 (28:38):
He could throw those daggers, as Dan Campbell talked about
this week, and they're going in there.

Speaker 12 (28:43):
Though, hungry.

Speaker 11 (28:44):
They want to hit him, they want to break his rhythm,
do it early and often in this game, to throw
off some of that timing with those receivers.

Speaker 3 (28:51):
You know, Stacy, I feel like brock Party and the
type of player in person he is and the personality
that he has would fit in in Detroit right with
with their mentality. But they are of course very happy
with Jared Goff, who is, to quote Dan Campbell, good
enough for Detroit. But just talking again about the the
personality of this team, the grit, right, we talk about

it a lot, and you know we've seen, you know,
a lot of Dan Campbell's pitches to this team right
about his his vision and his plan and all this,
and it does feel like there's something tangible about those words,
which you know, by definition are very intangible. Like it
feels like they are turning that plan and that vision

into something that is real and that you can see
transpire out there.

Speaker 2 (29:39):
On the field.

Speaker 4 (29:40):
Have you been able to put your finger on that?

Speaker 2 (29:43):
Mm hmm.

Speaker 12 (29:44):
It is real.

Speaker 11 (29:45):
It's genuine too, Like the conversations I have, like with
Allen McNeil, and if you guys haven't had a conversation
with Alee McNeil. This is a superstar interior defensive lineman.
He will give you sound bites to use for an
entire Sunday football Sunday. He's that awesome. He said, you
know there's a clip circulating right now. I think it's
hard Knocks. He said, with Dan Campbell at training camp.

They just completed the padded practice and Dan Campbell is
really imploring his men that they need to trust in him.

Speaker 12 (30:15):
And Alien told me that we bought in, right.

Speaker 11 (30:19):
They bought in last year to Dan Campbell and even
when he took over with the kneecap stuff. But when
he spoke to us that day after a brutal padded
practice and said to us, trust me, trust the process.
Alien was like, we were completely bought in like this guy.
He said, when Dan Campbell talks to you, you listen

and you believe it, and they all embody it. I
mean it's real, but it's just so interesting. Like when
you think about Kyle Shanahan and Dan Campbell and what
they've done right Omar with their teams respectively. Kyle Shanahan,
you just believe in him, and that's when you get
to this stage. You have to have that in leadership,
and I think it shows up, you know, moments like.

Speaker 13 (30:59):
This, Yeah, some of their qualities mirroring each other, and
that they had the big breakout year in year three
after laying a foundation the first couple of years. But
you talk about that sense of physicality, the aggressiveness that
Dan Campbell coaches with the forty nine ers, sense that
Diamidor Lenore one of the more physical corners that the forty.

Speaker 2 (31:18):
Nine ers have.

Speaker 13 (31:19):
He told me yesterday he likes to be one of
those tone setters. If you remember, he's the one that
pushed Jordan Love a clean play, a legal play so
far out of bounds. Then the very next play he
broke up a big pass with a physical hit. He
said he knows that because of how Campbell is a
former player, somebody who speaks as aggressively as he does,
the Lions will come in here with that physical mindset

because he knows if people are going to compete against
the forty nine ers, they have to match that physicality.
And then Brandon Ayuk telling me yesterday that this is
the most aggressive defense that they'll have faced all season long.
Now there's a lot of feast or famine attached to that.

Speaker 2 (31:56):
They'll give up.

Speaker 13 (31:57):
Big plays, but they'll make big plays as well, and
it's a matter of trying to get more big plays
for the forty nine ers end than the Detroit defense
in that matchup on Sunday.

Speaker 2 (32:06):
Omar Stacey, you guys have your hands full, considering we
had this entire conversation, this lengthy segment about this game,
and we barely barely mention the name Jared Goff in
this entire conversation. That's how many storylines we havert. You
said it very abruptly, and then you went on to
Dan Campbell and you went on to the messages out there.
But that's how many storylines we have in this game,

and that's everything we're looking at. That encapsulates everything Stacy
and Omar have to cover for this massive game. But
Jared Goff, in the way he's playing like one of
the best quarterbacks in all of football the second half
of the year, I'll give him his credit because he
is not on the show right now, is filling in
for Steve Wich. Steve said halfway point, I believe Jared

Golf is going to be in the MVP conversation at
the end of the year, and you know what, he
deserved to be the way he was playing down the stretch.
You guys, enjoy a beautiful one together in Santa Clara
on Sunday. We have to talk to you after it.
Stacey Omar appreciate it. Coming up, Baldy's gonna break down
this man and his gorgeous eyes. What No, it's what

Patrick Mahomes does with his eyes. It's what Lamar Jackson
does with his feet that Baldy wants to break down.
Next on the NFL Reports, Welcome back to the NFL Report.
James Palmer, Rhett lewis with you. I have my popcorn
and that means it's Baldy's favorite films. Brian Baldinger joins us. Baldy,

let's cut right to it, because we got ten minutes
to break down the two biggest games of the season,
and let's start with the number one seed in the AFC,
Lamar Jackson. We saw what Demiico Ryans tried to do,
which was essentially almost blitz him every single down to
do whatever he tried to do in the second half
to get after him. Lamar made some nice adjustments specifically
in that second half. How do you defend Lamar? What

are we going to see from Spees Pagnolo in his group?

Speaker 14 (33:57):
Well, we'll see something different for sure, But just to
go back to Houston in that game because he was
flawless in the second half. But you know the big
thing was they had an answer for the blitz James.
They knew where to go with it. He knew where
his hot reads was. One time he backed up and
he hit Zay Flowers for a first down. I mean
that throw right there against Christian Harris, blitzing right up

the middle at him. You know he found the hot
red and then look right here if you don't account
for him, like this is a design quarterback draw right there,
they just ran, you know, a route you run quarterback
keeper until it's not a keeper anymore, and then you
flip it to likely for the touchdown. I mean a
lot of these are deceptives. There comes a blitz Jalen
Petrie right there. You know they hit Jay Flowers right there,

right behind it. You know, every time they had an answer,
you know they he ran the quarterback keeper right there
on fourth and one. Right here is a touchdown run
get behind. Stanley had an answer for everything that he did.
Now Bade will be a little bit different. You'll disguise
the blitzers. I think better. I think he'll blitz more
off the edge than what we saw Houston do, so

it'll be different. But at the same time, I got
to see if they can knock the Lamar off his
stride because Houston couldn't do it, especially in that second half.

Speaker 3 (35:14):
Yeah, on the flip side, while we're on the subject
of answers, finding answers against Patrick Mahomes has been very
difficult over the course of the last five plus years,
Brian Baldinger for opposing defenses trying to deal with number
fifteen for the Kansas City Chiefs, and of course that'll
be the case for Mike McDonald and this Ravens defense
this week. But the one thing that like they can't

really do a whole lot about is stopping Patrick Mahomes
from identifying where he wants to go with the ball
as quickly as he does. It's like it doesn't matter
what you're trying to do. He knows where he wants
to go and how he wants to get it there.

Speaker 14 (35:52):
Balding, You're right, Rett, and you know, as a former quarterback,
I think you can appreciate this well.

Speaker 9 (35:56):
Think that just keeps showing up.

Speaker 14 (35:59):
It was not just last weekgnainst Buffalo, but when he
does either go play action turns back to the defense
or the pocket collapses, and he's got a pull a
little houdiniak and like right here, like his ability to
go find receive rice on his throat and reset his
eyes and then make a stick throw as soon as
he finds them like that shows up all the time.

Speaker 9 (36:21):
And so like this throw.

Speaker 14 (36:22):
I mean, they that's seven cut right there, rhet They
must run that play that in pregame warm up fifteen times.
I mean, anybody that's watched kame and city warm up,
they run that same seven cut here it is right here.
They run that seven cut over and over again. They
all line up. I mean, so it's it's just what
they practice.

Speaker 9 (36:41):
Like all the time. And then okay, but that's how
you have to throw.

Speaker 14 (36:45):
You have to throw that kind of timing into a
spot against the defense that basically plays matchup zone and
takes those away.

Speaker 2 (36:54):
Baldy. When we jump over to the other game and
we look at what Ben Johnson has been doing with
I mean, I think any offensive coordinator would like that
group of skill guys, specifically when they're lining up surrounding
an offensive line like they have in Detroit. But the
way he's dialing it up and the concepts that he's using.
What has stood out to you most about the way
he's been able to utilize these pieces that we might

see on Sunday in Santa Clara.

Speaker 14 (37:19):
Well, you know he's got his play chart there, But
the thing that jumps out is how he utilizes certain
plays informations based on down distance.

Speaker 9 (37:29):
Where you're out in the field.

Speaker 14 (37:30):
If the ball is on the left hash, maybe we'll
put a Moan Ross eight brown on the right hash
and let him work a whole bunch of the field.
So wherever the ball is placed, it sort of starts
his play call. And how they get matchups for Sam Laporta,
where they might just do a simple short motion from
the outside. You get him on the corner who's nine

yards off, and make it an easier throw for Jared Goff.
What they've done with Brock right in the deceptive way,
what they did to him last week. In addition, how
they run the ball. Montgomery always starts it. Jamir Gibbs
is always gonna come in second. And this guy right
here I call the motown comment Jamison Williams.

Speaker 9 (38:10):
You have to account for a speed.

Speaker 14 (38:12):
You have to just account for the speed because he's
gonna take the top off your defense and he's gonna
make your safeties respect his speed. They don't throw them
a lot, but it opens up a lot of things
for Aman Ross Saint Brown underneath, uh throughout the season,
and to you know, to Josh Reynolds as well.

Speaker 3 (38:29):
You know what's even more scary to me is considering
this Lions team and like their run is far from
over and they wanted to continue into Las Vegas, you know,
following this week. But as these head coaching gigs are
starting to fill up a little bit, we talked about
two of them at the top, Baldy Harbought of the
Chargers and Dave Canalis to the Panthers. If Dan Campbell
gets Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn both back next year,

my goodness, like this, I mean, look, I hope for
both their sakes that they get you know, all the
head coaching looks that they want and deserve, But my goodness,
that would be incredible for Detroit. Speaking of Aaron Glenn,
you know, his tenure as the DC has not been
without turbulence. Right, They've gone through some issues and worked
their way through it, and I think something to be
said for the patients there that Dan Campbell has showed

and trying to get that thing right. But I think
what's most valuable about what they do this year and
maybe even in this matchup is the different ways that
they can account for how offenses want to attack them.

Speaker 9 (39:27):

Speaker 14 (39:27):
I mean there's plays last week where they had four
safeties on the field. You know, they had Chartsy Garterer
who got Johnson and ifiat to Mela fan who out there.
You know, in addition to Kirby Joseph. You know they'll
play for safeties and down in distances, they will match
your formations up with various personnel groupings. They blitz a

great deal with if heat to Mela Fauanuho coming off
the edge, He's an excellent blitzer. Kirby Josh with that
interception right there. Like their ability to mix a match
with you, in addition to Alex Angelona who plays every
single play, and then the way that they'll do things
at the front. Last week on third and longs they
played a three man front, they played four safeties, they

played eight defensive backs. So they will max mix a
match with you depending on game situation, down distance, parts
of the field that you're in and so all those things.
I think Aaron can kind of play chess with the
best of them right now because they have such flexibility
with their personnel groupings.

Speaker 2 (40:31):
Body, I want to throw this one at you. This
is kind of a broader look at the four teams
that are left, and I look at the linebacker position
with the four teams that are left, and you look
at you know, Rokwan Smith and the group that they
have there. You look in Kansas City right now, Steve
Spanola is putting Drew Trankwell and Nick Bolton, two mic
linebackers on the field at the same time, and kind
of running things in a different manner there. We know

the guys that line up in Santa Clara and then
obviously the way you mentioned Angeloni and then the other
guys to play there in Detroit. What do you think
about that position specifically in what way we see these
four teams are utilizing that spot that are left to playing.

Speaker 14 (41:09):
Well if I was some of the teams on the
outside looking in, like let's just say the Cowboys or
the Eagles, where they don't seem to put a great
deal of emphasis on the linebacker position. Derek Barnes closed
the game out last week in an interception for Detroit.
Rokwan Smith got traded for from Chicago and the day
that he got to Baltimore is the day he took
over the leadership ability at that position and the defense

changed the day that Rokwan got there. I mean, Fred
Warner gets drafted in the third round out of BYU
and literally the day he got there, he put the
green dye on his helmet and he started every game since.

Speaker 9 (41:42):
Like, there's something about all.

Speaker 14 (41:44):
I mean, you see Drake Greenlong get two interceptions last week.
I mean, these guys never come off the field. They
play every every situation, goal line, third and thirty.

Speaker 9 (41:55):
They're on the field. They never come off the field.

Speaker 14 (41:58):
So if I'm on the outside looking in and I'm thinking, well,
you can find linebackers anywhere, or we can just fill
that position with big safeties, you can't. You can't play
in the Final four right now without having great players
at those positions. And sometimes you've got to pay those
great players like Rokwan Smith. But Rokwan's made Patrick Queen better.

I've talked to Fred Warner earlier this year, guys, and
he was saying, you know, Baldy, this is my fifth
year of lining up with dra Greenlaw. Like, those two
guys know each other as well as you can possibly
know one another on the field. Like, that's five years
of football with a lot of championship level games between
those two guys who never come off the field for

San Francisco.

Speaker 3 (42:44):
Yeah, I mean look at it that that's one of
the common threads the other offensive lineman and the emphasis
and the valuable resources that have been spent by these
four teams to fortify that group up front. I think
is really important to look at both in the draft
and free agency, different ways to go about it. But
that's that's great context, great analysis for us as always,
Baldy Villa South, it's beautiful. Hope you get a little

time in the ocean before Championship Sunday, and we will
check back with you do and here on the NFL
Report when I come. When we come back, I'm gonna
give you guys some names to know from the East
West Shrine Bowl, which kicks off on Thursday, and some
intriguing facts I love about some of those names to know.

Speaker 9 (43:24):
Get your popcorn ready.

Speaker 2 (43:30):
Hey, it's James Palmer and you're listening to the NFL Report.
Podcast along with myself and Steve Weish. But remember, if
you want to see our beautiful faces, this is a
show at seven fifteen Monday and Thursday. That's seven fifteen
pm Eastern, and we are on the NFL app as
well as fast streaming platforms. That's two B, that's Roku,

that's Pluto, that's Peacock, all of those platforms as well
as the NFL dot Com Slash NFL channel. Find us
all of those spots.

Speaker 14 (44:03):
So why am I holding an East West Shrine Bowl eighty.

Speaker 2 (44:05):
Nine, Steve Smith Jersey is because, sir, what does that say?
Right there? You are going into the East West Okay,
Shrimee Bowl Hall of Fame before the game again February first,
eight pm on NFL Network.

Speaker 4 (44:16):
Congratulations to you, my.

Speaker 2 (44:18):
Friend Mike Carafollow, Steve Smith to friends of the NFL
report right there and hopefully Steve Jersey says Steve Smith Senior.
There and look at this Thursday, eight pm East West
Shrine Bowl and Rhett, you will be hosting, no not hosting,
calling that game on NFL Network. So what we want

to do is I told you I was going to
keep my popcorn from when we were just chatting with
Baldy and I want you to give me the five
most intriguing storylines you have the inside goods on the
East West Shrine Bowl. Let's start with the running back
out of UCLA. And this isn't just interesting stuff guys
on the field, it's off the field as well.

Speaker 4 (44:58):
Go yes, thank you.

Speaker 3 (44:59):
Jane transferred from ball State, where he rushed for over
fifteen hundred yards and fourteen touchdowns in the twenty twenty
two season, spent this last year almost one thousand yards
at UCLA. But you're going to love him because of
his pet, which is a five Cardinals Steels pet alligator
named Krocky J.

Speaker 4 (45:22):
Not sure why Crocky.

Speaker 3 (45:23):
Just the name, I mean crocodile Krocky. Well, I'm gonna
find that out when I get a chance to talk
to him in person. But he's had it since he
was eight years old. His parents thought it would be
a fun Christmas gift and yes, yeah.

Speaker 4 (45:38):
Just like, oh hey, here's an alligator. But it's still
with us. And Krocky J.

Speaker 3 (45:43):
Is a big deal in the Carson Steel household back
in Indiana, and so he is an absolute stud. Yes, yes,
he's an actually ever anything like that his nicknames are
four and Fabio Fabio bi of his hair or because
he could lift the entire weight room like he is

an absolute stud of a human being. Can't wait to
talk to him, can't wait to see him on the
broadcast Thursday night.

Speaker 2 (46:12):
Love It, Love It. How about seven qbs you're going
to have there? We got plenty of experience with these
guys too.

Speaker 3 (46:17):
Yes, and every single one of those seven quarterbacks from
Devin Larry to Jordan Travis to Talia Tungo Bailoa and
everywhere in between, have played at more than one school, okay,
thus the transferental era of college football, and all seven
of them have played in more than forty games. So
go back to Shrine Bowl alums of recent past, Brock Purdy,

Aidan O'Connell last year, Dorrian Thompson Robinson last year, all
guys who started games in the NFL this year and
had that opportunity because of the experience they had in college.
And so I can't wait to see which one of
these seven quarterbacks with that type of experience can show
us the ability to step into an opportunity if it
presents itself in his rookie.

Speaker 2 (47:00):
Year Okay, how about you guys catching the football. Taj
Washington and Jaden Coker a couple of receivers to keep
an eye on.

Speaker 4 (47:08):
Apparently, Yeah, good ones here.

Speaker 3 (47:10):
So Taj Washington is an interesting one here right here
in Los Angeles where I live, home of NFL Network
of course, James well usc guy, and in addition to
being one of their top wide outs each of the
last couple of years, Taj has become known as Chef Taj.
In fact, he has his own YouTube channel where NFL

report competition. Yeah sorry, yeah, you know, maybe no Huddle
kitchen by the way, No Huddle Kitchen. Don't tell James
and Steve uh go check that out at some point.
But he's also been a guest chef at a restaurant
on campus, and dishes named after him are popping up
all around Los Angeles like the dude's a legit chefs.

So next time you're in town, will go see Chef
taje Okay, he's also a really good love it can't
wait to see him.

Speaker 4 (48:06):
And then you mentioned Jalen Cocher, who you know.

Speaker 3 (48:08):
We love the guys that come from the smaller schools
and make a big name for themselves when the competition
ramps up. That is the case in the Shrine Bowl
for a guy who played at FCS Holy Cross and
was a phenomenally productive wide receiver. But he has known
James if he wanted to play in the NFL since
he was a six year old playing flag football. And
in fact, he was so good at sports that parents

would come up to his mom, Jenny, and they were like,
we're gonna see your son playing on TV one day. Well,
as it turns out, you're gonna see him playing in
primetime on national television. Missus Cocher Thursday Night on NFL
Network at eighties.

Speaker 2 (48:43):
I love it. That used to happen to me at
youth sports. How about Tarheem still the corner from Maryland,
Real quick on him.

Speaker 4 (48:50):
A ton of talent in the defensive back room in
the last two years at Maryland.

Speaker 3 (48:54):
You might remember Deontay Banks and Jacory and Bennett last
year who blew up the combine with four three forty times.
Both of them went first two days of the draft.
Tealia Tunguebailoa, Tarheb's teammate, told me that Tarheb used to
regularly beat them.

Speaker 4 (49:07):
Those two dudes in races, so he's got the speed
as well. Oh something.

Speaker 2 (49:13):
I love it. I love it. Rhett has his hands full.
I love it. That's the inside analys you should get
from Rett Lewis when he subs in here and we
host games, but you also get inside analysis from these
two guys right here, James Palmer, Steve that's us Monday
seven fifteen. Steve will be back, but definitely Rhet will
be returning. I will tell you that. Rhett, thank you

so much podcast joining me on this journey. This is
also a podcast. As Rhett said, let's do it.

Speaker 7 (49:39):

Speaker 2 (49:40):
You can always catch rhtt on Move the sticks by
the way.
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