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Aviella - America's Dance 30

America's Dance 30

Celebrating the release of "Everything You Do", Aviella shares how the song was born w Afroki (Afrojack & Steve Aoki), how long ago they started working on it, and the first time they performed it live. She also talks her new song "Dancing With Myself" w Slushii, and how it was born!

We also get to know Aviella better by finding out everything she would do!

Would she:
  • bungee jump?
  • skydive?
  • get a face tattoo?
  • sing karaoke to her own music?
  • commit a crime if she would get away with it?
  • adopt an elder cat?
  • do the cold plunge w Steve Aoki?
  • let Afrojack put her on his shoulders?

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Aviella - America's Dance 30