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Episode 13: Kelly Rompel - Accelerated Health Radio

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Kelly is a Mindset Empowerment Coach, Pharmacist and Best Selling Author specializing in natural anxiety relief. She is the author of, Don’t Tell Me To Relax, host of the Rebel Whitecoat Podcast, and creator of her program, Limitless.

Kelly combines her pharmacy knowledge with natural medicine and helps women lower anxiety, manage stress, and recover from burnout.

We discuss all things related to mental health-- the causes and natural solutions to anxiety, depression and other mental issues.

Accelerated Health Radio Show is broadcast live at 11AM ET Wednesdays on W4HC - Health Cafe Live Network ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network ( This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (
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Episode 13: Kelly Rompel - Accelerated Health Radio