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April 1, 2022 3 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
We give you perhaps the greatest words smith in the
English language currently on earth, the great Kamala Harris. This
was Kamala sent to Jamaica, which is number one. I'd
like to apologize to Jamaica. It's an insult that we
would send Kamala to you. She was talking about something
or other in clip fifty years typical Kamala performance for Jamaica.

One of the issues that has been presented as an
issue that is economic in the way of its impact
has been the pandemic. So to that end, we are
announcing today also that we will assist Jamaica in COVID
recovery um by assisting in terms of the recovery efforts
in Jamaica that have been essential to I believe what

is necessary to strengthen not only the the issue of
public health, but also the economy. She is hard to follow. Wow,
she is the worst extemporaneous public speaker ever and she
probably she had to have notes. I mean it's an
official visit. I mean that was like the family style

word salad where they got the big tongs in the
middle and everybody takes it. Here's here's one difference. Because
people use examples of Trump a lot, you know what
about Trump and he he he did the I mean
you if you looked at his sentences sometimes like when
they were in print, it was like wow, but you
came away with it knowing what he meant. It was
like structure wise, it was crazy. You know, his asides

and this and that and everything like that. But you
always came away in the way that sales people. Do
you know what he was trying to tell you? He
communicated something I know, I never know what she's communicating.
Something to do with help in Jamaica, with COVID, I think.
So we came across this a gal on the TikTok
who does the best Kamala x uh impression I've ever heard. Uh.

Let's start with fifty one, Michael Kamala Harris speaks in
a more condescending tone. Okay, she says a lot of
things things without saying a lot of things. Okay, there's
usually a laugh involved. No, that is that is fantastic.

She needs to be on well, you know, if it
were a Republican, she'd have been on Jimmy Kimmel already.
Oh yeah, she needs to be on Saturday Night Live
at least occasionally uh, and here's uh, we go ahead
with the next one, Michael, because let me tell you something.
It is significant. It's significant. And when you try, okay,

when you try to explain the significance as a whole,
that is so good. It's brilliant. It's disturbing. It's disturbing. Wow,
the way some people have the ability to tap into

not just the sound, but like the soul of people,
it's just amazing. Sure that the inflections and the syntax
and the pacing and the rest of probably the first
one again, Michael would have one. Kamala Harris speaks in
a more condescending tone. Okay, she says a lot of
things without saying a lot of things. Okay. There's usually

a laugh involved, So it's and she's nailed it in
that she she comes off as condescending though she has
no right to condescend to anybody because she doesn't have
much going on. She tries to sound authoritative though she

has no authority, and and she tries to sound smart
by throwing lots of words and phrases like in terms
of around, but she obviously doesn't have two thoughts that
to bump into each other in her skull. It's like
the whole thing is pretending to be something
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