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12/31/95 @ Madison Square Garden w/Amanda Cadran - Attendance Bias

Attendance Bias

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s episode of Attendance Bias. This week’s guest is the host of The Bar Line Shift on HomeGrown radio, Amanda Cadran.

As you’ll hear Amanda explain, HomeGrown Radio is an internet radio station with deep ties to the Railroad Earth family and Amanda’s show features a thematic playlist made up of everything from jam-centric music to obscure world music that you’ve probably never heard. I caught a few episodes of The Bar Line shift and immediately wanted to have Amanda on the show.

For today’s episode Amanda chose a monster: Phish’s show on New Year’s Eve 1995 at Madison Square Garden. In addition to being an all-timer, it was Amanda’s first show. Imagine that! 

Long considered to be the holy grail of Phish shows, I was intimidated to tackle it, but once I spoke with Amanda ahead of time, I knew it would be easy and fun to just geek out about this fan favorite.

You also may notice that I kind of went overboard with song clips in this episode but when you’ve got a show like this where virtually every track is a highlight...well...what are you gonna do?

So let’s join Amanda to hear about spotting Bruce Springsteen at Toys R Us, chess games, and The Gamehendge Time Laboratory for December 31, 1995.

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12/31/95 @ Madison Square Garden w/Amanda Cadran - Attendance Bias