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May 23, 2024 15 mins
Booker and Stryker welcomed Billie Eilish to their show on alt 987 and Iheart media. Billie shared why she wanted to release her new album "Hit Me Hard and Soft" all at once with no singles before the actual release date. Booker and Stryker and Billie chatted about the beautiful strings on the album and how they came to life. Billie tells the guys about the song "Lunch" and how she really went for it! She also talked about singing her verses on the songs hundreds of times in the studio to make sure it sounded exactly how she wanted! We love the new album and appreciate Billie Eilish and Fineas so much!
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All right, you got Booker andStriker, and that would be Billie Eilish.
Yes, hello, hi guys.Okay, Booker and I share the
same brain. We've listened to thealbum twice in full next to each other.
I would punch them in the armas every song was going because we're
so excited. So why did youdecide to release all ten songs at once
and not like tease everyone with thesong here inside? Sure? I just

like hate when it's taken out ofcontext. And I feel like every time
I've put a single out, itdoesn't do what I want it to do,
like it just without the family likesurrounding it. It just feels wrong
and weird. And I feel likeas a listener I feel the same.
I like fall victim to that asa fan, Like people put out a
single and I'm kind of like,oh okay, and then they put the

album out and I'm like, Okay, this makes much more sense, Like
I get it now, and Ithink that I don't know. I just
also I really like when I getto listen to an album and all of
the music is new. I don'twant to like press play and then like
the third song is I'm I've heard, and then the sixth song is something
I've heard. It's like feels likea new album, but really it's like
five new songs, you know,so it's just like it's like one whole

piece, you know what I'm saying. Yes, when you start with the
first song, Skinny, it completelysets up the album perfectly, so it
begs the question did you write thatfirst and did everything kind of go and
order after that or did it needthat? Good question? Well, we
had like pieces of stuff, butno, funnily enough, we that's like
the first song that we I thinkthat we wrote in full. Like we

had we had ideas of stuff,and we had verse. We had like
the verse of Tihiro and the versethe chorus of Lunch and like a verse
of Bittersweet, but nothing was realand it didn't feel like we didn't even
know what we were going to use. And then we wrote all of Skinny
and that was like the first fullsong that we wrote, so we were
it was like as soon as wewrote it, we were like, oh,
this is this is the opening track, and then yeah, if it's

okay. I want to geek outmusically about the album and ask a couple
bad. Please questions please, Ilove this. Where did you and Phineas
record this album? We recorded thealbum in Phineas's studio, which is in
his basement at his house, andit was basically me and him both sitting

up at the desk and I don'tuse a booth ever, And actually we
wrote basically the entire album with handheldMIC's like this, like a handheld mic,
basically like this, sitting in theroom in the back of the you
know, on the couch, justlike kind of doing this, and that's
how we wrote like everything, whichwas amazing, and we were Actually Shahiro
was recorded on that, which isreally cool because the way that we record

that is just like in the roomwith like the live audio, so the
speakers are feeding back what you're hearing, so you can kind of hear it
in the background. So like whenI play the isolated vocals of Shahiro,
you can hear the whole beat becauseI was just singing it in the room.
But yeah, so we did that, and then also Phineas I was

so, I mean, I doall my own vocals and I have for
years, but on this album,I was doing like some production stuff and
all the engineering for myself, andPhineas is just like so good at that
stuff, and he taught me sowell, and so he would be like,
all right, I'm gonna go dostuff, and you can. You
can do your little thing. Andso I would be in there alone,

just like recording and then editing andrecording and doing it all in the same
place. I'd record as I wasediting. Anyway, were you nervous?
Then when he would step out andbe like, Phineas, while you were
gone, this is what I wasdoing. What is a goal here?
Yeah? Not really, I meanthere was some times, but recording is
so tedious and if you're not theone recording, it's like the worst thing
in the world. Having to sitin a room while somebody, especially like

somebody like me, records is likehell, because I'm gonna do I do
like one hundred something takes wow,yeah, each for each verse. So
it's not fun to like be it'snot very fun to do, and it's
definitely not fun to like watch usedto keep yourself note, you'd hear some
noises or whatever, whether it bea like a crosswalk and bad guy,
whatever it would be. Do youstill do things like that? Do you

bring things like that to the table, like look, brother, put this
on the album, Like, howdoes that work? Yeah, we do
that all the time. There's acouple of little moments that are that in
the album. That's It's funny likeever since we started telling people that we
do that, all anybody does isask us about it, which is funny

because it's such a it comes sonaturally. I never have ever thought about
it, like we've We've didn't beendoing that since we first started. We've
been doing the like voice memo.You know that this is a recording that
I took when I was walking throughCentral Park on this one day, and
then we take it and put it. And also it adds like character I
think when you you know when it'spersonal and it has something to do with
your life and it's like let alonethat but like a memory, it's really

special, and there's a couple ofthose on the album. The big the
beginning of Wildflower is a quiet inthe very in the background, but an
audio recording that I have of somethingspecial. It's very very cool. Hit
me hard and soft. It's BillieEilish with Booker and Striker. I got
the chills and goosebumps and punched himin the arm with all I do.

I am very excited. The stringsthat you two incorporated into some of the
songs sounded so beautiful. Was Phineasplaying that live? How did that happen
in the songs? Yeah? Wellthanks, Well, we've been wanting to
use like strings for years and we'vewe've done it occasionally, but never really
like fully. And I think earlyon Phineas and I had talked about being

like, this is this is thealbum we're going to do that on like
we're we're gonna we're going to dothat. And you know, I think
Phineas owes a lot to learning toscore. In the last couple of years,
Phineas has been working on score andbecoming really good at that and understanding
orchestral pieces and knowing how to youknow, create them. And he's talked

a lot about how like if hehadn't learned that in the last couple of
years, like, there's no waywe would have had these beautiful, beautiful
strings on the album. And soto make them, he just you know,
we would have like his little synthwith the sounds of the strings,
and he would just play it andwrite it that way, and so he
was composing it, and then wetook it to like a real composer so

then kind of transcribe it or whateveryou say. And then we took it
to a real like six piece orchestra. And then I told you, so,
none of the original noises that youmade with a synth, did any
of them end up staying on therecord now on the floor, I'm pretty
sure they're all gone. We mighthave like had a couple of layers,
but I don't even think. Sowe went to I was in New York

for SNL in December, and wespent the entire week in the studio with
these these amazing musicians, and itwas a first time we've used anyone but
me and Phineas on the album,Like for Like music, like we used
my drummer also played live drums,so it's all live drums and it's all

live strings and yeah, and itmakes it feel different, it really does.
It's just like it makes it sofull, you know what I mean.
It's live. It's like really feelslike music. You know, back
in the day used to just runout to the dodge when you were done
and take a listen is that stillpart of the plan, to know that
you have something that WHOA, thisdoes sound different? Yeah, I mean

listening in the car is like thething you gotta do for me. That's
like my favorite place to be.It's not the Dodge anymore, sadly,
but it's it's different cars, youknow what I'm saying. But yeah,
I mean, that's one of myfavorite parts of making music is driving to
and from the studio and listening andbeing like or like taking a couple of

days off and then listening again andhearing it in a different way or playing
it for a friend and then youhear it feels like you heard it from
the first time. And I lovedoing that. And then and that's when
you like, you know, thething is like I love my music.
I love the music that I make. I really do. And I think
that that's so important. And Ithink that when people make stuff that they

don't like, I just don't.I just really I feel bad for that.
I don't. I feel like youshould not be making something that you
wouldn't enjoy, you know. Andyou know, I remember somebody saying like,
oh, you listen to your ownmusic, and I was like,
that's why I make it. Ilove it. I love it, you
know. Yeah, you talked aboutPhineas scoring movies and You're an Oscar Winner
and the Barbie movie. What wasI made? For? The whole album?

To me feels cinematic. When Igot to the last track, You're
Welcome Blue, it felt like amovie needs to be made, a short
film needs to be made. Hasthat crossed your mind? And potentially could
that even happen for the album?Oh my god, I don't know.
I will have to see. Idon't know. I haven't thought of it,
but I think that that was kindof like part of our hope for

the album was that it would likea piece, you know, like it
would you know, all the songsare kind of they have their own lives,
and they should be. They shouldhave their own lives individually. But
I always tell people to, like, for the first time you listen to
it, just front to back,don't pause it, don't talk between,
because it's like an album, it'smeant to be experienced and like have the

whole thing to digest at one point. Yeah, kind of kind of like
a movie or like a short filmor something. I don't know, that's
maybe pretentious but not at all theone that brought it up to you.
Yeah, so I'm just gonna bringit up lunch. Is like the first
time you hear it, you're like, damn it. It's like song of

the Summer contender already. Did youknow? Did you when you guys were
done, did you look at oneanother and be like, Wow, we
really did something totally different and outdidourselves. Dude? Oh thanks dude.
I mean it kind of took asecond because we wrote the chorus of that
song in like I don't know,October or something of twenty twenty two,

and that's all we had. AndI was like, this is pretty tie,
but is it? I just Iwas nervous. Now I'm just spinning
everywhere. I'm just like, Iwas just nervous about it. I was
like, what the hell? Likeam I am? I? Really?
Am I really going there? ButI'm I'm I think Once we had those

lyrics and the melody, it waslike, oh this could be I remember
playing it for somebody, just likea voice memo and they were like,
whoa is that what we're working onright now? And then I was like
yeah, yeah, yeah, butlike this hold on I'm don't finished it,
And we didn't finish it until Iwant to say, like fall of
this last year, so like ayear later you had it for a while.

Yeah, we had it for awhile. We did think her a
lot more now as you've matured,or like you do, yes, is
it difficult? Does it mess withyour brain instead of just letting dude,
it's like it's been really nice.We didn't. We'd almost almost used to
never tinker at all. We wouldkind of make a song and finish it,
and then make another song and thenfinish it, and then you'd look

back and you'd be like, oh, I wish i'd like let that sit
for a second, Jesus, becausethen I would have maybe made a different
decision that I would have liked betterin the long run. And so with
this album, what was really cooland was really different was we made everything
like we would work on something andthen as soon as it would start to
get a little not as like fierythe creativity, we would put it away
and start something new, and thenput it away and start something new.

And that's like very new for us. We usually just keep going and going
and then hate our lives and thenfinish it and we did another, you
know, but for this one,it was like it was like we just
work on this and then this andthen this, which then meant that everything
like was made almost at the sametime because we were working on different things
all the time, so nothing everwas like, oh, we finished that

so long ago, and this feelsso new, Like everything aged at the
same time. It was really amazing, like they grew up together and they
like changed together, which is supercool. Booker and Striker with Billie Eilish.
My phone keeps buzzing. Someone hasa question here off the phone.
What gosh, this isn't planned atall. Hold on, hold on.

Your bid is going south. Hurrywe can edit. Hurry up, Striker,
what happened here? I lost it? You ruined your own bit.
This is really good. My phonekeeps buzzing. Oh no, I hear
that you're talking to a striker today. I was wondering what your hair plans

are? Yeah, I was wonderingwhat your hair plans are for the future.
Wondering wondering. That's Phineas on Instagramhere, just asking a question there.
Thanks for telling my brother to askme somebody. Hell, I was
trying to get should I stare thisship back into familiar on it? Okay?

They just they Wow, it's amazing. You got Phineas to respond,
Yes, you got Phineas to sendyou something that's crazy. Yes, I
don't I that was very sweet.That was very sweet, and that's very
sweet. My hair plans are noneof your don't have me. There you

go, there you go. You'veannounced three shows for us anyhow, You've
got him at the Forum coming up. You know, uh, my life
of seeing Billy shows would be youknow, first at the I think at
the l RA Theater and it waslike watching this pogo ball run around.
And then I saw you had thebusted wheel at the at the Greek remember

you. Oh yeah, I rememberyou still jumped around. I know,
my little dumbass. And well thenI thought, you know, when I
went to see you at the Forum, I go, she won't do anything
to challenge herself. Maybe the music'snot as crazy. You build a stage
with a with a so this timearound, you're not gonna do anything like
that, are you? Or youknow what, you'll have to see your
challenge yourself. I just went,we'll see that was the grade on that

stage. After show too, thebiggest mistake you ever made, because I
remember watching you that night, like, oh, she has to hate this,
it's so interesting. I honestly lovedit. I really it's so funny
because it must look really punishing,but it's really not. Honestly, it's
like it's fun. It's like,I don't know, I really like I
liked it. I don't know,I can't even explain it. I like,

I liked having somewhere to go,and like, you know, I
think the thing that was sad wasthat I was so far away from Phineas
and Andrew and they were kind ofstuck in these corners and like just stuck
there forever and and it's just likeme only alone, just on the whole
stage, and that was a lotthat was really never got gassed. I
never got gassed tired. That's notwhat we that's not how we guess.

Well, that's what it means.It's not what it means. It Hard
and softized the album. He's like, we're getting away from this one.
Get me. Hard and Soft isthe album. Ten songs. Cinematics start
with track one. Then you getto the end, you're gonna get the
chills. You're gonna be sad,you're gonna be happy, and feel so
many things. We appreciate the hardwork you put into your songs and live

shows. You and your brother youdeserve all the success and thanks for hanging
out with Booker and Strikers. Congratulations, Thank you,
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