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March 14, 2024 16 mins
It's the Middle of the week and we are all over the place today. We got your top topics of the day. We say goodbye to another one of our friends... again. And something happened to Booker! The only way for you to find out what that is, is to listen in!! K LOVE YOU BYE
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Do you all new All After NewsSweet Booker and Striker podcast. All right,
Booker and Striker. This is Altninety ages seven on Booker. He
is a striker with everything happening inthe world. All right, everybody try
to name this noise. She wantssomething? What she win? Powerball?

No, nobody won that. What'dshe win? She won something that you
and I attempt to do every fourto six months. Let's go to Vegas
and probably win a slot machine atthe airport, isn't it? That's it?
I know it, I know it. Three hundred k. That woman
right there was waiting to leave Vegas. She looked exhausted by the way,

like she had a great time.She sits down at the slot machine and
wins three hundred thousand dollars. Oneday, it'll be us Booker one day.
So you know. The Oscars wereon Sunday. I watched every second
of it. I enjoyed it,and it's the highest rated Oscars in quite
a few years. There were eighteenmillion people that tuned in Okay when the
Chiefs played the Ravens in the playoffsthis year? How many people watched that

playoff game? Again? The Oscarshuge buzz I was so into eighteen million?
How many watched Chiefs Ravens. I'mgoing to say, like around fifty
million people, Booker, I'll giveit to you. I mean, it's
not even close fifty five million toeighteen million or a football watching country.
What about the Super Bowl? Justwhat was like a month ago that was

the highest rated show of all time, like one hundred and twenty five million
or something? Is odd four onehundred and twenty three million. All right?
So is as crazy as the Oscarsseemed to a lot of people,
it's nothing compared numb to NFL footballmillions. Man alive, Hey, Lakers
Kings tonight. I'm striker and that'sall I got. Booker and Striker Oh

ninety eight seven dancing dancing booker atStriker on A ninety eight seven. Thanks
for listening. We're gonna give youWheezer tickets for their show Friday night that
happens at five o'clock. To winyour tickets. Do you have a grocery
store that you always go to,like your grocery store? I have a
Trader Joe's, yes, but theRalphs I go to. It depends where
I am. There's a roufs thereI'll go, So I would say overall,

yes, you're talking about the routsby Universal studios, like the one
right there? Is that? Theone yes Mineland, Yeah, that's my
rouse. So is your routs.And this is kind of for everybody,
and maybe it's indicative of the crapneighborhood you might live in. Is everything
in your aisle where you get soapand medicine and everything else locked up in

plastic? Now? Or can youget into shaving cream? There are certain
aisles where for sure they're locked up, but I have found and I know
you have something here. It soundslike when you push the buzzer, someone's
there within like twenty seconds. Ohthat's not the case of mine, And
I think that's the point of tryingto make here. You could tell the

level of a good grocery store orwhere you live by how quickly they get
to that. First of all,there are places that actually don't have their
aisles locked up. I would liketo move back to one of those neighborhoods,
but my apparently my Vaughn's isn't.But yeah, I'm so tired of
ringing that damn button every time I'deat shaving cream. I'm never shaving again.
I'm just standing there, ringing likea doorbell, like I know you're

in there. Come on. I'malways shocked. I don't know a lot
about cough medicine. Okay, right, I always have to ask which one
keeps you up and which one makesyou sleepy? And one of them is
locked up, and one of themis not. And I'm still confused.
Which isn't the one that makes youspeedy that's locked up or the one that

makes you sleepy like ambient is lockedup. That's a good question. Only
one of them is a couple ofweeks ago. They'll tell you something I
don't know. I don't know,is it daytime or night time that's locked
up. It's got to be theone that makes you sleepy, No,
the one that makes you methy andhigh. And it's probably the one.
Well at my grocery store, I'llhave you know. They're boothlocked up.

It doesn't matter. And I'm standingin the aisle dring ring. I wish
you guys would just lock up thehostess products when I walk in so I
don't have to, I mean now, would help our help us along the
entire bread aisle. Lock that up. Lock it up, baby, nice
cry, just put padlocks on thedamn ale. Booker and Striker. Booker

and Striker, no doubt about it. Booker and Striker on it is all
ninety eight seven. When a server, when you're at a restaurant puts this
on your receipt, we tip more. What does a server do to your
receipt that leads to us tipping more? I have the answer, Booker.

Since you are the only one onthe show with me, you get to
go first. Regulate is in thestudio for the record. Text line is
two two nine eight seven. Ifyou're a server, shout out to you.
Thank you for being so nice andputting up with so much crap when
everybody's out there. Dude, I'mcertain I have this. I'm certain.
Okay, Again, when a serverputs this on your receipt, we tend

to tip more. This is sosimple. It's that smiley face, Booker.
Wow, it's first wordlin two andnow smiley face. Here's the thing.
And I don't know if you've noticedthis. For years, ninety percent
of my life, when there wasa smiley face on my bill, it

was always a female server in thelast year. It's popping up from everybody,
and when I see it, Iam exactly who they're talking about with
this study. I I love thathappy face. It just adds a personal
element. That's all that it is. It's just, hey, have a
nice day. I can make yourday nice by a couple extra bucks and

it takes exactly that. I knewit. I knew it. I got
one for you. So, speakingof tipping, So I have a grub
Hub the app, right, andI often almost every Saturday, I get
a sandwich from my local sandwich shop, okay, and I go and get
it myself on the app. Itimmediately once I put my order in asks

how much I want to tip?Am I supposed to? I'm picking it
up at their store. You're orderingit through Grubhub, not through the restaurant's
site, right, So you're notcalling and ordering it. I would not
tip through the website, I meanthrough Grubhub, but tip if you're going
to pick it up, that's themove to do. Now. If I'm

not eating it there, I stillhave to tip a little bit. Yeah,
a little bit because someone was backthere making it and working. They
depend on it. I'm not sayingyou have to be mister baller or anything
and give a ton of money.But a little something is good, maybe
like three bucks. What is itlike grub Hub already up charging me in
the first place. Aren't they likeeven charging more than when I went in
and disordered it off their board?I feel like they are Those apps are

so they can make there's there arecrazy delivery fees, but when you go
pick it up, I don't rememberthere's a ton of up charge on that.
So do you think the general ruleis no matter what if it just
comes up on the screen with tipamount, it's not suggested they're expecting a
tip. If there is just anoption, they're expecting it. Yes,
okay, yes they are, Yesthey are. And by the way,

everyone put those smiley faces on theregot a smiley face on Listener, Booker,
Striker smiley faces as we can onthis show, Booker and Striker on
the grams, Booker and Striker.Booker and Striker will give you everything and
anything. We're going to get youinto Seeweezer Friday Night, into midst small

show at the Lodge Room. Wellthis is so funny. So the Booker
and Striker curse continues if if you'vejust joined the show and you don't know
about us. We know every musicianunder the sun, We truly do.
I mean we've met everybody at somepoint. Athletes are who we love.
Though we love athletes and we don'tknow any we know zero until last year.

Well a couple we you know,we got to meet the Chargers.
We're the home of the Chargers.And you know, first of all,
we meet the coach Brandon Staley.You know, this is coach Brandon Staley
from the Los Angeles Chargers. Sohe's gone, he got fired. He's
fired, so he's out. Uh. Then the general manager of the damn
Chargers, Tom Glasgow is his name, the sweetest guy? This, it's

Tom tellusco general manager of the LosAngeles Charger. We have fired. So
he's out. So then, andby the way, they're all giving us
shoutouts in those messages right there.Yeah, and it's great. These are
the only athletes we know well sofar. Yeah, they're part of the
organization, very high up. Thenwho was next? Then the star running
back, Austin Eckler writes, isnow Washington commander. Hey, what's up?

Everyone? Is Austin Echler from theLos Angeles Chargers. You're listening to
the homies Booker Striker. Wow,there you go, So you're fired.
So there's an addition to the listtoday. Oh are you ready? Hold
on him? Is it? Isit a player? Is it a receiver?
Who? Hey, this is Mikewent from the earlier Chargers and are
you listening to my new friends Bookers? Oh? Sidman, you fired?

He's out now too. We haveone athlete left in all of Los Angeles?
Is it Keenan Allen. Keenan Allenis still with the Chargers fingers as
uh three fifty three. So anotherguy, Mike Williams, the other player
that we met that day who lovedus. We asked him what sports it
looked like that we played that we'dbe good at. And he looked at

me and said darts. Yeah.He told Booker you'd be good at darts.
He goes, you look like you'dbe good at darts. He didn't
tell me. He gave me acompliment. Do you remember what he said?
I don't remember. It looks likea soccer player, Like he's like
a soccer player darts. Well,he's righting, he's out. Keenan Allen.
We gotta hold on to your buddy. I think the dude's toasting Booker

and Striker, All right, Bookerand striker at all nightey age seven,
I am about to bring utter joyto my co host, Striker in just
a couple of seconds. Utter joy. I'm very excited for the Hey,
we can't wait to give you ticketsaround five o'clock for Weezer's intimate show Friday
night. Okay, at first,I know you, because you're a sweet

GUYE, You'll go aw but eventuallyyou'll start laughing because you're diabolical underneath all
that sweet. So this morning,around eight forty five, doing what I
always do, I'm walking up thehill. I got three dogs in front
of me. They start like crisscrossing and down ghost Frasier but goes down.

I know. I hit the concreteso hard with three dolls just running
it all directly. There's no onmy side. All of this is a
thousand percent funny and awesome. I'venever been so happy in my whole life.
My body hurts so much. Imean, I I think I landed

on my hands, So you did, Wait, but did you land going
forward or backward? On your hand? Everything? I mean, it was
just the best fall for you andyour imagination. I think I went on
my hands first, but then Irolled to my side and could you burst
when you fell down? I wastoo confused. Wait, hold on a
minute, I have a question.All right, Were they pulling and you

couldn't keep up? Or did?Was it? Crisscross apple sauce? Leashes
everywhere? Dogs everywhere? Don't know? You know what I mean? Like,
I just I have three dogs.It wasn't like I was on my
phone. It just I got tangledup. Sure, By the way,
this is this is only the firstpart of the funny. There's two more
funny parts about the it to Mepart two. Now, you know,

like what I'm wearing right now?Right? You know I'm gonna wear this
to bed T shirt and jeans.But you know I'm gonna wear this to
bed tonight. So yesterday, doyou recall what I wore yesterday? What
was printed on my back in giantletters? Shop don't adopt, No the
other way around the other way.Adopt, don't shop adopt adult shop Yes

for dogs. I have my puppyRescue. I have this T shirt on
Okay, that's all I have onbig giant letters adopt ault shop. Okay,
so you gotta visualize that me fallingthe dog guy I love dogs,
mean while you're being dragged down thepavement on the streets of Tarzana. The
third funny part of the story.It happened right in front of my best

neighbor friend's house. Yes, theyhave cameras. Do they have it on
video? I have text and requestthe video. Heck, yeah, I
am almost. I'm telling you,I'm ninety five percent sure we will have
this footage by time he gets homefrom work. Okay, excellent if we
get the footage or we will tellyou and then you can watch it on

Booker and Striker. You could seeme there like writhing in pain with the
adopt All shop. If you wouldhave got those dogs at the mall,
would they still have pulled you down? You are such a jerky. It's
Booker Strikers. Booker and Striker,thank you for putting us on today Again,
Booker and Striker, it is allninety age seven with some Weezer tickets

in the five o'clock hour today.But first it is Striker with everything happening
in the world on Friday, theone hundredth edition of this game will be
posted and prizes galore will be givenaway for anyone that solves it. Booker,
what thousandth edition of the game willbe released Friday? What game am

I referring to Monopoly? I'm onlydoing the story for you, not for
me. Scrabble word All, whichwas created I don't know who created,
but it's available on the New YorkTimes. A guy did it for his
wife. It was a puzzle hedid for her every morning, and the

New York Times bought it and Istill play every morning. I got to
today two. It's their five fiveletters for a word, and you need
to try to guess the word.You have five chances to do it.
If you guess there's an E init, it'll let you know there's an
e and if it's in the rightspot. But if you play on Friday,
Booker, you can win some prizes. And that's why I do this

story, not for me, forme, Thank you. Striking TikTok could
be banned in the US if theparent company of TikTok in Beijing doesn't sell
its stake of the platform. Soit passed in the house today, So
now it's going to the Senate.This is a real thing. The US
government. Here's the big deal aboutthis. The US government and people that

are not in the government in theUS are worried that the YES government could
force the company in Beijing to givethem everybody's information, and so they'll they'll
know everything. What are they gonnaknow? I like dancing girl videos.
Everybody already knew that. Did Ijust say that out loud? The only
thing on Booker's feed rescue dogs andbreast that's it. Hey, how about

brand new by the way, golffifty percent of what you just said and
golf golf. Hey, there's anew perforated chip, so everyone knows what
perforated paper is. Right, You'reable to pull it apart of tearing it.
So there's now a chip that youjust bend it easily and it breaks
into what's the point for double dippingon what chip? You have half the

chip, you dip it in,you eat it because you broke it perforated
perfectly. Then you dip it again. I just drow the entire chip in
the dip and I stuff it rightinto my mouth. Yesterday when we were
hanging out with Joe Carrey, fromStranger Things, and the musician Booker licked
his own hand becausetitched and then shookJoe Carrey's hand. That's that is not
accurate. I was saying, howchapped my skin is, and I licked

the top of my hand as Ishould today because it looks a little flecky.
And then later on shook his hand. That's the other side of the
hand. He licked the hand andthen shook the side of the hand.
It's the other side. And hesaw me do it right, and he
regretted shaking your hand. Afterwards.I saw he was telling by the way
his manager Joyce Striker, but hehated that Germany guy. I'm Striker.

That's all I got. The allnew All Afternoons Sleeth, Booker and Striker podcast
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