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March 19, 2024 19 mins
You're boys are back!! It's Monday! And we got everything from Coscto News to Bruno Mars Debt... Allegedly. Top 10 Worst Drinks for you and Stryker claimshe has the funniest Joke. You can be the judge. We show some love to Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains and Long Beach State Men's Basketball Team! We also have a Weezer Show recap and why Stryler wants to move to Highland Park. Lastly we have some cool Prizes including Greenday Tickets at the House of Blues in Anaheim and we play a couple rounds of a fun new game. And Tickets to The Woody Show Fiesta featuring Cyrpress Hill!! B-Real gave Stryker some love on the Woodyshow this morning. Give us a listen and all of our nonsense.
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The all New All Afternoons Sweet Bookerand Striker broadcast. Well, Striker did
all about eighty seven. We'll haveour Green Day winner in a couple of
moments, but first Striker with everythinghappening in the world. Yeah, I
you didn't hear. Green Day isplaying House of Blues tomorrow, the House
of Blues and Anaheim. We're givingaway tickets every hour with Booker and Soccer.
Booker and I went to Costco togethera couple months ago and we had

some hot dogs after we did ourshopping and a couple of sodas. Costco
is now cracking down also known ascracking down when it comes to the food
court area. What do you mean, I didn't know that you used to
be a member of Costco to officiallyeat there. Yeah, you have to
have like a Costco card. Youhave to scan your membership. Well,
apparently a lot of people go thereand those that work in the food court

area just like, oh, youwant the hot dog, you want to
beat whatever it is, they justlet him go. But too many people
are not members. So if you'reone of those humans that likes to get
that dollar fifty hot dog and sodaand you're not a member. They're gonna
start asking you for your card there. Yeah, but it's an automated machine.
I don't know how they're getting aroundit. Like there's nobody there to
take your order. You go upto the machine, right, you did

that? Yeah, so there's noone there. I don't know how they're
getting around it. M para book. I didn't put it in a third
D. So this is a wildstory and there's two big pieces to it.
Bruno Mars legedly has a fifty milliondollar gambling debt at Park MGM in

Las Vegas. That's the same locationwhere he's had a residency for eight years.
He takes in roughly ninety million dollarsa year from the residency just open
a new cocktail lounge at the Bolagio, which is an MGM property. But
within the last fifteen minutes, theMGM has come out and said this is
totally hogwashed. Really, none ofthis is true. We have the best

relationship with him. I'm thinking Bruno'speople said to them, listen, we
got to this good. This storyis getting a lot of steam. Right.
Here's my guest, Scott. Theresidency was supposed to end this year.
Now all of a sudden, it'sgonna be ending next year, that's
my guest, because you think,yeah, they playing off. Possibly allegedly

he's paying off a debt. I'veheard him say in his own words over
a few years that he does liketo gamble and play cards, but who
knows. Allegedly that's a lot ofmoney. Fifty million dollars. I'm striker,
and that's all I got. Wewill get that Green Day winner right
after this. And I see,oh yeah, I see quite a few
people on the phone. All right, hold on Green Day and Anaha.

Booker and striker. Booker and striker. It is booker and striker. It
is all ninety eight seven Green Daytickets every hour for tomorrow night on our
show today, another chance to winafter three Booker, do you want to
move to Highland Park with me?I know you have a fiance, but
you and I we were just inHighland Park for Weezer. I want to

move there. Well. I wasthinking when I was there that I,
for the first time felt like thatwas a neighborhood in Los Angeles that did
not feel at all like Los Angeles. It does not feel like Pasadena.
I've been hung out of Pasadena manytimes. It's very close. Doesn't feel
like downtown LA, which is alsovery close. It doesn't feel like any
neighborhood to me. It felt likeKansas City, or like Pittsburgh, these

districts, any of those. Yes, that's the vibe. It's not like
in LA. There was nothing seenstir about it to cool for school.
And it also felt like everything wasa facade, which is French for false
front, like it was a movieset and they were all just okay,
designed from a certain era, andthen you walk inside and it's like,

wow, this is great here.The people were cool. Where do we
go checkered checkered something? I gota look at my bar's head, like
you don't even want to know whatI expecting to Texas at the name of
the bar we went to, becausethat was her neighborhood right now, What
a cool neighborhood. What drew thevenue great too? We saw Weezer,
of course, and dog Star beforeI didn't catch any dog started you.

I got negative two dogs, noKeanu Reese for us, Booker and Striker.
Well, that's how Booker and Strikerspent our Friday night in Highland Park
seeing that band Weezer Live. DominicFike was on stage at that show.
I remember that he's the audition.He's also from the TV show That You
Love. Oh, yes, whateverthat's called, and I can't remember the

name of it. And then Ithought I saw the artist Joe whom we
just started playing from Stranger Stranger Things, Joe Kerey, Joe Carrey. Yes,
we see one guy with long hairwho's skinny, and we're like,
there's Joe Carey from our show?Was there? Like, go get him?
First of all, I wasn't like, go get him, I think
I said to you. I turnedaround, I said, striker, I
go was that Joe guy we justinterviewed? A striker? Goes, I

don't know, I'll find out,and he just rips us away, and
I go, okay, well,what are you gonna do? If you
seemed like, say hello, hewas one in the leave, I'm like,
dude, if you're uncomfortable because you'reby yourself standing with us, we
got along great. He was here, So was it him? Did you
track him down? Like we nevertalked about? All I saw it was
stringy hair and a skinny guy goingdown the stairs. And then at that
same moment Matt Pinfield was coming upthe stairs and he's the exact opposite looking.

I don't carry you don't know whoMatt is. Matt's bald headed.
He used to work in Legendary Thisguy ever too, Matt Pinfield. Uh
quick, Matt Pinfield story, becausewe have a second. I used to
work at MTV and when I wentin for my audition, I was literally
sitting on the couch of like thebig brass the guy that was gonna supposedly

hire me, who I was tryingto impress, and Matt like busts opened
the door in the middle of theinterview, like like he's drunk or something,
just walked it. Oh, hey, you got Booker. Oh well
we should get Booker Booker. Begreat, We'll get Booker Booker. Let's
hire him. You know, likehe really just sort of just sold me.
He really like took it right overthe line and I'd be the gig
at MTV. So shout out Mattone of my favorite people on the planet.

And yeah, it was very funat Weezer. It was so awesome
to meet many of you. Theydid amazing Weezer from note one to the
very end. Good times Booker andStriker. Booker and Striker All ninety h
seven is happening tomorrow in Anaheim Houseof Blues. Green Day is going to
play that tiny little room and Bookerand Striker of course getting in. It's
time to play a round of Namethat Green. We're gonna describe Hello,

Hello, hold on, what's thatJacob? We're gonna describe famous Greens.
You just tell us who or whatit is. Long drive for Jacob who
is listening in Anaheim. Thank youfor joining Booker and Striker. Buddy.
Now, Jacob, you're all thankyou. Awesome guys, welcome, thanks
for having me. Jeah. Wewant you to win. It's two out
of three. You get two outof three, you'll be at the show

tomorrow at House of Blues. Okay, here we go, two out of
three. Question number one for Jacobfrom Striker. Here we go, All
right, Jacob. This Green isthe voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy.
He created Robot Chicken and was DoctorEvil's son Scott in Austin Powers.

That would be Seth Green. Yes, Baby, one for one. One
out of the next two. You'llfind yourself at the House of Blues tomorrow
night watching Green Day. We go. This green typically is a clear structure.
I think it regulates temperaturecy you cangrow your plants. Would that be

a greenhouse? This was a layup, all right, Jacob, get long
journey. Tomorrow Green Day is goingto play two tickets for you. Congratulations.
Thank you for listening to Booker andStriker. Enjoy the show. Right
all right, thank you? Itis all ninety age seven. Hang on,

Booker and Striker. Booker, Ihad an incredibly embarrassing accident slash incident
happened at Ralph's last night in ShermanOaks. I want you to guess what
I actually did in the situation.Everyone knows and hopefully can agree that blueberries,
the package they come in is tooflimsy. They're plastic and they're not

They don't snap in. I gotthe visual already. They don't pull much
rubber bands and you can't get thatstupid top off. It's a mess again.
Ralph Sherman Oaks, last night,eight forty pm. I grabbed the
biggest square ever. It slips outof my hand. I don't drop it,
but the top opens up and tenthousand blueberries fall on the floor.

They are everywhere take one step,I'm smashing blueberries into the ground. Booker,
did I run away or did Ifind a Ralph's employee and cop to
the mess? It sounds like youfound the employee and you copped to the
mess, and here's what happened.I go right to them, like,
I'm so sorry at an accident withthe blueberries over there. I'm the one

that did it. I'm guilty.I'll he'll be clean up. He's like,
thanks for being so nice. Fiveseconds later, I see a coworker
of us, somebody works in thissales and she says, that was so
nicey to tell them you dropped allthe blueberries. Great to see you.
Blah blah blah. I'm going inand out of the aisles. I see
her three minutes later. She said, guess what, I'm like? What
she's like? I told him you'rea striker from ninety eight to seven,

and you're the one that's filled theblueberries. Why is she talk Why is
she feeling that to me? Well, I fell last week walking my dogs
and we got the footage. Thisis a grocery store. I guarantee you
there's footage all of the blueberries flyingeverywhere. The blueberry fiasco. I'm mad
at our co worker. Why can'tyou just let it to tell the guy
randomly? I mean, I knowI'm a Z lister, but isn't Why

does she have to say that?Isn't it just funny? Like the thing
you can't get open at home?It takes five thousand tries to get that
stupid top off, just pops rightopen at the grocery store, right open.
And Booker like if I was gonnaget stung by something or penalized for
every blueberry I stepped on, I'dhave ten thousand shots in my body right

now because I swished him all andthen rolled the heavy cart over the blue
Perrys A fiasco. I love it, Thank you, strike Booker and striker.
All right, Booker and Striker,we'll get your tickets toward in a
couple of seconds. But we mentionedthis. It's the Woody Shows. I
can't believe we made it ten yearswithout getting fired. Fiesta with Cypress Hell

be Real was on this morning onthe Woody Show. Here's a little uh
segment of that, and I wantto thank you for inviting me. Look,
I'll tell you straight away, Idon't I don't do too much radio
anymore, only go visit my browho's next door boy? Yeah, and
Striker. But when they told meyou wanted me up here, I was
like, okay, I gonna dothis. Okay, So how do you
know be Real? So I'm ahuge Cypress Hill fan. He's known that.

So about seventeen years ago I'd alreadybeen friends with him for a little
bit. A guest on Loveline hadbacked out, so at two pm love
Line started. At ten pm,I texted be Real, Hey, can
you be the guest on Loveline becausehe's so smart and funny and in Cypress
Hill. He said, of course, I'll be on with you and Doctor
Drew. So I'm on the radioin the afternoon screaming be Real on love
Line, and i'd be real,it's gonna be on love Line. He

does love Line when he gets homeafter the show at twelve thirty at night.
The Lexus that he had in hisdriveway, four wheels gone, the
hood open and the engine gone.Really, so that's how he remembers you
the next time he goes on loveLine. Come on, No, he

gets home and the wheels are goneoff that odd yeah, so they know
where he is and every time hedoes love line, they steals crap crap.
The first time the engine at thewheels of the Lexus. Then the
second time. I don't remember whatkind of car, but the tires or
the wheels, everything just gone onyour fault. I love how that's how

he remembers. But this guy isso nice. He was in a paintball
league and he's like, Striker,I want to give you something. This
is my paintball jersey. Yeah,so I have b reels paint jersey hanging
up in the garage with the restof your john No, no, this
one's actually laid out. This isgarage with the rest of the junt trust
me, all right. So theparty's happening. We try to get Woody
on the phone. I think he'sin bed right now. But if you

would like to come to this fiesta, it's going to be at the Blasco.
It's April thirteenth. We have ticketsright now. Eight hundred and seven
eighty two seven, nine eighty seven. I hope no one steals his car
that night. I hope not.Booker, Hapened Booker and Striker ninety eight
seven shoutouts here to Long Beach States. How about that March madness? Baby?

How about that Long Beach State madethe basketball Tournament Men's basketball Attorney.
Their opening game is Thursday against myteam, University of Arizona. It's eleven
am tip off in Salt Lake City. What's the spread on that game?
Currently? Twenty point five on twentypoints twenty boys. Hey, anything can
happen. Long Beach Date is ona roll. Didn't they fire? They

fired their coach. DJ Regular wastelling me this. They fired their coach
and there were some games left andthey said, you know what, I'll
just stay on because we've lost somany games with the program a very long
time. So it's like, hey, just finish off the season. So
they ran the table. They justlike one one, one, one one.
They get into the tournament. Sonow what are they gonna do with
this coach? It's a cool story, a Cinderella story. I'm running for

Long Beach Day to lose by one. Okay, sorry, Booker and Striker
ninety eight seven, Boker and Strikeron all ninety age seven. I would
be very nervous for this game.With these tickets on the line, Striker,
we're going to play name that Green. I'm gonna describe green things or
green people. Just tell us whoare what they are? Two out of

three and be a winner. Whenwe played it about an hour ago,
our contestant got two in a row. Quickly. Michelle is on the phone
in Lidwood. How we feel atMichelle? What's up, good striker?
Are you nervous? Okay? Iam your nervous. Green Day and House
or Blues is on the line,which is a big deal. So I'd

be nervous so far where you donot take a deep breath. Do not
breathe into a paper bag. Let'sget this game underway. Okay. Two
out of three. Question number onefor Michelle listening in lynn Wood. Name
that green. Here we go,Michelle. This Green City is home to
the NFL Packers. Oh my god, green City. That's what I said

home on Say it again? Oh, I was like I was left about
Green City, but it's Green Bay. We'll give you that one, all
right, football stuff didn't run throughthe game on sports True. His next
one is long, So hang inthere. Here we go, Michelle.

This green is the location on aTV set where celebrities sit and wait before
their appearance on talk shows. It'snormally f with snacks, waters, a
mirror, and a couch. Queen, Yeah, listen to her. Let's

go exactly right. We've extended SaintPatti's Day the Green from yesterday to today,
and we give you two tickets forGreen Day tomorrow, House of Blues
and anahot. Congratulations to you,Oh my god, thank you for listening
to Booker and Striker. We doappreciate you. Booker and Striker. All
right, you got Booker and Striker. It is all ninety eighty seven.

Forget about the Green Day tickets thatwe're giving you every hour on Booker and
Striker show it House of Blues,House of Blues tomorrow night. But forget
about that for a second. Iwas just teased by Striker that during this
news we will all hear the funniestjoke that Striker has ever told, So
ladies and gentlemen, I passed thebatade to my friend Striker. Everything happening

in the world is coming your way. First of all, now I have
to land the joke that I wrote. Now you've built it up and it's
not going to be as funny.I'm not going to tell you. During
which story I have a funny line. Oh no, let me just bring
you the news. Bring me thenews. Are you at all curious about
the ten unhealthiest drinks based on sugar? Absolutely? We all know all of
these. I'm just going to gothrough the list quickly. Arizona Green Tea

at number ten, then barkshroot BeerWelch's Grape Juice at number eight. Mountain
Dew is the seventh most unhealthy drink. Course at number six a Starbucks frappuccino.
Really. Number five is a drinkthat I have all the time,
The Naked Green Machine fifty three ofsugar that's bad for you. Yes.
Number four is Arizona Sweet Tea Monsterenergy drink. Sorry monster. And at

number three, these are the twoworst drinks for you based on the sugar.
Okay, and we all know theseones. The Naked Blue Machine Juice.
Do you know that one? Youknow the brand Naked though, right?
Yeah? And then number one isthe Naked Mighty Mango Juice of sugar
In there, Hey, we wantto celebrate a gentleman that it was that
performed an alter ego. This pastJanuary, he went on stage with Gavin

Rossdale from Alison Chains Mister Jerry Kenttrell, Happy birthday, buddy. We love
you, one of the most talentedsongwriters. Let's get some harmonies here from
Jerry in the Great Lane Staley,he was so good. There we go.

You were like kids when they wrotethis in proform. This god so
good. The inventor of the karaokemachine has died. He lived to be
one hundred years old. You can'teven tell you. Let me start over.

Here we go. The inventor ofthe karaoke machine has died. I'm
sorry he lived. I can't getto the jungle while we do it again.
Hold on, Booker, let meconcentrate on. This is funnier,

This is funnier or whatever. Thejoke is a joke, all right.
The inventor push yourself. The inventorof the karaoke machine has died. Here
we go. Let me take itcare of here, all right. He
lived to me one hundred years old. He'd been to the machine back in
nineteen sixty seven, but on ahappier note. Everyone at the funeral karaoke

green Day's good written, says hewas put in the ground. Hello,
it's funny, everybody. Karaoke goodwritten, says he was putting the ground.
I'm striking. That's all I got. My God. The All New
Paul's Afternoons with Booker and Striker broadcast
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