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March 20, 2024 20 mins
Booker and Stryker bringing you everything that's happening in the world! Line up for the famous Lollapalooza Festival was announced. Hip Hop's Dr. Dre receives his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Frontman of Rise Against Tim Mcllrath accomplishes something BIG. And frontman of TOOL Maynard Keenan is hanging out with someone cool! We have some March Madness talk and couple cool rounds of "Before or After" celebrating Woody's 10 Year Anniversary with Cypress Hill. Tune in and We'll Love you FOREVER!
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The All New All Afternoons Sweet Bookerand Striker, Broadcast Booker and Striker on
All seven. There's our friends DavidGone the Mountain Goal, This is Moss
and Gold's going from. You're listeningto book on Thang you seven. I'm
Booker, He's Striker. With everythinghappening in the world, Lollapalooza lineup was

announced that, of course, takesplace in Chicago August one through four.
Listen to some of these bands playingBlink one eighty two, Pierce the Veil,
The Killers, Deftones, Hosy Tyler, The Creator, canon Z,
the Last Dinner Party at about onehundred and fifty more artists. Sounds awesome.

Just giving you the ones I'm namedsounds like something we should potentially be
at. Okay, when you're thinkingthere, who would you like on the
list? Who popped out for you? Heard the band herring him right now?
Deaf Tones Watch you Hi, sheknows sing it to us? Babyo
Moreno Man, So good Into soLolla Ploza is in Chicago. We're gonna

stick with the Chicago theme for aminute. Here. One of our favorite
artists just got his diploma. He'sin the band rise Against. Tim mcelreth
shout out. He said, thisvery very smart guy. He started college
all those years ago, and thenRise Against really took off and he had
to make a decision. So hewent back to Northeastern Illinois University and he

just got his diploma. About that, congratulations. Wonder if you went to
classes with like regular people in thestudents. I asked him, talked to
him about it your class. You'relike, oh my god, Tim's in
my class. Did he con orwhatever? I asked him. I said,
did anyone recognize you? He's like, there was one guy in his
math class and he said it wasa horrible class. He did terrible in
that class, and the guy staredat him every day. So finally Tim

said, do you know who IHe's like, yeah, I'd your poster
on my wall. He's like,I wish you just would to sit a
high to me on the first dayof class. Is staring at me the
entire semester. But that's pretty cool. Good for Tim, all right.
Hey. The Dodgers kick off theirone hundred and sixty two game season tonight
in Soul, Korea. First pitchin the three am hour Tyler Glass now

shout out the pride of Hard HighSchool in Santa Clarita. It is the
starting pitcher for the Dodgers. Goodjob, Tyler. I'm Striker and that's
all I got for Booker and Striker. You know what? I always sing
along to that Dave Rolls my heroevery time. Now it'll be stuck in

your damn head. It is everytime I hear it. Thanks a lot,
Booker, anytime. Booker and Striker. It is all ninety age seven.
I don't know if you're gonna lovethis or hate this, but Wendy's
what do you love from Wendy's BookerFrosty, They have a new flavor.
So isn't it just chocolate normally?Right? Yeah? Well, this this
new flavor. To me as wesit here, it's March nineteenth, first

day of spring. I am givingat least the description of this new Frosty
in A plus plus. Wow.My prediction is you're gonna hate it,
Okay, Booker. The orange dreamsicle, Yeah, I'm out. This is
right up your allye. This isso up your ally, not mine,
Booker. You got the orange,I know you know what it is,

probably an orange, and you gotthe vanilla and you mix them together,
just like the fifty to fifty barshalf orange, half vanilla. But it's
now it's frosty. In my mind, it tastes like one of those awful
pushups. Remember the push up.That's what it is. I love the
push up. And didn't you likechewing on that hard straw push up part

of the whole contraption? Chewing onthat thing? You probably like Sherbert,
don't you. You don't hate aSherbert dude? Sure? Yeah, I
was like dakar Ice. Oh,let's place something new. Good Neighbors.
I actually like that they named theirband after the fact that they are neighbors,
and they're good neighbors to one another. I think that's kind of cool.

The Brits, it's called Home GoodNeighbors. On Booker and Striker,
it's all ninety eight seven, Bookerand Striker N seven. All right,
Booker and Striker, it is allninety eight seven. So I'm about to
make Striker very happy. I'm alreadyhappy that you want to make me.
I am gonna make you happy.This is almost equivalent to golf talk.

But everybody's about to fill out astupid bracket. March madness, March madness,
which you already lit up. He'salready excited. I can tell edge
of his seat. It's up therewith the Super Bowl for sporting events.
For me, the next few weeksare up there. It's very, very
exciting. Okay. I don't knowanything about college basketball except for that Yukon's

going to win the whole thing.That's all I know. Is that a
bad pick? No, it's agreat pick. But I'm rooting for Arizona.
You have another figure, but that'sall I know. That's literally all
I know. Now correct me ifI'm wrong. But no one's ever got
a bracket right. I believe you'recorrect. The odds are astronomical, which
is why on ESPN and all theother sites they offer you millions of dollars

for a perfect bractete. Okay,So I just want to ask one question.
How do you win? Like,how do you win if I'm going
to fill out one of these pools, which I'm never going to. I
don't care how much money you giveme, I'm not doing it. How
do you win if everybody gets themwrong? Because for every round of the
tournament, it starts with sixty fourteams. You get a certain amount of

points for that win, because theone seed playing the sixteen is an easy
pick. Here, okay, allright, let me break down Colorado State
versus Alabama forore you in Virginia versusColorado State. Well, everyone's just going
to walk around. And when doesit start when everybody walks around the office?
Okay, so Thursday. So Thursday'sthe day when everyone's walking around the

office muttering my bracket's boosted. Correct, that's the day. Yeah, sorry
hearing. And by the way,at nine oh one am on Thursday,
that's when all about brackets already,I don't want to hear. Just a
reminder, nobody cares about your brack, lind, That's just it. Yeah,
Well, let me tell you aboutround eighteen. Booker and Striker.

All right, Booker, Striker,it's all ninety eight seven. Weirdly,
we were just talking about the bracketsMarch badness, and I know nothing about
college basketball, and out of theblue, I just pick a team,
I say, Ukon to win itall. Two seconds later, Striker says,
oh, Barack Obama released his bracket. Who does he have winning at
all? You con and he normallydoes pretty well with the brackets. I'm

just very mad at him. AndI've met President Barack Obama as have I.
You don't have to trump me andeverything in life. So so he
was so nice. Yeah, andhe does not have my team even making
it to the Elite eight right Arizona. He's like he's got them out.
He's got his final four, Yukonwinning it with Kentucky perduing Baylor in there.

I offered the boys here, Isaid, guys, I'll take Yukon
versus the field. All the teamsin college basketball you want in, and
so does Edward. But I havea quick question about Barack Obama for you.
Okay, where did you meet him? Well? Was it radio thing?
Philadelphia? Was it in person?No? On the phone? Oh
I feel better? You feel betternow? Mine was in person? Well?

Handshake? Who twenty seven second conversation. Wow, look at you?
Can you believe that? Well,let me say one more thing. When
it comes to the bracket, strikerdoes something that I do. I just
learned that you did the same thingas me. Now I'll never fill out
a bracket because I'm not a loserlike you. But one thing I will
do is when I go online,like to YELP, or I leave a

review, I will leave my nameChris Booker. I will leave it,
and I hope someone goes. Iwonder if it's the Chris Booker and you
do the same thing with you likeyour brackets, and so I do all
the different sites were you can go. I do Striker one, Striker two,
and then when you can't do tenmore. I'm like Ted Striker ninety
eight seven one, Ted Stricker ninetyexcel. You're like me, I'm like

constantly promoting. I'm like, ifI could get some person to go,
wonder if that's the same guy that'son the radio, I'm good for it.
Wow. Ted Striker seventeen is inthe one percentile of losers, right.
Wow. Chris Booker really hated thatsandwich that he counted with the les.
You know what I mean, like, I don't even care. I
think it's more like real than youknow. You leave your real name it

is. That's oppressive, bar getluck with your brackets. You can't fall
Booker and Striker. It's all ninetyEXCEPN, Booker and Striker all ninety eight
seven, Booker and Striker at allninety eighth seven. It is now time
to play the Woody Show before orafter game. Yeah, the Woody Show
is celebrating ten years. So we'regonna give you some TV shows and movies

and musical bands, and we're gonnatell you what they are. Just tell
us if they debuted before the WoodyShow starts or after the Woody Show start.
Let's meet our contestant. Megan's inWest Covina. Hi, Meghan,
how are you hi? Look strikergood? How are you you understand the
game right? Yes? Okay?Three out of five? If you could

do it right, we'll send youto the Woody Show party with Cypress Hill.
All right, do you set?Okay? Cool? Yes, I'm
ready, Striker number one. I'mgoing to give you the TV show Better
call Saul, Better call Salt?Oh Lord? Did a debut before the
Woody Show or after the Woody Show? Remember the Woody Show started in twenty
fourteen, twenty fourteen? Better call? Uh think after I'm thinking of I'm

like, okay, breaking bad endis in like twenty thirteen. Yeah,
you're right, Better call Saul madehis debut in twenty fifteen, which is
after the Woody Show. Okay,nice? Yes, one for one here
we go twenty one pilot's debut album. Was it really least before the Woody
Show started or after the Woody Showstarted? On A ninety eight seven?

Oh, I think they've been runningfor a while. Love how she talks?
I love it after you're saying thatthe twenty one pilot's debut album was
released after twenty fourteen? Okay,before two thousand and twenty pilots had their

independent debut release. If you'd likethe answer to the next question, just
striking only ten years that long?All right, Megan, let's focus here,
let's FuG it. Okay, onemore out of the next three and
you're going to go to the party. Striker. The official word of the
year was binge watch. Was theword of the year? Binge watch?

Did that happened before Woody started?Or after wood he started? Again?
The year twenty fourteen? Before?After binge watch? People's been doing that
before. I'm going to say afterand you were correct. Yes, that

one doesn't even seem right? Thatreally crazy? Yeah? Maybe like more
towards the COVID thing. You know, we haven't streamed that long. I
guess well, we will see youat the Woodie Show. I can't believe
we made it ten years without gettingfired for ESA with Cyprus said at the
Belasco. Tickets, by the way, go on so Friday morning, six
am, twenty five dollars a ticketfor everybody else. That's nothing you have

to worry about. Congratulations to you, all right, Thank you, Megan,
awesome, thank you so much.Thank you. Guys. All right,
it's Bunker Striker ninety eight seven,Booker and Striker ninety eight seven.
You know, I've known Woody literallysince high school from the Woody Show.
Yeah, well since high school.I'm not this guy this long, so

I can literally say, I too, am shocked that they have not been
fired in ten years. They're havinga party surrounding this and Cypres Hill is
going to play Striker and I aregoing to get you in in the four
o'clock hour for their party, whichby the way goes on sale. That's
going to be Friday morning, sixam, twenty five bucks to see Cypress
Hill at the Blasts and celebrate withthe entire Woody Show and Bokard Striker will

be there. We'll be there rightnow. Maybe Striker show up, Yeah,
seventy thirty chance, I'll be there. Hey, the business model idea
that the band the Hives created monthsago is coming to fruition and I'm fifty
to fifty on this. Tell mewhat you think. Okay. They said
that the Hives can no longer keepup with public demand. We are looking
for people that want to be aHives cover band. Okay, So this

is the Hives to get everybody refreshed. They selected the band so that the
Franchives shows. So all these bandsthat are not really the Hives but their
tribute bands are playing across the UK. Okay. And of course the main
band gets the cut of this becausethey franchised out their band. Wait wait,
backup time aut So what you're tellingme is the Hives, the actual

band, is like renting out otherbands to be them, and they're like
doing a competition to go out onthe road as the Hives as competition.
No, no, the Hives arestill gonna go play with the food Fighters
in Green Day, they are.But for other parts of the world,
will well the band They're gonna gosee the stand ins. Oh that's pretty
good. But it's kind of abrilliant idea if you think about it,

because it's like this new band hasbeen anointed by the band. You see
all these cover bands all the time, and does the real band know about
those cover bands? Maybe not theright they could. They don't like it,
but this is what a smart idea. They're gonna take a cut nothing
to do nothing and again they're stillgonna do their shows headline or play with

Arctic Monkeys, Green Day Food Fighters, whoever it is, book are so
there you go. People always saythat Taylor Swift is so smart. The
Hives are the smartest band in thehistory of music. If you ask me,
how about a stand in Taylor Swiftwho plays in cities where maybe she's
not gonna go to How about astandard booker and striker that come in here
every day and do this craft.No one listens to this, that will

get negative listeners. Then let's playit all right, It's all ninety eight
seven Booker and Strikers. Booker andstriker, as The Woody Show always says,
let's have some fun here. Itis Booker and Strikers. It is
time to get you into the bigFiesta celebration with Cypress Hill. Right,
it is the Woody Show before orafter game, of course. The Woody

Show debuted on all ninety eight sevenand twenty fourteen. We're gonna give you
some TV shows, movies, bands, albums. Just tell us if that
debuted before the Woody Show or afterthe Woody Show. Okay, Hobby Aer
is going to be our contestant andwest Covie, what's up? Maybe,
Striker, let's go. Let's allright, disconnect. There's no call for

that kind of language. Luddy,vulgar and abusive language. That's an automatic
disconnect. You've got a dirty fourishmouth, got a I got it?
Dump? What do I do?He just cursed? Hold on? What
do I do? Now? We'reback? Okay, we just curse if
you're tuning in, so we gotto figure out what to do. Do
I drop Pavier? No, let'snot drop Pavier. He gets one more

chance at it. Bobber you dummy, hold it, don't curse. Okay,
I won't hold my hold my tongue. Guy. Okay, the game's
probably very slow on the radio.Now, okay, two out of three,
Striker, take it away. TheTV series Stranger Things did a debut

before The Woody Show started at ninetyeight seven or after, and again wood
He is celebrating ten years, sotwenty fourteen after after yep, that's sixteen
for Stranger Things twenty sixteen. Goodjob. One more out of the and
we'll get you into the party andwe'll show up with a bar of soap
for you. I just want togive this guy lambst's say bad words.

Here we go, Javi here,buddy, all right. The Oxford Dictionary
word of the year was selfie?Was the year before twenty fourteen when the
Woody Show started? Or after theWoody Show started? The Oxford Dictionary word
selfie? What year four or aftertwenty fourteen? They came before Levier,

You are correct. For everybody else. Tickets go on sale this Friday morning,
six o'clock in the morning, onlytwenty five dollars for the Belasco Theater
has to see Cypress Hill hang outwith the Woody Show. They've kindly invited.

We'll be there. We'll be therein rare form, drink it up
a storm. Thank you, hobbyEr, Thank you all for listening to
all ninety eighty seven in the WoodyShow, Booker and Striker ninety eight seven.
That's all stand up, Hooker andStriker was all ninety eighty seven stand
up for my friend Striker. He'sgot everything happening in the world right now.
We just played Eminem. Marshall Matherswas on Hollywood Boulevard today celebrating his

friend doctor Dre, who got hisstar on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.
Listen to this team of human beingsthat were down there today with Doctor
Drake, Jimmy Iaving, Snoop Dogg, Eminem Cool and fifty Cent Booker.
If you were doing, if youwere putting a musical group together between Dre,

Snoop, Eminem and Fitty Cent,who's your first pick? Oh,
I'm a Snoop guy. I loveSnoop. I do love Snoop so much.
I like his attitude is vibe Ever, I'm going Doctor Dre because he's
gonna create. He's the greatest producerof hip hop of all time. Right
then, he's got the years.He'll go find the rappers and our singers

that joined Mike. Yes, we'lldo all the works. He'll just tell
me to show up and get onthe mica. All right. Congratulations Doctor
Drake. Why was there a photoon Maynard James Keenan's Instagram. He's the
front man of Tool. Yes,he is. Why was there a picture
with him and Mike Tyson and MikeTyson was in a sweaty shirt. Why
do you think, Booker? Ithink Maynard is gonna fight Mike Tyson.

That's what well, as you know, Mike Tyson is fighting Jake Paul.
Tyson's been training. I think it'son day five now. Mike Tyson is
training at Maynard's martial arts school inCottwood, Arizona. Really, yes,
that's where all those videos are comingfrom. Mayard has a vineyard there as

well. He makes his wine there. Booker, did he become a famous
rock star because he really wants todo jiu jitsu and wine or because I
really believe that? Yeah? Ithink so too. I think that's his
true fashion. He's loving the stuffhe does outside of the fan Guys,
if we're gonna make some more wine, I gotta go on fifty more tours
with Tool. I don't want tomake an album I want to make I

want to stop on grapes. Thereis one face emoji that much older people
do not understand. I don't wantto be clear on this. I love
emojis. I use them all thetime. I don't think I understand what
I'm putting in half of them.But book Booker, what face emoji do
you think is the most confusing toan older person? Much older? The
like McCauley Culkin looking one with thehands to the symbol you are so close.

It's the surprised face with the wideeyes and the blushed cheeks. I
like that one too, the goodone. What does it mean to you?
Embarrassment? Embarrassment or it's like ifsomeone by accidents sent you a naked
picture, you send that back?Or you got poked somewhere Booker and Striker
Instagram, You want to follow us? Hey, Dodgers, good luck kicking

off their season tonight at like threein the morning. Tyler Glass now the
local guy, the pride of HeartHigh School. He is the starting pitcher
for the Dodgers. On Striker andThat's all I got. Do you all
knew? All's Afternoons Sweet Booker andStriker Podcast
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