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April 23, 2024 18 mins
Booker and Stryker are back for another week of shenanigans. Bringing you all of todays rending news topics and headlines. Inclduing the final inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! We have our first "Joke off" with listeners to win tickets to a variety of comedy shows in Los Angeles. Plus Booker shows Stryker a song and asks him to guess the Artist. Glad to be back on your airwaves and as always thanks for listeneing. 
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The all new All Afternoons Sweet Bookerand Striker broadcast Booker and Striker, how
are you? It is alt ninetyeight seven on this Monday at Striker right
there with everything happening in the world. We just watched it together in the
Booker and Striker office. The secondtrailer dropped for Deadpool and Wolverine cool.
Booker, did we like it?We loved it. I was banging my

hand on the table. So it'sthe third installment of the Deadpool series.
The second one, which Booker didn'tlike, sucked, came out six years
ago. In this trailer, there'sso much fighting and cursing and dirty words
and drug references and like a prayerfrom Madonna's playing in the middle of all
of it. Yes, Donna looksgood those two together though. I mean,
it's a romance for years. Wolverineand uh, Deadpool, Deadpool.

It's gonna be awesome. It justlooks super, super funny. They look
to be on track again. Andit's I guess it's rated R, but
it could have been whatever more thanraded R is and he's traded action and
they still have rated ACS. Imean, it is right in our wheelhouse.
It looks so good. Seth McFarlandfrom Family Guy. I love Seth
McFarlane. I love this series.He announced that there's gonna be hell see

his violence in movies and sex onTV Old. He said there's gonna be
two Family Guy Holiday specials coming onHulu, and he said they are not
going to slow down making Family Guyshows. He's like, people still love
it and laugh and it makes himfeel good and it's good money and we
still can donate to charity and havenice meals. WoT yeah, so shout

out to everybody a Family Guy.How about that. It's like we practice.
My worst nightmare happened at Universal Studiosthis weekend. I was not there,
but I read about it. Didyou hear Booker? What you did?
Fifteen people were injured when a trammy favorite thing at that park.

I love the tram, It raninto a guardrail. It tilted over,
fell over. People were ejected,some were seriously injured. And we hope
everybody is okay. I think there'sone person in a critical condition. Jimmy
Fallon continued on the screens in thetram as they are upside down. Hey,
you're coming up on the King callingpart of the tram here watch me
on NBC. Damon Albert, theMan's funny because it's so true. Damon

Albert is a frontman from Blur andthey filled Coachella. I was watching him
on stage just before an hour beforeNo Doubt was on, and he said
it's probably their last show ever.And they're a band. Listen, they're
very important to a lot of people. They sell out big venues. And
also he created the band Gorillas,so he's going to continue to create,
right. Put those guys in anamazing career. Yeah, you think he

was telling the truth because like lastweekend he said he wasn't coming back,
and they came back. They cameback to break. I don't know if
they're breaking up. I think they'rejust done. That's yeah. I really
do think it's okay. Lakers versusDenver two night, good luck, Come
on Denver. They're just too good. Yeah, you want to play them

for two quarters, maybe you canbeat them over four quarters. Probably not.
Shout out to the Clippers who wonyesterday. L A Kings Oilers tonight
game one of their playoff series.I'm striker and that's all I got is
booker and Striker is Booker Striker Allninety eight seven. So this is this
is eminem if he was Italian andit was generated by Ai doing that exact

same song, the Italian version todrop Bonds Crowd. I weirdly like it,

I don't hate it. Should startedplaying in rotations? Another one,
not terrible, not terrible. Thankyou Internet at Ai. Hey, I's
finally done something good. Booker andStriker. Alright, here we go Booker
and Striker all ninety eight seven.What is this our l L joke off?
Two listeners are going to battle itout. Each one gets to tell

a joke, which everyone is betteraccording to us. We'll get tickets to
see Tom Segura at the Forum onMay ninth. Okay, who do we
got? Ladies? First, We'llstart with Laura, who's listening in Inglewood?
How are you? How are you? You're doing well? We need
a joke from you. Please keepit clean, give us your joke to

clean. Okay, here we go, Here we go. How do computers
get drunkie? How do computers getdrunky? How they take screenshots? Hold
on, looker, hold on,looker. I gotta tell you something before
we go to Omar Okay, herdelivery. I don't know if the joke

was good, but her delivery wasgood, right, I agree? I
agree, Omar, He's gonna havea tough You got a tough time,
man, that's a pretty good joke. You ready to go, Buddy?
Yes? Okay, Bud, allright, let's hear your joke. Omar
for Booker and striker for Tom oryes Tom Sagura tickets at the fore?
Okay, what the buffalo say tohis son when he left for college?

What did the buffalo say to hisson when he left for college? Tell
us, Omar, my son puthim on hold? Please book Jesus sucks.
I like the first one, butI did like the second one.

I want to throw an idea atyour way. Okay, let's go to
the text line during one song andone song only. Okay, because I
thought this was gonna go terrible,terrible, those were really well delivered.
Spot bye, son, I meanscreamed no. No. I think Omar
is gonna win. Let's go.The text line is two nine eighty seven

Omar or Laura? Omar or Laura? Who gets these tickets? Botriker Booker
and Striker book Grid Striker. Igotta say I love this audience, Striker.
We presented them with homework, andman, did they come through for
us. The text line is onfire right now. If you're just tuning
in, we're having a little jokeoff. We're giving away tickets to see
Tom Sogoro. We have two listenerson the line, Omar and Laura.

They both told us their joke andboth of them delivered it so well we
couldn't decide. The text line isdeciding at seven. Okay, Laura,
quickly give us your joke again onemore time. How do computers get drunk?
How the computers get drunk? Theytake screenshots? It's good, all

right? And then we go toOmar in Huntington Beach. Omar once again
your joke? Oh when did thebuffalos for college? What? My son?
The delivery on Omar is like youshould be opening for Tom segirl right.

Laura, by the way, islaughing at this joke. La.
All right, let's go to thetext line to tow nine eight seven.
What do the people say, Striker? Before I give you the final results,
who are you voting for? Booker? And then I'll tell you who
I'm voting for. I like Laura. She just seems sweet. I'm gonna
go with Laura. I love Lauratoo. But Omar's delivery it was just

was good and he laughed at hisown joke. Sixty five percent of the
text coming in though, and there'si mean, hundreds of votes and you
see me with my sharpie, thewinner of Tom Sagora tickets and the Booker
and Striker joke off Omar Omar,Well, we say by Laura my son.

Guys, thank you try again nexthour. But congratulations, man,
you are going to see Tom Sigoraat the Forum. This is a big
ticket part of the l week.Netflix is a Joke Festival twenty twenty four.
Thank you for listening. We appreciateyou, man. Awesome, Thank
you, guys, thank you,thank you. Booker and Striker. All
right, Booker and Striker, itis all ninety h seven. That of

course being Joe. Yes, he'sthe artist Joe from Stranger Things. Exactly.
I'm gonna play you a song andI want you to figure out if
you know who it is singing it. Okay, So Joe Keery from Stranger
Things, a celebrity and actor.So I'm assuming whatever you're playing me is
probably somebody that acts all right,good assumption. Get one of her at

first? Yes, you're right back? The next great American novel? She
can't and read the bottom, shesays, is that might be a genius?

Well, she could be a notn feeling anything. Yet, I
will say that I like the rassinging voice. I think this sounds really
good. Ten more seconds they thinkthey look up to me? How the
flack cs and leaves and glass buckedup in Winter's Please? Okay, that's

all I'm gonna give you. Isthat new ish? Should I know who
it is? Maybe? Is itsomebody that is acts as a job that
was a very good start? AndI'm gonna give you a correct on that
one. Yes. Is it somebodyfrom a show that streams or network television
streamer? Okay? Is it?Is it somebody younger than thirty years old?
Yes? Is she on Stranger Thingsas well? Okay? Here we

go? Is it eleven? Thecharacter that plays eleven? I can't think.
Is it the redheaded young lady?Who's the redhead? Okay? Who
does our friend Joe share most ofhis scenes with when he's working there at
a hawk? Is it she hasa song that I mean, I think

it came out in February, butit's really starting to get traction. Now.
What you just heard is a songcalled missing Out. And she's fantastic.
I mean, what a great voice. And you look at these two
once again, I'll say it.They act in the same scene on the
same damn show and they both arevery good at music. That song,

her voice is a really good Shewas also in Once Upon a Time in
Hollywood. Her dad is Ethan Hawk'sand and her mom I'm drawing a blanket.
I'm so sorry. Yeah, thatwas good. Shout out. It's
called missing Out. This is agreat song. It's a great, great
song. So let's get her inthe here, let's get her. Yeah,
listen, if you're on Stranger ifyou're on Stranger Things, I want

everyone on that show checked for talent. I want them frisped immediately, all
of them. Gotta go. Lala la la la la la la la.
We need to make sure that thereisn't more talent coming out of that
show. It just doesn't even seemfair. That was good, Booker,
Yeah, thanks for sharing. Thereyou go, Booker and Striker. Booker
and Striker, it is all ninetyeight seven. It's our LOL week joke

off, fun Booker and striker.We got two listeners ready to go.
Each of each of them are gonnatell us a joke. Whichever one makes
us laugh more, the one thatwe think is better or funnier. He
gets tickets to John Mulaney. Whoeveris on with us right now has a
lot to live up to, becausewhen we did this last hour, it
honestly was a ten out of ten. It's really good. Our two listeners
were so good. Last hour wasTom Segura. Right now, it's tickets

for John Mulaney at the Hollywood Bowl. Let's go to Laverne and say hello
to Jessica. Hi, Jessica,how are you my book? I'm good?
Are you? You're going up firston this? You want? You?
Ready to tell us your joke?All right, no pressure, let's
hear it. Tell us your joke. Please? Why did the chicken cross

the road? Why? Because deliver? Because Jessica, I was well done.
Jesus, that's funny. Because let'snot psych out our next player.

Let's all come down Tate. Ibelieve Tate boy, it's gonna be tough
for you, buddy, Tate,how you doing Tate, did he back
there we go finally listen to theradio. Tate, Let's hear your joke
so you could get some tickets tosee John Mullaney at the Hollywood Bowl.

All right, what do you getwhen you crossed an elephant with the rhinoster?
What elif? I know I'm gonnaput data? Oh no, I
know, let's write you know he'strying to say, hell off, I

know, gues Hold on one second. Let's discuss this for ten seconds.
When you we can let the listenersdecide if you want. I think this
is an easy call. I thinkher response was so good listeners, or
you want to call it? No, let's call it. We're calling it.
It's Jessica. Let's go back toJessica. You read congratulations yay?

Can you deliver the joke one moretime? The winning joke to see John
Mulaney? Why does the ticket crossroads? Why striker's left? Hold on?
John Mulaney's on the text line.What so if you can open up

for him with only that joke atthe Hollywood Bowl? May forth congratulations?
No, no, he didn't sayyou've won. Congratulations to you. We
appreciate you listening. All right,awesome, thank you because we love you.
Booker and Striker. All right,Booker and Striker on all ninety age

seven. It's l L Week.Netflix is a Joke Festival twenty twenty four.
There's a lot of great shows comingin this hour. We're going to
get you in to see Tom Siguray, the Key of Forum. Hang out
to get those tickets. We've gota fun way to get them to you
as well, So hang out,Striker right there with everything happening in the
world. There were two music showsthat were announced this morning. Number one,

Cage the Elephant is going to playthe iHeart Theater intimately on May six,
and yes, we'll have a tonof tickets to give away for that.
Also, Imagine Dragons are bringing theirLoom Tour to southern California. They're
going to be playing the Hollywood Bowl. Cool keeping it on the music front.
We know who is getting into theRock and Roll Hall of Fame.
These are your twenty twenty four Hallof Fame inductees. Dave Matthews Band is

in, Foreigner is in, Share, Mary J. Blige, Peter Frampton,
Cool in the Gang, Ozzy Osbourneas a solo artist already in with
Sabbath correct and a tribe called quest. Wow. So let me name a
few artists who are on the ballotthat didn't get in. Lenny Kravitz Okay,

he'll get it. Snead O'Connor shouldprobably get in. Mariah Carey.
Yeah, these are artists that arenot in that should be smashing pumpkins.
Yes, and they're at the topof my Listen. I'll leave it at
that right now. Okay. Imean I kinda want to get two deep
three. It's like we got toget into this because we're still pissed at
the Pumpkins aren't in. They shouldn'tbe in. It's so dumb, but

they will be. You don't know, Booker, no, no, no,
put it this way, think aboutit. I want you to think
about this for one second. Todaywe're celebrating Peter Frimpton. That's someone that
maybe our parents cared about. Okay, we're not our parents. So I
think we've got our whole life tokind of look forward to the Pumpkins.
They're gonna be an obvious band that'llbe it. I don't know why they're

not in now. Put everybody thatdeserves to be it now is what I
say, but you know you gottawait. Get put everybody in it once.
I guess everything you said makes totalsense that Mary J. Bli doesn't
get into today We're going to beninety years old. But he gets it.
Well, here's Billy Corgan playing nineteenseventy nine and you have to wheel
him out, and there was awalker and Tennis pollster saying, good put
the guy in. Hey work startedtoday, and I'm imagining, like what

sort of work happens today on thetwelve billion dollar high speed train from Rancho
Kuca Manga to Las Vegas. Theywere like, all right, we need
fifty guys with shovels. We'll gethim at the home depot. Let's just
go, like, what do youdo on the first day of work?
Get out the tape measure. That'swhat I do. You get the tape
measure. Okay, guys, weneed the track to be six ft wide.

Let's just walk from Rancho Kuckamonga toVegas exactly, and you're gonna be
on one tape measure every six feet. We're gonna change you hold this in
and I'll go that's it. Thecool thing is all the jobs that are
going to be created. That isthe results of this That is good.
Unfortunately, that'll be the ghost trainbecause only the people from Rancho cuckamong are
gonna get on it. I'm notdriving all the way to there. The

go to Vegas. It's gonna takeforever to get there. And it's frustrated
when a lot of the websites outthere that aren't from the La area say,
oh, it's a train from LaNo, it's not. No,
it's not. You gotta get toRancho. Kook them up? Which money
right now? My favorite restaurants inthe world are on the stretch of the
freeway off the freeway in Rancho.There you go, and it's a great
place to live if you were there. Correct. Lakers Denver tonight night.

Come on, Lakers, we knowyou're in trouble. Denver is good.
You got the joker on that they'rea great team. But Lakers, come
on, let's go. Shout outto the Clippers who won yesterday and La
Kings play tonight game one of theirseries NHL playoffs. You need two TVs
in your room. One will beon the Lakers, one will be on
the Kings. I'm striker, That'sall I got will be all new.

Fall's afternoons Sweet Booker and Striker podcast
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