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February 21, 2024 2 mins
'Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare' on Netflix 02/20/24
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Oh my goodness, Dave. Yes, Jen, so I watched it is
technically like a document like an hourand a half documentary on Netflix. Yes,
it's called Hell Camp teen Nightmare.Oh goodness. Now, I guess
I thought this just came out,and maybe it did. Yeah, twenty
twenty three, okay, so justlast year. Okay, So it is

about a wilderness style rehabilitation program formisguided and uh oh, terrible teens.
I thought you were going to tellme it was fat Camp. Well now
no, it's basically like, youknow, if your teen was out of
control, if they were basically hangingwith the wrong people, drinking, smoking,
whatever. Parents were at their witsend and this guy comes along,

yeah, as their messiah, kindof like major pain back in the day.
Oh, this is not good though, this is bad. This is
bad, bad, and this stillhappens today. This dude, there were
people that died under his watch.There were people that like when they were
there was video of this Dave,when they were out in the Utah desert.
They literally killed an animal and usedits skin to I'm sorry, it's

the lining of its stomach so theycould roast its meat over the fire so
they could eat because these kids hadno water, no food, no nothing.
But they were sold like it wasa therapy retreat yet to help them,
yes, help them change their ways. No, basically, they scared
the crap out of them to tryto change their ways. The guy who
started this was a former Air Forceguy who, by the way, had

a terrible life growing up. Hismother was a heroin addict and she was
killed when he was seventeen. Hewas not awesome. And here's the deal,
this type of camp and situation,what they said was the best way
to get the kids there. Ohdave, yes, they would pay this
man sixteen thousand dollars to have menlike I'm sorry. Parents would pay this

man sixteen thousand dollars and he wouldhave men go in and kidnap the teen
from their bed, oh my god, the middle of the night, take
them to this retreat. And bythe way, sometimes it's said for sixty
three days. This one kid said, I've been here for thirteen months now,
Holy goodness. Oh not okay,yeah, And they were like,
I don't know when I'm leaving.I don't. I mean, it is

terrifying. And do you remember acouple of years ago, Paris Hilton coming
out and saying that she was sentsomewhere because she was a rebellious teen,
okay, and they treated her likewhatever. Well, guess what. She's
also been to a camp like this. She admitted it, and camps like
these still exist today. My goodness. Like, this is a crazy,

insane documentary. You've got to watchit. It is, like I said
on Netflix, called hell Camp teenNightmare. Okay, I'm definitely taking that
out. It's insane, dude.Wow,
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