Mel Taylor's Random Facts

Mel Taylor's Random Facts


May 19, 2024 58 secs
Which country has more 7-11's than any other country? 
Mark as Played
Who tried out for Clueless before Alecia Silverstone? 
Mark as Played
 If the Sun dies, how long will it take before we know it?
Mark as Played
Random Facts: Are there more trees on Earth or Stars in the Milky Way? 
Mark as Played
Mark as Played
Mark as Played
Mark as Played
What did Walt Disney invent with trash cans?
Whos was the only president who did not live in the White House? 
What is the difference in multi color Bell peppers? 
Mark as Played
Mark as Played
Which is the only movie to get an Oscar & A Razzie Award? 
Why was the chain saw made? 
When did people start using credit cards? 
Who originally was given the song "Baby, Hit Me One More Time?" 
What was the 1st product to get a bar code? 
Mark as Played
How many 3 Point Shots did Shaq make in his NBA Career?
Who inspired LL Cool J to write "Mama Said Knock You Out?" 
Does Perrier have natural bubbles? 
Mark as Played
What was the one song that inspired music videos?
Did George Washington know that dinosaurs existed?
How far away can you hear a blue whale's heart? 
Mark as Played
What is the smallest mammal, What food never spoils and something interesting about the movie "Castaway".
Mark as Played
Who was the youngest president ever, how long does it take to make a peep and what was Cookie Monster's real name?
Mark as Played
How did "420" become associated with marijuana, where did the bunny ears come from and how much does it cost to charge your phone for a year?
Mark as Played
What is in a twizzler? 
Was Darth Vader Superman's Trainer? 
What country has the oldest flag? 
Mark as Played
How do they make mid grade gas? 
Where did the concept of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" come from?
What was Madonna's Band called before she became famous? 
How much Ramen Noodles did people eat in a year? CRAZY! 
Mark as Played
What is the shelf life for Twinkies?
What happened the day Mark Twain was born & the day he died? 
What do whale sharks have on their eyeballs? 
Mark as Played
What was the 1st thing invented to break the sound barrier?
What is the raw value of an Oscar?
How big is a giraffe's heart?
Mark as Played
Where is the biggest library in the world? 
How did the Beastie Boys start out? 
Francis Ford Coppolo made more money with wine or movies? 
Mark as Played

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