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May 29, 2024 49 mins
Lindsay in studio for an entire hour on hoops with PA, lamenting the 0-3 series hole the Wolves are in.
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Hello guys. Again, I justwant to also in regards to Kat,
Kat is helping out the other teamwhen he is ending outside the free throw
line and beyond the key, heis not helping the team at all.
He needs to bring his ass downlow. That's where he needs to start
the game and move out when it'sopen. But he needs to be down

low. That's from the talkback viathe free iHeart to a radio app if
Nordo. If somebody's interested in leavinga talkback and they it's a Memorial day,
so yeah, a lot of NewBillies and Johnny's and Christie's and Susie's
and Tamika and Antoine's out there listening. Maybe they're like, Dad, I
want to leave a talkback and beheard nine to now. If that's the

case, what do they do?Simply enough, you're listening via the free
iHeart radio app and you'll see iton our station page that little microphone and
you just hold record, give usup to your best thirty seconds. I
review it for vulgarities, and weplay it during the play it during the
show. So it's super simple todo, and we appreciate all of those
that are pouring in a lot ofI started off with that because you'll be

shocked by this PA after last night, Oh of eight from deep. There's
a lot of big opinions on KarlAnthony Towns. Actually just two or three
opinions that are being repeated by manyWolves fans this morning. And you heard
that there. He wants them downlow. Basketball immortality is in studio with
us these six five to one carpetsplus studios, a longtime friend of yours,
truly somebody who has appreciated her basketballgame and acumen for quite some time.

Ladies and gentlemen, can we geta rocus roundup? Applause? And
multiple witnesses from Miss Lindsay Whalen,Hello, good morning. It's good to
see you. There's basketball to discussto be seen, maybe some links,
maybe some tennis, maybe running throughfourhands and catching serves and hitting them at
the apex. But you're fascinated atthe new micro I mean that's all I

had for minutes talking about these microphones. And I haven't been in here and
it just seems nice. I don'tknow, it's been a while since I've
been in here. I don't knowwhat I've been doing. See that tells
you because we get used to Justlike anything, you get used to your
environment, right, and I don'tknow how recently or how often ultimately you've
been in at least in the lastfew years, but we get used to

the equipment we use every day.I got I feel like I have a
new spaceship in front of me becausewe just replaced the board. But to
anybody that isn't in here the microphones, how different is that damn thing?
Yeah? So different. But lindsaywith the oh wow for the new board.
I mean, with all due respectbecause you and I have teased and
bleep talk each other in loving fashionfor years, you look at the new

board, You're like, oh wow, having no idea what the previous one
looked like. I always love thattrue very good point. Is that a
sound It looks like a soundbar orsomething. That's Yeah, I don't know
what it is. It's different.You'll have to trust me on it.
It's different. Yeah, I getenough screen there. What by the way,
what were you doing a week andchange ago in Colorado Springs? Oh,

I was on I'm on the SoI'm on two different selection committees for
USA basketball, and that one wasU eighteens. So we picked the U
eighteen team that will go and playat the America Cups in Colombia in June.
And so I was out there.Would you get in trouble if you

shared who you picked? No,it's out there they released Did you pick
Madden? Greenway's a U seventeen?So I'm on you sixteen, I'm on
you holiday, sorry, and he'sstill out there. They're still there in
Colorado Springs, like they went Fridayor something to do something with her would
have been just the greatest holiday.L If you were like, no,
it wasn't good enough. Yeah,I yeah, we had for U eighteens,

we had probably twenty twenty five pickedtwelve. So they'll go down but
the name practice in front of youor something or like yep. So there's
two sessions a day, morning andafternoon, and they'll come in and coach
will install a few things and prettymuch they'll scrimmage so we can pick the
team and see who's you know,playing well, who's who fits with who,

and then you put up the youknow, position one, two,
three, four, five, andand you kind of just get to work.
So we had six sessions total,so three days and yeah, I
picked up influenza a out there.So its great, Okay you said it,
because I didn't want to speculate whetheryou got bit by the devil's wind.

It was flu or like I mean, So that's why I didn't come
in. I was supposed to comein earlier. And no. Yeah,
like after they won Game seven againstthat super fun compared to this three crap
and we got immortality in here.Yep, that would have been a lot,
a lot better. But I just, all of a sudden, I

started this cough on the way.I thought you were lying, said you
were lying, that that you justdidn't that that you didn't want to talk
about basketball or anything. I wastelling the truth. You were really sick.
Yeah, I started this cough fromColora Springs to Denver. Wow,
horrible. That might be dispensary related. So are you sure? Did you
like to take a temperature or something? Yeah? Many times, and I

had I had a fever for fourdays. It was. It was awful.
I don't know what happened. Whathappened, but I'm on the mend.
I'm going golfing. Husband undoubtedly babiedyou and brought you, brought you
back to life, and I believehis name is Yep. He was,
Yeah, he he was out playingthirty six a day. He played a
few times, but it was youknow, he made sure I had my

soup and my crackers and water andparades and stuff like that. So I'm
on the men. It's phenomenal thatthat you that you've come in here on
a holiday in studio building locked haddetect people you've never met to let you
in. And the team is Zthree. So it's like when we set

this whole thing up, it wasbefore oh two. Yeah, I mean
I think I set this up whenI got down to Minneapolis heading into Target
Center for Game two and I'm like, well, we're gonna I was convinced
they were gonna blow them out thatnight. I thought that was the blowout
game, and they were blowing themout, and then they wouldn't they wouldn't
take the bet, they wouldn't closeon it. Nordo was convinced they would

beat Dallas yesterday, and in nonHomer like fashion, the closer I got
to the game, looking to thepoint spread go down and everything, I'm
like, damn, they're probably gonnawin tonight. This got sucked into that
thing again and just an a orto smasher, y'all. Yeah, it's
you know, honestly, as we'rewatching highlights here, they just and it's

true they have right now. Iwant to say they have the two best
players, but they're playing the best. That's unbelievable. So and yeah,
Kyrie's been there, yep, youknow, and we haven't. And it's
I mean, it's been a greatyear to get to the Final four,
but to get to this level,it's when you have Kyrie and obviously Luca.

They've been here. Now Luca hasn'twon, but Kyrie's won, and
I think that factors, Like it'sso huge the con and playing into that
lack of experience. You're watching aguy in Karl Anthony Towns where simultaneously you're
probably not in the Western Conference Finalwithout him, but now you're watching on
through three games now where you maynot be going to the NBA Finals because

of him. Really tough series forcat L. He's four of thirty two
from three, which is unfathomable.Yeah, I and early on in the
season, I was I was like, we need to just pick and pop
him more because we needed more.We needed more threes early. I felt
like in the in the season andhe's, you know, should be one

of our you know, knockdown guys. But you know, this stage,
when you haven't been here, sometimesit takes a little bit of a humble
I think, and I think that'sa little bit of what our team is
going through. Well, the thetalk pack Nordo played with my man thanks
for the talkback too, was like, you know, me a kitty getting
Let's get kitty kitty down on thedown on the block. Let let's let

the six eleven seven footer do alittle damage down there where. I mean
a if you think the dream Shakecopyright Hakim Olajuan is going to break out,
it's not. But he's more coordinatedand methodical and patient than like Rudy
Gobert. So you can clap theball. Let's say, Jenoe mccarvill,
clap the ball. There you go, El gets the ball, clap it

and here we go. Yeah,so Carl can do that into Game two.
I mean, I was begging loudlyon the radio, being like I
got respect for PJ. Washington,all right, he's tough and when he
was at Kentucky he was the bombdidn't work out for Charlotte, But then
again, LaMelo is a ball hoggingsome weird things down there. So now
with Luca and Kyrie, he's blossoming. But defense will never be PJ.

Washington's calling card. So let's look, if he's gonna check Kat, let's
put Kat down on the block andlet him do his thing. Well,
they tried, and it just itlike it went off his knee and he
missed a fade away and it justdid it. I don't know, Lindsey,
I don't know. Well, canI ask you one thing about carl
and specific to those things? Doyou when you look at him? Yeah,

well, both of you, butwe'll start with you. Lindsey is
there, and this could be areally dumb question. Does it seem like
Cat plays small at times where he'she's seven feet and we marvel at his
length and we're talking about trying tomatch up with Derek Lively and Gafford and
solid rim protectors and where Rudy andCat nas where they fit into that equation.

But at times when whether it's it'ssettling for shots that are unfortunately not
falling now or even when he goesto the rim, does it ever feel
like, could that be a realisticthing to say where you're like, sometimes
I know he's seven to one,but he kind of plays like he's sixty
three out there when he's had itinside. Well, I think that a
lot of times it's because he iswhen he's putting the ball down, and

I'd like to see him on themove more because like backing down, backing
down, backing down, it justfeels like so stagnant, okay, whereas
if he's on the move, likecatching it on a pick and like a
pocket pass, pick and roll.Explain pocket pass. I mean, it
took us three days to figure outdrop coverage so much so Trent Tucker had
to come in here and move chairsaround and the vest to be able to

show us where people are supposed tostand and what happens when you drop the
wrong way. Yeah. Well,and that's where our drop coverage against Murray
and Jokic too, Like until wefigured that out, we weren't going to
win that series because they were justwe were so far back and that was
creating space for Jokis to get itlike around the fifteen foot area. So

pocket pass is like if we're ina pick and roll. I'm trying to
go like pass it pocket, likeessentially pocket to pocket to you. Okay
when the defense and like our pockethands like a turnover, but go ahead.
It has to stay. It hasto stay. Immortality, gig.
We have to stay like to whereI can complete the pass to you,
like just right in the right inthe pocket, so I can just so

it's just easy for you to catch. And so the pocket moves as you're
moving, as the defense is moving, and I would like, you know,
I have to go back like howyou know, and here's I should
know this. They're playing pick androll coverage against us with cat and they're
switching, so then it's you know, if they're switching, then there's not

a pocket to be had, sothey're thinking us. Yeah, it's yeah
a little bit. I think I'mmesmerized at that unbelievably cool w NBA sweatshirt
you have. I mean, outsideof the orange colors of looking like you're
picking up trash on the side ofPioneer Trail like because you did something wrong.
Outside of that, I mean,that sweatshirt is that's fantastic. Holding

nice Yep, it's got this.You know you got to buy the gear.
You got to support the buy ticketsand and you didn't war since you're
retired, you know, and thenCaitlin Clark's in the league. Now all
of a sudden, everybody wants towear w nbs. That's a whole other
other conversation. And that'll be butthat'll be okay. I you know,

actually you know the lineup here,you know the lineup I like, and
it's nothing against and I'm not Ilove Rudy, but where Nas is because
then we can space the floor withNas. If so if Carl does go
on the block and we post himup, and now who are they going
to come off of? You know, if they come off of? Because
that's that's part of the thing Ithink with Carl trying to go is that

they have a little bit of theeffect that we had against Denver early,
whereas their secondary defender is lively right, and they can just kind of leave
Rudy. Now, obviously Rudy canbe in the dunkers, but if we
space the floor a little bit morewith our with our shooters, Nas and

Mike can hit threes. Nah madeone last night, remember when our defense
was non order. But anyway,go ahead, I know, I know.
Order for a minute, that wastwo weeks ago. Fine, it's
all in good fun. So let'snot have anybody take my mom is listening,
Hey mama, and okay, wellmom, get with get with daughter

and ask her thirteen hours ago whyshe tweeted, turn me up. I
always love that one. Let's turnme up. Oh the dunk from Oh
so you got turned? I wasso. I was excited. So he
got turned. That was an awesomedunk. You got turned and we got
burnt. Yeah, honestly, thatwas the one moment that I yeah,

I Mom, that was the onemoment I think our whole team was like
all of a sudden, like afterhe dunked it, then we started like
our defense went up, our activehands. We took you know, I
think we took a lead after that, and I was thinking, here we
go. And Derek Jones Junior dribbleddown to the baseline up his dribble,

which every little immortality l in theworld knows from like age nine on,
don't pick your dribble up at thebaseline. He picks up his dribble,
tries to throw this backhanded pass,goes out of bounds. We got them
right where we want him. Ithink we're coming. Then they played the
rest of the game, I know, yeah, and eat straight in that
moment too. Here's where you knowthat our run. I'm not saying we

can't. We can't still win it. O. Well, I mean it's
never been done before, but whatever, you know, No, it's it's
more than whatever. It's over.It's over one fifty four. Right,
Yeah, that's those are that's abig stat right. I mean I wanted
to be done for finch. Iwanted to be done for the fan base,
for Finchy, and then for theteam and for Ellen influenza. What

if we win, then we getanother home game. Yeah, and then
well you never know, you neverknow, you can't predict the future.
Well then it's masochistic in that ourbeloved actually get to pay money to see
the funeral. I always love that. One has been a great year.
I know, take this Tuesday,that's right. And what was I going
to say though? It was somethingabout the drawbridge at your place and Eden

Prairie and it broke and you couldn'tget over the moat. She got a
moat, man, she's got adrawbridge. Now. She just bought the
lamb. Here's here's prog money.Here's where you're making a lot of money
when you're over to progue. Thinkabout that. Damn those checks good times

when you actually got them. Butanyway, go ahead, Oh, here's
where the reason. One of thethings that I think our team is learning
a lot, she's the best isif you just look at end of quarter
situations, how has that gone forus? Until you until you really stung
with that because there's always, likeyou know, you play for there's always

like a four or five minute youknow, time frame in a game where
that's actually where the game is wonand lost, you know, and it's
all all these game within the gamestats, like Finchy calls it the three
minute game, three minute game,and we're just not we're just not there.
We're not there yet when we haven'tbeen there really since the first round
because Denver same thing. I mean, when Murray hit that half court shot,

and it's just been kind of ourour downfall. But that being said,
game time you have to go fromeight to twelve. Twenty was all
over the situational basketball at the endsof halves and quarters and everything last week.
But it was like it's like nah, this is starting to lowkey get

a little negative on Finchy. SoI'm just going to go to break I
always love that, or go onvacation. Well, I think that's a
whole other thing too. The factthat our coach is in the second row.
Yeah, I mean, come on, it's just all the fact that
we've gotten this far. I'm notI'm not trying to have like moral victory,
but come on, I mean thecoach is in the second row,
right, I mean come on,yeah, it's like in the the guy

who's being the head coach. Nowhe's doing well, he's doing a fine
job. But I mean, youknow, it's what it is. Was
Brenda Freeze ever in the second row? I always loved it. Never I
mean, who coached you at theU Brenda right, Brenda Oldman in the
old Field. Then it became FreezNo, yes, yeah you did share

a little John Brenda Oldfield. Yeah. Pam Borton, right, I've never
had a head coach not. Imean, I think it's happened twice.
It happened twice in my career.I'll never forget. The first cruise I
ever went on in my life waswhen you were in the Final four in
New Orleans? What year was that? Two thousand and four? A first
cruise I ever went on. Wherewas it walking around? I don't know.

It's like Bahamas, yeah, andMontego Bay and just do that swing
thing and come back for a week. That's fun and walking around the streets.
I see Al. I always lovedthat by pretended she didn't know me.
I always love that. She waslike, how about Tim Queen's hopefully
they have a good year this year. So you remember when you were down

there for the final four? Oh? Yeah, yeah that was was it
super Home? No? We playedin the oh wherever? The Fairgrounds racetrack?
Oh? Oh yeah, you knowwe played it. That's probably I
think now it's Smoothie King Center.Huh right next to right next to the
Super Yeah, right next they havea whole very Smoothie King Center. Smoothie

King. It wasn't that. Thenyou played Then you played more like Luca
than you did Kyrie. Okay,now I'm saying you weren't fast. You
were. I've often compared you toAlan Iverson on this radio show. And
here's why. Crossover key Smack thegirl smack AI hit her hard fouler makes

it go to line hard foul.Yes, a lot of those. In
Lindsay Whalen's career. Alan Iverson,I mean he just got destroyed, went
down to the ground, Bubba Chuck, boney al A. I made it
every single time. So I ain'tsaying that you're that you weren't fast or
aren't fast, because you are andyou were. I mean, Kyrie with
these handles, are you kidding mewith this? Yeah? But like Luca

was about position and like the littlestutter steps and the fadeaways that you played
more like Luca than Kyrie. He'splaying at his own pace because and he
had and both of them are playingjust so well to their strengths. I
mean, I just think Kyrie is. And here's the other thing I think

with Kyrie that we're not thinking aboutis that he's got a lot to prove
because he probably thinks that he shouldbe on the Olympic team. And so
I think he's got like this likemotivation. It's like what we had against
Denver. We have this motivation thatyou can't you can't make up because we
never won it before. They hadwon it before, so they kind of
just hard to get that extra.I'm tripping Kyrie's not on the Olympic team,

No, damn, and he andI and like I said, I
and I And I'm not questioning whetherhe should be on it. I'm just
saying that he has that little extraI guess chip on his shoulder right now.
I think because he made it,he made a comment about about it,
and he's been on the team before, now ants on it. Let
me guess. Okay, So well, I think he's had a tough road

really since the COVID days too.I mean the way that they built that
whole Brooklyn operation up that crumbles,everything falls apart. Couldn't bring him to
Raptors games, correct, Yeah,he couldn't play in in his home arena
because of the vaccine thing. Thenit goes to Dallas last year and it's
actually not working to the point wherethey were questioning if they were intentionally tanking

games like there, we're out ofthe play in. We want to be
in the lottery. I think he'sgot and he's a guy of course,
I mean confident in what he doesin hof like, I think a lot
of that, Like the last fouryears, I think ways on Kyrie,
So in this spot Man, it'sgonna be tough to knock him off.
I agree, And I just thinkthen it's like whoever, you know,

it's like, right now, who'splaying better between him and Lucas, Like
that's a great problem to have basedon the game MVP calibrerett points of their
career. How is Jurrew Holiday onthe Olympic team and Kyrie Irving is not?
I mean that he by the way, can Kevin Durant possibly play on
more Olympic teams than the history ofthe Olympics. I mean it's like he

goes back to nadi Ya Koman eachWell. The thing about Drew Holliday is
he really it's all about you know, needs and like with your that rotation
guy. Yeah. So, butand I think probably, you know,
I'm not sure what happened with thelast Olympics. I don't think Kyrie was

on that either. But so they'rebanning him. I mean he's like low
key ban here. Well, he'sbetter than Devin Booker. I mean,
if you're looking for scoring and shoot, he's better than Devin Booker. Yeah.
So Durant's been on like nineteen Olympicteams and we got Ant Yeah,
so I think there's just, yeah, a lot, a lot that he's
trying to prove. You know.Well, let me let me ask you

about Kyrie and Luca. At anypoint in your long playing career did you
ever encounter that? And and probablyI mean with with your runs with the
Lynx, you probably were in thatLuca and Kyrie spot where you know,
we're trying to nitpick the defense andwhat the Wolves have attempted to do and
a lot of cases have failed todo through three games. Is there any
element of it where you you goneup to against some guys, some guys

and gals like they aren't missing thoseshots, these Luca fallaways, these fades
from Kyrie, the way that heleans into contact, the and ones that
we saw in the second half inparticular Game one, do you ever in
some ways it's like, all right, we need to clean these these parts
of our game up. But mygod, Luca and Kyrie feel free to
miss a shot once in a while. Yeah, every big shot, they

answer it. That was Chelsea Graywith the la sparks for me and Frost,
like I just she was And peoplewill always ask, well, who
was your hardest hardest player to defendand it was her for sure. She
just she had this played at herpace and was just shot it back here
and just was She's just impossible toguard. She was, and she made

every big shot and we just hadto wear her down in twenty seventeen to
win. But that was her.And then year yep, Necho yeah,
nekamay Neka was great, mkay rightshe was. Yep, she was m
VP that you're in twenty sixty Sparksand then yep, and Christy Tolliver,
So I guess you know the Sparkerwas a badass too. She still plays.

You have Candice. No, shejust retired, did she. Yeah,
she just retired. She was withthe Sparks. She was nice.
She's the president of Adida's Basketball nowfor women's basketball. And then she does
allur TNT stuff. Let's pause.Lindsay Whalen, basketball immortality, chatting on
Wolves and a bunch of different things. Nine to noon on Memorial Day in
order to produces and I'm Paul Allen. Trent Tucker joins us in studio about

thirty minutes from now. Good morning, Pa and Norda Tampa Bay, Tampa

Bay guys checking in here. Youknow, I've got my beautiful Buccaneers,
my lovely Lighting, my gritty TampaBay Rays. The Tea Wolves are the
only Minnesota team I rely on forhappiness. It's not looking good, but
hey, if Chad Abbot can comein on the Memorial Day Monday, they
can be the first ever to comeback from three to zho. There's a

chance maybe Luca will regret talking trashto aunt man shake what Yeah? The
the genesis behind Chad Abbot the programdirector executive director of the Vikings Radio Network
being in here where we are justwest of the Twin Cities, a f
one hundred point three KFM. Uhthe boss being here on a Monday.

They're basically in this building right now. There are four people Eric nord Quis,
Paul Allen, Lindsey Whalen, andChad Abbatt. So why is Chad
here? It's because before Game twohe politely requested all four of the core
four to be here on Monday streamingthis people Meet her that driving from cabins,

two cabins home from home, bigbig listenership day and then all of
a sudden three. I always lovethat one. So after Corey complained on
excuse me. After recognizing the teamas three, he decided to come in
today in very surrogate, fatherly likefashion. Yeah, I got some work

to do. No, you don't. You just feel bad? Correct,
Okay, you're here, you feelbad. You just want to show your
face to be like I got tobe here for my guys. No,
I got work to do. No, you don't, you're lying. Don't
lie. And then he walked awayand like his cheek bones went up because
he was smiling. I could seeit from behind. So that's the frenetic
fan family, and it's our lotin life. Well, here's what I'll

say. I appreciate and respect tosolidarity because at one point last week we
were all super excited about the conceptof Okay, this holiday thing ain't gonna
work out. Cabin plans have tochange. Yeah, but we're going to
roll in live in local on Mondaymorning on a holiday talking about a basketball
team that's up to one BAMN,or even maybe down two to one through

three, but pumped up for Gamefour, the pivotal piece of this series.
Ain't no doubt and all of that. It's the right thing to do.
He knows how bitter we are.Right now, and it's it's the
right thing to do. It's seventypercent the three, it's thirty percent.
Maybe plans could have stayed there intheir original formats. Yeah, but I
appreciate the program director making a statementvery very symbolically strong today. Chad Adams

even down two before the game.Shortly before the game last night, I
tricked my well, I'm gonna beexcited. I'm gonna watch the game.
I'm gonna watch every second of TuesdayNight's game, even if they get swept.
But I mean I'm tricking myself intolike going over detail oriented scenarios where
I'm like, well, if thishappens, this happens, should have blown
them out game two and they didn't. And you know, then right before

the game, I find Twitter andI'm getting that thing set up and I
read a tweet from at Lindsey Underscorethirteen Lindsay with an a by the way,
l I N D S A Y. I blocked out the media and
outside noise to prepare for game three. I always love that one. I
hope everyone else on here has aswell. The main reason people cry when

they have the trophy at the endis because they are physically, mentally,
emotionally, spiritually exhausted. Push throughfellas how I always love that one.
I mean I was ready to runthrough Cotton John's fence after reading that thing.

Come on, PJ. Washington,fight me, don't fight them,
fight me. I mean, youwere fired up last night, very fired
up player came out. I was, well, it's you know, because
I see how I see our bodylanguage and we're playing like we're letting the
fatigue get to us because we haven'tbeen here before, and we're kind of
just we've taken a lot of threesbecause you know, it's easier to shoot

a three than like driving the paintand get hit. And it's just like
you know, you go through filmsessions and like obviously they had like after
Game one, like Finch probably likegot into them, and there's so much
that goes on that it's you getto this point and that you're just you're
so tired, you're so exhausted thatlike you're just like one foot in front

of the other. And I getthat they have, you know, charters
and saying great hotels blah blah blahblah, get all that, but you
know, and N plus eighty twogames plus preseason, plus this, that
and the other. So it's youknow, we're we're getting. Like I
said, it's a little bit ofa a little bit of uh watching highlights

last night saw Rudy blow coverage.It's uh seeing you watch it. She's
like, what's he watching? Iknow, it's just we got to push
through every game. Sorry. Imean, you're one of the great basketball
players in the history of women's basketball. You couldn't have had that attention span

leading a three on two with thegust is trailing, trailing the break.
No, I was locked in.You're locked in. Lots of clicker to
go all ten on the highlights.Anyway, that's my that was my thoughts
going into the game. No blowndefensive coverage of the night, and it's
one play does not determine the threeminute game. The pinch calls it,

and it's like, we keep losingthe three minute game every time. It's
when, I mean, it wason it was as you put on Twitter
at Wendsay Underscore thirteen. Everybody wasturned everybody was turned up, turned up
for what and when Kat got caughtmesmerized just like watching the ball movement and
then all of a sudden, itends up with PJ. Washington in the
left corner and just standing it's ablown coverage. I mean, Aunt has

to get out there and defend it. PJ barrries it, and then you're
just like little details like that,man, you know, because then we're
because we were up three at thatpoint, right, I think so so
and that ties it. They've answeredit every time. They've answered us every
single time. So when you werewinning titles, was your You're let's say
you were one okay, ball facilitator, quarterback, whatever, you're the one.

So was Simone Augustus the one?Ah? It was your one a
when you were with your very bestteams or maybe you were the one A
to somebody's one. Oh, likewho was the best player on our team?
Yeah, and when you were winningat the highest level. Oh wow,
early on it was well it wasso silly late Yeah what am I?

Thank you? Maya more? Yeah, it was yeah, it was
well early first our first championship,it was Moan. Yeah, our second
one, it was a combination ofMoan and Maya. Our second one.
She said, funny, you bringthe rings in to see what they look
like. She's not done yet,like diga rings in w n B A
yeah, oh yeah, and thenUncle Jimmy and Continental Diamond makeum uh no,

now go ahead that Glenn Taylor hasa uh of course he does,
and each ring comes with a postednote and the wedding invitation, and Alex
Rodriguez signed baseball guard and then itwas still and still you know, I
mean, I mean, Maya wasm VP twenty fourteen. We didn't win

that year, but so it wasa combination of all those I was never
I was never won. I wasthat was my position on the team,
and bring up the US, butI was, I was, I did
other things right, I understand that. So maybe we had an MB three,
you know, like like Spree,Cassel and KG that was an MP
three you know where now and whenwe return, I'll get to exactly what

I'm talking about, because I'm justgoing to lay it out like this and
we can think it out. Bostonhas Tatum and Brown Indiana baby Pacers trying
to figure things out. They getTyree's when he's healthy, and Miles maybe
who knows, but they're defining it. Luke and Kyrie best of the best
ever, the best. The waythey've been playing and then us Anthony and

that's what I want to discuss nextwhen we return. Hello, you're on
the air. That's unbelievable him asjo Allen. How are you doing today?

We're great, Thank you very much, beloved. X and X marks
the spot for the Dallas Mavericks toadvance to the NBA Finals. Well,
they're up three to zero, soI mean it's not a zero percenter the
Timberwolves come back and win this series. It's a one or a two or
a three on the one hundred percentscale. Uh, there's history to be

made and that can be preached tothe players and like like, can you
even whether you're former coach half decades, Guy Yuma, multiple champion with the
WNBA Links, Olympic gold medalist,would you get three of those? You
got two of those? Yeah?So she got so you got two of
those. Have you like ever beenin this position? You know where it's

totally the back against the wall bit, And it's like when this is not
an affront to NBA players, it'sto anybody who can sense, smell,
feel, live, closure and recognizelike Turks and Caicos, Cancun dice in
the air in Vegas, mess rightaround the corner. Yeah, it's like

three days away. It's like twodays away once once the opening tap takes
place on Tuesday. That's like humannature. You know you ever been on
that spot? Yeah, well everytime you're in the playoffs really because it's
I always approached it as a playerthat you've done all this work all year,
You've made all these like sacrifices,and either you're gonna play, you're

gonna do everything you can to win, and you're gonna be good enough to
win and you're gonna go on orwin championships or win Olympics or you know,
if you lose, then the nextday you get to like sleep and
or like eventually like go see yourfamily or like be with your significant other

or like so either way, butit gets to that point you kind of
win. But I would imagine Lindsaywail out. I would imagine it sticks.
If it's like, uh ISNBA threeor five or four of seven?
Three or five? Okay, soyou're two two and and ogoomkay or Caitlin
Clark or Tisha Pinicero or Lisa Leslieor super Daggers one in somebody's face and

then they walk off champions horrible.Well that's like football wise, for your
favorite team, that would like beakin to O nine at New Orleans with
the end it lingers. You justthink about, Yeah, it sticks,
it hurts. It just sticks.And I'm an ancillary cartoon character. You're
like actually in the battle. Buti mean, when it's O three,

you know, and you know thatit's a high probability you're not going to
come back. I'm just hoping Nordossaid it earlier. I'm just hoping they
don't. I'm hoping that that we'renot We're not getting bet by thirty or
forty tomorrow night. You know.Yeah, no, it's and it hurts
worse once you've won, because onceyou've then it's like you don't know what
you don't know. So once wewon in twenty eleven, then every time

we didn't win, it was,you know, it felt like, you
know, kind of a yeah,somewhat of a failed year, even though
there was a lot of good yearsthat we had that we didn't win.
And but yeah, once you getto that, it's like there's nothing else
that because then you know how muchit was worth it and and how sixteen
was the worst that was. Sothat was because a month before, I

know, could you be win theSWO former Caine caught that tight end that
caught that touchdown back left of theend zone. First year of US Bank
Stadium, twenty sixteen on Chad Greenway. You're right, that was a terrible
year sixteen. That's what you're talkingabout, right, Well, I was
talking about US losing to LA I'msorry, bea a glom mackay buzzer beater.

That was the worst I did.I couldn't was at your spot,
right, I was there. Iknow you were. I was at that
game, that's right. It cameup said, yeah, wow we lost.
I didn't. I couldn't watch sportsfor like two months, see because
it was that. That was ButI don't know, I have maybe a
better perspective now, Okay, Andyou guys went every other year, didn't
you every other year? So itwas top of the food chain heartbreak,

top of the food chain, heartbreaktimes four exactly. Oh my goodness.
Yeah. So that's why I say, like the the mountain you climb and
it's just it gets to the pointwhere you're you love it, but you're
just gosh, it's just so manyswings of emotions and yeah, it's but
it's it's great. Well, theinto the break, I was talking about

that that batman Robin hall Oates peachesherb Augustus Simone Maya Maya Simone like that,
you know, with with you beingthe three and the m V three
according to you, I think youwere a little more important than that.
But anyway, it's all right,Well there's no disputing Jason. Okay,

So Jason Tatum, let's say Tatum, Luca, Haliburton Edwards, they're all
They're all in the same fishbowl.They're just under different rocks. Tatum's more
experienced, Luca does it differently.Ty Reese all of a sudden is scoring,
pushing through some back problems, andan aunt has defined himself as an
alpha, as a one, asa leader of a team. Correct,

Yes, okay, so you gotyou got all them, So now what
do you got next to them tohelp get you over the hump? Consistently
in every single game or throughout everysingle series. Jalen Brown is an absolute
tough, minded, tenacious dog.Correct, Yes, Tatum and Brown and
they they have now I'm getting readyto play well, but they have the

highest end three of the MV threein Derek White in my estimation that that
everybody else has. Okay, butlet's just go with those two Indiana baby
Pacers trying to figure that thing out. Might be Miles Turner, might be
Pascal Siakam might be sure, butI mean a lot of this is new
for him too. And then youget to Luke and Kyrie that's better than

Tatum and Brown at least to thisstage with what they've done in the postseason
or certainly on par Well. Thenyou get Aunt and you get you know,
okay, so Kat, you know, we had this conversation Friday is
who is the one A? It'sis it go Bear and the way he
plays defense and changes things? Isit the defense overall? So you got
like eighty five Bears Walter Payton andthe eighty five Bears defense or is it

Carl Anthony Towns? And I mean, clearly it needs to be Carl Anthony
Towns, but it's just not andthat's impacting the series well. And I
think leading up to this it's beenour defense and our depth, you know,
I think that was our big separatorbecause there are just certain matchups for
Kat that's just in this series hasjust been been tough for him. But

well, your guy Jaden Hardy offthe bench for them, Holy cow,
is he playing his tail off.He's good, very good. Yeah,
he's a nice little bench player.Yeah. So to me, that's that's
that's what it's been. And Iknow Carl's had some like phenomenal games,
but I think it's more of theway we defend end, and you know,
we need to see that type ofeffort that we saw in game two

at Denver, if that can everbe replicated, and then just our depth,
like you know, I love Ireally like naw, but you know,
he just hasn't knocked shots down.And you know, obviously we were
in the game in game two becauseof os and you know, I think
Carl. I put Carl ahead ofthose guys. Obviously he's an all star.
But but yeah, it's yeah,shot makers. It gets this point

of the playoffs too. And sothey got shots. So Luca, Luca
wins game two, all right,and he traveled. But I mean that's
and and you got you got foureyes, you're gonna twos. Look,
well, I know they're not mostlikely not that was blatant. I mean
that wasn't even a hard one tofind. Nevertheless, I wasn't called and

and he wins it in Gobert's face. But that's the point. It's like,
I don't know what's frustrating me moreright now with just a couple of
details here, the alley oops andthe lobs are bad for business because it
looks like gotcha. It looks likewe got you. These are gotcha plays
that we were setting to pick.Here, somebody's coming up here where they

shouldn't. Like, you're making mistakesand we're not just gonna score, We're
gonna alley oop dunk. It's likeNBA jam that game. So that's bad
for business. Likewise, for Gobertsomehow ending up in switches guarding the point
guard or guarding the guard. Ithappened a fair amount last night. It's
happened all series. Think about it. I mean, it's like, okay,

Janelle mccarvill, Sylvia Fowls Collier,whichever, whichever big player you want
to go down the list with LizaLeslie so on, in your game,
it's like, if they're coming outchecking you, you're gonna either get to
the line or score seven point nineto eight point two out of every ten
times. And Rudy's given everything too. I mean, Rudy's played good defense

in these situations sense getting the handup. But these guys are just gonna
hit on centers. It's just what'shappening. So that Rudy's having to check
guards. I say, well,everybody's obsessed with this blitz. Just go
like, get it out of thosetwo guys' hands. But then then you
get in rotations and it works itsway back to those guys eventually. Anyways,

or they're hitting, like you saidthat corner three, that's where you
get the lobs, because I justit's just tough. I don't know.
Last one for the al is bythe way, I mean just terminology.
PA was joking about drop coverage earlier. Stan Van Gundy on the blitz meter.
By the way, I don't knowif there's a per capita that must
be mentioned per game, But soI and I feel dumb as an outsider

because I don't remember hearing a tonof blitz and now it's blitz blitz,
blitz blitz blitz. Isn't that justeffectively just a double team it's a trap
or it's a hard hedge I meanit's essentially blitz is a trap or like
maybe it's not like expending two guysevery single time on the ball, but
it's a really hard head where you'rejust your goal and that it's it's like

in NFL, you're trying to getthe ball of the quarterback's hands quick,
you're trying to get the ball atthe point guard's had. It's as fast
as possible, so we're looking tomake a decision. So we're looking like
the Brian Flores of blitzing right nowand it's not working to our favor.
Yeah, and they're Keenan Allen.They're just too good in pick and roll.
I mean there's not really I mean, you can switch. We've tried
switching. We've tried drop, whichis always was my that was pretty much

are preferred with the links because you'remaking guards take tough twos, go over
big guys there. Make it makessomebody take tough twos. But they're so
good at that. That's where youget into the they occupy the big the
post player on offense is rolling keepin that pocket the whole time, and
then that's when they're lobbing it thelast second because we're worried about three point

shooters, rapid fire. Your linksare four and one and undefeated. Oh
they're so good. So you doyou watch every game or most games?
Yep? When the Xfinity stream iswork keen yep. And it didn't work
a couple of days ago, Iwas not happy, but it worked last
night, so okay. And theyare they're so good. They are really

good. And I like this AlanaSmith, she's our center. She's like
eleven for fifteen from three geez,I know, crazy, and she's our
center. Right. McBride played incredibleyesterday. Collier looks like an MVP candidate.
And I love the addition of CourtneyWilliams. You know Cheryl. Yeah,

had her on the radio show lastweek. She's awesome, So I
love when she comes on. She'sshe's our Olympic coach, like she's there
before and one and we're kind ofthat under you know, just right where
we want to be. Okay,really good team. How much Caitlin Clark
have you watched for the fever?Oh? Yeah? Almost every game?
Really? Yeah? Well, youknow I think that she's so cool to

watch. She's great, just likegreat, Like I've her first game on
ESPN two and I watched like fourcontracted in Well, yeah I got I
got bid. I got bid inthe NC Double eight. I knew who
she was. Saw highlights. Yeah, didn't make it appointment viewing. Made
an appointment viewing in the NC DOUBLEAtournament. I'll watch her every opportunity I
have. She's just that fun towatch. But so I watched the first

game and they lose. It wasclose. But then like when I'm starting
to get ready here and you'll logon, this big news feed thing comes
on the computer screen and there generallyare like Indiana Fever or Caitlin Clark three
minute highlight reels. So like,even just watching those, she's just so
cool to watch. The way sheplays, you know, yeah, Yeah,

it's she's got a fun style,and I think she's just now it's
just she's adjusting to the length ofthe league and the and you know,
the physicality. It's what it is. I mean, everybody, it happens
is everybody. I mean, youcome in and I remember my third game
of the WNBA in two thousand andfour, I'm staring across at Lisa Leslie.

You've never seen anybody that like thatin college six six can move.
It's an adjustment period. And andthey're a young team. Indiana's a young
team. And but they'll figure itout. They're playing better. They are
playing better obviously the other night theyplayed the Aces. I mean they've played
seven They played seven games in elevendays, and I'm looking at the schedule

like that. It's only happened oneother time in the history of the league.
Everybody wants to see the girl,right, And you know what I
think that they would want to seeis some practice time, because I mean
it's like you're playing every other game, you're trying to work on this continuity,
and it's you know, it's it'swhat it is, and they'll get
it on the back end. Thenthey'll get more practice time on the back
end, is what will happen.So did you know works its way out?

Did you play one games? Didyou think Diana Tarassi was sour vet
lady like in the NCAA tournament whenshe and Sue Byrd were doing like the
Manning Cast or whatever. Oh yeah, their show, Yeah yeah, doing
the show. Yeah. I couldn'tfigure it out. I mean, it's
just well, she was like welcomein the warm, right, well,
it's like she's you know, she'smy just it's phenomenal feet that she's still

playing. I mean it's twenty years. It's it's like anything. It's like
anything in life. When you knowsomebody's been doing something for twenty years or
ten years or five years. Youjust the more you go through it,
the more you see it, themore prepared ever you know people are.
So there's going to be an adjustmentperiod. That's just just life. You
had to go to Progue to makeX amount of dollars, Diana had to

go wherever to make X amount ofdollars Russia, and you got like IV
and you got like Nike, andlike just rolling in saying Kate Lee or
Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn just giving her millionsof dollars. I just sense that just
kind of like rubbed the veteran thewrong way a little bit. Well,
yeah, you know, I thinkit's that that part. I think I

don't think anybody really. I thinkit's more or less the the players who
have put a lot of time inand now it's I think it's more like
the eyes and like the game hasbeen and no question, she's a generational
player. Kaitlyn. So is sois Diana. But I think it's just
more or less like where is allwhere its not necessarily the money, but

like the eyes and like and Ithink it's social media is really and you
know, kind of had this meteorcraise. But hey, listen, I
am for me like I loved whenI played. I think that this would
be this is a lot to playwith this much scrutiny and all these eyes
and all this and that and other. I'm like, I just liked when
I played, and and now Iget to watch it and be like,

man, I'm glad I don't haveto get up at six a m.
And do whatever, you know,you know what I mean. Yeah,
So it's like there, it's Ijust think these guys I give them a
lot of credit for how well they'vehandled it, not only Caitlyn, but
a lot of the other younger playersin the current players. Lindsay Whalen,
you are the absolute bomb. Thanks, thanks for coming in studio, and

happy Monday too, Happy Memorial Day. I'm sure when you let the drawbridge
down on the other side of thegolf course, I'll be able to catch
a glimpse of Castle number two andwe'll walk the dog or the cats that
way, and we'll stop buy andsay hello, good deal. Welcome anytime.
By Lindsay Lindsey Whalen. She's basketballimmortality. Likewise, for Trent Tucker,
who joins nine to noon around theCorner on KFA.
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