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October 10, 2023 21 mins

Belly’s childhood demon,  French Montana brings an evil spirit home from Morocco and JaVale McGee described a mysterious stranger who broke into his bedroom and watched him sleep.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
You are listening to a encore presentation of Hip Hop
Horror Stories. For more episodes, go to Apple Podcasts, Spotify,
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Speaker 2 (00:16):

Speaker 3 (00:22):
There's a place beyond this place, a middle ground between
the light and the darkness, the natre and the zenith.
For some, it's a bridge between the living and the dead.
Yet for others there's something else. Entirely, it's the place
where our nightmares dwell. Each one of us has touched

the other side and felt the presence of something beyond
this world. Welcome to Hip Hop Horror Stories. I'm your host, Belly,

and each week we're going to take you to the
limits of your imagination as we explore the reality of
paranormal experiences. I believe in this shit for real, and
the stories you're about to hear might make you believe too.
Before I introduce our first guest, I want to share
a personal story of mine, the hip hop horror story

of my own.

Speaker 2 (01:51):
So let's go back.

Speaker 3 (01:52):
This was probably nineteen ninety three, nineteen ninety two, Ottawa, Canada.
I was probably in Canada at that point for only
a few years. You know, there was there was there
was just a lot of rules in my household. It

was a lot of things that we couldn't do. One
of those things was to not go in my parents' room.
First of all, shout out to my parents, uh, you know,
incredible people, great inspirations, but they just had something about
going in the inside their room. So one day, usually

the door was locked, one day the door was open.
It was a hot summer day. I noticed the door
kind of cracked open. I walked in. There was a
disposable camera sitting on a night stand. So, of course,
being a little kid, I picked up the camera. I

wounded up, and you know, when you're a kid, you
think the world revolves around you. So the only thing
I could think of doing was taking a picture of
myself in the mirror. So I took that picture, put
the camera down, snuck out of the room before my

mom caught me, and then you know, went about my day,
probably like wrestling with my brothers, getting beat up by
my older brother, you know, having like low key racist
comments said by like my neighbors. They didn't even know
they were being racist, Like accidental racism. What's going on?

And probably like a week later, my mom got the footage.
I mean, my mom got the film developed and she
came home. She was going through the pictures, and then
she literally just went off on me. So I told you,
why would you grab my camera? Why the hell would
you go in my room? When the hell did I

leave it unlocked? So it just made her even more
mad that she wasn't on her p's and q's like that,
and she threw the picture at me. So it's the
picture of me in the mirror. She threw it at me,
completely heated. So I grabbed a picture. I look at it.
Of course, being a little kid, I'm smiling and laughing,

being like a this is math funny. I'm gonna hang
this shit up. So I look at the picture and
it's me. Obviously, the flash is blocking out my face.
In the background, there's a window. This was a split
level house, so that window would have been probably about

ten to twelve feet high right.

Speaker 2 (04:55):
From the ground.

Speaker 3 (04:58):
Then I look closer and noticed there was a hooded
figure standing in the window, peeking in both eyes, showing
just red eyes, a hooded figure, and I remember just
every hair on my body. At that time, I was
too young to have hair on my body. But if
I had hair on my body, it would have all

stood up, definitely had goosebumps. I showed it to my brothers,
we all started tripping out. So that night at dinner,
I pulled it out and I showed it to my
mom and I was like, look, this is the this
is the picture that I took. Tell me what that
is in the background. And my mom took it and
said everything she could to basically disprove what I showed her,

and then she ripped the picture in half, and through
the picture. Throughout my life, every single time I have
a nightmare, that figure is there. And the worst part
about this is one of my friends. I'm not gonna
say no names protect that identities. One of my friends,

uh probably like twenty years ago, had a nervous breakdown
and came to my house. So he was drunk, he
was high, you know, everything under the sun. You know,
he was in tears. I calmed him down, you know,
we spoke. I tried to use comedy to lighten the
mood a little bit, and you know, just just just

just someone that was near and dear to me. I
wanted I wanted to see him happy again, you know.
And finally, when everything was calm. He started crying out
the blue. He was like, there's something that follows. I'm like,
when you're talking to me, he said, tonight, the whole night,

when you walk around your condo, there's a hooded figure
that ship think. Oh, that's when I realized you don't
see it. That shit been with me my whole life,
and the only time I captured it was in that picture.

This week we have French Montana and he's here to
tell us his hip hop horror story.

Speaker 2 (07:21):
A couple of years.

Speaker 3 (07:21):
Ago, French went back to Morocco and he thinks he
brought back more than just food poisoning.

Speaker 4 (07:32):
It was about November twenty nineteen. It was a regular
old day. I'm about I was waking up exhausted from
all the trips I had. Went to Saudi Arabia, then
I went to Egypt, and after Egypt, I went to
Morocco and I'm aba. It was my birthday, so I
was doing a lot of drinking in Morocco and I
guess I probably went and I ate at the wrong

people house. I think I had that mentality over there
and I was like, you know, and I was just
talking shit.

Speaker 2 (08:00):
I was like, give me whatever I want.

Speaker 4 (08:01):
Like, you know, I was moving around Morocco reckless, and
I think somebody was like, okay, I think somebody definitely
had a little.

Speaker 2 (08:09):
Sprinkle in there.

Speaker 1 (08:11):
You know.

Speaker 4 (08:11):
When I when I ate at them people house, its
just ship just got crazy. Like I started seeing shit
that wasn't there, like I had Like when I was sleep,
Zack had this little dog and I woke up like
like four am, and like the fucking dog is just
like on top of me, barking, that ship all around
me and there's nobody there, right, So I thought I

was tripping.

Speaker 2 (08:33):
So that passed. I flew back.

Speaker 4 (08:38):
The day started when I came back from Morocco. I
remember the weather that day being you know, regular La temperature.
You know, it was a valley regular at like eighty
Right now, mind you, my mother is still in Africa.
Everybody's still there, Zack is still there. So I get home.

I just start seeing people in my backyard. There's nobody
there though. Well I'm not on mushrooms. I'm not on nothing,
you know what I'm saying. So I just start seeing
people back there. It's almost like people came and camped
in the back of my house. I'm just I'm like,
I'm telling niggas like you see that, Like there's nobody
back there, but I can see shit. So I just

start tripping the fuck out. I remember after that, I
went to the mods and I called the fuck here
and I was like, yo, come, I need you.

Speaker 2 (09:28):
I don't know what they gave me to eat. I
gotta get this shit out of me. So he came.

Speaker 4 (09:36):
He played the Koran and this and that, and I'm
just sitting there, you know, and he's like and he's like, yo,
I don't know if you possessed this and that. Like
he just start scaring the shit out of me. Right then,
my mother just walks in. I could hear her voice,
like she's inside of the house, right, So I no,
I just hear her voice for a little bit. I

hear her voice. I'm like, yo, my mother down there.
So she was in Africa. So he's like, nah, like
you know, she's like, she's not here, nobody downstairs.

Speaker 2 (10:05):
I can hear shit.

Speaker 4 (10:09):
I go to the studio. I walk in there, so
I'm playing cams, some music, my mad cams, and I
just see somebody sitting in the studio with that's some
mad guns. I'm like, yo, what the fuck is avenue?
Then after that, and then after that, I went outside
the crab and I went across the street. I look
back and my mother is like outside the gate, she

telling me by wherever I'm going. I was like, nah,
I'm bucking.

Speaker 2 (10:34):
I'm tripping.

Speaker 4 (10:36):
Everywhere I looked, I saw something. I seen the figure
that had one eye. I seen two figures that were
ying high behind a tree. I seen these two ladies
that were spinning around and whispering to each other. I
seen like a black bird, like the same one that's

in Vikings, a raven, flying around the room. At first,
I can see them, and as time went by, when
when whatever it is kicked in fully kicked in, they
could touch me. And that's when I was bought. And
that's when I bumped out. Like when I was inside
my room, something just grabbed me. I was like, oh shit,
this is for real. I'll go see what's wrong with

it didn't kill me. And all the spirits that came
from it was there wasn't like evil spirits.

Speaker 2 (11:28):
In the beginning.

Speaker 4 (11:28):
It was, but as as as a trickle down, it
was like, okay, I was safe. I was just like, wow,
I can't believe this happened to me. I was backtracking
actually just to see where did I eat at the
house that I've been to, and I just started calling
people cursing them out. Yeah, if y'all didn't do this,
then find out who did it. It was just like

my imagination and whatever it is just like came back.
It's like it became reality basically, kind of vibe. I
think I was tapped in, Like I think I was
tapped into a different world for a little bit. Even
if everything came from my imagination or everything was within,
I think that it would still be real because even

imagination is made by you know, about a high power.
You know, there wouldn't be no imagination if it wasn't
already made. So I honestly just think that, you know,
there's nothing wrong with experiencing things like that in your life,
you know, so you could see that there is different
places that you know you can go, whether it is
in your mind, whether it's in your reality. What's in
your world? I asked one person before I asked the

fuck here. He was like, you were just between life
and probably deaf in different world. You were seeing the
things that people see on the other side. I'm a praying,
spiritual person one million percent. If I didn't believe in
it's supernatural, I believed in it after my incident.

Speaker 3 (12:54):
We divert from hunted houses and mystical beings to enter
a setting it seems on the surface ordinary, a hotel
room on the road with a college basketball team. NBA
star Javal McGee tells us a story so crazy it
makes one question the very fabric of reality. Imagine this

a night filled with card games, the spirit of youthful
invincibility filling the air. But as the clock takes towards midnight,
Javel makes a seemingly innocent mistake. He leaves his hotel
room door wide open, but follows next Defire's explanation.

Speaker 5 (13:35):
My name is JaVale McGhee aka Perre three times and
this is my hip hop horror story. So if you
don't know who I am, I play basketball and I
went to the University of Nevada. Areno. The story begins
us on a road trip. We had a road trip
to a little city. I would say it might have

been like Sacramento or something, but one of those cities.

Speaker 2 (14:01):
And I went to a mid major.

Speaker 5 (14:02):
So I went to the University of Nevatreino, So we
weren't going to like major cities. But we went to Sacramento,
which is a major city. But we went to I
think we were in Sacramento. We were landing to play someone.
I forgot who we were playing. We had to get
to the hotel. So we got to the hotel. Is
you gotta think it's fifteen sixteen, just twenty year old
eighteen year old boys. So the first thing we decided

to do figure out what we're all gonna do together.
What we decided is we're gonna play like this game
called high Die. The way the game is played is
in the name. Whoever has the highest die wins, So
I roller one, you roller five, you win the money.

Speaker 2 (14:40):
So that was the game we.

Speaker 5 (14:41):
Were playing, and we would go once we checked in
the hotel, we find out where everybody's room is, and
all of our teammates because we were bunked up to
to a room, we'd find out where everybody's room is
and we would go in their room and play high Die.
And I was actually winning. I probably made it like
fifty sixty dollars because we're playing for dollars, so I

have sixty x my money for sure, I'm going to
room the room just gambling, gambling, gambling, and I'm winning,
feeling good. The way that we were able to go
in people's rooms where we put a deadlock, we put
the deadlock. You know in hotels when they can flip
the little deadlock in the door so that the door
doesn't close all the way if you're going to get
ice or something. We got the deadlock on the door. Everybody.

I'm sure everybody else were smart enough to take the
deadlock off and go to sleep. But I'm kind of
forgetful when it comes to certain things. So I'm in
there with my teammate, reminded Sessions MD. Sessions is two
years older than me too, so I'm the freshman, he's
the vet. But I leave the door. I definitely leave
the deadlock. It was my fault at dead like with me,

he wasn't in a gambler, so it was my fault
the deadlight. So the reason I mentioned the deadlock is
so we go to sleep with the dead Like on
I go to sleep whatever regular night, my teammate remind
screaming out.

Speaker 2 (16:03):
And I can hear them.

Speaker 5 (16:04):
It's like get up, and I'm just like I'm thinking
it's a dream or something's going I don't know what's
going on.

Speaker 2 (16:12):
So I wake up and look. I look at him first,
and then I.

Speaker 5 (16:14):
Look in front of us, and there's nothing there, so
I'm like, who's this person talking to?

Speaker 2 (16:19):
Then I hear the door hit the dead boat.

Speaker 5 (16:23):
If anybody knows, that's kind of like a pet peeve
of mine too, is when you put that dead boat
in there, if you don't catch the door, it makes
a loud, like a giant clunk against the wall. And look,
sometimes it damages the door too, So it made that noise,
It made a giant clunk, So from my perspective, it's.

Speaker 2 (16:40):
Just get out. And then I look up.

Speaker 5 (16:42):
No one's there, but I hear the deadlock, so I'm like, okay,
it can't be lying. I just heard the deadlock. So
somebody definitely was in here. I just didn't visually see them.
So I asked him, like, what do you mean somebody
was in here? Who was in here? What happened? He said,
when you woke up, he felt something looking at him
when he was sleep, which is the only reason why

he woke up. So when he woke up, he said
he saw a guy, a older white guy but white
hair in a trench coat, standing in front of our beds,
like in the middle and just standing there staring at us.
And then when he woke up, that's when That's what
I guess I heard, was him telling him.

Speaker 2 (17:22):
You gotta go, hey, hey, hey, get up, get out, get.

Speaker 5 (17:24):
Up, And then I heard the door close. So I
technically didn't even see it. I just literally experienced it
sort of, but didn't actually get to see the guy
and never found the guy and none of that. But
it was just a real creepy situation that I literally
never forget. And I literally never even seen the guy.

So I have a memory of a person that I've
never actually seen, but it's really just the guy in
the trench cover who was in front of our bed
in college. The crazy part is he was sure it
was a real person. He wasn't like, no, it's not no,
the dude didn't slowed away. He said it was a
real dude, like just standing there in front of our bed.
If I wouldn't have heard to tell the truth, if

I wouldn't have heard the deadlock, I wouldn't have believed him.
I would have been like, bro, you're dreaming or you're
having a nightmare or something. But the deadlight is what
really like put me over the top to Okay, there's
no reason for him to lie about that, So I'm
I'm dead sleep. It's I'm probably in rim. If y'all
know what rim is, then you go ahead and look

that up. But I'm sleep sleep, I'm feeling amazing, and
all I hear, I'm just abruptly awakening by my teammateers.

Speaker 2 (18:36):
Yelling hey, hey, get out of here. Hey, hey, just
look up.

Speaker 5 (18:40):
And when I wake up, I'm not really a coherent
person that wakes up. I'm kind of foggy a little bit,
so I'm just confused at what's going on. And him
explaining that to me really just it messed up my
head a little bit.

Speaker 3 (18:56):
Despite the extensive investigations, the mysterious figure of appeared that
night remains as elusive as a shadow on the wall,
unseen in surveillance footage, unknown to witnesses, yet clear in
the memory of those who felt his threatening presence. So
what are we to make of this insane tale? Was

this a visitor, a manifestation, or a trick played by
exhausted minds? Some questions are not made to be answered,
and others should just be left alone. Sometimes we carry
things with us that we don't understand. In my case,

it was some kind of demon. To this day, I
don't know who he is or what he wanted, only
that he was always there. I wasn't the only one
that could see him. I know somebody close friend of
mine that was in crisis saw him all those years later,
and it really makes me wonder what this thing was

or what it really wanted, And I'll probably never find out.
The point is we're never alone, even when we think
we are. French seem to have the whole village with him,
and his fakir advised him that perhaps these people were
a bridge between the living and the dead. Were they
warning him of something that was coming, or was it

just a peak into a world beyond our own? I
guess we'll never know. Thank you for listening. I'm your
host Belly. Join us next week for more hip hop
horror stories.

Speaker 2 (21:18):
Touch the Boy of the Clock
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