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Episode 20: Bi-Racial Identity

Heidi Grandberry's entire life centers around one important concept; identity! The Engineer turned rising star Comedian opens up about growing up Bi-Racial and the differences in the things she and her White Friends would get away with doing as opposed to that of Heidi and her Black Friends. Heidi also delves into how people react to her, a Woman that looks Black, doing Comedy routines about White Women and how she surprises her audience by detailing the fact she's 57% White and therefore is also talking about herself when addressing "White Women Problems". Heidi also reveals her fear of changing or even cutting her hair because it's become such an important tool regarding how the outside world identifies her and a source of positive feedback. The conversation takes an interesting turn when Heidi reveals despite the Global Lockdowns happening in 2020, She actually appreciates being forced to slow her life down and focus on things such as more detailed interactions with her family. This interview may make you laugh, cry, pissed off and relate all at the same time. Enjoy!!

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Comedian Heidi Grandberry Tells Us The Truth - Tell Us The Truth