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June 18, 2024 30 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
You may have witnessed the video that's gone viral. I
put it up on Instagram and you can see the
video I'm about to talk about at Ben Ferguson podcast
on Instagram. It is the moment that former President Barack
Obama had to grab Joe Biden's arm, and it wasn't
just a senior moment. It was a moment where everybody

in that room realized the president is clearly not fit
to be in office. He's not fit for office. We
also know that his own Department of Justice has already
declared that he would not be mentally competent to stand trial.
That's why they didn't charge him with stealing classified documents.

So that is another aspect of this that we also know.
But this moment now has turned into a hysterical story.
Democrats are now fighting back and they are claiming now
that this is actually just a deep fake moment, that
it didn't really happen and or look that bad. That's

how they're fighting back against the video that has now
gone viral. The White House Press Secretary has also come
out and said that she's very upset that there's so
many people that are I guess you could say picking
on the President of the United States of America. The
White House Press secretary asked about all of these different

senior moments, and here's what she said.

Speaker 2 (01:28):
There seems to be a sort of rash of videos
that have an exited to make the president up here
especially frail or deadly confused.

Speaker 1 (01:36):
I'm wondering if the White.

Speaker 2 (01:38):
House is especially worried about the kind of this appears
to be a patter.

Speaker 1 (01:42):
Number thing more about.

Speaker 2 (01:43):
Yeah, and I think you all have called this the
cheap fakes video, and that's exactly what they are. They
are cheap fakes video. They are done in batch eight
and in some of your news organization have been very
clear have stressed that these right wing when critics of
the president have a credibility problem because of the fact

checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation disinformation, And so
we see this and this is something coming from your
part of the world, calling them cheap fakes and misinformation.
And I'll quote the Washington Post where they wrote they
wrote about this and they said how Republican use misleading
videos to attack Biden in a twenty four hour period,

And to their credit, we have a conservative Washington Examiner
did call them out as well, calling out The New
York Post. Ironically, several recent cheap fakes actually attack the
president for thanking troops.

Speaker 1 (02:42):
For thanking troops.

Speaker 2 (02:43):
That is what they are attacking the president for. Both
in Normandy this happened and again in Italy. And I
think that it tells you everything that we need to
know about how desperate, how desperate Republicans are here. And
instead of talking talking about the president's performance in office,
and what I mean by that is a legislative wins,

what he's been able to do for the American people
across the country, we're seeing these deep fakes, these manipulated videos,
and it is again done in that faith.

Speaker 1 (03:16):
All right, So let me just get this straight. The
White House is now telling you that the President of
the United States of America freezing on stage and a
former president, Barack Obama having to unfreeze him and lead
him off stage, and all of the other incoherent moments
are actually somehow made up by conservative media, and you

shouldn't actually look at this and believe what you are
actually seeing. They're telling you that this is the R
and C distributing quote, unfiltered, unedited publicly available clips of
Biden that they're wanting you to believe are actually fakes.
The rn C is only distributing the unfiltered, United and

publicly available clips of Biden. That's what they're doing. So
they call them now cheap fakes, meaning it's a cheap shot.
It's not a fake video. All of these videos are real.
They're not fake videos. They're very much real and accurate.
But they sit there in the media. Now. This is
also the same media that lied to you and told
you that the Hunter by Laptop wasn't real. Remember when

they all lied to you, Remember when the deep state
right went deep fake on you and said, oh, it's
not really, this is not a real this is Russian disinformation.
This is the same media that sold you for four
years that Donald Trump was an asset of the Russian government,
that Donald Trump was compromised by the Russians, and there

was quote Russia collusion in our elections. They knew the
entire time they're lying to you, They knew they were
making it up. You want to talk about cheap fakes
and deep fakes, like, go with that. But this idea
that the president of United States of America is somehow
not freezing on stage is absurd. There was a very

interesting article about this. A good friend of mine, Piers Morgan.
We disagree on a lot of things, but he wrote
an article for The New York Post about this. He says,
he said, quote there were only ten words, but wow,
did they spark a reaction. I watched the viral clip,
which again the White House is now claiming as a
deep fake. It never really happened, but it did, and

he says, I watched the viral clip of Barack Obama
taking a frozen Joe Biden by the arm and leading
him off stage at their Star Studied thirty million dollar
LA fundraiser and posted on x what I suspect everyone
who watched it was thinking, so embarrassing. The Democrats can't
let this go on, surely question Mark. Within a few hours,

a staggering seven five million people have viewed my post,
in many thousands of those had liked, reposted, or commented
on it. As I thought, the vast majority shared my
honestly held opinion that President Biden is no longer fit
for the highest office in America. I don't mean that

he's too incompetent for the job. Although many would say
he is. I mean that he's too physically and mentally
unfit to function at the extremely high level required to
be the leader of not just the United States America,
but the free the leader of the free world. Morgan
goes on to write, when the last Democrats occupy the

White House has to literally grab the current one because
he notices he's had yet another senior moment. That's how
they describe it, right, a quote unquote senior moment and
appears to be paralyzed like a statue on stage. It
has to be the wake up call everyone in the
party must urgently heed before it's too late, doesn't it,

question Mark. We're only five months away from the twenty
twenty four general election, but what is now painfully obvious
is that Joe Biden's already cooked as a candidates not
all he said. I'm gonna have more of this, but
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your account today. Now back to what Peers Morgan said

about the Democratic Party and what we're witnessing here. He
said this quote, there is not a snowballs chance in
hell that he can possibly get through another four year
term of the presidency, and everyone knows it. By the way,
I couldn't agree with Piers Morgan more than what he
just said there when he says everyone knows it. He's right.

But Democrats are stuck with Joe Biden right now, and
they also realize that, and so they're basically saying, we'll
figure out what happens to Joe after we win the
White House again. Now, he went on to say, this
is a once very eloquent, fast talking firebrand senator. Yes, really,

he is a man that has had blistering speeches. Some
of them are famous. Some of them are basically research
of how to be a senator if you get elected.
One of them was in nineteen eighty six a speech
from a Senate committee hearing in which he rails magnificently
against apartheid in South Africa. These are what Joe Biden's

speeches used to be, like, He's nowhere near that now.
This is a man that can barely speak without talking gibberish,
nor walk quicker than a snail. And this is Piers
Morgan's words. I agree with him. By the way. He
also said he's a guy that keeps falling over forgetting
what he's supposed to be doing, or saying it's long

gone beyond the stage of being novel to watch. Biden
is supposed to be America's commander in chief, but at
what is a very dangerous time for the world. I
wouldn't trust him now to order a restaurant meal, let
alone a military strike. So the question is why is
he still running? Piers Morgan asked the question, I want

to go back to this question, why is Joe Biden
still running. Why has nobody told him to stand aside
for the good of the party and the country, Morgan writes,
an incumbent president and this has happened before. Lennon Johnson
did it in nineteen sixty eight, Harry Truman did it
nineteen fifty three. If they have, then, why hasn't he

listened to them? Is another question that morgana asks. We're
told he still believes he's the only person who can
beat Donald Trump because he beat him the last time.
But as I suspect the world, we'll see when they
have their first live TV debate on June the twenty seventh,
ten days from now, folks, the controversial and now criminally
convicted Republican candidate referring to Trump, We'll eat Biden live

on stage, and there will be no Obama there to
rescue him, just like there was the other night. Just
as baffling. Why does so many high profile Democrats persist
to try to convince us that Biden still has got
all of his marbles? Intact, you look at George Clooney
or Julia Roberts standing there on stage taking pictures telling

the American people trust us, this guy's great. Morgan says.
After I post my comments about the jaw dropping the
embarrassing Obama Biden arngrab, two of America's most famou mus
billionaires responded to what I said. The first was the
hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, who has been a vocal
Democratic supporter and major donor, but has said he's now

likely to vote for Trump. He posted to me, I
have been criticized by some for sharing these at potis
Biden videos, which appear almost every day. I have read
numerous articles which somehow suggests that the camera angle, the
duration of the clip, or some form of right wing
manipulation explains Biden's behavior on camera. Some people are old

at eighty one and the other's a sharp, vigorous and
then impressive. Compare Warren Buffett at ninety three to Biden
at eighty one. Biden is an old in eighty one
who can't find his way off a stage or stay
present and focused at a G seven conference. Is that
who should be the leader of the free world for
the next five years? Question mark. A president should not

have to be let off stage by hand or with
an armed wrapped around him. By the way. That's the
new excuse is that they're lifelong friends, referring to Obama
and Biden. So he wasn't actually leading him off stage,
like helping him find his way off stage. No, no, no,
when you saw that, it wasn't real. They said they're
just best friends and Obama just wanted to put his

arm around him. That is the excuse that they are
now giving. That is not the image of strength and
leadership we need as a country. The billionaire continues, look
at what's going on in the world. The perception of
week leadership in the United States has led to global chaos.
The reality of week leadership is a long term, serious
and continued threat to our country. He says. The Democratic

Party is destroying itself by advancing Biden for a second term.
This is the Emperor's new clothes in real life. But
it is not a children's book or a joke. The
world is a great at great risk, and Biden and
a Biden second term is a great threat to the
global security and prosperity. Now again, this is coming from

Bill Ackman, who's a hardcore Democratic supporter, who's now saying
he's more likely to vote for Donald Trump. And that's
not all. Now, another billionaire, when you're gonna know hardcore
lefty entrepreneur Dallas Maverick's co owner Shark Tank, reality TV
star Mark Cuban. He hit back with this appears Morgan
and Bill Ackman. You guys both are so consumed with

pandering to your Twitter followers you've lost all objectivity. I'll
let you both in on a secret. Both candidates are old,
very old all caps. They both are going to have
senior moments, miss remember, forget things, and have physical frailties.
I'll tell you a not so secret secret. One is

great at soundbites, but also thinks and sound bites. The
other is awful at sound bites, but thinks in complete sentences.
Voters will decide which we prefer. Now what Cuban's basically
doing there saying, well, hold on a second. If you're
going to criticize Joe Biden for having these s now
moments where he's literally freezing on stage, then you've got
to criticize the other guy too, because he's old. So

therefore you have to understand that they're both old, so
it's not fair to criticize one. I'm not criticizing the
age on their driver's license. I would criticize Biden if
he was sixty acting this way or fifty in acting
this way, because it's clearly an issue of incompetence, of
mental incompetence. It is an issue of a man who

this own Department of Justice said, we cannot waste the
American people's times by charging him with crimes for classified documents,
because no jury would convict a senile old man. That
is what they said. And when they told you that,
you should believe them. Now the instant barrage of replies,
the Cuban's message sat at all, virtually nothing. No one

agreed with him. Many openly mocked him, which is hardly
surprising given that even two thirds of Democrats think Biden's
too old to be running again. And and he says,
much as I admire Cuban, he and I both Morgan says, no,
he wouldn't employ sleepy Joe to run a bath for him,

let alone a business. And that's a great point. Mark
Cuban would never hire Joe Biden to run a business
unless it was a shady business that was influenced peddling,
selling out the United States of America, because that's actually
something Joe Biden's good at Perhaps the most obsurd reaction
to all came from the White House Senior Deputy pres
Secretary Andrew Bates, who was so enraged by a New

York Post report that accurately recounted what happened with Biden
and Obama on stage that he ran it on on
X Right Twitter, Fresh off being fact checked by at
least six mainstream outlets for lying about Potus with cheap fakes.
Rupert Burdock sad, Little Superpack, the New York Post is
back to disrespecting its readers and itself once again. Their

ethical standards could deal with a little unfreezing, referring to
them saying that Joe Biden was freezing on stage. I
have two invitations, Morgan says to mister Bates by way
of response. First, as I have successfully requested many times,
I would like to interview President Biden, just as I
previously interviewed numerous US presidents, including his Democratic presecessor Clinton

and Carter. Second, Morgan says the New York Post's editorial
board will love to give the present the opportunity to
put all speculation to bed about his age related issues
with an in person meeting, and both these invitations. If
I should say both these invitations are declined, as they
are to almost the entirety of the media, then, as

Mark Cuban said, voters can draw their own conclusions and
act accordingly, just as I believe they will on November
the fifth, when if Joe Biden is still the Democratic candidate,
Donald Trump will be re elected. Now, Pierce Morgan does
not have love loss. Just so you know, with Donald Trump,
they've had it out over the last I don't know,
four or five years. It has been brutal how much

they have had it out over the last four or
five years. But the point that he's making here is
a very sound point. You have a president of the
United States of America that you can watch on stage
and you can look at it and it's obvious that
he is in massive cognitive decline and that he is
someone that is freezing. The second problem here is I

think we can all agree that he's not running the country.
So the question is who is. Well, it's his staff,
people that are elected by no one. It's different people
in his administration. It's different people from the Obama administration
days who are now out there as lobbyists who are
getting what they want. It's those in the green alternative
energy sector that are getting what they want. How do

we know that. Well, when you have a week leader
and you're compromised by China, certain things happen. What do
I mean by that? There is a new report that
has just broke that says Europe's gas imports from Russia
overtook supplies from the US for the first time in

almost two years in May, despite the region's efforts to
wean itself off Russian fossil fuels since the full scale
invasion of Ukraine. That is how much Barack Obama, or
I should say Joe Biden's administration, which is filled with
Obama's people, are destroying this country in our economy. Now
you look at this headline about what's happening with Russia

overtaking the US as a gas supplier to Europe in May.
The question you have to ask yourself is how is
the United States of America allowing this to happen? If
you know that Russia desperately needs the money coming in
from their oil exports and that's what's paying for and
fueling the war, the endless war with Ukraine, and then

you're sending all this money to Ukraine, Are you not
basically fund both sides of the war? Yeah? I mean
this is this is an endless money pit for us.
Now remember Batarina, the Russian oligarch. She was the richest
woman in Russia. Her husband was the mayor of Moscow.
They're best friends with Putin. She has still not and

the family has still not been sanctioned by the United
States government. All of her money is free flowing, all
of her investments are free flowing. She can go and
do whatever she wants to do in the world, and
the Biden administration has not sanctioned her. Why one simple reason.
She gave over three million dollars to the Biden crime family,
and they clearly have something on the Bidens and this

is their payday that they now don't have to worry
about being sanctioned. Now all these other oligarchs are being sanctioned.
I'd be mad, right, But Batterina, She's like, no, no,
I hired Hunter Biden for something, or I gave him
three million dollars for something. Well we now know what
she got. In response, that's number one, Okay, number two,
if you actually were trying to help Ukraine win the war,

it would be more valuable, It would be more important
if you stop the flow of Russian gas to Europe,
and that America started to undermine the price on purpose
so that they wouldn't have as much money coming in
so they could continue the endless war with Ukraine. But
that is not what Joe Biden is doing. Quote. While

one off factors drove the reversal, it highlights the difficulty
of further reducing Europe's dependence on gas from Russia, with
several Eastern European countries still relying on imports from their neighbor.
Is striking to see the market share of Russian gas
and liquefinancial gas entire in Europe. After all we have

been through and all the efforts made to decouple and
d risk energy supply. Is with the head of gas
analytics at Consultancy Group I Seeis have said, now, why
are people still buying this? The bottom line is it's
cheap and it saves you tons of money. Following Russia's
full scale invasion of Ukraine in February of twenty twenty two,

Moscow slashed its pipeline gas supply to Europe and the
region stepped up imports of liquid natural gas, which is
shipped on specialized vessels, with the US as a major provider.
The US overtook Russia as a supplier of gas to
Europe in September of twenty twenty two, and has since
twenty twenty three accounted for about a fifth of the

region's supply. Last month, you guessed it, Russia, piped gas
and liquid natural gas shipments accounted for fifteen percent of
total supply of the EU, UK, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia and
many other countries, including the new data. On top of that,
liquid natural gas from the US made up fourteen percent

of supply to the region, its lowest level since August
of twenty twenty two. The data shows now. The reversal
comes amid a general uptick in European imports of Russian
liquid natural gas, despite several EU countries pushing to impose
sanctions on them. So again, if you want this war
to end, you wouldn't be buying all this Russian gas,

you wouldn't be buying the liquid natural gas, and you
wouldn't buy any of it. But Europe is saying no, no,
We're going to keep buying it. And as they're buying
it and as prices are going up, and you've seen that,
I'm sure when you've gone to the gas pump, you
now understand that Russia is being supplied by Europe with
a war fund. Without this money, they couldn't continue to

invade Ukraine. You have to understand that. So they're funding
all of Europe, who is denouncing saying we must stand
up to Vladimir Putin and we got to stand with
Zelenski and all this crap we just saw at the
G seven and Zelenski's sitting there and then coming and
meeting with these senators and everything else, like it's total crap.
Every bit of this is disgusting propaganda from the media

from I'm this administration, and they're sitting there telling you
we've got to send them countless dollars to Ukraine to
defend themselves against Russia, while at the same time allowing
Russia to sell the gas they need for their war fund.
Without it, they cannot fight this war. Now. Flows in
May were affected by one time factors, including outage at

a major US liquidatural gas exports facility. That's what those
in the left will say, all right, Russia sent more
gas through Turkey ahead of planned maintenance in June. Demand
for gas in Europe also remains relatively weak, with storage
levels near record highs for this time of year. The
reversal was quote not likely to last, is what one

person said. And they said as Russia would be in
summer and in the summer months. They said. The ability
to ship liquid natural gas to Asia via its northern
Sea route is also going to help take away some
of the supply issues. Okay, so you add all that up,
it still goes back to this. If we're trying to

have Ukraine win the war, and I'm not sure that's
actually what our goal is here, and you want Russia
to lose, then you would have to put major sanctions
on their oil and gas. And Europe's not doing it.
All of the countries I just mentioned, they're not doing it. America,
by the way, is not pumping out more gas to

make sure that they have a place to buy it
outside of Russia. All right, So that's just the reality here.
But you look at all of this and what it
means is we're all being played like a fiddle. This
is all a ruse, is the best way that I
can describe it. It is a Ruse. That is that
we're sitting there there like, oh, we got to fight
the evil Red Russia, right, okay, but we're going to

buy the gas from them that gives them the money
they need to then be able to go out there
and to to buy the weaponry needed to continue the
invasion of Ukraine on Earth? Can you have it both ways? Now,
here's something else I want just to remind you about.
Right now, White House Press Secretary and he's the co

pres secretary, whatever the hell his title is now Scott
Kirby is saying this about the administration and quote, they
aren't concerned over the Russian warships that have reportedly departed Cuba.
That we're in Cuba, these major warships. Take a listen
to this. Our Russian fleet has reportedly left Havana. Do
you know where it's going and what your level of

concern is about it. I can't speak for the Russian Navy.

Speaker 3 (26:32):
No, I.

Speaker 1 (26:34):
Don't have insight as to.

Speaker 2 (26:35):
What their course and speed is and where they're going.

Speaker 1 (26:39):
And we've already talked about this. It's important to keep
it in perspective. The Russians do this every few years.

Speaker 2 (26:46):
They make an excursion to the Caribbean into Latin American waters.

Speaker 1 (26:50):
It's not new. It's not new, folks, it's just normal.
The next thing they're going to tell you, by the way,
is that China sending spy balloons over America is not new.
It's very normal. They're going to tell you that it's
very normal to have outside influence from foreign countries influencing
our elections. They're going to tell you it's very normal
to allow and empower Russia to make countless dollars off

of oil and gas resources instead of embargoing them, so
that they can continue their war efforts and their aggression
towards countries around them. This idea that this is just
a normal day, This is not new. Everything is fine here,
Everything is fine. Finally, let me just go back to

something I said a moment ago. You want to know
ry Russia can get away with this, and why the
European Union can tell you we got to support Zelenski
while buying all of Russia's oil and liquid natural gas
and then making them rich so they can then continue
the war. It's also the same people that go out
there and tell you that these real senile moments of
Biden freezing are somehow deep fakes and this is all

just actually there to influence the election. I go back
to what I say at the beginning. Listen to this
on CNBC former center id Camp talking about Biden and
these videos that are obviously concerning. If someone sent me
a video of my dad acting like this, I'd immediately
taken to the doctor.

Speaker 3 (28:13):
Listen, Hi, Camp, Let's show the first video of President
Biden from the G seven summit recently that was making
the rounds, and then we can show the actual video
from President Biden in that same moment. Here's the first
one where it appears to show him kind of wandering
off as you can see, generating tons of headlines and
reaction to what exactly had happened in this moment. There's

the French or Italian leader trying to bring him back.
Then we can also show the video of what that
looked like in real time. And here's the actual video
where you see from a different angle kind of what
was going on, a little bit more context around the
situation and so forth. I guess my question would be,
you know, where does this fall if we're so concerned

about deep bakes and yet just simple editing or different
views the same kind of material. Senator can also result
in confusion.

Speaker 1 (29:04):
By the way the two videos are the same video.
The two videos, they say edit, it's a different camera.
It's like ABC at a camera and CBS had a camera.
And so therefore they're trying to imply that there's some
difference in these two videos. They want you to believe
that Biden didn't wander off in Italy and that the
and that a world leader had to go grab him

by the arm and bring him back to the group.
But both videos show that that's exactly what happened. So
the only thing they know to do now is to
look at you and lie to you and tell you
that what you saw is not really what you saw.

Speaker 3 (29:39):

Speaker 1 (29:39):
This goes back to the Hunter Biden laptop. The Hunter
Biden laptop is actually not real, right, Hunter Biden's laptop
is actually not real, they said it. Oh, we got
fifty plus people, former CIA directors. The list goes on
and on of all of these different people that will
tell you that it's not real. It's not real what
you're seeing, folks, it's not real what you're reading. It's
not the pictures this is it's not real. The Biden

family corruption, it's not real, and now they want you
to believe that, right, Russia's evil, but we're buying all
their oil. We're not sanctionent. They're making more money they've
ever made before of falling gas exports. But we got
to get more money to Ukraine. And they'll tell you
that the pictures you're seeing the president of him freezing
are not real. They're lying to you. It's a clear

cognitive decline by the President of the United States of
America and they know it's bad, so now they're going
to tell you that it's a deep fake and that
it really didn't happen. Makes you share this podcast with
your family and your friends. Please write to five sorry
view It helps us reach new people, and I'll see
you back here tomorrow
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