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June 14, 2024 28 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
There is a new pullout that says that Joe Biden's
fake border security move through an executive action falls well
short of satisfying voters as the crisis is continuing to
rage on this after terrorists were caught coming across the
border and they have been arrested with ISIS ties, the

same isis K organization that had the horrific terrorist attacks
in Russia.

Speaker 2 (00:29):
Those same isis K.

Speaker 1 (00:32):
Terrorists and those ties were connected to those that were
arrested in Philadelphia, in New York and out in California.
Biden said he was having to take control and take
back action. He said because quote, well, Congress won't act.
That is also a lie. Now, a controversial executive order

by Biden aimed to shut down migrant crossings at the
southern border has so far quote failed and failed to
win over voters who want tougher action on illegal immigration.
A new poll released this week found that about forty
percent of voters favor the order, twenty seven percent oppose it,

and just under half forty six percent say it isn't
tough enough when it comes to legal immigration and are
the numbers dropping of those coming across the border.

Speaker 2 (01:28):
The answer is also no.

Speaker 1 (01:30):
Only about seventeen percent say the order is tough enough
or too tough, while thirty one percent say that the
present's order was well somewhat okay.

Speaker 2 (01:41):
Biden also announced last.

Speaker 1 (01:43):
Week to a temporarily suspension of the entry of migrants
across the Southern border once the number of daily encounters
exceeds twenty five hundred a day over seven days. It's
accompanied by a role to apply a higher standard that
migrants must meet for initial asylum screenings. Here's the problem,

there's no indication at the Southern border that this is
actually happening.

Speaker 3 (02:12):

Speaker 1 (02:13):
I want you to hear what Senator Tom Cotton had
to say about this in just a second. But first
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Speaker 2 (02:49):
And then they do something else.

Speaker 1 (02:51):
They stand and help our veterans, whether it is with
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Patriotmobile dot com slash ben. That's Patriot Mobile dot com
slash ben. I want you to hear what Senator Tom

Cotton had to say. He was on Fox and Friends
and he said that Biden's border disaster is now clearly
a terrible threat, the number one threat to America's national security.

Speaker 4 (04:34):
An inspector General at the Department of Homeland Security has
found that the screening process of migrants at our southern border.

Speaker 2 (04:40):
Is quote inadequate. It's not working.

Speaker 4 (04:43):
This, of course just before we learned eight suspected terrorists
cross our border illegally. Here with's reactions, Senator Tom Cotton, Senator,
good morning.

Speaker 2 (04:52):
To Morning State. You know, so the inspector general said essentially.

Speaker 4 (04:58):
That the people down at our southern border border patrol
does not have access to all the federal data to
fully vet people, and so it sounds like the federal
government is not sharing the information with the people on
the front lines who need the information.

Speaker 5 (05:17):
Yes, stay this report confirms what we've long known that
Joe Biden's border disaster is a terrible threat to the
lives of the American people. It's not just that millions
of migrants come here to take jobs from Americans, or
they clog up our hospitals and our schools. They introduced
fentanyl and drug cartels into our streets, but terrorists.

Speaker 2 (05:37):
Now we should expect that federal.

Speaker 5 (05:38):
Government computer systems don't always work well together. Of course,
there's nothing to vet in many of these countries because
they barely have governments. That's why we should not open
our border the way Joe Biden has done for four years.
We didn't have terrists crossing our border for four years
under Donald Trump because we secured our border, we destroyed ISIS,
and we were tough on terrorism all around the world.

But right now this is in effect a ticking time bomb.
That border is wide open and a terrorists from all
around the world could come here in plot attacks against
the American people. One more reason why we have to
return Donald Trump to the White House.

Speaker 4 (06:11):
Well, here's the thing they might not you know, we're
talking about people, four hundred thousand people who are already
in the country. Apparently the government has not conducted complete
checks on asylum seekers who came here as early as
twenty seventeen. They've been living here for what said, that's
like seven years.

Speaker 2 (06:33):
Yeah, that's right, Steve.

Speaker 5 (06:34):
It's not just that we're allowing people to cross our
border from who knows where who could have ties to terrorists.
Is that once these people get into the country, many
of whom have registered with Joe Biden's administration to get
asylum status, to get protected status under American law, as
the government processes those applications, they're still not going back
and checking government databases. They're not updating that information since

those people across years ago. So we could havetential terrorists
living among our midst and being awarded protected status under
federal law. Joe Biden's wide open border and his immigration
policy is a danger to the American people.

Speaker 1 (07:11):
Now, let's go back to just the something that was
said early on there. They said in this new report
that is out that there is a major security threat
to this country because what you and essence have is
government agencies that aren't talking to one another, and government

agencies that are adequately are inadequately equipped to do the
background checks of what all is actually happening here. This
is complete and utter insanity. And they're telling you this
like they are straight up telling you, hey, you know,

we have these eight migrants with ties to ISIS that
were rest in the US after crossing the southern border.
But we got a problem now because we don't really
know these people are. We're not able to connect the dots,
our computer systems aren't chatting and talking.

Speaker 2 (08:06):
So there's a very good chance that we've freed.

Speaker 1 (08:09):
Even more isis link migrants in the US at from
the southern border, because the Department of Homeland Security is
actually doing this right now. You look at this new
report and this is what it says. The beginning Joe
Biden's problem of Home Insecurity freed isis link migrants into
the US and southern border because of quote computer glitches.

This report for the New York Post indicates that this
is happening on the regular, on the regular. And yet
you have Majorkiss who is on TV this past week
and he's sitting there and saying, oh, you know, we've
had success.

Speaker 2 (08:50):
At the border. Six and a half million migrants have.

Speaker 1 (08:53):
Had success coming across the southern border under this present
that we know of, and yet the White House tells
you that they've successfully secured the border.

Speaker 2 (09:01):
They know they're lying to you.

Speaker 1 (09:03):
They're staring you straight in the face, and they're saying,
you guys are idiots, and we're going.

Speaker 2 (09:07):
To get away with this.

Speaker 1 (09:09):
You put what I just gave you into context with
what we also know, and that is the Biden administration
is intentionally releasing unvetted illegals into our communities across the country.

Speaker 2 (09:23):
This DHS Inspector General.

Speaker 1 (09:26):
Is warning quote of significant threats to public safety and
national security, but that is not going to keep and
will not stop Biden from keeping the border wide open,
regardless of what the threat looks like.

Speaker 2 (09:41):
To you or your family.

Speaker 6 (09:42):
Within the past few days, we had a border patrol
agent tell us point blank on the ground that migrants
crossing into the San Diego sector right now are not
being properly vetted.

Speaker 2 (09:51):
And now concerning new.

Speaker 6 (09:53):
Report from the Homeland Security Inspector General RICE that vetting
needs serious improvements or else it will continue to fail.

Speaker 2 (10:00):
That report, writing in part, DHS.

Speaker 6 (10:02):
Will remain at risk of admitting dangerous persons into the
country or enabling asylum seekers who may pose significant threats
to public safety and national security and national security.

Speaker 2 (10:15):
Let me read that for you again.

Speaker 1 (10:16):
This is the Department of Home and Security Inspector General Report.
They didn't want you to know this, but they put
it in writing, DHS will remain at risk of admitting
dangerous person So now they're all covering their ables's you
notice this is a cover your ables report that has
come out right use Department of Home and Security. They're
now saying, hey, Department of Home Security will will remain

at risk of admitting dangerous persons into the country or
enabling asylum seekers who who may pose significant threats to
public safety and national security. So translation, they're saying, hey,
this isn't on us, show right, like, this isn't on us?
And then who are these people that are come across

the southern border. It's a great question. Take a listen.

Speaker 5 (11:03):

Speaker 6 (11:03):
Every day we are seeing small, medium, large groups of
migrants illegally cross right here. And what they are doing
is just walking around the end of this wall right here.
They're doing it easily with little to no deterrence. This week,
we have seen migrants coming from Yemen, Nepal, China, Iran,
and Mauritania. Yesterday morning before sunrise, there was a group

of about sixty single men, adult males.

Speaker 2 (11:28):
I spoke to one Chinese migrant.

Speaker 6 (11:29):
He didn't want his face on camera because he says
he fears the CCP and because he's the first.

Speaker 2 (11:34):
Of his family to enter the US. That Chinese migrant told.

Speaker 6 (11:37):
Us it cost him fifteen thousand dollars to be illegally
smuggled into the United States.

Speaker 3 (11:44):
How many days did it take you to get here
up out to Mozaan? Twenty year today? Twenty days? Yeah, yeah, yeah?

Speaker 2 (11:56):
Did you take an airplane? What was your path?

Speaker 3 (12:00):
London under Mexical CT Tijuana on the year.

Speaker 1 (12:07):
So this guy's spending a bunch of money to come
into this country.

Speaker 2 (12:11):
Fifteen thousand for the trip.

Speaker 1 (12:13):
The Chinese migrant pay the sub smugglers fifteen k for
this trip. If every American that's coming across the southern
borders were fifteen grand, imagine how much money that is
that these people. This is a multi billion dollar business
that the President of the United States of America is enabling.
He's basically the kingpin of illegal immigration. And my question
is if all these people are getting rich in China

spend getting fifteen thousand ahead to smuggle people into America.
What is the president getting or how compromise is he
to allow this to continuing to continue to happen is
the question that I have to ask. And by the way,
the media now is also having to be honest. Okay,

the media is having to be very honest now that
the president of the United State, it's America, Joe Biden
is not being asked a lot of questions, saying in
even calling him out after the Hunter Biden conviction, saying
this is a president that's in hiding.

Speaker 2 (13:11):
He's been snippy.

Speaker 7 (13:12):
Recently about being asked multiple questions in these press conferences,
which we should just be clear for both former White
House correspondents, these are very limited. They're called two and two's,
and the reporters tend to there's a tradition of asking
more than the questions.

Speaker 2 (13:30):
That's just pretty usual.

Speaker 7 (13:31):
Because there are not that many questions to ask and
follows as well. That's right, and this president has I mean,
he falls far below his predecessors when it comes to
interviews and when it comes to press conferences.

Speaker 2 (13:44):
We just need to be clear about that.

Speaker 7 (13:46):
They have a lot of questions to ask him, and
these reporters do not have many opportunities. They've all dragged
themselves to Italy for this G seven summit to do
one thing their jobs, ask these questions.

Speaker 1 (13:56):
Yes, I love seeing in there. Right, they're up and
let's be honest. What they're really upset about. They're not
upset about all the journalists. Okay, what they're really upset
about is that the CNN has been getting smacked around
by this White House for the last three years when
they get out of line, and now they're kind of
mad about it. And so they're like, Hey, we traveled

all the way over to the summit, and and we
deserve to ask questions at the G seven and and
they're not taking our questions, and so we're kind of
mad about it, right, Like, we're upset. Now are they
going to ask good questions?

Speaker 8 (14:34):

Speaker 2 (14:34):
Are they going to ask about the open border, the
southern open border? Of course not? Why would you ask
those questions? Right?

Speaker 1 (14:39):
Like, they're not going to ask that stuff that that's
that's for darn sure. But what they are mad about
is that they're not getting their easy access right that
they that they want. They're easy access CNN, by the way,
showing today is Zelensky and Biden had this, uh, this summit,
and this press comes Intaly. They panned to Biden, who

clearly has no clue what's going on. Zelenski is speaking
and Biden is just drifting off into never never Land.
This on top of the fact that you had one
of the leaders at the G seven who had to
go and get Joe Biden after he was like walking
off into the distance, and everybody's looking at the President

going like, what.

Speaker 2 (15:22):
The hell are you doing.

Speaker 1 (15:23):
Well, this's the same guy that has opened our southern
border and now it's worth tens of thousands of dollars ahead,
depending on where you're coming from, tens of thousands of
dollars right, every single person, This is better than drug dealing.
When it comes to the cash here, it's a lot

better than drug dealing. And you got to wonder who's
running the country right now. You know, Joe Biden sitting
there supposed to be in Italy watching skydiving with Justin
Trudeau the skydiver lands. I'm gonna I'm gonna post this
picture right now or this video, i should say, on
social media so you can look at it on Instagram

and on Twitter and Facebook, et cetera. Ben Ferguson show
Ben Feruson podcasts. But the president just starts walking off
and one of the other world leaders like turns them
around like, hey, you need to be looking at the
over here in front of you man, like like you
look like an idiot, mister president. And the President turns
around startled, like, oh gosh, look at all these people

behind me that were with you the entire time. And
then he and then he throws his aviators on. This
is the president that has no idea what he's doing.
You don't know how bad it was, how embarrassing it was.
The g seven. Here's one example of the president just
slurring his words.

Speaker 8 (16:43):
I got criticized at home for asking when the federal
government invests in something that discourage or encouraged private sector
to invest, ninety six percent of people ask them encourage investment,
not discourage his investment. It attracts investment.

Speaker 2 (16:57):
As I've had encourage, I found uh encourage about it. Huh.

Speaker 1 (17:03):
Really that's what we're doing. So that's now what's happening.
Oh and by the way, we got a new toy,
a new big investment that's coming. The President decided to
announce today this is exciting.

Speaker 2 (17:14):
This is called the new Ocean Train. You're paying for this.

Speaker 8 (17:16):
Apparently we're developing the first railway line to extend from
Angola to the DRC Zambia to the Indian Ocean. I
think this is a game changer.

Speaker 2 (17:27):
I really do that.

Speaker 8 (17:28):
Kano's going to have over two billions of people very shortly.

Speaker 2 (17:33):
And again he has no idea what he's talking about.

Speaker 1 (17:36):
There you have the president also sitting there in a
roundtable discussion and it's finally his decision to talk, right,
his moment to talk. And this is what he said
to the world leaders, the seven world leaders sitting around
the table.

Speaker 2 (17:49):
The decisions.

Speaker 8 (17:50):
I think we may now we're going to determine the
course of our future for the next five or six decades.

Speaker 1 (17:55):
The decisions, because they said, now, can you imagine sitting
around that table and this is the president in the
United States of America, and this is who you're dealing with.

Speaker 2 (18:03):
You're basically babysitting him.

Speaker 1 (18:05):
At best, right, I mean, your babysitting at best. So
let the terrorists come across the southern border, right check. Sure,
Americans will probably die in a terroists attack because of
the open southern border.

Speaker 2 (18:22):
Yeah, but we got, you.

Speaker 1 (18:23):
Know, a lot of people making a lot of money
fifteen twenty thirty thousand dollars ahead to come across. So
our friends are getting rich, so we don't want to
ruin that. And then we're going to give out of
amnesty to all these people. So that's good, right, Like
we're excited about the amnesty, sure, right, So so we're
bringing in new voters here, so we're really excited.

Speaker 2 (18:43):
We think this is great news. All right.

Speaker 1 (18:47):
I need to pivot to also two other important stories
that I want to get on your radar screen. One
of them involves radicals and there is a new plot
to shut down DC when Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress, is
what we're being told.

Speaker 2 (19:02):
That's number one.

Speaker 1 (19:04):
Also, there's something else, and it deals with the president
and the president's son. There is a new report out
that Joe Biden, and I can't even believe he's actually
saying this with a straight face, but he is is
now saying that his son, Hunter Biden, is quote the
victim of a weaponized system of justice after he was

found guilty on those drug being a drug addict buying
a firearm. While obviously that's you know, against the law,
and I thought Democrats are all tough on gun crimes, right,
like that was their thing. That's kind of their mo Well,
President Joe Biden reportedly believes that Hunter Biden is now
a victim of the weaponization of justice following his gun conviction.

On Tuesday, the Delaware grand jury, as you know, found
Hunter guilty on all three gun charges. He now faces
up to twenty five years in prison in seven hundred
five thousand dollars in fines. Let's be clear, that ain't
gonna happen, and we all know.

Speaker 2 (20:06):
Why because he's the President's son. Now.

Speaker 1 (20:11):
What's also even more crazy about this is when the
President was asked last week in France about pardoning his son,
he said he would not pardon Hunter.

Speaker 2 (20:21):
I think he's probably just lying.

Speaker 1 (20:24):
He has not, however, spoken about whether he would deliver,
as I've said here, a commutation of his sentence.

Speaker 2 (20:31):
I think that's probably gonna happen.

Speaker 1 (20:33):
Quote, the President feels guilty over Hunter's legal predicament. To
people not authorized to speak publicly about the private conversations
about Hunter told Politico. They also told the outlet Joe
Biden believes he contributed to Hunter's plight. I kid, you
not if I weren't running for reelection, he would have

gotten the plea deal, Biden told a confidante earlier this month.
The person familiar with the conversation told Politico Hunter refused
to accept a gun related plea deal from the government
in twenty thirteen. The offer of the gun plea deal
came after his sweetheart plea deal blew up under judicial scrutiny,

which the judge characterizes a typical and not straightforward quote unquote.
Legal experts suggests that the government's proposal was a show
of favoritism, specifically towards the president's son, a sweetheart deal
that no one else could get or quote. The sweetheart

deal came with a special agreement that also gave Hunter
immunity from all potential future charges, including a provision to
potentially wipe a felony gun violation from his record. The
deal gave Hunter the option of plead guilty to not
paying taxes on more than one point five million income
in seventeen and eighteen. Receiving probation rather than jail time

was the other thing that was said as well.

Speaker 2 (22:04):
Following quote the sweet oar.

Speaker 1 (22:06):
Plea deal debacle, the government offered hundred a second plea
deal related to gun charges that he rejected, opting to
go to trial in Delaware, because, of course, the Bidens
always think they're above the law. In turn, the government
later indicted Hunter Biden in twenty thirteen with tax violations
in California. That tax trial is set for September of

this year. But now, apparently the President believes that it's
unfair that Hunter Biden is actually having to face the
music now as I tell you about that, we also
are being told now that Hunter Biden is expected to
appeal the gun conviction by himself some more time so
his dad won't be under pressure to actually do two things,

one to give him a a deal, right to give him,
you know, a pardon, or to have to deal with,
you know, commuting a sentence before election day, because after
election day, whether he wins or loses, I'm sure he's
going to give Hunter whatever Hunter wants.

Speaker 2 (23:06):
So, Hunter Biden, we're now being.

Speaker 1 (23:08):
Told, is it absolutely expected to appeal his gun conviction.
People in his orbit and legal experts are confirming this
morning to The New York Times quite a successful appeal
would be an uphill climb.

Speaker 2 (23:19):
According to the outlet.

Speaker 1 (23:19):
But Hunter can still file the appeal once the judge
sentences him in the coming weeks, and then that gives
his dad more political cover before he has to bail
his son out.

Speaker 2 (23:30):
Now, Hunter's gun.

Speaker 1 (23:32):
Trial judge recently delivered a one year sentence to a
defendant in a similar case. The defense asked for six
months sentence, but the governor gave him one year.

Speaker 2 (23:42):
In that case.

Speaker 1 (23:44):
The White House was silent on Wednesday on whether President
Joe Biden would again commute his son's sentence, which I'm
sure that's exactly what they would do. Hunter would likely
base his appeal on the following basis. The Times is
also reporting that Hunter Biden is fifty four that would
base an appeal on a Supreme Court decision that his

father has described as an affront to common sense and
the Constitution, and perhaps the crowning paradox in a case
with quote complexities. The Supreme Court's ruling in New York
State Rifle and Pistol Association Versus Bruin paid the way
for potential challenges to other gun laws, including those that

deny firearms to people addicted to drugs. So now the
same part that's tough on gun crimes, right, tough on
you know, gun convictions and tough on loopholes. Now is
advocating for people that are drug addicts to be able
to have a firearm and not lose the ability to
keep that firearm. That's now what the official line is

from Democrats. You want to talk about a one to
eighty like that's an impressive one eighty right there on
that one. Now, let me just pause on that because
I also have to get this other breaking news and
it matters, and that is coming out of Washington with
Netnaho coming to Washington. D C, a far left organization

in New York City, has been at the forefront of
all the anti Israel protests around the country on college campuses.
They have now vowed to shut down d C. That's
what they're calling it. Shut down DC when the Prime
Minister of Israel Netna who arrives to speak before Congress.
Net Yahoo will be speaking before a joint meeting of

Congress on July the twenty fourth.

Speaker 2 (25:36):
We're now being told.

Speaker 1 (25:38):
The People's Forum wrote in a post on x Wednesday
that the group would be shutting down DC when net
now who arrives and what issue a notice of a
citizen's arrest. This is the Democratic Marxist Socialist Communist Party.
This is how crazy they are. This is who they are, folks.
The Democratic Party is dead. I've been saying it for

a long time. They went on to say in their tweet,
the people charged net Yahu with genocide. The group wrote,
when the car, When the car criminal comes to d
C on July the twenty fourth, we will shut down
DC and issue a notice of a citizen's arrest. The
people of the world stand with Palesine against the genocide

committed by Israel. They went on to write, as they say,
arrest net and Yahoo now. So they're all about arresting
Net Yahoo, and they say they have the power to
do this. They said that net Yaho, the prime mister Visuals,
should be arrested by for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
In fact, the International Criminal Court has requested arrest warrants

for him and.

Speaker 2 (26:44):
The Minister of Defense of Israel.

Speaker 1 (26:46):
The group saying, quote, we won't let a war criminal
walk the streets of DC. If Biden the whole administration
refused to draw a real red line against genocide, we will.

Speaker 2 (26:58):
We are the red line, they say.

Speaker 1 (27:02):
Then a flag of Palestine next to it says national
Mobilization All out to d C July twenty fourth, the Capitol, Washington,
d C. And then it says where red Red Line
against Genocide is their hashtag saying they're going to shut
down the United States capital and they say that Netnahu

will not be able to go anywhere. Okay, that's what
was said. He will not be able to go anywhere.
Two things here. I would expect them to become very violent.
I want to be clear about that.

Speaker 2 (27:41):
Number One.

Speaker 1 (27:42):
I would expect them to go all out and be
total radicals with extreme chaos. Number two, like, I have
every belief that that is exactly what is going to
happen here, So you should be ready for that. This
is going to be extreme. There are going to be
radicals involved. This is what they are going to do.
I'm going to keep covering it. But the Democratic Party

is not going to stop this, and the Democratic Party
is not going to call this out.

Speaker 2 (28:10):
So just prepare for this, don't forget.

Speaker 1 (28:14):
Share this podcast with your family and your friends wherever
you're on social media.

Speaker 2 (28:17):
Help us grow.

Speaker 1 (28:18):
Please write us a five star review and I'll see
you back here tomorrow,
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