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The Good Gurl

When I stopped caring about what others thought of me, is when I found myself and actually started living. I’m here to help you laugh a little more…well laugh a lot and hopefully inspire and empower your soul along the way. Life is too short not to laugh hard.. love hard..and cry hard. I hope You enjoy the many crazy stories of my every day life and the people I meet along the way. Can’t get enough of me? I’m also a co-host for a Rock morning show, “Hooker Db and Becka.’ Check out our podcast also in iheart radio. Throughout life I kept getting these “sparks.” Then one day I started a “flame.” Then next I knew it was a big ass “fire.” -Becka Hays “The Good Gurl.'... Show More


September 21, 2020 41 min
-Special guest: Coach Paula Grooms. Paula is the author of the book “Why won’t he commit.” Also a podcast host,”Make him wonder."
-Rejoining guest, Kara from FL.
-A Dating/relationship coach tells us what men really think regarding relationships.
-Podcast link;
-How men view women, how they commit and bond.
-Is your man a Buyer or a consumer?
-The only way men bond.
-Its not YOU it’s what you’re DOING that could r...
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Mark as Played
August 31, 2020 52 min
Y’all are going to meet Kara from Florida, Power house, business owner and crazy fun.
Becka has big news… starts with Only ends with Fans.
Kara’s Mexico trip…gone wrong.
Cooper won’t STFU and steals the show.
Sober September
Go to youtube and watch “Fall of Cabal Part 1-10”
Starting a business during the RONA.
What type of funeral do you want?
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July 23, 2020 83 min
Justin and Angel from “The Other Side of the Beehive” podcast invites me onto their show.
If you’re looking for a laugh this it!
I shoot the shit with two goofy construction workers and answer a lot of questions.
How I got started in radio
The “O” shot makes a come back
Micro penis also makes its appearance
Then we just laugh for 45 mins.
Mark as Played
Special guest: Pilot TaThiago
•Interviewing pilot Blairs boyfriend.
•Starting from the ground up
•Your past does not define you
•Dating older women
•Learning about the airline business and the process to become a pilot.
•4th of July accidents.
•A Childs perspective of mental abuse.
•Story time with Pilot Blair- Women’s love VS Men’s Love - Coach Paula’s book “Why won’t he Commit?”
•Men need to miss you.
•TaThiago’s side of the story of the...
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Mark as Played
June 23, 2020 52 min
Special guest: Mikia F
Who is Mikia, single mom of 3 that does it all.
Single mom life
Why everyone needs a life coach
Dating struggles of a single parent.
NASA adds a new horoscope..people go nuts
The coolest app for you people that love horoscopes.
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June 11, 2020 60 min
Special guest: Pilot Blair
Becka has mice and a RAT!!!!
Becka single?????
When two pilots run out of gas…lol
How we feel about 2020
Peaceful protesters get mixed up with “Antifa.”
George Floyd’s brother gives a powerful speech.
Lawn shaming a thing? It is now… lol
Corruption, corruption…corruption…Jeffery Epstein.
BTW..that “DONG” sound u hear on and off.. that’s Blair hitting the mic.. lol she gets real excited.
Mark as Played
Take control and stop living in fear
Covid-19 Facts many don’t know about.
What really goes on at Girls Night! Actual Audio!
The #1 vibrator women are going nuts over!
The best B&B to stay at in St. George
My chickens are getting OOC!!!!
2 week recap of my crazy life.
Sex 101
I have 5 new roommates.
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April 24, 2020 58 min
Guest Speaker: Leah Hollett
-Facing the storm
-Rebuilding your relationships
-When life gives you lemons..what to do?
-How Pain can become Power.
-YOU are your only hero!
-Raw mom talk.
-Why it’s so important to have a routine.
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April 9, 2020 44 min
-Guest Speaker: Delta Pilot Blair Liemandt
-What airlines are doing to try and survive.
-A pilot's perspective about flying in these times.
-What Arlines are doing with your canceled tickets.
-Staying active while being quarantined.
-I hate my kids Nintendo DS!
-Blair has to make a big decision.
Mark as Played
March 29, 2020 49 min
-Guest speaker- Scotland native; David MacDonald
-Scotland’s protocol regarding the Coronavirus.
-Gaelic; the long lost language.
-A musician’s perspective on writing songs.
-Outlander talk
-David tells us a true story of the Scottish History; Bonnie Prince Charlie.
-Earthquake that hits Salt Lake City Utah.
-How influencers will change.
-Becka tries to smuggle whiskey into the USA.
-Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams.
Mark as Played
Guest speaker - Jeremy Andrzejewski
-Becka needs assistance with cleaning her shower.
-It just slipped out and almost killed everyone.
-The best natural laxative out there.
-Big D’s night out at a Strip club.
-Becka finally gets to do run way…but it’s not what you think.
-Your coronavirus update.
Mark as Played
March 6, 2020 30 min
Guest speaker- Weza
-Honey suckle is a bush.
-AirB&B in the ghetto
-Bar hopping in Nashville
-Becka almost cuts a hoe.
-Becka’s favorite food place!
-Tragedy that hit Nashville.
Mark as Played
February 28, 2020 52 min
Guest speaker- Weza
-Becka calls California psychics
-Crystals really work?
-The craziest ghost story
-Haunted Hotels
-Magic 8 ball the new Ouija Board?
Mark as Played
Special Guests: Blair and Heidi
National Wine Day
Nostril waxing for the first time
Facebook live bad idea or good idea?
In the raw girls night!
Mark as Played
February 13, 2020 37 min
Guest speaker- Weza
-Scotland update
-Do you believe in soulmates?
-V-day date ideas for couples and singles.
-The test everyone should take… The Enneagram test.
-Snapchat picture debate
Mark as Played
February 7, 2020 47 min
-Guest speaker: Weza
-Listener David Needs dating advice
-Fun dating ideas
-You won’t believe what just became the newest sport!
-Halftime trash talk
-The hottest Netflix’s show right now.
Mark as Played
January 31, 2020 35 min
Guest speaker-Mark boo child
-Becka’s new business
-The power of coconut oil.
-A letter from Steve
-Roles reversed
-Dating deal breakers
-Preparing for the coronavirus
Mark as Played
January 23, 2020 38 min
Guest speaker-Brady Donaldson. Groupons gone wrong,First time trying “Couple Floating”, First tattoo, The worst Hotel, Sleeping in a sauna, The best time of the day for Sexy time.
Mark as Played
January 18, 2020 38 min
Guest speaker-Brittany Soter. DMS School, Untold Hospital stories, Becka’s first encounter of a MIcro Penis, Food in all the wrong places, Bachelor talk, EDC 2020 in Vegas
Mark as Played
January 9, 2020 46 min
Guest: Mark Boo Child. Is Becka going to Temptation Island?, Legoland Trip, NYE VIP Only at Lake Effect, I love cake!, 90 day fiancee, Dating jail birds, loosing a loved one, Becka’s latest beauty favs!
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