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May 29, 2024 38 mins
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There's an op ed in the Fresnob that's like, we're not even in
June yet, and I can alreadytell that the tidal wave of LGBT content
it's beginning to crest, as it'sabout to crash on all of us.
On June first, my wife andI over the Memorial Day weekend went to

a store, not a store whenI mean not a store that you would
necessarily think of as ies. Thisis a gay clientele serving store necessarily.
And we're there on May twenty fifth. Actually, we were going out to
dinner for it was our anniversary,so we were going out to dinner.

After don't dinner, we went toa shop nearby the restaurant where we were
eating. They've already got all thepride stuff out on May twenty fifth.
We're a solid week out and we'realready starting this stuff. And this is
people have noted the enormous number ofdays that have been quote unofficially designate,

officially slash unphysically designated whatever as beingdedicated towards the LGBT Agenda recognizing LGBT groups
or something like that. So we'vegot all of June, and then during
June, every major company is goingto start adopting some rainbow flag and then
we've got this day and this dayand this month and blah blah blah blah

blah blah blah. So it isnot surprising that in the Fresno b we
have an immediate puff piece op edwritten by a fundraiser for a local LGBT
organization, and it's talking about howhorrible it was growing up in California in

the era of Prop eight quote,and how basically it was a sort of
non story. It's the person theperson who wrote this is the head of
fundraising for the Source LGBT Plus Centerlocated in Vicealia. Hmmm, says I,

I says, what is that.I've done this before where I do
a little bit of a deep diveon these LGBT nonprofits, who started them,
what they do. So I goto this the website of this organization.

Now this entity what it actually seemsto do. Let's see if you
go to events for this website.So, first of all, it is
a building, a nonprofit that's locatedin Vice Salia that does very kind various

kinds of promoting LGBT people. That'show it kind of expresses itself. Its
mission statement is, our mission isto provide supportive spaces within our communities for
LGBTQ plus people to learn, grow, belong and thrive. All Right,

so we go to events. Theyhave the Rainbow Run on June twenty second,
Pride Vice Salia, a grassroots,family friendly celebration of diversity, inclusion
and acceptance not only for LGBTQ people, but for our allies. Food trucks,
vendors, exhibits, entertainments, anda kid zone. On October twelfth,

Drag Queen Bingo, Drag Queen Bingo. On September fifteenth, Drag Queen
Bingo is here again for twenty twentyfour. The queens are going to be
fiercer, the prizes are going tobe fabulous er, and the bear bar
will be even more shirtless than before. So you know, we got some

really wonderful, really wonderful important thingsthat are being promoted here by this nonprofit
organization. An annual gala, atrans Day of Remembrance in November, Trans
Day of Visibility seems like a wholenonprofit designed for very few events here Pride

Movie Night. That's about as farout as we get. So some of
them are labeled as family friendly.Others are obviously not family friendly, I
guess, including Drag Queen Bingo,which is sponsored by the way by Eagle
Mountain Casino, Token Farms, whichis a marijuana I think it's some kind

of marijuana thing. Elite Sports,Born Tough, and Menagerie of Bunch whatever.
Those businesses all are just so youguys are aware. But so that's
some of the things they do.And then you go to their programs.
Oh well, we have all kindsof and listed right next to each other
in the drop down list of itsprograms. We've got youth programs and transgender

resources right next to each other.So they've also got so we've got all
this stuff that's pro transgender right alongsideall this youth oriented stuff, Game Nights

for transgender youth, the Rainbow SupportNetwork, the Binder program, which apparently
is a thing where biological females putstraps across their chests to try to artificially
constrict their breasts. The King's CountyLGBTQ pop up event. Now it seems

like they're possibly being careful about childrenand transgenderism and children and transgenderism, because
it seems like there's a slight distinctionbetween like queers and peers. Queers and

Peers is a group for transitional ageyouth eighteen to twenty six to make friends
and get involved in their community.So it seems as though there is some
there's some stuff where we're trying tokeep a little bit of distance between transgend
transgender youth. They have a LeadershipAcademy for youth age seventeen to twenty six.

They've got their Youth Board for LGBTplus and allied youth ages fifteen to
twenty two LGBT scholarships, so thatthey've got all this pro transgender stuff right
alongside all their youth stuff. AndI'm wondering if they're like trying to like

because they realize there's so much morestigma now, there's so much more I
shouldn't say stigma, so much morereasonable concern about transgender stuff with children,
the chief reasonable concern being that mostchildren who express transgender ideation, if left

completely un alone, will sort ofrevert to their actual biological sex, and
overwhelming, overwhelming, overwhelming majority ofthe time that there is more and more
evidence that transgender interventions are actually quiteharmful new study that came out said ninety
to ninety five percent of biological femaleswho received testosterone hormones we're having pelvic floor

issues. It's almost like they're notsupposed to have all that testosterone like their
biological females. Giving them a bunchof testosterones screwing around with their reproductive hormones
is a really bad idea. ButI think the thing about this entity,

and by the way, it's notjust this entity in Vicelia. There are
entities like this popping up in townsall up and down the San Joaquin Valley.
I think the thing that is mostimportant about entities like this is when
I click on their about and clickon their partners. By partners, we

mean this is the people funding them. So this is just the partners for
the LGBT Center in Vice Salia TMobile Boom, one of the biggest,
you know, cell phone carriers inthe country, which just bought out another

big cell phone carrier. I wasjust reading a story about that. One
of the big source partners too.Family Healthcare Network. Hmmm, why would
a major healthcare network, Why woulda major healthcare network, which I believe

this is an FQHC located in theSan Joaquin Valley. I sort of looking
up here. Yeah, this isa basically an FQHC trying to is a
is a healthcare health center program granteeunder forty two USB two five four deemed
a public health service employee NDER fortytwo. Yeah, so this is a

federal This is a federal an FQHC. A federally qualified health center receives funding
from the Department of Health and HumanServices Federal pub and has Federal public health
service. Is Federal public health servicedeemed status within respect to certain health or
health related claims. Blah blah blahblah blah blah blah. Yeah, so

this is a yeah, federally qualifiedhealth clinic largely a these kinds of clinics.
Basically they're setup so that they cantake Medicaid patients medical patients in California,
and they're able to do so becausethey get a bunch of federal subsidization,
so they're able to make money.So they're helping fund this LGBT thing.

And I wonder are they participate paidingin transgender stuff? Are they?
In fact, they have a wholepage on their website for LGBTQ plus services
transgender hormone therapy. There we arethe first thing, the big thing right

on the front. Why because transgenderhormone therapy makes money. So of course
this big FQHC that's making money handover fist is supporting this pro LGBT entity.
And then they have more and moresponsors as send Behavioral Health a behavioral
health entity wanting to get lots ofLGBT youth. Maybe that could be another

source of patients slash money money.See you're a Meadows Behavioral Health. We've
got Eagle Mountain Casino, a teleProperties, the Tillarry County Suicide Prevention Task
Force. Because again, this isa big cudgel that the LGBT folks use.

If you don't support us, thenyou're leading kids to commit suicide,
even though one that's not really supportedby the evidence. Two, it's basically
a gun to your head way offorcing someone to support you. Al Tura
Centers for Health, Grace Note MusicStudio, the Sequoia Riverlands Trust. Some

of the founders include the Sierra HealthFoundation, Arcis Foundation, and the California
Endowment. So here are these hugemoneyed entities giving just a ton of money
for an entity that supports basically thatseemingly is a pipeline to businesses to send

them patients with mental health problems whowant hormone therapy so they can make money.
I forgive me if I don't thinkthat all of these donors are completely
altruistic. But that's the thing.The LGBT, all of this Pride Month

stuff is going to be presented toyou as if it is this is just
grassroots Americana, and it's not.It's all this corporate sponsored promotion of this
fundamentally liberal order. Will we return? I want to talk about that how

the word choice has sort of triggeredthis in my brain thinking about liberalism and
Pride Month. We'll get to allthat after the break. This is the
juhnje already show on Power Talk.So I was reading this a couple of
tweets about the school choice debate.Now I'm coming from the abortion debate.

I cringe. I obviously am amvery involved in the abortion debate. People
who are in favor of vouchers voucherprograms. Universal voucher programs were basically,
instead of education dollars going directly toa public school, instead of education tax

dollars going directly to the public school, reshaping the way we think about elementary
and secondary education by instead taking whateverpot of money is designated to a public
school per kid and giving it tothe parent and allowing the parent to kind
of drive it and to take themoney and to use it for either a

public school or for a private school. And that's honestly the way that things
like cal grants work. Okay,cal grants is like California state funded scholarship
for lower income college aspirants who reachcertain kinds of criteria as far as high

school achievement, certain kind of GPA, et cetera, and then they get
a cal grant and they can usethe calgrant at pretty much any college or
university, certainly within California. Notsure if it travels out of state,
but at any rate, I no, certainly within California, and you can
use it at pretty much any publicschool or private school. Okay, if

you wanted to go to USC youcould use your calgrant there. If you
want to go to UCLA or FresnoState or cal Berkeley or Stanford, you
can use a cal grant at prettymuch any of those places, public school
or private school, and no onescreams, you know, you could use
it to go to Loyola Marymount,and nobody screams that the cal grant is
violating the sacred Wall of separation betweenChurch and State, which, by the

way, the wall of separation betweenchurch and state is not a thing that's
actually in the Constitution. The onlything in the Constitution is no establishment of
religion that's actually in the constitution.Wall of separation between church and state was
from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote,and liberals have repeated the phrase so often
that it has become part of Americanconstitutional law, which is the greatest pr

coup of all time anyway. Sothat's kind of the argument behind people who
are pro vouchers for elementary and secondaryeducation, and liberals hate it because liberals
have this total monopoly over the publicschool system, and liberals realize, well,
if you let people leave public schoolswith their tax dollars, they probably

will and the public school might befinancially hurt by that. And that's what
they really care about, is thepublic schools. They care about the public
schools as a job creation program foradult liberals who for adults, you know,
adults who are in charge of theteachers' unions who don't want to see

like, if they have fewer kids, then you might have to get rid
of a couple of teachers. Theydon't want that. And so you have
liberals objecting to the idea that basicallythe supporters of vouchers have labeled their movement
school choice. And these liberals areall of a sudden so upset about the

use of the term choice, like, well, it's not much of a
choice for the public schools who loseout all money, or for people whose
kids go to a public school wherethe school might might start hurting or go
out of visits. But booooh,all of a sudden, the people adversely

impacted by choices matter, which isof course darkly ironic given the whole context
of the abortion debate. But thatsort of made me think, like,
how do they get away? Andthis is relating to what I'm talking about
about Pride Month and we're already seeingthis begin to crest. How is it

that the abortion movement was able toslap the label choice on it? We're
pro choice? What do you mean? Choice is such a huge Like I'm
sure, if you look up thedictionary definition of the word choice, it
probably takes up If you look atthe Oxford English Dictionary or a big dictionary,
it probably takes up like a wholepage. Practically, it's this very

big, broad concept, and forsome reason, the only political issue it
that word by itself gets applied tois abortion. Why. It's kind of
the distillation of all liberalism and evenclassical liberalism that people on the right purport

to love. What is the foundationalpremise of Enlightenment politics, of classical liberal
poser politics? Foundational premise is really, you know, after the wars of
religion in Europe, basically this ideathat well, let's stop fighting over religion.
No one can really be sure aboutwhat the truth is, the moral

truth, ethical truth, objective politicaltruth, objective truths about human nature.
No one can be sure about that, and we shouldn't have a politics that's
ordered towards that ultimate good. Herewe had, you know, Protestant kingdoms.
We had Protestant kingdoms and Catholic kingdomsfighting each other in Europe because they
disagreed about that. Well, let'sjust say, no one knows what it

is, So no one knows theobjective truth. No one knows the objective
moral order, and so the onlything our politics can deal with is choice.
Is freedom is liberty, your libertyto make choices. So what our
government will be about is maximizing yourcapacity for free choices. You decide the

good for yourself, and as longas you're not stepping on somebody else's toes,
then you can continue to carry onmaking choices. Abortion is kind of
the most extreme expression of that.Who's to say whether killing a baby is
good or not? It's choice.I'm choosing what's good for me. But

what about this other person you're hurting? Well, that person can't make choices
the way that I can, sowhy should I bother? Choice becomes the
definitive thing, And that's why theLGBT movement has been so successful. I
think as we head into all thisPride Month stuff, why everyone sort of

why it's been able to gain somuch momentum because it's able to be presented
as well. This is just aboutindividual choice. Who are you to say
that an individual choice is bad?Well, I'm just maximalized. There is
no objective moral There is no objectivemoral truth, moral order towards which the

state can or should orient itself towardswhich businesses can or should orient themselves if
it makes other people feel excluded.It's the ultimate distillation of liberalism. And
it makes me sort of amazed athow these big words get attached to these

political movements that are at the heartof liberalism. Choice for abortion, pride
for sexual activity between persons other thana man and a woman. It kind
of it's pretty striking, though,Like, how did that just sort of

work out about to get into conspiracyland here? So I think I'll just
pump the brakes on that, butunderstand that that's what it's about. And
American conservatism has always been in thistug of war, honestly between the Enlightenment
thinking that was in various ways animatingthe Founding Fathers, and the Bible.

You know, to be frank,if I'm thinking about what's the common ground
of Christianity that united basically all theChristian denominations in America, it was pretty
much the Bible. So you've gotthe Bible over here, which very much
does present a knowable, an objectivelyknowable sense of human nature, an objectively

knowable sense of human ethics, anobjectively noble sense of right and wrong,
and very much sense a political visionthat is not just well, let everyone
do what they want, ever,let everyone maximize their own choices. No,
some choices are deemed as being quitewrong and nation judgeworthy. So I

think this is the kind of thinkingthat underlies so many of these political movements
of the left. Is it's thelogical end conclusion of these fundamental liberal and
I mean classical liberal, not justAmerican modern day American left, but classical
liberal ideas. When we return theTrump trial, closing statements are happening,

and how to think about the wholething that's next on the John Girardi Show,
Trump trial is winding down, closingstatements are being made, and the
Biden administration wants you to know thatPresident Biden is being totally fair about all
this. He's not commenting, he'sstaying out of it. He's not at
all commenting, other than all thetimes he has in fact commented, and

other than the fact that he's havinga campaign. His campaign is doing an
event right outside the courtroom where PresidentTrump he's being tried for these crimes,
and that President Biden might give anationwide address if Trump is convicted from the
White House because he's totally not that. This is totally not about politics.

The prosecution of Donald Trump just hadnothing to do with politics at all.
That's of course why he had allthese claims against him that could have been
made in twenty twenty one or twentytwenty two, or even twenty twenty three,
but which for some reason or other, were not made until after March
or April of twenty twenty four,i e. After he had secured the

Republican primary and was sort of lockedin as the Republican presidential nominee more or
less, when there was no otherchoice to switch him out for Rhonda Santis
whatever. It's almost like it waslike a whole Democrat plan to prosecute him
at the most inconvenient time possible becauseeveryone thought he would be a really weak

candidate and then if he was convictedthat that would absolutely sink his campaign and
ensure another Biden victory. It's almostlike this exact playbook is kind of what
the Biden what the Democrats did intwenty twenty two, where they kept actually
giving money in the Republican primaries tothe most extreme trumpy stop the steal folks

possible the guy who ran for governorof Pennsylvania, Carrie Lake. In Arizona.
There were multiple candidates like this runningfor Senate seats or governor's seats who
were super Trump aligned and super Trumpsupportive and super stopped the Steel types.

The Democrats funded them in the primaries. Those Republicans won in their primaries in
twenty twenty two, and then theyall got smoked in November of twenty twenty
two, resulting in a hugely disappointingelection for Republicans. It's almost like the
Trump trials were designed that way,by which I mean, of course they

are. Whether Biden sat down withanyone to discuss it that way, that's
clearly what has happened, okay,And Biden is going to pretend like he
has nothing to do Oh well,the prosecution of Donald Try, I had
nothing to do with it. I'mmy hands are cleaning all this bs.
Biden could have prevented all this,okay. Biden could have said to the

Department of Justice. He certainly couldhave interfered to say listen this these you
know. Biden at any time couldhave withdrawn the special counsel who was appointed
to oversee Trump's federal trials Jack Smith. Jack Smith, who's overseeing the federal

trials for all the stuff associated withJanuary sixth that Trump has tried with and
for the document's scandal at mar ALaco. Trump Biden could have at any
time intervened, and especially after thecharges were after the Special Council declined to
move forward with any charges against Bidenfor his obvious inappropriate storage of documents at

his house in Delaware and at hisoffice in DC. Biden could have just
come out and said, you knowwhat, I'm partning President Trump for anything
having to do with documents as longas we get everything back, pardoning President
Trump, and I'm the director orjust I'm directing the Special Council not to
move forward with this. That hewould have looked like the bigger man,

honestly. Or he could have said, look, the January sixth thing,
We're going to move past this asa country, and you know, I'm
in all these charges that Trump isfacing that are either weak or in the
case of mar A Lago, it'stotally hypocritical that Trump's being charged with it
but not Biden. Biden could havemade them go away, and even the

state level prosecutions of President Trump,where Biden doesn't have direct control. Biden
doesn't necessarily have Biden does not havethe authority as President of the United States
to tell Alvin Bragg, who isthe District Attorney of Manhattan. Alvin Bragg,
who's running Trump's prosecution in Manhattan rightnow, is a New York state

official. Biden is a federal official. So Biden technically does not have any
direct oversight to stop Bragg from continuingthis prosecution. He's not the governor of
New York, he's not the AttorneyGeneral of New York. And even I
don't know how exactly New York lawwould work with regards to even if the

Governor of New York or the AttorneyGeneral of New York necessarily has the ability
to stop Alvin Bragg. But youknow what, you know what could happen
though, If you're the District Attorneyof Manhattan and the President of the United
States gives you a phone call,you probably take it. I'm pretty sure
you don't have anyone more important tocall you. And if the President of
the United States says, hey,listen, you know and I know that

this is not the strongest case inthe world. Your predecessor declined to bring
this the Southern District of New York. The federal prosecutors declined to bring this
case. The Federal Elections Commission didn'tbring any charges with regards to any of
this stuff with Trump paying Stormy Danielsand whether that was a campaign finance violation.
Blah blah blah blah blah. Youknow this is a weak case.
You know you're stretching the law.You know that this could very easily get
overturned on appeal. Drop these chargesor don't bring them in the first place.

The president could have done that.He didn't, and it probably would
have worked. He could have donethe same thing with the old Fanny Willis
down in Fulton County, Georgia.Hey, this is a stretch. Calling
the Trump effort to have like backupelector calling this a rico case is kind

of ridiculous. There was no ongoingcriminal enterprise here, Okay, after the
election was kind of resolved and over, the enterprise ceased to exist like that.
That's not what a rico is for. Rico's are for like a crime
was committed, and the Corleone familycontinues to exist because it's an ongoing enterprise,
right, That's what RICO is for. It's not for stop the steal

efforts that happened in Atlanta in Georgiafrom twenty twenty, from November one,
twenty twenty until you know, Januarytwentieth of twenty twenty one. That's not
what RICO is for. So Bidencould have stopped all that, he didn't.

He knew the politics of the timing. He understood the timing. Merrick
Garland understood the timing. Everyone understoodthe timing. Trump what Biden wanted and
his political people wanted, and theycouldn't overtly coordinate it. I'm sure,

but I'm sure there were some waysin which this was either understood or there
was a wink wink nod or whateverit was, or other operatives discussed this,
and I'm sure they put enough buffers. This reminds me of the Senate
Tote testimony of Willie Cheach from GodfatherToo during the Senate hearings where he said,

did Michael Corleoni ever specifically instruct youto murder someone? No? There
were always buffers. Yeah, Yeah, the family had a lot of buffers.
I'm sure there were a lot ofbuffers in between Biden and Alvin Bragg,
between Biden and Jack Smith, betweenBiden and Fanny Willis. So no,

Biden didn't overtly tell them, buthe's obvious. This is the obvious
Democrat strategy. And of course byoh, I'm not being involved. And
then he has a campaign rally rightoutside the courthouse where the closing arguments are
happening today for the Trump trial.They march out Robert de Niro for it,

which I love Robert de Niro.If Robert de Niro's in a movie
probably makes it a better movie.Every movie I've seen with Robert de Niro
has been pretty good. Robert deNiro. Robert de Niro has been ranting
about Donald Trump since twenty fifteen abouthow terrible he is. Not one vote

in America has shifted because of theRobert de Niro constituency, Like not one.
Nobody's like, Oh, Robert deNiro thinks Donald Trump is bad.
Hmmm, I should vote against him. And that's the thing. Like,
I think this strategy by Biden mightbackfire. First of all, I think

there's a very good chance that there'sgonna be a hung jury in the Trump
trial in Manhattan, which if thereis, guess what, that's a big
win for Trump. He can continueto he can very fairly say, look,
even a Manhattan jury wouldn't convict meof this. These are baseless,
phony, baloney charges design to derailmy candidacy. But even if he is

convicted, I don't know how muchit moves the needle. How are there
people out there who are like waitingto hear if Trump gets convicted or not
to decide if they're going to votefor him? After all this time Trump
came on the national scene in twentyfifteen, it's twenty twenty four. Do

you really not know what you thinkabout the guy? By this point?
I mean, come on, allright, when we return, just to
resummarize what the Trump trial is actuallyabout and is not actually about. Next
on the John Girardi Show, justto remind people, as the closing our

arguments are happening today in the Trumptrial, what the Trump trial is actually
about. I saw, like aconservative outlet and avowedly conservative outlet casually tweet
this out about today's Trump trial foralleged hush money payments. It's not a

trial about alleged hush money payments.Hush money payments are not illegal. Is
it sleazy? Sure, it's notillegal, And it's not even what he
was charged with for allegedly making hushIt's not alleged he made hush money payments.
We all know that that's known,and it's not illegal. It's quite

possibly not a campaign finance violation.I mean, it is certainly not a
campaign finance violation, though there area few people still trying to argue that
within the context of this trial,and the jurors have not really been appropriately
instructed. I think about what federalelection law is. What the trial is

about is allegedly fraudgilant falsification of businessrecords. That's what it's about. Whether
Trump in paying Michael Cohen, whohe had paid Stormy Daniels. Trump repays
Michael Cohen in a series of monthlyinstallment payments. He labeled it in his

books as legal expenses. Were theylegal expenses or were they repayment of a
loan? That is the core ofthe case. That's the actual crime,
calling it legal fees rather than repaymentof a loan? And did Trump knowingly

and intentionally do it? What wasTrump actually understanding that he was fraudulently doing
something and intending to do so.Was he actually frauding anybody? Defrauding anybody?
Fraud doesn't just mean anything dishonest.Fraud means lying from money, lying
in order to get yourself either moneyor property or some sort of financial advantage.

I lie to the bank about myincome and I get a bigger,
more favorable loan. That's fraud,all right. Trump may have misstated the
nature of it, although I'm noteven sure that he did. I think
it's not unreasonable to in certain contexts, in certain ways, and all the

other stuff that Coen was doing forhim to label some of this as attorneys
as attorney's fees. Even if thatwas wrong, whom was Trump defrauding?
How was he getting money out ofit? He wasn't. He actually lost
money on it. If he hadcalled it loan repayment, he would have

had to spend less because Cohen,if it's legal fees to Coen, Coen
had to pay taxes on it.So Coin said, hey, you gotta
give me like twice as money soI can pay the taxes on this.
Otherwise I'm getting bilked. And bythe way, Cohen stole sixty thousand dollars
of Trump's money. So that's whatthe case is. Allegedly about falsification of
business records. It's not a quote, hush money case. That'll do it

for John Girardi Show. See younext time on Power Talk
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