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Episode 38: College student’s swollen tonsil leads to leukemia diagnosis - I Had Cancer

I Had Cancer

Erin said her annual checkup became the biggest deal of her life. Before starting her senior year in college, 21-year-old Erin visited her doctor, who found that Erin’s tonsil was swollen. She had no other symptoms, but the discovery led to doctors diagnosing Erin with acute myeloid leukemia. She talks about how her brother shared his stem cells and her highly specialized AHN team instilled confidence and hope in her for a cure.

The I Had Cancer podcast provides personal and truthful conversations with cancer survivors along their journeys. Each episode will feature a different person with their unique perspective on their own fight against cancer. They are sharing their story to help others who might be facing similar challenges and to say they went from “I Have Cancer” to “I Had Cancer.” If you would like to be a guest on a future I Had Cancer Podcast, send an email to IHadCancer@highmarkhealth.org with your name and phone number.
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