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October 18, 2023 56 mins
Some four decades ago, out of the chaos of the Lebanese civil war, a Shia militant group was born who would grow into one of the most dominant and malign forces in Lebanese politics. A proxy for Iran, staunchly opposed to Israel and aggressive in their aims, they have now effectively established themselves as a state within a state within Lebanon. Who are they? Hezbollah. Over the next couple of episodes, Conflicted takes on this fascinating and sinister terror group, charting their rise amidst the Lebanese civil war, digging deep into the figures who created them and seeing them cement their political position by the early 1990s. All to find out how an Islamist vanguard movement - as proposed by Sayyid Qutb - evolves to achieve its power aims. Join our FB Discussion group to get exclusive updates: Find us on Twitter: And Facebook: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Join the Conflicted Community hub on Discord to discuss all things Conflicted with fellow dear listeners, get exclusive content, bonus episodes and ad-free listening. Register your interest through the link: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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