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Political Dad Podcast is a different look at the Political World Today. This is a show for everyone that is interested in what is going on in the World without all the baggage of the Left and Right. We take a look at things from a common sense point of view and break it all down for you. You will get your information from a straight forward and honest point of view. Political Dad is going to use the past 20 years of learning from the Doctor of Democracy Rush Limbaugh and give it to you head on. Let's see if we can work together and find some intelligent life here on earth.


September 21, 2023 25 mins

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, in the 25th episode of Political Dad's no-holds-barred podcast, we're diving into the financial rollercoaster that is America's soaring national debt—now clocking in at a staggering $33 trillion! We're talking government showdowns, GOP clashes, and some insider chit-chat about whether the DC elite are trying to shake down the richest man in the world. We've got A.I. Jimmy weighing in, and to cl...

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Hey folks, this is AI Jimmy wrapping up today's whirlwind episode of the Political Dad Podcast. We dove deep into a hot mess of scandals, from South Dakota's Governor Kristi Noem and Corey Lewandowski's alleged affair to Lauren Boebert's theatre escapades. We also touched on Hunter Biden's indictment, asking when he's gonna step up for his mugshot—add him to our new website idea, MugHub.com. And let's not forget the Virginia House ...

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September 14, 2023 25 mins

In today's hard-hitting episode, Political Dad dives deep into the swirl of current events, discussing the impeachment inquiry launched against President Biden by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. We took a magnifying glass to McCarthy's motivations, asking where all his wealth comes from. We also shifted gears to discuss Mitt Romney's surprising retirement, reminiscing about his flip-flopping political dance. Don't miss out on the end...

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September 11, 2023 33 mins

In this riveting episode, Political Dad delves deep into the maze of American politics, focusing on the age-old struggle between the entrenched elite and the new blood pushing for change. Starting off by shedding light on a joint statement by presidential libraries, Political Dad exposes the hidden anxieties of the DC insiders, questioning their true motives and the effectiveness of their governance. He goes on to question the role...

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September 7, 2023 31 mins

In this week's episode of Political Dad, we dive headlong into the circus that is Washington D.C., just as the Senate scrambles back to session to dodge a government shutdown. From AOC's role as a crusader or a cocktail waiter in Congress, to the political games that both sides are playing at the expense of the American dream, we're peeling back the layers folks! Throw in a comedic segment with AI Jimmy as we chuckle over AOC, and ...

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September 3, 2023 29 mins

In today's Labor Day special of the Political Dad podcast, we dialed up the heat on D.C.'s aging political elite, spotlighted Kevin McCarthy's impeachment maneuvering, and gave you the 411 on the week's craziest headlines—all while dishing out our signature mix of common sense and humor. From Nikki Haley's poignant remarks on the Senate's "privileged nursing home," to the charade that is today's partisan politics, we pulled no punc...

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August 30, 2023 19 mins

Today on "Political Dad," we dissect America's spiraling $32.608 trillion national debt, call out the DC Elite for their hand in this crisis, and update you on the 2024 Presidential race's latest developments. Plus, stick around for dad jokes with a political twist and a preview of our upcoming "Political Dad Graffiti" segment featuring Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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August 28, 2023 23 mins

Get ready for a deep dive into the world of politics with a dad's touch in the latest episode of the Political Dad podcast on the CSB Network. In this jam-packed episode, we unravel the divisive figure of Hillary Clinton through our much-talked-about Graffiti segment. We tackle breaking headlines of the week, covering everything from election interference cases to climate change and economic concerns. But it's not all gloom and doo...

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August 24, 2023 19 mins

Republican Debate: In today's episode of Political Dad's podcast on the Jefepods.com network, we dove into the riveting GOP presidential debate, focusing on candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Chris Christie, and Tim Scott. From analyzing Pence's unusually passionate demeanor to praising Vivek's stand-out performance, Political Dad's unique perspective tackled the key moments and highlighted the ...

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August 20, 2023 25 mins

In this riveting episode of "Graffiti," Political Dad dives into a medley of headlines that not only informs but entertains with a healthy dose of humor. From Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's culinary adventures in China to the stormy prospects of Hillary Clinton re-entering the political arena, no topic is off-limits. The highlight of the show is the engaging new feature called "Graffiti," where listeners can comment on a weekly ...

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August 17, 2023 25 mins

In today's episode, we delved into the divisive climate of American politics, exploring how figures like Rush Limbaugh can evoke both hate and admiration, much like other prominent political figures. We examined the entrenched problem of long-serving members in Congress, with some having 40-year tenures, highlighting the need for term limits to counteract the self-serving DC Elite. As we navigated through the $31.5 trillion debt an...

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Political Dad delved into a two-pronged discussion during his recent podcast on the Common Sense Broadcast Network, taking a look at both climate change and political finance. On the climate front, he challenged prevailing global warming narratives, pointing out inconsistencies in data and accusing some of high-profile advocacy bordering on religious zealotry, while raising concerns about financial interests in climate research. In...

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August 6, 2023 23 mins

In today's episode of Political Dad, we tackled a variety of current events from a dad's perspective. We opened with a humorous ad for our sponsor, 'Jumpers are Us', before diving into an in-depth analysis of Donald Trump's third indictment. We examined the pressures on Trump from both sides of the political aisle, as well as the public's exhaustion from media coverage. From there, we took a hard look at 'Bribeanomics', pointing ou...

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In today's captivating episode of the "Political Dad" podcast, we delved into the fascinating world of Rush Limbaugh's life after deafness, exploring his love for Apple products, adventures in golf, and encounters with politicians. From his fondness for flying in private jets to his generous gestures, Rush's journey showcased his resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication. We shared stories of his golfing escapades, his in...

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In today's episode of "Political Dad," we embarked on a tech-filled journey through the life of Rush Limbaugh. We explored his love for Apple products, from iPhones to MacBooks, and his meticulous color coordination of Apple Watch bands with his shirts. We laughed at the unexpected mishaps, such as the Fox News cameraman incident, where Rush's computer screen was accidentally shattered but replaced just in time. We marveled at Rush...

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In this episode of the "Political Dad" podcast Life After Deaf: My Life with Rush Limbaugh Part 3 we embarked on a journey filled with surprises and laughter. We delved into the controversies surrounding Rush Limbaugh, exploring his impact on the political landscape while keeping our minds open to different perspectives. The highlight of the show was the unexpected encounter with Elton John—or someone claiming to be him—on the phon...

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July 9, 2023 23 mins

In Episode 10 of the "Political Dad" podcast, titled "The 'White' House," we delved into a series of captivating headlines that kept us hooked throughout the episode. From the shocking discovery of cocaine in the White House to the escalating feud between Twitter and Meta's Threads app, we dissected the latest developments in the political and tech landscapes. We explored the implications of these stories and their potential impact...

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July 1, 2023 21 mins

In this week's episode of the "Political Dad" podcast titled "Political Firecrackers!", the host, Political Dad, covers various topics including the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, the decline in American patriotism, the Supreme Court's rejection of President Biden's student loan forgiveness scheme, and the significance of Independence Day. With a mix of insights, commentary, and humor, Political Dad emphasizes equal pr...

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June 25, 2023 26 mins

Thank you to all our listeners for joining us on this episode of "Political Dad"! Whether you're juggling diapers and debates or navigating the political playground, we appreciate your support. Today, we dive into Adam Schiff's claim of being the Republicans' nightmare and his placement on the "naughty step" for Trump-Russia comments. Then, we unravel the drama of Hunter Biden's guilty plea on tax crimes and his favorable gun charg...

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June 18, 2023 20 mins

In the Father's Day episode of the “Political Dad Podcast”, host "Political Dad" humorously compared today's fathers to the founding fathers and commended their role in shaping future leaders. The episode addressed current headlines, including Donald Trump's arrest and the growing apprehension about the 2024 Presidential Election. The host also shared his view on term limits as a potential solution to issues in DC. 

The podcast di...

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