2 Girls 1 Podcast

2 Girls 1 Podcast


Episode 22: So you're saying you don't like our gifts????

January 17, 201837 min

37 min
Episode 21: Sandy and Carolyn break down their holidays and Sandy is SUPER annoyed by something on social media!

January 10, 201830 min

30 min
Episode 20: Sandy and Carolyn went on vacation ALONE again! Also a random conversation about Axl Rose ensues.

December 11, 201733 min

33 min
Episode 19: Mark Owen from Events And Adventures gives Sandy and Carolyn some dating advice!

December 4, 201722 min

22 min
Episode 18: Public hate, lonely holidays, an awkward Uber ride and your letters!

November 27, 201724 min

24 min
Episode 17: Open enrollment judgement

November 16, 201725 min

25 min
Episode 16: What we hate on Facebook and Vegas and our parents!

November 7, 201731 min

31 min
Episode 15: Hiking for pizza and getting drunk

October 24, 201729 min

29 min
Extra shot: THIS is what happened when Sandy and Carolyn ate (a lot of) nachos for lunch!

October 20, 20178 min

8 min
Episode 14: Solo photo shoots, Vegas and Tinder

October 17, 201741 min

41 min

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The reality of the single life of girls over 35. Sandy and Carolyn talk about the reality of being single after 35 from wanting to stay home at night and wear your favorite scrunchie to bed to finding that first grey hair down THERE! You'll want to make fun of them until you realize you can totally relate!... Show More

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