Sept 17: Compassion; Help for Homeless Vets; Nutrition News; MRI Dog Study31 min
Sept 10: Dr. Godby on Hyberbaric Chambers; Shawn Harrison on Soil Born Farms; Squirrel Power31 min
Sep. 3: Dancing; Michele Bernhardt Sept. Astrology Outlook; Ofc Mental Health; Olivia Newton-John32 min
Aug. 27: Tree Probiotics; The Carbon Underground; Family Meals; Affirmations31 min
Aug. 20: Solar Eclipse; Prolo Therapy; Wheat/Gluten Report; Benefits of Kindness38 min
Wine/Brain Study; Naturopathic Medicine; Top 12 Antioxidant Sources; Vacation Theory33 min
Sleep Study; Urban Forest Benefits; Gary Zukav on Living Courageously; Brain Freeze Info30 min
Napping News; Michele’s August Astrology Outlook; Healthy Seafood; Grounding Flip Flops33 min
Healing Quest: Coffee Study; Drumming for Healing; Heart & Bone Health Vitamin; Preventing Cancer35 min
Probiotics Study; Workplace Mental Health; Cancer & Exercise; Michele Bernhardt July Outlook33 min
Healing Quest, July 2, 2017: Olive Oil; Eye Health; Sciatica Relief; BBQ & Skin Care Tips; Michele Bernhardt July Outlook32 min
Dennis Godby on Coconut Oil; Dale DeGroff on Healthy Cocktails; Michele Bernhardt on Plants34 min
Father's Day Conversation; Helene Van Sant-Klein dealing with Anger33 min
Eco Straws; Donna Arz on Stress; Gary Malkin on Mood; Michele Bernhardt on Geminis36 min
Fiber Boost; Chronic Fatigue w/Dr. T; Fermented Food; Michele Bernhardt June Forecast35 min
Memorial Day: BBQ; Dr. Tennant & Viet Vet; Donna Arz & Iraq Vet; Dr. Godby & Skin Care34 min
Meal Skipping; Dr. Pawan Grover on Pain; Affording Organics; Vibes Up EMF Protector34 min
Sleep Tips; Sciatica Relief; Oral Cancer Alert; Michele Bernhardt on Self Care35 min
Mind/Body Therapy w/Ilene Serlin & James Gordon; Int'l Herb Day; Judy's Faves: Pluggz28 min
James Gordon & David Leite on Food As Med; Michele Bernhardt on May Astrology36 min
Healing & Nature, Vibrations, Sleep and Animal Companions34 min
Meditation; Probiotics; Jack Gallagher's Healing Quest; Karen Drucker on Joy35 min
Naturopathic Cancer Treatment; Shamanic Healing; Jack Gallagher on "Concussed"34 min
Dr. Jerry Tennant; Foods Out Of The Fridge; Family Meal Benefits; Michele Bernhardt Astrology32 min
Jerry Tennant on Energy Medicine; Andy Weil on Family Meals; Michele Bernhardt on April Astrology32 min
Celebrities Speak Out To Help Erase Stigma About Mental Health7 min
Biomodulator Personal Stories: An In-Depth Interview With Dr. Jerry Tennant17 min
Top Trends from the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim8 min
2017 Natural Products Expo in Anaheim: What's New In The Natural & Organic Industry36 min
Global Medicine: Dr. Cindy Mason11 min
Probiotics; Spice Corner; Brain Food; Toxic Toll & Inner Critics34 min
Herbal and Spice Corner: Cinnamon7 min
Judy's Favorites and Brain Food: Meat10 min
Inner World Report: Michele Bernhardt, Astrologer and Author9 min
Mental Health; Brain Food; Nitric Oxide; Music & Gratitude35 min
Healing Power of Music, Olivia Newton John on Music and Healing, Brain Food - Dairy, Laughter36 min
Green Tea, EMDR, Ginger and Turmeric, Yoga35 min
Green Consciousness; Transforming Trauma; Fish and Cheese; Happiness38 min
Fish and Cheese, Green Consciousness, Happiness, Transforming Trauma35 min
Power of Organics; Grass Fed Beef; Echinacea; the Power of Forgiveness35 min
Introducing Healing Quest with Judy and Roy; Our Focus; Immunity Boost; Healthy Fat.34 min

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