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Oct 23 - Lion King / Ian Ziering

October 23, 201428 min
The morning started with a Lion King Taylor Swift remix and it was magical. Then we talked about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend and lived in a KFC for a week. We covered the local Butler County weed granny story and a Michigan story about a high speed bong chase. Of course there were some new Halloween danger stories. Aretha Franklin did some uncomfortable TV interviews we played back. Superheroes got into a street fight in LA. Kim Kardashian did an interview about how she had to work when she was younger and had to earn all of her money and then she had sex with Ray J. Then we had probably the strangest ending to the show ever.... Yesterday on the show we had a guy call asking for Freak Show Penguins section tickets claiming to be Ian Ziering's father in-law so we told him surrrre get Ian to come with you to the game and you can have tickets. Today he called us back 3-way with Ian on the phone.

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