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3-13-18 Podcast P&L HOUR 3 SEG 2

March 13, 201818 min
Ryan joined Tyler in the final segment. Ryan really likes the Keenum signing because it gives the Broncos a chance to see what Keenum can really do but doesn’t lock them in long term. Tyler doesn’t know why the Vikings didn’t franchise Keenum when they had the chance. Tyler thinks the total guarantee would be around $25 million which is a great deal. Ryan thinks Keenum gives the Broncos a shot at being a .500 team. Tyler thinks the Broncos need to upgrade around Keenum and avoid taking a QB at five. Ryan thinks there are improvements that can be made even with taking a QB at five but is totally OK taking a Quentin Nelson at five. Tyler doesn’t want to pay for a middle of the pack lineman when he might as well pay top of the line money for a guy like Nate Solder.

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