The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast •

The Toddler Jump with Heather McDonald

The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast

Comedian Heather McDonald is hanging out with Ashley to help recap this week’s episode of The Bachelor, Colton’s stance against getting groped,  and when flirtation goes too far. And do we really buy the girls excitement on the show? Is all the enthusiasm fake?? 

Then Arie checks in to give us all the backstory about his new billboard, which you need to see if you haven’t yet. 

Plus, we talk to Carly Waddell about her new lullaby album, and she reveals a huge change coming to her family.  

 Also, Ashley lets us in on what the “right reasons” are to go on The Bachelor, and Heather gets her to spill on some huge behind the scenes Bachelor secrets!

And we have some shocking information about Ben at the end of the podcast that you definitely want to hear.

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