Happy Time With Harry 201842 min
Interview with Styx Vocalist Lawrence Gowan 201822 min
Interview with Michael Schenker 201826 min
Don Dokken Takes Over Third Mic72 min
Judge Akin Sentences A Teacher To The Death Penalty18 min
Black People Can't Handle The Effects Of Marijuana17 min
Gene Simmons. Gene Just Being Gene18 min
ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Takes A Walk On The Wildside28 min
Remembering Motorhead's "Fast Eddie" Clark27 min
Money And The Business Of Entertainment60 min
Oberlin College. The Home Of Weak Minded Bitches31 min
Gimme Your Jizz!6 min
The Mad Pooper Strikes Again!6 min
Are Teenage Boys Damaged From Banging Their Teacher?52 min
Sub Zero Temperatures. Mother Nature's Way Of Thinning The Herd.12 min
The Power Of The Poo12 min
Indian Tales 01061833 min
Jercking Off Can Kill Your Family10 min
Mac Sabbath & Powerclown. Heavy Metal Tributes29 min
Judas Priest Lightning Strike - An Analysis30 min
The CMS Celebrates 22 Years!47 min
Interview with COC Guitarist Woody Weatherman 201715 min
The Best Of The Classic Metal Show 2017 Pt. 2220 min
The Best Of The Classic Metal Show 2017 Pt. 1251 min
Night Demon Interview 201744 min
Gays Have Little Interest In Marriage15 min
Teacher Student Sex. Same Story Different Town17 min
Interview with King's X Guitarist Ty Tabor 201715 min
Neeley Is Right, You Probably Have AIDS17 min
Motley Crue Cause And Effect in Audio29 min
Being Offended And The Erosion Of Personal Freedom16 min
Off To Jail You Cuckold!15 min
The Destructive Nature Of Facebook12 min
Promotors And The Business Of Music38 min
Rock Hall Inductees - An Analysis73 min
What Kind Of Movies Do You Like?58 min
Interview with White Wizzard Bassist Jon Leon 201730 min
Get On Board The Racist Bus19 min
Pussy To Die For7 min
Marriage Is Like Taking A Shit23 min
Send Me Naked Pictures13 min
Social Justice Warriors Need To Die27 min
No Chicks Allowed!42 min
Chris Akin Interview On WJCU 12/08/1725 min
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame's Metal Bias158 min
Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2018 - A Preview45 min
The Fine Line Between Making A Move And Sexual Harassment14 min
Interview with Operation: Mindcrime Vocalist Geoff Tate 201728 min
Carmine Appice Talks Vinnie Vincent On The Eddie Trunk Show32 min
KY Jelly. The Gift That Keeps On Giving12 min
La Quisha Jeans20 min
Dropping Your Emotional Load On The Classic Metal Show15 min
The CMS Discovers "The Bert Show"155 min
Dokken Gets A Super Stroke!31 min
Trading Personal Safety For Feelings18 min
Joe Lynn Turner For President!7 min
Chris Is A Couch Hoarder21 min
Michael Stanley Band, WMMS And Heartland Rock18 min
Nazareth Revisited33 min
Die In A Fire!15 min
Women and The Pedophile Lable23 min
Racists Anonymous7 min
Mark Your Calendars. It's World Toilet Day!19 min
Walmart Only Hires The Best Of The Best11 min
Newsflash! Women Like Attractive Men With Money11 min
Charles Manson & David Cassidy. A Race To The Death28 min
Climate Change Activists Belong In Prison23 min
Tim James Is A Chris-O-Phile18 min
Radio Play And Royalty Rates42 min
Steely Dan And The Business Of Music19 min
Interview With Metal On Metal's Bill Peters33 min
Thanksgiving And Neeley's New Car39 min
Keep Your Money! We'll Stay True To Our Heritage13 min
Bangin' It Out And Naming The Puppy19 min
Interview with Morbid Angel's Steve Tucker 201718 min
Dayummm! That's One Ugly Bitch!14 min
When You're In My Classroom You'll Take Your Hat Off10 min
Kiss Kruise Of Death!44 min
Police Body Cams Are Now A Civil Rights Violation12 min
You're A Hater If You Disagree With The Liberal Media53 min
Blackie Lawless WASP And Bands At Their Pinnacle12 min
Gene Simmons And The Freedom Of Speech Free Fall53 min
Roku, Smart TV's And Cutting The Cord32 min
R.I.P. Malcolm Young. The End Of An Era22 min
Interview with Author Martin Popoff 201732 min
If You Don't Want To Assimilate Go Back Where You Came From32 min
Human Stupidity Caught On Video11 min
Drones. An Important Component In Any Healthy Relationship11 min
Eat The Rich. Hollywood Devours It's Own53 min
SawIng Your Head Off With Heavy Metal!16 min
Jason Bonham Doesn't Want A Van Hagar Reunion To Happen23 min
Saluting Military Veterans And Buying Guns48 min
Jerk My Dick And I'll Call The Cops7 min
Ass Cancer. Mother Nature's Punishment15 min
Misandry, It's The End Of The Civilized World As We Know It35 min
Incest Is Best, Keep It In The Family15 min
Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Drugs And Lack Of Education17 min
Copywritten Music And The Florida Supreme Court23 min
Begging For E-Mail The Return Of Bob Leather41 min
Mötley Crüe, Pedophelia And Other Stranger Things40 min
Interview With Concert Photographer Joe Kleon26 min
Stranger Things. The Early Analysis11 min
Interview with Dimevision Producer Rita Haney 201732 min
Would You Bang A Female Gang Member?9 min
The Boy Scouts And Political Correctness15 min
Rosie O'Donnell. Leading The Sheep To Slaughter20 min
Marc "Dr. Doom" Faber And Fuck You Money15 min
Halloween And Political Correctness27 min
Deen Castronovo And Bad English13 min
Indian Tales - Jerk My Dick44 min
Begging For E-Mail 10281722 min
Coping With Milennials Still Living At Home21 min
Interview with Annihilator's Jeff Waters 201729 min
Teachers Banging Students, Does It Ever Get Old?34 min
Liberals Suck The Fun Out Of Halloween34 min
Band vs. Brand7 min
Manufacturing Racism51 min
JFK, Hoffa, Youtube, O.J. And Conspiracy Theories56 min
Pedophiles And Vigilante Justice20 min
Sleeping In The Fire7 min
Should Scorpions Be Given A Pass?23 min
Drummer James Kottak Is Relieved26 min
CMS Fans From Around The World22 min
The CMS Fans Know Best...Or Do They?27 min
Drink My Jizz From A Flute14 min
Interview with Sons Of Apollo Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto 201723 min
What Would You Pay For A Fuck Doll?10 min
ASPCA Or BLM You Decide12 min
Gene Simmons Will Vist You For 50K48 min
Millennials And The Right Of Passage12 min
Dokken And Aussy Ace35 min
Tom Petty The Last D.J.35 min
Is The Average Person Really Concerned With Racism?17 min
The Babys And The Secret To A Successful Podcast35 min
Fast Times And The Yardbirds22 min
Monty Hall And TV Game Shows32 min
Anime Girl And Heavy Metal Dad Revisited29 min
Hugh Hefner A Tribute, Sort of67 min
Pedo And The Wuss21 min
Kim Jong-un & Begging For E-Mail27 min
Eat A Bag Of Dicks If You Take A Knee65 min
No Direction At All69 min
Interview with Revolution Saints Guitarist Doug Aldrich22 min
Interview with LA Guns' Vocalist Phil Lewis26 min
CMS BONUS: The Best Of Music's Bottom Line, Vol. 148 min
Interview with Weapons of Anew Vocalist Ray West24 min
Interview with Weapons of Anew Guitarist Freddy Ordine16 min
Disposing Of Human Traffickers And Sexual Deviants17 min
Interview with Brett Skolnick 201721 min
Rhinoplasty Or Penisplasty?4 min
If You Rob A Gas Station Don't Forget To Get Gas4 min
Insane Clown Posse And The FBI14 min
If You Wear Yoga Pants Make Sure You're Hot!11 min
The REAL Wolf Of Wall Street28 min
Was The Band Starship Any Good?13 min
The Confederate Flag More Popular Than Ever27 min
Podcast Wars!54 min
Former Quiet Riot Vocalist Mark Huff Speaks Out30 min
When Will Concert Promoters Learn?18 min
All Over The Map!71 min
Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer14 min
Dee Snider On Tour16 min
Can You Identify A Vagina In A Line Up13 min
I'll Only Have Sex If There's Danger Involved14 min
Where Do You Think You Are? India??16 min
Fuck You Irma15 min
Using The Find My Phone App To Find Your Cheating Spouse7 min
The Rigors Of Being A Male Prostitute15 min
The Traumatizing Affect of A Banana Peel38 min
Take The Money And RUN!!14 min
If You're Having Sex With A Minor Don't Film It12 min
Hear I Am! Rock You Like A "H Word"37 min
You Can't Hold Public Office If You're A Furry24 min
Bob Nalbandian Sets The CMS Straight!50 min
Victor "The Snakemannn" Returns, Maaaaan!16 min
Interview with Doro Pesch 201720 min
We Only Shoot Black People13 min
Smoking Will Kill You If Your Co-Worker Doesn't Do It First19 min
Have A Nice Day! Now Here's A Cup Of Piss!20 min
Artimus Pyle DENIED!!43 min
Jesus Loves Your Child's Tattoo34 min
Treat Your Dog To Some Pussy26 min
Parents Don't Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Spoiled Bitches!22 min
Vinnie Vincent Speaks!20 min
Stryper Officially Gives Tim Gaines The Boot21 min
The CMS Is Not "Appropriate"10 min
The CMS Is On The Blacklist24 min
I Hate To Leave The House28 min
Interview with Lynch Mob's Oni Logan 201724 min
17 And Too Hot To Handle58 min
Pick Away!19 min
Diwali 2019 The Year Of The Toilet21 min
Embalming The Dead Is A Sin12 min
On Line Dating For Metal Heads23 min
You Can't Be Fired For Being Too Cute28 min
Tim James Wants To Meet Dokken20 min
Eddie Trunk Is Scarred For Life32 min
The Classic Metal Show Guys Are Dickheads18 min
Chris The Cop And Cheap Trick26 min
Skanky Pussy Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree20 min

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