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June 8, 2024 9 mins
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You're listening to American Medicine Today,presented by the Benati Spine Institute, featuring
internationally acclaimed inventor of the Benati spineprocedures, Alfred Benatti, MD. Once
again your host Kimberly Burmel Benati andco host Ethan Yuger. Welcome to American
Medicine Today. I'm Kimberly Benati alongsideEthan Yucker and world renowned orthopedic surgeon,

doctor Alfred Benatti. So we're tenyears into programming talking to patients each and
every week who have been to theBenati Spine Institute after being told that nothing
could be done. It is mypleasure to welcome to the program. Beth
Howard from Cameron, West, Virginia. Thank you for joining us. Thank
you so, Beth, Why don'tyou tell us how you came to be

in pain? Was this just developedover time and degenerative of nature? Or
did you have any sort of accident? No, it just kept progressing.
I did not do nothing, andI got to the point where I just
couldn't walk real good. Oh well, why don't Why don't you tell us
where on your body you felt pain? Was it just located on the back

or did it radiate elsewhere? Itwas in the lower part of my back.
And the other place that bothered wasmy feet, your feet, how
so was it numbness, tingling ordrop foot? No? Numb tangling?
They checked me for sugar. Itwas not that they didn't know what to

do. They kept giving me thisbill that bill, and nothing worked.
Wow. And so it was apain that it was causing you correct?
Yes, all right? And howwas it affecting your daily activities? I
just couldn't be on my feet hardat all at all? And did you
get any reprieve during sleeping hours?Oh? I didn't sleep much. The

pain and singing and tangling drove mecrazy. And so not only was it
affecting your feet during the night,but also your ability to stand. What
did you try at that point sinceit was impacting all of your activities?
Well, we tried physical therapy,went to chaipractors. Like I said,

I've been to Cleveland clinic, Morgantown, I've been everywhere. No make you
figure nothing out? Wow? Andso how does that make you feel like
I need to stay in Florida?And so you tried things like physical therapy
and over the counter medications. Yep, and nothing eight d milligrams of ivy

propeen uh, eight hundred milligrams ofGaba Pittin. Oh yeah, nothing was
working. And I don't like beingall messed up. No Gaba Penton once
you're on it for quite some time, can cause a multitude of medical problems.
So good thing you're no longer takingthat. Thanks for Benotti. Well,

how did you hear about doctor Benotti? Because you're way over there in
West Virginia. I ran with anambulance service for years and my daughter had
a problem with her neck and shoulderinto her back, and she they told
her about him, and she wentdown there about three four years ago,
and he done great for her,and he done great for me so far.

I can't well, let me letme talk to you about that.
So your daughter ends up going toBenati was treated. She's great. You
saw that and then decided to becomea patient in your own right? And
did you send an MRIs and havea discussion with doctor Benotti, Yes,
ma'am, I did, And oncethey told you what your problem was and

that you could be helped, youmade the trip all the way from West
Virginia down to Hudson, Florida,forty five minutes north of Tampa Bay.
Why don't you explain what the experiencewas like when you were physically at the
Benati Spine Institute. They made mefeel right at home. I mean I
was not afraid. I put totaltrust in this man. And when they

were done, they asked me towalk. I walked, something I really
couldn't do before. They asked meto jog and I did. You're speeding
up again. We had ten minuteswith you. So let's backtrack a moment.
You're placed inside the institute and yousaid that you weren't nervous at all.
So what were things like when youwere physically face to face with the

surgeon during the evaluation. Did theyknow where your pain was stemming from.
Yes, he was a normal person. He wasn't trying to talk over my
head. I couldn't have asked fora better person. I mean, he
was one of us. And youfelt confident by what he was telling you
and the knowledge of where your painwas from that you could be treated.

And then they mentioned something called consciousivy sedation, So you're sedated, but
you're able to interact during the surgeryto help the surgeon pinpoint where your pain
is stemming from. So now wewill place you on the operating table.
Did you watch I couldn't see whereI was lying. That's okay, ye

ah see. So your husband camein with you, and that is something
we do differently than other places,is we allow a loved one in the
o R with you. Did thatmake you feel more confident knowing he'd be
right next to you? Yes,it did, But like I said,
I have full confidence in him.There was not a doubt nowhere. And

when you were on the operating table, when did you notice a relief of
the pain that brought you in.You're always going to have an incision pain,
but that agonizing foot pain, thatthat kind of numbness tingling? When
did you realize that pain was gone? As soon as he said I was
done right there in the OAR.Right there in the ar, I did

not feel nothing fantastic. My decisionhas never bothered me. And in the
recovery room, they give you alittle something to eat and drink, and
then they tell you to get upand walk, Yes, explain the walk
of fame. I wanted to cry, why I hadn't done it? In

two years. In two years?Yeah, wow, so me, it
was a struggle every time. Absolutely, So you get up. Did you
think you were going to be ableto walk that quickly and without that kind
of pain and tingling that you haddealt with for two years? No,

I thought it'd be a month ortwo before i'd ever started seeing any results.
And right there in recovery, theyget you out and walking. And
did it feel like you had anew pair of feet? Yes, I
do want to go shopping perfect.And what have you been doing since?

Well? I made sure that Icalled down before I went any because I
pushed Mo and we got hills uphere, and he said they said I
could push Mo. That was abouteight weeks afterwards. And I still stay
off of the banks. I don'tweed eat, I don't do the twisting
because I wanted to heal you knowbest it can. Yeah. I still
get tingling every now and again inmy toes, but he said that would

take a little while because it waspinched. Mm hm. And so you're
doing all these things virtually pain free. And I have a note here that
says, now you're able to playwith your grandchildren. Yep, me and
her and she's trying to lose weightand we've been walking the walking trail every
other day. Ah, well,right there, And how old is your

grandchild? Eight eight? So I'mgoing to make an assumption. You tell
me if I'm right or wrong.But for a couple of those years,
you probably couldn't get with your grandchildrenthe way that you wanted to. No,
that was my main reason, becauseshe would say, I want to
do this, but I know youcan't, ma'am. Also, I said,

no, this stops. And nowshe was paying I guess, but
not my little granddaughter looking at mesaying I want to do things with you,
and now she has her playmate back. Oh yeah. Now, when
you left the Benati Spine Institute,were you told to wear any sort of
backbrace. Nope, that's good becausewe don't advocate for that. Just get

up and walk and keep walking toambulate me to walk. So that's what
I did to ambulate us to heal. Well. Thank you so much,
Beth Howard from Cameron, West,Virginia for being on the show. I'm
going to ask before you hang up, though, do you have anything you
would like to say to doctor Benatior anyone at the Benatti Spine Institute.

Yes, I want to thank youguys from the bottom of my heart.
Ah Well, that makes everything thatdoctor Banatti does worthwhile. It is helping
patients regain their strength and get backin motion. That's the whole reason he
got into the medical field. Thankyou so much for being on the show.
Continued good health and healing. Thankyou very much. Take great care

you too. If you would liketo hear more stories just like this,
search the Banati Spine Institute on YouTube, and if you would like to know
if you're a candidate for the exclusiveand patented Banati Spine procedures, visit Askbenati
dot com. Make sure you staytuned. We'll have more after the break.
You're listening to American Medicine Today.
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