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June 1, 2024 9 mins
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You're listening to American Medicine Today,presented by the Benati Spine Institute, featuring
internationally acclaimed inventor of the Benati spineprocedures, Alfred Benatti, MD. Once
again, your host Kimberly Burmel Benatiand co host Ethan Yuger. Welcome back
to American Medicine Today. I'm KimberlyBenati alongside Ethan Yucker and world renowned orthopedic

surgeon Doctor Alfred Benatti. So athought provoking new book explores the intricate pathways
of biowarfare and eugenics converging with theemergence of COVID. Joining us to discuss
as doctor Richard M. Fleming,physicist, nuclear cardiologist, attorney and author
of Are We the Next Endangered Species? Well, thank you for joining us,

Doctor Fleming, my pleasure to behere. Thank you for the invitation.
Certainly. Now, you did mountainsof research for the book, from
ancient civilizations to the present day.Why don't you tell us about the frightening
parallels of what you found? Well, much of what you read about in
ancient history, with the Greeks killingoff with twenty five percent of their kids

who weren't perfect, and all thebioworker that we've talked about in the past
that other countries have done really isvery similar to what's happened in the United
States beginning in roughly the eighteen fifties, and at that point in time,
the United States began two parallel pathways. Probably the people in those pathways didn't
have any idea the others were doingwhat they were doing, but one was

on biological weapon agents and the otherone was on eugenics programs. And it
happens that when we track that through, you cannot only see the history of
the players explaining why the United Statesand the rest of the world is in
the mess that we are today,but how these two pathways converge together,
and what this really means for humanityas we go forward, either we're going

to address these problems or we willbecome the next ten dangered species. What
exactly was going on as far asthe development of bioweapons biol warfare in the
eighteen fifties did, let me guess, I had to do with smallpox or
coyle pox. So smallpox was actuallysomething that was that was used. I
mean, the British used it inthe seventeen hundreds against Native Americans and American

colonialists. But the Confederate Troops isagainst Northern troops with the same approach where
they put smallpox into the blankets andthen distributed those blankets. But it became
much more sophisticated in less period oftime than people would actually think. People
have used the plague and dead bodiesand a variety of things to carry pestilence

to the enemy, knowing that itwould have devastating effects. And so that
was really the beginning of the biologicalagents. But we've carried this through,
as I talked about in this bookand in the prior book, as COVID
nineteen to buy a weapon. Themonies that have actually built these biological weapons
systems that everybody is now learning thephrase gain a function where viruses and bacteria

were made more infectious, more dangerous, has been funneled out of the United
States for many decades now. Sothis is not just DAZAC and sloppy work
over the last few years. Infact, they'd like you to believe that
because of the powers that be andthese Senate committees can get you to go
after Dayzac, nobody will ask theimportant question of where did this money actually

come from, why were they fundingthis type of research, who was involved,
who are the players, what's theirrelationship with the United States, what's
their relationship with China, and whatare they actually doing? And our country
really played a pivotal role in developingbio and chemical weapons, and apparently they

even collaborated with the Nazi scientist canyou explain, Yes, there's a lot
of data that I explained in thebook so that people have a firm understanding
of this versus just rumors that muchof the eugenics programs that actually were happening
in the United States and England inthe late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds,

including the use of gas chambers forindividuals that were considered not worthy of
being left alive. This is whereAdolf Hitler got this idea from and allowed
him to develop his eugenics program inGermany. But after Germany quote lost the
war unquote, because the question iswhether they actually lost it. At Nuremberg,

we only prosecuted a couple dozen scientists, intelligence officers, doctors, but
between Russia, in the United States, Canada, England, France, we
brought thousands of those people out andinstalled them into our countries and our programs
and let them continue their work.One of the examples that had given the

book for people to wrap their brainsaround is doctor Bloom, who was one
of the doctors. You can goand see if he was prosecuted and he
was acquitted. He was acquitted,found not guilty thanks to the United States
who then took him and put himinto our programs in the United States.
What did doctor Bloom do well?He did the genetic research on children and
concentration camps. He did aerosolized vaccineweapons. He dropped anthrax on US military

and Russian troops, and in punishmentfor trying to kill American troops off,
we got him off, brought himinto the United States, and stuck him
into our programs to let him continuehis work. Just one example of the
thousands that were brought in. Infact, when you look at the UN
and you look at the Security Council, England, France, US, Russian,

China, four of those countries wereinfiltrated brought in Nazis after World War
Two. The Chinese were the onlyones who didn't bring in Nazis. Now,
at this point in time people shouldbe saying why did DoD, Department
of Defense, USAI, D NIH, USAI, NIA D, and a

variety of other federal agencies fund this, and how stupid do they think the
American people are? Because either theDoD is incompetent and didn't track its money,
or it knew it was working withthe Chinese Communist Party in Wuhan.
So when you start to realize thatthe question and the responsibility of Americans now

is to demand that these Senate committeesget to the bottom and punish the people.
We actually have a campaign on asten letters dot org, the number
ten the word letters L A TT e ers dot org. The function
of this is for people to beable to go online, download an indictment
letter, send it into your governorand your attorney general. We have been

working diligently for the last several yearson getting these people in real indictments,
not cute things that people want totalk about, but real indictments that will
make a difference. Sen Lenders dotorg is inching closer to being able to
do this, and I'd love togive you the information and when we open
the first indictment case, I'll behappy to come back and talk to you.

But we're we've got this very closeto our chest right now for the
people that are moving forward to getthis done. And I intend for these
criminals, Gates, Bauchi, Coloin'sand the rest to be held in criminal
court where doctor mcern in Japan,mister Rixie in the US, doctor Huff

in the US, doctor Diner inGermany, and myself along with a few
other experts that we have in themilitary, will go the witness stand with
the evidence we have proving these crimeswere committed by individuals who knew they were
crimes and knowingly continued to do it, and to hold these people criminally accountable,
to lock them up at a minimum, and to take back accountability from

the federal government, to force itto follow the Constitution, and to restore
the United States to not have theseeugenic programs, to not have these biological
weapons programs. So the book explainshow we got here, who the players
are, but it also gives answerson what everybody can do to effectively make

certain that we are not the nextendangered species. And just one more time,
the website to go to to downloadthose letters ten the number ten followed
by the word letters the L Et ters dot org ten letters dot org.
It's very simple to do. Ittakes a couple of minutes, and
once you do it, you caneven click on an email that will allow

you to send off as many peopleas you have email addresses on to ask
them to do the same thing.We're over ten two hundred letters right now.
The attorney generals are feeling it andwe are getting movement, and it
will not happen from the Senate Subcommitteebecause they're trying to figure out how to
cover their tails and not have thefederal government be held accountable. But these

ags, these people need to rememberthey work for the American people. We
don't work for them. That's right. Amen. Well, thank you so
much, doctor Richard M. Flemingfor being on the program. My pleasure.
Thank you take great care. Well. That wraps up this segment on
American Medicine Today. Make sure youcheck us out anytime anywhere on our streaming

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