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June 8, 2024 10 mins
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You're listening to American Medicine Today,presented by the Benati Spine Institute, featuring
internationally acclaimed inventor of the Benati Spineprocedures, Alfred Benatti, MD. Once
again your host Kimberly Bermel Benati andco host Ethan Yuger. Welcome to American
Medicine Today. I'm Kimberly Benati alongsideEthan Yucker and world renowned orthopedic surgeon doctor

Alfred Benatti. So, the bignews recently was the grilling of doctor Anthony
Fauci by House Republicans during a hearingon the origins of COVID nineteen. Here
to recap is Gianna Mascelli, speaker, podcaster and author of Freedom, The
Patriots Playbook to Restoring Your Rights andFreedom. Thank you for joining us,

Gianna, Hello, thank you forhaving me. Certainly, So, what
were your biggest takeaways from those youknow Fauci hearings where he forcefully denied GOP
accusations that he meddled with the research. Well, doctor Ifauci lied from the
moment he took the podium, sohe has to keep lying. He will
lie until he dies. We agree. Well, it's funny because Kimberly and

I were both watching it, youknow, separately, and we're texting back
and forth like can you believe this? And what was one of the biggest
things Kimberly were the there were twoguys behind doctor Fauci, and every time
they cut to doctor Fauci, whichwas obviously quite frequent, they're like making
faces and they were clearly against doctorFauci. So it's interesting that they ended
up directly in the background. Butwhat was your again, your takeaways from

from the hearing as far as didhe prove anything, did he disprove anything?
What was your takeaway? Uh?My position is always about the lawfulness
of anything. I'm here to commentabout your right so you can keep this
from happening again. I don't carewhat doctor Fauci says. Doctor Frauci works

for a private for profit corporation andas such, as per the clear Field
Doctrine, which is a Supreme Courtruling, they have to have a contract
to do business with you. Youdon't have that with the CDC, you
don't have that with the United Statesde facto government. You always have the
power to say no. And alot of people are all over social like
oh, I would have lost myjob, so what, so what?

There's a great lawyer named Mike Yoderwho's been fighting for first responders and a
lot of the military and people whodid lose their jobs. You have to
learn to stand up, and heis winning these cases. Of course,
it's a couple of years later now, but there's no circumstances in which I
ever would have acquiesced to putting poison, that untested poison into my body.

And the big takeaway is this,you did not have informed consent, and
that is the legal and lawful linein the sand that they did not give
you full disclosure of what was inthose rooms. There was a lady who's
like, I'm going to put myarm out and I will take the injection.
On what planet is anyone following thegovernment the government at this point,

let alone. I don't know.Maybe I have super mighty senses, but
from the moment Fauci and Bird tookthe stage, I knew they were lying
well. And there was a wholeback to the hearing, the whole private
email thing where you know, supposedlythey were using Fauci's Gmail and some of
his other I guess top scientific advisorsand whatnot. They basically went off the

grid as far as using private emailso it couldn't be tracked. And man,
they really got caught holding the bagon that one. What are your
thoughts on I'm sure this stuff happensall the time. It's just it was
exposed and they got caught with theirpants down. Well, there's no there's
no law right now, there's nochecks and balances. Who does he answer

to? He has no boss.Who does he answer to? Apparently I
think he's retired now. But whatdoes anyone right? So you always have
to protect yourself. That's all Icare about is that you the people.
That's what I do is educate youabout your rights every single day. When
the moment happened, which I'll neverforget because it was my birthday, easy
to remember when the shutdown began,where did the government draw their jurisdiction and

authority over you? And I saythat constantly. If the mandate we never
heard that word before, right,we never heard that word mandate. If
the mandate was that you wear aleopard print thong on your face, would
you have complied? Because what isthe difference? Chinese psticide laden cotton.
What was the difference, and alot of people they I get I'm to

start thinking with that question. Amandate is only something an Article three judge
can impose upon you after constitutional dueprocess. So when you know, we
will remember going into the stores.Oh, it's a mandate. So what
doesn't mean anything? And so that'swhere my role comes in and what I
do now. And once I startedresearching, from where does the government have

a position to tell you to closeyour business? Especially the churches too,
because I lived in Vegas, notat the time of the COVID, but
I'm generally from Vegas. The stripclubs and the dispensaries were open. Oh,
but you can't open your church inyour synagogue? Well there is I
did discover the jurisdiction. The jurisdictionis when you ask the state for a

license to be in business, whichyou don't have to do. You are
entitled. You have a right toprivate economic activity. So because you get
that license, you become a subsidiaryof them, and that's how they can
tell you what to do. SoI urge everyone to dissolve your licenses,
get a PMA, a private membersarea, and then everything you do is

none of the government's beeswax. Youknow, you just said something that curl
my skin is exactly exactly. Theplan of the communist country is a mandate.
You are a slave of the state. You belong to them. So

you guys are going to do whatI said, or you're going to go
in front of the wall. Thatis the problem that we're facing today.
And if we don't start to wakeup, this thing that happened with Fauci
is the beginning. And the communistsneeds to have few things to be able
to work for them. And oneis destroy the economy. The other one

is indoctrinate the media. The otherindoctrinate the kids. And the other one
is managed the health care as aweapon. And they did that. And
this stupidity that is coming on themarket right now that they are saying,
oh, we are going to lookintother pandemia. Yes, hell no,

we need to anybody who comes andstart to say pandemia, we need to
tell them go home. And allthese Democrats or Republicans that they don't have
balls to be able to fight thesystem, they need to start to go
home. We need fighters in thesystem with the mediocre people that they are
sitting there for salary. Yes,sir, I was afraid you were going

to disagree with me, But I'mglad you agree with me that I wrote
this book freedom dumb, because rightnow, if you wore a mask,
you are a freedom. If youthought the government could tell you something that
you had to put into your body, you are a freedom. And so
it is the Patriot playbook. It'sthe wake up. And then I have
a university called Ineleenable Dot University.Tho it's the how too. So it's

not so much what you do butwhat you don't do with the government.
But since most we're going to begoing against the grain of the we like
to calm the normies. You needto know how to stand upon removing,
he said, the mechanisms. Theyhave mechanisms in place, but we have
a constitution, whereas other countries don't. So you need to know how to
stand upon your rights. The constitutionconstrains them. The Bill of Rights explores

what you have a right to do. I thought it was great when they
confronted him with being out and aboutnot social distancing with this Balka off enjoying
time when everyone else was told stayhome, don't go out, don't be
around friends, gotta be six feetapart. You can't have funerals, can't
have marriages, can't visit your sickloved ones in the hospital. But here

he is enjoying his freedoms while everyoneelse, as you called them, were
freedom all with their masks on.And the costing longtime businesses to perish is
insanity. We drive up and downthe street every day looking at businesses from

when I was a baby till COVID, and suddenly they're belly up and it's
shameful and it's all on him.And what is really worse than that is
the fact that we see no recoveryall this industry that was during that time
by the action of the government.Still they're trying to recover and steal.

They are being problems. They shouldbe now instead to be sending people send
to be sending money in the wrongplaces. They should be sending that money
to help the industry that they destroy. Well, they've also the cost of
this is the destruction of the faithin the mainstream media, faith in healthcare,

faith in the government. So Ibelieve in God, and God has
is the perfect of all planners.The timing is amazing because all these things
need to come down and be rebuilt, and people like you are the new
independent media, and so people willtrust us because we're telling the truth about
things. And so I wish tosee the rise of all the independent media,
and the cream will rise to thetop. Aimen. We're behind that

as well. Thank you so much, Gianna Masceli for being on the program.
Thank you, Thanks Jianna, Thanksy'all, all right, bye bye.
Well, that up this segment onAmerican Medicine Today. Make sure you
check us out anytime anywhere on ourstreaming app. Search keyword AMT
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